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La coop at your leisure fans because, this weekend, Rhea and I are headed for the tri-state ATV. Jamboree, for a weekend full of exciting, trails both old and new then we take a trip back in time with, our old friend, Nolan Steadman, who shows us it's not just about the destination, but rather and join the journey finally, we take on two tough trails in Moab with our new friend Mason who uses off-roading. To show us that when it comes to getting over our own obstacles. Anything, is possible that. Your leisure is writing, your way now. The. Crowds are gathered the air is clear, it's brisk, the skies are blue it's time for another great adventure on at your leisure hi I'm Chad booth and I'm Ryo Rossi, booth and we're at the tri-state, Jamboree, up here and hurricane, and we got ATVs. Galore, today we should actually. With veteran, rider an old friend of ours former, dealer, Gwen. Zumwalt, he's the trail boss today and he. Knows this area like the back of his hand this, is not. Just an obstacle ride this is actually, a history. Ride and we're going to learn a lot about the history of this area today which, makes riding. In this area a whole lot of fun I mean we are layered up here like a 7-layer cake but. It's we're gonna be whipping off these these. You know these coats in about 10 minutes cuz then we're going to get nice and warm we will as it warms up great way to introduce, spring, it's the first ATV Jamboree, of the year here in Utah that's a go we're ready to roll back the, with, the flaga set start your engine so we, are going to leave, you with a couple of pictures of the. Ride right now here's, what you see on the trail. So, we've been coming here since 2014. To. Tri-state Jamboree, and then we got Donna and her husband, Rick to come and we just been coming in we, bring new friends. With us all, the time and we just meet all these new people all the time yeah my. Friendships we see people every year the, trails are really nice here, in. Arizona, the regrets. Are hard and, get a lot of ruts here it's softer, and, more, colorful and. The. Geography it's much more exciting, I think don't you yes. It. Amazo pretty here it's I mean we live in a beautiful state also and right, now all the wild flowers are blooming in the desert, but. The, roads are so different the ground is so different and it's, just so much fun to come here the scenery is just absolutely. Gorgeous and, the, rides are great people. Are great it's, fun a, lot, of fun no. We, grew up you were surrounded by trees you just couldn't see past the trees and, the. Moment you got in the West and you can just see off in the distance to see the beauty of the landscape that's the best of difference I can't. Get enough of the higher and go to better I love it I love these mountains that's why that's an early if I could go up higher in those mountains that's what I want to see I want to be able to see off in the distance only. Time we can see in the distance when we went to the beach so it exists leap over those it's. So beautiful, but, be able to see all. The different landscapes. It's, the things you can see and do right here great we, have done outdoors, since, I was little but not a TV so we're new a TV, we've done lots, of boating camping and, scouts. Horses, everything, that this is new for us a TV we just, joined the tri-state, ATV, Club and this. Has been a great adventure not yesterday to Kanab and here today and, which. Is right in our backyard, and we haven't been up this trail so it's awesome I'm having a lot of fun.

This. Is absolutely, amazing. I know hope it's spectacular up. Here I have always wanted to see what well crank look like from the air and and what a shot I mean you've got oil creek to this side of you got the snow-capped, peaks of Pine Mountain behind you yeah this is really a beautiful, trail, and I, knew we wouldn't be disappointed no, it's so much history, like the aviation, arrow and all the different things we've seen along the way this, is really worthwhile trail, it truly is we, also have a worthwhile place, for us to go right now it's our where to adventure. What. Is that instinct, that makes us revisit certain. Places from, our past not, just once but often. After all there are so many opera, destinations. In Utah that you could point your compass to a given trail every, weekend for 20, years and not, see a single trail, twice add to, that the four seasons, that color and shape Utah's while then you could have a lifetime of new adventure, so. What, is it that makes us go, back after. All we know what lies around the next bend and we can predict the things that we'll see well. Perhaps it lies in the fact that when steps are retraced, you're, actually, fulfilling two journeys at the same moment the one plotted, on your map and the one along, memories. Trail for, the null and Stedman family that trail is loaded, with waypoints, from a life lived in the outdoors Nolan. Has been blessed as seven plus decades on this planet, as he was brought up had, his career in and lived, his life as, an, outdoorsman, as generation. Two out of four at Stefan's, recreation, and to Ella Nolan and Christy find, themselves, as the patriarch and matriarch, of an off-road dynasty, complete, with. A recorded, history, oh I. Remember, one time when we went out and cut, a Christmas tree on your program, and. When you got through you put hood you, play some music to, it. It was just really fun it was a good experience my kids were with me my younger kids were well my kids were young then as you, wander back through the memories the pictures the home movies of these outings you realize. That it's not a list, of events lived, but, a record of emerging, patterns, and personalities. As the kids each learned, to navigate life, on the trail. One, particular memory, we were parked at the, trailhead and, the. We had to tilt trailer, and my. Two daughters, were on four-wheelers, and Nolan's drive up very carefully, and it didn't tilt and. They spun wheels and he says come on you win. They. Went over the trailer. Tressa, sees these adventures, as a yardstick. To measure her boys growing, up to me, we've. Ever gone with our boys they're always behind. Their dad or they're watching, what he's doing or how he's maneuvering a machine. Or, how, he rides his motorcycle versus. How they write theirs and they, always stop talk about the, trailer they start to talk about different. Things that, they. Really enjoy. They. Do they they've learned so much I think that just. Being out here giving them somebody not. Necessarily, street smarts but, worldly. Smarts, memories. Also reveal, things about oneself, yeah I enjoyed going. Out and formally. You see the mud puddle you'd go. As fast you can through it get a little dirty just take it the, Steadman clan is, testament, to the fact that regardless of where you are in the circle of life there, is a place for you on the trail no, matter the season or. The terrain you, know we get out a lot we love. Getting. Out in our side-by-sides. Kids. Are grown, and out of the house and this, is our thing that we do now we go out as a couple. Of just. Don't, ride as this, day ends, a reconciling. Takes place as. The day's new memories take their seat next to the one so long ago seared into the memories of our writers. Well, did you have fun today, oh are. You kid, Thank You sumacs oh I'm so glad it was a great ride. Everybody. Gets out they love it but. It's getting to get out once, you're out we love it to, be with them, and to. Go somewhere, where we have been. So many times and made so many memories. It's. Time to get out and ride at the Yamaha, get out and ride sales event with as low as two point nine nine percent interest. For thirty six months plus, up to three thousand, dollars customer, cash on the industry's, oddest models to, see your local Yamaha, dealer today for huge savings, then, get, out in the ride.

Did. Your new Yamaha at Steadman's recreation, right hard play, hard. And we. Will see you next week on the county seat. My. Daughter and I had just finished a run at this place called Eagle, Point is this really cool, but kind of challenging, ski resort that has a real family feel to it she. Was, so excited because, she beat me down the run hey. Love you, I spelled, myself at the kid out skiing my mom it. Was a big moment for me, wasn't. It me I was, making the same memories, for her, Beaver. County Utah make, it more than, a vacation. This. Week's what's. New segment, is brought to you by tunics towing. Season is upon us we, could get your truck and trailer, ready, for towing. Hi. I'm. Brian Higgins with tread lightly and I'm. Here with another tread principle tip for at your leisure I'm. Here at Sportsman's Warehouse where there's plenty of tools and toys to keep you active and responsible, in the great outdoors now. It's. Important, when you're enjoying the outdoors that, you always do your best to tread lightly and help, keep access, open for everyone make. Sure to follow the tread principles. Travel. Responsibly, respect. The rights of others educate. Yourself avoid. Sensitive, areas and do, your part so. What are we talking about when we say respect, the rights of others always. Leave gates as you find them and if, crossing private property be, sure to ask permission from the landowners follow. Trail etiquette and yield, to people passing you or going uphill, many. Trails have signs indicating, who to yield to, just. Be respectful of others and think. Of everyone's safety on the trail be, considerate, to others whether. On the trail or, respecting, their privacy, especially. When camping proceed. With caution around horses and pack animals sudden, unfamiliar. Activity, may, spook animals, possibly. Causing injury to the animals or their handlers and, others on the trail when, encountering, horses on the trail move. To the side, stop. Turn. Off your engine remove, your helmet and speak you. Want the horse to know you're human then, ask the writer how to proceed don't, ride motorized, recreational.

Vehicles Around, Bing picnicking. Trailhead. Or residential, areas under. Member when, passing through these areas to keep your speeds low be, sure to keep the noise and dust on to, make sure everyone, can enjoy the trail or a recreational, area if. You're going hunting, always practice ethical, humping never, take the shot unless you see the animal clearly I know, what's, between you the target, and the surrounding, area, don't. Shoot across roads waterways. Or trails, and, again be sure to get permission if you're going to be on private property and leave. Gates as you find them always, remember, to respect the rights of others and be, sure to follow the other tread principles, when you're out enjoying nature it's, important, to enjoy yourself and have a good time but. Also ensure, we keep these opportunities, available for generations, to come you can always find out more at tread lightly org, I'm, Brian, I hike. I hunt, I camp, and I tread lightly, Sportsman's. Warehouse in Midvale we'll, be right back with more. Whether. You're on the track at the dunes or in the mountains Paris, RV and Stryker are number, one chill, out into 2019, Stryker 2313. Thirty-five, thousand nine ninety five or 320 a month zero down or. Kick, it in to 2019, Stryker, twenty nine twelve thirty, nine thousand 995, or 355, a month zero down or, the. 2019, Stryker twenty eight sixteen forty, nine thousand, nine ninety five for forty. A month zero down it's, time to get your toy hauler at Paris RV. Kawasaki. Mule side-by-sides. Are some of the toughest machines around work, hard to play hard with the new mule pro MX you don't have to choose. It's. About having the right machine, to fit the way you live. And. It's, about strength, the. All-new. Mule Pro MX the strongest, because, I said so. Welcome. Back to at your leisure, we, are out of the tri-state, ohb Jamboree a little brisk but sunny today and. Part. Of this trip this is the Danish the, Danish ranch trip, comes. By the silver, reef museum, silvery was an old mining town here and like, I say this trip is just full of history we've seen. We've. Seen old historical, sites but this is, where. They've collected all the artifacts, and we stopped here and with Glenn having. An entire professional. Career before he got into the ATV, business in mining. He's the perfect tour guide to, learn about this part of Utah's history I know does he do this for fun or is this just for us, because. I just want to hang out with him all day yeah well. Kind of a little bit of both he actually spends time volunteering, over here at the Museum, now, they lives in southern Utah and I, think, we need to find out I'd probably, listen to Glenn yeah I think. I did. My first Jamboree, in 2010. And. Of course it wasn't nervous big as it is today but the, Jamboree, was established, with the help of this time, of Huracan because. There. Were certain, problems, with taking people out on ride. And making, sure that, all. The rules were followed and the club decided the right. Thing to do is make a Jamboree, and so. The Jamboree, was established. And. I think 16, years ago now and, it's. Been a popular thing, we've had people from all over the country. And and, we've. Added rides. Almost. Every, year up. To 28 different rides. So. We have a lot of opportunity. To see different things down on, our Danish ranch ride we certainly, saw a lot of other things we saw the museum and the surrounding, mining area and that's. An interesting, thing you, can spend a good half, a day wandering around an old, mining district, and you can spend a couple of good, hours at the Museum itself and then there's hiking trails and other other, things to see a lot of geologically. Interesting. Places, we. Were able to overlook, this lake from, right up above here and that's, that's that's. You you, can see the. Time the country pretty well from up on top of the ridge in bathroom. And, of course you've learned a lot through, the museum the building itself is kind of a little bit of history it is the actual Wells Fargo, Bank it's one of the oldest ones around it is the oldest one around well it's not a bank anymore but the building I know and and, of, course Wells Fargo is also a stage company, right and this is the actual bench, where you'd sit and wait for the stage this, is called the stagecoach.

Dismount. Step yes so it's not like in gymnastics. But. So, like the coach pulls up right you. Like get out of the coach I step. Onto here I step on you here I go, into the bank I put my money in there or your, money, whose. Money, in, there and, if, it's your money it's gone they're the only money to put in the bank is mine. Anyway. Right now it's safe for us to step away from here. No pun intended, well actually intended. Okay. I go to this. Week's along the way Moab. The, land of rolling, rocks deep, canyons, rivers, and open, land as far as the eye can see, men women and children of all ages come, to get a glimpse of the miraculous, views, while learning how to navigate the challenging, terrain for, a moment, riders are able to forget their worries and, connect, with their friends and family for. Mason in his group they've come to discover, that while they're off-roading, together it's easy to leave their daily challenges, behind, Mason. Was born with cerebral, palsy and he. Hasn't let it slow him down though he still gets out and and gets. In the Razr with us and comes. Out goes on these rides with us and and. You. Have to the only thing we have to do is just a little more prepared for for. The rides and bring, bring, things you need but anybody, could do it with, a disability. Can, get. Out and ride I look, forward to being, with the, group and, having. A good time everybody, likes, to get out and how, about you Mase. See. Something new he likes to get out see new new areas. The, first area the groups visit, is the fins and things trail Jean, and Mason explain how this trail provides, a variety of terrain which makes each turn a new, surprise. Another, great thing with Vincennes things is it has lots, of different terrain, so, you, get, sand and, you have like the little fight, Hills that you can go, crazy on I have. The slick Rock, there's. Some boulders that you can kind of climb up over but, it definitely is a, great starter. Trail. Get. You ready to go over and do Helzer events so, it's really fun it's a great trail l's, revenge, is one of the most iconic trails. In Moab, it was deep rock climb majestic. Views and some of the most challenging terrain, that will even put experienced, riders, to the test for, Mason, in his group their experiences. Have brought them even closer together with, each twist and turn the rides offer. Everybody's. Adopted, Mason into, their family, and. You. Said that this, is like a big family unit. Out here we, go riding with and they've, all accepted Mason, riding, with somebody that has a disability of, any sorts doesn't, seem to be a problem in these situations, whether, you're in a UTV, and a TV or a four-wheel drive of some sort there's. Lots of good, access. To public. Restrooms, and those kinds of things and there's. Plenty of shade with trees and those whatnot, for anybody, to stop and have lunch and enjoy the day this. Is the first time I've met Mason. And I. Fallen. In love with him I, gave. Him a little prize yesterday, and he gave me a big hug and. He. Just ripped, my heart out and, I. Truly, have fallen in love with the kid he's. Proof right there that it it doesn't matter what your abilities, are you. Can you can do this you can do it there's a lot of kids that won't get to experience the things that he gets to experience. Mason. Said just keep writing and don't let your disabilities. Stop. You from going out and enjoying the trails after. A full day of riding, it's time for the group to say their goodbyes many. Hugs and laughs are shared but as one ride ends, the planning, for the next one begins or. At your leisure along the way at Hell's revenge, I'm Jim Kelly. Springtime. Is that time to buy a new Polaris. Right. Now the world's, best-selling off-road. Lineup, this price to move get. More done with a hard-working, Ranger chase. Adventure, on a legendary. Sportsman, or, live wide, open in a high-performance. Racer, rebates. Up to $1500. Are available, now during, the Polaris, spring sales event. There's, a little place on a, Utah, man. Where ours raised, we're, my heart say. We're the citrus, grows. Wild. In high, the. Stars come out. Oh. Being, raised in the basin with the ute reservation, scheme starvation. That. Do same family life. Whether. You're on the track at the dunes or in the mountains Paris. RV and striker are number, one chill, out in the 2019, striker 23:13. Thirty five thousand nine ninety five or three twenty a month zero down or, kick, it in the 2019, striker twenty nine twelve thirty, nine thousand 995, or three fifty five a month zero down or, that. Twenty nineteen striker twenty eight sixteen, forty, nine thousand, nine ninety five for 40 a month zero down it's, time to get your toy hauler at Paris RV, welcome.

Back To at your leisure in our usual time, slot of course what we are is, it any slot canyon, so it's a little different than usual this, is a slot, canyon along the danish ranch trail for the tri-state OHV, Jamboree, there's. A series of steps it starts it's about a 20-foot drop just. All maybe at 150. Yards this way maybe, not even that much it's, now, three. Hundred feet down to the bottom it looks like 3000, to me I. Think. It's farther than that and I'm like freaking out cuz our cameraman, is like this far from the ledge so let's, hurry up so. You might energy that to, make that very clear that's, you yeah, if you are sitting on your couch is about six inches from a 300-foot, drop so, yeah please be careful don't lean back on, your chair. This. Week's contest, winner is Kevin miski and was, recently on an adventure with us and got caught wearing his ayl, sticker proudly, shame, on him no congratulations, Kevin. Now, be, sure to call us at 801 nine four seven eight eight eight eight to claim your brand-new, clearly. Tough windshield for your rig clearly. The toughest wind chills on the market visit clearly tough calm, for more details, and for you that have Eagles Landing stickers on your rig, remember, there's an extra $100. Gas card that's coming your way if we pick your sticker now, it's time to take a look at the calendar events, next, week we're headed down to soak up the Sun at the Easter Jeep Safari which, will be going on from April, 13th, through the 21st, so be sure to come down and look for us there then the, off-roading, fund continues at the arch Canyon, Jeep Jamboree, which is going on from April, 25th, through the 28th, down, in San Juan County and that same weekend April 26. Through the 28th you'll have a chance to catch us again as we will we be making an appearance at, the 27th. Annual Moab, rotary car show at the city park now, finally, it's time to take a look at next week's show next. Week we're following the Lone Peak four-wheelers down through the scenic San Rafael swell as they, take us to dig up some fun at the historic, copper, goldmine then, we're headed to beautiful, goblin, Valley to check out some unique canyoneering, that's fun for all ages and experience, levels finally, we travel, to the Baltic Sea as rich takes us to Latvia, a country, with everything, from wondrous dense forests, to, sprawling beaches, well, honey as they say in the stagecoach, days this is the end of the line that's true as.

We Go we go back now if you make this trip down here just. Remember, the, name Yount flat and plan. To spend a couple hours out here because from this trailhead, which is the end of the trail for you you. Can hike about one mile to a place that looks like the wave very. Cool except, you don't have to have a permit, and try and get you, know wait six years to get a chance to see it you come up here and hike into it yeah it really is a spectacular so. We're, gonna go check it out right I'm going to prove the point to you once again as we do every week there's adventure, around every Bend you've got to get out there and create your own adventure, at your leisure, let's take a hike just like together Jack, Sparrow, says, instead. Of me telling you to take a hike we're actually going together.

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Really like your shows. My wife and I will be retiring in a few years to Utah and your show helps to point out all the great things to do! Looking forward to trying them!

Great show it shows the disabled can get out and enjoy the outdoors as well as everyone else thanks for doing the show on the disabled

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