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What are some of the 10 best off-the-beaten-path, destinations. In Utah while we're finding out today as we count down with the experts and show some of the spots you need to discover with your family I'm Steven Heumann join me as I go from one end of the state to the other and give you the best Utah, has to offer from, their chat area continue, their 2018, RV Safari across, Idaho they're going out of this world at one destination, with more adventure than you think at first glance finally. We'll find out how recreation, and education go. Together on the outdoors now with at your leisure. Welcome. To at your leisure everybody, I'm your host Steven, Heumann and we have a great, show, for you today, a little bit different than what we usually do right behind me you'll see the Utah State Capitol. Right now inside, that building is the tourism conference, all the tourism officials from across the state are in one building to talk about all of the great destinations, that exist here in Utah what we decided to do was to go in there and find the top ten off-the-beaten-path. Destinations. We all know about Zion we know about Bryce what, about the places that we don't know about that are worth exploring how about you come with me let's go inside that building let's meet the experts, and find, out where, you should be going next so. It's, tourism down the hill first day of the legislative, session and, we're. Celebrating what, a huge, contributor. Tourism. Is to the state economy so. The tax relief per, household, and Utah $1,200. If. We didn't have a tourism economy, every, household in Utah would have to generate, $1,200, more in taxes, one. Of my favorite, places is, white trim trail in, Canyonlands. National Park that trail. An old uranium. Cheap Road and so. It's pretty accessible, the, sandstone. Formations. The, cliffs the, miles, and miles of, endless, wide-open. Spaces it's. Just. A transcendent. Experience if. You're looking for a national park experience, but maybe don't want the crowds or, even the expense, of the admission, of you know $30, I would, go to Cedar Breaks National, Monument it's, very similar to Bryce Canyon, but, it's smaller it's, more intimate they have lots of Rangers on staff you can go on hikes with, them you can go on geology.

Talks, At night they do star, programs. Goblin. Valley is one of my favorite places in State Park so it's somewhat popular but it's, so fun especially if you have kids play, hide and seek in the goblins, through the eyes of a child wait. Were you allowed to go off trail because there really aren't any trails in the valley you'd see your kids and they get this like I can run over here and I can run over there and I can do this and, they can explore they're gonna have that self discovery and, you know and I think we need a little bit more of that where we can say you know explore, on your own the, trail system in Beaver County and. The reason why I say that is is lesser. Known it's right on the way down a lot of us will be traveling this summer this early. Spring time to southern Utah the, beaver county is one of those hidden gems a lot of people overlook on their way down south we, have the most spectacular. Slicing, but, in addition to that I love, our off-the-beaten-path, foodie, tours we've. Got you know fairly grass berry shakes and Logan we've got cafe ibis making coffee it's not just green, jello and fry sauce in Utah one of our biggest food, scenes is being, debarred chocolate, we, have nine bean-to-bar chocolate, makers in the state it's the highest concentration of, anywhere in the u.s. you. Can go do Caputo's, Deli downtown, Salt Lake and try any chocolate bar you want all, throughout the state we've got these unheard-of. Food destinations. As well, well. There's our first five off-the-beaten-path. Destinations. For today's show we're, going to catch the other five a little bit later but, I just going to say it's been really interesting being here at the Capitol talking, to all these people about all the places that have inspired them. That have helped them to have a greater appreciation of, this state and, of course as we go off to our travel adventure we're, leaving the state we're gonna leave you talk we're heading north to Idaho because we are in the middle of the RV Safari so, why don't we catch up with shad Maria. What's. Black and dirty and bumpy, all over um. Lava-filled. Exactly. We're standing in that's true, hi. We are continuing. Our ray city RV, Safari. Series. Across Idaho today, we, are taking you to the, craters. Of the moon national monument, we. Are starting, our tour inside. The Indian, tunnel, which, is the biggest lava tube I've ever been in and it's for, rias sake she's claustrophobic, it's got skylights, all the way through yeah it's no big deal because you can see you can see light at the end of the tunnel literally. So. This is only the tip of the subterranean cavern. Here let's find out a little bit more about the park. Craters. Of the moon is a basaltic. Lava field that was established as a National Monument in 1924.

It Protects, and preserved. This volcanic, landscape, we've, had lava flows here that range from about fifteen thousand years old two most, recent about, 2000, years old the. Size of the monument and Preserve today is just over seven hundred and fifty thousand, acres which, is, probably hard to relate to for most people but that's about the size of Rhode Island a lot, of people come here and saying that it's just a pile of black rock, but. There's actually a lot of really interesting vegetation. And diversity that you'll be seeing on our park you'll. See some, really well-preserved sagebrush, steppe as well, as some really awesome rocky, lava formations, ranging from ropey, smooth the hoi hoi to really rough looking lava, we, have a, lot, of cool cinder, cones and lava. Tube, caves to. Explore on. Trails, and things like that you. Know I'm going to be honest I was firmly in the it's just a pile of black rock camp when, we arrived I couldn't, imagine you could find anything interesting at craters of the moon but. I was proven way wrong almost immediately from the moment you arrived you actually feel like you've been transported, to another world. Well basically how, all of this lava got here, is about, 16 million years ago a volcanic, hotspot started. Moving east below, the crust of the earth RUP ting from time to time and smoothing, out what we know today is the Snake River Valley. Literally. This hot spot melted. A flat swath, across the Rockies and is currently what fuels Yellowstone, National Park's, geologic, activity but. Not all the history here is prehistoric, during. The space race of the 60s in the early 70s, craters of the moon actually became, a real-life, astronaut, research, facility, Apollo. 14 did come to craters of the moon to, learn more about basalt. Volcanoes, and get. An idea of how the, landscape, at Craters of the Moon could. Be similar, to that of the actual wind well. We decided to follow in the footsteps of NASA and do a little exploring, which was eye-opening to, say the least, we stopped first at the spatter cones which, are remnants of miniature, volcanoes, formed where large blobs, of lava were spit into the air during an eruption a mere 2,000 years ago hiking, trails took us through the landscape and into, the cones themselves. Where you could look down on glacial, ice that is a permanent fixture of these deep holes even. Through the hottest summer months, you know craters of the moon really is a hikers, dream and that's particularly, true for the kids once. We made our way down into the Indian tunnel it was free, rain for climbing, and exploring, of which they took full advantage now. Some, of the areas are open for cross-country, excursions. While others are not so you'll want to be familiar with, where you're going so you don't get off the trail in dangerous, spots stay. On the paths unless, posted, otherwise and. While you're out here there's, so much to learn once, you have a good idea of the history of the area your, experience, becomes even richer I think I enjoy most about being a ranger is is being able to teach and and see, people learn in a national park I feel like these places are almost like living laboratories, in a way or really good extensions, of classrooms, and offer relevant.

Learning Experiences. To people of all ages craters. Of the moon is perfect, for an RV trip because they have motorhome specific, parking areas across the monument, as well, as camping, spots if you want to use it as a base camp bring, plenty of water and you're, guaranteed to have a memorable. With the family there's, a lot of really cool experiences. That you can have that I like truly. Like out-of-this-world landscapes. You're not gonna find lava, that's this wild. I suppose just, on a, regular drive so coming to craters of the moon to really understand, this landscape is is, well worth it. Well. After a hot day you probably want to end up your story like we did here, in the visitor center nice and cool and you can get this nice overview of the 16, million year history of, craters of the moon yeah it really is fascinating, you truly feel like you're on another planet when, you're out here and it's, just so much to learn well we are done with our ray city RV Safari story, for today but not with the series we'll be back next week with another part. Of the tales of our adventures, crazy as they may be adventures. Around every Bend as we say that's true we're, gonna take a commercial break we'll be back with more today. There's, a little place, all. Of you Thomas. Four hours, raised where. My heart said we're. The sagebrush, grows. Wild. In high, the. Stars come out. I've been raised in the basin with the ute reservation, skin, starvation. That. Do same family life. The. Boat buying event you've been waiting for, the. Boat Show and watersports, Expo February 8th, through the 11 great fun for the whole family, watch wakeboard, pros on the 300, foot rail Jam buy the boat of your dreams with special show financing, register to win a five day Alaskan, fishing trip courtesy of our W fishing ABC, for Utah and CW, 30 invites you to the Boat Show in water sports Expo, February 8 through the 11th at the South town next advance tickets at Utah Boat Show calm. Look. South to adventure, look. South to beauty, look. South to, San Juan County. Out. Here, the road goes on forever and what you'll find will, change how you see the world climb. On a ROH beam and discover, forgotten landscapes, and vistas, that challenge the imagination, from. Blanding and Monticello, to the cliff faces of Monument Valley we're open and ready for you to explore, San. Juan County Utah's. Canyon, Country. Hey. Here's the question of the day for you you got a young family, growing up and you want to grow them up in the outdoors, I've. Got your answer it's the escape 23-foot, bunkhouse. By KZ bunkhouse. Because it has a lot of space for people to sleep inside KZ, has spent a lot of time developing, a good insulation, system, in their hybrid wall manufacturer, now in addition it has a a little tough roof system on its one piece aluminum which.

Gives It great durability, and it makes it leak proof they actually put nitrogen, in the tires which makes them run a lot cooler in the summer and gives, them a durability, that you may, not find otherwise now there's a lot to see on the inside for, a value price trailer, and it's time that we go there come on, okay. So, I said this, 23 quarter sleeps 8 so your first instinct, would say gosh, it's got to be pretty crowded inside but take a look it actually has a lot, of space part. Of its due to this one gear driven slide, that sits on this side of the trailer mom and dad have this front area for. The master bed you, have a couch, here that. Is a double fold out which slides down your. Dinette converts. Into two, beds and then spin, around and, take. A look at the bunks behind, KZ, employs, a one-piece. Laminate. Countertop. On all their tables and counter tops which, means that it is not, susceptible. To water creeping, in and separating, the lamination, in, addition, to that they, use all plywood, construction on the sides in the cabinets, underneath. The counters and they use a tongue and groove system, which means that they lock in so they can't warp and pop out, you'll always have nice straight surfaces, inside the KZ trailers, like. All the other KZ units we've looked at it has an advanced, entertainment, system that has a bluetooth and an NFC, way, to connect, that, has indoor and outdoor speakers, now, for a trailer of this size they have put a lot of thought into what to do with the bathroom particularly, if you are traveling, as a family, this, unit has a tub across the backend, of the bathroom, that allows you to take a shower and debate, the little kids it's, a great way to keep all that splashing, water contained, of, course if you're traveling with a big family they, got a big food requirement, no, skimping on refrigerator, this is a full size RV, fridge and freezer they, do have air conditioning, so those visits. To the campground, are comfortable, so, let's do the math on this you're traveling with a family of eight you get a motel room 75. Bucks apiece that's 150. A night well. As you write about we're a monthly payments gonna start on this unit because they have them on sale right now for twenty two thousand, five so basically. For. One, night stay in a motel your family, can have one month on the road which, would you rather have I'm. Chad booth for this week's product, review for a city RV we'll be back with more that religious in just a minute. Introducing. The lightweight, shot starter. Only. On the 2018, ski-doo. Mountain sleds with. Next-generation, engine. And, platform. The unmatched power and handling to all the next ride. Guess what's next. Save. Up to $1,000, plus 0%, for 36 months. In, a place that is beyond words there. Is nothing to be said. Except. Take. Your tongue in. Bryce Canyon country. Too. Often we find ourselves in shoes like these or. These, wouldn't. It be nice to change into something more like this or, this how. About these put. On whatever shoes you prefer, and come, to Beaver County we, have exactly the adventure you need to put under them so, the. Next time you want to change out of these come. To Beaver County where you could jump into a pit of these, Beaver. County Utah lace. Up for adventure. Family. Time, friend. Time your. Time you've, been thinking about getting machine, but which one is right for you an ATV. Side-by-side. Or dirt bike Steadman's. Recreation, as Utah's largest selection. Of Honda. Polaris, Yamaha, and theta machines see them all at Steadman's recreation, in Tooele need a tune-up new tires or one a winch Steadman's service department, can help Steadman's, recreation, in Tooele you may think it's 300 miles out here but remember it's only 30 miles back.

Welcome. Back to at your leisure everybody, I'm Steven, Heumann and we're having a great time finding. Out about the top ten lesser-known, destinations. In the state of Utah you know about Zion National Park you know about Bryce but we're talking about those hidden gems that you may have heard of you may not have heard of but they're definitely worth you and your family exploring, now, right now I'm on the shores of the Great Salt Lake one of the most iconic destinations in, the state of Utah but, we've been spending most of our time at the State Capitol talking to tourism directors, we're gonna be talking to the governor himself to. Find out about their, personal, favorites and where you should be planning your next trip with your family what. We started the show we talked about the top five now, we're gonna hit the next five in our top ten you. Know I used to love to go up what was called Southfork. Ah Provo, Canyon I see up there fishing the, little streams up there and, hike in the backcountry there, again. That was something disclose, that's something that we probably take, too much for granted here, in Utah. You could just. Twenty or thirty minutes away from some spectacular. Country you can drive to gather, your cars from hiking, gooseneck. State park that is going for dark sky designation, and what dark sky is for folks that don't know is that, human. Beings create a lot of light pollution by aiming, our lights upward right places, like our state parks are becoming the last refuges, to see beautiful, starry nights it's also a great primitive, camping spot with a great overlook, but it is one of our most gorgeous out-of-the-way, places stunning. Dark sky stunning. Vistas in the day great, hiking great, biking around there when, you drive highway 12 you're, gonna go from high, elevation. Bit, forest, area beautiful. Green all over and within, 20 minutes you drop down into Red Rock and it's gorgeous, it's, a drive that I took my family on it was a long, way, to get to Bryce Canyon as another two hours but it was so worth it going through that way because my kids loved every minute of it certainly. Starvation, State Park is, one of my personal, favorites, right, on highway 41, our from Heber generally. Always got availability, a beautiful. Lake wonderful, sand, for. The that Beach experience, great.

Boating And. An amenities, right in Duchene city the, Henry mountains and. Around that particular complex, just outside, of Hanksville area, you got factoring Butte just, a great location, and also with, that you have that free roaming bison. Herd that exists down there so some, people are probably aware of it but it is kind of off the beaten path type, trail system, we, have places that are worth, visiting and enjoying that. Are not a park of any kind meaning, National Park they're not a state partner on anything. They're just beautiful, parts, of Utah's. Public lands so. There's plenty of opportunities. Throughout their pitch a tent I could a trail and. Enjoy the mountains and the beauty of nature in, Utah on its 36, million, acres. And. There, you go the last five of the top ten off-the-beaten-path. Destinations. In Utah each one is worth a visit take, your family out and explore now right now I am at City Creek Canyon just north of downtown Salt, Lake now, this didn't make our list but it is a really great spot they actually closed it to traffic every. Other day so you can come up here ride your bikes play around with your dogs and just explore it's a great urban, destination, well, that we have to go off to our trailhead adventure brought, to you by Rocky Mountain atv/mc. It's a great place to go and get all of your riding, accessories, and things like that well, we often think of education. As going, to a classroom but, sometimes, you'll learn more in the outdoors than you ever would have thought and we're going to show you one program, that proves it. Reading. Writing, and arithmetic the, supposed three hours of American education. Normally. They boil down to sitting in a desk leafing. Through books while listening to lectures, but. Over the past few years a movement, of sorts has started to change those parameters. Outdoor. Exploration. Has always been viewed as merely a form of recreation not. Education. Recently. However programs. Across, the country have been experimenting, with pairing, a child's natural curiosity. And desire to learn without. Door, fun the. Results, have been surprising. And in, Utah, Kelly, Erickson is helping, to lead the charge I. Wanted. To. Find a way to get my kids connected. To nature because, I felt like when. We go to museums, or zoos, or, or. Just going out you go on a hike it. Was never about like really stopping and looking at things and really, paying attention to what's going on it was never about that it's just like hurry and get from A to B and so, the. Idea is to get us. To stop at the connect it's, all about connection, so. That's what we're doing here was we are connecting, kids to nature. Enter selves, to me, I am NOT an expert we're, learning together Kelly. Started, Outdoor Adventure kids, Utah with her own children and started, inviting other families, to join every. Tuesday, they meet at a different, local park with the basic goal of exploring. And letting the kids discover, the natural world, Kelly, axe is mentored but the kids learn and enquire all their own nuts.

Whole Ideas we're trying to get kids to ask questions. If they. Ask the question, and you, let them own that question, it's. Gonna become theirs if they're gonna have ownership, over if I'm, asking, the questions to them and they are not thinking anything themselves. It's, just gonna go in and go out which. Is not, what we want here what, we do is we get together we. Have the kids play a major game and then we give them a chance to have the freedom, to, go out and see what they see and it's, amazing, what the kids come back with my, favorite part about that experience, when, the kids go and wander on their own is that, they're, there, exercising. Their, own brain that, they're there finding, something and they're, asking questions about that something and they're exploring, to get answers when, they're having fun and with the friends and exploring, its endless, learning, opportunities, the. Natural, classroom, teaches, each child about the different animals trees, and water features whatever. Catches their eye they learn public speaking techniques, as they gather to discuss what they've seen and heard, every. Aspect of the environment lends, itself to the education, process and changes. How the kids see their world not, only during the sessions, but throughout the rest of their day the. Benefits, have been I, don't. Know if I can quantify what. I'm seeing they're. Noticing skills when we're driving the car they're, looking, out there, looking out the windows they'll, yell ideas whatever, I see this or whatever like mom look at that and they're much more excited about things I think they talk to each other they interact, with each other when we go to the park and we're. Playing they, start their own games now because they know how to do, it because we're practicing it here and. The learning environment isn't. Hard to find either you'd. Think that in order for the kids to have a true excep. They'd need to go far from civilization but that isn't the case at all the parks are in the heart of neighborhoods, and urban landscapes, but, even so traces. Of wildlife, that are the grounds, and the, boys and girls seem to find every, track and hidden den their. Curiosity. Inspires, the adults and helps to remind all of us that when it comes to the outdoors, there's, always something, to learn, luckily. In this case everyone. Is invited to come along for the experience, we. Have a Facebook page our, group is called outdoor, adventure kits Utah, anybody. Who's always welcome to join us there's. No criteria for membership it's. Open, leap who we meet every Tuesday afternoon, 1 2 3 it doesn't cost any money our. Connection, as a family, it's so much stronger when, you're with each other and your uninterrupted. There's no screens, involved. There's no distractions. You're outside, and you, can really, connect, on a deeper level then you can anywhere else the, more we connect with nature we. Connect with each other and we are, we have that. Happiness insight. Education. Can be about more than just facts, and figures and, our excursions. Into the outdoors, can, be about more than just recreation. From. The trailhead I'm Malia Stringham.

Our. Trailhead. Segment today sponsored, by Rocky Mountain, atv/mc. That's, that great place where you can order all kinds of accessories for your ATV, or your motorcycles, and you'll ship it right to your door just go to the Rocky Mountain atv/mc, comm. Website. Meet. The new leader in off-road utility. The completely. It's. Got the most power the, largest towing capacity, the highest, ground clearance and, the best comfort, and storage. Introducing. The all-new Polaris. Ranger XP, 1000. The hardest, working smoothest riding. Ranger. Ever built. Hey. Here's the question of the day for you you got a young family, growing up and you want to grow them up in the outdoors, I've. Got your answer I am so glad that when, my daughters were young we made the choice to get an RV this, is a great way to get your family outdoors. Permanently. You can actually put a family of six to eight people and travel, comfortably and it's affordable, make. Those streams with your young family, at race City RV, Utah's. Low price RV dealer on Riverdale, Road and, Roy. Welcome. Back to at your leisure everybody, this has been so much fun today finding, out about ten of the best off-the-beaten-path. Destinations. In Utah, now I'm sure that you guys out there have, a ton, of your own and we'd like for you to share them with us go on Facebook, email us and tell, us about those secret, spots that, you love and that you'd like to share with everybody please don't eat them secret, we all want to be able to experience the beauty of this state well. Now we've got our upcoming events to talk about and the big ones are of course the Boat Show in the RV show the Boat Show is going on February, 8th through the 11th, and the RV show is going on the 15th, of the 18th both of these are at the Southtown Expo, Center we get at your leisure are gonna be at both shows, down to the South town Expo Center so we want you to come up and talk to us say hi pick up an eyl sticker tell, us what your favorite episode was or places that you'd like for us to go we'd, love to hear from you now we've got this week's giveaway winner Jay, on Bock you can see right there there he is pointing, out is a whale sticker Jay, you, are the winner of a family four pack two fast cars where you can race as fast as you want on some of the best tracks in Utah so Jay call us at 801 nine four seven eight eight eight eight to claim your prize and the rest of you guys get your al stickers any of our sponsor or course at the boat and RV show now, how about we take a look at next week's show. In. Seven, days to 2018, RV, Safari continues. As Rhea and I ATV some of the most incredible, landscapes, in Idaho and meet, one man who has a deep love of public, access and his, family's western heritage from.

There Steven will be hitting the trail in Southern Nevada finding, there is more to these desert lands than just dirt and say. We're. Gonna have so much fun next week as we hit a little bit warmer weather down in Nevada and we hope that you'll join us but today has been so much fun as we've been able to just experience all these little hidden gems around the state and since we've been finding out about some of these lesser-known areas, we decided to end at some of the best-known we're gonna hit the slopes on the greatest snow on earth well I'm Steven Heumann for at your leisure remember, this adventure out there wherever you look you just need to go out and create your own at. Your leisure. Find. Out about the next five but, the top ten Oh. Utah. Is a great Utah destination, for when you're coming to Utah hear killer. You.

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Head down to the Markagunt Trail System for some OHV riding and visit an Ice Cave and Mammoth Cave (lava flow). Then there's the Paunsaugunt Trail System where you can ride right up to the backside of Bryce. Outside of Panguitch is Casto Canyon, aka Little Bryce.

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