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How do you turn a garbage, dump into a wetland, paradise, in less, than a decade we're finding out today on, at your leisure as Reece Stein travels, to Florida to, discover how a bit of planning and good, resource, management has made all the difference from, their joinery, and me as we continue, to ride, the water but we're hitting the Red Rock Country of the southwest, discovering, echoes of the past on every, canyon wall, finally, Steven, Heumann rises ATV into, a hole, somehow. Comes out on top of the world on the outdoors, with ayl, Nest. The sound of a river rippling. And clapping, along its course inspires. Both tranquility. And pumping, adrenaline it's. A binary aspect. That turns streams, into, both quiet, relaxing, destinations. And roaring. Rollercoasters. At the same time, rivers. Have acted as fishing spots travel, corridors and thrilling, amusement, rides for millennia, and here, in the West all those aspects, come together along waterways, like, the San Juan outside, Bluff Utah. We. Have a lot of bends in front of us and it is 100%, pure, adventure hi welcome to at your leisure I'm Chad booth and I'm really booth, and we are with wild, river expeditions. This is a great, adventure company out in Bluff Utah, these guys do it all don't they they do it's a very broad range of outdoor recreation, this is their River running arm and we are going to see parts of the San Juan all right well we are so excited about coming out with our guide Marcos and his daughter, and we are just going to have a ball so we want you to join us and let's have some fun. Wild. Rivers expeditions, has been around since 1957. We, run trips on the San Juan River here, in Bluff. Utah which is southeastern. Utah San, Juan is it's, amazing stretch of river it's a beautiful River not, big whitewater but, amazing. Than the fact that it's like an outdoor museum which huge rock art panels and cliff dwellings, and we offer one. Day trips up to up to 10 days long do. A lot of three-day trips and four-day trips on full day trip you'd see a panel, called big patina panel it's over 200 feet long of rock, art you'd, also see a place called River House ruin which is a 2-story, cliff dwelling same. Kind of stuff that you'd see like an Mesa Verde National Park you'd, also flow through what's called the Upper Canyon of the San Juan which has got some fun Rapids in it nothing - nothing, too big only like glass - Rapids but fun. For the whole family or, and usually. See some bighorn sheep along, the river it's a good time but, I'd say main thing that attracts people the air is an archeology, and and also the other amazing recreation. Opportunities, in the region so we've also got another sister company called Four Corners adventures, through, that we do canyoneering, trips we got mountain, biking, we. Do deep tours. Backpacking. Hiking most. Of those focused, on seeing some of the ancestral, Pueblo and ruins and rock art yeah, it's becoming more of a destination Bluff as many. Different hotels, lots. Of good, restaurant, opportunities and, then. The. Outdoor recreation is just endless here so I've been in bluff for since. 2012, and there's still places on my bucket list I grew up in southwest. Utah we're by Zion. This. Area's got just, as many beautiful areas. To see a. Comparable. Design National Park or Bryce Canyon, only without the crowds really. It's a kind. Of an unknown destination that's, just becoming known and it's a good time to come now before it gets pretty, busy we've, got a website it's rivers. And ruins calm or you, can just search wild rivers expeditions. Our, phone number for, three five six, seven two two two, four four just give us a call and we can help you book there's, so many different, ivities that we offer that if. You have any questions just give us a call and we'll, set you up on the, perfect activity for you.

Well. You. Certainly concede that there are a lot of things to do down here this is not a day trip to the Four Corners area you, got to spend some time down here there's just too much adventure to be had, it's, beautiful, what this county is amazing, that's, true we started at the edge of the river we're back on the river we're here to stay for the rest of the time right, now it's time for us to wander, off to our travel adventure. Thanks. Chad I'm Steven, Heumann now most people don't ever want to get stuck in a hole well today I'm, going to show why that's not such a bad thing I'm, out here in Emory County out of the small town of Emory and I'm going to take you on an ATV, trip, that is going to blow your mind. Emory. Utah, is about as small, a place as you can get quiet. But, beautiful, its, place on highway 10 just north of i-70, makes, it an access point to adventure, that few other places can match and I learn that firsthand, today as I set my sights west, of town into, the mountains and trails of the era pain I've. Explored east of Emory on the San Rafael swell many times but this is my first foray into the west where, desert, meets forests and Bluffs, tower over fertile valleys it, was eye-opening to, be sure and our chosen route quickly, took, us into a whole the. Whole trail as a, trail, that brings you up out of the mighty, Canyon years, ago the whole trail had washed out and it, was had been impassable, and the, Forest Service decided, to reopen. It again as just, an ATV. 50. Inch sized trail and so, they run their trail cat down through it it's been a pretty good challenge for him over the years day, to, keep it maintained, because. It there's. Spots on there that are constantly, washing out and and they're, having to reroute and repair. But but. The whole trail has become probably one of the most popular, trails. Here in the area, fantastic. You went from almost. Desert, to rocks to, trees to. Nice. Forest grass, it's, beautiful, up here I just, I'd. Stay here I've, been here on my whole life and. It's easy to see why within. A half-hour you pass from grass areas, wet with swampy, mud to, fertile valleys set between white pillars to rocky trails, that push your skill while challenging, your perception, of the area after, another half-hour you come out on top of the mountain and can gaze out over hundreds. Of miles on a clear day while driving through meadows and looking up at white cliffs of limestone that. Are completely different from other formations, in the area it's, no wonder so many residents. Never leave, and so, many others choose to make this their home after, a single visit I love. It I just love four-wheel, Annette that's what brought me here to. Utah, we were stopping on. Our way from Wisconsin that's why I'm originally from. Buying, a house and now I spend, my summers, here and my, winters in Yuma Arizona. Diverse. Terrain is, the key to a memorable ride and it seems like everywhere we turn there is something, different a new color, or environment, pass through we. Rode for 75. Miles, which for anyone who's ever taken a ride like that you know we've covered some ground but. We saw some impressive, territory. And all of it was accessible, on our ATVs. There's, something about this area west of highway 10, that feels, underappreciated. The locals know about it sure but most people outside of this little corridor of towns are completely, oblivious to what they're missing it's. Something residents are trying to change this. Land is worth, sharing and they aren't afraid to spread the word, within. Minutes I can. Be on it in the desert or, I can be on the mountain people. Just get so caught up in you jump on the freeway and you just race past these.

These, Little areas, like, Emery County and, don't really take, the time to take the scenic byways, and to, see what what. Kind of scenery there really is out through there it, can be a challenge, to change our travel routine sometimes, and get off the freeway in a new area but. When you're promised experiences. Like this and sites, like these there's. No reason to limit yourself with the same old Drive the. Era peen system, has something, for everyone and if you, find yourself on the whole trail, well. You'll, understand, why this is one place you'll, be glad to get stuck, there's. So many treasures, in Utah that are really. People, just haven't, really had, the opportunity to get out and explore we, hope they'll take the time to come and visit, us we have a lot of things to offer down here, there's. A lot of. Country. A lot of beauty. Throughout. This area if, they don't come this way bring. Some respect, with you, respect. For the Machine respect. For the trails and respect, for what other people enjoy also. This. Has been a great, trip out here on the whole trail the arrow pain is massive, you come out here for a week and not hit the same area twice now, we left, out of Emery today which is a small town on Highway, 10 just north of i-70, and there are lots of places to stay in this area long 10, corridor you've got places in Castle Valley and Ferren that you can stay at and then right out of Emory you have Castle Valley outdoors, which is a ranch that is very beautiful and you can stay there as well and you don't have to access this area from Emory right there over my shoulder is mill, site reservoir, you can hit it from there you can hit it from Ferren in a number of different locations, well I'm Steven Heumann French our leisure I hope you come out here and enjoy the arrow pain and the whole trail right now that we gotta take a commercial break and we'll be back with more evacuation. There's. A place. All. The Utah men. Where ours, raise where. My heart's, at where. The sagebrush, grows. Wild. In hi, the. Stars come out. Oh. In the basin with the you reservations. Skill starvation. That. Do sing County line. The. Polaris, factory, authorized, clearance, is here, get the year's biggest deals on the world's best-selling off-road. Lineup, chase. Adventure, on a legendary, sportsman, get, more done with a hard-working. Ranger, or attack. The off-road, with a high-performance, razor, now, is the time to buy with rebates up to, $2,000. During the Polaris, factory, authorized, clearance. Is. Your summer getting away from you it's already August well.

If You had an RV from race city RV there are so many wonderful state parks like Wasatch. Mountain state parks that only an hour hour and a half from home you, could be making a midweek trip or even a weekend trip to get out with your family and get that little extra connections. Remember. Your, RV, trips can come true with, an RV from ray city RV serving, Utah since. 1946. Meets. A new leader in off-road utility. The completely, reinvent. Xp1. It's. Got the most power the, largest, towing capacity, the, highest, ground clearance and, the best comfort, and storage. Introducing. The all-new Polaris. Ranger XP, 1000. The hardest, working smoothest riding. Ranger, ever built. Welcome. Back to at your leisure I'm rigging much better and I'm here with Ryan from camp Steph and we're gonna make a recipe, that, is with salmon, that's one of my favorites so we're, doing this one with cedar planks right yeah, so we got our cedar planks here soak, them in a little bit of water for about a half-hour or more I've, done, that before without, soaking them and it did not turn, out well no, I have to make sure it's so good help with the flavor too because it because the the water in there and it all absorb it more so we made pizza last year on this pizza maker we did make pizza that was good that. Was good pizza and this, time we want to do something a little different maybe you've been in those restaurants with a big stone yeah. This, will do the same type of cooking but just in your backyard first, of all we're, gonna grab some lemons, here and our. Filet is gonna sit on the lemon for some added flavor oh okay, skin. Side down all yeah skin, side down on the webbing all right and then we can season it how we want do, you have a favorite way you can do definitely, whatever, you want, seasoning. Wise on your, on your fish what, are you using there so this is just an all-purpose seasoning salt, actually there. You go all, right now wallah now, as we've been doing this the ovens been heating up we're sitting, about.

400, Degrees so that's perfect yeah. All right very salmon, right, in there right yep go ahead and just just kind of set it in there and I'll scoot it back with my tongs here kind. Of pushed back a little bit so it's yeah exactly and we do have this door here so I can put that door on, here. And oh yeah alright, so you have it at about 400, how long do you want these in here um just tell their cook so keep an eye on it if you want to eat sushi or whatever you know you'll pull it out earlier, but yo, you'll just want to keep an eye on it and make sure it's cooked okay just probably about 10 minutes or so should, do it keep, an eye on it and when you think they're about ready so. And. The fat kind of comes up you can see like the white exactly. The good fat that you want and that's what we have here on our fish. So. We're. Thinking these are done we'll give them a try we, want to make it look nice so we can just grab some of these lemons here go. The extra mile, nice, you're sweet and you just kind of fold them like that oh then you look all gourmet. And they you. Know it. Just gives, some for, porn. To be excited about that way at least if it doesn't taste good it. Looks good it looks beautiful how do I get one of these go, online check out Camp Chef calm and we. Have a Divi locator there and you, can either buy it from us or other, places online, well there's cool things that you, can get to a kit, that comes with oh yeah doesn't, want to buy something extra because it has all the pizza stuff right yeah you, know sometimes you know we made fish today is pretty easy but if you're gonna do pizza we have the kit all, the tools that you'll need to make. Your pizza okay Ryan thank you I'm gonna have some more me too I'm gonna jump back in here cuz you did a good job thank, you all, right more at your leisure when we return. It's. Not about point A to B. It's about the things we find along the way. And who's with us for the ride. This, is, the life we were born to live. I am ready, to ride sales event is on now visit, your local dealer for details. Too. Often we find ourselves in shoes like these or. These, wouldn't. It be nice to change into something more like this or, this how. About these put. On whatever shoes you prefer, and come, to Beaver County we, have exactly the adventure you need to put under them so the, next time you want to change out of these come. To Beaver County where you could jump into a pair of these. Beaver. County Utah lace, up through adventure. Welcome. Back to at your leisure, on. Our wild. River expedition. That's. What we're doing and it's who or with all in one and we. Are taking, one of many side excursions, this is so cool there's so many things to do there, is a rock art panel, all the way down here and I. Will have to tell you Marcos is such a great guide because he knows a lot, about this stuff in the history, and I, feel like I'm in a college, course of studies is so cool it is the geology the, geography, I mean everything, is archeology. Yeah it's all here it's fascinating, yeah, we should find out some of the other adventures, and things that you see along the river because this trip is packed with them. Who, stopped at some, rock art and talked a little bit about human history and. Floated. On some more and threw. A beautiful. Canyon. With desert bighorn sheep and. Stopped. For a great fantastic, lunch and we had some fresh goods and. Afterward. We came down another few miles ran some class-three, Rapids and. Showed up at a spot called a great crinoids stop where we, looked. At classic, 300, million year old Pennsylvanian. Limestone. With fossils, and better than decide them none, of the fossils. Look. Like trash, I started, guiding the San Juan River when, I was 17. 18 years, old and I've. Been doing this for the past 17, boding years seasons, so. You get to come out here there's no better classroom and Mother Earth you, come out here you actually get to see the geology, you get to see their structures, and archaeology. I think. People keep coming back because, just. The incredible experience, they get from our day trips our multi-day, River trips the, guides are very outstanding a lot, of the guides are trained in different angles like botany. Ornithology. Geology. Human. History so, the clients, tend to get all these different angles from the guides our, motto we say is we run, educational. River trips with an emphasis on pleasure well. As a native I grew up around this area, learning. All the all, their cultural valleys of Mother. Earth you know we were taught around fire she. Teaches. You a lot you're, out here all the time with her and you, know and I've. I've. Gotten great respect for being. Out here protecting.

And Preserving. This. Beautiful, landscape which, I hope, still continues, on to be protected, and preserved for, our. Younger, generations, to enjoy the, sacred values. We. Have now covered. All these different discoveries. On the river but there's one discovery, yet to be made and that is that somehow or another food. Tastes. Really good, when, you're out in the sunshine along the river I think the reason is we're just having a marvelous time and everything tastes good on the river you know what we have been clipping, at a really, great pace today it's just been so fun that's, true so we're going to clip, onto something, else that moves on at a good clip itself it. Is our trailhead adventure brought, to you each and every week by Rocky Mountain, atv/mc. I'm. Rees Tyne at your, leisure at one of the most popular, bird-watching. Spots, in Central, Florida hard. To believe that less, than ten years ago this beautiful, wetlands, was nothing more than the end of a floating sewer. Oh yeah. It's like one-of-a-kind for a place that was nothing, just a dump for all the Gainesville's, waste about, ten years ago it's, now one of the best birding habitats, in the state trash. Piles up in the settlement, pond on the north side of the park were the Sweetwater branch, empties after flowing through older Gainesville, neighborhoods, with no stormwater, regulations, and, so. Untreated. Stormwater was, flowing directly off of buildings and driveways and parking lots directly, into Sweetwater branch also. Water release from the city's treatment, plant adds high doses, of nutrient-rich. Nitrogen. Into the river. In. The 2000s. The state of Florida determined, that there was too much nitrogen, that, was flowing into Sweetwater, branch and that was entering the Florida aquifer. In. 2009. Gainesville, City decided to spend twenty eight million dollars to trap the trash and create a natural, filtration system, to clean up water flowing, from Sweetwater into. Adjacent Payne's, prairie, wetlands, where, it empties into the city's aquifer, from. The settlement, pond water, drains, through a series of ponds over, 125. Acres naturally. Cleaning, it up before, releasing it into, 1300. Newly-created acres, of once bright round and Paynes Prairie the, debris. Trapped by large booms is scooped, away to the land filled Salt, Lake County recently installed, similar, booms to trap trash flowing, from the Jordan River into the Great Salt Lake the, new Sweetwater, park includes, two and a half miles of maintenance dikes, and a half mile of Boardwalk that, instantly, became a magnet for bird watchers, and nature lovers the, habitats. Very diverse, there's. A, lot. Of upland and wetland habitat there's a lot of nutrients, coming in so that builds, a big food web and there's. A lot of water and so, the water supports, a lot of birds. A local, Audubon Society. Is holding a challenge, to see how many birds they can spot in one month there, are more than 200, species to choose from including some, there aren't supposed to be here, well. I mean we've had a lot of rare birds that are sitting up here you, know right now we have a, number. Of snail, kites which are normally found in South Florida they'd only occurred in Alachua County literally. Four, or five times I think in recorded. History and now, we have four or five that are being seen at once. Snail. Kites a close relative of hawks and eagles began. Showing up at Sweetwater just two years ago the, bird is listed as endangered in, southern Florida where much of its range has been drained but, here at Sweetwater, there are lots of apple, snails the main food of the snail kite the. Limpkin, also. Has a bill designed to attack apple, snails common.

In South and Central America Florida. Is as north as it gets, the bird has maybe the biggest voice in the wetlands. The. Lipkin is fairly tame at, Sweetwater, you can take a stroll, with the big bird in fact, the park is designed to get visitors, up close to all the birds including. These large wood storks, the only store that breeds in the United States a lot, of it is just. That you're looking down, the. Slope. Of the dike and there the birds right there and you, can see them so much closer. You, can see everything I mean this is summer where the birds aren't even supposed to be out and we're seeing everything from the snail kites to, the limp khun's to, the herons, and the egrets they're all out here and keep you occupied for hours. Pristine. At your leisure at Sweetwater. Wetlands, park in Gainesville, Florida. Living. In Utah we're, lucky we can enjoy riding our recreational. Vehicles, year-round in the mountains at the dunes rock. Crawling or. Road, riding. Steadman's. Recreation, has Utah's largest selection. Of Honda. Polaris, Yamaha and beta machines see, them all as Steadman's recreation, in Tooele need, a tune-up new tires or accessories, Steadman's, service department, can help Steadman's recreation, in Tooele you may think it's 300 miles out here but remember it's only 30 miles back. In, a place that is beyond words there. Is nothing to be said. Except. Take. Your tongue in Bryce Canyon country. The. Utah Farm Bureau began as a collection of farmers supporting, each other to raise the food we enjoy today, Farm, Bureau membership, encompasses. Everyone, whether ranchers, growers, or just, everyday, folks like you and me members. Enjoy discounts on items like vehicles, and ATVs, or insurance. That's very affordable, you don't have to be a farmer, to join and dues are small but together we, make a big difference in keeping our food supply local, and abundant. Join. Utah, Farm Bureau, welcome. Back to at your leisure obviously. You can see a very funny rock formation. In front of us it is called Mexican hat which. Means our. Trip is pretty close to a close. We. Have to drag her kicking and, screaming, to the site and she's a lot she never wants to leave this, was such a cool rafting. Trip that really I mean it started in bluff it ends in Mexican, hat as you can see not too many people can get this close to it so this is a really good bird's-eye view well. We've been very lucky to have so much fun today and have so many things in front of us now it's time for somebody to get lucky in our weekly sticker contest, hey. Guys Steve human here I'm at Fish Lake in central Utah I just found an a while sticker right here license plate number. W98. Six. Feet x you are the winner so, call us this week at 8:01 9 4 7 8 8 8 8 you just want to camp chef stove so congratulations. Another. Event you need to put on your calendar September. 8th Karl Malone, Polaris. Up in Heber City is having, a big get-together an evening ride to help raise donations, for. The dollar Ridge fire here comes this is a chance for you to chip, in there'll, be a lot of people there this is all going to a fund, that the counties, are generating. Out there to try and help the fire victims that didn't have adequate insurance coverage, so, open, up your hearts fill up your tanks, the 8th of September, for this fundraiser right. So. Now let's take a look at next week's show we're. Chugging into the history books in seven days as Chad Maria preview an upcoming celebration. That will get you riding, the rails in a whole new way then, Zach Cipriano tries to eat his way across one Utah City trying everything on the menu and then some also, you'll know where to go after your next adventure finally, Terry wood takes us to the rodeo but there are more horses here than you'd expect.

Sariah. What's. Around the next band. Well. There's adventure ominous that's our next adventure, oh we. Gotta go just remember there really is adventure, around every corner, it's up to you to get out and create your own adventure, at your leisure. Arrr. Carry. On Captain, Morgan. In. Our weekly what whicker's dinner contrast.

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