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Wha-wha-wha. Wha-wha-wha-wha. Go on hundreds and huncles, wagwan, means, what's, up or how. You doin. In, Jamaican. Well I should say patois because that's what they call their lingo. Over here it's patois. So watch why let me know wagwan in, the comments, below. Anyways. Today, I must give you, our, room tour, okay this ain't no damn rule is it this, is the condo okay this, is damn condo, it's called a Presidential, Suite so, let's go ahead and start, at the front for. You yeah because there is a front, to, the front boy yeah up in here okay all. Right so let's go start, the. Front so. This. Is, our. Door. Yeah. Cute. Right and, then this is the front for you I hear. They have a little stealthy, mirror a little light. There. Everybody. Say hi to, our, baby. Bump, and. There's. A console, that console is so cute and love it's marble. Yes. All, right let's go to our. Room. Now so this is, my. Closet, aka, my. Closet, that. Adam. Stuff is in so I guess this is Adams. Closet. So. There's items closet. There's. My closet. I've been living out of my suitcase because. Honestly guys I've been way too lazy, to unpack, okay. Anyways. This, is our living. Area here let me go on this side so you can get, some. Better lighting, yes, this. Is our living, area here, so cute, television. Two. Armchairs, a beautiful. Coffee table, that matches the console, in the front foyer a nice, golden. Bronzy, sofa. To chillax, in, and then. I love, how this. TV. This. Console right here separates, the areas so. You have your you know private little living and then, you have the bedroom. The. Master bedroom. It's so cute it's so inviting it's so bright I love, the lighting oh my, gosh there's another television. There's. A little area over here where the bar area then, you know some storage to. Put your clothing in, we. Have my prenatal. Pills there we. Have my tylenol, just in case I get a headache you. Know Anna be driving me crazy I'm just doing all right this is the ensuite it's kind of messy because. It's. Lived in and, whenever. I'm on vacation I don't really care to put anything, back, so it, has two sinks double. Sink and has, a vanity, area. You, know for me to do my makeup and stuff there's the toilet, there's. The shower love, the shower. There. Is the hot tub with, jets. So. Cute so, this is our section. Let's go to the other, section. Doo. Doo doo. All. Right, so. Here's. The other side to. Our Presidential. Suite I, am. Loving. This, side so. Much better like I love the couch the sofa is so pretty I love, the dining-room, table, I love the mirror I love the little light. Chandelier no, that's not Chandler the light and I, am, just in love, with. This, view because, I'm a nosy person I want, to see what everybody's, doing like, who. At the pool like you know what I'm saying who's on that cruise ship you know who is going down that dang, waterslide. Right now like who at the water park what is daintiness amia doing at the water park this little sand area for the kids the, beaches, right over there, you. Know this view is so. Beautiful I love. It so I like to come on this side and just like you. Know relax and, scroll. Through Instagram. While. I am, chilling. On this couch right here so. Cute. Okay, there's. Also a. Powder. Room just. In case y'all have to go potty there's. A powder. Super. Cute love. It another. Little area they, should put another mirror right there you know or a plant or something then. There's. A claw oh no it's not a closet this, is a Singh. Cute. Just in case you want to make yourself a quick drinky, drink you feel me have.

A Little synth right there all. Right, this. Would. Be Zenon simmias room so. Cute, I cannot wait, to come back with. The kids because they have their own room, their own living room their own sink, to make themselves a drink. Just kidding well not really because they could make themselves apple juice okay, and. Then, we, have their. Ensuite. So. Cute, I am so excited to. Come back there, is a walk-in closet, you, guys. It's. Like a dream there's, all this storage, but they're closed in a little. Bar area a little you, know office. Area desk, whatever you want to call it this. Is the, life here, and honestly. Adam. And I would have been good in just one. Room and one. One. Bathroom, but it's. Great to experience this kind of live, being on vacation you know and. So yeah like we good anywhere, okay you could put it down. And. We good, but. Yeah this is great I love it so that. Is our. Presidential. Suite. Tour, don't. You love it it is so dope and we are definitely going. To come. Back so. Yeah I love it here it's chill it's relaxed, and if. You ever get sick, of your resort there's always other resorts you can visit you can get day passes, and stuff this. Is not even sponsored, but I'm just really enjoying myself. My. Time here and this has been a great trip for hubby. And I so. Thank you happy for you, know surprising, me with a quick trip to Jamaica for my birthday I, love you so much and I. Don't. Want to leave you guys I don't want to leave you I think that I'm supposed to live in the Caribbean so, once a month I think that we should travel to the Caribbean yeah. So where should we go next I'm actually dead, serious. But. Anyways, I have a facial right now, and. I'm probably late but. They're so accommodating they're so understanding. And since I'm pregnant. Shaaka. And, I. Think the paper does it and we're, going towards back writing that's like the only thing that is pregnancy. Friendly, so. We're, gonna go horseback riding in the water, yes we're gonna take a little tour around chukka, and then we're gonna go horseback riding, in the water which is going to be cool because I've never experienced. That I don't think Adam has never horseback riding in the water have you ever course back, ridden. Wait have you ever enforced back ride it no have, you ever went, a horseback riding there we go. I'll. Lose me riding but I've been on a horse. Anyways. Helmets. Are on and. We're, about to get on these horses. I'll. Introduce. You guys to the rest of our tour. Team today all right here today we've got three main rules everybody, is supposed to follow rule, number one never, get this mounted after, horse without, the assistance of a guide, rule, number two never.

The. First timers here today to be a horse. And. Demonstrate, what to do all. Right the, horse Mario got sunjai. Alright. First we don't wanna see when they get on top of the horse I want to see a straight, box sitting up with, both feet since I disturb this. Right here got a stir bar while, riding you never have your feet I'll do it inside the stirrup body oh my. Gosh what is my horse doing mine is the only one moving all up and down while, they give me dark shadow look, at everybody, else's worse let, me see mine why. Is it, is. It working, dark. Shadow you're. Good. Wait. Quick pet it. I, guess, I'm gonna it's. Okay Shh. Okay. We are about to go on our, tour. They're. Just getting. Us organized. The, horse is settled, we're. Getting used to the horse and, then. We, are going on a land. Tour and then we're going in the water deep. In the water and kind. Of nervous about that but I'm. Just gonna live in the moment and. Enjoy. It. Right. Qe. All. Right we need a name for our, baby oh okay. So coming well, or. Do you guys like you mean TV. You. Are riding, the Latoya of the horses this one's just in its own world doing its own thing look. Yours. Is hungry. Oh we. Be hungry, out here. Yeah. You're going to Kingston you want a food, you want on toes. Yeah. This chili. I. Don't. Control your horse a control your ting die. That, is so, funny and of course I'm first why dark, shadow, my. Horse he's getting so, annoyed because the Flies and I don't blame him they're annoying me too alright, so. Irritating, these flies I know dark shadow. Anyways. One, how's. My past, was my jamia calm on. Everything. Nice everything Chris yeah. And. Then, yours is still grubby. Okay. So Daniel, just said oh my gosh that I'm I'm on a racehorse. Hey. That's going on YouTube but hold on yeah I'm going to wait what's your name you, don't wanna bring you to Dan. You don't want no shine okay fine okay look. So I'm I'm, gonna record. And. I am. I'm. Trying to show off you can because. I can go bad, I just. Went fast almost lost my camera almost lost my phone but I was a little fast. Jamie. Got so mad when I was going fast, David why you got none of me don't. Get mad, that's. Right Videla. Daddy Park, lead. Our department. We. Went down here here. We go oh. My god, what. Hold. On hold, on let me tell it. Yes. Oh. My. God. Oh. My. God oh my god oh. My. God oh this is so refreshing. This. Feels so good oh. Babe. Hey. Oh. My. Gosh you guys that. Was. An. Experience, okay. I can't. Believe that I, was convincing, myself to take you into the water with, me because. As soon as we got into the water the horse turned a galloping, and I almost fell off the horse at least five times, Adam, almost fell off his horse my, shoe was coming off it was a hot-ass mess in that water but it was so fun I had fun in the ocean with the horse I had one of the lifeguards.

Like. Control. My horse the entire, time because he. Was not listening to me I'm like, lifeguard if you leave like I swear, to gosh I'm gonna fall off this horse and I'm probably gonna drown okay and. He was like yeah no God okay let, me let me uh let me uh attend. Here and think yeah so he was with me the entire time my. Accent kind of sounded Trini / to make it I don't know why but anyways it. Was fun and. We got some pictures so we'll show you guys some pictures on the horn. We're. Going to a dinner. Apparently, there's going to be a show before the dinner of some sort for once, one Japanese restaurant right there might be a little surprise, from. Surprise. Is a surprise, oh wow. I, know what this okay, oh yeah it's a surprise anyway. More. Surprises. We, are, heading. Out. It's. A sushi joint yes. It, is. Should. Be fun, okay honey's and huncles know we, going. All, day, just, like we've been active, we've been entertaining ourselves, we, having fun, excursion. Shouting. Yeah. So we went horseback, riding ready watch. First. Of all why do you write this why, are you cutting the opposite I'm trying to give them the full scope of the day but you can cut it short so he had. Breakfast, on his own, apologies. Will you come down and. Then we. Had to, get. On the shuttle for 8:30 I got. Downstairs at 8:30, grab breakfast, really quick and I had to eat it on a shuttle. It's. Your boss. You. Knew what this plan was the plan was planned out by no other. So. Get, with the program, yeah the stuff in Ozias pregnancy, symptoms did you guys know that. Anyways. So, yeah I went horseback riding in, the water and that was fun I almost died, I was, way up because. Remember she wanted, to take a camera and. Honestly. I was holding on for dear life, entire. Time and if you're freaking, out for you know. If I wasn't freaking out I never. Freaked out literally they can be shaking right now and I'm just gonna be able to serve everything and I'm just gonna let Doug down I don't fuck what you do it me I. Would. Bring you down like this okay. So my team I was like. Freaked out but I'll disable waves, wasn't.

Really. I have to really use my mother on the work yeah. Had. To never oh my, son yeah yeah and, I kept thinking of the guy with, fellow. Yeah. I was a sort of group people one guy fellow, yeah who's like the biggest guy he's, looking for solid, guy there and he filled out a fellow every, word that I, can shave I don't want to be that good yeah and. Honestly, I was about, to be that guy at least five times in, the water and, what spell are, you. Wow. Brother. It's, a bit quiet on, the ribs on that okay. So. It's nice enough. It's. Not an anniversary was, anybody in the breaking up. What, oh, my. God, don't, break I. Know, children. Chewy, different. Construction. Workers, I. Should. Have told them what if they're celebrating, our. We're. Celebrating, our anniversary break. Up. If. I cry watching. Scary movies. Ah so, cute. Only. If you can eat it now. I don't. Know. Okay. Yes okay he, has. Yeah. You have to catch the egg in your mouth. Adam. Ready I don't know give, me your phone give me a phone. Let's. Go man, wait. No. I mean. Singing. The rd1 already a baby in there you're way. Too many, times. What. Yes go go one. Why. Are you backing up a. De. Vie. Back you know. What. Why. You so far back oh. My. God. Okay. Come on man. No. Catch it in your mouth brah what the heck. Whoa. Come. On Ana me why you nervous. Fine. All right it was too far. Yes. That's. What the like. Bon. Appetit, so. I got steak. Fish. Chicken. Shrimp. Fried. Rice and. Good. Afternoon, hunty's. And huncle's. How y'all doing it's a beautiful. Day. In Jamaica, you. Guys I'm so exhausted I'm, so tired I have. Morning. Sickness I'm. So, nauseous right. Now but, I am, trying to enjoy. And soak, up all of this, Jamaican weather. Before, we. Leave. Who's. On the phone. Hello. Sup hunters hunters oh, I. Thought he was trying to be funny. Anyways. It's so funny because. First. Of all thank you so, much for all of our hunters and huncles that tuned. In to, our previous vlog wait, wait, there. We go. I'm pregnant, you, guys. Anyways. You know what we should name our, baby. Bump. Okay. So Adam, calls the baby bump Kiwi. But, I want to so I feel like we need to name the baby bump, Kiwis and kiwi. What. Do you think about that you guys let's. Get. Some baby. Bump suggestions. In the comments. Adam. Calls the baby bump Kiwi. Peanut. What did I call Zeena again, what's. Gonna close in I. Don't. Know what but when he was born I call him deep pop that's my deep heart that's my baby that beat me back, anyways. We just drink, some coconut, water are. These coconuts, abnormally, big to you like, it's taking. Me a decade. To drink all of the coconut water. Holy, crow. Anyways. Look, at our view right now. So. Pretty, that big old cruise ship it. Has. Outdoor. Water park up there do you see it so, cute, I want to take the kids on a cruise well, people are finally going in the water nobody, was in the water earlier because the Sun wasn't out. All. Right coconut, Cheers. Wait. What are we cheersing to a. Vacation. To. A bar the next series of vacations. Yes, I. Was gonna say a vacations, I know right we just bought like we wanted to tell you what we did 100 weeks of vacation basically. We're. Just 100. Weeks of vacation, for, love for, life. We. Can take a vacation every, other month for life. Let's. Not even think about what we just did but we're gonna be back. A ghost. Hunters. In Hong Kong, we're. About to have a romantic. Dinner. On. The beach. We've. Never had and like an a romantic, dinner on the beach before like, we eat on the beach you know I'm thinking but we don't have like dinner and and even if we do eat on the beach. Okay. Guys we are at a romantic dinner, on, the beach. So. Pretty, Adam, smashing the table, love. It. Coordinating. Yeah. Okay. So for appetizer, we have bruschetta. Adam. Is going in on, his, food, like is, it good that. He's. Been loving. Everything. That he's. Tried. Here. In Jamaica he said it's been his favorite. Trip so far. Favorite. Vacation trip, do I look nervous spot. I think Jamaica is a better place but I would live. Into by allergic oh yeah, Jamaica. Is my, place. Yeah, they don't make no sense okay dude why I was always my hero Yeah right. But. Jamaica is not my favorite place but I would still live in Dubai over Georgia so you wouldn't live here I would live here my, food is amazing less food the, food in Jamaica is the best anywhere in the world I swear. In. The damn world. In. Anyway. Trailers. Good too but honest, to god.

There's. Something about it they just put so much love into the food. But. Honestly no it's tight for. Me journey in Jamaica maybe, I'm being biased but. Both. Of their food is so good I can't compare because the cruise chicken ensuring, that there's so much better than the curry chicken here I'm guessing. The. Jerk chicken here is so much better than the jerk chicken in turned, out okay that's. Your signature dish and kerchak. In washing your dude you okay. The food is here meeting. Lobsters. Again. With. Some. Fish. Veggies. Is. Eating. Lobster. And, chicken chicken, bit with potatoes, and vegetables, the, birthday, festivities, don't. Stop happy. I swear, every day with my brother in the speak I feel so, special and. Spoiled. Thank. You so much babe I appreciate. You I love you. Love. You too. Love. You. Too. So. We're back in Atlanta, I was so close as they were back in Toronto I'm, so. Close to say and. I, was, welcomed to some. Love. Umberto, Thank. You Zeke Oprah coordinating. That all. Purpose, Thank, You Aaron it, was more of the kids idea it was the kids idea Thanks, well, thanks for executing it Zane. I missed, you I love. You baby good to see you. Samia. Thank. You for getting the birthday cake for mommy that's so sweet. We're. Out back. Be. Sure to comment like and, subscribe to, today's video we're. So tired we've, been traveling, pretty much the whole day, but. Yeah we'll catch you guys to the next video subscribe.

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Girl! The suite is amazing! I can’t wait to go to Jamaica


I wonder how old is latoya

Congratulations on the baby‼️

Latoya I was having such a bad day at work so I was like “let me watch Latoya” and I feel so much better! Thanks for the laughs beauty and congrats on your pregnancy!

Been a minute since I’ve watched you guys I love you guys!

it's his nerves

which resort is this

Toya, at the beginning of year I wanted to take a break away from social media. Focus on my mind, body & soul. I went to the DR for vacay and now that I feel I’m on my journey with a clear focus. Get back to see my gurl pregnant

Nice!!! I wish I could enjoy the awesomeness that you guys experience

I like Pooch or Pookie, Pooh bump, Pooh

Since when is horseback riding the safest activity for a pregnant woman?! Only in the Caribbean!!!

When their hotel room is bigger than my apartment

omg can't believe you were here in my home country!

Toya I was pregnant with you the last time with Zayn and now kiwi

Lol @coconut water. I’m actually drinking coconut water right now

Uag uan

I work at the hotel you stayed at , I met Adam ! I wanted to meet you Latoya but I guess Adam ate the message ,I didn’t see you visit the spa

@LaToya's Life that is more than fine


My mom and dad are from Jamaica

That was a Beautiful Vacation.

You remind me of Tony Braxton. So Pretty.

I think you two make a Beautiful couple. Been away for a while.

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