BABY is coming HOME!! Adley & Niko Surprise their Friend! We have a hospital sleep over with Navey!

BABY is coming HOME!!  Adley & Niko Surprise their Friend! We have a hospital sleep over with Navey!

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Vloggy, today, we're gonna ask, so much for this me and me. Don't tell my mom or dad about, it. In the. Toilet. Wow. Look you're losing. Hearts. All. He right responded, to your voice. Uh my, turtle, exploded. Hi. Hi. Hi. Today is another day of surprises. Okay, we have. Three, surprises, today and we have a double, sleepover. Happening, today we're having a sleepover, and we're gonna, surprise, ally with, um, some eggs that have surprises. That's the first surprise. And. The sister, is gonna come home. That's, another. Surprise. Number, one, allie. Is sleeping, at the house with the kiddos, what are you guys gonna do at your sleepover, i play games, watch movies. And, then play. Oh that'll be so fun and me and mom who are we having a sleepover, with baby, sister. We're out of sleep over the baby's, sister and if the sleepover goes perfect, baby sister's. Coming. Home. Tomorrow night yep so that's the sleepover, stuff happening soon i don't think we've ever, um introduced, ally, have you guys seen alex i think she's been on the vlogs from time to time hey you tell natalie who's ally. Nick's sister. She came and started living with nick who does adly's videos with us and like hey, you should start hanging out with adlie more whenever we're busy wait this is all all that started, so i first met ally, when we were at the lake, playing that one we tried to catch a fish yeah then me and dad went on a hike to get on the mountains. And then um well this is a journey and we were talking, about maybe. Maybe ali. That is a good memory. Then we came home and, we saw ali was here he became, best, friend, and now they play every day and ali has been. Such a help for our family during these busy times with babies, and space stations. And everything, ally's been amazing, never done like a big surprise for us so this morning. We're surprising. Ally. Kind of fun. Should we go find the eggs. Yeah, we gotta hide the eggs. Yeah we gotta find the eggs, put surprises. In them and then hide them, all before allie gets here. Where okay. Uh. I don't think we can put anything in that she needs a. Basket. Hey are you hopping on me bunny, all right do we have enough, oh a dinosaur. Egg okay you guys get eggs ready i'm gonna go get the surprise. Ready. Five. Times. It in there got it in you just shove that in it's so cute. That one does, that one is where are we putting all the money once put them in the bathroom. Good idea. This one has. Money, nico's, has money, we need a bigger basket. Those are the biggest, ones are you going to put them all together. Yeah that's got to be a good hiding spot yeah. That just looks so funny just crumbled up hundreds, of shopping sprinkling, up hundreds, throwing them in eggs who's that for. Ow, not badly, holding that good. Oh yeah let's just do one with ones. We should do a big one full of ones. Yeah, see right here, that number. That's a one. So that's one dollar, and then this one says. Five so that's a five dollar and that's how you know how much money it is and this one. 100. That could buy you. A hundred, toys. Pretty much you go to the dollar store. Get back in your home remember last time we used these eggs. What'd you. Get. Oh, you got a blue one. We found out if baby sister was a boy or a girl. Oh, one, of your one dollar egg yep. Perfect. Remember. How do you remember, that we should do that with nico. Bala, baby. Really, i remember, one time i was coming home with adly in the car seat and i walked in and you guys dumped money from this oh my gosh okay brandon we gotta find all these funny videos and pop them.

Up. Those are both really good surprises. We should just hide nico full of money and now he has to find niko full of money no i have an idea we taped the money to the kids, and said she has to, chase around, me, i like that idea. No. We should do that one day that'd be fun that would be fun, all right everyone put your eggs in it's time to hide. Them. Oh, good job, this is a good spot where are you doing yours oh you guys always play barbie, together, in the toilet. And shut the curtain, wow, these are good, spots. You guys watch shows, oh, did you watch tv down here, that's perfect. Are you hiding, in there. Okay, i'm in there good job nico where are you gonna hide. Them. See guys it's fun to do nice things for other people and surprise, them i love it. And it's in bed, asleep. Yep. That's funny. Oh yeah i don't know if it fit. Oh that's a good spot. What are you thinking for that one behind, the bear, i need to get it, closer, over here. Oh okay and then i'm gonna hide right there, let go. She'll, never ever find that. Okay, oh you're gonna put it in your diaper. Yeah. That's a good idea, nico. Oh good job, now put it back, all right we still have, the money bunny, let there be light. Uh guys, she's here we gotta hurry. She just got here, i think so don't worry. Okay last one in the closet. Oh, come on come. On. We're gonna hide, oh yeah, pop out of that and then when she walks by you can pop out. Oh perfect, she's. Coming. Is it easter. No. Surprise. This is my friend, ally, hi ollie. It's by all the stuff we play, okay all your favorite. Stuff. Okay. Um. We really like castle. I found one. Yeah. Why do you like to play with nico. Oh my, gosh. Whoa that's a big one. Okay, let's. See. To the toy room i did, it's, true. This is the only random, one did you hide one in here yeah, oh my gosh cause nico loves to play in the closet, yes. Oh good. Job. Good job you're doing good ally. Okay. Keep looking, okay. Close to the baby cribs. Yes, that's such a cute, open it up. Oh my, gosh. What the heck. There's, even more, seriously, thank you for all your help you definitely deserve all this these are slumber party fun so you guys a slumber party tonight's extra, fun. You guys could order a pizza. Tonight. All right we need to give her another hint. Oh we love this room. Let's see. We like, to. Color. And nico doesn't, didn't see us hide it huh so he doesn't know where it is. Can you hold this one for me yeah thank you dude, doing good do we have a couple more, downstairs. Now, this is so fun, our kids are cuties, i know the kids are having more fun than ali. Um, in the barbie house. Oh, we love playing paw patrol, is it, in. Here. I didn't even see it it's matching the colors. Oh you're gonna put that in your basket. Nicole knows what's in these eggs he's trying to collect as many as possible, wait so you play paw patrol, with nico what do you play with oddly, uh. Barbie house. What uh there's so many places here you're never gonna find this one. It's a toilet. That was, hidden, so well is that it are there more i think. I know nico hid one down here oh and addly you have two more down here so what else do you like to do down here with the kids. I wonder where. Hey, what's up going, baby. Oh i found a dog is that cow, no. No dogs. I don't remember, seeing an egg over here okay what else do you guys do down here, we love to, watch movies. Oh yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. What where the remote, goes. That was charging. Oh and we love to work out your rides. Good, job niko, thank you is that all the eggs. I think so, thank you so much for giving me hints i would not have found them without you. All right. Surprise. Oh. Ally. Thank you we sincerely. Appreciate, you all watching i think there's more i, just can't remember, you guys might find them when you play this if you find any more eggs today you can keep them. All right we need to clean up and then do homework, and then me and mom are going to see the baby. Are you ready to see the baby yeah i'm ready. Abbly, you ready for your reading game. Goodbye, puppy. Puppy, so this is actually a really cool game we've been using a lot with our kids so we're trying to learn as much as we can from home nowadays, and this is our new favorite. It's an app called duolingo. Abc we looked all over for like good learning apps can help adley learn how to read and stuff and the best part is it's all the way free, now, and later, and forever, i'll kind of show you guys how do you spell your name a, b.

Y, Submit, good job we're gonna make you a new account on your ipad, now you can play whenever you want she's gonna have to redo, all the levels that she already did on our phones, yeah kind of like a game at the same time, oh which animal. Kitties. Kitties. All right. A-d-l-e. Why. Put your name, back together, in this part gigi we just gotta fix it, e. Y. Oh, yeah. Good job. You got a star. You have to get all your stars, over again good luck, this story, is called. Mad, monkeys. Which animal, says, moo. Hmm. Are you sure. That was tricky, this, is the letter, m. Moon. Monkey. Milk. All of them say. Monkey. Monkey. It recognized. Milk. Milk. Good job. I told you it's cool and this app's free i don't even know how they do that it's global. Everyone can download it, running out of hearts don't run out of hearts, tap on the letter, m. Terrible. Good job. Yeah see it's like again you go from one level to the next, lesson. That's not a line. This is for sure, so far that we've found, the best new app to learn for reading especially. I love that there's no, ads, or like distractions. Either she can't like click off the top and go on a weird tangent, i hate all the apps that have all the micro transactions, and ads and then they get lost well you parents know i'm talking that's why we don't have ads on unicorn, catch adley's, game we only do apps without ads it's just the way to go. Good, job. She gave me a thumbs up this is good because adley's learning and we get to sit down it's kind of become part of our routine lately, we don't know everything, about that because we've only had it for a couple weeks now but so far we've really liked it enough to reach out to them and partner with them on this video this video is actually sponsored by duolingo, abc, because we like it and it's a good one to share with you guys. Do good legs. You are rocking, it. She's gonna catch back up in no time yeah okay we're gonna learn how to write the letter, m, now it's your turn, try writing the letter. Pull down, touch pull down. Good job. And there's cool. Skateboards there you go. Careful. Perfect. Good job. And then there's littler ones too so nico's been doing it it's i think it's ideal for kids like ages, three to six kind of, but schooling. Preschool enough but even niko being two he enjoys this a lot he does like little exercises, and has fun with it. Mouse. Start, with. And try again be careful. Look you're losing hearts. See it's. Every time you see. It. Oh. Oh. You almost, got tricked. No. No. You passed. Literally. It's kind of like a game and it's exciting, for them we put a, link in the top of our youtube video here if you guys want to check it out go for it completely, free. Sorry. And it definitely, has our best day ever recommendation. Bye. Guys. I'm gonna run and get some work done really quick and then uh off to see, the baby. So excited. Be right back. Update, jenny made me this delicious. Quesadilla. I've been getting a lot of work done you have a case to be over there yeah, cheers. And uh, the kids are playing downstairs, with allie we've got 30 minutes till we're headed to the hospital. To see, baby and have a sleepover. It's just been a good day today yo. What are you guys doing. We're gonna make a whole, whole balloon family, this is a, mom's. Oh she's so cute and she's sticking her tongue down. This is the baby, and the baby's sticking, her to, tango. Because then he has cute little teeth. Oh you want daddy do it. Really hard could i try another balloon can you get me a different one this one's kind of.

Yeah, Yeah yeah. Yellow one i'm gonna make a, balloon, dab. Want to see it fly. This is our. One. Two. Three. Good job nico, should i tie it yeah. This can be a little balloon, hamster. Oh hamsters, don't fly, yeah. I'll let you have surprised. Oh no. Oh. So that's the update i ate lunch and did some work kids made an entire balloon family and then natalie do you know where we're headed next, baby's, hospital, and tomorrow, she's coming home oh yeah that's the goal and you, are having a sleepover. No staying up too late and having too much fun i promise. All over the place never go to sleep. What you guys better go to sleep are you going that night tonight. No. Oh. You're so smart with your colors nico, see we've been doing that learning app that we showed you with adley and we've been trying new colors, we're basically like teacher parents kind of. Uh my turtle, exploded. Dad. Is he doing two big directs. I just learned that that was actually, scary, holy carp all right i'm going back up to finish my work so i can go visit baby bye balloon family high five, yeah, yeah high five. Later dude, oh you want me to blow that up. Do you want to fly, yeah okay hold. This. He's break dancing. Whoa, a dancing. Balloon, you guys are having fun here vlog you can stay down here with the kiddos for a. Bit. I want. More. Oh. Do you know why we're making balloons, why baby, sister. Is. So you are the master, huh where'd you go go. Dude was that you or ally. So you popped the balloon. You're not the master, anymore. I won't pop. Anymore. Me and mom just put the baby's new car seat in the car, if everything goes good that's the car sheet that she's coming home in tomorrow, we're going to get baby. Sister. Guess what tomorrow. We get to bring home baby, sister. Oh. Excited, we got a surprise, for you and baby sister. You do. Should we go get the baby. Yeah. Okay. Let's, go. Um. Mom, and migo, you guys stay here and no parties. You said mom and nico. Oh did i mom, and me go, mom, and dad are going to the vlog stay with you guys or come with us come and see you guys yeah because the vlog's gotta go. What do you want to tell baby. Me. Baby. I guess we get a party by ourselves who's gonna watch us. Yeah right no parties while we're gone go to bed no staying awake, um can you guys play do yours for a minute, vlog. Nope. Vloggy, today, we're gonna ask, so much for this me and me. Don't tell my mom or dad about, it what did she say. What does she say. All right should we go, i'm gonna cry. You are. Mom cries a lot she loves the baby you're gonna see baby, sister tomorrow. Making me happy. Here's, the first, time. Remember when you met niko the first. Oh i'm excited, one more hug with the whole family, nico, get over. Here. Oh, my, goodness, she's beautiful. Hi is that your mama's, voice. Oh i feared, your voice. This is the, exact. Same. Room, we were in with nico. I vlog. Brandon, find a clip of this room for when nico was in. Here. Exact, same except for this time we have a beautiful, little girl oh, i love you so much look how much hair. So much hair, it seems to be getting a little bit lighter, too, it was really dark, now it's getting lighter, yeah it's like light, brown. So we got her hooked up we got this lovely, beeping, machine again ah. Brandon flashback, to this noise. You go. Also. I hate that noise, so much me and jenny, literally had like months, of hearing this noise in our sweaters. Oh my gosh. To be honest, i'm like pumped for going home on oxygen because it just makes me feel more like safe and secure like i'd rather have the beefing machine this machine, is really awesome, yeah so, we're good with it oxygen. Just like nico, has, her little cheek pads, we got little diapers, and wipes here look how cute and tiny these diapers, are it's like a doll diaper i don't fit her i still have to like fold them down. Small bump, and we got her slime. Thank, you, oh fairy, the little nurse was like i want you to go home it was a little nurse. You go home and ask sadly, what i should put on her side oh yeah i remember you asked her and she's like a fairy yeah because the nurses here they remember abilene.

And We got some footprints, but we're gonna do our own and our baby book we brought the baby book right yes yes, and then we got her goggles. And, snowboarding. That little boys. That's adorable, and then, this is the hat she wore when she was born. And then just some other little hats and outfits, i'm, into it i'm excited. Uh, we both sleep on this couch bed. Yeah. Let the no sleeping, begin, i don't know just kidding. No sleeping started like three days ago, it started, five years ago. Parents know what's up you're adorable. We love you. Face time adley and nico, yes. We're calling. You a wiggle worm. Hi. Oh you're so cute when you look at her close up and see her make her little facial, expressions, she reminds me so much of nico and so much of badly, so many experiences so many of the nurses, are like she is so wiggly did she wiggle this much in your belly. Oh yes. Hi, sweetheart. We're ready to see, baby. Sister. Hi nico. Hi. Look, there she is. And this is the our room for the night in our little. Bed. I have to sleep on this tiny bed with mom is that crazy, or what, yeah it's, so crazy, i can't see your face she's so cute. She is so cute, there she, is. Mom, i wanted, to go to the hospital. With you guys, and see babies. Guess what abby we're bringing her home tomorrow, morning. So you get a party tonight, have a sleepover. And then in the morning, we'll bring home baby, hey baby. Sister. She like responded. To your voice, i think she knows your voice sadly keep talking to her baby, sister. Baby sister. Wake up baby, sister. Look how cute she is sadly she really can hear your voice that's so cute. She said hi. Hi. Oh. She's smiling. Nico do you want to say, hi. Nico, are you naked, johnny has his pants, on, okay. Hold it farther away. Than you both can. See. Oh. Oh boy. This is the raw and the real of having three kids. It's cute because normally they get along pretty good. They're just really excited to see sister. Here i'll call both of them yeah okay we're gonna call another, phone and you both can have your. Own. Stress. The kids are just hanging out with their sister. Wake up. Baby. Oh they're so cute. Oh. I can't wait for you guys to meet her, i wish i could tickle those toes. I'll tickle, them for you. Oh, remember, that sound. It means that she's wiggling, too much get used to that sound brandon. Oh look she's got a cute clothes on right now yeah i'll show you for one second it's got a pink onesie, on. Can you show me, are you holding, her you want me to hold her. You see. Okay. There she is. Mama's holding, her oh, this is gonna be you tomorrow. Huh, you're gonna hold her okay you wanna say bye, say good night. Okay give her a kiss. Okay bye love you love you girl have a super fun night and we'll bring baby home tomorrow. Oh you're gonna take a picture. Did you get your picture. Yep. Good night. Good night. That was so, cute. Look how adorable, this is awake. Hey hi. Oh now she's asleep. Oh, i love her so much i love seeing both of you together we waited so long for this it was so hard to go, because today we kind of just like like don't come in until later you prep, get ready and rest, so it was the longest, i've ever been without her so i was like oh my gosh, when is it time when can we go get her. Say goodnight we'll see you tomorrow. She's so cute. I've said that a million, times but i mean it, she can end the video with her. Foot. Gross.

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