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And, Cuba. Has been kicking. All. Morning. You guys. Good. Morning, huntys, and huncles I'm here, in, my bathroom. Kiwi. And i are just chillin. Adam, is changing, his clothes in the, closet and. Kiwi. Has been kicking. All. Morning. You guys I've. Been feeling kiwi just. You. Know moving around my, belly swimming. Around, we. Went to the doctor, the other day, and. The nurse was like oh you have an active, baby. So. Yeah the baby's height just. Like his or her mama. Y'all. Say what up to Kiwi, in the comments, say. Hey in a Kiwi. Y'all. Gonna think I'm squeezing Kiwi, Kiwi. Chillin, what was messaging, me in this. Time you. Didn't even feel Kiwi. Kick. People, do. You think my stomach, is like abnormally. Big for, being 14, weeks. Well. I think it's my eating. Combination. Of several things like what. I've. Normal, I was not this huge at 14 weeks with simians in I. Got. A booty do. You. Know what that is. Nobody. Do is, when. Their stomach pokes. Out further. Farther. Get your booty do get. It. Well. Where, we are zoned out I'm tired what. Else tears smells, equal cooking burning. Or doing so what the hell is he cooking. Are. You embarrassed. That's. What you get oh you know what it's. Because it. Only showed, the moments, when. I was doing something but for the most part I. Was. Quiet in that car when, you bundle everything together it looks like I'm some loony, yeah. Yeah. That's how you are then, hugs. That's. How you are in the video and. Good. We. Put the most dramatic extra. Parts on me edit in the video I was cracking, up, I said we go No ten moments no silent, moments, just, when Adam, is turned, up I'm so happy that. You. Know we. Got to see a side of you that a lot of people don't get to see. Adam. Low key things he's an R&B, singer. But. You know he he could he can hit notes he's, dead. R&B. Singers nowaday that they not catching air anymore, you know what I mean like these look like chalk attached here and just let. Me let me I, can't give this what passion. Now this like seriously. You're gonna change the game. Zico. Is invading. Our kitchen, once again with this. Will, you make it today bro. It's. Gonna be lit yes this. Is Zico making protein, pancakes, for breakfast, which. It which was really good right. Aunty, yeah. Now. He's making pizza, yeah, but a little advice okay, there. Is no tomato, sauce. Okay. Yeah that's organic yeah. Exactly. We'll. Keep you guys posted hey boogie boogie boogie I didn't know this boogie boogie right, Oh. What's. Up baby okay. She. Looks like you is. That you Samia yeah. Oh. Actually. Yeah good. Job poke me dear I'm I don't even like this. Okay. And the, final. Product, is here. Zico. I mean Zayn, thumbs. Up you like it, Samia. Do. You like zico's pizza. Third. Piece, each. Wowzers. Wow. It's a feast, in here. You. Want that now right. Hello. Huntys, okay so I'm, vlogging from, my phone because, we, forgot our.

SD. Card at home we have the camera boys for about the SD card so, we're, gonna vlog on the phone House quality, anyways. Right now we're, at, Stone. Mountain I'm, not sure, what. We're gonna be doing here but it's our first time up at Snow Mountain Stone, Mountain let. Me give you a quick, view, of what. We do you. Guys I'm trying to show you the mountain but I walked too far in, your. By the car I saw them open Mountain perfectly. Anyways. Right now they're trying to get us to go up the, mountain and go on this little. The. Sky Ride I'm not, going on that thing nothing looks way too steep, for yo, girl okay you all know I'm scared. I'm. Not going up there bruh. That, is the sky ride right. There. Okay. You know what I thought it was I thought it was because. A few times when I went to mountains, to. See. You. Would go up the ski lifts and your feet are dangling, down and that ish is so. Scary so paranoid I'm always paranoid about Heights. Anyways, it's not bad at all it's this. Machine, here and it takes you up the mountain so. Artists. Oh my God look at oh my god there's. The windows are from ceiling. To floor that's hearing programmers, gonna close my eyes through, the entire thing because. They. Want me to scream on that thing okay Zayn. Samia. They, just will go from a nap are you guys ready to go on the Sky Ride. You. Ready. Like. I don't want to be a person. She. Was like a mama you get from a mama weak skin is everything okay go, on you guys. Two, yellow school buses on travellers back in if you're six feet are under you given Blackjacks now. They. Look like the red car pass device going faster than a servo, going at 12 miles per hour. Jeez. Okay. I, can't, hug those we are on top of Stone. Mountain Samia. Is taking off her clothes okay. Same. Fine. Buddy. Beautiful. Up here it's refreshing, fresh, air, it's. A beautiful day, in. Atlanta, everybody's, out just, enjoying the. Day and look at this view I. Really. Feel like. I'm. In Atlanta. Because. This is the first time. I've. Been to Stone Mountain I'm like oh my god Atlanta, has mountains, I didn't. Know that Atlanta had mountains bruh oh yeah. Well one right one nothing I don't know anyway. So dope earth, is flat. I'm. Just arguing, education, telling you want to read I'm just arguing, it so, is equal to that earth is flat but clearly it is round. You. Guys we're in a circle right now okay. Look at it. Look. At this. It's, round here. So. We're at GG's, cupcake. For, Kinsley's. Birthday. And to, me is making a cupcake, to. Me what color cupcakes do you want. Mix. It she's gonna get you an apron. You, wanna help love blue. Okay. Oh. My. Gosh, what. Did you get. Can. I play. Pretty. Steeply. Uniform, backpack, oh wow. Samia. Do, you like her backpack. What's. Up I find. Fun at the cupcake party. He's. Over here my phone eating. Cupcakes. Dad. Can you to open your gift that you got hurt. Yet. Can't eat to open up the gift that you bought her. Your. Baggage right over there remember. And. The back shares to me. Okay. So. Samia. Is gonna Oh nuts. Mia Kitty's gonna open, to me and give. Wait. Let me get. Oh. For. Your dog. We're. Here my life dog oh. That's. So pretty I. Like. It can. I have it. Samia. Give. Kenny a hug. No. Chelsea. Appreciate. It. Xzibit. Why. Does she fit in there. She. Moved the chair over here she's, the cutest thing. Can. I get in your chair like. Okay it, all anger my, care. Oh. Where, is it can I see it oh. Wow. Why do you want for your birthday. If. You're a good girl. What. Are you gonna do to be a good girl. Look. At me. You're. Gonna play with me what else. And. Not cry okay, say. Hi to Kelsey. Never. Hug me, Pat. Keaney. And, Samia. Smile. Okay. Yeah. It was just yet. My. Kids. Batgirl. Take. Care I. Just. Got, to Cascade, we're, about to roller, skate I, know. Right me the Kiwi you better watch out you keep kosher my pants are unbuttoning. Anyways. Cascade, there yah go yes, Gabe, it's. Our first time here I'm. Excited. Because Ana was saying what were you saying about the headphones and you can listen to your own music on the headphones that DJ, is playing the very stuff you usually answer you, tune into it that's. All but anyways can you help me I'm falling, out of my clothes Huey. Is. Busting. Out of all of my clothing I need to go, up to sizes, you guys.

Thank. You okay that's gonna take you guys. That's. A place. Right. In here because everybody has on their headphones and, everyone just jamming, out and it's the funny you think of people are jamming, out and, you can't hear what you're jamming, to ever, look funny oh. Okay. Let's get some headphones. I, do, not know how it works is my first time here can you help me. So. I can say whatever you. Do I like with the green switch right here okay. Perfect, thank you. Two. DJs where are they oh. Nice. Okay. What's the favorite station. Everyone. There it okay. Oh you can tell everyone's listening to based on the color of the headphones, nice okay let's do this, okay. So you guys it is Adams, first. Time skating. Practically. And he said that he's nervous you guys so. Let's see how he does I'm. On skates. Yes. I know I'm gonna be safe out here in. The arena. For. A skipper, dashes at the skate park. You. Guys look, at. Look. At. Whoa. Go. And, go. Now, this is soft yo you, guys I don't think I can go. Okay. I do. Not know how to roller-skate, look. At everybody. This. Is a speaker yes. Okay. Okay. This. Is a highlight on my lair. I. Don't. Go go. Disco. Your. Idea. Anna. Can. You go. Just. Right here hold my hand I. Can't. Do it you guys I'm going to stay on the sidelines, and. Gate. Real slow, because. I do not want to fall down I'm pregnant Kiwi, is number, one I'm, tired of them up it Hey. Okay, you guys so adam has been on the sidelines I did. A few, laps yes I was careful. You. Failed to what you feel pathetic. Do you feel pathetic these guys make you look so normal. Honestly, no it is a lot, of work it is hard and, it. Takes. So much energy out of you it's like a workout, you know and. Adam has never done it before so. How. Do I said you have. Maybe. Rollerblading. Rollerblading, is so much easier. Are. You not gonna try it I'll. Try Eco, hold. Adams, hand at. Least. I came out. To share with y'all what goes down in ATL right. So, we're probably the oldest heads here maybe not because. I don't think so. Cultures. Mylanta cops right here. Way that's, work okay, I'm, sorry. Now. If you look nope, if you cooked. Alright. That. Was so fun, you guys that. Was fun, are you different, they never had the headphones experience, you know I personally think it's better than going to a club it really is there's, no line now if you ain't got a dress-up mean, something we got a dress-up it's good to dress. I think you don't have to go all out. Feel. Comfortable, I don't. Know I still don't know how to do it but I'll, get better. All. Right y'all comment, like subscribe we, out.

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This a computer but i'm doing good and it my birthday tmr (it's night 'ere) xx

Zeko is right the Earth is flat. You betta do ya research @latoyaslife.

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Hi latoya. I haven't notice if you spoke on this or not. Could you do some workout videos or tips for different excerises to do while pregnant. I haven't been motivated to be as active as I want to be because I'm not sure how to start off as a pregnant woman. :) have a good day

LaToya's Life ☀️❤️

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Wherever you got your education, ask for a refund.

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Stone mountain is a good place to picnic, watch fireworks but anybody that grew up in Atlanta remembers this was a place to avoid at night. Straight up klu klux Klan country.

Adam I thought you did good for your first time...My first time I fell a lot but just keep it up you will definitely get better. It is so much fun once you get the hang of it.

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Long time Hunty from Alabama!! I just found out I’m pregnant with my second child so I’m on this journey with you Toya!!

You’re bigger because your muscles haven’t fully healed from your last pregnancy girl. It’s normal. First time moms take forever to show but once you had 2 or 3 kids, you blow up fast

This skating rink was from ATL movie and also I can skate I'm been skating since I was 3


Your tummy is fine. I’m 22 weeks and look like I am due

It’s so weird seeing them in Cascade

We here hunty

Don’t be embarrassed

Rayshawn u getting a little heavy baby

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I hope people who are from other parts of the world actually learn the true history of Stone Mountain, Georgia and other states in the U.S. and not just about "gettin' paid" due to the vast financial opportunities in the U.S. The history of Stone Mountain, Georgia to be specific is that Black Americans were lynched on Stone Mountain and its history reveals this if people choose not to be ignorant of this mountain's history in Georgia. My point is that foreigners should really take the time to actually learn the real history of the countries and states that they flock to and not just seek after financial opportunities. Stone Mountain Georgia does not possess a history of greatness but of murder and torture of native Black Americans.

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Jesus is coming soon. Accept Him as Lord over your life. Jesus loves you. Repent of all sins and follow Jesus.

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My members have my playlist. Join to get access to it boo!

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Having a great day.

When Toya was laughing at Adam, I felt like I was there too but I most likely fell on the floor from laughing at Adam and then at myself cause I most likely tripped

LaToya's Life ☀️


I want to go but that height have me rethinking.

Kiwi xD :)

I always believed in nurture over nature but, Latoya and adam literally reincarnated themsleves....Like adam and zayn are the same person and samia and latoya are the same person its crazy! I used to think adam was unhappy but hes just not an animated person, thats just him looool

@LaToya's Life I just found out it was the same one MIND BLOWN

Samia.. stop being a brat!

LaToya’s snort is so cute

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@The Ali's I just found out it was the same one MIND BLOWN

Love you guys

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