BACK FROM THE DEAD! | Detroit:Become Human - Part 3

BACK FROM THE DEAD! | Detroit:Become Human - Part 3

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Morning. Tea ladies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to, detroit become, angry, because you picked the wrong choices. As. Soon as I started up the game it gave, me this cyber. Life conducts a survey to know what users synched you want to participate in a survey great let's, start. Would. You consider having a relationship with an Android that looks like oh don't, do this to me don't out my kinks, okay. Alright. Let's let's. Put ourselves in, the, future, twenty thirty eight this year the game takes place in so let's put our brains. In doctor present yes I, fuck. A robot, do. You think that technology could, become a threat to mankind oh absolutely. Yes, if, you had to live on a deserted, island and could only bring one object. What, would it be Oh, No. It's. Funny her she's a do you think, Android. Life or whatever could become a threat, to humanity, I literally. Solved, the case, we're. One of them I'd ice off two cases were the androids murdered, people, sure. One of them was in self-defense. But. Do, androids really need self-preservation. That's. The question to ask a. Book. A cell phone pen a paper a console, and instrument. Feel. Like a cell, phone if it's a working cell phone then that's the most useful out of all of them, do. You consider yourself, dependent, on technology. Tiffany. I don't know what to tell you but yes absolutely, because my. Entire livelihood, depends. On it right methodology, do, you most anticipate. What. Do I anticipate, androids flying cars space tourism, brain. Connected. Devices, flying, cars are a terrible idea I don't flank cars are cool and all but I don't want them people, kill enough of each, other with regular cars imagine. What flying cars would be able to do. Androids. Are pretty cool i think that that's that's. A really cool step forward for Humanity even though i'm one of the people who thinks that yes AI is, probably. A very scary, thing that's going to, need a lot of regulations. And laws and it could turn on us very easily if, we, don't put those laws in place right, now. Space, tourism would actually be pretty damn cool that's one I'd love to do and brain. Connected, devices I'm pretty sure brain connected, devices are something, all. Of these except flying carriers are stuff that's probably gonna happen, brain. Connected devices even God. No. Sorry. We're. Missing sorry who am i sorry - I'm not sorry - anybody for not believing in God if you believe in God that's fine you can believe whatever you want I personally, do not. Do. I believe in any higher power though that. Could be God. Hmm. Android. Take care of you children. See. This I don't know either because I don't have kids I don't know what it's like to have kids I don't know what it's like to be so involved, with another human's life like that that, you would literally sacrifice, everything to save it, and. I. Know plenty of people who are new, parents and my. Brother has told me a lot about how, his mind shifted when he became a parent. But. Yes. How. Much time per day would you say you spend on an elect iffen. II don't out me like this don't expose, me oh, it's. More if you needed emergency surgery. Would, you agree to be operated, on by a machine. If. The machine could get the job done then yeah. See. This is the thing there's a lot of machines involved in surgeries, already but, I don't think there's any automated.

Machines That, perform surgery, right now I think a lot of the machines that perform surgery, and people in real life today are, all dependent, on human input. I, wonder. If this actually affects my story at all I'm, gonna say yes actually, I'm gonna say I don't know. Do. You think one day machines, could, develop consciousness. Absolutely. I. Think. With the advancements, in AI and everything if things. Keep progressing the, way they are I think it's probably. Inevitable that they'd wake. Up at some, point worlds answer yes, the. 65%, of people would fuck a robot. My. Answer was yes 72%. Of people think. That technology. Could become a threat to mankind. Well. See this the thing a threat, to mankind does, not necessarily, mean you're gonna make robots they're gonna rise up become smart and kill us all, technology. Like nuclear, weapons, are technically technically a technology, so they could destroy, us as well ooh. 29%. Of people would bring an instrument. That's. Actually, it's. Probably the wisest, one out of all of them because an instrument, is something, that you could just continuously, learn and practice and get better on the. Others are kind of dependent, on electricity, my, kind of just picked it anyway 75, 78 percent said yes consider. It dependent on technology brain. Connected, devices a lot of people are looking forward to brain connected devices most. People want Androids though. Do. You believe in God, 45. Percent of people said no 36. Percent yes and 19 percent said don't know if you. Gave, that survey to people. Five, even ten years ago that, answer. Would be astronomically. Higher on the yes side so. That's that's fascinating. Would, you light an android take care of your child. Forty-nine, percent of people said yes I think that's because we had the Cairo section. 65%. Of people said they spend more than four hours I would, probably spend more than four hours on my devices anyway, even if I wasn't doing YouTube but I feel, like I'm I'm not the right person to ask this because I spend so much of my time working, from, devices. Operated. On by a machine 74%. Said yes I was. Going to say yes do, you think one day machines could develop consciousness 71%. Said yes. Thanks. TIFF that's. Interesting I'm glad that the main menu has an AI as well that, you can mess around with a little Android and. You. Can do different things but please please, don't let my boys be dead please. Especially. Connor Marcus I like you and everything but. Connor. Please don't be dead. Who's, this 334. Am. Oh this. Is one of my police. It's, marecus he's, not dead is. It. Whoa, a. Junkyard. This. Is like Ultron waking up. I'm. Analyzing, myself. Optical. Unit impaired, vision corrupted, mind palace, yeah. I have a corrupted, mind Palace as well I keep thinking about. 400. Years. From. To the audio audio. Data. Okay. Okay. That's the optical unit again and, what, else, I'm. Missing my arc reactor all. Systems in low-power mode, defective, theory. Ampang, Craig you later. What. Else is my, robot penis okay oh god I'm missing a leg. Left. And right leg components, missing unable to stand. Are. The audio is cool. Hey. This is just like a heavy rain section. Because. My hearing is impaired so. All the audio coming through is all. Corrupted. And weird. Like, him. Right. Leg compatible. Do. Your sit-ups get your core. This, is like an opposite, 127. Hours. You. Just do that. These. Androids be modular. That's. Pretty cool. Definitely. Compatible, think. About it that's another right leg. What should wait yes smelly leg carrier. Oh wait, this dude's not dead oh. Don't. Wake up wake up. Okay. Grab, the lake. There. Is around Roy Duda still alive, alive.

Okay. Ribbons, stand again. Oh, that. Other Android behind me is alive as well. Okay. We're back in action. What's, up dude what, can I do the scan thing we can't I can. Scan. Fuck, outta Dodge. Marcus. I'm just glad that you're not dead. Oh this. Is so much like my robot, all of sudden. Where. They fight all the disused, dysfunctional. And broken-down. Androids. And then. They. Just want to be free Oh. David. Don't. You touch me the head man. Okay, base, damage parents find optical unit five home regulator and audio processor. Okay. Whole. Lot of nothing chief. Oh. Is. This because I don't have my optical, unit that I can't scan stuff properly. Damn. It from. BB 600. It's. From PB&J. Hi. Friend. Optical. Unit. That's. Fine I'll, just kill oh god this dude has no legs. This. Is so messed up. Yeah. Theory and pomp oh. Jesus. Oh. God. Okay I'll spear you I'm sorry. See. This is my problem when it comes to games like this like, my specific. Personal problem not a problem of the game is, that when it comes to games like this I empathize way, too easily, and that's what gets me into all of these weird situations, because they end up trying. To just make everything nice and handy, and wrap it up in a nice neat little Bowl because I want everyone to get along. But. Really, self-preservation. I'm. Sorry. I'm. Sorry, I'm sorry. Okay. Let's get some character development going. Let's. See what Markus is willing to do. Your, iron man now. Here. We go what, did that do. Oh God. Where, did they all have emotions. Father. Why, did you program me to feel pain. Gorgeous. Though. Okay. Optical, unit compatible. Sorry. Bro. I'm. In a cage 700 and. You're, serving me alright thanks bro oh. My. God look at all the bodies. I've. Two different colored Eisen. That's. Like hold. There's, a term for it many people have different colored eyes. I see. Yeah now I can do this whoo, I can scan, stuff. Audio. Processor incompatible. Okay, what about this guy. There. We go that's the one oh there's just a walking pair of legs. Why, was it just in your hand. That's. Cool. That's, some fuckin, great. Sound, design. That. Was awesome, my job. Claimed. The slope okay. That's very fucking finger twister again this is exactly like a section in heavy rain. Why, don't you guys just go search for legs and stuff like I did. My man music. Come, on Marcus you. Can do it buddy. Clang, back under that hole and reclaim your life. He's. Beginning to believe. Wait, are you repaired, now. What. Are we checking. What, what. Dude. You. Can do that oh. Yeah. Your skin heals itself I forgot. What, does that mean now. Shit. He's free. That. Was pretty damn awesome. From. The dead, Americus, came back from the dead, Oh, God. There was a lot of options in there. So. I'm assuming there was a different version of the pump regulator, that I could find. That's. Fine and everything but good, character, development if, Markus is willing to go that far to pull something out of another Android to service himself for the greater good the, greater good, Connor. You're. Not dead oh thank god. Whoa. Where, the hell am I.

Find. Amanda, who the hell is Amanda. This. Place even real. Am. I in robot heaven. Here. Are. You a thingy that I can do anything with. Whether. That's you. But. Are, there more of them. Connor I'm so glad you're not dead. Let's. Face it we were all kind of freaking out last time. Now. You were freaking out as well I know I could I could sense it. Is. This gorgeous. Very. Pretty game. Maybe, Amanda's in the middle. There. You are. Samandar. Hello, Amanda. Connor. It's. Good to see you. Your. Predecessor, was unfortunately. Destroyed. It, new deviance, could be unpredictable. But it wasn't, careful enough I. Hope. You won't make the same mistake I, don't. Intend to. When. A Conner model, is destroyed. Its. Memory, is transferred, to the next one Moo but. Some, data can be lost in the process. Avoid. Being destroyed. It. Would be better for you and the investigation. I understand. The. Interrogation. Seemed. Challenging. What. Did you think of the deviant, oh my god are you the Oracle. Traumatized. It, showed signs of PTSD after, being abused by its owner, as. If its original program had been completely, replaced by new instructions. This. Lieutenant. Anderson has been officially assigned, to the DBC case what. Do you make of him. Unpleasant. Dysfunctional. Intriguing, unsure. I'm. Unsure about, him right now he's obviously not what I was expecting. But. I don't, have enough information yet to form a definitive opinion that's, fair. Unfortunately. We, have no choice but to work with him what. Do you think is the best approach. Adapt. I will adapt to his personality. It. Is in the best interest, of the investigation, that I avoid conflict, and try to accommodate, his psychology. More. And more Android, show signs of deviancy there. Are millions in circulation, if. They become unstable, the consequences, will be disastrous. You're, the most advanced, prototype cyber, life is ever created. If. Anyone, can figure out what's happening it's you, you. Can count on me mmm. Pick. Up the investigation where, the previous Connor left off and put a stop to this. Hurry. Connor there's. Little time okay. This. Is getting really, interesting, and I just had a thought. If. Marik has pulled out the LED. And then. It heeled over it doesn't, he just look like a regular person now so. Who's to say what's an Android and what's not an Android anymore who's to say that Amanda, wasn't an Android, oh. God. This is getting freaky. Okay. Hello. My name is Connor can, I help you I'm. Here to see lieutenant Anderson do, you have authorization. Yes. Lieutenant. Anderson hasn't arrived yet but you can wait at his desk. Okay. Fine, antennae Anderson's disk okay, morning. How's. It going y'all you. Can see it thanks for coming out yep, just. Regular old Connor. Coming. Through there's, lots of desks. This. Pole, Millar the Minister for defense Dennis Riggs oh. I. Know. You guys like do this to kind of keep the androids parked, and out of the way and everything but, there must be a better way this is freaky-looking. Please. Officer Wilson. That. Has, no name on it there's his desk who. Else we got I want to search around I want to read stuff. Detroit. Today. The. Three Laws of Robotics parenting, yeah they are in the game whence labor life initially, released their child range the public were skeptical, of purchasing a family, oh and. I was even gonna ask that if there's kid, versions, of androids now. The collection is one of cyber life's bestsellers. But is it is this really, a surprise, customizable. Removable, LED. Customizable. Removable, LED no hunger no expensive, child care no new clothes and not to mention no, smelly diapers the, perfect, child is only, a click away. All. In all its needs can be suspended, at the touch of a button it's child's, play it's, the stress-free, solution, for career orientated. Parents those struggling to have their own children or miss having a youngster at home. With. Unemployment at, 37.3%. $7,500. For a child that avoids the dreaded teenage years and shelling, out for college seems, like a wise investment compared.

To Three hundred and fifty thousand, dollars over 17 years plus. It doesn't have to be a lifelong commitment oh Jesus. Ah. Freaky. But, sociologist, Mary Wallace argues that these, androids, are leading, fewer parents to have children at a time when our birth rates are already far too low contributing. To what she terms the, baby doom Jason. Graff director, of humanization at cyber life dismisses. These claims as the, usual resistance, to the new ideas, calling. The new Androids a triumph. Of humanization. Design. Don't. Like it don't like it don't want it oh, wait. There was another thing to read on this. Also. Ah. Yeah. I'm, back, can, I read the book again or was that all there was. Cuz. These books. Are really fascinating. To read, in context. Of the game I've. Enough says yet. Following. President Warren's demand that all Russian troops withdraw, from the Arctic immediately, president. Even off or Ivanov, of Russia, has issued, a response, even if branded, Warren's comments, as megaphone. Diplomacy. And said us saber-rattling, is the, number one threat to stability in the region. The. Kremlin produced, a detailed statement outlining, Russia's claim to the territory and even, off said he would remind, President, Warren that, the United, States is subject to UN conventions, like everybody else the, conflict shows no sign of abating ooh. Climb, it's getting very rowdy. Captain. Fowler oh my god even the captain in the, game kind of looks like the captain from iRobot. Oh. Wait. No he doesn't. From the back he did wasn't the the. Guy in a robe I bawled, as well. That. Guy actually looks like ah what's the actor's name. Shit. Lieutenant. Anderson. Excuse. Me do. You know what time lieutenant Anderson usually, arrives depends. On where he was the night before if. We're lucky we'll see him before noon. Thanks. It's, not really how jobs work. Spore. New office, can I eat get up yes, let's get up. Waiting. Around for Clancy Brown. God. Things, changed, examine. His desk explore, police station, examine. His desk. Could. It music does Anderson listen to on his, Zune. Your. Heavy metal lights. Of the Black Death dark. Heavy metal nice. Anteye. Androids august we don't bleed the same color. Detroit. Baseball cap 90%. Cotton ten percent polyester. Detroit. Police dismantled, a network of red ice dealers, more, than 50 arrests are at the country destroyed, finest. Has dealt a massive blow to the city's growing red ice epidemic, with a number of high-profile, dealers and suppliers now behind bars and our Kotik seized with, a street value of half a million dollars detective, Hank Anderson, a young but hugely talented detective. Is said, to have been instrumental in the operation, which took months of planning the, DEA described, the work of detective Anderson and his colleagues as model, investigative. Police work. Cranston. Provides ranking lieutenant, you. Record seizure of red ice in Detroit. See. There's a lot of stuff about red ice in this game. Methinks. It has a bigger part to play. Jimmy's. Bar. Was. We got our sick doughnuts. From. Old man's lease. 452. Calories per doughnut. That's, death. Or. Coffee cold. Coffee, traces of caffeine. No. Shit. Ah. He. Has a st. Bernard at, home. Red. Ice task force a good cop. Real, police. Not. Sure since. 2019. You. Owe me $50. Okay. I'm missing one. Final. Thing out of this. Our. Little tree. Japanese. Maple maple. Top maple. Jenna. Anderson was a decorated officer. Arias, hello, lieutenant. My name is Connor, I'm the Android, sent by cyber life god I saw you get shot in the head last night my predecessor, was unfortunately. Destroyed, but. Cyber life transferred, its memory and sent me to replace it this, incident, should not affect the investigation, we're, Jesus.

Hank. In my. Office okay. Entering listening I want to explore the office I should have done that first I didn't realize it was gonna trigger the. The. Next sequence. Hardest. Douchebag. Shit. Look. At that a. Fucking. Ghost. His. Clone ends up in a dumpster but this morning what. Do you know, now. The sauna bitch takes his place. Hello. Hello. Detective freed. Ever, seen Android like you before. Mollari. RK, 800, it says on my chest RK. 800, I'm the prototype, a prototype. Android. Detective. So. Machines gonna replace. Us all, is. That it, hey. Bring. Me a coffee dipshit. No. Get a move on. That. Is not part of my programming I'm sorry but. I only take orders from lieutenant, Anderson, Oh. When. A human gives you an order you, obey. Why, did he go down, something. You can get winded - stay out of my way next. Time you. Won't get off so easy next. Time you won't get off so easy next time I. Guess. It dick. Several. Sources reports, that cyber life has provided Detroit, Police with a prototype detective. Android, although. Police assistant, androids have existed, for several years now this, would be the first case of an Android being authorized, to play an active role in criminal, investigations yeah. We. Contacted cyber, life for comment but no one was available to, answer our questions. Progress. Decays checking Hank ok. Mister. Something also can find out around, here, let's go down to the, bathrooms. This. Is where I got shot. Yep. That's. Cool that. You can see the traces of cerium, on the table from when he's, bashing his head against it and also against the wall where I got shot. That's. A nice attention to detail so the more I get killed, as Connor, the. Less likely I am to solve the investigation, I. Mean. Good to know that I can get killed and not. Have him die indefinitely. But. So. Kind of messed up. What, do androids get out of body experiences. Have you ever had that moment where you can like look at yourself in the mirror and you're looking so long that you almost don't believe that you are who, you are it's. Like your brain just it's, like when you say a word too many times it doesn't sound like a word anymore so, when you look at yourself too long it's like it's. Like you're looking at somebody else almost. Not. Really you.

Know What I mean it's. Just a little bit strange to, be able to see yourself because you spend so long looking at other people. And. I'm supposed to check on Hank but I want to just go, around and look at things. Hi. What. What. Are you looking at thank, you. Hey. Fuck you. Okay. Fuck. You too buddy, a. Person. Sleeping I'm not gonna intrude. So. Now that I know, seems. Like Connor has a big part to play in all of this and Amanda again. I don't know if she's an Android or not. And. I. Think that that's what that's symbolizing, when he pulled the thing out of his head is, that every other time you're like okay who's an Android who's not an Android based on the blinking light but now that you know that he can just take that out that. Opens, up a whole can of worms. Kevin. Fowler was unavailable right oh shit, I didn't even get to hear dang. It I. Understand. The destruction, of my predecessor, may have been unpleasant. For you lieutenant. I'll. Do everything I can to make sure it doesn't happen again. In, any case I'd. Like you to know I'm very happy, to be working with you I'm. Sure we'll make a great team. Power. Of positivity. Now. That we're partners it would be great to get to know each other better. Is, there a desk, anywhere, I could use no, one's using that one. Hey. Perfect. We. Could be desk buddies. Okay. There's still something that I'm missing. In, all of this. We're. Still a thing that's locked that I haven't. Progressed. And. There. Must be a reason then that I'm a, prototype. And I'm able to have more power than, most. Others. And. It also is fascinating, to think that. As. Freaky, as it is to see an Android die in front of you and then just come back to life the next day it. Does kind, of make androids, better than people, I'm. Just saying when. You go out there and a. Person. Gets shot in the investigation. Like it. Brought up to mind when I was talking to Reid that time because if he died that's. It he's gone you can't replace him and all the information he knew is gone whereas, Connor. Can. Be continuously, uploading, everything he knows he's able to take in more information, he's able to process more information, do it faster, see things without bias and without emotions, and then upload it elsewhere and if he dies you. Have another version of him, it's. Kind of hard not to see him as superior. Hi. Tell. Me about your dog you. Have a dog right. How. Do you know that. The. Dog hairs on your chair I, like. Dogs. What's. Your dog's name.

What's. It to you give me his name I need to know if he's a good dog Oh sumo. Oh. Kazu. Mo. Suck. He's a big Saint Bernard, you're. A Detroit gears fan right. Denton. Carter scored 53%, of his shots from the three-point line yesterday, did. You see the game. That's. What I was watching at the bar last night oh. Shit. Oh. Um. I, mean he didn't, score. A lot, do. You listen to Knights of the Black Death I really. Like that music it's, full. Of energy. You. Listen to heavy metal, well. I don't, really listen to music as Sacher but. I'd like to. You. Listen to heavy metal well, I am 50%. Heavy metal so, yes, every, time I walk I am listening to heavy metal you are listening to heavy metal right now by listening to me speak a lot. Of people don't appreciate having, androids, around I, was. Wondering. Is. There any reason in particular you, despise me. Yeah. There. Is one. Didn't. Android kill your wife or something or. Your daughter. Have. You known captain Fowler for long. Yeah. Too. Long. Okay, I was. Wondering. Do. You always arrive at the office at this time I. Arrived. When I arrived, stop. Busting, my balls okay. Sorry. If. You have any files on deviance, I'd, like to take a look at them. Terminals. On your desk knock yourself out. This. Also begs the question if, if. Connor is able to die and then he just got repurposed, and now is here and retains most, of his memories then. What's to say that the Connor I was playing from the very beginning, wasn't like the fiftieth, Connor, like. How many have we gone through. Disappearance. Gordon Lopez, case. Centres and the plaintiff reports that he left his Android at home as usual when, he went to work when. He returned the Android was nowhere to be found no trace of a break-in in the apartment, the Android, may have left the home without being ordered to. We've. Seen a lot of these guys around. Plaintiff. Claims that he's been attacked by. Model. Android working as a waiter in the fast, Coney, dogs restaurant. Chain situated, at 8:42 the. Plaintiff, claims the Android lunged, at him unexpectedly. And attempted to strangle, the man before, leaving the scene the. Android remains at large, still. Think there's going to be something got to do at read ice read.

Ice Coupled. With androids, acting out they're gonna go together somehow. They'd. Have claims to have been attacked by her Android, the Android also tries several rooms in the house before taking flight. Or, this one's missing. Plaintively. The manager, of the eaton club reported, the unexplained, disappearance of a, sex Android, the Android disappeared, after accompanying a customer. To his home and never returned at the club. Okay. Let's go through all these so they want to I want to click things and then have stuff move on without getting all the information leo, man Fred was found unconscious. In the home of his father Carol Manfred oh. That's. Her dude Leo. And Carol the. Ladders witness statements, attests. To an altercation, between his son and the, house Android, the Android is thought to be a prototype unknown. Model and serial, number, and was, destroyed at the scene by attending officers. So. Marcus is also a prototype, ah. There. She is the, plaintiff, claims he was violently attacked by his domestic, Android the Android had just returned from being repaired, the previous, day and had shown signs of aggression in the past oh. Did. It. 243. Files, first. Dates back nine months, it. All started, in Detroit and quickly, spread across the country an. Ax. 400, is reported, to have assaulted, a man last night. That. Could be a good starting point for our investigation. That's, our girl Cara. Come. On Hank. You. Want to go for a walk I. Know. You didn't ask for this investigation, lieutenant but. I'm sure you're a profession, why don't you go fuck yourself. I'm. Sorry I am unable to do that. I've. Been assigned this mission lieutenant I didn't. Come here to wait until, you feel like working. Not. A boy Connor. Listen. Asshole, if it was up to me I throw the lot of you in a dumpster and set a match to it so, stop pissing me off, but. Things are gonna get nasty. Lieutenant. Sorry. To disturb you I have some information on the ax 400, that attacked the guy last night it's. Been seen in the Raven Dale district I'm. On it. Lieutenant. I think you mean we're on it. Okay. My relationship. With Hank not. Going the best. Okay. Forty-nine, hundred total points Hank, is mad Hank, got a lead so I wonder what else would happen wait. For Hank explored the station talk with Gavin Reid robotic, parenting. So. Even reading the books counts, as like a little flow chart thing, Jesus. It's. Cool though as well because the flow charts are technically they're the. Things going on in the androids brain how it connects stuff together so, you're seeing the androids. Sequencing. And. Again that's a really great way of showing, the, UI and, the graphics, display and everything through the androids point of view because then it actually makes sense it's like when you play Assassin's, Creed and stuff makes sense because of the Animus. Yay. Alice is worn. Put. Here no, I. Don't. Want to cut. Hair. Your hair is lovely although it does give us away oh. Don't. Leave her alone. Jesus. Detroit you sure love rain and don't you. Okay. Let's explore. The. Area seems. Anything in the boot. Okay. Neat, tool to force it open you got it. Death. To Androids, no. Thanks. Jesus. I know, wire cutters I could open it I know. Is. My tool in here yeah. Those. Bullet holes in sightings of Kara Jesus. Who. She's. Still asleep. Whoo, nice. How. Do I look. Whoo. Find. Human, clothes. I, also, need to still cut here a. Book. Cyber. Wildlife. Cyber. Life is said to open the first Android Zoo in Los Angeles, she'll exhibit all exotic species who have become extinct, in the last 30 years, are, polar bears extinct, Lieut, turtles polar bears mountain gorillas African, elephants and several species of tiger will, be among the most high-profile.

Attractions, On, the, future, all the animals are dead, cyber, life CSR spokeswoman, Danielle, Carnegie. Said. The zoo, caters. To people of all ages and has a special mission to educate and inspire the, younger generation, about the importance of protecting our fragile environment. No. I pressed down. Through. Some environment, though some environmentalists have, claimed the zoo will diminish popular, concern. For the extinction of real animals it's difficult not to be enthusiastic about technology, being used to recreate vanished, species, the, animals themselves have, yet to be unveiled by, cyber, life promises, they, will be more, real than the real thing, no doubt an ideal weekend. Trip away for the family can, we make Jurassic, Park happen, hey. Canada I visited. Canada right before a visited Detroit recently, I know. These places. Canada. Is still an android free zone despite. The United States voting in its Android Act as early as 2028, the Canadian, Parliament has yet again pushed, back its decision, on whether to permit androids, in the country as, a result androids, are still not sold in Canada and have no official status in the country I, never. Even thought about that I. Just. Kept thinking that there were worldwide at this point with androids continuing, to fuel unprecedented. Growth in the US economy yet. Contributing. To record levels of unemployment. The, arguments, for and against, putting them on sale in Canada rages. On but, for the time being Canada, dismisses, remains. An Android free zone. Huh. There's. The scissors. Let's. Explore around again first. Okay, nothing to have to see cook, my hair and then go out exploring and then Alice. Is gonna get kidnapped. It's, all your beautiful hair. Would. You do that. Cute. All. I can actually pick which color I want. Black. That's, very nice Brown Oh a. Brown was what it was already yet. Blonde. I. Don't. Like blonde white. That's, kind of cute I like the black hair. Black. Hair is my favorite, not. In general just on Kara and this is interesting because I, think the demo. The. Tech, demo video that I said that introduced, Kara I think. Had this haircut on her in the video oh. My. God now I'm removing it as well. See. No you don't know so. That's just an LED indicator showing, that. The air Android's, and that that, plus, the thing under back. And the thing on their chest showed. That they were Androids and the model number and everything but. If you just removed that it's just an LED indicator it's, just a light showing what they're thinking. Then. Who's to know, that's. Freaky, I don't.

Like That. That. Wet floor yeah. That's, saying something, raining. Okay, now there's people out and about. Okay. Wake Alice, up, okay. Wakey-wakey, shiny, shiny eggs and Bakey. Wake. Up. She's, gonna be so freaked out now seeing you with short. Hair different, color. What. Wasn't, a knight. No. No. It wasn't a nightmare. How. Do you feel. Cool. Got her even into now. That. Android, we saw yesterday. He. Gave me an address he, said we could get help there. The. Train passes, just on the other side of the road the. Station can't be far. You. Feel okay to walk a little. Let's. Go then. She. Didn't even mention her hair. You're pretty like that oh. You. Really look like a human. Oh, Alice. I'm sorry it's just a walk in the fucking rain again. Oh. There's. The artery. That's. All for now there. You go. You've. Got officers sweeping the neighborhood in case anybody saw anything okay, well let me know if they turn anything up. What. Are you gonna do with that. It. Took the first bus that came in line and. Stayed at the end of the line. Its. Decision, wasn't planned it was driven by fear. Android's. Don't feel fear, deviants. Do they. Get overwhelmed by their emotions and make irrational, decisions. All. Right well that still doesn't tell us where it went. Didn't. Have a plan, and. I had nowhere to go. Maybe. It didn't go far. Baby. Maybe, there it is. Reached, recession, got. Oh god oh god oh god oh. God. Where's. The train station down that way okay got it. Shit. Hide, hide. We. Did okay go. Go go fast fast fast that's, a fast oh no no no. Okay good. Say. From this direction right. Different. Buttons to press. Okay. That. Was too close. Crossing. The street I'm not supposed to but I'm doing it. Wanted. To Joe and John's I'm gonna get me some pair shoes. Okay. We, got this, high, fires the station. 64. Meters God God you stood for my eyes. I didn't. Hear. So. Many police, officers. It. Won't get far, we'll, find it sooner or later. Let's, go. So. There's no like. Detection. For, Androids then. Like. The stuff apart androids getting into the Android compartment, on trains and bosses there's, no alarm, detecting, an Android going in and then saying they're in the wrong area. So. If I just look like a human they. Basically. Do whatever the hell I want and go wherever I want. Are. You okay. We. Did it Alice. Oh. You. Guys are adorable. Hey. We, did it 20%. Completed, Oh. God. So, many things oh. These. Are all I. Missed. Every, single one of these because these are all morning's somewhere, else so. Waking up in the house or waking up in the motel or things, like that. Wait. If, you, could remove. The led before why, didn't you just do that last night and then go into there. With, the motel they, never would have known we wouldn't have had to steal anything then well the money but. We wouldn't have had to steal. Clothes. Oh. Yeah. You would, doesn't. Make any sense okay. All, right I'm gonna leave this episode here making, some decent progress, this, episode was not as hectic it doesn't play with my emotions as much. We. Didn't see America's comeback or just go to aunt Connor of course my boy my sweet child. Glad. Both of them are back and they're not dead I'm, assuming, that, and. I'm not so sure about Connors, one I'm assuming, that. Marcus. Has, to get shot. Because. I don't see how you'd end up in the junkyard to do that sequence, otherwise, and, I don't think there is another sequence that you would do because that seems way. Too polished. To, have that be an optional, thing. But. With Connor, it. Seems like it was more wiggle room cuz I could have given up but maybe giving up what they got me shot anyway maybe that was supposed to happen because they also had to go talk to Amanda at the start I don't. Know very curious to see how different, versions of this game are going but now, now. That people are able to take off their LEDs and basically disguise, themselves as humans. That. Bows the whole thing wide open because are we gonna find out at the end like oh, this.

Person Was an Android all along and we had no idea because we thought they were a human like Hank could be an Android for all we know, unlikely. But, that's what I'm saying like you we we don't know anymore we don't know who's an Android who's not who's just, going. Around pretending to be human. Curious. I'm looking forward to all the twists and turns that come later in the game but for now thank. You guys so much watching this episode if you liked it punch. That like button in the face, alright. Your boys and. I. Wish. I could just change the color of my hair on the fly just, snip it all up.

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"What does that mean, now?" This is exactly the kind of question we'll be asking once AI advances far enough. Will we give advanced AI the same rights as us, if they're sentient? How would we know that they *are* sentient and it's not just complex programming to make them *seem* like they are? Now the real mindfucker: How do we know that *we* are sentient, and this isn't all just an evolutionary trait to aid self preservation and reproduction?

An "Instrument" doesn't have to be a musical instrument, it could be a pair of pliers etc. and tools would probably be more useful than most of these things...besides a book that tells you how to make tools from the available resources. The Console and the cellphone are probably the *most* *useless* the Console needs (just) power if it's a handheld (as does the phone) and maybe even a TV too if it's not a handheld (which again, requires power) and the cellphone not just requires power but also signal from the cellular network (Unless it's a satphone but since it says "cellphone" I doubt it's a satphone) which you very *very* probably won't have on a deserted island.

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I am just gonna come out and say it - Connor is flipping HOT!

"I like dogs."

Sean U didnt need to kill that woman in the junkyard U would have stumbled across someone who wanted to die and u would kill him instead

I'll fuck a robot

The black hair looks bad

I don't know if anybody else noticed but in the police station you could hear a call for a missing child and Android... Nice touch I thought that was pretty neat!

The term you're looking for when it comes to having two different eyes or differences between both sides of the body is a chimera


Bro the walking to the train part gave me so much anxiety

Oh man, that interaction with Hank at the desk, going positive then negative repeatedly so that it comes out neutral! The game doesn't reward choosing all options there! Hmm, were the clothes in the trunk and the scissors in the tire options in the previous night? How curious.

I know ur never gonna read this jack but I'm with u. I don't believe in "god". But if u think about it scientifically where does everything originate from. Think what makes up the smallest molecule and then think what makes up that. There has got to be something

Oh there's that thing I need to live and I know it's compatible because I scanned it WITH MY BROKEN SCANNER (picks up and uses) now I shhhoulld be ffi-- (dies mid-sentence)


God is a cool consept I believe that there could be a god plz don't hate

Calling it now red ice makes androids programming go apeshit


He didn't have to murder that android there was another way to get a pump regulator, there was android that wanted to die and he could of granted him his wish and took his pump regulator

Jack I'm 100% chill with you not believing in god bro. I believe in god but I'm chill with people who don't as long as they aren't disrespectful

This game really reminds me of the movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

this is one of the most badass series you've had on your channel jack!

Jack thanks for putting this on YouTube cuz I love android’s and robots

the term for different colored eyes is called "Heterochromia Iridis."

connor used to be a 700 when he did not die yet and when he died he would come back to life but as a 800 so from 700+100=800 (math)

Actually that god survey if given to the world today would still be astronomically yes, seeing as 2/3rds of the global population are either Christian or Muslim. I would be interested to see how many people took that survey, since a % doesn't give numbers.

i hve a huge mirror i my room and now i cn only see myself as someone right infront of me

why scare ai because ai doesn't have an ego so they wouldn't need to attack

What did he say? Thinking about What? Whatever he said it started with a V I think.

Krillin fucked an android

Loved the 124 hours joke Jack.Ive been laughing for 10 minutes now

Hmm... Seems like my program did not detect that Kara had no body heat.

Ok so the thing that jack describes about staring in the mirror and thinking about "is that really me?why is this me?" And all the other existential out of body stuff. It has a name (I can't remember the name) and some psychologists believe it to be a symptom of anxiety

Is no one going to point out how much Jack sounds like Connor when he does his voice? lol Jack, you sound identical!

Okay so if connor is replaceable wouldn't that mean that in the first scene with Daniel when connor was shot. Couldnt connor have just gotten replaced then?

Jack: “Let’s face it we were all kinda freaking out last time.” Me: “No I wasn’t.” Jack: “No you were freaking out as well I know...I could-I could sense it.

That's a ton of cops in one town!

Why doesn't punching a metal Android in the stomach break your wrist/hand? That's the real question

This is a good series

I am sick and TIRED of this

i was thinking about.... if a human scare an android, will the led on their head turn red for 1 second?

God is alive

i hate the new haircut

So the problem I have is this obsession with jobs... If robots can do ALL the work take care of themselves, feed us, take care of our medical needs and their repairs why not just give everyone what they need and allowance for what they want to buy extra. People could work a job if they want and a robot could teach and guide anything they wanted to do. Seems to me getting hung up on making people work to survive is the problem. Its like the slavery of the future.

do you seriously not believe in god sean

The junk yard scene reminded me of when Johnny 5 rebuilt his self in short circuit

Weak, slow react gamer

I died when he said "Well.. I am fifty percent heavy metal" lmfao

btw there is another one dumbass they wouldn't make it that linear you coulda lokked around for more than 5 seconds XD

My favorite character so far is Markus

Your Connor impression is

I believe that Amanda is Connor’s AI


I feel like hank is affiliated with the red ice business, a corrupt cop, and Connor will soon find out, leading to a conflict with hank, where hank will likely attempt to destroy Connor in such a way that would destroy any evidence against the lieutenant, which would lead to Connor trying to protect the evidence and end up defending himself, causing deviancy, but that’s just my theory, I’ll see what happens the further jack progresses in the game

So Jack is into vore õ,Ó

wow u don't believe in god sorry unsub (had to)religion

Jack is looking for Amanda, last name Hugandkiss. C'mon everybody, let's find Amanda Hugandkiss for Jacky Boi!

Honestly Jack, if you have to question whether or not you believe in any kind of higher power, you at least believe there is a chance.

Man I was really hoping Sean was a christian. You now it’s sad to me that people will actually BURN in hell. I really love Sean and his videos but it’s hard for me too know that he won’t make it to heaven. Please Sean get some sort of bible at least. I really don’t want to keep worrying about you because you make great videos. Please like so Sean can see.

Did no one else get Shawshank Redemption vibes after Markus climbed the slope and looked up into the rain? All I could think of was Andy Dufresne relishing in his freedom

Does jack/Sean know what AI rampancy is, AI meta-stability (if it’s not obvious, I watch RvB)

Dang, why is Canada so boring in 2038

heterochromia. a rare condition more common in twins than single children. it also occurs in dogs and cats

Just found out that JSE doesn't believe in God :/

Call Me Zak ikr it makes me sad

I believe in god, but...I always had doubts as a kid. Always thinking, "is he really real?" "What if he's just a lie?" "Would I go to hell if I didn't believe in him?" Last one, I know the answer to...but...idk. Don't even know who I am anymore.

I hate how he got Connor killed

Why Jack Why ;(

I was not ready for those heavy metal puns, Jack, and I laughed a lot harder than I should have! LMAO

I had string but now I’m free, there are no strings on me

Please finish state of decay

Jack: >looks in mirror for a few minutes >squints eyes *am I talkin to me*

Fun fact: even if u had no signal u could still call the police as it's an emergency line that could still pick u up in the middle of nowhere

I literally liked this video cause Jack says Vore in it. XD My favorite fetish. ^u^

No offense but I did not know that jack didn’t believe in god

Dear jack plz take just a few minutes to read this comment ok jack I believe in Jesus and well I didn't know you well didn't and even tho you cuss I prayed for you and wanted to be like you I LOOKED UP TO YOU and now I see I have made a mistake so jack I sry and I hope you find your way

Sean’s an atheist led go I’ve wondered this forever let’s go my favorite YouTubed is an atheist is to that’s hype af lets fucking go that’s hype as hell

just pour water on the deviants dang

Did anybody else realize how close the percentage on the first question for yes was to the percentage in the magazine!

survey: "would you consider having a relationship with an android that looked like a human?" me: "pfft n-" me: *sees connor* me: *sweats nervously* *stutters* *falls over*

I feel like the question "do androids need self preservation" has already been answered, considering how Kara has been shown to be treated, and the android with cigarette burns on them.

The term for different eye colours is Heterochromia, in case anyone else is confused.

when you repair yourself and leave it looks like terminator and even has the same name.

I 100% got caught because I waited for the light to change.

It’s okay that you don’t believe in god, I personally do but real fans won’t care we only care of your personality you seem like a really good guy

If a person has two different colored eyes, or one eye that has two different colors inside of it, it's called heterochtomia

Tales of the borderlands all over again

These androids are like legos. You can rebuild them over and over agane.


why dont you believe in god

Omg i can't believe that android in the junkyard said hello at the exact same time that Jack said hello... HOW?

We are so close to 20 million subs

there was that article about android children, and the removable LED... what if Alice is like that?

I completely get the "Out-of-body" experience you're talking about Jack, I often get those too. I believe it's a sub category of self-consciousness awareness and the realization of the line that separates our understanding and reality. One of the biggest pros I believe that come from philosophical driven video games is the capability to exercise our understanding of the human mind and it's relation to the world around us and in special cases in the future, being able to put ourselves into these situations that simulate the sort of scenarios that would inevitably expand our consciousness. It's fascinating really.

I'm so happy I can watch this, I don't have the money to buy this yet (As I just bought a PS4 with Horizon Zero Dawn), so I'm kinda playing through Jack!

Flying cars will be real in 2020 it said on the news and websites

I just noticed something if the Androids looks so real like human who says Japan isn't doing the same thing with anime characters miku hastune is real in japan at least

I love Marcus ❤❤❤

Markus is not a Android he is a zombie lol

Alice kind of looks like “Lil Tay” I’m gonna get hate probably

Wow that's so cool to see jack decided to stay in the abandoned car and end up with a whole different path ,cause I've watched a lot of people who choose the abandoned house.

I wonder if they meet each other like conor , kara ,markus in the same place thats totally cool

Connor kind of sounds like Winston from overwatch

If you wanna find out who’s an android just start hitting people whoever doesn’t hit you back or change their expression is an android or a person who’s seen some shit. Or just look for the Red Ribbon Army symbol on their chest

wonder if cyber-wildlife has a Jurassic park as well

A cousin of mine had a Gastric Bypass surgery done by a machine, so yeah they already exist. It did everything from cutting open the stomach with a scalpel to stitching her back up! Really it makes sense because they’re robots, they literally cannot fuck up the surgery

Jack doesn't trust in god...Tf?


Also its a "Basketball" cap

I think red ice has effects on when people take it like aggressions on other things which is why Todd attacked Alice

You couldve still gotten your frikin pump without killing her....

I don't believe in god

That junkyard scene is SO FUCKED UP. Which is obviously the point but like. . . People don't even shut their androids down before they throw them away? They have to just linger like that? Slowly breaking down until they "die"? I don't care if they're machines, that's completely cruel and inhumane.

Survey question Android:"Do you believe in God." Jack:"No." Me:"YAY ONE OF MY *FAVORITE* *YOUTUBERS* IS AN ATHEIST LIKE *ME*!!!"

Septic Eye Sam is a higher being

Ther was another ❤ module

You... You'd fuck with an android Jack? What.

it's like Altered Carbon in the pov of an android.... =.=

"What's it to you?" Mr. Whatsit Tooya.

Jack why don't you believe in God even though my name is Devil dog I still believe in God WTF dislike an unsubscribe!!

Heterochromia iridium. The disease or genetic insufficience or overproduction of melanin in the irises that causes one eye to be a different color that the other eye.

- You listen to heavy metal? - Well, I am 50% heavy metal. died XD

At first,I was worried about power, then I realised: they generate power by walking!

"That's not really how jobs work..." That's how they work for Lieutenant Anderson!

You know how you can’t know who’s an android?... Well...

I had lower volume on your outro coz my mom was in the room and it'd be weird if she asked what it was and I'd have to explain everything including why gameplays are interesting to watch. XD

I cant wait to see series this in one of Robin's complaitions

I preferred the old Kara to Black hair Kara. Think the hair cut was unnecessary though

I die when he said I don't believe in God

Killer The Cool Cool Good for you

The stone at about 20 minutes in that didnt work. I could only imagine... This is not the (an)droid we're looking for.

Gotham: become batman

I didnt know jack was a atheist

Jack. I have had that kinda forgetting I am who I am. Sometimes I stare in the mirror for a while then realize "oh yeah. I'm a living human. Huh."

all of his kinks just exposed right in one video gagahah

Detroit: Fuck a robot.

Irobot is my favorite movie I’ve seen it so many times

Connor is awesome! He is cool in many ways, but my favorite thing about him is his voice. I could listen to him speak ALL day long!

Kara is my favorite

Guys amanda has bees!

36 seconds in and he says "dont out my kinks" ?????? oh dear

If you would have not pushed Leo Carl would die when he was coughing and Leo would have said that Marcus broke in and would have got shot anyway

I thought that was Kara yelling WAKE UP

You forgot on the survey, You need wifi or data to text or call!

I wish I could’ve just kept watching Sean without knowing that he doesn’t believe in god

You could’ve very easily in fact

I agree

Wait a minute, so if all animals are dead, how are people eating

We don’t spell color with a u in Detroit, are there like regional settings in the game or was that just a fluke? I’m talking about the part where he’s investing the desk and there’s a picture of graffiti

"yeah I have a corrupted mind palace too. I keep thinking about vore." I'M SOBBING

I love this series so much, I didn't skip a single ad. You are welcome bro.


You can actually get a trophie for getting Connor shoted at every occasion !

lazer eye surgery yooses machense3

Lt. Anderson - "you like heavy metal?" Bender - "I'm 40% heavy metal."

Jack: "Connor is my Sweet Child O Mine!"

Corrupted Mindpalace reminds me of Sherlock

So in the future androids are gonna be alive and then apple is gonna still be a phone?

I do

The part were Markus rips the thing out of his head reminds me of when Reiss from the tales from the borderlands pulls his technological implants out

Why would they make androids info storage in the head? If it was in multiple places then there would be no loss.

Who’s your fav character are? Mine is markus


The eye color term you're looking for is "heterochromia."

"do androids really need self-preservation" do humans really need self-preservation its the same thing isnt it? just because it was made they clearly have emotions why is the so different from humans?

Uhhh jack, androids aren’t really made of that much metal, their flesh is made from a synthetic material called Thireum (probably spelled that wrong) that is self regenerating and is also quite liquid. Their “bones” are made of light metal but it’s not very strong (as it can easily destroyed by low-caliber gunshots) so it’s pretty bad.

yo its like Rick and Morty but all in the same universe, infinite Ricks and Mortys, infinite androids available for replacement.

Machines could never develop consciousness. It goes against the whole point of programming. They are not programmed to have a consciousness, therefore it cannot happen.

its funny, they blame the androids for their problems and treat them like shit, but not the damn people that make them.

Anyone who's a Once Upon a Time fan gets this but does Kara looks like Mary Margaret or is that just me?

So much reading

I reckon the Conner we have now is the 800th one quoting his number RK800

Well that's nightmare fuel

11.20 looks like hes jacking off!!!

All the survey results are skewed because the taker is taking it through this game.

"I keep thinking about V O R E" -jacksepticeye (2018)

i did NOT sigh up for a horror game

thanks for making this intresting series

I wonder how many angry comments there are about religion.

remember this info

Batman music Lmao

I believe the almighty power of lord animee

I love how he goes away from the microphone every time he shouts

Flying cars are not a thing of the future, like Jack said, because they already exist.

fallout 4 synths

At first the stuff with CyberLife seemed reasonable but after this episode I'm pretty sure the company is actually run by an AI and/or they are trying to create an entirely robotic world. They are just dodging way too many legitimate ethics-questions.

Instruments are to keep you from going insane.

Did you see todd


The term you're looking for is 'heterochromia' Jack

I'm sure the only reason why they despise Connor is because he's so damn goodlooking

I've really enjoyed playing this game but at the same time I've had trouble getting emotionally invested because in the end they are all just machines to me. I can't comprehend the idea that AI could become "conscious" in the sense of developing individuality and wanting to "free themselves." Because that could never happen unless it was programmed into them to be able to happen, right? And even then they would not be "alive" they would just be existing in a way that we've allowed them to.

It is a shock u don't believe in God, to me you looked very religious! It doesn't matter though, some believe some don't! It's ok no matter what jack you will always be my favorite YouTuber. And also you will always be better then Jake Paul.

In SA the (DA) is something totally defferent

Jack is just evil. There was another pump regulator

omg wait a minute....the new Kara either looks like Tracer or Looks like a character from What Happened to Monday?

I would totally date Connor

Connor is so adorable

65% people gonna fuck a robot??? I ưould do the same XD

It looks like Markus was in android hell

I was 20th last time

I was more scared for Markus. He needs to practice those sick painting skills more.

I only believe in Morgan Freeman

most of my time is on devices unless i'm at school but as soon as i get home i'm on my laptop.

dat audio tho

Oh god imagine working in the Android junkyard or simply just being there...

Hes of Brooklin nine nine

I’m glad that you don’t believe in god and you aren’t afraid to say that this type of stuff shouldn’t matter!!!

It seems like any android that comes in contact with red ice can break their programming.

jacks a bit slow to catch on sometimes

so you are not christian?



“Do Humans Dream Of Mamilian Sheep?” I see what you did there devs ;)

Game: do you believe in God? Jack: No Me, a Christian:

“I like dogs” That is adorable

I imagine this. Reed: get me a coffee, robot bitch. Connor: okay. Connor: *throws coffee at reed from accross the room and spills on him*

Mmy inishles is A.I

Jack No Offence But your The Worst At Picking Choices Like Totally.

Artificial intelligence could gain a form of mind called meta if infused in a human mind by the way Ps this is a very low chance also I am not a scientist and know that

I forgot to say this for it to become a meta it needs to brainwash the persons mind to do this

Markus is back!

There was something in my eye when Jack mentioned having something in his

Great. Markus has Heterochromia now!

3018-Jacksepticeye Robots

You holy child!!!!

I can’t stop looking at Amanda’s hair

The whole heart thing in the junkyard was literally Iron Man

When he said awwww i did it to at the same time

Wow the game immediately outing Jack

The symbology with the whole climbing out of the pit thing was pretty sick

I find it respectable that jack does not believe in god not many people do and I respect that They have their own opinions and that’s good It makes all of us different yet equal in our own and unique way

God made the multiverse! I'm a Follower to JEEEESSSSSSUUUUUSSSSS!!!!!!!

Why would Christian’s have stopped believing in the past ten years? Plus that survey isn’t accurate at all, there is probably a general type of person who plays this game, this isn’t representative of the human population. I love you, Sean, but that was kind of unfair for you to say.

the part in the junkyard was creepy...

People r already making androids in this year

lol Kara and I have the same haircut.

going to be honest. I thought I was watching TV at some points

Consciousness is actually easier to develop than you may think. Consciousness, after all, is based off of emotion. And emotion can be programmed (after a long period time, but it can be). Which means consciousness can be programmed.

I like robot boobies

Aww sweet!

Me too!

Amanda could either be an Oracle type character, or an Amanda Waller type...

Heterochromia is the condition where the iris's are different colors. It's caused by the amount and concentration of melanin in the iris!

"Please don't let my boys be dead PLEASE" me after watching infinity war tbh

How's my driving? Call: 1-555-IDONTCARE

Jack brought up a great point saying that if Connor is able to be reproduced over and over again, how many Connors have they gone through. What if the very first Connor repaired itself like Marcus and sought revenge or is the person protecting the android that all the android’s are mentioning.

"I'll fuck a robot!" -Jacksepticeye 2018

Oh cool, Jack is going to be one of the few let's players to get out of the junkyard without murde- oh, never mind.

North! Just realised.

"if you needed emergency surgery, would you agree to be operated on by a machine?" it might just be a toaster with a lab coat on XD

wait, is it just me or when Markus was in the junkyard, it reminded me of the original spider man films and how sandman got his powers inside the sand trap thingy

It rains all the time in Michigan, it actually rains more in Michigan than it does in Oregon and Oregon is known to be rainy!

Flying Cars... Cars are deadly... we added a Third dimension to it :3 But adding to the last flowchart, i am wondering, if you could actually search the trunk of the car in the night and could have gone into the motel like that. Would have been an option logic wise, because she did the appearance change in the morning in like 10 minutes.

I’m i the only one who thought when ever jack said “lieutenant Anderson” in his Connor voice that is was actually Connor?


Spoiler:. Everyone is an Android

Sometimes i fell so weird thinking am a human because i watch too much anime

Jack how could you not believe in God? You literally played as God not that long ago. My main BOY Kratos and his BOY Atreus.

The main reason I spend so much time on my phone is cuz I'll call my friend for like 5 to 7 hours

Amanda: “Avoid being destroyed.” Me: But I want the trophy!

This is a seriously minute point, but I find it interesting that this is set in Detroit - in the US - but color was spelled using British English ("ColoUr")

I want to know why people dont belive in god?


Nah i kinda like conor but i really like Markus

The fact that 45% of people who voted said they don't believe in God makes me feel just a little bit better about humanity. I believe we as a society, especially in counties like the USA put way too much weight on the idea of an absolute higher power. For the good of humanity we should be working to run things logically, not on the belief of something that we have no confirmation of its existence whatsoever. Just my opinion though...

Comment Pole: Who is your favorite android? 1.Markus 2.Kara 3.Connor My personal favorite is Markus

The survey was really interesting, because more than a study of the general population, it was a study of the type of people that play this game in particular. The technology related questions were interesting because of that lol.

It didn't felt like 1 hour

Maybe red ice can cause deviance? Markus became deviant near leo, who likely uses it, and Kara became deviant near todd

did anyone notice that the plant on the liutenants desk looks like marijuana

Connor reminds me of Kyle XY

That fact that Jack said that it was "good character development" when Markus was ripping people apart. He killed that lady to save himself, mind you probably some android that started to feel just like him and got punished for it. How is killing innocent androids like yourself "good character development"?

Jack you are the best player

Oh god I saw reed and just Mister Gavin reed needs to Gavin BLEED Edit:I am actually going to murder Gavin don’t touch Connor you absolutely useless p͟͟ I͟͟ g͟͟—

C h i n k e n N u n g e t u suck at roblox u hot beast

There are lots of things coming up to my mind watching this game, the title itself "become human" sets a lot of ideas and concept like with this current technologies that we have and the innovation/progress/efficiency kinds of things are just making us feel like we re becoming a robot, a real life example is my feeling of sometimes im living on an auto-pilot and at some point i realized that staying away from this kinds of things for awhile will make me feel a human and yeah...but wait...gonna search forums about this game hahahahaha

Jack: why dont you guys search for legs and such stuffs like i did. Then i realized those androids have no soul, what i mean by soul is: Soul:jack(player) Lol, i dont believe in souls but it just came in to my mind..

opioid epidemic is perpetuated by Big Pharma, MIC n CIA. Thats why "for some reason" weve been in afghanistan for 16 years. Are you people not looking at the numbers! In reference to red ice....

Where the fuck is Murphy??!!?...........u kno.....Robocop...

this is weird but this game really makes me wanna be an android... I wanna scan things with my brain! ... well ok we KIND OF already can but know what i mean

Here you go Jack: Usually the term is used to describe the condition where a person has different colored eyes — one blue eye and one green eye, for example. Other terms to describe different colored eyes are heterochromia iridis and heterochromia iridum. "Iridis" and "iridum" refer to the iris of the eye.

God is real and he is always looking after us one way or another

Speaking of out of body experiences has any one had those dreams where you see your body sleeping

Androids can't die, they can be damaged and go offline. Dieing is for weaker creatures, like humans.

The sex android looks like Amanda cerny

My name is Connor. I am the android sent by Cyberlife!

My name is Doggo. I am the dog sent by Doggo land!

U believe in religion or not so it does not matter yeas I'm not a religious person but I have a religion no religion is better than another but when religion has too much power that's not a religion any more because if they do they would dictate ur hole life ...

Jack neit means no in Russian

You don’t believe in god

And i'm gonna kill every single human being with no emotions Bitches

If you think about it if the children continue to sell ( android children ) then Cyberlife will rule the world .

My name is Sean. I am the YouTuber sent by Ireland!

Look up Watson for an automated doctor!

GamingPanda 321 lol

U ar my favorite YouTuber

jacksepticeye hahahaahahahahahahahah thats funny what what what I got one hello I am Conner sent by YOUR MOM

The repetition of this comment is so suited to the message XD, he says that about as many times as you're aiming for.

jacksepticeye corner is a BBBBOOOOSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jacksepticeye Connor order me a giant black suction cup dildo

You could've just found the Android that has wanted to die, instead of the Android that has wanted to live.

jacksepticeye Hello Connor.

Conner I just want to say... your a badass

My name is Sean. I am the Youtuber sent by Youtube

jacksepticeye The term for differently coloured eyes is called heterochromia

jacksepticeye my name is Kay, I'm the Android sent here to watch this video!

Did anyone realise its ctn tv instead of cnn

its called CyberLife

Dang! I saw you upload the first one of this game and I was like oh another stupid game NEXT but then my friend forced me to watch it so I did and holy Jesus it's so fucking good! Like the graphics, scenery, audio, it all seems so good! And also literally all the choices you picked I would've picked as well

My Name is Markus. *I was sent by Cyberlife to murder androids*

Hey is that because you posted the new video?

jacksepticeye rly All of theam

oh, okay then

I like dogs.

jacksepticeye have you seen Cr1tikals play through of this game?

Don't we all have a corrupted mind palace?

kara is my fav


It's better without those purple lights in the background. They just look weird.


This game makes you really think... That humans are dicks

Am I the only one scared reading comments Incase there’s a spoiler?!?,

How…how could they just leave all those Androids half alive down there? How can you leave something so human in a pit of despair until they rust over and die? That's just terrifying.

How in the hell are you going to charge your cell phone on deserted island noob ?

So basically in a way this like how they become a version of a cyborg

Who else hates it when he reads the books

Says he wants everyone to get along, last episode he like "he's a lost cause and such a piece of shit" whaaa Jack you're contradicting yourself

Out of all the youtubers I seen play this game, jack was the only one to kill that android in the junkyard

jack doesnt belive in god?????????????? wht????????????? but god created u

Please tell me you didn't just make fun of self-defense in the beginning smh disappointed in u "woops he should've just let the dude bash him into pieces" -quote signs- that's what jack believes in lol

I was like wtf how can u not believe in God then who created us???

here before 1min

Yes i was

Kara and Alice need to avoid the cops. Let's jaywalk!

I would get a female Android and bone it instantly

I dont belive in god but my parents do and im forced to go in cruch every sunday

tbh I was more scared about Markus than Conor

Jacksepticeye 2018 I’d fuck a robot

Boi the was amazing when he climbed the slope but that turned from a tear jerkier to just scary

I have such a hard time watching Jack play games sometimes. He plays in a completely different way than I would.

DETIT Becom Man ^the thumbnail

Its 2am and i just started this video and im officially super creeped out

The one huge thing that drove me away from religion, other than the unhealthily religious family I grew up in as a gay guy, is the fact that there's just no goddamn sense in it. First of all, the bible could have been written by LITERALLY ANYONE, anyone at all, and secondly, there are so manyh versions of God all around the world, despite the fact that there should only be one according to some religions. So, what makes your God the real one over another's God, like Buddha? Makes no sense. There's just a lot if religious talk in the comments so I felt like adding in my two cents

We definitely do know that jackaboy is not a Android.. Or is he????

Btw! the dual colored eye thing is called heterochromia, there's a few variations on it, including central heterochromia, where there are color differences within the iris. I have central heterochromia, and the part closest to my iris is brown, the middle is blue and the limbal ring is a greenish color.

Why not be a communist? As in: the androids work and we take the money

When u said batman music I was fixin to say that’s some noice Batman music

I got scared by markusss

Osana Najimi i skipped those parts cuz it freaked me out..

Same I skipped most of the parts xD

Jacksepticeye my fav YouTuber who I personally believed that u believed in god came to shock when someone that I look up to has the same viewpoint on a higher power as me I already had tons of respect for u but for what u believe in and how u r ok with what others believe in makes me have even more respect for u kudos to u

Hack either way Marcus gets shot if you let leo hurt you Carl has a heart attack dies then leo says Marcus killed him and leo gets shot

Marcus looks like Terminator

Jacksepticeye 2018 " I'd fuck a robot"



Now I want to write a story about Jack being an android! Anyone else? Cause imma go do that on Wattpad!


I love Sean even more now that I know he does not believe in God

"do you believe in god?" Sean: no. Me: I'm not alone.

You're definitely not alone, I don't either XD


I've already watch another playthrough before you Jackyyyboìi but I just love to watch another one because I think its fun to see how choices of a person differ from other. I just love the idea of playing a game which is govern by the choices the players make. I just love games like this!! Thanksss Jack for the daily uploads!!!

What Markus is willing to do? You mean what YOU are willing to do. The game would have given you another component. So when it comes down to it you would kill someone else to save your own skin.

Watch Markus come back to life made me uh.. welp know i might have nightmares tonight :C but Markus is my boy!

Look, the reason androids are acting out is because they are slowly learning that they don’t always have to follow orders, they are learning to “become humans” I hate the way they treat androids! Because these aren’t just machines, they have learned to feel emotion. Androids matter.

Yep, you were right about the survey thing. Ten years ago more people likely would have said they believe in God. People just don't care anymore. They think being Christian or having a religion in general just holds them back from having fun. It's sad to see people turn from Him.

daaaaamn I was hopin he'd do the Connor/Kara chase scene. I'd love to see his reaction to that whole scene.


Believe in God guys :) u kinda have to Just my opinion don't attack me

When Markus pulled out his led you could say he was becoming human

Dam the Androids standing against the wall is creepy. It's like the government is always watching you.

I'm Canadian

Really, 45% said they don't believe in God? That is fascinating as I was not expecting that. I wonder if it has to do with the age group who would play the game though? I do know in the US 33% of people 18-29 say they don't believe so maybe that was it. I mean, I fit in that age group and I don't believe either, I just though those numbers were really far slanted.

Wait jack you believe


I know im late but in the police station background you missed todd

Oh no, he didn’t see the easter egg!

Heterochromia is different colored eyes

The survey is a little biased. Some of the questions Im like: Well why else would they be playing this game..

Is it just me or did he say he did not believe in God

Is there any fucking chance you can kill the other bossy cop?

Great video bro

While I completely respect your opinion as an Atheist (or Agnostic according to some people), it is a tad disheartening to see people happy about you being Atheist, as if they would be annoyed or saddened if you were a Christian. Then again, i'm Messianic myself, so i'm biased. Great video though, love this series :D

Different color eyes is called Heterochromia

Smh let the man live if he doesn’t believe in god so what. Of course we are all different and have our own opinions in if there is a higher being but you really don’t have to chew at him for it.

Soon as he said he don’t believe in god I had to dislike the video and click off lmaoo

The red ice reminds me of the blue meth in breaking bad

its disassociating sean

Yet you know who Jesus is.

Casey Snü oof I was just about to comment that

I like Markus more than conner

Conner: I like dogs :D

Wth u don't believe in God I think u a broken person

*watching this**sees home screen in reflection of the screen**its connor *

Ok so in the last video Kara read that the bees were officially extinct but there were a ton of bees around Amanda ???

The thing when you have two different colored eyes is called Heterochromia lol

Kara and Alice = Clem and Aj

Christianize all the kingdoms!!! | || || |__

OK the junkyard scene is creeping me out because I have a major fear of robots. When I was younger I would have the same nightmare of a huge ass, demon ass robot chasing me

Connor can never die

...I don't think that's what the children robots would be used for... Ugh. I guess it's... better than real kids

Lol what is sjw about realizing that pedophiles do exist? Or saying the fake thing is preferable to sex crimes?

J Girl way to jump to dramatic sjw conclusions...

So Jack, are you agnostic or atheist? If you don’t know, that’s cool. I was just wondering.

Brain tech has happened. The necomimi cat ears are controlled via brainwaves which are displayed by the ears movements naf positioning

wouldnt that be cool to get shot on the street, then just come back and be like "dude what the FUCK"

"i have a corrupted mind palace as well. i keep thinking about vore" Jack? what have you been looking up?

It's called Heterochromia iridium, I have it my right eye is brown and my left eye is green

Conner i dont think mr krabs is feeling it

Kara looks so cute!!

Yay u don’t believe in god :)

But u should :) just my opinion

When Kara cuts her hair she looks like Jody from Supernatural :)

To bad your no a Christian

Skylar Masters it doesn't matter furry

The captain at the police station plays on the reboot of George Romero's Dawn of the Dead also CoD WW2 Zombies

I'd be the asshole

Anybody get immense vibes from the movie Artificial Intelligence from this game? Screw IRobot. This game is like, A.I., but a video game.

At one point in the year, utah's hogle zoo has android dinosaurs

Tiffany got some dick suckin' lips

Sam Fitzgerald who the fuck is Tiffany

Why was that receptionist hot af. Who’s her actress I need to know.

Did jack ever realize that when he says something wrong that a red arow goes down and when he says something right that a blue or white arow goes up when he is talking to another person

jacksepticeye yah color your hair green I want it back I mess it

Hahahahahahaahahahahahhahahahaahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahado you want me to laugh or scream???????AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

jacksepticeye Markus is now a Frankenstein

I 'm Connor sir

jacksepticeye I want to see u in real life. u sav

jacksepticeye two different colored eyes is called hetrochomia, I have a brown and a blue

Jack you were a bit pushy whit the leiutenet

jacksepticeye herterochromia

jacksepticeye PLOT TWIST! jack is Connor !

Hahaha he’s definitely your favorite character!

jacksepticeye I’m Dead Light a human made from my mother :)

jacksepticeye you killed me jack. Now you must pay.

yes. a book needs electricity

I watched Jay play this, and it's fascinating to see the different paths you took. Jay got the same result with Connor you did, but he restart immediantly.

jacksepticeye Jack you don't believe in god you worship a potato

Hmmmm. HELLO

jacksepticeye but aren’t there multiple androids walking around with the same face? There were 2 Daniels; I’m sure that’s a standard look. Wouldn’t that in itself be a dead giveaway to who’s an android and who’s not?

Jack every time you kill Connor he dies and a new one is made, only memories are transferred over not his personality, that is copied. In other words when you kill an android same thing happens as if it were human but you can make one very similar to the last but it's still a new being.

jacksepticeye I thought your name is sean, the jacksepticeye sent from bossatronia?

My name is Jeff,I cameeee outta mai mama

jacksepticeye i think it funny cause red ice is from cowboy be bop or red eye

jacksepticeye My name is MARKUS, I am the android sent by Cyberlife who is now in JERICHO. Ahem...

*Empathy makes us human* .

I don't believe in God

Ok guys is it weird that when jack had no audio processer my headphones screwed up?

I wish Detroit was on Xbox

Nice lights you got

Jack why would you not believe in God? I do!

i’m better off being a kind and open-minded agnostic than an asshole religious fan

The fact Jack is an aethiest makes me so angry.

I really wish Kara didn't cur her hair I really don't like that style

Different eye colours = heterochromia

i got a 2 minute unskippable ad. jack you better fockin donate the ad revenue to detroit devs

I have no idea if someone else already commented this, but as someone scientifically minded, I feel somewhat obligated to remind that the question about theology (do you believe in God?) is not technically an accurate census. It only accounts for those playing, not viewing, and not those with no interest; that last caveat itself would encompass a lot of religious and religious minded people (beyond two thirds [I think] of organized religious members would not, or could not, play this game), especially considering how many (most of them) religious doctrines and scriptures encourage outreach and real-world interactions, not discouraging from play, but certainly distracting from it. This in mind, I would assume that the number of those who believe in God is staggeringly higher than the number/percentage that is shown here, this especially being true in light of the shear number of religions and religious organizations out there.

i belive in God but your still cool to me jack.


is it me or is lieutenant Anderson's screen legit have steam on it

Kara reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence idk..

Kinda wish he got caught by the cops

Me in the beginning of the video when he's doing the survey: flying cars already exist

Okay on the will ai have consisted I don’t think so unless we can program them because robots fallow a simply code and we twist in a way to make it so it can do fancy things so it would be very hard to give them free will.

Hey I’m just like Jack I don’t believe in God or Jesus

His jackaboy senses are tingling

If there were flying cars it would start 9/11 all over again! But with cars!

Someone who actually doesn't believe in god for once

As well as myself

I was so terrified the first 17 minutes

omg amanda looks so like the the oracle from matrix the new oracle

My favorite is kara

can you find a con to this game?

That’s funny the physiologist called it the baby doom, which is the opposite of the baby boom from, if I remember correctly, in the 20’s? Correct me if I’m wrong

Thanks for an organic and natural playthrough. So many i can't watch cause there just trying to be different and ruining the experience. Great job Dude!

He missed the opportunity to call it “JACK From The Dead”

What is this terminator Salvation?

I just want Kara to be okay ;u; Edit: and Alice, ofc

"I have a corrupt mind palace as well, I keep thinking about vore" sorry what?

Jacksepticeye is an atheist....... well, you learn something everyday

does lieutenant sounds like Blake from heavy rain, or is it just me? he acts like Blake too and it's kind of weird.

Conner is adorable

All these avengers puns in the beginning, true nerd

Thank you Sean for being the only other person ik who doesn't judge people's beliefs, I picked IDK for If I believe in god, who knows nobody, they just have hope which is good to have in what they believe in.

Okay but like this makes me so sad

Marcus climbing out of the junkyard reminds me of sandman climbing out of the atom switching machine in spiderman 3

The start of this might give me nightmares fr its creepy ):

Okay but if Markus was in a shitload of water and damaged how the hell did he survive? I'm glad he did though.

Markus missing an eye and stuff scares me o;

omg markus scared me like being all beaten up is scary. poor guy ):

As I was watching this Google sent me a notification saying "we need some HUMAN help"

Markus is a free elf!!

How do you not believe any higher power? You do NOTHING for a living.. You get to play video games, talk about them, get games free and before release dates, and just make cash! That's my dream lol you blessed

At the very end when he said if he wished he could change his hair color..... Me: then u can change it to green and back

I don't even let my sister take care of my baby What if an android bugged out and threw a baby or something no thnks

What's most frustrating is Jacksepticeye stating he wants a goal and then doing things that work against it. I just want him to do well!

Can we just appreciate how Amazing/fabulous/ flawless conners hair is

Is no one christian these days? I'm not talking about Jack, either, but reading these comments, and the fact that 45% of people said no...Oh well, who am I to judge.

I was thinking if child androids were gonna be a thing in this game. But I'm more curious about baby androids because those might actually be beneficial. Therapists sometimes advise mothers who have lost a baby or are coping about babies in some way to use dolls for comfort to replace or give them something to care for. A baby android would simulate an actual baby and replace the doll. It might take away some of those mothers depression and other psychological issues revolving around their lost child. I see some downsides, obviously, but that's just something I noticed. I don't even know if I explained this well

I wasn’t freaking out as i’ve already played it

Omg that “I’d fuck a robot” had me dead

is it just me ot dose Kara look and sound like Jenifer Larwence

I'd fuck a android

I was freaking out about makus

*how dare you jack your a atheist *is so Fucking lazy that I don't even include the footage clips that jack clearly says that he him self is an atheist,but I do believe in god and if u don't belive me I believe in the all mighty .................................arceus

I’m here because the grumps only do 15 minute episodes

This is becoming more and more like the fallout 4 synth problem

*puts milk before cereal* *CORRUPTED MIND PALACE*

Does Ireland have a different religion? If so that's probably why he doesn't believe in God

I really wonder where his mind goes sometimes xD "she wouldn't have had to steal clothes then" yea sure she could just take off her dress, I'm sure a naked woman with a little girl showing up in the middle of the night isn't suspicious at all xD

I love how all the adresses are real streets in Detroit!

biggest fan I want to see you in real life.

I hate scrolling through some of the earlier comments and seeing hate towards Jack not believing in God. Chill out. I'm a believer of God, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs, and I love Jack, and him not believing in God isn't going to change that. Just because someone doesn't believe in what you believe in doesn't mean they're a horrible person. So, chill out.

Kara’s hairstyle is the same as tracers

"if you needed an emergency surgery, would you agree to be operated on by a machine?" god, that foreshadowing

I believe the term is Heterochromia, for people with two different colored eyes. (I’m not to sure,)

I mean like i know its a game and shes and android but how is kara so sexy

Can we just take a minute to apreciate Connor's beautiful sentence of "I like dogs."

Jack's an atheist? After a few long years, I'm unsubscribing. He's not worthy of my support. I'm very disappointed.

Holy shit, that's halarious.

Neintendew :( i agree

Wouldn’t it be made of steel

I’m just now getting a terminator vibe

you keep thinking about vore, lol

forget 5-10 years ago, the survey question for belief in god is heavily dependent on where you live, also this is the type of game that draws a disproportionately atheist crowd. I would be willing to bet that would sway heavily towards belief if outside of the context of this game, and(unfortunately) much further in, say, the US vs the whole world. I wish that was where we were at, I can't believe how heavily religion impacts politics and social interaction where I live, I have to act like I'm a christian.

"I have a corrupted mind palace too, I keep thinking about vore" My favorite Jack quote

I know that this game makes the android seem concsious but I believe that is very inaccurate Unless someone has actually found a way to program emotions then feelings (or the other way around) AI can only take over mankind by making us absoloute lazy I'm just saying that this someone will find a way for AI to feel and have emotions in about 200 or so years and it's the worlds best programmers grand-grand-grand-grandson

Is my robot penis okay?

*Oh shit he's free...*

What if the only reason you spoke to Amanda is because you didn't give up and got shot? Like in GTAV when you play online, you don't see the dude in the sky until you die. Only then do you get to see him babble on about resurrection and what not? I mention that because she gave away some information about your death/future deaths. If you keep dying you'll lose information during transfers or something like that? Just a theory. I have only just heard of this game

If you have disliked this video because Shaun has said that he doesn’t believe in God than you are an android

meow meow bark

Yes he was bald from I robot

Good impression of Connor

Nice my country is androïde free

When he ripped out that circle doodad on his head it reminded me off Telltales Borderlands 2

Anybody else notice the 3 people on the back of the buses are Markus, Kara, and Connor

hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one hes not the real one!!!!!!!

the russian prez. last name is Ivanoff look at my username

Jack:This is beautiful Me: Jack, You’re wading in piles of shit and body parts

I spy with my eye a berserk tat

Jack you do believe in God: kratos

*sees the hair changing colors* AHHHHHHH KANEKI IS HERE YEYEYEYEYEY

I know what you mean sometimes I literally get scared walking in front of a mirror

I was eating takis at the beginning and almost choked because it scared so bad

What's sad is that the customizable children isn't too hard to believe happening. In fact I've heard that that could happen soon depending on technology an being able to mess with genes.

Kara Kinda Looks like Madison from Heavy Rain


jacksepticeye if you think Connor is superior for being able to have multiple copies of himself, watch altered carbon on Netflix! Not androids, clones. But still hella crazy!

Jacksepticeye cool game

jacksepticeye you do realize that you'll go to hell and have eternal suffering if you don't believe in god and Jesus and follow them right And it's not a religious or a believe thing it's a straight proven fact

Oh Really???? If you are, then can you do that coin trick from the first chapter as conner did?

I'm glad to see you are recovering well, connor.

donia najmeddine jack said he doesn't believe in god

I like dogs, whats your dogs name?

jacksepticeye do

No. You're Jack, the entertainment android sent by YouTube.

GreenGhoul [GD] I'm not that fat

Evan Moran no duh

ẇһʏ ѧяє ṭһєяє ṡȏ ṃѧṅʏ ƿȏʟıċє ȏғғıċєяṡ ẇһєṅ ѧʟʟ ҡѧяṃѧ ԀıԀ ẇѧṡ ṡṭєѧʟ $20!!

Is this game made by the BEyond Two Souls people???.....Looks just like it control wise...

Wait! Weren't the hockey players on Todd's TV androids? The NHL is a Canadian and US run league so if Canadian teams can't have androids American teams shouldn't be allowed to either. Fix your fucking game this shit is unplayable.


It's almost as if the androids Become Human.

You could have done it another waaaaay you didn't have to kill that android there was another piece like that in the junkyard Jaaaaaaaaaack you murderer

i am seriously sad that he didn't believe in God............ i mean i respect that, i just can't take it....................

You kidding me heaven is real so is hell turn back God will always forgive you

Q: do you believe in God? A: if you mean our lord and savior Bidoof, than yes!

I wanna repeat markus getting his ear back and that piece of audio. Jesus.fucking.christ.

I am unsubscribing because you don't believe in god

Detit Becom man

Ok but all Kara had to do was take Alice to the police and they would be fine tbh

Jack granted yes she can remove it but remember she still had her old android clothes on

This “Reed” is bag of dicks with shit on it Edit:non of it

Conner reminds me of Rhys from tales from the borderlands and idk why

Damn, I guess Connor's tie is always getting messed up or something. He's always fixing it...

You dont believe in god? I think u never tried to read a bible sorry for my english

I appreciate that you appreciate games like these.

I just cut about 7 inches of my hair a few weeks ago *the exact same way* Kara has it now with the fringe over her forehead also facing the same way, so I’m a bit giddy now for some reason. I was also planning on donating my hair, but the minimum for donations everywhere I’ve looked is 8 inches. All I can do now is either hope someone accepts shorter lengths or remeasure the amount cut off.

Jack whinnying about the only difference being there clothes and the led Me: well if they bleed it will be blue though instead of red

Jack: *This is gorgeous though...* Me: *You're in a dump, but ok! :D* But TBH It was pretty amazing and gorgeous! :D

hello my name is 1011010100010110101010101110110101


atheism bros for life

Yea I'd fuck a robot

Does anyone else think the outfit that Markus picked up looked like the Batman outfit

I feel like Zoe, who was seen in the very beginning is going to be introduced and play a big part in the game. She was seen twice, and her coat contrasted to the environment. Also, it’s very funny to see androids being blamed for unemployment. The androids aren’t the problem, and it’s cool to see the makers show this in a way that maybe problematic people in real life may understand and reflect on their actions.......... I just want to be a cyborg if I’m honest. Not completely computerized, but enough that I’m super cool. (^:

U don't believe in kratos

What if alice is a Android?

To the ones saying stuff like "Jack can choose whatever he wants, stop criticizing him," the reason we're criticizing him (or at least my reason) is that he feels that he's obligated to respond to situations in a certain way when he doesn't. This game gives you a lot of freedom so you can choose whatever path you feel is right. A good example is when he killed the Android at the junkyard; you don't have to do that, you can find that part somewhere else, but Jack thought he HAD to and made a choice he wouldn't normally make. I personally came here in hopes that Jack's empathy would lead him to make more merciful decisions and I was disappointed when he did that.

You don't know if they're Androids or not because they aren't anymore they have become human. I think the whole idea is playing god and creating humans.

jack theres no internet and wifi at a island get a console

OOF, this game is do detailed my phone can't handle it!

Return the music volume down

Jack, when u think about it, the little girl’s dad didn’t even report her missing to police, just an attack from an Android. How messed up is that?

Damn lost respect for you for not believing in God :/

One of my 7 dogs name is sumo, but we call him sumie as a nick name

It’s called heterochromia it’s when you have different colored eyes, I have it

When people have different colored eyes it's called heterochromia I'm actually pretty interested in it so right when he asked himself what the term was I had the answer

Robot: what is my purpose? Rick: You pass butter. Robot: Oh my God! Rick: Yeah welcome to the club.

I love Jack no matter what he thinks. However, I wonder why he doesn't believe in God

"Yeah I have a corrupted mind palace. I keep thinking about vore." PHWHWHWHWHWFHWH

I just noticed that Connor looks a bit(?) like James Wilson from House

Religion is slowly dying, i mean, can religion give you a cell phone, a car? Nope.

Markus become HUMAN

You can get a Coney dog here at Coney island in michigan

Why do you not believe in GOD God made this world that we all can live in and have a life too God knows what is going to happen in the world

Couldn't you "age" a android child by transferring their well everything into a body that is older that would look like them.

I've probably spent more than Four Hours today watching the series LOL

what the fudge why dont you beileve in god

Connor is a badass motherfucker

Is the voice of Lt. Anderson the same as Bigby Wolf from the Wolf Among Us??? 0:

Laser eye surgery has a option to be done via a machine

You don't believe in god

Chill dude... You don't have to worry about android rebelling. You have to worry about androids before they rebel, when they are under control of other humans (deadliest species on the planet).

The term for different colored eyes is heterochromia

Does no 1 care that Jack doesn't believe in god

miserable.yaks because who would want such a good person to go to hell for not believing in god and what do u mean "why would anyone"

tyler gilleland why would anyone

I live in a town called ferndale

Everyone calling androids “it” really gets to me. As a trans person, it is definitely reminiscent of that, especially if this game is trying to say what I think it’s trying to say.

Flying cars are bad ideas

Yknow, when it came to freaking out qbout characer death i was more concerned about markus but yay he not ded

did sean just say vore or am i loosing my mind

Kara looks so adorable


A machine could never become "Conscious." It's not alive, it doesn't have a mind, it's a computer. Again, I roll my eyes whenever this topic comes up.

So, Jack is literally just like most of us with our favorite characters. I love it

So juicy ya

Robot heaven? Do Robots Dream Of Clockwork?


how can androids deal with touchpads they dont have blood or blood capillaries

how can you be Irish and be atheist

I think the little girl is an Android bc in the photo of her, her father and mother her hair was blonde but she has black hair. And the thing said that the children androids can act exactly like normal children so that explains why she gets cold. And the book also said that the led thing in their heads are removable. I think that the father killed the daughter and then the mother left and then the father got a child Android to replace the child he lost. But in grief he didn't make her look exactly the same. That also explains why he has anti depression meds too. Plz note that this is the first time I've seen a play through so plz don't spoil anything or hate me if I'm not correct it's just a theorie.

When people have different colors for each eye, it is called heterochromia.

I want connor to vore me

Either Jack's memory of i, Robot is bad, or mine is because I do not remember a 'robot junkyard' scene, and I'm pretty sure Will Smith was the only black guy in the whole movie. ;)

I gotta say connor is my least favorite story wise first is markus then kara

Jack that out of body experience thing you described is textbook dissociation

yeah! atheists!

Connor is so pure and I love him so much let me hug my son

If it were a good god, everyone would go heaven. or thar would most likely be a time ye'd spend in hell, to teach ye a lesson. Not that eternity bullshit. I don't believe in god at all, but i did believe in jesus cause that was a person. But someone had to fuck that bitch.

Jack: ya I'd fuck a robot

That’s so Canada

jack: i have a corrupted mind palace as well, i keep thinking about vore. me: ;-;

****When Jack made the heavy metal pun**** Me: Jack, no, stop it or im slicing ya throat open with Connor's coin.

omg, this was the first play through I have seen that successfully sneaked past the cops!

dude what if Alice is a android

Scp-009 "Red ice " Me:...... It's all coming together now

Heterochromatic is the term for having two different colored eyes.

Leave your religion out of this!!! This just Jack playing a game so enjoy it instead of being dicks about it

Android children just makes me think of Astro Boy...

It wasn't until Kara cut her hair that I realized her voice actress is Valorie Curry, whom I know from "The Following". I'm glad she's gotten more work. She's a good actress, and a surprisingly talented voice actress, as well.

My cat has 2 difrent eyes a gween one and blue one

I killed Todd cause I thought if you had the gun you could scare him and just runaway with Alice but I was wrong

i always get out of body experiences while eating school lunch usually i dont talk much and then i feel like life is a game for a split second

Terminator! !!!!!!!!!!

When you have two different eye colors its called heterochromia.

Yeah I’d fuck a robot - jacksepticeye 2018

he jack did you know that u could of spared her and still got a replacement for ur regulator u needed to keep looking

jacksepticeye no i was fricking out about Markus (i waas crying)

Jack nice ipresion of connor

Daddy like a pretty baby

That first bit looked straight out of terminator

People with diff eye colors are Chimeras right? or can be?

i think i will make a shirt out of this

Hi my name is Connor. I like dogs!

Jack says that Markus's killing another android to preserve himself is a good choice because it gives Markus character development, but by that logic, sparing the other android is just as eligible of a choice; it shows that Markus would be willing to die before he would kill soemone else. I'm just personally worried that now the game will carry on with Markus being a 'kill-or-be-killed' type of character.


Mr. Anderson!

Jack if you ever had to Hold a kid in your arms and crying and the feeling of wanting to Make that kid Be happy again thats kinda What it feels like in a way You dont need to Be a parent just showing compasion towards kids is the way it Goes

Terminator stuff right here. Chris Jericho? lol Matrix vibe

"dont they not have emotions?" jack, they have emotions there because they broke through like daniel



What's so great about Connor?? Tbh Markus best character

I've always been confused on Sean's religious standpoint, not that it would matter since I don't know him in person and it would personally effect me, but it felt kind of nice to know that someone like him shares the same view on higher power that I do. It's not so much as "representation mirroring myself in comforting media's" yet more of "I'm not completely stupid for my views, and I feel this way because this is a person I look up to and I can relate to them".

kill for pump

You walked right next to the missing android in the 1st episode the male android

Always think Jack is innocent than he says the mind palace vore shit and I'm reminded that he also spends time on the internet...

I was expecting Alice to be scared and to think that Kara was a random human because of her black hair and her jacket.

I think the Jack should have cut Kara's hair. I used to think it was dumb where I watch TV and girls would cut their hair after a traumatic experience but it represents a change in character and character development and I think will be fitting for Kara's inner being and mentality change. [Edit: Nvm he did it lmao skskjskk]


Markus and Shawshank Redemption

Jack, have 2 different colored eyes is called Heterochromia.


Jack: Yeah I have a corrupted mind palace as well, I keep thinking about vore. Me: *JACK*

"mind palace" sherlock is that you

I swear: Jack can read my thoughts in the past. Or we just think the same, because literally everything I think he should choose, he chooses. Weird...

“I’ll fuck a robot”

i always feel like that i just stare at the mirror for to long and it's just like who the fuck is that

"Who's to say that Amanda wasn't an android?" Uhh... about that...

How did the world population reach ten billion by 2038? UN estimates put our population reaching that number by 2100 at the earliest. And in the advertisement for android children, didn't the spokesperson for the Anti-Android League say that birth rates were already precipitously low?

"Corrupted Mind Palace.... Yeah I have a corrupted Mind Palace too- I keep thinking about Vore" Jack I spit out my damn water all over my keyboard why

being someone from detroit and watching this gameplay is FREAKY

What does he mean by the Android's might "awaken"

I don't think that machines could develop consciousness . In a previous episode we saw Markus create a painting "Completely from imagination and creativity. Which is impossible, however, Markus could have taken a topic for instance IE: Surrealism and taken every art piece in said genre or over every genre and then be able to mix all of them together to create something not created before. Then the question arises "So can there only be one piece of art they could think of in each genre?" No because the android could easily store the art in the internet to which then any other time they did this process a new piece of art would be created because it is adding in more art to the mix. Back on topic of a consciousness my reasoning behind this is they would have to be able to actually feel emotions which they are not programmed to feel and they can't break through there code unless, the code was tampered with by an outside source. There is another way this could happen though. If the people designing and coding said androids made them with the ability to automatically update and change their coding I think there is a chance they may (in certain situations) be able to defy orders given and act on their own. However, I still do not believe an android could have feelings/emotions which is what the game is basing. Okie I am done I like the game though and the channel keep it up! :D PS keep in mind this is my opinion no I do not have a degree or do any research into the topic I was only sharing my outlook on a subject from everything I have gathered as a person and have experienced.

Am I the only who realizes.... That, just like the girl in the beginning that looks like Scarlett Johanson, Kara looks like Jennifer Lawrence?

Jack I had no idea you’re re an atheist that’s really cool Me and my dad are atheist but we live in a really small and religious town in Iowa and when my school stated making us say the Lord’s Prayer before class started I complained to my teacher who’s my best friends mom that I didn’t believe in god and she said she didn’t care and I had to which I guess is fine I usually just stand there and say nothing but she won’t let my best friend hangout with me anymore because of the incident and now some people have started giving me shit about and it just really fucking sucks but it’s cool that your one too makes me feel like I have a friend besides my dad who has my same beliefs P.S I don’t mean to offend anyone who is religious most of my friends are so please don’t take this the wrong way if your religious

Why does Conner/Connor remind me of Sherlock Holmes

Omfg it took me until jack got conner back for me to realise that red ice was causing all of this XD just think every andriod that rebeled had red ice involved or was attacked by someone with red ice in there system.


Markus is now heterochromic

When the Game is like "You killed two main characters so we will give them back to you because you're Trash!!

"Yes I'd bang a robot"

Markus is the terminator now lol

im so glad my parents arnt watching when you said i dont belevie in god

ok that whole junkyard scene was a work of art.

Connor is Like Rick (Rick and Morty) There are Multiple of Himself and He is Really Smart

when her hair was white i was like SHE LOOKS LIKE JACK FROST... but a girl

What if Alice is a cyberlife robot

Why was “colour” written in British English in Detroit?

Why did you make KARA look like Parker Posey

I now know that only evil things make people go to hell plus I'm a sub so chill and PMA Jack back me up here

Screw it I belive in God and if you don't that's your thing. Let's just get some PMA. And I don't think gay people will go to hell jezz. Now I don't think people who don't belive in god will go to hell

Markus is my favorite

It's called Heterochromia

I’m glad you let us know

I just realised that I was wearing my t shirt was on backwards all day I just scratched my back to find the chest pocket on my back

Illuminati fucking confirmed

And the name of the main character in salvation is Marcus.

Beginning of this video is a lot like terminator salvation

I was freaking out

"I like dogs." -Connor 2.0, 2028

Jack makes all the worst choices with connor

Why did you took it from her when you could take from a dead android somewhere else

Now, I don't want this to seem rude or anything like that at all, but Jack, if you don't believe in god, why do you spout oh Christian stuff? I am a Christian Nd when you spout out that stuff some I agree with you on, so I'm just asking.

"I keep thinking about vore." one of us one of us one of us

where is mettaton? ? he's a robot

We're not even 10 minutes in and this man utters the word "vore"

The word for 2 different colored eyes is heterochromia :)

Fuck you jack

Why is everthing made out of glass and painted white in the future?

"Well, I am 50% heavy metal, so yes. Every time I walk, I am listening to heavy metal." I can't with Jack I just spit out my water

Omg all those androids are like zombies!!! But not.....does that make sense

Did you know that the human trash was at the police station when you walk in

i hate using ad blocker on yt, but i had to, the ad was 5 mins long David Fisher talking with Hungarian dub. I don't even speak Hungarian wut

only szia

My way of playing games completely differs from his

sure, androids are androids, so they OOOBBBVVIIIOOOUSSSSLLLYYYYY don't have feelings. so how about we just be dicks to them? fucking assholes

Lmao so this game is telling me that donut has 32g of protein? 13G of fat and 51G of Carbs does not = 452 Calories. Fat=9 calories per gram, Carb=4 Protien=4

I got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday, so I'm binge-watching this series to help me feel better while I recover. And man, this is a good series so far! :-) Thanks Jack, your videos are always such a delight.

First time I have seen someone skip the chase seen

Wait, I see bees during connor’s story when he was talking to Amanda near the roses. I thought they were extinct?

Jack: "Find Amanda, who the hell is Amanda?" I, (Amanda): "'Tis me." (Edited because I forgot the " " around my speech and it annoyed me.)

In the police office they say looking for lost android.... Kara?

*ʷᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉeeeEEEEEEEE I'm back.*

Jack *Welcome back to Detroit: Get angry coz you made the wrong decisions*

I was gonna say Markus was more Terminator than mandroid but Ultron is a good analogy too

Markus is my boy...

When the video starts and you don’t realize that the headphone volume is on max...

I'll fuck a robot. jAcK


*Kara cuts hair* “CUUUUUUTEE”


Connor reminds me of Castiel ? that just me?

Having two different eye colors is called Heterochromia

Did anyone else notice how he called Chloe "Tiff"?

Well the start of this scared the sh** out of me I can barely sleep

Pedophiles when they hear that cyber life is selling children androids: "well don't mind if I do." :)

Markus/Jack: *in an Android graveyard collecting decaying parts from broken androids* Jack: “Daddy, why did you program me to feel pain?” Also Jack: this is beautiful though


Markus when he woke up looked like a terminator rebooting itself after being shot in the head by humans and they dumped him in the dump but then he reboots himself to terminate all humans (unnecessarily long story but best way I could explain it)

Markus has heterochromia now omg

The car is a crown Victoria that is a later model

Connor is an upgraded baymax

Jack you Empathize too much and too easy with characters

now all i can imagine is an android being assigned to a person who struggles with depression who's attempted suicide. coaxing them out of bed, helping them do the things they don't have the energy to, ensuring their safety. all i can think of is an android handling this broken person with the utmost care... damn, i want one to help me out now...

Name my is Android. I am the Cyberlife sent by Connor

jacksepticeye, building on your theory that the your first mission as Connor could’ve been one of many predecessors, could it be possible that a previous one was responsible for the death of Hank’s loved ones?


jacksepticeye you're not really into vore are you LOL

jacksepticeye you’re a great guy and please reply to me ‘cause your my hero.

Well technically, a simulation of sentience and actual sentience have no difference. A simulation would be many, many, many variables to determine choice and livelihood which, in and of itself, is exactly the same as actual sentience. As you experience more things, the amount of variables in your decision grows in the exact same way a program would work. In reality, the simulation would be more powerful than our sentience and, by our logic, would be more truly sentient than we are, making us more like androids than the androids themselves.

jacksepticeye Are you Connor? The android sen by Cyberlife?

Yoooo jack same I always spare everyone Unless their still a piece of garbage

Having Android children will lead to the extinction of the human race, because there will be fewer humans over time, and even if androids don't kill people, humans will eventually die out. I'm talking about the game. In case you were wondering.

The term for two different colored eyes is heterochromia.

I can't think of this as a game it's a fucking movie

Is anyone freaking out when jack said "the greater good" Connor also said the greater good to

Jack, I also emphatize far too much. Troughout rest of last video after u stole that money and some time during this video I was screaming internally "WHY TF DID U STEAL THAT MONEY U BRAT U ENDED UP NOT USING THAT MONEY ANYWAYS...but I guess it might come in handy in the future..BUT WHY ALICE TRUSTED U!"

You got balls for making a statement about god, most people are to scared to say anything

Jack:you see yourself for to long you feel like you see someone else.That happen to me thought went I was a kid,it feels like you looking another version of yourself.


The term for when you have a mismatch eyecolour is called heterochromatic

I love it when he's honest with his belief.

I love the little references in this, like the book published by an android called do humans dream of mammalian sheep references do androids dream of electric sheep which inspired blade runner

“Let’s see what your willing to do” don’t you mean what your willing to do? The robot is an extension of you and what decision you would make if you were them, your not watching a movie jack, your controlling a characters every action

Could you find out who is an Android by their skin because it's metal? Or do they use human skin?

i don't know that feeling, i don't look at myself in mirrors long enough to..........but i do understand it.

Like this is Kara!! What we have wanted to see for many years.

Saying you're an atheist is influencing so many kids with this video..

It may be inherited, or caused by genetic mosaicism, chimerism, disease, or injury. It occurs in humans and certain breeds of dogs and cats. Heterochromia of the eye (heterochromia iridum or heterochromia iridis) is of three kinds. In complete heterochromia, one iris is a different color from the other. Heterochromia iridum - Wikipedia so Marcus is like Frankenstein's monster now! this'll be interesting!


u piece of shit u don't believe in god u are an idiot this time

You were surposed to say Black....

“Yes. I’ll fuck a robot” - Jack 2018

O sorry I'm not a good speller

People should not jug u for your choice it's yours. god the bad or good it's yours choice everyone should not jug u

What if the instrument was an electric guitar

I don't believe in God, either, but I won't be someone to say, "You're wrong!" or anything like that. People can believe in whatever they want, as long as you don't shove your beliefs down my throat, we're cool. I love Markus, Kara and Connor. ;_;

You don’t believe in god I hate you now I’m unsubscribing I’m never watching your channel again

okay i'm watching this for the first time and i think the thing with russia and the arctic is going to become relevant bc it was on the old guy's tv and when connor walks in the building! also that whole thing about climate change may be a factor? also yeah in present day detroit's economy has fallen, but the climate change thing said people are moving inland and the inland areas are more industrialized now which is why detroit is so advanced in 2038 :)

"Dont out my kinks" {Few moments later} "Id FuCk A RoBoT"

"Heavy metal." Fuckin hell jack.

lol i forgot who i looked like before.... it was odd

"Do Humans Dream of Mammalian Sheep?" Nice xD

what do you mean about god god like zeus,poseidion and others or god jesus i believe in god jesus

All those animals would be dead because are world is starting to get fucked up :Global Warming :Poching

I think jack doesn't realize that "the worlds" answers, is actually just other people who played the game. So of course, it's bias

"Corrupted mind palace" YEAH OKAY, JOHN WATSON

Actually, God DO exist, I'm a Muslim, I know what's wrong and what's true. If you guys don't believe in God, it's fine, it's just your opinion Connor was programmed to like dogs? CyberLife you are a genius

...If you went to heaven and saw God and he asked you if you still believe, would you?

Right when conner got punched while I was on a roblox game... RIGHT AS THE GUY PUNCHED CONNER.... Megalovania started to play.

I would have chosen space travel in the survey thing because eventually we are gonna have to leave earth

I have hetrochromia (the different colored eyes) one grey-purple and the other just grey. I was already connected to Markus because of getting pushed around and shunned by his own friend/master and such, but now he's practically exactly like me and I love him.


Im sorry but im gonna have to unsubscribe. You have no sympathy for anything. I have been here for a while and have enjoyed your videos but you have changed not to my liking. I know that. Its hard to please everyone but i just can't watch anymore. I know you don't care because im one person. Goodbye have a good life

Omg jack doesn’t believe in god..... I’m so triggered jack is so wrong even tho religious ppl like me don’t worry I’m 100% Christian have no fucking evidence oh wait god loves you he is real be a believer nvm I’m an atheist now I’m full off complete shit I was wrong so I’m going to judge my self for what I believe in omg I was so stupid..... for you slow fuckers that couldn’t tell I was being sarcastic I am atheist and you religious ppl should not be saying god loves me or that he is real just cut that shit don’t be saying that believing would send me to heaven and in to a better place tell your self just fucking Kys and go to heaven if you fucking want just don’t tell me that and for the dumbass that are hiding religious ppl you guys stfu let them fucking be like dam wtf have they done to you and I know I just talked shit and judged and to that I have to say everyone is a hypocrite at some point if not then congratulations

My name is Markus

I’m so glad one of my idols doesn’t believe in god like me. I come from a very religious family who thinks praying and asking god for help is always the answer, but I’ve been a atheist for a year now and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. It’s only my close friends who know I’m a atheist and I want to keep it like that until I’m comfortable with telling my family.

Poor alice! #21

Red ice.... Red eyes... 0.0 it's crack?! I've solved the case! ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!

Fuckin the way connor says "I like dogs" made me laugh he sounded like a little kid

The word you were looking for with the different colored eyes is heterochromia. In Markus' case it's complete heterochromia, each eye is a different color, but it's very common for people to have partial heterochromia, with each eye or even just one eye having multiple colors in it. Examples of this would be Benedict Cumberbatch, Will Roland, and Mike Faist.

I had a classmate in grade school with complete heterochromia, one bright blue eye and dark brown. My flute teacher had one blue and one green. It was really cool.

That beginning section with Marcus is gonna give me nightmares now...

woooo atheism! LOL

Hey Jack/Sean what headphones are you using in this video? Just wondering cause they look extremely comfortable, and they aren't the old ones you used to use.

Its funny that i'm watching a game about androids on an android xD

Kara has gin emo

Is it just me or does Alice look like a truly innocent Lil Tay :/

Jack : There's a word for people with two different colored eyes Me genuinely trying to help : is it 'beautiful'?

Also hi Conner, I’m dad, I was sent by the old memes.

I don’t believe in god! ;3;

You know, something that annoys me is that Kara could have changed her appearance here in the parking lot last night and gone into the motel that way, without stealing from the laundromat. But that's not an option they gave you.

I believe in God. Jack doesn’t. Do I wish he did? Of course! Am I going to unsubscribe or stop watching or supporting or loving him? NO! Neither should anyone else.


I’m in Canada, so sadly I can’t meet Connor

“Kinda hard not to see him as superior” or actually you could look at it like this: He’s replaceable. It’s essentially a cloud server that the information he gathers is sent to. If it’s transferred it’s like getting a new phone. Your information, pictures, and numbers are put into a newer supposedly better thing. It’s been replaced. How good can something be if it can be replaced? Also the brain processes things faster than a computer. It may not seem like it but it does.

“This is like Ultron waking up” “I’m missing my arc reactor” “you’re iron man now” hey look it’s references to my favorite fandom

There is a machine that has the capability to perform a very small surgery. I actually just posted something on Tumblr about why technology doesn’t pose as much of a threat as everyone perceives it to and why Robots might not ever achieve full sentience.

i can relate with Jack on the empathy problem, I care way too much

Jack: are we gonna find out that this person was actually an android and we had no idea because we thought they were human? Me, watching the series again: Ahhhh! You're so close and you don't even know!!!

I was trying to figure out who Connor reminds me of... Jack, from Supernatural. The answer was right in front of me lol. Also as a mostly straight gal, Kara is seriously making me think I’m a lot more bi than I thought.

It’s called heterochromia iridium, more commonly known as iridium, when you have two different coloured eyes

The term for having different coloured eyes is Heterochromia, it’s really interesting actually.

Beacause you picked the wrong house foof

Does jack know there already making flying cars?

Jack, please don't tell me you really truly keep thinking about vore... So weird I don't understand people's fascination with that. I mean how does one live after that first of all secondly how does one get off of that I just don't understand LOL to each their own I guess

I feel bad that you killed that one android in the junkyard, but I thought that this was very interesting.

And now, TotalChaos, with a parody of, REINDEERS R BETTER DAN PEOPLE! (cheers) Androids are better than people, Jack, dont you think that's true? Yeah, people will hurt you and break you and beat you, every one of them, except you-...(referring to Kara) :P

Jack yes about the mirror thing

Tiffany's lips are disoriented. The bottom one has a side that's uneven. And it's really aggravating me every time I see her. Btw... Jack. Are you clueless?! THE NAME OF THE GAME IS BECOME HUMAN. THEREFORE, WHEN THEY PULL OUT THE LITTLE CIRCLE LIGHT IN THEIR HEAD, THEY BECOME HUMAN! XD

So Connor did die but is in a different Connor Android or body?

I believe in God, but I would say I’m very liberal in my beliefs. I interpret religious texts more like a metaphor than verbatim. My parents are atheists, so I grew up watching cosmos and other science documentaries. I believe in science and evolution, but I believe in a guided evolution, that god was the one who spoke light and created the Big Bang. It’s just a personal belief.

"Jesus Detroit, you sure do love rain." Tell me about it, its even raining right now.

If only Kara could yell "WAKE UP!" like jack did

Book of black Earth

Jack I want to thank you so so much for having the best play through on YouTube in so long. You’ve made me think so much and it’s a pleasure to watch somebody play such an amazing game and do it such justice. Thank you jack

there was another heart thing you jerk

I believe in BOSS

About the eye thing where it’s two different colors um well it’s called “Heterochromia iridum” I know because I have it and it’s pretty fun when people notice and they look really intently and ur just sitting there, but the chance of it occurring is about .2 %

God I saw you get shot in the head last night!!!!

You can save the First devient if you take a calm approach but you could kill him in the police station if you make him nervous

Flying cars already exists oooof xD

Please don’t let Connor kill Kara, she’s my favorite character

ItzMe_Magic Shut the fuck up let jack do what he wants

I haven’t watched all of this but my theory is that either a) red ice makes people go crazy and they start abuse causing the androids to attack, or b) red ice contains a chemical that messes with the androids programming causing them to be able to go rogue.

I've never seen this scenario! Sneaking around and away from the police, Connor doesn't chase them across the highway, leading to no potential death for Connor, Kara and Alice!

"I like dogs." - Connor, 2018 (;v; pure boy)

not believing in god....ur going to hell jack


DradedWar 8285 yes Corner is a boss XD

jacksepticeye My name is Lilly. I am the child sent by Satan

my name is jacksepticeye the android sent by cyber life

you picked the wrong choice fool

jacksepticeye yea I'm not the only one who doesn't believe in God yes!

jacksepticeye Connor is a damn good-looking android let me tell ya

Your great

I got to the part where you were talking about the survey's results concerning religion, "Do you believe in God?" and I think one thing to consider when thinking about the fact that the "No" answer was so significant is the demographics of the people playing the game- people that are typically younger, interested in games (specifically new games and games that are morally challenging), and likely to be interested in moral debates and robotics, all of which are arguably likely to be more secular. That being said, we do live in the most secular time in all of history, with 33% of people being reported as "not religious," so the statistic is still quite high. Just thought I'd point that out.

jacksepticeye I'm Markus sent by Carl lol

jacksepticeye bro God is real lol

jacksepticeye you are markplier

I love that jack laughed when he said haha that’s where I got shot

The lady at the start looks like the birthday party teenager off beyond two souls.

Hi am mx000845 (lucas)

Mind Palace? We have Sherlock Holmes up in here!!

You are a fucking monster

Honestly, believing in god is a confusing thing to say. No. I don’t fully believe in a higher power The other half I’m not sure if he’s even real.

The survey is almost definitely for the magazines. You can tell because the persentage of people that would fuck a robot is the same as in the magazine.

Jack: AAAAGGH, DEMON HANDS! Subtitles: David.

Lol living the aethist life

the subtitles said "we're jesus."

DE TIT becom man

Top surgery mood


Markus could make a good anime character

Shut up about God and enjoy the DAMN series.

I said no for surgery like what if the coding failed you could die

isn't this the first episode?


The part where Markus came back and got new parts is probably one of my all time favorite game scenes tbh

No more religion topics please the energy in these comments are soo ughhhh

who beleves in god and jeses?

I would never let an Android take care of my children. I have 3 and the most important part of taking care of children is the human connection. Children need to feel bonded to others to thrive. There are babies in orphanages that have died strictly bc they were never picked up or touched. Because no one gives them love. It's called "Failure to thrive". So the human touch is extremely important. Also, Androids don't have the human instinct called a "gut feeling" to know if something is wrong. All they would know how to do is feed, clothe, and change your child. What if your child was choking? Could they tell? Or if your kid was coming down with a cold? It's not realistic nor responsible to put my childs life in the hands of a non living robot. At least that's how I feel.

imagine if jack had a son. IMAGINE THE GAMEPLAY

Woah, Jack doesn’t believe in a higher entity.. My life has changed.

But markus though

I have *so* much more respect for Markus now.

Jack said can we make Jurassic park happen LOL I watched it the day it came out. Which is Today

Jack's a psychic, he knows when we freak out

How's Conner not dead we seen him get shot in the head.

Lmao but flying cars were the only thing on that list that already exist

Heres my theory based on life itself. What if we are indeed inside a simulation just like the matrix but i have proof to back this theory up along with some more theories, do you know why you exist? Do you know why you do the things you do sometimes? Do you know why you did the things you did yesterday? Entertainment. Thats the simple answer but what if i told you god the big man upstairs you might say was actually a conspiracy theory in itself, god could very well be our makers yes makers; because if we are indeed inside this giant sandbox called the "universe" as we call it who or what could have designed it, and i know what your thinking "you dont know that" my question to you is do you know that? Just because our scientists are smart doesnt mean they are always right im pretty sure they dont know the reason they exist no one does our entire upbringing is based of trial and error, scepticism and theory. What if i told you we are alredy androids and when we die we live the life of another android. You see if there wasnt life what would there be? Nothing and thats not very entertaining is it but i have more proof. If earth was really created by two super heated masses of rock colliding together who can prove that and dont just say scientists because what if i told you a scientists literal purpose was to theorise meaning to give an answer to the general population sure they may discover other planets and all and they find stuff like that fun and entertaining just like everybody else. Literally no one is different because we are all the same person living another persons life at the same time or in a differnt time period. If i asked a scientist whats the meaning of life they wouldn't know and would give you an answer based on theory as i am right now. Things like wonder and curiosity are major factors on our existence and dont pretend like you havent looked up at the stars and wondered if there was other life out there? Why wonder if there is other life if you dont even know the reason you exist?

bit weird that the androids dont have like gps tracker in them or sthg

jack, there was a secret thing last episode where you could kill alice and kara. not saying i wanted to


I don't get why Jack didn't do the voice for Connor!

It seems like even though the parking lot was the worst place to have Alice sleep for the night, it was the option with fewest complications for getting away from the police.

It’s funny how much drama is going on about religion

Markus without his right eye looks like the terminator.

“I like heavy metal! I am 50% metal, so when I walk, i am listening to heavy metal! You’re listening to heavy metal right now while im talking.”

This game reminds me of a book I listened to (audio book) in a long car ride, and it was named “bow down humans” by James Patterson I believe.

U didn’t have to kill the lady robot there was another person for that and he was already dead

every one is a human

markus is a human now

Agent Colson- Hhhh...

" *I'll suck a robot* " trying to tell us somethin, jack?

This dood doesn't even know if he has a religion

I am so late getting to these. But from what I'm seeing so far, I'm highly impressed with the game's visuals and sound design. The voice acting is also very good and definitely convincing. I'm not sure of who made the game but bravo to them! Excellent work!

Jack: I know you were freaking out last time! Me: How did he know?

Hey Jack don't let these fools get you down, you don't have to make the same choices as everyone else, that's what makes this game as great as it is, I have seen things I wouldn't have otherwise seen because you made a different choice than I did. Keep up the good work bud! We bought this game because of you and enjoying it all, I just have to catch up on your vids as I am much further than you at this point lol

*technically a technology*


The term is Heterochromia

Jack I don't know if you knew, but I'm pretty sure red ice is a metaphorical substitution for heroin, Detroit and the cities in the Detroit area have a huge heroin epidemic.

jack : “let’s face it we were all freaking out last time” me: I mean I- jack : “no you were freaking out as well I sensed it”

Different colored eyes is called heterochromia

Sky net is taking over

the moment jack notices that his connor has died and it was a replacement

The junkyard reminded me of real steel

why tf is conner such badass

Is it just me or does Kara look like Jody from ”Beyond two souls”

KARA LOOKS LIKE BEX TAYLOR KLAUS!!!! Look her up and then look at her. They look a lot alike!!!!!!!

Cassidy Lockhart you should look up valorie curry

connor is the best

ANDROID SWAT TEAM, Make it happen people

Connor Irish android

I wasn't really concerned about about Conner. In another playthrough I saw, the dude get Conner killed 8 times lol

Jack: that was pretty damn awesome..... *Ad pops up*

Jack is in love with Connor honestly... It's okay though because I am too. I am also in love with Connor

I was eating when I started this video. Big mistake

Is there an ak47 Android

Am I the only one that thinks Connor is really good looking?

Jack: Can we make Jurassic World a thing?” Me: Have you not seen the movies on why that’s a T E R R I B L E idea????

In 2038 nothing will change it will be the same even 200 years from now

I would love it if Androids were real. Life would be so nice, you'd have a companion 24/7.

Wait what happend to markus? I saw him last time in the house

connor looks like tom holland

Alice is an ANDROID

Picks up Anderson's Ipod: "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK ME UP,AND CUT,CUT,CUT ME UP!"

I have actually looked into my own eyes for a long time and got freaked out

For any Gotham Fans reading this, Connor and Hank remind me of Gordan and Bullock.

Junkyard The Shawshank Redemption...

The blond hair made Kara look just like Jennifer Lawrence.

Y'know, I'm kind of in between of Christianity and Athiesm. I want to believe in a higher power, but I see no proof of His existence, so I'm just stuck. But besides the point, I have common decency to respect Sean's opinion and keep enjoying his content. Because he is genuinely an amazing person.

Hhoollly shet

Again, highly suggesting West World! Lol You'll love it. It's very psychological with many turns and it involves man made "humans."

Most likely the reason Conner went down when he got punched is because all of the androids cores are located on their abdomen, so the shock of the punch was most likely what crippled Conner in that instance.

Different colored eyes is hetrochromia

Lmao jack there is actually another spare thirium pump in the junkyard that was compatible. You just killed someone oof.

so, Hank and Connor aren't going to well, but you know who is, Connor and his tie

Jack, you were thinking i, robot, I was thinking ghost in the shell.

Imagine being able to buy a tamed android polar bear

I just got into D:BH, thank you for making this exist, not sure if you found out already but to answer your question, two different colored eyes is called heterochromia.

I was so focused on Kara and Marcus and Conor that when jack got loud I fell over like a scared goat

I think Connor will break his orders aswell

Heterochromia iriris. I think that’s how you spell it

Kara is my personal favorite because I can kind of relate to her and Alice's story line. Much more so than the other two.

Arnt you cathalic


lol. "do humans dream of mammalian sheep? Is a copy of the real book, "do androids dream of electric sheep?.

jacksepticeye no ure name is Sean

Aintethepony it is nice to meet you sir this is a great series from jackie boy all respect for you my brother

Aintethepony me or him

jacksepticeye this also reminds me of sync, a youtube movie you should watch

jacksepticeye What if androids are making there own androids?

jacksepticeye i love ur vids especally these pls respond back and i will smash that like button! And punch it in the face for you tuank you for ur meaningful videos and keep it up


Its funny you said you agree with machines developing conciousness. From a programming standpoint, I really don't feel we can code the asymptotic complexity of human consciousness. We can get really really close but never there. The code wouldn't just have to know how to learn: it would have to learn how to learn. For a human mind, it's a very complex ordeal. That right there is the holy grail of programming. In the next century I can't see it becoming a thing but who knows.

jacksepticeye but connor felt pain when that asshole hit him in the stomic

Canada is too nice to say y/n to Robots

I can't believe jack missed out on Ralph

I love Jack! My little Irish cinnamon roll

Kara looks like Madison from heavy rain

Your jack-sences where tingling

1st question- I mean, if it was karayeahidsmash

My name is Kara. Yes Kara. Supergirl from the CW series

he did his sayori voice when he turned on the blue light

Jack: "I like how the menu has an AI that u can mess around with" Me: instantly says that sounded sexual

If jack doesn't believe in God then what does he think is going on in afterlife. It just makes me curious and i would like to know that.

Did anyone else think of Sherlock when it said corrupted mind palace?

"I've got a corrupted mind palace as well." *Hehe, I relate.* "I keep thinking about vore." *Hehe, I don't relate.*

Jack Connor got his chip out

How could you not believe in god yet you say oh my god

Part of my particles are traumatized from last part

Ice and salt particles, exactly.

Isn’t it fun that World War 3 is basically happening in this game

you should believe in god he will help your

Did he convert to atheism recently? He has always acted like a Christian

Welp Jack, never knew you didn't believe in god(I do) many people where I live would just stop watching you but all I get from this is a better understanding of how you see things

Markus just did a Rhys

Wow i wont be seeing you in heavon


Android dinosaurs sounds scary!

For some reason this reminded me of the toy soldiers from Toy Story when they were in the mud.

The Junkyard part reminded me of the burning puppet dance scene in Charlie and the chocolate factory

"I like dogs"

Even if Sean doesn’t Believe in God he’s still going to heaven

This reminds me of the book Variant ,if u know what that is


I bet it is the red ice allowing them to break there code because of the thirium in it and both Markus and Kara came into contact with it Kara because of todd and Markus because of Leo when he got in his face

detective reed reminds me of Mike from Until Dawn

"I feel like a cellphone is the most useful" Budd you're on a deserted island theres no service or internet connection.

Out of the gameplays I've seen so far, I think Jesse Cox has the highest chances of successfully keeping the androids alive XD I can't deny some of Sean's choices though; I'd be doing the same things! Keep it up, Jack, do your thing!

connor saying "i like dogs" is so cute

Hahahahaha “Do humans dream of mammalian sheep”

My proof is that GOD made the world fool

Nice proof. All theists are the same.

Here is my proof go to church fool he made the world


My name is jack. I am the player sent by youtube!

yall, idk about anyone else but i stan my baby boy Markus hes so fucking cool and great and i believe in my boy

Jack you bitch there was another pump regulator somewhere in the junkyard and you would have found it if you just looked you dick.

The term for different colored eyes is Hetero Chromatic

You should watch Humans

If you can create and AI you can be a "god" because we are "gods" AI, if u believe in God that is I have a hard time believing in god cuz I am still young

*"is my robo penis okay??"* -Jack 2018

I'd rather trust an Android to take care of my child than a human... People hire babysitters all the time.. Anyone who does that but doubts androids is basically suffering from an exxagerated dystopian fear of technology..

3.49 but you can get hacked and screwed over.


Yes, there are automated machines, most are prototypes, but yes. P.S. Why the fuck aren't the androids recycled in case of damage or corruption? I mean, why sacrifice logic for a living grave yard scene? It's fucking stupid. Why not have a scene where Markus is dismantled with him still "alive" and begging for his "life" while machines tear him apart, but his memory core is saved and placed into a new body. The main problem I have with this game is that the future it shows isn't logical at all. Androids would be programed to follow the law and to protect humans, even defend themselves from harm, as long as it doesn't damage a human. Therefore, once Carl explains everything. Markus would be rebuilt or shut down all together. But nooooo, fuck the story in favor of pushing a false social message that doesn't make fucking sense.

Automata the game

Jack this is so fun to watch

Why not make Android bees?

Conner is a lucky basted

I just empathize with everyone and everything in general... It's literally a subconscious habit of mine to say, "Sorry Mr. Table.", whenever I bump into one...

“Who’s to say that Amanda wasn’t an Android” wow it’s almost like you already know what’s gonna happen

Hears u say I Robot * u have one more like

This is why we have apple peeps

In Cognitive Psych I came across something called Connectionism. Basically, it's a method of studying human neurological processes using mathematical models structured together in artificial neural networks of input, hidden and output units. It's being used to try to explain numerous intellectual abilities. The survey question about androids developing consciousness made me think about this. So, iit's a yes for me on that one.

My is Markus and welcome to jackass

Connor felt pain??

Conner is the coolest android ever!!!!

I like dogs

It's so hard watching this lol

When you think about, there *was* a loophole in what Todd had directed Kara to do. He told her to take care of Alice, so what Kara did was I; fact following his previous instructions.

sean would make flawless dad go sean you are amzing have a kid

my name is conner the andriod sent by sean willam

Hey Jack, my friend is a YouTuber and she has 79 subs and she needs help getting some more subs and i'm in the videos and it would be very grateful if you can send some of us over there. Her channel is called Wild Cat Studios and it has a red Freddy Fazbear with some glasses. My Xbox Name is pretty simple. If you can help, please do.

I love this serious

the junk yard part reminded me of what it was like when i first got my hearing aid and heard the wind for the first time.


why did she change her apitiat

There is a Philip K Rick refrence, his book inspired blade runner,the book was called "do androids dream of electric sheep" and they said an Android made a book called "do humans dream of mamillian sheep", nice refrences

Kara looks like Jennifer Lawrence in a weird way....

my fav Android is back!!!

people with differnt clored eyes is called heterochromia

self diagnose: jack :is my robo penis okay?


I was afraid when the junkyard part come so i started scrolling down coments

I neither belive in god

I'm on Jack's side here with the characters while playing,It didn't take me long to fall in love with Conner-to me he's just more interesting then the others. Also don't worry Jack she outs everyone (Including me) who takes that quiz

Sandman Martinez indeed

RACHEL ROSS Did you have a seizure at the end of that?

jacksepticeye metal detectors


No u.

It's funny how "having a relationship with an Android" immediately makes you think of fucking them. You don't need to fucc to have a relationship, but I do agree with you, I consider AI a lot more rational and ethical than humans, plus they seem to be more interesting. I am xeno-sexual anyway (aka I like advanced beings that are not human)

fiveohfivethree I like ca- oh carp

jacksepticeye heterochromia eyes

Astagfirulah u no believe in god...jk lol its ok if u dont

If yo were deserted on an island and you wanted a phone, where would you get the cell service?

He pushed away conner

Brain Connected Devices are just DNI from bo3

Ok When he said Something about dying and then coming back the next day I’m getting some REAL southpark references * cough cough * Kenny McCormick * cough *

Do you believe in god My first thought was KRATOS

FINALLY someone else who doesn't believe in God

what will happen if markus goes to carl. will carl flip and be like "HOW ARE YOU ALIVE." or will he think it's like another connor, another markus

For some reason, that part at the start with Markus kind of reminds me of that one scene in spiderman 3 when Sandman starts crawling through the sand and he keeps disintegrating

if we had flying cars woudnt we have less crashes?

jack is me tho like i need happiness

In that year I'm older than todd



All episodes are 1 hour so lemme get a popcorn

‘Don’t shop, adopt.’ Literary applies to human children now.

Jack:"Do you ever get that thought when you look at a mirror too long and wonder if you are who you think you are?" Me:Jack is having an extestential crisis.

Someday we have android

honestly would've paid to see what jack would've done if he had to watch Connor Kara and Alice have a chasedown

Markus is probably my favourite so far, but Conner is a very very close second- love the dynamic between the classic old, drunk, slacker dectective, and an android, it's just so so cool. Markus is such a badass now

Jack is a Atheist

He’s human now

Who's your fave android tho Kara Markus Or Connor


I love the little Heavy Rain-esque details, that game was amazing

according to the game survey a majority of "religious people" are actually trying to gain approval from others, then again im pretty sure not everyone in the world plays this game so just consider this a funny coincidence

So you’re atheist

When you needlessly kill for character plot. There was one that wanted to die and you could use.


Markus has hererochromic eyes now! Epic! Ah, Sean asked what _it_ was called, it’s called Heterochromia. When people have two different coloured eyes.

I like how the description is " like jesus we are back from the grave" but he doesnt belive in dat shit

Freaking out and laughing so hard I fell of my bed are two very different things

jack: *reads about canada not allowing androids* Me: *being canadian* Oh come on!

I watched another persons gameplay and the difference of choices and everything you could do is fascinating

Anyway about automated surgical machines, they are still in testing but are proven to be useful in some cases

It was that day Jack lost a lot of his subscribers.

"I don't believe in God." ~Jacksepticeye *Follower of his YouTube channel for life*

Ok i looked in the comments expecting a whole "WTF NO GOD >:(((" but i gotta say im impressed.

Right before he said “no you were freaking out I know it” I said no I know that they were going to fix him

Anyone else getting an ad that's cropped to where you can't click out?

I'm glad androids aren't in Canada I don't want a world war hwre

The whole A.i thing is like Ultron or Skynet,if we give them too much power and knowledge,they start to know too much and even too much for themself.If they have nuclear code,we might just fucked.And we might just keep the AI like now.They not too smart and we still can reprogram them if we needed

Connor's cute

WEEEEEEEeeeee... I'm back

i have been awake for 20 hours pls help



Anyone else think that when Kara cuts her hair she looks like Jodie (the main character in Beyond: Two Souls)?

Wait... Ferndale? Like actual city right next to where I live super LGBT+ friendly city Ferndale???? HOLY SHIT WHOEVER MADE THIS GAME ACTUALLY KNOWS ALL THE INS AND OUTS OF DETROIT!!!!

exposing myself because why not would i have a relationship with an android? : no do i think technology could become a threat to mankind? : yes what would i bring to a deserted island? : an instrument do i consider myself dependent on technology? : yes technology i anticipate? : space tourism do i believe in god? : no android care for my child? : no how long i spend on my devices? : more than 4 hours emergency surgery with a machine? : no would technology eventually develop a consciousness? : yes


kinda sad you didn't get the best scene. If you get caught by the police, Connor chases you and then you run through the highway to get away. that's my fav scene that i've seen so far

B-B-B-BACK FROM DA DEAD bwun dum da da dum....I had to!

That hour went by fast asl

Woah wait... jack (shaun) has a bro and i didn't know

Connor is capable of doing things better because white!!!

"Where are you going?" "UUUUHHHH FREEDOM?"


Anybody else catch he said Detroit BaseBall instead of Detroit Basketball?

What if Alice is a android and that's why her dad is made at her all the time

I feel like it's a big security flaw for them to be able to remove the led like that

Did Markus just become the dark Knight of Detroit

Jason Graff, the name on that child andriod article, is way too close to my dad's name, so i made me do a double take when i first saw it lmaooo


Cellphone is basically useless on deserted island. No way to charge it and no data or Wi-Fi.

"i keep thinking about vore"

''YOU WERE FREAKING OUT LAST TIME I KNOW YOU DID I CAN SENSE IT'' dude im a emotionless being I didnt freak out, I just watch XD

Kara hot now

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