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This. Is the cutest subway, card I have ever owned in my life. We're. Gonna take this Airport, Railroad to. Our Airbnb. For, a first meal we just got some ramen. Kimbap. And then, we are also watching. The mom Awards, because I've been traveling for like 24 hours I don't know anyone do anything right now so we, just keepin it simple. Everyone. So I am back in Seoul and right now I'm headed to cafe onion which is a coffee shop I'm so excited to be back because it's. So fun here I, just love the energy and vibe it's. Actually really nice today because usually it's kind of. So. This is the stuff we're getting off of here is cafe onion and. What's. Cool is that they have like a back alleyway. Where you can kind of sit, so. You can come in here. Here's. Their menu. They. Have these, pastries. Here. This, black brunch looks so good I'm gonna get one of these. Here's. A closer look their, menu. We. Got one mushroom focaccia, a black. Button. And then we have two Americanos, one cold and one. Hot. There's. Like walnuts and cream cheese in here and the topping, has just like rusted. A bit on it and it's so good. But. Do you see this color oh my god. Here. Is the aftermath of all. The. Food that we just ordered well okay, we ordered liked to breath everything, was really good you guys should have only come here yeah. They make really good pastry and, call me and I. Think, it's, an. Amazing. Love, and, color in here it didn't like this hipster. Kind. Of neighborhood, so there's, a lot more Cantonese, around. Coffee. Makes you happy they know what's up because that's the truth how. Cool is it that we are like literally in a subway station down there selling ready-made. Hot, food they have those fish, cakes and just like dough cookie oh my. God guys this is amazing. There's, so much there's I'm already, tired, and. I didn't even walk off any go. Into this large. While. They afford ice cream. We. Just came to this Emaar to get some drinks so I'm getting this Korean, ginseng. And then we have a, vitamin. C like lemon drink. We've. Come to a common ground just to shop around and, I've never been here and the building looks super.

Cool Like shipping boxes. Everyone. Is over here taking pictures. Very. Instagram, whirly here's. What it looks like on the inside just a bunch of little sections. To. Buy clothing. Mainly, just clothing and, food, but the area is actually really small so it's mainly just to kind of like walk around and. Hang out. We're. At the second floor right now so this is just an overview of, the, whole place. The. Area. I'm. Gonna try this Korean red ginseng, drink that I bought at the commune, sewer I've never had, red, ginseng before so we shall see what it tastes like I actually. Really like it it's kind of sweet this. Is good I'm sure this is like, supposed. To be for. Some specific when. You're feeling sick or something but I'm just like you're in casually it's actually really good it's kind of sweet and it tastes like a little herbal a medicinal but, I couldn't like those deputies we're, at common ground and we're gonna head to this coffee, shop called Shirdi table because. It is another one that I'm gonna go check out and Simpsons in the neighborhood, we're just gonna go there all at once so. Right now we're at common grounds, and, we're. Gonna go to share. Detail basically. In a walk in this, direction. We've. Just made it to this coffee shop called, shared, eat able and, it. Looks super cute inside so let's go in. Was this such a pretty happening. Is so, big. There's, a lot of space in the back as well you, know I'm all about the. Aesthetics, over here so I got this pink Moga and look. At this, so pretty. I. Need. To come fill my card first because I have like number money in here I'm gonna put 10,000. And. Then. It should load, for you. We. Are taking, this train today we are going to the production, which. Is the restaurant, you hear, that okay anyway we are headed to you dog dog which is the restaurant that. I see. A lot of their pictures inside, and. Yeah. Let's go, in. We. Think it smells so, good. My. Ready like. A beauty vlogger showing makeup right now, there. We got a bite over here with a piece of kimchi. Thank. You for chili. All. Right so I made it to the wine store I know I showed, this alleged last time I was here but there's new of BT's for with their products and, just way more products, that they had last time so I wanna, show you guys again, because. Same, amount of product here at I'm just super excited right now if it goes. So, cute look at his scarf. What, mom's body looks like shimmery like they upgraded, her or something. This. Is a really nice neighborhood a super chill and there's a bunch of little small shops and. The. Sunset, or sky looks. So pretty it's like this peachy, pink color. We've, just come to this bubble. Tea shop called, cofee. Oka so let's go in and check, out some drinks. Oh, it's. Tiny in here. Oh. My. Gosh, there's. A lot of signatures there. We. Came to this bubble tea shop and there's, kpop. Everywhere. Some. Idols also, sign the tables. It's. Everywhere, guys. So. We ordered a peach, tea. With tapioca, and then, we also have a coconut. Milk tea so there's tapioca. Bubbles on the bottom, and, they. Were so nice they gave us jungle. Sleeves. But. It's, to keep right so then she. Gave us like another person I'm, sorry I don't know who this is, Taeyang. Just drinking, peach tea, from. This shop here, is super, good we've. Just come to acne, studios to look around and look how beautiful, it is right now I am in love with this view. Guys. They have this some young, fire. Chicken. Noodle sauce here that is crazy, I think like my. Body will explode if I use this I like spicy but not that spicy, I'm. Back here at meta Hill they actually saw this in New York but over here it, is what, 9001 in New York they sold, a pack of these for like 20 or something it was insanely. Expensive their, little wins your Assessors are so cute and look they have little tote bags on their arms. At, Yongsan right now and there's so much food so. And. Buy. Some goodies to eat when we look at all these, pomegranates. This, looks so good. They. Have little packets of these spicy chicken, almonds. Oh my god I didn't even know this was a thing. But. The subway station right now and. Because, here. We're. Waiting for the train or not to go home and winter is on the. Train. Adverts, eating, Oreos so now I want Oreos, vacanam. Is. So, crowded and it's Monday night and it looks like the weekends, but I'm. Gonna go back to the. Air baby now to, shop around you. Everything. Yeah, my. Fingers, swelled. Up or something because my rings are stuck right now it's a knot go. On like this this morning it's like my bones, grew, it, looks so gross but anyway I picked. Up a shitty, today at the line store because, I like, this, size because, he's not super vague and I. Also really. Like that he doesn't have that cookie texture. Because I don't, like how rough that is this one is super soft and squishy and I feel, like I just bought a new little baby.

Hopefully, Nice Hummer now. Right. Now we're just sitting here waiting for our shuttle to go to our snowboarding. Nami Island tour. And here's everyone. There's not much you Ashley but this area is really nice it is at dummy moon so that is the plaza over there I believe. So. Called. Okay, we finished. - sharpening, the lat me either okay it should be around, 1250. To 1:00 p.m. I run and then we'll return to our tour bus - before - the skiing, location. L can't see outside is it so cold this. Buses are all father. Thank. You. So. Here is our ferry for, Nami, Island. Okay. We. Just ordered our Americanos. From, this cafe, called, nami nara republic. This. Is all their drink, menus. You. Know the first step is that we need caffeine right because I am NOT, awake. Right now so. We have arrived at Nami Island. I believe. This is the really popular. Tree. Lane from, the scene from the drama that I never. Watched, so. I, don't, really know but it looks pretty here and it's super peaceful, today. It's supposed to be the warmest, day in, Seoul, while, I'm here which is the highest is like 40 degrees but I think it's because I'm. On this island right now it's extra cold but there is a campfire right, here it's, super warming, but a lot, of like ashes are coming out so yeah. Don't inhale that guys they. Should put the fire everywhere. It. Seriously, is so pretty, here. They, really decorated, this place out, for you to take pictures, and, I'm. Here for it guys. There's a peacock, hair oh my god the. Colors, are so, beautiful. What. Are we friends. We're. Gonna get some of these steamed buns. We. Just got these steamed, bun that is supposed to have red beans inside, and I love red beans so can't. Wait to try this it. Is a thousand. One each and it looked to for pillowy. So, here is the inside, of the bun oh the music is so loud. I'm. Really here just to eat food. This. Is really good I love red bean buns we. Are getting, fish, eggs right now. So. Here is our fish cake so we just thought I try these the first time the other day and they're so good so, we. Just got some of those. We're, just gonna put some of the sauce. It. Looks really good I love all. These like sesame, looks. Like there's some soy sauce and like spring, or green onion, I love, done stuff so I'm. Just gonna brush a few or, drop a few of this in there. Let's, just dump, the whole bow is that too much guys maybe okay oh my god, I'm, sure it will taste amazing. Also. Have red, corn here and I love corn but I feel like every single time I eat. It I need to floss my teeth cuz it, gets stuck in there there's, some more Birds over here and they look so fluffy. And white and soft. Oh my god they. Look like some sort of peacock but I'm not sure I've never seen these types. They. Don't play around with you. We. Just got a hot dog and a fish bar, or. Fish cake bar, and. I try this hot dog. There's. A squirrel right. Above my head. I. Was. A whole corn on the cob in its mouth we're, here at the sequoia, trees and it smells so good here, and these trees are really pretty. It's. So peaceful and beautiful I, love. Being a nature. It's. Like bringing if I do right now I had to be optometrist, I'm doing because I saw other people doing it. Wow. This is just so beautiful. There. Are more snacks here so we're gonna go check it out because yeah. There's, beautiful nature but, there's food we're, here to get some whole stool. I'm Tommy. We. Just got some Mota, from this, shop. Up here. Can't. Wait to try it I. Didn't. Get into the filling yet but the. Outer is really good mmm. The, inside, oh my god it's like this sweet nutty cinnamon, brown sugar. I mean, it's so good I love, it.

Yeah. We're. Waiting for the ferry to leave not me Island and our next destination is, to go snowboarding. I'm nervous don't worry and, I feel like I'm gonna fall a million times but we. Shall see I hope, feeling it's great really fun so, this. Is everyone letting up for. The 30 this, ice sculpture here, is insanely. Cool. I feel like I'm in that ice castle, oh my god it's so slippery okay. Be careful but. This is so cool, hope. We. Hear snowboarding, check, out this view. I'm. Kind of nervous because it's the first time I'm snow wearing I'm not that good but, surprisingly. I'm not okay now I thought my butt so much time that it's, burning right now to the hurts but this, is a lot of fun. We've. Just come here to return our clothing, that, we rented, four hours. Boarding. We've, just come back to, dongdaemoon. And we're. Gonna go take the train back to condom. That. Every single time I walk it's, hurting, this time around we're also living, in the same building as we did the, first time but our Airbnb. Is different, we've, just come to this restaurant, to get dinner which serves, Chinese. Korean, food. So. Here is the menu for, the, restaurant we, just came into so. They have like your. You. Know those super popular Korean, Chinese dishes it's. All in here. Oh my. God there's, a fire going on but I love that there is like a, self-service. Bar for, Tom. Oh gee. Our. Food, just arrives it came super quick so we got two. Bowls of China. Dumplings. In. Jumbo, oh my. God it looks so good. Way, better than package. Forever of course. We. Also have some dumplings, here so let's just give that a taste first. Juicy. Taste. Right. Now we're waiting for our. Time, at the scotch on rail bike I feel like this was, more, for like maybe, spring, our fall when the weather is really nice but it's a little cold today because, we're gonna be outside but. It's basically a rail. Bike and we. Were the only ones here right now I have a heat pack it's so tiny that it's not really like helping, but. I guess it's better than nothing, we. Just got some coffee I am so sleepy right now but, this, is the good stuff. This. Is the location that we're at the GaN Xiang rail park and, we're, gonna take some rail, bikes so we're, just waiting for our time with just at 10:00 and it's around like 9:00 something right now this is what we're gonna be doing but. You can probably see that people come here when it's like spring summer fall and we're here when it's like in. The teens but. It's, all good it looks really pretty. So. We're just gonna be waiting, here and it's 9:26. Right now. I'll, show you, where. The bikes are so, we, got this one which is a two-seater. It's. Snowing really lightly so actually looks really pretty so. These are the bikes that we're gonna be on there's two seater and four seater I got the two seater but if you're going with more family, or friends you can also do the. Four seater, also. If you guys are planning to come here they sell, coffee and, food and, it's all in English so. It's really easy to order there's. Also some, little snacks over here like hot dogs and. Fish. Cakes sausages. Stuff, like that and then, there's also like this little convenience, store in here. I'm. Excited. It's our team you're. So. Fast and okay let's fast asleep I'm ready guys. Everyone's. All lined up ready to go okay. Funny, thing is I don't know how bike in your life as I'm Barris incredibly I guess no one's really taking the four-seater it's, like oMG over there. My, legs are low-key, too sure to write this so I, have, to like scoot back a little bit before, them to reach that's, what we're going. It's. So windy. My. Hands are frozen it's. So cold like I don't even feel this heat pack and these clothes are not really helping. Anymore. We're, coming into this cave or I. Think it helps, that there's snow so. It looks a little more wintry. Oh it's, so pretty look. I don't know, oh my god. Pluses, do not step off the. Bike in the tunnel, yeah. Some dangerous. I put, on my humungous. Hat to block some window do you guys see the front over there it's like a hole light. Show. Oh my. God guys it's, like a tunnel club. We just got off the rail bike and I think there's like maybe a few minutes for, you to take a break before we like you back on I feel like I cannot talk or not because my.

Face Is frozen from. The cold I can't move my mouth. Is, a great time to take a break because. My hands are so cold that they're, not and they're me I feel like they're about you seriously. So beautiful, right now because, the snow is getting larger. But. It's still really calm and. There's. All these little beautiful, kitties. Here, oh my god. It's so cute I. Feel. So bad for them I'm so cold. Come. No. Come here, I didn't. Do anything. Remember. Tory was a place of budding probation. So. Right now we're on the train he was. Oh. My. God this is so beautiful. And, the snow just makes it even more perfect. We. Are getting off this train right now. We're. Just gonna chill here until. The. Next bus, back so we got off the train here, and a. Shuttle, that goes back to the, start point arrives, every hour. This. Is a cute little neighborhood. With, a few. Like shops and, food and there's, a convenience, store here now we are on our way back to, wait for the shuttle bus and right now it is 1124. And the, rail, bike started, at 10:00 so. All in all those around like an hour-ish, because, they give us like 20 minutes just to take a break and kind. Of just enjoy the scenery, so, the actual writing part probably. Did not last that long so I would say this whole activity is quite short, but. It's definitely a really, nice experience, and if you just have some extra time I definitely, recommend, you come because it's not gonna take you the, whole day because, it is the winter though it is so cold and we get on the bike it's even, colder because this wind is just like blowing. In your face so. If you do like the winter scenery put on a mask and, make, sure your layer with like scarves and stuff like I think i under arrest like, I have earmuffs and scarves and baths and I did not pray every Louisa. So, we just got off the shuttle, bus back to the entrance of the rail part we're just gonna go take the train back to the city here, is the entrance of our train it actually looks like a palace or something. We're, taking it here, all, the, way back, to, the seven train and then we can transfer, so, this is the station to get to the rail part if you are taking public it's a game yugyeong, station, and, I.

Think. The train is coming. We. Just stopped, back at our Airbnb and, I totally forgot that I bought a shogi pillow so, he's just chillin, on my bed this, place has a really nice view we actually just bought some kimbap, because, we're. A little hungry yeah. We got like this. Fried. Tofu one which. We tried before and it was really good so, we. Just got that again so. This just has a bunch of vegetables in there and some, tofu. We're. At Paris baguette, and they have so much beauty to no one products here so this is all of their ice cream that, they have they, have a B C - one cake here it's so cute and then. There's. Also this rainbow one over here she, is a Madeleine, Beauty, sort one cookie set here we just got some. Brought like this pizza, over here, spread. Some, red. Bean mochi aremy, suits heart and a cheese pig's heart, this. Is really good just like a fried mochi total, of sugar and, then, there's red bean filling inside. We. Just stopped by this restaurant, that apparently I think the weightlifting fairy film, -. I've. Come to sell nan de to do some shopping, so. I hope I can find some stuff in here let's go and then there's also. Chew. On. This, other side. New. Arrivals, let's go look at this first. We've. Made it into the pink pool cafe, here, at the. Stand, on the Hongdae. Location. There's. So much clothes here I don't even know what we can look in because I love stone Mona. Just. Always here eating, all the food at mom one market and this is from, Isaac. Toast it's, kind of sweet and savory. So, pretty. Good. So, we're getting into a, cafe plate right now and if, you guys don't know this is Jay. From, icons, sister's, cafe. You. Got a cheesecake. And Oreo, chocolate, cake and there, are two coffee drinks, one is a cappuccino, and one. Is an iced americano and, it's try to take my god. There's. A whole icon, section, over here. We're. Here at Lotte, world it, gets really busy throughout, the day so if, anyone is planning to come here, probably. Come to. Hearing the beginning of the day because it's really packed right now we've, just arrived, at Lotte. World, I'm super. Excited. Look. At this cute, winter, snowman. Decoration, in here guys this is the most exciting, part when, you get to choose which. Headgear, you want oh my god I kind. Of like this one. About. To get on the floating. Tire air balloon that goes, our newest all he knows my heart. It's. So much prettier night time so if you guys are planning to come make sure you can stay until it, is. So pretty.

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