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Hey fam. I'm at Express Bus Terminal, I'm going to take my bus for Gyeongju. I'm just getting breakfast before taking the bus because or else, I'll be really hungry during 3 hours and a half. So yeah, I'm going to take a 3h30 bus to Gyeongju.

I'm going to visit places, it's going to be cool. I'm sorry, there's going to be a lot of temples this week. They will be the last ones. I think you'll see three more and that will be the end of it. As usual, I have a little hibiscus ice tea, my favorite thing ever, and a cheese bagel with cream cheese.

And here, I have my little boarding pass. I have arrived in Gyeongju. I'm super happy.

The weather is so nice and Gyeongju is actually beautiful in summer. Like, while passing by in the bus, I saw all of the rice fields and the mountains and it's all green since it's summer so it's even cooler. I am arriving at Bulguksa Temple which is a UNESCO World Heritage sight, of course. With Paul, we preferred going to Seokguram Grotto, a bit higher in the mountains. There was a really cool Buddha there that I couldn't film, it wasn't allowed.

This temple should also be really beautiful because it's one of the most popular temples. Guys, I think this is my favorite temple in the end because it's really beautiful, the whole park around it is beautiful and the big building with the big stairs, I do think it's really dope. Unfortunately, I'm very ugly today, I don't know why, I must be tired, or else I could have taken loads of pictures of me, been very narcissistic. I can't speak French anymore, thankfully I'm going back soon. But, yeah, for real, this temple is really beautiful.

Please visit it if you come to Korea. When I came with Paul, it was winter, so I just wanted to show you what the royal tombs look like in summer. When we came, they were all yellow since everything was dead but now it's all green. We're facing the sun unfortunately, but I think it's really dope.

All of these are tombs. There's a bunch of people doing a picnic since the weather is super nice. There you go, you can see it's summer. Everything is green.

It's so chill. It's funny because I ended up in the exact same street where we were looking for food with Paul last time. I'm very happy because I'm going to do a shabu shabu which is probably my favorite Korean dish just for the fact you can put anything you want in it. It's so cool. You can do a stew with anything you want in it, so of course, I love it.

So, I'm very happy to do that. Guys, the situation turned around. I think you can't even wait. I'm so disappointed. I'm so disappointed.

I wanted my shabu shabu so badly but I don't think it's possible. Look at how dope it is though. It comes in the form of lunchbox like that. There's several different dishes but I wanted a shabu shabu.

Seriously, look at it, it's so beautiful. I'm going to see if I can get on the waiting list or not. It's very disappointing but I'm giving up. It's fine, I'll do a shabu shabu in Seoul. It looked so dope though. Why are there so many people everywhere? There's always a bunch of people here.

Okay guys, so this was THE tourist spot in Gyeongju. No-one leaves Gyeongju without taking a picture here except me, the first time, because I mistook it for Anapji Pond. Anyways, I found it. It's dope. I'm having an awesome time. It's really cool. It's so beautiful right now. The mountains are so beautiful. The sky is a bit pink.

It looks like a painting, it's amazing. Guys, I think shabu shabu is definitely not happening but look, there's a bunch of Koreans taking photos, even guys. There's a group of six guys over there, all taking pictures, it's crazy. Hey everybody. I have arrived in Gimcheon to meet up with Lucy.

I'm waiting for her right now. She should be here any minute. I took the train. I was falling asleep. Thankfully, I didn't miss my stop so it's all good. It was quite fast actually. It took a bit less than two hours to come from Gyeongju. She's here.

Look at the pretty mountains. We're going on a bridge that looks really dope. I think this is a dam. For real, guys, Korea is so beautiful. It's so beautiful.

We're moving forward. It's so peaceful. Little dam. Little bridge. It's a suspended bridge guys. It's a suspended peacock? (can't speak French anymore lol) A suspended bridge like in the Dinner Game (French movie) except it's not made in matches but metal.

It's so nice. What is a suspended bridge though? (from the Dinner Game) Suspended bridges are quite funny actually because they're not stable at all. I can feel the ground moving. Are you scared? It's made to scare you but I'm not scared. It's so beautiful. I love this place.

I told Lucy I couldn't do my shabu shabu yesterday, so she took me to one. I'm so happy. Look at this. Okay, so, this is clearly not for me. But this is the broth. And there's meat over there. But yeah, that is clearly not for me.

This is dope. This is dope. So, here there's noodles, there's rice, over there, there's meat and here they're doing a bunch of vegetables right now I'm kind of feeling anxious right now but it's okay, I'm going to make it. And here, there's Lucy eating ice cream as a starter. Lucy: I love you, ice cream.

Alex: I love ice cream. Lucy: Yes, I love ice cream. Alex and Lucy: I love ice cream. Alex: but not as a starter. Look, there's a bunch of plants. It kind of smells like soil though.

I don't know why it smells like soil, well, yes I do, it's because there's a bunch of plants. But yeah, it's pretty. Little vanilla latte, of course. I think I'm addicted to caffeine now, it's great. Little cookie.

Passion fruit and Lucy who's still here. Last moment in Gimcheon. Look, it's really nice.

It's very rural. It's really nice though. So, there you go, friends. That was the little weekend vlog. I loved going back to Gyeongju. Honestly, it's an amazing city. If you come to Korea, go to Gyeongju.

There's so many things to see there. I also loved Gimcheon. I didn't think I'd love it this much but I saw some really cool places. I also saw Lucy and spent time with her so it was cool. I also met her dad who is really nice and it was great to walk around with him because he gave a ton of explanations at the temple like the fact there's always a bridge at the entrance of a temple to throw away all of your worries in the river and there are gods who look like monsters to step on your demons.

So, it was really cool. I loved it. I hope you also enjoyed it.

I'm about to leave for my templestay which should be very interesting and fun. It will be the last one, promise. It's going to be cool, I'm excited.

Then, I'll head to Incheon and that will be it. I am very happy. Loads of kisses. I hope you're doing well. I love you very much.

2021-06-01 12:16

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