Backcountry Camping - 10 days, 100km of Canadian Wilderness on foot - day 5

Backcountry Camping - 10 days, 100km of Canadian Wilderness on foot  - day 5

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good morning on day number five we're packing it in was a  really bad storm last night   day five yeah there's a big something  flying around freaking Eva out so our tent is strung up drying out from last  night the floor turned out to be a little wet   surprisingly we didn't get that much water in  sights and stone island is the way to go no seams   on the floor either this thing is drying up this  was completely soaked i took it off that was our   place you could probably tell the pad right there and yeah this thing was soaked through well not  through just really wet on top now it's completely   dry already so what i'm going to do is i'm going  to tie off these points long rope because when   you're taking it apart after it's always an issue  right so when you do this it's not an issue and   then you just use the tie off points that you  actually need when you need them so what i like to   do is i start right at the tarp i think about five  finger length and just fold it like so in my hand all right once i have enough i just wrap it and then before my rope runs out   i will put my finger through like so and  then it's easier to loop it through just   like that you take your finger out and tighten  it while uh it's not going to get tangled up oh yeah guys here day five here we go today is the day we're gonna  be walking till the night falls essentially   i have managed to repack my bag somehow  still as heavy as it was i just lose   a couple of dry bag packing in there  and i'm already tired what's up just wait what she's trying to say is  that eventually it wears off   and you get the groove on let's add another  leader to us right here in the front look at her over there look at that woman  that backpack is still lighter than mine i realize now it's so much lighter but good i'm  glad you're doing better and we've picked up pace   over the last couple of days so that's great  so we'll see you on the trail it's that way   so this is what we're saying time of the  day one uh trip odometer 21.32 kilometers   but we've lost a kilometer along the  way where this thing was not recording   so uh our moving average overall average  went from 1.1 to 1.3 last day or yesterday   and uh yeah seems to be doing a lot more  stopping than moving overall moving time   five hours and eleven minutes we're a quarter  of the way past a quarter of the way today   we should be almost at half which tells you  something about today and that's all mountains   so we'll see you up there um honey i'm  not liking the way you're going there there's water everywhere but there are  pieces of wood we could cross on top of if you're careful hopefully she runs across oh okay i'm through i know you did it's still a little bit wet over here on this  side so you're still gonna get wet i got wet   but it's a lot better than walking right  through water just boats boat sticks yeah   and those are not long enough for you  that's why nice and easy through there honey and now you got wet shoes eh that's not good  but they'll dry off by the time we get there good girl you've done well but today unfortunately  is one of those days where we got a mosey   especially here cause later it's gonna be tougher this way cookie oh she's doing a  deuce give her a moment good girl that's what i've done but not the clothes you're  sleeping in those you got to keep dry no matter   what because anything can happen clothes that  you're wearing and you got them in a dry bag   yeah because you don't need to change right but  the sleeping clothes after we get wet and thing   that most important thing is to stay dry at night  otherwise you might not wake up in the morning freaking kidneys will shut down from being frozen and that's a real thing this is the view we've come up to just now  our campsite was on that little peninsula   right there on that lake it's really shallow  lake huh it seems all right we saw a lot of   small fish i didn't catch anything though so  we go from to our very first natural waterfall seems to be a lake behind those rocks there  and that's coming down from there i'd love   to go fishing right there but we're so tight  for time today unbelievably tight for time 14 kilometers to cover i didn't  even tell eva she has no idea we got a cross here yes way this was not like this last  time there's a lot more water   that's the way it goes that's a beaver dam this was not like this last time i was here it's all the water from last night's  rain it's coming down from the mountains   this is not good this is our best spot in terms of  crossing everything else is just a raging torrent   now what i remember from last year oh  sorry not last year last time i was here   this was a tiny little creek and could  just hop over the rocks this is real now there's some current in this  thing but i'm going to take   my shoes off and i'll drag the family over i guess see it on the other side okay so i'll show you where to put your feet from here you want to step there from there you  don't want to go too far you want to be there   and then hop over to either that or that you see  that white stuff that's the rocks and if your foot   goes down a little bit that's just the mud but  do not step there that's that's the hall okay   go nice and easy all right so just go  cookie you stick you stick remember   you want to leap over this thing eh  put your poles in front of you after and these are going to get  wet you should roll them up finally made it across it was tense for a  moment there but um it was intense for a   moment but we are here safe and sound hopefully  there's not more of these crossings today   no this was a ridiculous one this is right  in between two lakes and it just drops off   there's a couple of waterfalls if you fall in that  that's it and that water is going it's not slow this thing is trickling less  and less we gotta swish it again   the water in this park is actually  fairly hard so it's hard on filters   whenever in killarney you're going to clean  your filter a lot more often than anywhere else that actually sounds like another waterfall it's on it's definitely another waterfall  day five seems to be the most scenic watch your step here honey i know it's nice but  you don't wanna you do not want to fall in that and this trail she's rugged that's the chute right there well we know what we're doing here you're going to jump without your  bag you're taking your bag off   cookie you stay here hold on to her so she  doesn't go like i'm not gonna do anything take your backpack off hold on to it for a moment that is true ah i'll take fukulina and jump  across can you do it or do i do it you do not fall okay hold on before you do it i want to be over there just in case over there jump over not right there do it here do it here what why you  want you want me to jump with it   okay that's what i said to begin  with and then you grab there so i did good girl let's go daddy's gonna  go with you look at this big waterfall that's it we're on the other  side good job okay mommy she's good that's where we opt over that's what  she looks like below you go into that you don't   come out you'd be very lucky to come out two days  ago we came across you see that v like a lowest   area in the middle over there no over there where  i'm pointing with the stick okay that's the pig   that was two days ago yesterday we stayed at three  narrows over there that's three kilometers away   cookie come come here this way yeah so this  is your first view of three narrows the rocks the markers are the rocks really windy up here that's the spot no no that one that's the  spot and we were camping like way over there we still got a ways to go we  gotta pass this entire lake we have been given this  beautiful weather thank you god   this is absolutely stunning amazing the  wind is on our side it's on our backs   it's just cool enough to drop the sweat  right off you and it's amazing i just love it so now we're going straight down and  then we're going straight up that thing   you see that in front of us it's a beauty it's a beauty of a place   it's definitely worth it once you see  this it's gorgeous rocks look loose well backpacks off on this one unfortunately watch what i'm doing here see this ledge this is  probably where you want to end up and i don't know i would use this step well if you don't  want to take your backpack off by all   means go for it because it is tough to  put it back on though by all means it is i'm just not going to strap it and  strap it in i'm just going to like   have it halfway on it's just straight  down this mountain it's straight up the other good girl loose rocks at the end of it there's a water i'm crossing gonna be grabbing her by that what an adventure huh what an adventure  you're on good girl all right daddy's got you like i said it gets technical we  will never make our own time now this is all so washed out is there a  better way maybe across that over there yeah there's a better way through  here still stumble stumble if you fall i left my poles up there too ah don't worry about them i need to get my  backpack off anyways i want to like push it down this is the best way don't worry about them just get  your ass down there want me to   take care of your bag no you're gonna be okay cookie come watch too come here good girl rock just slipped wow it's a huge  boulder that just slipped stay there   holy these are all loose here i pushed it out of the way  because we don't want that there that's what the crack looks  like but on a bigger scale and everything is loose just like that i'm just gonna go the easier way yep used to be the day of the waterfalls  we've seen so many so far here's a little one   and this is a spring completely clear water   no foam on that and here's a big  waterfall and that's a waterfall nice now we're going straight up we're getting  some more water at another location we're just short of uh site 23 the map  itself sure shows that there's not that much   in terms of rivers or anything going through so i'm gonna fill up on our water right here there's  the next four kilometers are a little dry and it's   getting late so who knows we might be stuck with  this somewhere and not have any water to drink time to fill up here we are completely  exhausted after uh running through the mountains   it is tough we've done some technical stuff  earlier today which absolutely kicked our butts   and those backpacks after a while get really  heavy so we've made a decision no fire pit today   we are staying back about five or six kilometers  from our spot and we're gonna double up tomorrow

2021-01-28 02:12

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