Backcountry Camping 10 days 100km of Canadian Wilderness on foot - day 8

Backcountry Camping    10 days  100km of Canadian Wilderness on foot  -  day 8

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day eat cookies doing her morning  routine which is licking her paws i'm just changing so i can get on the  trail patrick went to use the privy   and we just had breakfast oatmeal with some fruit oh we're gonna get packing and go fill  up our water bottles a little trailblazer cookie's a champ she's done so well i'm very proud  of her it's windy it's cold but it definitely is   not raining so that's a bonus and uh once we get  in the trees it's going to get a lot warmer i'm   sure just got to get out of the wind this is a  little exposed we set up that tarp last night   what a difference this is the only way i'll  set it up from now on the reason being it   absolutely blocked the wind last night and it was  windy it was definitely windy during that storm   we had a lot of rain last night 10 to 15  millimeters or so and uh yeah we're warm and dry   so the lean 2 is the way i'm gonna go from now  on out here and that tent in my regular tent that   was never an issue but this one it's only a tarp  with a mosquito net underneath it so it kind of   the wind kind of just blows right through  it so you're kind of stuck with a better   sleeping bag and silly me for the in order to  save on weight i took my lightest sleeping bag   it's definitely a summer sleeping bag and as such  i'm sleeping in all my clothes every night but   there goes uh something to learn right it's  not summer anymore it's fall it is september 10   of 2020 and we have 28 kilometers to go  we're on our way out we're not heading   in anymore we're heading out that's right  cookie we're heading out four more days back on the trail today is a very short  day uh no more than five kilometers today   and very good because my right hip is acting up  today plus i got the best string i got that push   string blister on my left foot the one on the  right seems to have gone away but the one on   the left tour and it's just a pain in the butt  so i'm stepping weird and now my hip is hurting   but we're pushing on right on schedule this  is what we're walking through right now rocks to the right and rocks to the left yep thank you just going through these  rolling boulders in this area now when i said that there's a lot of mushrooms  in this place i am not exaggerating and just for   some reference here i'm going to put some feet  down so you can see what i'm talking about but look at the size of the thing you see that there's my foot and i mean this happens to be one kind of mushroom   and there are hundreds of species here it's so  colorful this area seems to be just this one   and i just found another one actually  there's those guys there's that yep yep there are those if anybody knows  mushrooms and what they are leave us a comment   yeah that looks like an old machlachik slippery jack mushroom mushroom and more  mushroom this is the forest of mushroom uh i'll try to drop in a photo from up close see  them white ones over there it doesn't look like   a morel but if somebody could tell me what that is  and it seems to be growing everywhere here in this   section uh let me know let me know in the comments  section please i'm interested to find out yeah   this whole section is just littered with them yeah  look right here right here beside the trail boom top of a rock here what you see in a distance it's  the silver peak the highest point and i think i   see a person up there actually all right up there  that peak to the left 560 meters or something we did not do that today but we  will be doing that in the future i've done that was it eight years ago  eight years ago i've done that yet the first sign of a blue sky it's all dark  and ominous all around us and there it is   blue sky above us beauty and here we are walking through those rolling  boulders it's gotten a lot more technical as   we went along it's all up and down up and down up  and down up and down now anyway i'll see you later   not to mention that this is day eight hueva look  around don't miss this because this is gorgeous we have gone around this entire range mountain  range up and down all those mountains behind   this one that's the silver peak we haven't  actually climbed that that but we went around it   and then pretty soon you're gonna  see the last peak we're gonna climb   on our way out of here and then it's the crack the crack nah don't worry you'll be fine   we'll just take it nice and  easy and it'll be just fine uh i'm going that way i think the  loose boulders slippery roots wet rocks   and just a path through the woods no more  than two feet wide i'm just following that i don't know but there's lakes to left and right   we should be almost at our  destination now for the day and that lake down there  looks pretty home for tonight lots of room to camp around here lots of nuts okay it'd be nice to take these backpacks off  let's just find a good spot right away first   because a lot of it is wet over there i want to go  where it is nice and uh dry like that spots there this spot here is good i'm trying to  also like find a spot which is gonna be okay it's far away from here  but come here check this out i can set up the tarp we can do the setup right the here seems to be coming from  this direction i'll set up the   tarp to stop that from happening but i'm saying let's go try it let's see  if there's anything there so such is every day we come to a spot we  gotta figure out a good location to go to   sleep because you definitely don't want to end  up in an area like this all this is wet for   a reason there was a puddle here when it was  raining we want to avoid sleeping in a puddle find me a spot for the tent  first that's what i'm hoping for i think i did yeah i'm pretty sure that was  it it's more windy here actually   and we'll set up the tarp so don't worry unless you know what let's  drop the bags there for now   and let's have a walk around without the  weight we don't want to miss a spot like   yesterday again you know it was a nice spot  there just leave it under the tree for now oh yes yes sir big old heavy backpack hmm we have a waterfall on the other side let's hear the water rushing it's right over there here's our water access a bit wet and slippery  so you have to be very careful but it's better   than hanging off a rope and  grabbing it from the bottom not bad actually so hi what you doing troublemaker hello don't go there come on let's go hey uh so site number 45. site number 45. we arrived here around four  o'clock after two hours of walking so that   was an average of just over two kilometers  per hour i guess fairly technical up and down   up and down a lot of steep sections a lot of  slippery stuff because of the rain last night   and then we were brought here there's some sort  of a waterfall and i imagine we'll be checking   that out tomorrow on the way out maybe it usually  passes all the nice stuff this trail here i mean   it goes through everything it does not  disappoint for sure oh knees are hurting so bad that's the lake bunny rabbit lake that's our  access to the water that's how steep it is   and it goes straight up and you  can't even see the tent up there   but it's a lot better than it was yesterday  that's for sure the bunny rabbit lake   we had about three bars or three  percent on the battery here so   i don't know when this is gonna run i'm just  gonna quickly pan through and change the battery so we have uh gotten a word of frost  advisory for tonight and tomorrow night we are absolutely wearing everything today  i'm wearing my shorts the daytime shorts   on top of my stuff that i'm gonna go to bed with  so just for the fun just to be a little bit warmer if the carp set up in a lean-to the tent  underneath it and when you walk inside   it's actually toasty that tent without the  tarp on top of it is absolutely freezing   and uh my sleeping bag just like i said is  not good enough today however should be pretty   good hopefully the wind doesn't change  and now blow the other direction huh no that'd be the worst we'd be  catching the wind oh my god oh you're close to a road you're close to carlisle  access point where we are right now at uh site 45   and um tomorrow we're going to site 49   and that's where we'll make our home we're doing  better actually with our routine we're doing a lot   better with our routine we're helping each other  out as well yeah along the way we've picked up the   things that have to be done just make things  easier which is great we're both exhausted but we're doing awesome and i even  brought deodorant and i'm happy deodorant you want me to show you all the things that i  could have not brought with me oh man i would   okay if i were to do this next year again and i'm  planning to maybe even do it um i would downsize   everything huge huh huge huge dumpster heavily  yeah and bring everything everything dehydrated   bring mountain house yes mountain house chili  was great i'm not doing all this cooking   it's it's fine when you can take care of it and  it's there's two of us but on your own but the   some of partially some of our meal is partially  cooked yeah which needs a little bit more heat and   cooking time some of our meals are not cooked at  all so what we've learned is that we cannot bring   raw rice we have to pre-cook it's not raw rice  i've it was par boiled but it was not fully boiled   so it has to be fully done in order for it  to just pour water over yeah and then eat it   okay so partially part of our meals are already  dehydrated and just pour water over here i'm   perfectly aware of that and part of our meals are  not so that's where we need the bush buddy and   a little bit more cooking time because  uh the fuel we got in uh in our dip oil   would not last if we were to cook all that  stuff oh it would not be good on the jetboil   and the heat's too direct so this is where this  guy comes in and he is a lifesaver i'm so happy   we brought this thing this is the one extra  weight that i'm glad for bringing yeah me too   bush buddy made in usa look it up and buy one  they're a lot better than all those knockoffs   from china trust me i'm also carrying the extra  filter yeah you got the extra ceramic filter   that's right we have an msr ceramic filter  with us too um as a backup to the catadyne   the catadyne has been working wonders  yeah it's actually a great filter it   is a great filter it's perfect for  this frosty huh frost advisory today sunblock i didn't even use this i didn't even  take anything out we haven't really had any sun   we were in the trees the whole time and  the times we were outside of the trees   on the tops of the mountain it wasn't too bad   it wasn't sunny just gonna move that thing a  little bit further away because it's burning hot right now um what i wish i had brought  i wish mom could come and see this place   that's not what i'm asking i wish my dad i would  bring them that's not what i'm asking about   yeah what from your gear are you missing  possibly the one thing that i'm by far   is my pajamas like fleece pajamas oh i would  love to have those fleece pajamas right now   just the pants though just depends you know like  the ones that people used to wear in the 90s   those type of pajama pants that's what i want  here oh what a mistake not to bring those it'd   be so much warmer it's like as a canadian  you have to have a pair of those you know it's like a country thing we love our pajama pants this day it's a beautiful lake  actually this is gorgeous here that waterfall sounds like a wind but it isn't   no no that's a waterfall the wind has  actually calmed down quite a bit now it's a very interesting landscape   lots and lots of mushrooms everywhere did you  see the mushroom by your poles looks like reds i'll show you what she's talking about here   this does look edible but it has too  many twin brothers that are not and um   i don't pick these guys it's sad but true i don't  know how to pick them and they're supposed to   be some of the tastiest ones right i bet you  this guy's perfect but he's got a twin brother   and i don't know the distinctions all that well so let's go walk around quickly i've shown  you the lake if that video recorded   i've shown you that looks like somebody set up  their uh tent right here and then it rained a   lot and then they trenched to stop the rain from  coming and probably failed look here's a wash   right here that's where the water got to these  guys were sweet that's why it takes such a long   time to find a good camping spot this was somebody  that got totally swept up by the rain here that happened to me a few times you live  you learn it's the fire pit our wood that   tree has naturally fallen over on its own  i did not cut down anything live there it   is over there it's got some greenery on it but  that's not my doing it's gonna burn just fine mushrooms there's lots of mushrooms just look at all these guys this is  predominantly the mushroom of the forest   and here boom another edible guy right  there let's see if we can get up closer that's edible but don't take my word for it like i said in previous videos make sure  you uh go with somebody that knows very well   and they can teach you that is the best way to  learn and you pick up a few and you start there beautiful spot marked by uh one of these  orange the usual campsite in parks ontario and that's us there are a lot of mice and  a lot of squirrels so we're keeping all our   food and all our cooking stuff off the ground  it goes up into the tree like 12 feet above   the ground for the night because of bears they  won't dare come into camp now but they do come   at night sometimes especially when you leave  food around right so don't leave food around and this is our little setup here so  the wind is predominantly coming in   from that side blowing this way  i'm set up right on top of a   thing here it just drops off all around  me so the top obviously being the windiest   that's what i've done and that pretty much  takes the wind away and it's toasty in there now   got all the cargos oh sorry all the  cargo can go right behind the tent   like in this section where  you cannot really access but   it just became it became a storage space so much  space back there our backpack's already back there   yeah actually very good our little neck of  the woods hello this is home for tonight yeah   hi hello she's always hiding in my sleeping bag  she's cold now it's the best yeah good girl cookie   good girl she's warming it up for you yes i know this whole landscape here that's what it  looks like there's jagged rocks everywhere   extremely hard there's a little island  right over there i don't know if you   can make it out it starts here and it ends  right there tiniest little island over there   very remote lake but i doubt there's any  fish in there the water's just so clear   it's probably uh the ph is too  high or something fish delivered oh um yes we're doing our meal covered on the bush buddy  so it speeds up the process so what we do is we pre-soak  our stuff and this little guy   onyx this is actually a very good tool you  seal it up it's got a rubber seal underneath   underneath there and it's been our helper we  pre-soak our meals the ones that need extra time   this is a fuel saver and now a time saver  i guess right yeah big time big time these   are great so if you're going for a truck like  this make sure you cut yourself a piece of mat   two feet wide however much you want  oh yeah it's just an old sleeping pad   i took some sections off and it  weighs nothing but it helps a lot when you stop and you're doing something  when you just just want to sit down and   have a warm dry spot it's unaccessible here  everything here is wet it's inaccessible she's in here hey cookie cookie  say hi to the microphone like i mean letter b as if i'm bothering her just check out these mushrooms man  like this is right beside us here look   three different kinds right here   hand for reference there's mushrooms absolutely  everywhere look there's one even upside down crazy how amazing my dog is there's  another mushroom these look   really cool i don't know what they are though mushroom heaven so if you like picky mushrooms   this is the place to be i am very impressed  with her she follows so beautifully   yeah our dog's amazing on this trek wow  considering the stuff we had to scale   the few cracks we had to go through wow  she listens so well look here's my setup   and here's another set of mushrooms  and for reference right they're massive   huge i get it some of these may not be  edible but some of them are that one is not oh here it looks okey-dokey boom another  one they're just everywhere there's so many let's take a walk if you like picking mushrooms  this place is something else you see all those they're everywhere see what's on this side actually so our access to water is  pretty steep on that side   here however i'm seeing a much more gradual access   so here's the rock we're on top  of and here the perfect location to get water look at that there's a little step  how cool is that right at the light right level at the right level and everything you hear that waterfall across the lake it's not the wind and the sky is turning more blue that's a good sign for tomorrow thank  you god and thank you dominic for   giving us the weather forecasts we brought out  um satellite phone with us i do own one of those   it's just uh a thing for me now  i bring it with me everywhere   you never know these places are wild and  nature as one of my subscribers has mentioned   can be really cruel and i agree come prepared  make sure you have two-way communication   somehow figure it out how to do it and  make sure you have it otherwise it's   it's an adventure that's how i used to do  it i never used to have a satellite phone i   didn't have a cell phone when i started doing  this so getting out there it was different   it was always that situation but we're in 21st  century get yourself something that works out here   even a text messenger there are those and  that can provide gps coordinates as well and i'm barely walking i'm so tired get some more wood for bush buddy all  i need is a few twigs it works so well oh look how mushroom how's it going baby  there's a much easier access to water   just around this way it's like it's a path and  the water is right here it's perfect my smoke it's   just starting to cover the lake and i suspect  it looks pretty cool because there's no wind the lake is disappearing what's  going on yep that's from us   it looks pretty cool actually  this would be a smoky valley today so this is the night of day seven  eight day eight yes really no this is our eighth camp   i totally lost count we have 11 days total  ten camps so this is our seventh camp in our first in our seventh day oh is it seven seven mm-hmm you're screwing me up  man no i'm not you but yesterday it's nine camps   and ten days or something on and we're finishing  on sunday so it's 10 days but it's 11 walking days   isn't it thursday we walked we got here we're so  confused saturday sunday monday tuesday wednesday   thursday friday saturday sunday  yeah sunday we're out of here   we're still walking on sunday yeah  we've got about eight kilometers to do not bad this is so nice they called for frost but i'm  actually getting like a warm night are you cool   we just had a really nice meal too yeah cookies cookies going after mice they're snooping  around checking if we have any food left over such a beautiful night and  it's going to be so toasty   in that tent today new favorite setup right there so what's a lesson for you that you would take  before somebody else let's say a mistake that   you have done that for anybody that does  it after you break bring above ankle boots   sturdy boots which you have i don't break them  in for at least two weeks before you come that's   one i would say bring if you bring in jetboil  bring two fuels because one i'm conserving it   you're also not doing the same thing that people  always do i usually use mountain house and stuff   like that just boil the water pour it in  rehydrate go to sleep after eat and go to   sleep right we're doing somewhat of it half of it  and the other way is bush buddy yeah but i'm still   conserving fuel for the let's say i'm not having  excessive amounts of tea that's such a nice fire so what else that's it rain gear i don't know  you're maki you're talking about mistakes so definitely downsize your gear yeah and then  make sure you have a warm enough sleeping bag   because i kind of messed up on that one the  weather the weather was so much warmer and   that sleeping bag was doing so well and  then all of a sudden 10 degrees colder i am this place looks so cool at  night that's our surroundings so what were you saying about this fire being  built up you build it up on top of rocks so that the roots that are underneath  all the rocks don't catch fire   because uh there's roots all around  here especially these spruce trees the roots can catch on really quickly but it  goes underground and it gets to the tree and   starts burning the tree and  then the forest don't fire   so you gotta build it up so that the fire is  never at the roots which are like right on top   of the ground here exposed yeah and that's  why they bring suzie have access to watson good girl i think we're gonna call it a night when you wake up again let me get everything okay night night

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