BACKSTAGE: Performing at Sweden KPOP Con & MV Shoot! ️

BACKSTAGE: Performing at Sweden KPOP Con & MV Shoot!  ️

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I, never. Knew love. Fami. Family. One. Day. Oh. I. Never. Knew that you would, good, morning, you guys so, I'm here in Gomer. Sweden, I've never been here to Sweden, that's my first time so I want to show you guys how, I transform. Especially, for my performances. I'm going to be looking very very. Different, in one, arm but I have my, amazing. Little, bag right here though I am using the coaster x8c, toner I do not get insurance, for your skin so your skin doesn't, break out so we help the grease and things like that to stop so you don't get any pimples I love to just bring like a lot of these sample packs that you get whenever you order online, Mika. These are very useful especially when, you're traveling rural, this is super. Thick, Oh. Super. Super. You. Use something like this, from. A final cream I'm using this have a good cream buy to me so I love to travel with this and this is a very simple, cream this is just for hydration, so, if you don't like all the extra things this is a great cream for you. So. To start off with the foundation first, want to use the CC, cream as a base I love to use a CC cream it's between skincare, and like tinted moisturizers. So, this, is like a really good base if you don't like using concealers, this is an amazing trick he uses right before your foundation and, your skin is locked in with moisture, no, breaking out and, perfect. Coverage okay so for, the next of, using. My hair a Christian that I featured, and what, am i video is back. So. I'm going to get the middle color. Just. Lightly contour, my nose. So. I forgot so I just popped in some lenses I show you really like these lenses because they're not totally bright, but at the same time if you see it in at the light it looks amazing. What are the most important. Things to perform a makeup is obviously, eyeshadows. And today the facing the clean eyeshadow. Set I love this palette because it has the natural tones a little bit of pink Browns, and some, glitters, over here it is smaller, than the palm of my hand so I love, to travel with. We're. Going in with more be solid, color. So, next minute going with the McQueen waterproof, liner when you're performing you also get sweaty, so you want something to really lock in it so waterproof, liners are a must, especially when, you're performing. And. I'm gonna love in the liner with the brown colors again. I. Never. Knew love would come. And. Fami. Family. One. Day. So, for my favorite part we're gonna be putting on some idle letters you can not forget I glitters I'd be using the Queen's a jewel hope and look at these beautiful, beautiful, glitters. In here it comes in a little bitty brush of Olympus, you got me hot. Next. I found my new favorite, eyebrow pencil. This is from the Queen fit tinted, brow but it has to be three little pointy things right there it allows you to draw your eyebrows, very precisely. For. My beloved not be using them it means that Daisy puffs Russian this is a really, pretty day zeroes, a pink, color when you're on stage and you have a lightning hitting on you you want your makeup to show sometimes, lady takes away the makeup so that's, why I'm doing a little bit of a heavier, smokey, look, today okay go ahead and pop some lashes on and be right although. I do have a song, I love to put extra five so maybe you think means an extreme, Volume, Mascara, I. Love. How this it's not too thick yeah it's not true like but sometimes mascara is if they were watery, they, don't really give, you a lot of harmony I shouldn't look beautiful, on the under eyes as well do you see how beautiful, these under eyelashes. Look so, let me just put my extension thoughts and show you guys the final result, I am almost dressed, for my performance, and my fan meet so I'm gonna just finish it up with my lips because I forgot to do that because we were eating so I'm gonna be using them the Queen's the tattoo tent so this will last a long time which. Is so important, for the, fan mean and the performance, because when I'm touching the mic and talking to people usually, my lips kind of get dry and the lip color goes away after a long time the lighting, and the stages, will take away a lot of the makeup so you do want to put a little bit heavier than you normally would, my lips are so dry it's, like the desert, so I'm gonna be using the Queen's a little, this really, helped me to lock in the color and really don't love the matte effect on my lips personally, so I'm gonna get that colossi effects to my lips.

And. Obviously I, just, got the check for the positive 750, for the sound wave to get it process won't stop Tedeschi wayne down my back it's my main things than my main things she kept an awesome she's right you guys I am done with, my makeup and all the accessories and my office are today so let me just show you guys. My. Glitter shoes for my skirts I got this better blue, I don't go so well with this wiper set, here and then I put some shoulder. Chains here, that I found my look, today was inspired by, I guess. I'll. Make Swan Lake come on you have unlike yeah like this one and what the SWAT like this. Look like a out warrior to you more or Swan Lake, ballerina. Final Fantasy obviously. You guys you know I'm so into, the mysterious annecy world so I had my moon rhinestones. Her still exception. Gosh. Is she trying to fix a blastoma, damn when they can never be up in the club oh, man. I really yarn so, he waited saw it ain't design really. Going. Keep. It on the way trail ready how to see it iconic, or never witness which I kept a Sunday there for anything I'm real really, have to see it a scarlet never once which I can't decide. But. I wanna die. Leave, you unknown, saying, I can't, say. But. I don't wanna die to. Me. Love somebody else until, you love any yourself. Dali's. Pasta. I usually, don't lay with those who wait. We're. In a buzz. Those. Nine people here, it's. So everything. Thousand. Weird ain't enough, to, define, the, body uh. Buddy. Uh. Yeah. You. Think that I want you but nah nah babe you're. One in a million but, it's not for me I'm, not into, girls with a birthday. Present. Oh God. I gotta. Be, hard and you now to know. The, truth. Because. You. There's. A bunch of us out in the world. Kind. Of said we stand by our. And now we're heading to chat. Here in Belgium, under epidemic. At the Belgian waffles. You, guys are the famous. We're. Gonna go to our favorite favorite, pasta, or my favorite pasta place and. It is right there in the old manner. Over there it's old town corner, over there. Here. We are pasta. Fresca, my favorite, place up. So. Here's the many fool let's, get some, pasta. Four. Cups the friend the first time it does. Tastes. Very chewy, kinda like sushi. They. Put like a little bit of sea salt in the air. It's. Like salty. But not too salty. Like. A taste that you can't get in New York exactly, mercury, oh this. Is a fettuccine, with black. Truffle, and. Then Susie got what, I got last time was just a spinach, and mushroom. Quality. Of the pasta. Different. So. Different. Literally. Tastes like they show. Pressley, made it. Every, chalkboard that might be the failures of technical. Clock. Beautiful. Feathers. Tiny confetti, and I ordered a hot chocolate. It, is so cold, outside right now. I. Think. So oh we're. At the alchemy, play. Harry. Potter. I know. Again. You. Can take pictures whatever, we go. Collectors. And optionally gonna get one. I. Was, debating between this one or the one I got but I actually like the one I got, these. Are so pretty and actually, not real going, inside that's drinkable. There's. Nighttime, now I've met my friend Abe and we, are gonna go and eat because, slowly impaired. Beautiful. Which. Is the here. They, have all these a field. Tata it looks pretty, good. I think, for my, main course I want to go with the free-range chicken, because I had this, in New York a long time ago and it was so good. Let's. Just watch a mango iced tea super. Interesting. I. Already. Ate me for lunch but I was so craving, this raw beef again, I want to try it. Thank. You. There's. Truffles. Good. Satisfying. So. I ordered the duck I think, this is mashed potatoes, with, gravy. It's, done. Worth, the wait. Was. It worth the wait I. Don't. Know about the way. But. It's really soft, and the outside is pretty crying. My. Cats and. Some. Cheap cheese. Tomato. Marvin. We. Could have this all like, every night. And. She. This. Is called the wine official. Office. So. We are at every check apartments. And let me just show you guys our Airbnb, the, door is super, old looking. At you guys to see the doorknob doesn't even move. Tada. If you go straight here, is the, first bedroom, this, is where I've been sleeping, of. Course my stuff is here beautiful. Painting right there and there's, two but there but of course we're, just sharing this Airbnb, with two people a nice, drawer here and this, is my favorite, part this is where, the window is to.

Then. We, have this door where it leads to the second, bedroom. There's. A bathroom that is separated, with the toilets. And. A, bath, which. I'm not sure if that is pretty, usual, for check but I, guess, it is and then you have a main kitchen area. We. Never use a kitchen obviously. It, is a tiny. Balcony. Yeah but we never used it let's, see oh. That's. Just beautiful. The. Only downside, is you literally hear everything that everybody, does especially. Your neighbors so. It, gets pretty, loud here. So. I got omelet with sun-dried tomatoes. Arugula. Cameras. Or. An era Jain the Czech waffle, I hope. The. Hard to get everything on me. Probably. Look like really, bad right now but I just want to say I came back for my longer, trip it was so fun it was so fun to beat you guys to end a vlog I want to say I have a good, going. To you guys and this giveaway is in collaboration with Stav onna you guys know that I've used some McQueen sauce for my show and Swedish, so we're gonna be giving away the McQueen says to three of you guys this is international but, it don't give away is on my Instagram, I have the rules down in the description, box below it's pretty easy I really, want you guys to try this McQueen sets and look a glamorous. Like, I did thank, you guys so much for watching and, feeling.

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