Bali to Medan on a Scooter Day 38-45 | Mengkudu Island & Our Long Way to Sumatra

Bali to Medan on a Scooter Day 38-45 | Mengkudu Island & Our Long Way to Sumatra

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We booked into a cheap guesthouse... And well... ...that's the lobby... We just set the first steps on Sumatran soil and we go to Mengkudu Island The last days we made a big leap and we kinda went straight from Dieng to Jakarta because I had a visa run from there. A flight from Jakarta to Singapore

-I flew out in the evening and came back in the morning - and now we are already on the way to Sumatra. We are in Banten, close to Merak Harbour and we just stopped here to have some snacks - some breakfast. There's like a lot of stuff here Like all kind of fried things Fried banana with chocolate They have fries and... uuuh... another thing - fried, with meat in it Fried tofu with chicken in it and vegetables. We had some of those. And it's actually just 2000 for one piece of this. 1000 for a piece of this Some tea, Siomay and some fruit! So basically for the last 6 days we were just driving from morning till evening and staying overnight in various Couchsurfing places This is where we gonna sleep tonight Our stay in Cikampek was especially memorable.

We are here with our new host Jesiska and we are trying the local Sate. It's called Sate... Hacieti (Don't know if I spelled that right) We gonna share it and try it. / And this is...? This is Soto? / Soto! Jesiskas Parents had invited us to a Karaoke-Night at their house. Her Dad is a big fan and owns quite a professional setup. They tried everything to get me to sing as well, but I just couldn't be so cruel to torture their ears with my singing Then we had to venture into the heart of Jakarta City as well What are we doing here, baby? We're gonna make an international license for me.

Oh my god, the traffic is crazy! My god, that's... There's a car behind us! I have to do a visa run, so we booked into a cheap guesthouse close to the airport in Jakarta and we are one hour early. We knew that, but we thought we could wait in the lobby until our room is ready and well... ...that's the lobby... We could sit there or we can sit over there next to the aircon Wait until you see our room! That's basically... I can't even open the door wider... That's the whole room and there's a bed. Is the aircon working? Can you ask the girl? Until we finally reached the Westcoast of Java So? Next stop? Harbour! To go to Sumatra! We just set the first steps on Sumatran soil and made a stop at Indomaret to get some drinks and some snacks. And then we go to Mengkudu Island!

We eat here and then there we only do like activities They gonna take our bike and put it in their house. I hope we will see it again tomorrow And off we go to Mengkudu Island! Hope it's gonna be nice Was that a nice sunset? It was such a beautiful sunset! What did you do? I format the card Of what? / Here... / Of the camera? Accidentely... and I lost everything! All the pictures! Everything! / You didn't back them up? No? Why did you do it? Accidentely! Let's see what we got there Rice Rice! / Rice! / A lot of rice! That's why it is so heavy. Another rice! More rice! Aaaaaand....

that should be chicken! No chicken / No? What? / That's veggies / veggies... Ok. We got cabbage and some cucumber... Whoa! And Chicken! OK! I really wonder how much she's gonna make us pay for that tomorrow I want this / Didn't she say something about soup? Yeah, yeah, yeah! There's soup There's more? / Yeah Oh yeah, there It"s called: Sup bening Souppening? / Sup bening Souppening Sup bening. Because it's clear. "Bening" is clear. Mmmmmmh, looks yummy! Clear soup. And by the way... we are just about to recover the files from the formatted SD-card. We downloaded a program. It's called "Disk Drill". And it already found 596 files!

Maybe it recovers everything that has ever been on that SD-card. I don't know... But.... we probably gonna get all the pictures back! Thank you baby They trapped that with a bamboo Mhm. With a bamboo trap

Bamboo... trap The next morning we relaxed a bit on the beach and then got ready to explore the little island Are you gonna walk like this or in your bikini? I walk like this! Really? But there wasn't much to see to be honest... and we headed back to Pantai Belebuk, where we had come from the other day. We are back to Pantai Belebuk at the Warung of this lovely lady and our scooter is waiting for us here! So I guess it pays out to trust people For the parking... uh... long as we are willing to give. She doesn't say the price, but... 10? Alright! What next? We gonna drive up the road and see if we either find a hot spring - a nice one... ...even though it's pretty hot actually... or maybe we go to Sebesi Island and see if we can get from there to Krakatau ...Krakatoa? ...Krakatau? ...Krakatoa? Krakatoa is in English and Krakatau in Indonesian In the next episode we are on our way to one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world! Mt. Krakatoa Which sits in the Sunda Straight, right in the middle between Java and Sumatra I'm sea sick! / Sea sick? And it's gonna be 1 1/2 hours like this If they go there with a guest they are not even going down.

They let the guest go out and explore but they'll stay on the boat. Because it's dangerous!

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