Bangkok Travel Diary (March 25 - April 2, 2018)

Bangkok Travel Diary (March 25 - April 2, 2018)

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How's it going guys it's me Jim this, is my travel diary of, my March 25, to a. Prototype. To Bangkok, Thailand if some, of the signage and the video flash too fast just paused the video the. Plane was an airbus a330. Very, stripped down no LCD, screens as Cebu Pacific as, a budget, airline, brought, my own food too before, leaving the airport I bought a prepaid data simp a cage from the true little stall in the first floor the, staff are really fast with setting of the phones they do three, at a time all while taking payments, at the same time and showing the different data plans my. Phone took a few tries to connect successfully to the internet maybe, because it was a cheap phone I went, to the basement to take the airport, rail link train from Subarna Bhoomi airport, to paya tie station, this station also connects, to the BTS, metro, system fYI it was a bit tricky to walk to my friend's place near paya Thai station, though as it's hard to lug my suitcase, across the train tracks on the ground as you can see in the video the station, is where the green arrow is pointing, to the, tiled ground is also quite an even, anyway. I made it this, was my first lunch in Bangkok took. The piety, BTS, to the Chatuchak, weekend market this. Is the view the market from mucha BTS, station it was, pretty hot but not yet too crowded or overwhelming, as it went day time the, market, runs until late evening in the weekends, at night more stalls open but, I'm satisfied to the stuff I saw that day in the ground it covered it was plenty enough. Say it did. All, right. But. I don't wanna stay. The. Foolish shop entire. So I. For. The shower. Each too. Remember. I mentioned they got here by getting off at the mood, BTS, station I left try to check via a different metro, system, the MRT, the, market, covers that much ground that there's another metro station, on the other end I left, via the kamphaeng, phet station. The, MRT, is a different system from BTS so you can't use your reloadable. BTS, card to pay, I just, bought at one time token, got. Out at banana BTS, station headed, to cabbages, and condoms a cool restaurant behind, the Koreatown, complex, of Korean restaurants. It's. A restaurant that has a lot of photos and news articles and the Thai government's, past safe sex and family planning efforts there. Are a lot of kitschy condom, related decor the, cuisine is Thai and very, very, very spicy I was coughing and tearing up like mad. Dropped. By a very, old-school hotel, called the age Oh telling the way home for some snacks it even has an Elvis impersonator. Barely. Breathing. In. The middle, of the, end. I. Went. To the Pratt and I'm pure to take a ferry but it went to the wrong platform had, to go back up and walk to the other side, leaving. Nothing. To. My. Destination, was watts eben ran. This. Pure has ferry boats that run along one of Bangkok's, numerous, canals note, this is not the ferry that runs along, the Chao Phraya River.

Enjoy. The view I got, to shoot a lot of great graffiti from the boat while. Some tourists, also use this ferry to sightsee, it's also a commuter type ferry for locals to avoid traffic. My, destination, is the airplane, graveyard that's, a 15-minute, walk from the wats eben wrong stop this is the wattsy, boone round temple grounds, this is where I got off the ferry there's also a final, resting place type, area here got. A pineapple before, looking for the airplane, graveyard the. Pineapple, stand is beside the foods 24, food hall behind the temple when, you exit the food hall complex parking, lot and walk a bit you'll see the airplane graveyard lot, knock, on the wooden gate pay the fee the caretakers, ask for the mod is arbitrary, it can be as low as 200, as high as 800, type at and they'll let you in this kid insisted, and being my guide in being paid we, climb up the Boeing 747. First I'm glad he was with me as it was pitch black and there for a bit lots of rusty, stuff had to be careful, looking for a handhold we then climbed up a ladder to the first level of the plane exited, through this. Then, we climb the proper, stairs to the second level of the plane. Clearly. The kid is used to this plane being his plate. This, is the cockpit. You. Can see the broken up dc-10s. In the lot through here it started raining then so the kid sister called him away paid him and he left me there alone love this graffiti in the back of the plane. Went. Down this hole alone this time without a guy. Then. I climbed down this 747. And went to the dc-10, behind it here, are some still images I shot. Here. The rain I just put out here for an hour. My. Stuff's over there there are some more planes out there but, it's raining really hard. So. I'm just sitting here with my, phone I have nothing to do I can't go out or my camera's gonna get up at, least this dead plane it's, weatherproof. Sorta. Ello, Lorraine gets in through the windows but I'm. Pretty. Dry, in here there's the cockpit over there. From. Here you can see the Boeing 747. I was in previously. The, rain eventually stopped, so I went out to check the other planes the, kids, living on the lot also came out to play too. The, ground had a lot of puddles, from the rain this, dog seems to like it once. Again the landmark, is watts eben rock temple this is how the property, looks like from the gate when, I left there was a guy who just pulled up and was asking to be let in that's, where I came from this spot by the cars is where he saw me eating my pineapples, earlier now. I'm back at the Foods 24 food hall we. Had a big lunch of an omelet and noodles, not so fond of this Thai yogurt, you. Went. To the ghost bride shrine after the, ghost bride shrine also, known as the main action is located, in the wat mohabbat, temple complex, this. Park you're seeing is part of the record. If you a fortune, type gadget, gives you a number that corresponds. To the numbered fortune, in the cubbyholes. The. Cozy little garden, and the temple grounds, behind, the tree is what you just saw. There's, also a lot of fortune tellers, plying, their trade in this time. Maina. Is a famous, Thai ghost she, died while pregnant, while her husband, was drafted, and sent to war when, her husband came home she and the baby were waiting for him and they lived together as a family the, neighbors who tried to warn him that may not is a ghost were killed one. Day her husband, accidentally, spotted, her, doing, some freaky arm stretching, to pick up some limes and the, ghostly truth finally clicked, for him the. Husband ran into the walk now but temple and she couldn't get in as it's holy and she's, a ghost anyway. Some exorcism. Ensued it's a long story you can look it up on atlas obscura, and Wikipedia I'll just link to it in the captions, below. There. Are some benches behind, the ghost bride shrine I arrested, there for a bit before heading, home I was. A starred in limp as this camp. Is. Too. The way. There, were more fortune, tellers in the street outside the temple, here. Are some shots of my Trek back home lots of animal encounter. The, heart to, give way, to you, again. My. Friend and I had dinner at the Typhon no more super spicy Thai dinners for me after the Thai food debacle, the previous night this. Is a glimpse of the street outside the nana plaza red-light, district, I didn't go into the wall desportes of the district, just the street. Went, back to Sathorn pure the next day and took the ferry that runs along, the Chao Phraya River to see fry a stop near, River City Mall then I took the cross river ferry to the other side of the river got, up at the close and. That's. The pure landed. Walked, a bit to go to the cross river pure beside er. This. Is the cross river, ferry. The. Other side of the Chao Phraya River landed, in Quang san market, my plan was to walk along different points of interest, near the Bangkok, II icon all mentioned, in the 22, Bangkok, walks book this is the signal, flagpole where flags were hoisted, by the harbor department to indicate whether trading, vessels were arriving or departing a long, time.

Through. That I walked to the Pankaj, Hamid fort one of the forts built during the Rama the fourth era around the moat surrounding, Bangkok. I was, ready a bit overheated, this early into my walk luckily, there were benches in the empty for my. Next stop was the Samba, Chao Phraya Institute. Of Zig. The. Complex, has a hospital and a psychiatry, museum with exhibits, and Thai showcasing. The history of psychiatry, there. Next. Up I walked some tiny alleys, and got a bit lost following Google, Maps to the princess mother memorial, part that. Was a very complicated, track, for someone who easily gets lost like me but, I got some cool shots and got to see super, off the beaten path I. Eventually. Made, it though I was too hungry to shoot much video footage. This. Is the Memorial, Bridge it's a bridge over the Chao Phraya River, connecting, the Franek, on and Thornbury, districts. It was opened in 1932. I, came. From that way and walked down the street I. Dropped. By a cafe, that also had a hair salon inside, for some snacks after I got some food again I walked, along the waterfront, by the chow fryer. That's. The direction I'm going to the pointy building at the end is what everyone. This, is Santa, Cruz church it was built in 1770. By the descendants. Of early Portuguese Catholics. A Chinese, shrine, is right beside it I. Spotted. These stairs and climbed up to see what was up there it turns out it leads to private residences, there was a cool old house beside, it. Headed. Back down saw another set of stairs to get up the concrete fence. This. Is the Chinese shrine a couple of houses down the Santa Cruz Church. Down. I saw, man feeding some pigeons, and would you know it when I walked him at next stop what honey I'm at the orange roof structure, he was there too. That temple I walked to the Bangla Wong mosque it's an interesting mosque, in that it has a very unique architecture. That's unusual, for mosques, the, entrance in the neighborhood, where it's located is, in a teeny L. The. Neighborhood, is built along a canal, I was so tired though that I only ended up photographing. The Islamic, Center beside it I didn't, actually get to photograph, the mosque it must have been just a few more meters away I only realized, this when I was at. After, I left the mosque I spotted the placards talking about this institute, of music I'm not sure which the house is actually referring, to so I photograph, the two right beside the same. Weird. Of the pedestrian, overpass, to get to what Arun came, from there the orange top structure, is what can Liana. That's. What I ruined my destination. This is the wat Aron temple complex, also, known as the temple of dawn. To. Recap I started from Saturn pure here and rode the ferry along the Chao Phraya river, to the sea fry stop beside the River City Mall then, I took the cross river ferry to the other side got off at Kong sand market walked, all around this, area this is where the signal flagpole in fort was. You. See this green patch that, was the princess mother Memorial Park you saw earlier, walked. Some more that's, the Church of Santa Cruz that you guys just saw to. The. Overpass and got here to water the, temple of dawn, I took, a cross river ferry from water wound to the other side of the shell friar river the other side is this not King pure, close. To the area where the Grand Palace. Oh. God, the other side I rode the ferry that runs along, the river down to where I was able to commute that. Monitor, McLaren showroom in the mall I took a break in, my fourth day March 28 I left my friends place and checked into the Sofitel souk Ovid hotel because, my other friend flew in from Singapore to meet me I felt, sick after checking in most likely from the heat and exhaustion I just, rested until evening and we went to load the lot Vietnamese. Restaurant, it's got very nice decor, inside but incongruous Lee its menu, is made of plastic and very tattered, since, I don't, have much footage from this day as I was sick I hope you guys enjoyed the load a lot restaurant, in tears I shot a lot of even, the bathroom.

But, I don't wanna stay in I, don't wanna, fight. Foolish. Appetite. For. The shower. It's, too. Yeah. Way. I don't. We are fine. Hard to get the way to, you. I don't. Have the stomach. I have sighs what the Sofitel, suka move it breakfast, buffet spread looks like after breakfast, I went back to their room to sleep. Since. I haven't actually shot, good footage today cuz I have just been holed up I'm gonna take some footage of this room because, it is a pretty cool so, this is my laptop it's playing some music it's connected. To the, Bluetooth, speakers, of this, hotel room and those are the speakers it sounds pretty good, yep, so so this is the bathroom II I'm just shooting it because I have literally, no footage from today this is the lotion that came with it it has a very faint orange, smell it's, got a tub that I don't really use. This. Is me shower to. Office. From, or MS apparently, so, I've actually never stayed in a hotel room, would like hook, up like this with a speaker, system it. Seems like a lot bizarre thing, to put in hotel room usually what they just put is a little. Speakers even for five-star hotels. We. Got up at night to go to dinner at Van Nuys Thai restaurant, and it was pretty good despite my lack of appetite weather. There's pretty hipster, speakeasy, called Joe Borowski after, for some cocktails, both, are in the thong Laura area I. Was. Still sick the next day so I bought some medicine at a pharmacy, next door to the hotel also, bought some snacks at a convenience, store then my friend and I took a taxi to the jam factory, I bought two soaps at any room one, of the shops in the jam factory it's, a collection of training boutiques and restaurants inside, the clong sand market the same content market I took a cross river ferry to and day 2 where. I started, my walk to the signal flagpole in the fort had. Dinner at Narae. Not. Sure what's going on here with the shirtless. The. Cross river ferry from the concent market to the sea fry up here beside the river. Spot. Marked pharmacy, it's right beside our hotel ended, up here via attacks you right at the jam factory which, is inside the constant market then took a cross river ferry to the other side of the Chao Phraya River, to the River City. It was a fireworks. Display after, we got off the boat here, are some shots of the area behind River, City. Took. A taxi back to the hotel from there I. Didn't. Go to the buffet area on my last day at Sofitel my friend and I opted to order from the cold floor menu since, I was still sickly, I rested after breakfast, and then we went to the terminal 21 mall nearby so she can do some shopping.

A Place. Called mm, park where I took the obligatory, tourists, drinking from a coconut picture, I went. With her to the airport after then took a train back to the city he called me back from Sofitel and went back to the house of the friend I stayed with and my first name I was still sickly so I had a late start had some simple food at a diner near my friend's apartment and picked up some snacks at the convenience, a. Couple. Pills left from the pack I bought at the thigh pharmacy, two days ago. So. This is van glass bottle, coke oh and, then it has a paper label so, it's different from the. Philippines, where the coke, label is printed, on the glass so. Yeah this is, 250. Ml. Oh it's, Sunday 8:15. P.m. Easter, Sunday I just thought I've recovered a little I'm still kind of not super feeling, well but I don't want to waste my vacation, so around. 8. P.m. I decided like I should just go out to one of the numerous bangkok, night markets, I've just gonna take the train the Train interestingly is, not the normal BTS, metro train I take whenever I move, around Bangkok, according. To Google Maps I have to take one of the airport, rail link trains but I have to stop well wait for the airport and then switch to the MRT. Metro, system, Bangkok, has two rail. Systems. The, BTS which is what I normally take, and the MRT, the. BTS, and MRT. Metro lines have different payment. Systems you, can't use your reloadable, BTS, card to pay for the empire. That. Shiny building, I pointed to is the MRT, station, anyway. What happened was a got out of the Mackeson, Airport Line station, cross to the MRT, side and just exited, intending, to hail a taxi because, I felt weak from being still, sick I spotted. Some motorcycle, taxis, and took that instead and off. We went to the new rod fight night market, it's a smaller branch of the much bigger main, Roth IRA Chadha night market, this in a suburb of Bangkok, and hard to get. Handsome. Duck rice for dinner. The, motorcycle, taxi, again back home. On. My last day I went to the Saphan Taksin busiest, metro station again so I could take the ferry that runs along, the Chao Phraya River, to go to the area surrounding the Grand Palace my, destination, was the Ministry of Defense there, are all sorts of cannons on its garden that, spot with a white wall is a grand palace the, Ministry, of Defence is directly, across. Stop, by a post office after they buy some stamps visit, my snap blog at stamp, library, dot info, to, see the staff side. Along. Side this side of the Chao Phraya River, and photographed, some more interesting, architecture, the, East Asia attic company and the Catholic, mission of Bangkok. Then. It took another ferry, to one or two stops beside, it and got off at wat Raj Singh corn behind. The temple as a tourist night market the, asiatique you, can see the ferris wheel peeking. Out from behind the temple rooftops. Check. Out this sort of morbid sign. Spotted. This cat underneath, the pedestrian, underpass on my way home it was around the ratchet to EB TST. All morning, of April 3 thanks so much for watching guys hope you enjoyed it please thumb it up if you did and consider subscribing to, be updated, about new posts.

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