BANGKOK TRAVEL VLOG: First Time in Thailand

BANGKOK TRAVEL VLOG: First Time in Thailand

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My. Friend so. Today, I'm, at the Incheon, Airport I don't know if you guys can tell because of the background, but, I am currently waiting for Eddie to come here if you didn't know he's coming to kcon with me so, excited, but. He's here he's just walking over, now, yeah. We're going to Thailand it's my first time going and, I'm, so excited to meet you guys at kcon. But. Yes, gotta find Eddie first before we start. Getting. Stuff done because we need to go exchange, some money we. Need to go get data for our phones. You. Should be coming from oh my god. Jenna, speak up hey oh look. At your Airport fashion. Cheers. I'm. Wearing a. Little. Bit of cushion because I actually went, to the people thought today I got my nails done. You, watched my stories, oh. My. God it's. What, I get it's. The evidence oh my gosh, it's. Cuz I haven't seen you in a while, like, ah, thank. You congratulations, on, your um ha. Ha. Julie, I feel special. Oh this. Is so cute. Can. They still buy this the. Case no. Because. It might be a feel maybe like oh. Please. Annie. I'm. Gonna use this during my time in Bangkok. I. Thought, there's so many of these events, yeah there's, a hundred MCC three. It. Was telling me that her. The, person that saw just with me concert. Certainly, a practice you're smiling, like, the corners of your mouth get the raise. Here's. Okay. My makeup is all gone now look, at ty flowering. Butterfly. P. It's. Like. Like. A really, not, sour lemonade. Yeah. So, here is my, hotel. Tour. No. Just one day because. We are going to a different hotel but, wow, look, at this the. Floor and. Eddie. We're. Gonna try to film a get ready with me maybe oh my. Gosh. Whoa. Wait. There's. A what oh. My. Gosh that. Looks good. Dude. I love how there's like this little corner, where, we could. That's. Amazing. So. The. Man. Is here to make. The other bed, because. We're, not gonna share a bed. And. Then this. Is where, all of our luggages, right now I. Want. To show you guys this view, can you see. Yeah. I'll just take them out later. Lead. The way Edward. I. Know we. Got one room, tour and. Now we know. We'll. Try to wake up for. The sunrise. Yes. Okay. Thank you Tokina. Okay, okay. Thank, you. It's, our key to, the, hotel. So. He gets her own case I know right oh. But. This. Is what our room looks like, and, Oh. Edward. Edward. Look. At this oh, oh. My. Gosh. I've. Never seen this before. Like. Physically, like I've seen. I've. Seen a, lot of instagramers. Post. Pictures, in tubs like this but this. Is my first time in. The, presence, of one oh my. Gosh this is so cute. All. Right guys good. Night, flash, effect which, has changed into our PJs, and, I. Was going to end it there but, I. Noticed. That our travel. Products. Are. Pretty, much the same. We're. Not even here with Troy otic a Fugees revival, there yeah. Because. The last thing I want to be doing any examples of me oh I know, nothing. A lot of Koreans feel yeah. And, also what if I like it but I would have got one second, yeah. Eddie. Honest shorts. Literally. Like this used, to be the color of this. It's. Broke. But. Yes I have my sheet master. Pretty. Doesn't nothing very, mom do you want one it's my. You, all on of these ego so. What. Do you mean I, bought a whole, box, new, one fair enough mine do you want to save it for the day you're gonna see one oh. Yeah. Do you want do I do that okay, yeah don't worry.

Oh My gosh I look so scary whenever I do sheet masks you know some people look really cute when they she loves not, on y'all, okay. I just look like Humpty, Dumpty. So. Like big. It's. Not you okay, good night guys. Good. Morning Oh, who's. That is. Gotoh. We're. All here. But. We're gonna go get breakfast, go to actually, just got your got. Cheer got, here at like, 4, o'clock in the morning yeah so he, wants to wash up and then we're, gonna eat breakfast. Let. Me show you guys the view outside. Sunrise. Good. Morning. Bangkok. Is. My karma fogging up, well. Getting. Ready for a rooftop, and Eddie's, wearing makeup. No. I really want to ten so this, time I came prepared. I brought. Sunscreen. Oil from supergroup this is amazing. Yes. And. Then I. Haven't. Shared this on my channel but so. I. Know but. Remember that one time I went to Indonesia, well. I, went, to do, a photo. Shoot and I, filmed, an advertisement, for these two products right here. So. I'm gonna be taking some photos for that to announce. It on Instagram, but I don't. Know if they would have heard, it here first or if my post went up already but you, know you know. I'd. Alright. We. Are but, I'm using Teddy's cushion today, you. Can think about acquisition, I'm in my case yes oh, my. Gosh it's. So akka what to not. Don't. My get ready with me I thought you when do you want to today, whatever. Time maybe after the pool go. -. That'd. Be so fun, she'll be like Sun, cream okay. Use. The yellow as a base, it's. Gonna do my blush. Ego. Yeah, younggook. What. Storm younggook wha younggu oh, come. Come. Go back coma yo, Mook coma get. That, like. A little English schoolboy Vicki oh oh, oh, my, gosh I want this. Kit. You put our. Oh, ones, on door oh, my. Gosh. You. Guys. Here. We are these. Guys have been taking photos for me I. Know. Yeah Eagle Eagle thumbs sunscreen, idea. Coppola. If. You're watching this drink water right now. It's. Raining, support, Sabbatini. Well. In, the camera. You can't see though you can hear it you. Can't, see the rain it, looks like a very gloomy David's, it's, poor it's like misting. Really, hard. I guess, we people place that are inside. It, was really pretty when the Sun was out too. You, have a really golden yeah I know I can really easily and. I'm. Using, the yellow and red flush. I. Need. To buy it all. So, right, now we are gonna go get, afternoon. Tea and then go. For a late lunch right afterwards, so, they, have this from, 2:00 to 5:00 and. Then we, can go get Thai food across, the. Street okay. Yay. So. We're, waiting for our tea. Thank. You oh. Wow. Like, all the scones. Jam. The key. It's. Time for lunch, but. Look. At it's pouring. Outside. Whoa, whoa whoa okay. It, was a journey to get here look at look at all of this but, we're. Gonna order I, got my coconut water because. We are here in East Asia, fun. Day where's. Yours. Where's. Yours. Eddi. As. You come from since, Thomas as you got there I know the place. I will. Prepare it and, making the, meeting. Because he just got back from Indonesia. And, in a. $120. $4. Yeah. Yep. See. Wet. A, little. Bit afraid, to, tell. The. Truth why. Why. Skin. Evil watch. So delicious. You, think Indonesia is better vision, was much, sweeter, Oh. Oh. I. Don't remember the, coconut water in Indonesia. I love, it. What. We're, gonna meet this three-game. Basement. They. Altered a popular myth so you, guys, it's. Coming. The. Most. Important. Thank. You oh. My. God. It stopped, raining. Yes. As, soon as dinner secondly well what other. What. I'm. Nervous now. Well. You don't look too tall. What, okay Oh. It's. Raining. Why. Did I open the umbrella. :. De. Bowie. Drops us off at this mall. One inside. Blah. They, walked. In the other way. We're. Going to supply and then we're also going to look for, we're. Also going to look for. You. Know this. Is a really, big support. One. Jim Cole I'm overwhelmed all right we are leaving the, mall now and. Where. Are we off to. Well. The view is so nice. Everyone's. Taking photos it's. Our turn, our. Food is out missing.

The Pizza but I'm so excited about this because I love. Patsy, use this make what you're asking for, I no. No. No no no like bigger flat, ones yeah. My. Battery's running low so I'll see you guys tomorrow. Good morning. My. Camera is charged, yeah. We, checked out of our hotel, and. Now. We're on our way to get, much, so. Much traffic it, takes like 40, minutes to get to a place when, it's only 20, minutes away so. We, left early just, in case. We. Made it to the comments. So. Space. Is so cool, check. Out goats those pants. Grab. The rose. He. Really wants egg Benedict, eggs. Benedict, first. Time trying eggs benedict yeah. All. Right. Oh that doesn't look good - so everyone's. Food is out. I. Thought. It would be good but my friend Lee says here. G7. It mines, finally, out it. Looks really, good. At. The weekend market now. That. Everyone. Oh. Oh it's, sticky rice have you had sticky right yes, she, wants to live the. Original couple I, want is. It. Wood corn and. We're. At cm, square now and first thing we're gonna do is buy Thai beauty, products at Watson's. Tell, me, the. Soap is not there. Eddy, really wants to steal white. Where's. Miss tika. Misty. Sorry as a mistake, sorry. He's, so again. Miss, Deane, they don't have this Dean and they. Don't have the. Girls. Carrots so where, should we go next. Okay. So, this is where you get on the BTS and, you. Have a machine here, so I think we're gonna shop, for all the time. Aprox. Here, eyeliner. Morph. Even stock which means that it's more popular this one's red so I want the red one, yeah. Silver, or red. Round. Into it Oh get, ready go. Oh. It looks. So scary and. He go. So. Bad. Oh. Oh. My. God. The. Copper grinder you. Ready. Do. You guys hear the. Screaming oh man. All. Right guys Halliday, I'll end the vlog thank you so much for watching I'm home. I'm. Telling, everyone. You. And I were like fire and ice now face, to face and much other slash wow you, have changed, my whole world in understand. Made. Me love all the parts that. To. Tell you that I.

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