Beach Camping & Campfire Cooking in Estonia's West | Found Medieval Castle in Haapsalu!

Beach Camping & Campfire Cooking in Estonia's West | Found Medieval Castle in Haapsalu!

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Hi there! Welcome back to our channel "Love and Treasure"! Hey what's up been some time yea? Where are we today? We are camping today in Peraküla camp place in Nõva beach in Estonia! Whats up! Alright we got a camp place here we got a perfect camp place there Behind us, behind the hill we have a beach! This side here we have some trailer park And back there another camp area So we got here like 5pm, let's see what we can do here today! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and leave COMMENT! Press the LIKE button! That's right let's get right into it! Camping! Alright first things first ofcourse we wanna get the tent on the ground Get that thing done so we don't need to worry where we end up in the nighttime Let's set it up! Looking a bit weird from outside but once we stuff inside it's gonna be fine Alright let's enjoy the evening! Now, we prepared everything, I wanna show you our tent! What's up! We are ready to chill out the night! Our love house! Come join us here in our comfy tent! Love and treasure! What you wanna do now babe? I wanna go to the beach and then chill out there Oh yea, let's go check out the beach right here, let's go! We are really close to beach - Yea just 1 minute far Yea actually just less then 100 meters Seems like people took off the beach already It's getting like what 5pm.. 6pm now So definitely the day at beach is over for most people We just got here. We are just gonna set us up here Just few people enjoying the sunbathing Wanna feel the water? - Yea Let's see about the temperature Leg in there! Oh I feel cold already! Quite icy! - Yea Season still just began so.. ..the water around here in the Nõva beach only gets warm in the late season But nevertheless we are warm so that's fine Yea but you know people are already enjoying swimming here at daytime Strong people! Cold! Cold! Let's come to this beach at sunset and actually.. shh..

..we brought a big rocket, so let's fire that up here Let's shoot that later when the sun goes down! My baby clean grill oven again here! Let's go! That's how you clean oven! Babe what are we eating tonight? We have butter garlic shrimp, garlic marinated chicken I wanna show you - Okay Garlic marinated chicken! Can't wait till we cook it up on that! Time to relax Jabo! Cheers! ..before dinner time and before sunset.. Let's enjoy some salad before the grilling session Oh what a nice moment Relaxing after 2 weeks of hard work Also we didn't upload last weekend because.. ..we were actually getting vaccinated. Shots in the arm! Arm sore as hell Anyway yea.. how was your shot? How did you feel after your shot? Actually.. oh yea! First of all I got Pfizer vaccine, first dose And, I.. I was fine.

I didn't have any fever, headache Yeah, my arm just was a bit sore for a day. But after two days, my arm was getting better. I didn't even feel any muscle pain. Now I'm good, really good now! Good! But Aare was a bit sick.

Yea, I decided to go, well.. My option was Janssen- Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Anyway, I got a shot on Friday. Woke up same night, 4 AM. Do you remember this? -Ahh, yeah. I was shaking like a hell..!

Half hour just shaking, uncontrollably.. like, body was thinking, I'm really cold I couldn't relax my body, I remember saying to you like, "Ahh, I just wanna relax!" Eventually it calm down, it was fine. Yea, accidentally he woke up like 4 AM.

And he spoke to me, "Jabo, I'm so cold, I don't know!" Like, his body was really shaking And I was really shocked! And after that time, we just slept again And then we checked his temperature, Yea in the morning! -In the morning! It was 38! -Yeah, 38 degrees..! Just like that all day, And eventually, later in the evening got better. Yea, till he get normal temperature, like 36 degrees.. ..36.5, he took 4 tablets of Aspirin. Yea I guess that helped me, maybe, maybe not. Anyway, It's done. We are vaccinated.

We can get the 'Vaccine Passport', right? Mmm, yea. -Vaccine passport, it's coming. We can travel anywhere, Yay!! Actually I have one more vaccination. But it doesn't matter it's gonna be like 11th of July So then we will be done! Yup it's done we can forget about it Hope you get your vaccine soon, your vaccine passport soon.. Whatever you do.. then you can move around easily Then I hope all people that wanna travel to Estonia could travel here as well We can show many places to go. Yea that would be good!

Let's look around with you! Subscribe to see more places in Estonia. This is amazing! This is paradise in Estonia right here, let's get it! Getting full? - Yea Let's get it full! Bacardi Sprite mix! Let's get tipsy tonight! Let's get tipsy! It's time to go for the main dish of the evening in this.. ..5-star nature beach resort restaurant Marinated chicken with garlic! What a nice lighting from the sunset! My grillmaster! Look at this chicken! Amazing! This is just skin, let's take it off, this skin, later Look at this juice here! That be poppin! Look at this! Campfire cooking ASMR! Beautiful! Look at this! These colours are just absolutely gorgeous! - Oh yea amazing! Yummy! Grilled mushroom is always right! That mushroom almost melts in my mouth right now! Try onion, amazing! Onion! Look at this! Sweet! So sweet! Time for chicken! I hope it's well cooked! Smokey, look at this! Juicy on this sunset lighting! I wanna try more He's right, really juicy It definitely need alco! Beer time! Just like mushroom, melts in your mouth! What do you think does it need more cooking or is it fine? It's perfect I think - Yea its melting, literally melting! You like it? Delicious! Can't be better honestly! Actually I used a lot of garlic.. ..but I can't taste garlic at all but it's really smokey and really delicious Babe we have new guests! We have.. what do you think about our new neighbours? Seems fun! Fun Russian neighbours! I heard security pushed them away from the last location so.. ..let's see what this evening brings here! Yea I already knew they look bit drunk already! More then us! But probably fun! Yea let's keep going with chicken! Our second menu - garlic butter shrimp! Smokey garlic butter shrimp Really smokey today I'm still eating chicken.

Plenty of food going around here Jabo, we need to finish before our Russian neighbors crash in this place. Let's cook it up, cook up the shrimp And finally, we got butter garlic shrimp! Here, Ta-daa! Butter Garlic Shrimp! Oh, looks so yummy. Right? -Oh, look this colors! Looks like golden monster Try! -Enjoy! Hmm, let's try. Wow, crispy Yummy! With butter! -It's gone.

Delicious head, actually butter maked it juicy I love it! Beautiful! -What is beautiful? Sunset, beautiful! Jabo, be careful. Sunset beautiful, haha. Tipsy Jabo! Ahhh, TIPSY! It's going! It's going!!! Go behind, behind of me. Good morning. -Good morning! How did you sleep? Not too bad. -Not too bad? As you can notice, suddenly we changed location of the tent.

through the night. Because of loud neighbors Yes, loud neighbors Anyway we got the nice night of sleep here Loud Russian neighbors But we also had fun with them. Yeah, that's fine. So, win-win. Anyway let's wake up Let's finish snagging some beer cigars, and.. Let's head out to the really most the East, Ah, no. West, North corner of Estonia.

Check more beach areas. Yay! Lookout tower! Let's check it out! Let's see the swampy views. Really small. -Yeah. Wow. -A lot of birds sound here. Bird's paradise! Dance kitten! DANCE~ Where we at, jabo? We are at Roosta beach! Let's start this morning with a coffee from the Roosta beach bar. Yahh! -What do you think? Ah, I can't wait Let's check how that looks like.

Woo, we got coffee! Let's drink. -Still waking up. Okay, we changed the location. Decided to drive half hour to Haapsalu! Mmm, New city! -Right behind us, you can see Haapsalu castle. Right, let's look around! Almost same like old town in Tallinn Yeah, the vibe is same. Middle ages, old walls.

Old stones.. Let's see. Wow, it's huge! Huge castle area! Seems like it has preserved quite well! Look at that! Let's climb up that tower! I wonder if this was a cage for the prisoner back in the day You know when prisoners got busted back in the day.. ..they were actually put inside the wall. They were put there So who knows there are some prisoners in this wall right now - Crazy Let's go this way! We got it! All the way! Can you spot the enemy ship coming from the sea? We need to load up the cannon and get it done with! Let's go Wow! Where did we got now? Amazing park! - Yea look at this! Amazing castleyard! Welcome to Haapsalu! This is the Haapsalu promenade! People say it's good place.. let's check it out!

People read something here What a nice view! Nice restaurant is in here! Here at Haapsalu Bay you can rent this small boat here Have a nice day at a bay Yea we noticed that renting a boat for an hour is 12 euro Watch out for nice weather.. not windy.. and enjoy the day at the bay Alright Love and Treasure fam thanks for spending the day with us We had a nice weekend let's see what we are up to next weekend! Then.. don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, leave COMMENT and press the LIKE button! See you then, bye!!

2021-06-18 19:16

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