Bear Encounters chase me out of Elk Camp!

Bear Encounters chase me out of Elk Camp!

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Well. Sure. That's. Great, hey. You. Little and maybe. Yemenite. Hey. Everyone, August. 31st today, boss and I are on the road again we've. Got a six, hour drive this time it's not too bad. We. Got drawn for, a archery. I'll cut you. For two hours already. I wanted, to do a video, on my garage showing all the gear collected. Together but I just I ran another time I've, been packing for this for. For weeks now one. Of the last videos I did was I think. One was shooting by a 12-gauge the new gun. Which broke on me you'll will, see that one of the turkey videos I. Another one was me scouting, for a spot to. Put up the canvas tent so me emboss. Boss hey. You go, so. The emboss could do, a weekend. Camp in the campus 10 just him, and I and. What, ended up happening is, Dave just two days after I recorded, that video. It just melted like instantly, everything got slushy and wet and, gross dirty, and I didn't, want to set up anything in that kind of mess so I couldn't. Hopefully. We have a good trip it's, definitely not a minimalist, back. Trip. Everything. So, so, I'll be living off boiling, the banks. Just. Add water freeze dried food. Yeah, it's it's. Gonna be, it's. Gonna be new to me, I've. Never used the canvas tent in the the, fall I, never. Done our archery hunt for elk only. Bear which is a lot different I've done deer as well. You guys if you look back at the other videos my, elk hunt in 2016. We. Got there Saturday, and we couldn't hunt until Monday, so. We used Saturday Sunday to try. And find track we drove around we, put, out sands we sent up lines where. There were some tracks. Tried. Hunting up and then Monday. Sitting. In the blind in the morning. A logging, crew moved in on us so that, pretty much ended the hunt right there so. I've got six six, locations picked out and. Sunday. Morning we're gonna go settling. In one of them. Look around for some sign. In, from. There. All. Right well this, is apparently the road. To. My, second. Alternate, spot which it's, number. Seven what. I like about this. That. It is getting way off the, beaten path so, the. Main road where it branches out. It's. Getting a lot further away. Doesn't. Look like there's been any recent activity down, here either four quads or, vehicles. Oh. Great. Yeah. Here, it is. Big. Ditch. Can't. Get my truck through that, what. An H. Could. Be to at least set up camp back there.

It's. Barely hidden. I'm sure I will hear all the highway traffic. That. Bud. Where's. That. The. Thorn gets you this. Is a nightmare. Holy man. Hey, guys well. We made it we're here. Boss. Is. Finding. Some shade. Barely. See. There. He is hiding. In the grass in the shade. All, of the spots that I predetermined. Online were either. Blocked by a gate, or. Impassable. So, this. Is. Back-up. Plan number eight mm-hmm. Hopefully. I've, already had my accident for the trip you guys can see here I'll show. You quickly. You, know one of those isn't like the other. Kind. Of got a little whoops. So. I need it to turn around to get the box facing, where I'm gonna put the tent. And. I. Didn't. See that guy. So. That's, it I'm, saying that's it that's. Our mishap, for the week. Boss. And I are going to. Get. Camp set up. Definitely. Not, going the way I planned but, hey that's it. She just got a roll with it I mean I will do, everything I can to prepare as much as possible ahead of time. But. Once. I'm at that stage where I've prepared as much as I can I've looked at as many maps as I can. After. That you just got to roll with it I can't, change it now I'm not gonna go home it's. Way too far of a drive and I. Want to be out here for the week so. We're. Going to, we're. Gonna set up camp I am, gonna have a beer. Yeah. Good, boy. Well. I pretty much have camp set up, as. Much as I think I'm going to tonight. It's. Been a long day it's. Quarter. After 7:00, now. Let's. Go after 7:00 I really want to head in there set up a trail cam so, that at least I know if something came in last night, I. Haven't. Eaten yet today so getting. Pretty hungry so. I think I'm just gonna tidy up my gear put what I can inside the truck there's. One thing. Two. Things I have to do tonight. One. Of them is. Get. My bear spray ready. And. The. Other is do the trail cam that, trail cam is so important, because it can scout overnight while. I'm sleeping. And. I don't. Know if I'm very optimistic about, this location but. At. Least, if. Something. Is there even, if it's moose. And. All there's animals here. Bear. Spray is ready. So. I'll keep that nice and. Close. By. Okay. Next drill, cap. All, right Boston I are. Gonna. Go put up that trail cam now. I've. Got it somewhat. Looking. Okay. So. There's. Sex. That. There's. Camp. We. Each got a chair. We. Got my bear spray all right here. Bears. Three there. I've. Got the in, reach there, maybe, straight across right there. Yeah. Straight. Across. All. Right. What. Boss I are in for the night I got, the awning up, I've.

Got Way more paracord. On here than necessary, but pretty. Paranoid about it slipping up and hitting that chimney. It's. Just. Something you. Come, out right behind the tent, nice. Looking there okay. Get, out of here. Nice. Looking there nice. Coat, mm-hmm. Hey. Bud go. For Pete. Well. I found, out where the. Parrot, was. He. Was right here right. Outside, right where my camp chair is. And. Put. A hole. In. My tarp up I heard what. Sounded like, this. Thing flap just right, away just I heard, it slap I actually thought one of the canvas. Tent pegs. Or. Rope broke mmm. But. There it is. Slobber. On top. Yeah. That's. A. Couple. Cue marks down here. Yeah. A couple chew marks down here, hole. They're. Trying. To eat it anyways. There's. Another. What. Looks to be like a pop right here oh. Look. At that you can actually see the paw. Holy. Man. Here's. This paw right here. Yeah. You see that see. Your fingers. Yeah. Bud oh, look. More chew marks. All. Along this edge here, yes. He was coming to check things out. And. Yep. There's. A almost. A hole there, there's. A paw there. Slobber. And chew marks his mouth was their mouth. Was here. Mouth. Was here, and. He. Actually put a hole. There. That's. Definitely, his dirty paw. Nothing. On this side so. He came from the bush side obviously. That's. The base looking bear wasn't. Very hungry they don't think. Well. The. Bear. Was. Down here. Late. Beside my truck right beside, the tip. Give. You an idea as I guess eight, feet nine, feet from the tent. Probably. Nine cuz the overlap I think it's a ten by fourteen. Or something like that ten, by twelve ten by 14. So. Yeah once it dries up today I. Am. Going to see, if I have a patch kit for this stuff because, I don't want the wing to wick that. That. Was a pretty exciting morning. Spit. All over in three, spots and, two. Paw prints, and one. Tooth puncture. So. That's. Pretty cool that the awning is there. Because. Without that maybe, it would have been the corner of the canvas tent. But. He was ten feet away, there. Abouts nine. Nine. Feet away not, very big but adult, on his own for sure. It's. Pretty crappy outside swindie. It's cold it's raining on, and. Off, we've. Got coffee. Over. There and just, getting waiting for some breakfast. I've. Got breakfast, over there just soaking. In the water. So. Scrambled eggs again for me this morning and. I've. Got a coffee over there too just, cooling. Down so. Listen. To it out there can you hear that. I am. Going to have some breakfast and coffee and. Check. In with you if another, bear tries to you might hit. Something. Is out there for her just washed in the bush. Just. Sounded like a something. Have you stepped on a. Dying. Or, dead branch, or something stay. Man, I wish I had a camera outside I could just turn on. I also, office not bad. Hey. You stay. It. Was over here bud. Still. Hey, get, out of here bear. Gone. Get. Out of here get in the tent. Stay. Don't. You dare stay. Get. Over here. There's. Beer cans. Get. Out of here. You. Stay inside boss. Hey. Bring. Back my garbage. Littering. Is not good. What's. Going now. There. Isn't in caring. That's. A male. Hey. Daddy. Here. No. Go. Away. Daddy. Here get. To. Go. On get. Out of here oh. Wow. That's just dumb. So. We could smell that food eh you. Know go. On. Like. It's right there right there. Hey. Get. Out of here. I have. A bear tag. You're. Too small. What. A beautiful color. Hey. Get. Out of here I. Don't. Think it's a. Cub. No. It's uh. First. Year for sure like on. Its own it's on its own. Man. Like this. Thing was. Six. Feet away from my tent. It's. Going the same path the last one did I'm. Thinking it might be the same bear. But. It's not scared at all I. Don't. Want to use this spray. Once. You use this. That's. It no. Coming. Back this way. Look. There I. Will. Kill you. What. Get, out of here, can. I throw Adam. Hey. Climb. Go. If. You. Come back I. Will. Make a small rug out of you. I'm. Gonna have to get the boy out of the truck and. Leave, it inside this is probably the one that was chewing on the tarp I think. It's the same one, small. No. No. Get. Out of here go. Brah. Come. On. Get. Out of here. Hey. Go, away. I'll. Put an arrow in you. Get. Away, from that tent. Oh he's. Still behind yeah. That's right he's still behind that tent somewhere there yes look at that right there. Get. Out of here go shoo. I got. No food for you. You're. Not starving. Don't. You take their. Nor. A shower. Hey. Hey. Don't touch my shower. This. Doesn't get any closer like seriously. He's. 20. Feet. No. There goes my bag. Yeah. He's pulling the string. Hey. Don't do that don't. Don't chew on it. You. Little. Your. Little nuisance, hey, oh he's. A male. You. Little ant. Well. That's. Not good, Hey. Go away please. I. Said. It nicely. Get. Out of here why. Don't you yeah here, maybe. Just a young healer that's. A male look at the round here so yeah it is a male has to be. Scratch. A bomb I. Should. Have had my truck keys on me so I could have got my bow out of the truck. Hey. Hey don't touch that don't. Touch that.

Muck. It's freezing, out here. No. Don't don't blow that. Hey. Stop. It stop it, oh. You're. Gonna risk racket. And. You're gonna chew my bag. And. I'm not gonna have a shower. Bear. Go. Away I don't, have time to pack up tonight so I don't want to spray this tonight. Get. Out of here. Hey. Nope. Looks. Like we're gonna. Pack it up tonight. Safety's. Off. Daddy. Here don't. Get. Go. On. Seems. To be working. Okay. Come. This way then. Hey. I. Got. Him away from camp but he's still in there I. Don't. Shoot him. Boss. You two got in a scrap with him and you two lost. See, if t-back going. Well. It's. Cold. I'm. On. My truck and. Banging. This, on the headache, rack seemed to work, yelling, Adam screaming how to muzzle. I. Know. But it's. Too late now to pack up camp. He, was so close to being sprayed and. Of, course I. Get. Up here and he's too close for me to get down and get back into the tent. So. I couldn't even get my keys to the truck stupid. Me I should have had them on me. All. Right but you're not coming up for a while. I. Hope. You didn't break my shower. I'd. Much rather shoot, the bear, and. Then spray this stuff off. Stay. In. Stay. Back back. Up good. Boy, I know. I'm trying to make a small hole so you can't squeeze out oh, boy. Nope, dan dan. He. Was close yeah. He. Was not pissing around he, wanted something to eat. He's. Gonna be back. But. I think, i. Know. Bears and elk and moose and everything share the same bush. This. Little past this little back. Bow. Doesn't really do me any good in here watch your back watch. Your back. Can't. Shoot it in here can't shoot through my wall he'd have to be in here for. Me to take a shot my. Garbage bag is luring him in i. Need. A better way to write that down on my gear list made, a better bear bag i. Get. Your blood going hey. It's. Pretty unnerving, first. Thing this morning have. A bear chewing on the tarp 9 feet away from my door, today. Didn't. Matter what I said or did up until I was banging. On the head a crack, I mean even running, the bottle up and down the the great of the rack didn't. Seem to bother him. Should. Have brought in the air horn I. Had. It on my list but I decided against, it. You're, a good boy boss once I got you inside you were pretty quiet you listened, I am. Not used to not having a gun you. Know I read the rules coming, out here and it says you can't have any other weapons with you so all I brought was my bow man, would I love my shotgun right now. That'd. Make me feel a lot safer. To. Bear encounters, now. I. Dunno, I, take my metal cup ding. Ding ding on the pole, but. When I'm gonna go outside. It's. Okay boss. And. I'm leaving my truck got a lock now I. Got. The bow on the roof you saw that truck. Unlocked room, for us to jump in, and. Not. As, not a piece, of food left in here I've got instant. Coffee once, I take boss's food outside that's it that's all it's here is. Instant. Coffee this. Is his turf and he's letting me know it. And. Obviously, my, garbage stunk. And brought him in so that's my own, fault even if he's that, persistent, and he's just gonna keep coming. So. Tomorrow. We're. Gonna go check the cameras. And. If there's no elk on there, we're. Gone. Yeah, I think so. This. Was pretty fun though it's pretty exciting, not gonna lie a little scary at times too that. Was quite scary today it's a small cub but I. Wasn't. Worried for me I had. I, had, the spray it, would have worked on a little cub like that for sure this stuff's made for grizzly bears. Mm-hmm. I, was. Worried about him, worried. About my boy, hey, if. We see a bear walking back here we're. Going in the truck okay. I, didn't. Want the bear to wreck anything I didn't want him to put, a claw mark through the tent I didn't want boss, to try and charge cuz boss will protect and then. That'd be the end of us. Mmm. I'm. Glad he's here but. It definitely was scary you, know, I was on the I just. Couldn't believe how. Unresponsive. He was to. The noise I was making I. Just. Did floored me. So. There's. Nothing left in the tent there's. Instant, coffee, which. I think I'm gonna have one. And. Both. Boss and I heard him come in from a while from a ways away so. I'm. Hoping we. We. Have a decent sleep but yet sleep, with what one of your open. Hey, my boy my. Boy. So. We're. Super, close to camp, just. Walk over, this way yeah sure yeah, okay. There's camp, we. Just started our trail. Go. Check the cameras. Big. Pile, of bear scat. Fresh. Do very, fresh. I. Must. Be. In. Deep. Deep. Bear. Turf. It's. Probably just the one. He's. Young which means he was bred somewhere.

All. Right so a couple problems. One. The camera. Didn't. Catch anything, but. The. Bigger problem is that it said no file. So. It didn't even catch me walking away. After. Setting it so it, didn't work it's. Not the first issue I've had with this camera it's pretty new but it's going back cuz it's a piece of crap, so. We're, just walking our own right now looking, for any sign because we can't rely on the camera, and. I. Don't, see any fresh. Hoof. Prints. I. Mean, I see disruptions, but it's really hard to it's. Really hard to. See. In this stuff. There's. Nothing on the sand, that. Busts see the squirrel okay, but. I did find some. More poop, so. That's. It. There's. Another pile. Looking. Here I. Don't. Know if I see any fresh track, I mean. I see. That. Which is not boss that's, too small. So. I. Don't. Know. What. It is I. Mean. Hope boss, back up I do. See. This. Track there. That's. A hoof and it's going this, way in. Portland, I, don't. Know if it's fresh or not. Looks. Like it came out of the water and took a shit right there. Other. Than that I don't see. Any. Track. Anything. Big any fresh prints. Nothing. In the sand. Nothing. At all. And. I don't believe for one second, that. Nothing. Came through here for sure deer would have, that. Camera just didn't work so. And. What. Is that it's, a bear print. So. Hey, here I don't. Know if you can see it but here's. All of the toes you can see the toe here come here come. Here and, the. Raised pad right here so. That's a bear print, the. Reason it's standing out is cuz you got this frost right on the grass still and. When. You step on it. Your. Print takes, the frost away so I noticed, that it was no frost in that spot, brush. The grass aside in there it was nice. Clear print. So. We got bears that's what we have. We. Have bears. Good. Bear hunting spot. All, right well. That's. A bear print. We. Got bear poop all over the trail to get here so, that's, it we're calling it. Go. Back to camp, start. Collecting gear packing, things up. We'll. Get home probably I, don't. Even know it's probably ten ten. Thirty right now, so. By the time we're done packing up it'll be four. Five. Maybe I don't know. Let's. Say four I'll get home at 10:30. 11, o'clock. And. It's what, is it Wednesday or Thursday that's. Wednesday, Wednesday. September 5th. It's. Quarter to 4:00. We. Are all packed up. There's. Where the tent was. Everything's. Gone. We. Do have a. Bag. Of garbage there, and. All I have left to do is go grab the garbage out of the bush and. Then. And. Then we're done. So. I'm. Gonna sign, off now. Thank. You very much for watching hope. You enjoyed hope you got some some. Form of entertainment out, of this chaos so. We. Got about a day and a half, to. Set up a blind set, of the trail cam. Kind. Of see what's going on, find. Out there's mmm. Just bears here. And. Deer, but. That. Was it that was the. Price, you pay us the name of the game, so. I know to rule this area out, for. Next year, kind. Of a waste of an archery tag but what. Can you do. Alright. Thanks, for watching. You.

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