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Hey. It. Was up guys I'm just hearing Israel, think, y'all saw the video the new video by now from Israel, amazing. Place beautiful, country and today, is the first shooting, day and very excited, to see some sports and to to, do some riding so let's. Go. Warm-up. Trick but, is. Like going up here Peck, will open that one onto the table and I'm trying to do a, Franklin. Bound but, actually. It's not that easy to do it in the line. Actually. Tricky, to just, Landon. And hop off. Instantly. Into the. And. It's warm. We, got shot with. Oh. God. Yeah I've got the stairs over there and then the plan would be to transfer. Over, the fence. Yeah on the first one out there that. Stair, set you faked you that one. Yeah. All, right what, are we doing here we. Try to do, the same shot with. As many possible, backgrounds, we get so. You. Measure odd but. It's looking like all the same all the time. Plan. For now is riding, across the bridge out there. Across. The water. What's. The keyboard, otherwise. I'm just gonna be. Ice. Donnie. Oh. That's. The one all right guys, all. Right. Guys day, two in Israel Tel, Aviv. The. Last day here so we've, got a couple of other, Pottermore. Spots, and yeah, can I hit them today hopefully. It's gonna be a good day it's already quite warm but uh, yeah. Let's, go. 10. 10, and 10. 20. And. Oh, he's. Drunk. I. Said. Here a little. Bit narrow, but. Should. Work, thanks, to the see amazing. View. Nice. Alright. Guys so as you know we're in Israel and one, really, really cool person is from Israel and we have, him here it's, a Rogalla I think you all know him don't you don't know me I'm the guy who bent spoons here, I became well-known kind. Of because it's so freaky I can remember watching him in TV and it's. Just mind-blowing how he's bending and. We're just in front of his Museum which is gonna be open, very soon I think yes and yeah. And this is the biggest fool in the world this, is a it. Weighs 11, tonnes and it's, 18, and a half meters and I, just got the Guinness World Record I bet you 100, guineas lab records actually, you know a single one but I but. What I must say that this is a pleasure it's an amazing, thing for Fabio, to come to Israel because, of these millions, of millions of views and look I'm gonna hypnotize you, to continue, watching him, don't. Touch my hands and feel the energy everybody, yes. Just. Trying to figure out how we're gonna shoot the scene with them. Filth, in this close-up, one. Something. Out to three. But. That's, my fingerprint. That's. My fingerprint. It's. Crazy, I. Never have you sign this -. I. Know come on. Maybe. You do my lord and again. Taxes. Get. Harnessed context, it's, a good photographer. 12. Okay. So take mine. Alright guys that's it from Tel Aviv to, be, the amazing days here found some pretty cool stuff and now we're on the way to Jerusalem to, find more, stuff there and to. Keep the trip going so more, than excited to go there Oh whole. Team is excited too so, it should be should be nice but, I think it's gonna be quite different to here because this city like Tommy is way, more modern, and kind, of like European style and Jerusalem. Is very unique so yeah, I'm really looking forward to go there let's. Go. Jerusalem. Action. Day. Number one in Jerusalem, just, arrived last. Night it's. A sunny day and it, should be should be a good day.

How. Do you like the streets like, it. Like. Now. We're just gonna, cruise. Down the streets. Pretty, narrow but it should be pretty cool for her for the video. We're. Just waiting for Fabio to be done with the interview they're shooting up on the walls of Jerusalem and after. That we, get the gun shoot on the walls of Jerusalem. As. You might, have seen in that it I just. Was. Just riding on the eyewall, it was actually, quite serious as the top wasn't really super smooth greens like usually it's not a big deal to do that 20, of it you know when it's not I bother everything. Which is I scary and when you look down it's not it's not the best feeling in the world but once, you've done it it's ER it's definitely a good feeling so. Stop. The. Little. Bit of a banger in in. The house. The. Same thing here. Point. $40. That's a wrap for day number one in Jerusalem. Beautiful. Place beautiful city, did, some decent shots also, some pretty, scary riding, on the big wall which. Was really sketchy, so, yeah, we're stoked to have that one in the bag tomorrow, is gonna be another day, full of, probably. Some scary stuff hopefully and some. Has, a nice scenery stuff so it should, be should be good and. Yeah. Tomorrow. When. Jerusalem right now looking at the. Monster. Slide super, famous, playground. Here. In Jerusalem. And in Israel and the, plan is that he's Fabio is gonna start at the top and, he's gonna drop into one of the slides we're just checking it out to see what's possible super. Slippery at the top so. Yeah. Let's see let's go. Ha. We're from plus. That's. A nice place so. Many, thank you can you. Showed. Up and thought or, told, us that someone called the police said I'm like up there and, that. I might need some help, and, then the ambulance showed up as well right now which. Was, kind, of not. I'm not gonna do this it's just, not worth it, sometimes. To take, the risk oh god six more days of shooting so I'm gonna try to say, Alfie. Without, any injuries, to keep, on filming there. That's. A sick corner got it sick, burn you got it yeah all. Right guys day number two, in Jerusalem, and we're, here at, some stairs with an amazing, view beautiful. You. Over over the city and we're. Just about to send. It down some stairs we have a little, nice sperm wall ride whatever we're gonna call this and plan. Is just to go like in. There with the speed you, kind of like a motocross, style, out. Of it. Place. Now to just, right through all the people here on the market to, get a proper shot from the from the top. Yes. Okay, so that's it from Jerusalem, pretty. Great, tough day today we didn't really get all the shots that we wanted to get but sometimes, you know plan. Is not working out but still we got a couple of couple of good ones and a cup, of nice story.

Shots So we're still happy, also, we're, now at a place, with an amazing view over Jerusalem, which, is crazy now we are on the way to the Dead Sea which, is gonna be very exciting, which I'm really looking forward to and yeah. Boys are excited as well so I should be good here, we go. I love. It. Okay. So today, we're in the desert pretty much in the middle of nowhere near, the Dead Sea. Amazing. View amazing, scenery almost, looks like Utah, and today. We're gonna shoot some free writing stuff which is yeah, very exciting, finally. And yeah. The grill stoked to get some cliffs here we go. That's. Because you, know. It's. Natural habitat. The. Desert based, and then right down. Every. Time felt. Legendary. Stuff happening, here old versus new. Pasta. New. We. Top, of one of million. Years, here. We. Found a little, chicken. Already. Built we, just like reshaped. Yeah. Which is got an amazing, view music scenery and, plan. Is to hit it trying it out. Alright, guys that's a wrap from, day number one in the desert, beautiful. Place crazy place, did. A lot of hiking with the bike but it was definitely worth it we've got, amazing. Shots so yeah, we are all stoked, but all pretty - pretty much done for today I'm gonna try, to rest. A bit for tomorrow it's gonna be another long day tomorrow and the cool thing about the desert here, is that, in the wintertime it gets like a little colder than than, it is in summer so I think about like 25 degrees which is amazing, for riding and I, mean look at this this. Is pretty. Much a dream - right so uh yeah we are stoked. And yeah, excited for tomorrow here. We go. They. Don't want to do in the desert, we. Go. We. Just come up from, eat the roughest, Road I've, ever seen in, the car. Just. Got a flat tire which. Is not ideal. Rough. Ride. Number. Six already you're. Filming every, day and I. Mean, today was kind of like a little bit of a rough day, I. Mean, the view and everything was amazing also, with the Dead Sea down there yeah. I think we got some Beauty shots at least so, I'm we're stoked for tomorrow tomorrow should be good some more free riding and this. Is probably gonna throw some more stones. What. Are you doing which, I'm. Putting on a size, 39, sandal. Go. Hold Fabio, whippers stop. In, the dead seat so. That he can get dressed without, having, to put it down and I'm gonna bring it with bike. It. Was amazing, I don't think that anyone, has ever. Well-written. Out there I go on the water of the Dead Sea I. Mean. Riding out there was probably the coolest thing, I've ever done. Unbelievable. Crazy. Crazy. Did I have to opportunity to be here to do this kind, of stuff. Basic. Place and yeah, we're gonna try to find some some, good lines. All. Right we. Just found, this. Little hill which is pretty much perfect. For, a kicker for, kicker drop so. My plan is to like. Hit it first without. Without. Dealing a flip and, afterwards. Hopefully with a flip it's. Like I've. Never been here never been to this place so it's still a little bit weird to you. Know landing, at suffice it's like a little bit soft on the top but then it gets hard that's like super weird for your brain to get used to it, but. I think I mean I did couple of drops. Now which. Felt quite good so I think it should work so. It's. It is for the first time that's is saying that there's just, pretty. Much like a perfect kick over there. Be. Good almost there. Second. One, should. Be hopefully the. Yes. Alright. That's. It for today. Feel. Pretty sore after - pretty heavy crashes, down here I think I got pretty lucky with, this one quite soaked that I didn't get injured on this one and that we can continue Ming, hopefully, and. Yeah. Looking, forward to the other spots here we come. You're. Not allowed to touch the class. Who's. The bank. Not, with the hands either you're not three years old. Hey. What's up homie. Follow. Me. Oh Georg. But. Fabio. Whitman's aquatic, adventure, what, up, welcome, to my adventure. Are, you ready for the adventure we. Go into North Sea fear because. Now we're gonna get em Venus, you. Know the, big Hollow fishes. How. We do it. Rest. Tomorrow. Coffee. That's. It for today, our. Day but good work everyone see, the great job, great. Job in chewing then I'll probably see us tomorrow after, we're gonna finish our coffee perfect. Ah. All. Right I don't, know how we're gonna call this but we. Found this huge. Gigantic. Rock in the middle of nowhere on it at the. In. The timber park and. It's.

Really, Cool, but, super, sketchy like the runner is super sketchy it's kind of like on the edge I think. Cause, I don't really know how the grip is but it should be like really good let's go for a try from. The bottom beat. First and. Then we'll see how it works. All. Right. What's. Up all, right guys that's a wrap for my Israel, video hope you all enjoyed it it's, been an absolutely, amazing, time here beautiful. Country, and just. Like, the vibe in general is beautiful. And is amazing and it's been some pretty amazing, days. Very. Tough though sometimes, but it's, been definitely worth it for the whole video so yeah, I'm stoked the whole team is stoked that we that, we had the opportunity to come here so Thank You Israel for bringing me here for. Bringing the whole team here to film a video and yeah. It's been amazing thank, you all for watching hope, you enjoyed it and see. You next time. What's. Up everybody. To, keep clean all right day number oh wait. Music. Video shooter. That's, what thank you. Say. Something. Blind, on the wall with this fight. Desolation. Nobody. Around for miles. Oh. A. Wild, locust appears. Probably. How to fix it in post. Blended for the salad. It's. Way bigger yeah. Want. To show us where the magic happens. Welcome. To tripod instructions, 101. And. Your new park rider ladies and gentlemen. Honest. Like. Sponsored. And. It should be hopefully not good should. Hopefully get. Wash, the Benga. Why. Not flip the board man Andre, would have hit the ball. Right. Back.

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