BEST and WORST beaches in Nusa Lembongan (Travel Bali 2021)

BEST and WORST beaches in Nusa Lembongan (Travel Bali 2021)

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today we are going exploring again it will be our third attempt two days ago we tried to do this and, well, it failed big time It is so cold the girls are tucked in and ready to go to bed tomorrow we have a very very exciting day and very busy as well we will be showing you everything there is to see in this small little island of Lembongan which is a lot Uhm we went to devil's tear it was super muddy it took us a long time to just get to the cliffs and well the weather was very gray. A lot of lightning and we just decided to skip it. Yesterday we tried again - very early in the morning. We woke up super early and it was drizzling a little bit so we again we postponed and today is looking much better but anyways we just decided to push through because we're running out of time. We're really hoping for sun - it's looking very good right now.

Come along with us and let's go to mushroom bay beach - Hi I'm Pili - and I am Dano. We've been exploring the world sharing our adventures for the past three years on Instagram and now on YouTube A year ago we quit our jobs to travel full time and pursue our passion and then the pandemic happened We've now made Bali our home and are taking you with us Follow our travels around Indonesia and hopefully soon around the world. Click the subscribe button to join us every Saturday First up Mushroom Bay Beach. We can't believe that we have clear skies and a full view of the mount Agung. Yeah it's a beautiful day - it looks like. At least a beautiful morning we love this beach it has maybe the finest sand - yeah I think so - maybe the finest sand here in Lembongan and the waters are really calm, which is not very common here in the island and i don't know I just really love this beach. When the sun is out the waters are shining blue and it's just incredible and the views of the mount Agung are a big big plus in general, Lembongan is completely different when the sun is out yeah okay let's go let me take you through chances are that you landed in this beach or in Jungutbatu with your boat, so you might just see this Mushroom Bay Beach right from the start. That will be your first sight and, to be honest,

we love this beach but it's full of boats. But we'll tell you a secret. If you see the rock on the eastern part of the beach, well you get an opening to what is called hidden beach. Now, during low tide, you can actually cross to hidden beach from that little opening there but we're not gonna risk our gear. We're gonna take the long road. We're gonna go take our bike and show you the other side this is hidden beach. We made it.

It's really a short ride it's like five minutes, maybe much better than going under the rock, depending on the tides. depending on the tides. last time i got soaking wet because I didn't calculate properly just make sure you bring flip flops or shoes or whatever because walking down from the spot where you leave the scooter is a bit rocky very rocky we did it barefoot last time yeah we did it barefoot, but it's not it's not the best. One last little secret is that you can actually climb to that rock over there which is the rock that divides the two beaches We've done it before. You can actually hike, well it's a minor hike from here, from hidden beach. It will be right there, you go up but you can also walk there so of course we will walk.

Again make sure you have flip-flops with you or shoes and everything will be super easy so we'll take you come on so we'll take you come on you just saw option A which is Pili walking and me walking behind her very easily and this is option B which is a minor climb/hike you need to use hand and feet but it's not that difficult to be honest, but you if you can walk - and slippery maybe okay. But if you can walk why not walk so just think about that and we actually we're actually here that was beautiful but in the end we were just being eaten alive by the mosquitoes we don't learn we never bring repellent with us yeah I think it's time for us to buy repellent if we're gonna make Indonesia our permanent home so we need to learn. That was a beautiful experience now we're moving to our next stop so come along our next stop is Tamarind beach and to be honest we're not that impressed we're not very impressed. It's our first time here

you have beautiful views again from the mount Agung, but it's a very short beach and it's very rocky yeah you can see the surfers from here. Yeah it's not our favorite but the view is just incredible. Incredible - you feel like having coffee? - yes and a place with internet let's go for a coffee we've tried the scene far too many times I think it's just that Dano wants to be extra nice and kiss me - but i think it worked this time - yeah it worked this time anyways we are here in Mushroom Espresso we're going to have a quick cocoa i can't have coffee so yeah have a quick cocoa and a coffee for Dano and keep exploring the island. If it seems like we're rushing it's because we are.We haven't had nice weather in days and today looks amazing so we're making the most out of it and you stole my line - i know - why did you steal my line because i didn't know what to say guys this is not that easy this is another place that we've drove by a couple of times and we always wanted to stop and today we found the perfect occasion the coffee is really good and the chocolate is really good Pili looks happy yeah it's very creamy i love it. Happy kid. Never drank so much chocolate in my life Happy kid. Never drank so much chocolate in my life the barista actually went to get us some coconut milk because we don't drink regular one which is a nice gesture- Very much appreciate it so thanks - don't worry - we are on the viewpoint right now - the viewpoint we stop every day in which is in the main road between Jungutbatu and Mushroom Bay Beach so you will definitely see it.

Don't forget to look out and watch for mr. mount Agung over there not every day is like this. Today it's super clear um but if you're here for two three days you might get a chance to have a day like this the weather is starting to turn on us it's not very sunny anymore this is the reason why we try to rush.

Now we continue and uh well it's not sunny anymore but it means we're not rushing anymore so we have our time you see he wants to give me a lot of kisses today so now we can enjoy the view for a little while and just continue our trip to Jungutbatu yes - and maybe have some lunch over there who knows - you're hungry already? we are under the viewpoint right now in one of the most famous locations in Lembongan for restaurants, bars and well places with an amazing view we are right now in a place called the deck and unfortunately it is closed. We've been wanting to talk about COVID for a while now but we haven't found the perfect opportunity to do so this is it guys there are all these famous restaurants here closed yeah there's not a single place right here which is open right now and that's, well, that's very sad this place right here is super famous on Instagram and it's closed I know that for a lot of people right now the thought of traveling can be worrying it can make you nervous, it can feel dangerous but if you have all the precautions wear your mask, sanitize your hands you can really help these small communities that are struggling so much at the moment you can actually see that there was an attempt on opening because they installed this here to wash your hands and sanitize before entering the deck but it's not operational so I guess it did not work. It's really really sad. Let's go let's keep watching if you continue on that same path that takes you to the deck and all those restaurants with that magnificent view you will end up in this tiny beach and in this incredible platform with a stunning view to Mt. Agung

it is actually a very very nice beach very secluded very small and if we were to swim we could actually swim to where we were surfing the other day yeah the platform is right there. To be honest is the most swimmable beach we've found why we say this is because most of the beaches are covered in coral or they're very rocky so finding a beach like this where you can actually just walk in peace it's really nice I think this is my favorite beach so far more than dream beach? yeah you can swim here no I love Dream Beach all right so what to do now i don't know maybe have a dip all right let's have a dip so we're actually back home we came back to get some work done to charge the batteries of the drone and to check out on this little chickpea (Mia). She was misbehaving earlier so we actually drove back, left her here and moved on to our beach hopping We actually have a surfing lesson at 12:30 and hopefully the weather stays this way and if not at least, at least I hope we get some nice waves. Still a lot of things to do hopefully we don't spend all of our energy on the board let's see we are now in Jungutbatu uh and it's very fitting because we're all suited up we have been taking surf classes with Wayan from New Bro Surfing and he's been nothing but amazing and he was pushing us today that the weather is good that we have to go so we're going so we're going and hopefully we get some very nice drone shots of Pili that's a lot of pressure Dani but anyways Jungutbatu is well the beach we spent most of our time most of the restaurants that are actually open are here a bit further down the line I think, I think, it's it's not our favorite beach but close to especially especially when you're taking the drone up it's amazing it was so cool I actually caught a couple of waves did you paddle a lot? well yes at the end hahaha cheating we're back it was pretty pretty cool but now we have a big decision to make. What are we doing now? to eat or not to eat that's the question i don't know what's the other option? the other option is to go and keep exploring i need a coconut and then we can go and keep exploring but i need to eat let's get a coconut a drink we are on the northern part of Lembongan right now which is next to the mangroves and we made a big decision today and we made a big decision today Uh we're not gonna continue exploring. It felt like we were rushing too much We weren't enjoying and we truly believe that that energy of rushing and not truly enjoying is getting transmitted to the video That's not the vloggers that we want to be so, even if the weather is not great we will take our time and, um, do everything properly while enjoying which is the most important part for us That's why we're doing this So Pili's aunt is coming today, are you excited? oh yes I'm so excited she came all the way from Ecuador so she came all the way from Ecuador in the middle of a pandemic she just did her quarantine in Jakarta. She arrives today to Lembongan we're gonna pick her up

and hopefully take her for a very nice sunset wherever we go and we'll continue our exploration of the island hopefully tomorrow. See you then I'm so happy I'm so excited I can't believe she came all the way from Ecuador that is like uuf and it's not that we like to do things last minute but is it? aah a little bit it seems like we, lately, we have to and just today we are doing the last bit of the places to go We've had a couple of days doing some other stuff and being busy Today is the day we're going to dream beach, devil's tear and we'll close the cycle in sandy bay beach Weather is not looking great but it's not gonna rain - it's not gonna rain we made it to dream beach this is one of our favorite beaches um first of all because you can actually go in the water it's not as rocky and it's quite have you been in the water? i'm gonna go now she hasn't been in the water and she says that about every single beach I know because I'm editing the videos but it's a very nice beach it's definitely one of the top. It's beautiful and today is just perfect. Can't believe it's been almost a month, we should be heading back tomorrow but tomorrow is Nyepi for those who don't know Nyepi is an Indonesian holiday which is called silent day where everything is closed, you can't go out of your house, electricity is cut, there's no mobile phone signal but it's just about being quiet being in silence and I think we're on a good start because now you may be deaf we are here in devil's tears right now. It's an incredible evening. That over there is sandy bay beach where we spent most of the time in this island our house is right next to it and that's the reason why we only came to Devil's tear today and that other day where we tried to start the video and, well, we failed normally it's more wavy and the currents are stronger than this and you get very beautiful splashes you get crazy big splashes. Today the current is not like that unfortunately but it's still pretty damn awesome so because we cannot show you how strong the currents are today we'll roll the video because we have a lot of footage about that so let's get it rolling we made it safely back home we live very close to devil's tears and very very close to sandy bay it's like a 30 second walk yeah it's like 30 meters I think this is one of the coolest things about living here in Lembongan is that we were able to rent a house right next to the sea we've never lived so close yeah it's been incredible and now we're going to watch the end of the day there I'm pretty sure it's one of Pili's favorite beaches because they all are but it's truly spectacular and we really love it there and to be honest we've seen most of the sunsets um since we moved here in that beach so we're closing our cycle here in Lembongan in the next two days so we can't miss the sunset tonight which is gonna be epic we are on the way to the beach right now. I just can't believe we're about to finish this video

and I'm not talking about editing I'm just talking about the shooting of all the scenes. It's crazy how much work we put into this one. How much patience and well failures I know how it sounds but it's just incredible we're super happy we will enjoy the sunset and then we'll get to the laptop and get this baby out this is our little piece of paradise where we've been coming every day. Almost every day to enjoy the sunset and I come in the mornings to meditate we've had this beach for ourselves and it is a pretty amazing little beach. If you guys come to Lembongan make sure you check the beach right in front of sandy bay (beach club) it is stunning and you have the best view to devil's tear absolutely from here you can see all those waves splashing meters into the air it's just incredible This is where I flew the drone the most and uh that's why we can take advantage and just play those videos now did you realize this is the last time we watch the sunset in this beach? oh no i didn't yeah tomorrow we will be in lockdown for Nyepi so this is our last sunset outside of the house in Lembongan. The next one will be also epic no worries we don't know where we will be but

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