BEST CITY in Pakistan: Islamabad First Impressions

BEST CITY in Pakistan: Islamabad First Impressions

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Good morning guys and welcome back to another video here in Pakistan specifically in Islamabad with the bro Harry. Good morning guys, good morning. And in today's video guys, we're going to be taking you with us as we experience our real first impressions in the capital city of Pakistan known as Islamabad. So you've seen probably in the last couple of videos, we've shared a little bit so far of Islamabad but we haven't like fully dived in, literally walking on the roads right now taking us through the city, through the neighborhoods, through the markets. And so today's really gonna be our first time doing this. As you can see, it is light jumper weather, it's gonna get up to mid-70s so I wanna say that's roughly 25 Celsius today, so perfect temperature to go strolling around this city taking you guys with us. Not too hot

to put on a few kilometers around this place. So yeah, really excited to share with you guys this specific city because it's actually laid out in a very unique design. It was basically designed in the 1960s to be completely different from all of the surrounding Asian cities. So

here in Islamabad, it only became the capital then in around the 1960s and previously it was Karachi. So it's going to be a city that feels way different than Karachi in every possible way because all of it was designed to be in these types of districts and so what I mean by these districts is the various areas throughout the city, they're named like F7, F11. We're currently at F7 and these districts are basically divided in like residential, government, administration and so it makes it like just totally- totally different from Karachi which things are kinda just sporadically placed because the city has just exploded over time. So it's gonna be like really interesting. It is a smaller city too so you don't feel as crowded. I wanna say it's something

like the ninth largest city in Pakistan so it's gonna be a lot of fun exploring it. Let's head on over. We're probably gonna start out with getting something to eat because it's nice and early in the morning and Harry and I have a nice appetite ready to go. So let's do it. You guys look far in the distance though there's a little bit of smog in the way but there's actually mountains in the background so it's already looking like the most picturesque place we've been to in Pakistan. Although, we haven't been up north yet which is where you get the best of the best views. And we got the

police man right over there. Yeah, everyone's out and about today. It's quite nice though as we're walking down this area though guys like everything's green up here. There's

just space where there aren't people. You know like when we were walking through Karachi, there would always be someone somewhere when you're walking through these areas. Like you look around here and there's like maybe five people within like one kilometer surrounding us and so Iím sure that changes based on the district you're in but here in F7, it seems like there's less people because the houses are larger but still a lot going on. Hello. The bros.

Guys as you can just see, we're walking around this area and there is not a single piece of trash. Now once again, Iím gonna say this probably a few times as we're walking through here we are in like the richer area of Islamabad but still it's like- Oh there we go. We found one piece of trash in that amount of time. In a lot of areas when we'd be walking around in some of these other cities, there would be trash covered in every square inch where there wasn't a walkway or sometimes even all over the walkway too.

So it's definitely like just that big of a difference. Landscaping here is a bigger priority here, you can tell bushes are trimmed. It's just a whole different experience up here. You guys can just see here like versus the other videos you saw like there's not a single tuk-tuk or motorcycle in this area. They're all cars driving over here.

People are using lanes. Yeah people are using lanes like you can actually visibly see them. It's just there's a lot more civil engineering built into the city plans here, so it's very interesting from that perspective. This right here guys Iím gonna give it a moment of silence.

You hear that. Exactly, you didn't hear that. That's the thing. Here in Islamabad, you can actually

have like full peace and quiet in the middle of the city so that part I find really nice like when there's not a car driving by it's actually quiet. So guys I wanna point out here like we're walking up on an intersection here and just to show you once again, stop lights most pretty much everyone's following them and then the street signs are what really stuck out to me. We have everything laid out like a grid. We have the street. We have the district we're in F7 and then I don't know what h means.

And then you have like the- the different house numbers. That level of design is so much more meticulously planned out than the other cities. Honestly, it's like very planned out compared to many places Iíve been to around the world. Really fascinating to see the level of detail. I just can't get over that. We've got nice people. Hello, Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you]. Nice people

all over here. We got a bus full of-- Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you]. Oh we got a couple there. Yeah, yeah. Hello. Hello, got a couple smiles out of there. The rest everyone's like why is this guy holding up the camera to his face. I don't blame him. Iíd be wondering the

same thing. See thatm got a bus full of locals yelling things out the window. There's some excitement here in Islamabad. You got that right.

Hello. Thank you. Don't forget to like and subscribe. Oh, we got Harry's fans recognizing him. They said they had already subscribed.

Because they're friends. Yeah, it's really nice here guys in the fall. This actually ended up working out quite nicely that we came here at this time of year because doing all this walking in the midst of the summer wouldn't be as enjoyable. But wow there is some serious money on this side of Pakistan. Yes, on one side you have houses that are mansions. The interesting part

also over here is like sprinkled in between these places like some of these houses are just normal people's houses and then other ones are embassies. You just have to check like the house number and you'll either see like an embassy black or Iím guessing a family name is what that one says and immediately things just go full western restaurant style in terms of the layout here. We've got a Hardeeís right up there, nice view. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you].

How are you? Good and you? Theek hai [Good]. Weíve got a nice little spot over here called Food Drinks over at Secret Sky. What do you got your eye on big man? Yeah, we've got quite a few options. Oh yeah. Oh, we got a secret passageway.

Oh we got a bit of a fishy smell coming out in here, must be very close to the fish market, that's for sure. Alright, we're gonna stop for a little beverage in here. Alright, nice little modern store. How are we doing? Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] my friend. This is your shop? Yeah. It's a nice shop.

Thatís a good layout here. Where we can get some nice food. Oh, it says we're still 11 minutes away from the markaz. This is F7 Markaz? Yes. Oh alright, so it must be pretty large then. It extends quite a bit.

See you guys in terms of products you can find here, similar brand names that you'll see all over. Itís a good layout, a lot of options here. So maybe in another video if you guys have interest comment below. Sometimes Iím going to these countries would it be fun for you guys to see me do like a grocery store tour just to show you like what products they have price ranges. You guys see in my videos, I like to do literally anything that a place has to offer whether it's activities, experiences. You know smoking a shisha, going through doing tours of places.

It doesn't matter to me. I just like experiencing it however possible and so my dad actually gave me the recommendation to do like a grocery store. Sorry- to do like a grocery store tour when I go to these places and I was like not a bad idea. So comment below maybe

Iíll test one out here in Pakistan in an upcoming video and if you guys like it, Iíll try and make it as part of my series when I go through these places. Speaking of we've got fruit market right here with some sort of cool looking shiny fruit basket holders, so quite interesting and- oh, oh yeah, we have arrived to the fish market. I can smell that. Hello my friend. Busted him. He's picking his nose, you're entering into the F7 Markaz here and just as you might expect, we're finding a little bit of everything. A Markaz is basically the center, so each district has one of these. We've got

clothing options there. We've got restaurants. We've got exchanges. Weíve got all types things, restaurants coming in here, traditional clothing, quite a bit jewelers up there, might have to buy something.

Assalamu Alaikum [Peace be upon you]. Wow, we've got a Nike. Authorized retailer too or maybe they just have a sign that says authorized retailer. Yeah. Weíll know based on the prices of it. Yes my friend, check out our ranges. Thereís a lot of--

Salaam Alaikum [Thank you] my friend. How are you, sir? Oh Iíve never been better and you? Official Nike. No, no, no. It says authorized retailer. No, they move on. Oh I like that.

Authorized retailer but it's not actually authorized. Thatís good, so good clothing here. Alright, so good quality here though, yeah. We have a good prices on things? Yes, why not. Yeah alright. Alright, what about the

shorts? Yeah I have, come Iíll show you. Oh perfect. [Speaking in Urdu]. Thatís incredible guys. It says Nike

authorized retailer but it's not actually real. Alright, let's see what we got going on over here. Oh yes. Yes, yes, high quality, high quality. Salaam Alaikum yaar [Peace be upon you, friend]. Alright, what do we got going on here? Oh nice, very nice. Good quality. Yes. Yeah and how much are like these types of things running for these days? One thousand. One thousand. That's a nice price. Oh briefs too. Yes.

Do you have any that are silk? No, not in silk, in cotton material. And how much are the boxers going for? 400 for each one. 400, yeah. What about buying three of them? You got a deal? Three for a thousand. No, no three for thousand, twelve hundred for three pieces. Oh no, no negotiations here.

Already reasonable, already. Fair point, alright. Iíll take three pairs. You guys accept

cards here? Yes. Perfect. If you have cash, itís very good. I couldn't find an ATM. Thereís ATM here. But the problem is these are national banks and mine only works with international banks. Iíll take

three of these and Iím gonna keep shopping though. Letís see what else we got. Oh we've got North Face vests here, yeah. How much are the North Face vests? It's after discount, four thousand. Actual price, five thousand five hundred. Five

thousand five hundred. Oh that's actually quite nice, really nice options here. Yes. This is one of the best- A lot of range I have.

Yeah a lot of really nice options here. Do you guys sell extra suitcases? Suitcases. No. Alright, so I need to find another suitcase in order to buy stuff. We've got a lot of good options guys. I think this is going to be a place where I have to buy quite a few things. This is your shop, you can

buy anything. It's my shop, yeah. Yeah good businessman, good businessman. We got Under Armour here guys. We've got the North Face. We've got Calvin Klein back over there, Adidas, Nike, everything. And it's an authorized Nike retailer which is great.

So guys we're gonna start out just with these three for 1200. So we're getting three pairs for about seven bucks. We'll come back here probably later, pick up some other items since we're gonna be walking around showing you guys Islamabad right now. I don't wanna have to carry around a bunch of jackets. Are you getting the long sleeve? I think Iím just gonna get the trousers and- oh let me get this long sleeve then bro.

Harry saw my clothes for me, actually let me see that gray one, a green one or we've got a blue one. Iím trying to think. Iíll probably more likely wear a blue one. How much for this one my guy? 1500. Oh that's actually almost as much as we got just do it down there. Letís see here. We got 1200 for the

boxers. Alright, 2 500 for the for all this and we got a deal. We've got the final price for this, 2 500 for the pack, three of them in one of these. You gotta work with me here.

[Speaking in Urdu]. No, come on, come on. I know. I know, I talked to a shop owner at another store and he told me the margins are very good. Yeah. Oh you donít like Karachi or you like Karachi? Every person does. Alright, so my terms

and conditions are 2 500 or no deal. Alright, we got one, yeah. Okay. So we got the pack of three boxers which is much needed because honestly I haven't done my laundry as often as I should have so where the hotel laundry is, it costs quite a bit of money so actually I might as well just buy new boxers at this point. The man's gonna hook us up, so 2500 that is a great deal. Shukria [Thank you] my friend.

And your good names? Nakash, itís a good name. Atif. Alright, Shan a complete garment store. Perfect. Thank you very much gentlemen. Guys alright, and here we go heading down.

Oh that's a mirror. No Iím actually wired. Thatís just a clean mirror I guess. You're going outside? Oh yeah, we're all taken care of. We're coming back for

more though. Whatís your good name? Hamza. It's a great name. Weíll be coming back. Yeah it's very nice, very nice. Hey boss, how are we doing? Iíve got some nice markets here. I must

say extremely impressive how well those copies are made. Like I honestly thought it was a real jacket from North Face when I first looked at it. Salaam Alaikum [Thank you] my friends. Whereís the best restaurants around here? My YouTube, his YouTube channel. Okay, nice to meet you.

Thank you. Thank you, nice to meet you. Thank you, nice to meet you. Alright, we're heading back this way. Weíre gonna be heading over to Roosters. Just because I said Italian food. Oh

alright guys, well if you need jewelry we came to the right place for that one. Iíll tell you that. Lots and lots of options, huge gold chains. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you].

How are you? Good. Good. Alright, guys we're looking for the food place Rosters, Roosters whatever it's called, can't seem to find it but on our way over here, we're able to find a Standard Chartered Bank. If you haven't seen in my other videos, there's only a few banks that if you have an international ATM card that it works to withdraw money Standard Charteredís one of them. Dubai Islamic banks, some of the branches is another and then there's a list of a few others. So if you arrive and for some reason, you're not able to pull any money out of your account it's probably because you're not at an international bank, so just keep that in mind. It's easy if you just look up

international banks in Pakistan, you can see the full list there. And look where the Brit ends up right in front of the British flag. Coincidence, I think not. Oh looks like we're getting into an area with some trendy restaurants Bait Al Arab Mandi cheesiest. I feel like that's

calling his name. Yeah, this place is popping off. That's always a good sign and what do we got going on over here? Franciscoís. Franciscoís could be the one bro. Here it is, 30 percent off the entire menu. Alright, that's- that's a good sign. Yeah special deal.

Perfect. We'll do two, for two people please. Inside. Letís do outside. Yeah, alright sweet. Alright, right here. Oh there we go.

So guys we just got the Franciscoís here. We figured you know like fun to try the western food here so probably gonna get a lot of people being like why aren't you trying Pakistani food. Trust me, we will. You just gotta make sure that subscribe button below and then you'll see the Pakistani food. I will say first

thoughts on this place though what a smart idea, they have ready to order so that's how they know if it's closed youíre ready to order. So inside of here, we've got breakfast options, appetizers, burgers, chicken parmesan, Francisco special steaks and- Oh whoa, they've got a molten lava cake or a sizzling brownie. Oh, had I not had one in the last video? I would definitely but I don't think I can do it. I don't think I can as much as I wanna what if one of you guys come here, definitely comment below if you've tried one. Well, I think Iím gonna get

something that the chef recommends probably Franciscoís breakfast, two fried eggs, grilled tomato sausages, hash browns, baked beans. That sounds like it's calling my name guys. And you know what that means guys? We've got two menus closed. That is the let's go order, ready to order and we'll call down our guy see if they're available.

Yep. Alright, boss we're ready to order. Iíll say could I please have the Franciscoís breakfast? Okay.

Half fried, full fried? Fried please. Brown, brown bread. Yeah, one peach lemonade. Okay. And one Americano. So single, double?

Single. Shukria [Thank you]. 100, shoe cleaning. Oh perfect. Yeah so guys, we're getting a shoe cleaning done here in Islamabad. What's your good name? My name is Ismail. Ismail, great name. Alright, our bro is gonna hook it up. As you

guys can see, these shoes are quite dirty. We've got quite a bit of brown all over on the sides there so he's gonna hook us up. Shukria [Thank you] my friend.

Thank you. Yes. Off? Yes, so our guy didn't want us to do any YouTube filming so he went around the corner that is what it is but here's the final product guys. As you can

see, much cleaner these things are at the end of their life though so you can't expect them to be around too much longer but quite clean. 100 Pakistani rupees is what it costs and that's about 80 cents. So I gave him 500, would have gave him a few thousand if he would have let me filmed it but that's alright. We'll hopefully show you guys

at least one shoe cleaning before we leave Pakistan but we shall see. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] my Islamabad brothers. Oh that's great. That's great. Nice to meet you guys. What's your name? Oh great name. Great name.

Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you, saving lives. These guys are all doctors and you're all from Islamabad? Faisalabad. Alright, how far is that driving? Three and a half hours. So you're on vacation

then yes? Yeah nice. Then enjoy it. Nice to meet you all. Thank you so much. See you guys. You can see how easy it is to meet people here. As tourists, you know they love coming up, welcoming us.

Really nice people. We gotta make it to Faisalabad. I think that's how you say it. Hopefully on one of these trips we can make it. Oh our man's bringing out some chow here. Oh

there we go. There we go. And on this side- something else. We've got something coming in. That looks like a fresh breakfast. Shukria [Thank you] my friend. Weíre gonna be eating well today my friends. As you guys can see a nice

fried egg, we've got a- oh crispy hash brown patty and a very much knifed up sausage. So that's quite a good looking meal there along with some brown toast and some chow. Alright, guys it is time to dig into this delicious chow breakfast. We're gonna do what I love to

do when Iím having a typical meal like this typical breakfast, toss an egg on top. Oh this one's just breaking apart. Oh it's got a mind of its own. Come on. You don't wanna be eaten. Alright, well- Oh, oh we're falling all over then we're gonna get some of this sausage. The trick here is to basically slice it right down the middle, pull it like that. We got one strip there, one strip. Iím guessing this is chicken

sausage based on the texture of it and then we're gonna go ahead and plop one of these right on top and we got ourselves a sami. Oh yeah, just teleported back to the US here. We got an American brekkie that is hitting this spot.

So that's nice. Let's try over here. Weíve got the hash brown. It's crunchy. You can already tell that's gonna be good, just listen to that. Sorry McDonaldís, you're gonna have to step it up to be able to taste that good.

That crunch is so, so good and then the last thing, this has for you guys the peach lemonade. Oh my God, I feel like that brings me back like to the nostalgic days of when I was sipping a slurpee as a kid. What does it remind me of? Almost like one of those ice cream trucks you stop and Luigi's iced lemonade. That's what it

tastes like. It's nostalgia. No style during the drink. Alright, guys so we've got the total for Harry and I to both eat with juices, coffee and a solid meal there about 2168. So we're talking roughly 12 US dollars so very good price here and very good meal. Shukria [Thank you] my friend.

Thatís for you boss. How was that meal though bro? Oh so good, like a little bit of a taste of home not as good as how they do it in Italy but Iíll take it here in Pakistan, it was very, very nice and very good atmosphere. Very nice place. Yeah last but not least guys, we've got the espresso.

Oh, that was nice. Shukria [Thank you] my friend. Wa hafiz [Bye]. We'll see you next time. So we're gonna continue today's tour here through Islamabad sharing with you guys our first impressions. I can tell you the impressions on food are quite good. Hey there's all of our friends. Salaam

Alaikum [Peace be upon you] Name's Mac and Harry. Okay so are you YouTubers? Yeah. Are we getting new subscribers here? Whatís your channel name? We got some cards. Report it. Oh if anything it'll be let's do it. Yeah, yeah. So you guys are from Islamabad or where are you from? Lahore. We were just in Lahore for seven

days. For an exam, yeah. Work hard, play hard. They say we've given

our exam. We've taken the test, we're done. So now you're celebrating. Yes, yes. Congratulations. What are you guys studying? College. College, yeah. Yeah that's nice. Well, I

hope it went well for you guys. Insha-Allah. Yeah perfect. I like that. Yeah, yeah so do you like more

Lahore or Islamabad? Islamabad. What do you like more? Lahore better, yeah but it's because there's more smog in Lahore. Here I could see the clouds and the sky and Lahore you can't see it. It means you're gonna be good for liking and subscribing and notifications on. I will, I will. Yes, he's already subscribing over

there so that's a good man. Heís the best one out of the group then. But it's cold, so maybe we'll go for five days. I don't really think that you guys can go to Hunza because thereís road blockage.

So yeah, that's great. So where do you guys recommend we walk around to? Where's like a good area to just cruise around, talk to locals? We are as clueless as you are right now but it works. So what is it day number one or day number two in Islamabad for you? Day number two. Day number two for us. Alright, for the first time. Actually first time. Yeah, first time. This is a perfect question because we're making a video on our first impressions of Islamabad. So what are your first

impressions of Islamabad? I was probably five years old that is very awkward. Iím sorry, Iím not doing that. Alright, we got one who's next? Itís clean, very clean and bohat acha hai [Very good]. Alright, and he came back.

Hey I went back to loss I still cannot stop. Alright, so let's hear these first impressions then. Traffic is a lot better. You know the traffic is better, that's for sure. Itís a lot better, yes.

Done with my asthma, yeah. Thatís great. That's great. Alright, so you heard that duke never dies. Yeah, yeah.

Fair point, fair point. And are the people better in Lahore or Islamabad? The people from Lahore, hospitable. They're- they're loyal to Lahore. Theyíre loyal to Lahore. Well, nice to meet you all. Shukria [Thank you] my friends.

Now we can say shukria yaar [Thank you, friend]. That gets everyone going the crowd goes wild. Weíre gonna cross the the Lahore way. So guys we're doing some walking into the city after a delicious meal, meeting some more locals maybe we'll meet some more on the way here. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] and we're getting close towards the end of the day. The sun sets here around this

time of year quite early. Iíd say we probably have another hour and a half left of daylight but a very comfortable time to cruise around and see. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you]. So guys we're walking down the road and I as I mentioned earlier in the video, there's no two clowns. I mentioned I was like they must not be allowed or something and Harry confirmed that they're illegal for noise reasons. So

that makes a lot of sense because these taxis right there, those are like the taxis to get around this place or Ubers or it seems like a lot of people use these types of vans. And we gotta cross this busy street somehow. Salaam, the bros. Alright, we're crossing. We have successfully made it across. Look at this. We even have trash cans everywhere. I know that's in

like a lot of cities. That's not a big thing but like here in Islamabad like or here in Pakistan to see like trash cans strategically placed just shows how much the local municipality cares about keeping this place clean. So it is nice to see that. It is nice to be like

walking through this park right here and it's very clean, almost just broke my leg there walking across that curb. Watch your step as always. Oh we got some interesting horns coming up this way. Wow,

cool experience being here though guys. Iím really digging it guys. As you can see like it is just vibrant with the landscaping over here, perfectly cut landscapes or landscaping on people's properties, flowers. Obviously, this is a

very rich side and now we're actually getting close enough where you can see- Whoa there's monkeys. Oh you gotta be careful though bro. Some of them are trained to grab people's stuff or some will bite if they know you- or if they think you have food. Whoa yeah, there they are. Do you have a rabi

shop bro? Iím not sure. Oh they're- they're gonna get you. Are they nice monkeys? Yeah Do they bite? No. What you doing over there my guys? Yeah.

Oh guys, we just came across some monkeys in here. Apparently, they're nice but we actually have no idea. They look pretty nice but a second ago, I just saw to see those two monkeys up on the dumpster, they were just doing a little intercourse up top but the camera wasn't recording thankfully. Didnít want to have to show you guys that one. Oh did he almost attack you bro? Yeah. Alright, maybe we shouldn't go this way.

They attack? Iím out. Oh Iím out of here. Alright, our buddy's giving us an escort through here. Yeah, it's safe. That monkey is just banging up top. This way.

Oh [ __ ] I was quite scared there guys, not gonna lie. We literally have no idea like there could be monkeys. They're gonna pop out of here at any second. Alright, well this looks good. We've got a trail coming up here. Alright, alright, thank you so much. We just had a really

nice guy police officer from the gate walk us over here. We were scared walking through there because the other guy was telling us the monkeys attack. We've got locals and they're doing something. Oh people are going into the bushes. Comment below if you know what's going on.

Should we get a ride? Can we ride? Can you get on? Can you get on? Yeah your name? Shehzad. Thank you good sir. We're getting a lift. Alright, one sec. Alright, here we go.

Itís like a throwback to our first day. This is the expedited way to get through the trails guys. Now we just need a 819 00:29:16,480 --> 00:29:21,360 monkey and we're- Oh, we're crossing a bridge. Oh we got another bridge. Oh God,

keep the weight completely still, definitely a faster way to get through the trails guys Iíll tell you that. Oh we're hitting a full-on [ __ ] right here. Oh.

Shukria [Thank you] my friend. Itís a pleasure. Thank you my friend. Things just keep getting more exciting and more exciting in the middle of that guys. I was just explaining to you. I was really nice to that police officer who- oh I thought that was a monkey. It was a cat. Iím literally like still scared from those monkeys because Harry almost got attacked and they're telling us like we could get attacked pretty easily. So

those monkeys seem to not mind when the police officer crossed. Alright, guys that is where we're gonna go ahead and end today's video of our first impressions. Overall, Islamabad is a super cool city organized, a lot to do and really nice people here. I was surprised by the level of organization just because it is that different from the other cities here in Pakistan. So I

will tell you Iím gonna be making a lot of videos here in Islamabad so I can tell there's so many things to do. So if you guys have enjoyed this one, make sure you guys hit that like button. If you wanna see more videos both here in Islamabad, Pakistan and all around the world hit the subscribe button below and Iíll see you guys in tomorrow's video. [Music]

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