Best Malaysian Food - DREAM COME TRUE Tempoyak (Fermented Durian Curry) with Padu Beb!

Best Malaysian Food - DREAM COME TRUE Tempoyak (Fermented Durian Curry) with Padu Beb!

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Hey everyone I hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens I'm in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia there's this one dish called temple yak which, is fermented. Durian, which. Can be used to eat as a condiment, with rice or you can make it into a curry and ever since I heard about this years ago it has been a mission it's been a dream, of mine to. Go to, come back to Malaysia and to eat it at the source and so today we're driving to tumblr lo which is famous for a catfish, it's. Along the river and they, make a very, very famous it's known throughout Malaysia, for, their catfish, temple, yak dirty, and fermented, durian, curry, so. We're on our way we're gonna meet up with Suki n who also makes videos food videos I cannot, be my mouth is already watering I can't wait to share the food with you right now. All. Right, that was about an hour-and-a-half Drive welcome, to 10 Marlo but, the ride and this entire town is known for their dirty and or this entire area known especially for tempo yak and. Also the freshwater catfish. What's up man. I'm. Super excited, thank you Mark weeds pickle. Man awesome, to meet you and, awesome, to meet you the ekeus special, yeah delicacy, this, is the special, what. We call patent employer but, in camp oh yeah they have some too little to go tubs of fermented. Durian as well, oh that sounds delicious. Salads. They have to provide meats fried chicken. Fried fish so, you can walk down the line and I kind of just grab what you want and then put it on your tray and self. Self-seeding. If I live up. At. The end of the line is, where they serve the main dish the the curry that hung black curry with the the catfish, and he as soon as he he, stirred, that you can just the proof of steamy. Humidity. Of durian just filled, this entire little back room back here we, asked it Sufi and asked them for extra spicy so he took a spoon of extra chili before he added it first, thing it looks like they have the fish. Cooked. On its own and then the main sauce, which is in a separate pan. Which they then combine, and. Then you take that on your tray and bring it to your table ready to eat. I. Think. Facing, this way should be really good we all sit. It. Has an incredible, aroma you can smell it's like sour and fruity, yeah and. You can smell that fermented moment sit for, sure fermented. Durian for sure this is one of those dishes one of those foods where I'm like shaking, in anticipation, I just can't wait oh. The. Essence. That's. His son Bob Campo yack did you smell it Wow. All, that smells incredible, that's like that's like durian, plus, like oniony, I'm your new y plus Chile, Chile, jungle. E. Paul. Food it's powerful you the head is the super spicy he, added an entire extra spoon, of, chilli calm, and then this one is the normal the tail is the normal normal spiciness, like thick, almost. Like yelling liquid, fruit. Oh. Wow. Oh. It, tasted hahahaha, chili. Inside your mouth it's. Burning, damn it's. Spicy but it's that, is rich it's, spicy, because we got the extra spicy but then the actual tempo yeah it. Does have a fruity, almost like, pineapple. II taste to it actually maybe even that durian is the, aroma is stronger than the taste yeah it, was actual durian that, is unbelievably. Good like, the perfect balance of sour fermented, and spicy altogether I've only had one bite and that's a life-changing dish. Gonna. Move into this the, actual fish now I'll start with the head because, I I gotta go for that that's spiciness, and dip in get, as much gravy, as possible, that's put something on, to my rice, blow. That up with some more tempo yack gravy. All. Right mix in get, that fish you can see the skin as well the, the meat mix in with your rice. Wow. It's, such, a it's, like the fruitiest, curry you. Will ever have, how is it man. Well, there's, no point more. In. This Samba in the Samba, that's. Like the condensed version of it yep it's, a better seat this looks like a perfect leaf to scoop it up it's, just like the the custard, of durian just. With extra, fermented, layers of flavor very. Good, right the fall that's acceptable. Wow. Yeah. That, is the more condensed version, you. Definitely feel the dirty and the durian like goes up your nose a little bit I've had variations, of veggies and dip around, the world but.

That Takes the crown for being, the ultimate, vegetables. And dip that you could possibly have that. Is just flavor. Overload. This. Looks like a like. A watercress. Kind of. Okay. We're, gonna lick your fingers after that guaranteed. That. Is a finger. Looking that, is the definitely a finger licking good. We've got one more dish on ice patty - ha, ha ha that's the same fish yep same fish and so what they do for this dish is they they put, it in the temple yeah to put yeah yeah then they wrap it in a banana leaf in, banana, leaf and then. Really. Yeah, and then grill it yeah so all the like tempo yack dirty, and fermented, flavors, just soak. Into the fish as it girls, yeah you can just see just the the pudding, miss. Matt. Gravy of that, sauce, that tempo yeah, mix, it up with the rice mix. The fish. Unwrapping. A gift will never be the same again. This. Is the best gift you could ever receive. The. Packet, of tempo yeah. Okay. Guys. This, one is even more fruity yeah like it's like a condensed, temple yak broodiness, version. We've. Also got some pickled pad thai which, are steeping, stinky, beans. These, smell, beautiful. And, a. Totally different. Unique. Aroma than, the temple, yeah awesome. And these guys are fermented, to help it egg doodle but things are ok chojuro. Oh yeah. It's, like a vitamin. It's. It's. An unexplainable, flavor, it's, a sensation, it's. An experience, in your mouth is what it is the, teeth is so strong. Whoa. That's. One of those things where the aftertaste, keeps on giving, whoa, it's, pungent and, so, good. That, is an explosive. Life. The. Flavor is it. It's. Almost so unique that there's. Nothing to compare it to its its own it's its own. From. The assembly line we got that Masaka lemak which is peep this is a beef with a curry, in a coconut milk curry oh. That's. Stunning, -, that. Tastes like beef jerky in, like a spicy. Coconut milk, like. Rich, / sauce oh boy, okay so. There's there's onions, or shallots in here there's some herbs there's I believe coconut rice. All. That wonderful, all. The crisp. Vegetables. And herbs I'll. Just put it in like right okay. That. Is a gravy, of wonders I don't know if gravy will. Ever be the same again in my life. Oh. We. Have dessert now yeah. Tendo's. Grreat what's all in there the green. Tindall. Those are like the pandan noodles, okay. And. Then we have. This one is ripping red beans red beans again, and, then, we. Have a gula melaka which. Other ash already melted like a brown sugar brown sugar melaka, William laughs yeah which is very famous in melaka right yeah and then, there's entire.

An, Entire chunk, ice, cream in there ice cream ice cream an ice ice. Cream in that's what makes it traded ice traded, ice no other dessert would do only thing that could top this is a stinky. Bean gendell. Well now. That in, this. Durian, is superb. Well. I'm, speechless right now. It. Almost has the effect of a root beer float you. Go in the foam the, because of the carbonation, and then the ice cream the foam the, durian and the ice. Cream is having that same effect. Yeah. That durian is so, being unbelievably good. It's. So creamy it's, so sweet it's like half frozen because of them the. Ice right yeah, so. It's like very cold. And refreshing. Please. Sir thank, you very much. Amazing. Food amazing, food what. Is he called like like when you're playing a video game and you go to the next level that's like going through the next level of cuisine, since, we're in Tamil oh we've decided to go try one more, restaurant, that also serves the same dish the, fish with temple yak this, is a temple yak town but since we we, just happen to be here okay. So we're on our way to go try one more. Time. For yak restaurants. That. Was life-changing. Yes, using, durian, as, a cooked, ingredient, was life-changing. Fermented. Hungry. Just. About a 10-minute Drive just. Down the river and, this is another very local, restaurant. The temple yak and plus the same catfish, we've, just arrived it's really in the neighborhood you're actually back into the jungle you almost come back into that the plantations, the fruit plantations, and it, looks like it's in somebody's front yard it, really is like in somebody's, home so, they, they have their home the whole compound, and then they open up the line of food again you smell, the temple yeah that durian, ruby, sour, aroma. Number. Two all. The, precious, cargo just, as excited. And. Then over here is where you scoop, out your it's, all self-service, scoop out your own rice. Okay. We got the temple yak curry we, got our own plates of rice and vegetables. You. Got some tea. We're. All set for round two. And. I'm really loving the environment, that atmosphere, here it's very very, laid-back. Same, set up. We. Got the temple yak I think, we've got the same fish same fish, the. Back our high. Spike thing I think in English it's called a silver cap so it is a type of cabbage taste, the curry taste the broth and. And, the owner he. Hooked us up with a whole bowl full of just the extra, gravy gravy. No. I think the first step is just to taste, the gravy just to get the whole. Oh. I. Had. A little drop go down under my lap. Yeah. This one is almost really mango you I'm angry like it's mango. E1. Is less than. But. This one it's nice and spicy and this one you can actually feel like the the chili burning your looks a little bit with that that person oh that's, amazing. That, is unbelievably. Good and.

Just, The yellowness, of it look how orange L it is from the turmeric. Yeah. It, is more spicy and that is it's. It really truly is one of the world's greatest flavors, I. Don't, say that lightly it reveals it opens up your tastebuds that you didn't even think you had the skin is part of the highlight of eating this fish because it has a totally different texture to it stick, some of this on to the. Yes. He knew we wanted extra gravy before we even started. But. That gravy goes so well with the right mm-hmm. Like. Liquid. Fermented, durian. Life. Doesn't get better under a mango tree yeah, I. Don't. Know if life to you better than this. This. Is as good as eating gets, sambal. Temple yak. Sticks. To the lid that's a beautiful sign oh my, get that stickiness, of that. Yeah. It. Is not that's, not an aroma for the faint of heart. Just. As I was leaving the buffet line I found the jengkol but I'm gonna dip it into the durian. Some. Balls I don't know if you can dream of a better combination cheers, you guys. Jenko. Jim. Cole Cheers Genco Cheers. Oh. That. One's almost age like cheese and, the jungle is very very, young so. It's a very soft and, chalky. Um. Yeah, you feel the choppiness code in your mouth and then for the Bakar I'm gonna unwrap this this, is the grilled, fish. Oh we got the head you can actually see the the, like the temple yuck starting to ooze who's, out of the packet oh wow. That. Sauce, is so thick it's, like it's like a gem a little. Bit of this. Wow. Oh. Yes, there's all the finger like. It's. Not up it's. Totally okay to lick your fingers yeah. Because. You're you like. The natural human thing to do it let me lick your fingers immediately, it's. That tasty, it. Really almost has like an apricot. Mango, flavor good mango puree Twix this is the best part the belly part Haitian belly temple, yuck, when. Collagen. Collagen. And, durian. Wow. Look. At that oiliness give, that a dip dip, it into. That. Is the bike. Your. Reaction, was just too tempting. And. I like they, feel couple-y up into the whole menu, look at that it's. Like a stuff it's stuffed with temple yeah point. Dipping. Jelly. Wow. That. Just oils, in your mouth the, belly just starts to melt and then like. The. Fruity pulp penis of that tumbler that's unexplainable, delicious. It's polite to lick, your fingers here it's okay okay. There's. A reason they don't have napkins here because. You're gonna want to look you have to lick your fingers no, napkins on the table and. No. Napkins, necessary. Go. With the jankle scoop. Yeah, I mean the deliciousness of this meal is just it's. No exaggeration no. Facial expression, no. Descriptive. Vocabulary. Can, possibly, do the food justice and so most employer, some both employee yeah. Then. I also got some eggplant. Almost. Actually the same texture as durian issues like cluster D like, pudding or, just kind of melt in your mouth, in case a lot of garlic in that tomb. Just. This. Is one of the hardest meals to explain, not. Because of the I mean not only because the, flavor. Is so complex. But. Because it's. So, unbelievably. Good your. Brain cannot process how good it is and cannot, your, taste buds can't, okay. I got it down when, it hits your taste buds your, brain doesn't have the capacity, to explain. How good it tastes and I will leave it at that, and I expected, it to be good because. I love durian I love. Spicy, food but. That like. Blew my expectations. Boy, over. Multiple, times that, really is. One. Of the greatest dishes, like, flavor powerful, dishes that I've ever had but I want to say a huge thank you to soufiane for for.

Coming, With us for helping us he's, amazing. To hang out with and eat his. Channel is called Pabu bib studios. He travels, he makes videos, about. Food and travel your videos are in Malay. But. You you have you have English. So. I will have his channel, in the description box, below go, check it out subscribe to, him he's. Just a lot of fun to hang out with and eat and. Yeah. Thank, You Man thank you terima kasih thank. You very much mother and thank, you for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you and if you're not already subscribed, click Subscribe now and also clicks a little Bell icon and, get notified of the next video that I publish thanks again for watching goodbye from, him, at all AHA, Pahang. From. The epicenter, of tempo yak see, you on the next video.

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Smua diklaim...batik...lagu lagu...tari tarian... Kali ini makanan asli Indonesia pun diklaim milik malingsial.

Pegi mampus

Kamu yang mengklaim, sesuatu budaya itu milik etnik dan ras bukan milik negara!!Tempoyak itu miliknya suku Melayu! Dimana ada MElayu disitu ada tempoyak!Tempoyak telah ada di Tanah Semenanung ini sejak zaman Melaka lagi! Sebelum wujudnya republik indonesia mahupun negara Malaysia! Ia milik suku Melayu!

People say durian smells like dirty wet socks that's been left out for 25 years! Is that true????

Tempoyak is individually unique and doesn't always turn out great. Anyway, you should try the fried version of it, with pork belly. Have that with plain rice, and nothing else.

ถ้าไม่ใส่ผลไม้ จะเหมือนแกงส้มไหมครับ...


Sorry but for me doesn’t look very appealing eating with fingers

3:50 if you’ve ever wanted to see 3 guys fake an orgasm at once

Thank you Mark for another awesome video! You make durian look so yummy! Andrew Zimmerman ruined the idea of trying durian for me years ago when he described how much he hated it and why....but after seeing this video, if I ever get the chance, I will at least try it

8:05 great crazy eyes

I've never had durian, I live in the us. What does it taste like?

taste like sweet onion and cheese and custard


"gula melaka which is from Melaka" ;D :D ;D

Sedap kan?? Haha..

Hate those earrings of Joel .Make him looks like a girl .

Mark , huge huge fan of your work , travel and great foods , beautiful family , god bless you , from a travelling foodie to you , use proper hand etiquete if your eating with your hands , stop dipping into bowls with dripping of what youre eating , if not chopsticks use proper fork/knife not spoon with it bended like the sticks , respect the other eaters by not being the first to dig into the bowl with the biggest bite , dannnnng….can you ever allow ying a few videos of her expressions of the food so women can relate too...annnd lastly if youre done eating curries make sure your hands are properly washed before digging into desserts , youre being followed by millions of viewers around the world and true foodies know they don't wanna dig into a dirty bowl for seconds after you , youll look far more interesting when you not only eat, travel but you give someone else some camera time with their expressions too , esp ying , youre expressions are more relatable , loved every videos of your shows but cant stand youre poor etiquete with utensils and sauces and dipping , just saying …

I got to try this places this coming weekend. The fish fats look darn tasty! *gulp*

I haven’t seen a video of him in Cuba or Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic

I like Mark , but I hate this man with Mark He is so unnatural

Hi mark. My son loves the way you eat. Have you ever considered lebanon ?

Visit Palembang,south sumatra (indonesia) Mark, you will find the best of tempoyak,because it made from the best durian

Zalifah Juliana No one cares about your bengkulu shitholes

alhadi fernandes excuse me no one needs a validation here. you indons are so inferior and need some kind of a validation. too bad nobody cares

Have you been to Jamaica as yet? not the city but the real rural areas, where the older folks can cook some real traditional mouth watering food.

Advance congrats to 5m subs Mark.. from PH. Godbless sir.

+alhadi fernandes Really? Hahaha ... even people of Borneo from all tribes not only Malays have tempoyak. Dont just claim because it's a Malay foods all came from Sumatera lah ....

Really love the bids and your smile lights up every video.

Typical indog is everywhere.claiming and claiming until the earth it self coming from indonesia.bahenol ehekkk

Your smile is awesome awesome awesome mmmmmmmmm

hi mark how are you?are you planning to come back in the philippines?


Oh pian dh ada channel sndri rupanya pttla dh lama xtgk pian dlm vitdaily huhu

Orang indon ni, semua makanan nak kata datang dari dia, ambillah semua, mengaku je korang makan babi, kera gan ular sekali.Nanti kata nasi putih pun dari indonesial.

Wherever he goes... this Mark EATS like a LOCAL...

Bertamadun la skit wei,sebuk nk claim makanan asl dri mne,,kalau orang indon ckp ni masakan dieorg mknenye die bkn melayu,simple kan,melayu indon akan ckp tempoyak asal dari masakan melayu bukan dari indon,,org malaysia lg suke masakan thai kot,besepah restoran thai kt malaysia nie,xde plk dieorg nak claim..elak 1 hari nnti dieorg claim yg malaysia ni asl dari indon...

I don't mind Joel in the videos, but I wish he actually added some food commentary instead of just laughing lol

Itu semua adalah jenis makanan asli dari Indonesia. Itu bukan asal malingsialan. claim everything

You go to all countries but not Iran

i hope you can came in indonesia a specially malang city east java

When eating with your hands. Make sure the food doesn’t touch your palms. A tip for you

What!!!...Mark you has gone to the path of No Return... Tempoyak.n Budu.. thats the final challenge .. hahahahaha.... welcome to the dark side of Malaysian food..

Mark- more halal content PLEASE WE 2billion peeps LOVE IT

I hate u frnd smail nd u r y u people doing smaile r u made u r eating iys not a jokeee

Finally. The video ive been waiting for from Mark. It is my favourite dish too. Im glad you are able to taste it


I love mark wiens but joe is very irritating. He’s imitating the reactions of mark!!!

you should visit kuching, Sarawak mark and try our local foods such as ayam pansuh(chicken cook inside the bamboo),Laksa Sarawak, Kolo Mee, Kek Lapis Sarawak(sarawak layer cakes),linut and a lot more other local foods...

Can you do mien food?

Joel, please stop imitating Mark I'm really fed up.

Wipe out pakistan

The monthly durian video on schedule.

I don't understand how so many people feel irritated by Joel. I just watched the whole video he didn't even get on my nerve? But why did some of you get so worked up over him...

Is there any food you dislike.

I cant stop watching Mark's videos just too amazing,

padu beb !

Can you come to Kurdstan my country we have amazing food and super spicey can you come to Kurdistan?

I'm in Malaysia right now, close to KL, I hope I run into him :)

check for iranian food....

we even don't know what they eat....

Plzzz go to Iran........

So you're favorite fruit is durian?

Spoons were invented thousands of years ago. Maybe you can find one. Very cheap. My dog has better table manners than you have.

Hope you can visit Bahrain! cheers!!

Joel's a great addition. The more the merrier

Hello sir i watched your video about you online typing job if you don't mind please give link of that typing jobs website

Pyan = mark wiens mlysia

the best!


Dear all, as for Mark eating with his hands, it is perfectly acceptable. Usually most of our Malay and Malaysian Indian eateries will provide a foreigner (Mat Salleh) with utensils. But to see a foreigner dive in properly with his hands is a show of respect for our diverse culture and most Malaysians will appreciate this gesture. Of course, do note that most Chinese Malaysian restaurants will dine with utensils such as chopsticks. So if you are in doubt feel free to ask your host or local friends about the culture. Welcome to Malaysia everyone! Love you all and hope you enjoy the food and hospitality! Edit PS: If the dish is supposed to be shared, it is common courtesy to spoon it onto your plate before using your hands. Hygiene and common sense here :)

Its so surprising that mark n joel enjoyed tempoyak so much, because most westerners do not like pungent-smell food such durian.. im from malaysia, and i really enjoyed it too.. i cant help but agreed with your statement "your brain doesnt have the capacities to explain how good it taste", because that totally explain what tempoyak is!

Entah la setiap kali ada video psl Malaysia,mesti ada indon pastu gaduh psl budaya mcm budak2.

If you're wanted patin tempoyak like this in Klang valley also have please visit Restaurant Temerloh in Seksyen 15 (Dataran Otomobil) Shah Alam Selangor..and now is Durian season, easy to buy it anywhere

I hope there is an Arabic translation ❤️

these guys make the same face no matter what they eat everything they eat is the best they ever had.

it’s so impressive how u & ur friend can adapt durian & spiciness of malaysian food

Durian the most disgusting fruit in the world and then ferment it. Hahaha why?

Come to Barbados

Thanks mark for coming to temerloh pahang

Gravy is not sweet, it's a sauce.

It's not gravy, it's a sauce.

You are the biggest #foodgod i know

*Hello Mark*

I could smell this video.....

Another great video Mark! I love jengkol fruit, durian is my favourite, catfish has to be one of my favourite fish, I can't live without eating rice and I love spicy food. Perfect video

Hey Mark Wiens Come to Besiktas

come to Canada for pountine

Whaaaaat fermented durian!!! No way that sounds amazing need to try this place thanks for recommendation mark. This durian cat fish looks amazing!

Omg.. Im craving for this tempoyak ikan patin so badly..

Mark your videos are edited beautifully! Love watching your channel! You are the best food Vlogger to ever do it. You are the GOAT!! Keep up the good work!! A big fan from Dallas, Texas!

Hi Khun Mark as Khun Ying.

Great video looked mouthwatering dont realy get anythink like this in the uk. my spelling may not be correct but in the video at second restaurant you dipped a small white bulb type veg into the fermented durian dip at aprox 16 minuits and you called it jencol or gencol what is it


Mantap pian

HAHAHAHA I just ate a dirty diaper with my bare hands LOOOOL HAHAHAHA OH WOW SO NEXT LEVEL STINKY

Mark can we see more of your friend on the cam? I'm kinda in love with him. He's so cute

Gosh.. This video make me wanna go there immidiately.. Right now.. In the middle of the night.. Hahaha.. Btw.. This video make me crave ikan keli tempoyak bakar.. Damn.. But.. Lucky for me there is some durian in my fridge.. Which my mom keep it to make bubur durian letter on.. But then i sneak it.. And eat it while watching this vid.. Hahahaha.. Now i can control my crave.. And hopefully my mom will not realize 1/3 part of her durian has gone.. Hahaha.. Btw Mark.. U should try dessert that make out from durian like serawa durian.. Pulut durian.. Bubur kacang durian.. Etc..


Yuck I hate that fish .

ur expression mark wiens , really shows the goodness towards the dish ^^

oh man!! I so miss tempoyak fish... !!!

Mark Weins your videos are good...but that guy in the glassess with you...He is pointless...

In Malay culture we respect the host. Since he is local, he definitely useful in showing and translating things around. The dickhead negativity like you would never understand.


Its food like this that makes me so fricking proud to be malaysian!!! Im salivating!!!!

Akhirnya dpt tgk pian !! Terbaik la

Go to El Salvador , they have awesome food !!!

Mark Wiens you should have to move to Temerloh Pahang if you want to eat that dish often

The Ikan Patin Tempoyak can be found in Temerloh Pahang and this dish cannot be so delicious or a similar taste like in Temerloh Pahang

*You can replace the fish in Ikan patin tempoyak with chicken or something else to the dish*

Please use a fork,spoon when eating.

Hey mark try to visit mariehamn åland Finland:-)

Cendol is indonesian ice to. Why happened man. Please malaysia don’t claim tht ice.

Tempoyak is food from indonesian. You can find tht food at kalimantan timur,barat,selatan. We mix chilies with durian.. delicious food. You can eat With pais fais

I would honestly love to try this! You seemed genuinely blown away

Tak pandai cakap la mamat tu.

Whatt 2nd round. You must be crazy hahaha.

The thing that i notice about mark is when he eat super good food, he will have that so called little laugh after eating those food because the taste is super duper yummy and that is a sign that food makes him happy

Can you make a pure vegetarian food tour ?

Best fart the very next day

that oa faces haha

Love Malaysia


For me Selera Patin Bangau is the best....

magtatae k na nman pag uwe mo nyan

English language indeed important

now you know...patin tempoyak numero uno bro

There is a special dish in pahang, squid with rice stuffing. Not sure where to get it though. Btw the perak gulai tempoyak is a bit different. It's normally cook with soybean sprouts.

Someone should post the recipe here in the comment section. lol

Your shows are awesome! Plz keep posting Mark!!!! You've made some of the best shows on YouTube!!

Mark Wiens you can use our track for your Videos Mark ! Your welcome!

+semantanijones u r right!!!

+semantanijones u r right!!!!

Mark Wiens I hate u

I hate you ,bro !! Because you always make my mouth filled with water....

Wow i know Men beside you he is pyan??

My favorite dish........I like all tempoyak. The freshwater catfish there doesn't has the muddy flavor.

Mark you can try otak otak and satar. And you must try food at east coast malaysia pahang, klantan and terengganu. many food to explore there

Durian!!! I always wanted to try it.

This is what I grow up with, now that I'm away from home I'm dying to eat these food.

stay hungry!

what’s not incredible?

Mark Wiens is actually from Indonesia. Even though he is from thailand but he is originally from indo

I think joel is cute. Hey Joel, if you read this, let’s hang out !

MARK WIENS see What PAKISTAN did in INDIA such a terribble Terrorist Attack and you visited that terrorist country.

This is not a political vblog..

You should say 'Padu'

It's soo good to see you in one piece, after returning from pakistan. best omelette in the world

Sana sa susunod makasama ako, hahaha mukhang ang sasarap ng mga napuntahan mong restaurant jan sa Malaysia.

Pian missed the opportunity promoting Malaysia to wider audience at the same time missed his opportunity to grow his channel big. His lacking in describing on what the food taste like to Mark, explaining the dishes origin, ingredient and such. You should be the host, not the pelancung. Although this is Mark's channel, but an take example when Mark goes to dubai, and the host is great in describing the dishes. Ini macam dia pulak first time makan tempoyak.

Language barrier. His English isn't good enough to tell all that well in english.

Indonesia mana

I am very surprised that Tempoyak does exist. I ate a dish called tempoyak over 40 years ago in east kalimantan that was introduced to me by my late grandfather. I recall that i like tempoyak although many don’t like it. Mark, thanks for sharing this segment. I’ll visit malaysia again for this dish one day.

On myway...temt for yark

Si t gusta lo picoso be a Mexico a probar los agua chile d camarón y pulpo

Y el mole d oxaca

Have you ever had food you didn't like the taste of or that has made you sick? That would be an interesting video as well.

You need to make a whole video just about masak lemak, come to Negeri Sembilan it’s the state specialty dish!!

i think u should try chinese food mark malaysia is not all about malay food only

Food and politics shouldn’t mix, but I can’t help but feel I couldn’t visit a country that doesn’t allow disabled Israeli athletes, or Israeli’s period into their country

Have you ever been in the Caribbean

Hi mark wines. The Food ranger already visit Bangladesh old Dhaka teast local street food. Please you coming

OMG, we love your videos Mark! Thank you for allowing someone with a chronic illness to enjoy traveling without traveling. We make a lot of Thai and Indian food and your shows have been a huge inspiration. God bless you and your beautiful wife and son. Blessings.

Its India


Gave like if u like Malaysia like me


Please support Chef Tony Rubin: campaign here's the link:


Sapa yang tengok sini dan team piyann.. Ketik like... Padu bebbb

You should go to Kurdistan

Koi orang Temerloh

Mark Ying and Joel are really nice people in this planet good people I can say and the best wishes to them and good luck and success to pyan

Mark you always make me feel so hungry! What do i eat now! Send me some delicious food .lolz

Hi Mike. I Love your videos. It makes me want to go out there and travel like you do. One country I would suggest you consider as a future food destination is my home country of Bulgaria. I think that you will fall in love with the local cuisine and the land itself. Keep up the good work.

paduu pian...


Is everything served just at room temperature?

Mark you’re living my dream life

@Mark Wiens Come to Bangladesh, Sylhet! Welcome!

Mark, you really make me hungry.

I do respect Malaysian traditions, but eating w ur hands just seem unappetizing...

Hello, I am from Dhaka, BANGLADESH. You should come to Dhaka,Bangladesh for interesting food shooting .

Him using his hands and trying to think that he is immersed is really getting super irritating, especially with that dirty hands after.


You guys looked high lol and now I'm hungry!

This video is very nice


Padu laa piann

Awesome as always Mark! I need the deets on the herbage you're eating in this video. They might have those same herbs and greens at the Asian grocery stores in my area! Hi Ying!

capital A are drunk....???

Aboe Baqar so apa masalah kau indog..kau x nak claim malaysia ni indon sekali jgak ke hanat?

Aboe Baqar indog yang claim semua bodoh..bab makanan pon nk claim..bebal gila

What did we claimed, asshole?

This video was probably filmed around a month ago.

Memang benar. Kami cuma mau ,mengingatkan bahwa sebenarnya kalian tidak punya budaya.

Mark Wiens What would the World be with out rice...

I don't eat durian but I love tempoyak

yearghhh hahaha.. ur officially malaysian!

Been following you for awhile and feel a kinship to you as a MK and father of biracial kids (Han Chinese and Hispanic); shared your stuff with a friend that just went to Thailand and it was so helpful. Just wanted to say this is the first time I have commented based on the ultra uniqueness and experienciality of this food; reminds me when I eat all the fermented Chinese foods I was brought up with.

Mark Wiens you can use our track for your Videos Mark ! Your welcome!

It seems that you really like djenkol bean. But do be aware that it can cause acute kidney injury. We call it djenkolism

Tempoyak for the win

masak tempoyak wei..

spot on! love love love tempoyak

20:00 ultimate review. in msia we called it 'un-brainable' LOL.

Mark, you made a statement, that the gravy or sauce would awaken your tastebuds. I have lost about 85% of my tastebuds. I want to try it!

Indonesian Tempoyak more delicious than this, you should try in Pekanbaru, Riau.!

Haaa baru ouk tau sedak nye gulei tempoyok patin ye mark..haha itu belum lg ouk try sambal tempoyok petei ngn sambal tempoyok jering...fuhhhh besandor lps mkn haha..kalau ouk nk lg rare mknanan pahang acer ouk try asarom pepalih la weh...bepinor mata kikiki

Mark u gotta answer this. u don’t show us if Micha eats what u do or if he likes spicy at his age. Since he’s ur son and Ming’s heritage likes spicy I was curious if he does at his young age? Or do children his age in that part of the world generally like their food spicy? And how about the Durian fruit?

look good !! wow .. where can i buy Tempoyak paste in the U.S.A ?? it is hard to find here ..

not stronger as french cheeses....!!!

You guys are so lucky to eat all that natural food not processed

Mark, you're officially Malaysian now lol

Padu beb fans.. Malaysia

I hate durian but my mouth is drooling.. wierd

Eating Indian curry chicken and rice! YUM

If u come to KL and wanna have tempoyak patin .. they have branches at setapak/wangsa maju area ..

They're loser.. What do you expect from loser..

Some people get irritated over nothing. It's just the way it is.

+alhadi fernandes yes done claim!

+Ahmad G. Notonagoro yes done claim!

welcome to temerloh..:)

Mark me and wife just started watching your channel we are now obsessed with your videos LOL but we are both super curious to know out of every country you’ve been which ones you’re all-time favorite?? Oh yeah and by the way I love that after the first bite you say, “WOW and Oh that’s wonderful” so I started saying that myself lol (Hope you can reply to us) Cheers from California, USA


Indonesia punya lebih dari 700 suku bangsa, Berapa suku bangsa yang kalian Punya hai Malaysia? Saya sebagai orang indonesia saya bisa berbahasa indonesia, jawa , sunda dan batak serta sedikit hok kien. Indonesia banyak terdapat masakan cina karena banyak pendatang2 cina di indonesia, tapi tidak pernah sekalipun kami mengatakan bahwa budaya, masakan dan bahasa cina adalah MILIK INDONESIA dan budaya indonesia. Tapi mereka tetap melestarikan budaya mereka di indonesia. Dan mereka bebas sertq berhak melakukan hal tersebut. Demikian juga kalian malaysia, berapa suku bangsa yang ada pada kalian? Hai tukang klaim .. ? Aceh hanya ada di indonesia, batak hanya ada di indonesia, jawa hanya ada di indonesia, sunda hanya ada di indonesia , bali hanya ada di indonesia, maluku ada di indonesia , flores hanya ada di indonesia , madura hanya ada di indonesia , nias hanya ada di indonesia , toraja hanya ada di indonesia , dll. Jika ada beberapa orang dari suku bangsa kami yang pindah ke negaramu bukan berarti budaya mereka menjadi MILIKMU. Tapi mereka melestarikan budaya nenek moyang mereka dari indonesia di negaramu. Hai malaysia, negaramu adalah negara yang miskin dengan budaya dan suku bangsa. Kekayaan negaramu dalam hal budaya tidak ada apa2nya dibandingkan dengan indonesia. Jadi, mulailah belajar merasa MALU terhadap dirimu sendiri ..

We hv 700 durian haters here.... wtf, we LOVEEEE DURIAN

Padu Beb!!!!

I hate Sufian. Thanks.

I don't like durian because it really stinks for me. But for the expression of your face while eating that fish, oh... I think I would like to try it.

When Joel waits for Mark's reaction as an approval to make his own reaction. With that said, I love Joel in all his videos.

My mum love your show so much she it everyday. My mother is also the best cook I love her cooking

I mean she watch it every day

Enjoy your content even more!! You should visit SABAH for more Tempoyak, the red type of Durian mainly used only for cooking. Superb!

This is unfair. I want...

Just out of curiosity, what are the leafy veggies that Mark is eating at 5:28? One of the bundles looks like basil? I guess I'm just surprised that he was chowing down like they were veggies and dip because I picture more like carrots rather than a leafy green.

I wish he could feed the food to his baby. I like to see him cry.

"what's your name?" "lizard"

I lived there for over ten years and never heard of it. It will be a local dish occasionally copied elsewhere. You should travel to the far north and sample some of their dishes.

Feel like Mark hasn't tried something and hit signature lean in a long time. At least not as hard as he used to.

Baru tau di malaysia ada tempoyak juga. Tempoyak salah satu makanan tradisional orang palembang (indonesia)... Ya kalo di malaysia ada juga sih ga heran karena pada dasarnya sama2 melayu

Dan bahan bakunya asal buah Durian ... bukan diMalaysia adja ada ... di Selatan thailand jugak ada dan juga di brunei

Life changing??? Really?d

aaaaaa lo ma frinde alak food

Wkwkwkwkwkwk ... jadi pengemis minta sederkoh yaakk mas ... wkwkwkwkwkwk ... Kasihan INDONesia gak ngetopp !!!

Joel Roxx, glad to see you keeping him in your vids. Bros before "bitchesaskingforjoeltobeejected"

Ignore the Joel haters, they can choke on fermented durian paste. I find him awkwardly hilarious and a subtly nice addition. Keep it up and keep laughing at random things dude lol

Love Joel!!!

you r just mad mark wiens....just the smell of durian is enough to drive the tourists a millions miles you are telling them fermented durian curry is the best food in the world!!! you are a champion if you can convince the rest of the world...but no convincing required for us Malaysians..we know these secrets all along!! come up with more food from malaysia ok!!

1st thumps up after that watching you mark weins n hvng delicious food

I don't think i can tolerate with your fart Mark. All those stinky stuff you take in a day will mess up your stomach. Lol..

I gotta admit I really like Sufian by your side, he adds a different interpretation which is priceless.

Im malaysian...but i never eat tempoyak because of the smell

Why is joel always laughing

I don't know why I'm so irritated to Joel. He is trying to be Mark .lol

Joel is cutie pie stop hating on him

Mark getting high from tempoyak, LMFAO! Never saw him laugh so much in a video He eats durian, tempoyak, stinky beans, jengkol in the same day God bless everyone around him if Mark suddenly farts

It is a must-try dish. My mom often cooks this dish at home. I always like this dish because the fishes are just so tender good.

Wowww... Mark, salute to you Bro. You already try Patin Tempoyak. Very good right !

19:24 baby bird?

Where are the bodies mark?

I love your video but I hate your mouth when I see your act

Man...... Padu Beb! haha please visit east coast. & east Malaysia next time..

Ni baru lah padu bro!


Padu beb

+Swiit Lime I dont have any reasons to hate Joel.. but I do have reasons to hate Sufian.

I much prefer him over Joel

Just collab....

wow. so many indon claiming tempoyak. hahaha , fyi tempoyak is melayu food and melayu is not living only in indonesia,.. yg tak puas hati boleh pegi mampus.

u can make ur own tempoyak...using a spoon scrape all the durian flesh. u can used good quality of durian or the over ripen durian. add on 2-3 pinch of salt and put it in a jar. leave it on room temperature for 4-5days and its ready to use.

+kxx gxx ok inshaallah

Where is Pakistani ali mark?

i can't stand that other guy that's with mark

*Padu beb!*

Really appreciate you love it so much... pls review our local food in Sabah

Poh paleh, pok sedaknya patin poyok bangau.

proud to be born in Temerloh thank you Mark

I'm looking forward to see you in person mark I'm a huge fan of you,I think i watch your video already,..God bless u in more power,pls say hi to yeng and mica...

I am going to say it...Joel is too cute!

Mmmmm, that's all I can say about this video lol


joel: eat a bunch laugh before talking and laugh some more does he smoke weed before shooting these videos? i mean seriously man, are you high?

Ooh waw

“No napkins on the table.. No napkins necessary..” - Mark Wiens Do come again please.. ✌

You should try patin kancil and bangau....most famous patin in temerloh...

Why marks hand are always shaking??

Just shup up and enjoy the video terima kasih

Kalau tempoyak musang king lagi sedap ..tapi hahaha bau dia busuk

Mark Wiens mark.. you try go to east Malaysia it is Sabah Borneo.. they are so many food from different race & culture.. then you know how amazing the food they have specially seafood..

Mark Wiens haiii... I from kluang johor malaysia..

+Zalifah Juliana typical indon

+alhadi fernandes typical indon

Hi mark, i love watching your videos..can i ask?? why is that joel is always laughing?? hes a little bit fake.

Pecak pindang tempoyak patin wong pelembang

bangga jadi orang temerloh..actually ada few more restaurant yg femes ikan patin tempoyak dekat temerloh..pak usop nearby petronas bandar lama n kancil raja patin..however those two restaurants they went are the top 2..good video good food..

Uhh WOWW this is the reason why I’m a new subscriber HAHA

5:13 Wrong! It's... padubeb.

Wowww.. Patin tempoyak!

Pian kekok ke tu

Eats all over the world, found his favourite food in Malaysia. I agree.

Macam kene barang jer dorang nie... hahahha gold

Awok patut mai tempat koi ..banyok agi makanan sedap, gerenty ouk bekenan

That’s the reason why durian is King of fruit. Once you taste it you will addicted

നമ്മുടെ ഷാപ്പിലെ കറികൾക്കു മുമ്പിൽ ഇതൊക്കെ എന്ത്....മലയാളികൾ ലൈക് അടി

orang bercerita pasal makan ko cerita pasal suku...kejadahnya ko ni..batak suku ke diam2 sudah tengok video ni...ko mati besok Tuhan tak soal ko suku apa?bangsa apa?sebutkan nama makanan yang terdapat di Indonesia..takde tu semua..kalau tak nak makanan ko dilestarikan dimalaysia ko cakap dengan bangsa suku ko jangan datang negara kami..duduk diam-diam dekat Indonesia ...easy right????adios amigos aku berambus!!!!

Just shut up and enjoy the video terima kasih

i think sufian forgot to tell you about sambal hitam

Pian acah2 terkejut pulak makan makanan tu

Kenapa pian kurang bercakap dgn mark wiens ??

mark is really in love with tempoyak....thanks to the whole world will be curious out it :)

Awesome...tempoyak patin Mark weins

+Rudy Syam pape je lah kau nak cakap bahasa alien pon ikut suka buang masa je layan orang tak paham bahasa macam kau ni bye

+Wan K mau cakap bahasa melayu? Atau ngomong bahasa indonesia? Atanapi tiasa basa Sunda nteu? Opo ngomong Jowo iso ra? kong tenangwa ? Marbahasa batak do ho? Or do you want to speak english? Or Singlish? oder sprechen Sie Deutch?

Tu dia tgh ckp bahasa batak dia laa tu,buat malu je org indon lain semua okay baik2 dia sibuk nak racist

Mark why we only see 1 video of you in phg..ermm phg also got so many food


Damm..patin tempoyak. I liked it. Love malaysia food. Tasty and delicious.

so excited to see your experission when eat tempoyak

Mark Wiens is so creative in describing food experience, he can even contribute new words in the English Dictionary.

I it's me again ... today arrived one Italian boy .... I think loaded w coke so maybe will cook some pasta ... My boy told me we still have durian so I reckon .. pasta w durian and fresh Italian.... smoking a splif and waiting for fresh food

Joel and the finger snap???!!! I don't know about that move.....

mark is really in love with tempoyak....thanks to the whole world will be curious about it :)

Rudy Syam wkwkwkwkkwkwwkw ... eloch bercanda ??? LUMPIA itu makanan budaya syiapa sich ?? Wkwkkwkwkwkwwkwkwkwk .. JAWA ??? gilaakkk loeee emangnya orang SEMARANG JAWA provokator yaaakkk dasar MISKIN gak ada uang mau piknik ... mungkin itu anak kurang piknik ke luar negara padahal banyak dinegara asia yang lain ... yang cuma teriak2 KLAIM itu adalah Bangsa INDONesia donkkk ... negara lain gak adaa sichhh ... wkwkwkwkkwkwkwkwkw

+Cheras Boy Makanya.. Kalau punya mata, dipake. Saya gak pernah bilang indonesia gak punya kuliner cina, YANG SAYA KATAKAN adalah bahwa meskipun di indonesia banyak kuliner cina, tapi kami tidak pernah klaim bahwa itu budaya kami. Tidak pernah ada orang2 indoensia mengaku tahu dan cepcay itu budaya kami.

Rudy Syam eloch yakin diINDONesia gak ada kuliner CINA ??? Nah gue nanyak loee LUMPIA,dendeng babi,Tahu goreng dan SOMEI itu asal manak yaakkk ??? Wkwkwkkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkw ... tolol bener ini warga INDONesia .... nah negara Malaysia itu ada suku etnis tionghua ... INDONesia ada gak cina kerna gak mau NGAKUK donkkk ... tapi Makanan Kuliner ikut MALINGGGGGG ngaku dari asal INDONesia !!!! wkwkwkkwkwkwkwkwkkwkwkw

+Cheras Boy kenapa gak kau akui masakan cina sebagai masakan khas malaysia? Mau ada tempoyak ataupun tidak, gak akan merubah darimana asal masakan2 tersebut. Jawa berkuasa? Presiden indonesia ke 3 adalah Habiebie dari Sulawesi. Sedangkan presiden ke 1 adalah soekarno yang ibunya berasal dari Bali

Rudy Syam wkwkkwkkwwkwkwkkkwkwkw ... dasar pengemis asal INDONesia disetiap vlog atau video citarasa Malaysia ... kalo INDONesia ada 700 suku kenapa Jawa yang kuasa ??? Terus dikota kota Besar INDONesia kulinernya cuma Nasi padang,bakso dan gorengan doaannggg ... tempoyak adja gak jualan dipasar dan direstoran ... gak tauk malu ini INDONesia negaranya ada kuliner yang enak lagi ngaku2 sok hebat padahal SAMPAH !!!!! ...

Pian channel cannot be reach from your link mark.

Tag Your country your from mines Sāmoa

i cant eat ripe durian but i really love the hard-unripe duiran. its really crunchy. also i really love tempoyak and the smell of durian whose with me?

I think most people feel personally connected to Mark & when special guests come it's fine. But when "new" Joel, nervous & awkwardly trys to fit in it make many defensive about change to the intimate arrangement we thought we had and could count on, our loyalty tested. I think the more we get to know Joel & he relaxes into finding his own groove most will become o.k. with the change. Change is hard in any relationship. Thanks for all the hard work everyone puts into the making of the video's

Semua kari to them

Every video you eat durian

Joel is another version or Mark weins luv to see Joel in Every video

You such very cool & nice guy..i was from pahang malaysia..patin tempoyak is my favourite food all time..BUT not all malaysia love it especially mywife..she never it tempoyak before married with me..normally all people from south country in Malaysia, they NOT eat tempoyak..very proud off you mark..

Rudy Syam iya eloch MISKIN masakan LUMPIA gak tauk asalnya ... berani teriak2 disosmed kayak demo nasi kotak alias nasi kucingan ... wkwwkwkwkwkkwkwkwkwwkkwk ... kalo eloch kaya gak teriak kek gini donk ... semua pada tahu negara yang pakek makanan itu ... jangan ngaku2 dah padahal itu seorang OJOL ... wkwwkkwwkkwkwkw

+Cheras Boy hai anji*. Kalau kau gak punya budaya, mending diam saja. Saya miskin? Bisa jadi ,. Tapi setidaknya saya penghasilan saya sekarang US$ bukan Rupiah apalagi RINGGIT

Good video broo thanks welcome Malaysia me all People in Malaysia love eat all nice

Ada pian padu beb,memang padu bila gabung dengan marks wiens.Pian meets mark wiens thats amazing! Congrates!

wow...with padu beb...

No spoons left in the world?

Never had fermented durian before. Actually, never tried even the fruit itself. Your posting of Malaysian cuisine makes durian inviting in any form. So, if I ever get the chance to try it someday, I’ll more than welcome the opportunity to do so. Thanks Mark...

It's not Tempoyak curry. It is basically sour durian (fermented) plus dry chillies. It is very different taste from curry.

sambal tempoyak its so good...we eat...with cucumber..fresh green vegetable...small egg plant..long bean..lemon basil..cabbage...ect

mark...ikan patin....its so softly...especially belly part.soft and oily..this why the reason this fish name is ..butter fish..with tempoyak so delicious..

Tempoyak itu asalnya indonesia.

Naim Jumari masakkan gue ngaku indon ... wkwkwkwkkwkwkwkwkwkw ... Makanan INDONesia street food automatik sakit perut kalo dimakan ..

+Cheras Boy kok bangga jadi indo. Kalo aku malu banget deh.

Naim Jumari tipikalnya ... wkwkwkwkwk

+Cheras Boy sufian itu orangnya indonesia

Naim Jumari wkwkwkwkwkwkwkkwkw ... Maling dari MALAYSIA ... dasar gak kreatip ... wkwkwkwkwkwkkwkw

+Cheras Boy durian raja musang

Duriannya aslinya dimana ??? Indonesia durian ngetop didunia namanya apa ????

memang padu .....

To everyone: DOWNLOAD FREE APP...called YOUNOW

Rudy Syam iya eloch MISKIN masakan LUMPIA gak tauk asalnya ... berani teriak2 disosmed kayak demo nasi kotak alias nasi kucingan ... wkwwkwkwkwkkwkwkwkwwkkwk ... kalo eloch kaya gak teriak kek gini donk ... semua pada tahu negara yang pakek makanan itu ... jangan ngaku2 dah padahal eloch itu seorang OJOL gojak ... wkwwkkwwkkwkwkw

Rudy Syam wkwkkwkkwwkwkwkkkwkwkw ... dasar pengemis asal INDONesia disetiap vlog atau video citarasa Malaysia ... kalo INDONesia ada 700 suku kenapa Jawa yang kuasa ??? Terus dikota kota Besar INDONesia kulinernya cuma Nasi padang,bakso dan gorengan doaannggg ... tempoyak adja gak jualan dipasar dan direstoran ... gak tauk malu ini INDONesia negaranya gak ada kuliner yang enak lagi ngaku2 sok hebat padahal SAMPAH !!!!! ...

Nice food in Malaysia

*_The Deliciousness It's No Exaggeration No Facial Expression, No Descriptive Vocabulary_*

Naim Jumari wkwkwkwkwkwkkwwkwk ... biar mampus dia yang suka teriak teriak maling ... wkwkwkkwwkwkw

+Cheras Boy minum tu tsunami anjay


Malaysian food is very good i love mark you and your all video

WHYYYYY I AM I NOT THERE eating all of this good food :(

Hi mark. Happy to see you enjoying our Malaysia food. Next time if you visit Temerloh again, please visit Pak Usop restaurant, it is located at the food court besides Sungai Pahang. I am sure if you ask local people absolutely they will recommend you this place, Pak Usop restaurant. If you visit Negeri Sembilan please try masak lemak cili api. If you go to Kedah, please try Kak Yang Gulai Termenung, which is located in Kuala Kedah. Enjoy your trip with your family and welcome to Malaysia, truly Asia

In Malaysia jengkol we call it JERING

Ko x yah la buat mcm ko TU yg baru mai msia pian..mcm x pernah makan cendol sampai speechless...getik

Thanks for coming Malaysia

Welcome to Malaysia

This guy is a fool and should be removed from this channel

+Elara Fay i dont like him too

All I can say your joie de vivre should change the world. You are incredible. Best wishes to you, your family n friends.

Yummy pais patin

Wow! Subscribe to my channel guys! And i will subscribe back thanks ☺️

Is it only me?? But I love watching him eat!! It feels like I am the one eating!! I am swallowing saliva over here!!!

Welcome to my hometown

Iike a lot your videos, but I dont understand having spoons and not use them.

aok rodong koi

You should wash your hand first and not let it dry before touching the spoon for your chendol. Hehe


3:44 the moment you knew Mark that would be a Tempoyak addict

You are one of a kind.. its very rare to see foreigners like to eat durian and what makes it more interesting is that you enjoying eat tempoyak.. even some of Malaysian dont eat tempoyak

eating with bare hand its a different level ..u should try me sir..u wont ever forget that moment...

Nothing to hate him .just first met

Man, you make me hungry. It's been a long time since i ate Temerloh Patin Tempoyak.

My hometown...woohoo

+Rozimi Ibrahim I have tried before and I dont like it, but reading I understand that is a common practice that is understandable and respectable

Please bitch, Tempoyak is Indonesian Food. Jambi City Food :)


Don't worry with licking your fingers when you eat in Malaysia Mark. It is a perfectly normal practice here... Everybody's doing it. Heck, some of us lick the plate as well. No Joke!

My mouth is watering after seeing this video even though I don't eat durian, but you make me feel like I need a try on this dish

Membesar, Memanjang Alami tanpa Operasi. ! Tonton tuntas videonya

I luv their reactions ♡♡♡♡

Mark i always love your video, everything, every tradition, every food ,every place you travel, it's just awesome.

Mark, you, Joel and Padu are funny and fun to watch

Patin tempoyak is not kari..

I'm wondering why didn't you touch the belacan. Tempoyak + belacan = tha bomb!

The videos without the tag along dude are much better

Come my house. I show how to cook gulai tempoyak perak

Paduu beb

Thanks for coming to malaysia


Hmm another tempoyak hunter..

Not a very good idea to watch this at 4am, I’m so hungry!!!

im not really fish fan, but damn that tempoyak looks so delicious.

Sape2 yang datang TEMERLOH nk mkn patin tempoyak yg betol2 terbaikkkkkkkkkk pm aku..

Everywhere he goes , all foods can match with him.... . He is omnivore.... !! . I think it doesn’t matter for him if this Tempoyak combined with Sushi... .

Aku baru tau jugo kalo tempoyak nie dari malaysia? Nian apo e... setauku masakan tempoyak asli nyo masakan wong sumatera selatan....bener dak yo....?

Is there anything you dont like can you please be real and give honest review of the food.

Love from pakistan ❤❤❤


Mark Wiens yes, i love how much you love it

Mark is really aging

tempoyak is melayu food sumatra(indonesia) malaysia

Ala pian cm xprnh makan petai je

it's like party in your mouth right mark?!

I very love Padu Ben Studios FROM MALAYSIA


Seriously making my mouth waters...

Mark Wiens i always enjoy your vlogs .. please visit Suriname .. its extremely multicultural bacause of the different people/races living there .. so you wil loooove the Food for sure!!!

Come to think, that actually sounds delish

Glad you are in durian heaven, Mark. I personally ignore the juvenile, negative comments by bullies. Youtube and other social media is a little like high school. There are always those immature, attention seeking trolls ready to inflame and criticize others. You can be certain, a self-respecting adult will never act in this manner.

Kalau nak makan Patin poyok sedap kat Dungun, TERENGGANU.. Boleh try di Shida Lee restoran di Che Lijah. Padu gilerrrrr!!!

Come to kuching ....try tempoyak chicken,fish,pork, cook in bamboo...authentic bidayuh dish....or try fried tempoyak with enchovy

Hi, not only tempoyak is the best in can try Gulai Asam Rong made from rubber tree seed, super hot spicy, with fresh fish and local vege inside...very popular in Jerantut and Taman Negara (Pahang National Park) should try n enjoy it

Mark, you can drop by to my house if you guys want to go back to Temerloh for the near future

*Mark, there's a restaurant that make more delicious Patin Tempoyak than GoBang Maju*

padu beb hahaa

Hi mark its a treat to eyes to watch ur videos.....m ur great fan

chinese yang comments di sini mamcam tak duduk malaysia. tempoyak pun tak tahu. boooo


i never see a mat salleh (foreigner) that is so excited to eat food with durian base. good for u. come again to Malaysia, especially during Aidilfitri..the food is incredible

Mark wiens you are the host travel food in the world..from malaysia,you fans

I'm proud I'm temerloh

I love to see how u enjoy ur food mark

Mark, you visited my hometown! I left Temerloh in 1980 to come to United States. Once in a while, i think about all the foods I miss back there.

Nahhhh... Am Craving...

Have u try sambal Hitam??? Try it.

Pian nampak macam budak bodoh dalam ni . Kahkah , kau nervous ke apa depan Mark Wiens ni Pian weh ?

Mark is wild boar he eat like snake

Ander Herrera

Kahkah , dah aku tengok Pian bukan macam Pian yang kita kenal selalu , tu pasal yang aku tanya ni . Hahaha

yuhaimee hahaha babi kan ko. Pian english ke laut agak nya tu dia keras skit


Hey Mark does Joel have a youtube channel of his own

Once you hv experienced the best foods of Malaysia...u gonna come here again and again... u cant get the same taste elsewhere...

I have been following you for a long time and watched you eating many,many different foods but have never seen you enjoying anything so much as the fermented durian curry. You truly looked like you were in food heaven, I don’t know anyone who enjoys their work as much as you, good on you mark , keep eating, your fan from Australia

makan makan sambal tempoyak

@Zalifah Juliana typical indon

@alhadi fernandes typical indon

@kxx gxx ok inshaallah

@alhadi fernandes yes done claim!

@Ahmad G. Notonagoro yes done claim!

@semantanijones u r right!!!

@semantanijones u r right!!!!

@alhadi fernandes Really? Hahaha ... even people of Borneo from all tribes not only Malays have tempoyak. Dont just claim because it's a Malay foods all came from Sumatera lah ....

@semantanijones always, Malay always say and claim it's, even batik,reok etc. Malayshit

@semantanijones just visit Bengkulu

@semantanijones hmmm ...

@Zalifah Juliana No its not!

@Mulyadi Samijo Its not belong to any country!! Its belong to Malay ethnic!Lampung, Bengkulu and south sumatran are all Malay so it doesnt matter if its in Indonesia or Malaysia! Besides its not even famous in Indonesia, how many people out of Sumatra or Kalimantan actually eat it? The Javanese certainly do not eat it.

@alhadi fernandes No its not indonesian, its a Malay ethnic food, so where there are Malays there will always be Tempoyak its belong to the people not the country.

@alhadi fernandes err no, it's Melayu food so it ours too. No need to say that it come from here bla2, can Indonesian just stop it. We Melayu know our people whether they come from Melayu Malaysia, Melayu Thailand or Melayu Indonesia, Melayu Singapura and Melayu Brunei, we just Malays okay, gosh! I'm really sick of it!

@Mas Iyok salam kenal yaaaa ???

@Mas Iyok yes, Mark ... Tempoyak originated in the southern part of Sumatera ... Bengkulu, you have to go there ...

@alhadi fernandes just enjoy the video, What's wrong with you people.

@Rozimi Ibrahim I have tried before and I dont like it, but reading I understand that is a common practice that is understandable and respectable

@Cheras Boy minum tu tsunami anjay

@Cheras Boy kok bangga jadi indo. Kalo aku malu banget deh.

@Cheras Boy sufian itu orangnya indonesia

@Cheras Boy durian raja musang

@Whizart Studio ya i knew it but he was born in he is thai people kann.

@Izwan Haikal bapak dia kan omputih..mat salleh tu bangsa bkn negara

he is not mat saleh..he from thailand la

Padu bebbb

Mark wiens, Selamat datang ditermeloh Pahang Malaysia

@Zulhelmi Roslan tak ada kedai yg jual semua variety tempoyak lg kan?

@Mas Iyok Brengkes and pais are the same thing. Brengkes is the Palembang Malay word for it. Pais is Sundanese as well as Standard Malay.

@Najid Nangin he did it at middle of the video

I dont like durian, but strangely i can eat patin tempoyak so all i can say even u didnt like durian, u might like tempoyak coz it taste so different than the actual durian.

Mark Wiens love you mark

Terbaikla Pian #padubeb

Terbaiklah #padubeb

I know you’re not faking it! The taste is beyond words. Great video Mark! Keep it up!

try another dish made with tempoyak, sambal tempoyak daun kayu... ingredients: petai, anchovies, pucuk ubi (young tapioca shoots) , pucuk paku (fern shoots) anf loads of other ulams (herbs)

This is the reason why i love tempoyak then sambal belacan


I'mma proud Pahang people

Yay finally two of my fav food youtubers on one video. Terbaiklah abg pyan! I've waited this video for so long


sambal tempoyak is so good.... got from my friend from bengkulu,sumatera.....


Your friend reaction is another level..hahahaah..#kipidap #dongibab

You haven't foodgasm'd this hard since the chapli kebabs. Malaysian food is up there in my most favorites ever too. Would love to try tempoyak!

In Indonesia, you can find tempoyak sambal mix with shrimp paste, Mark. Now you can imagine the taste..

I wonder mark, you are long time as a foodies & youtuber. But just new discover about tempoyak. U also should try sambal tempoyak goreng anchovy with petai or jering cambah (jengkol sprout) that is super spicy & yummy.

Next we are come kuwait... Hawali... foyal.. farwaniya.. jeleep.. fantas... coming kuwait city

Fish with tempoyak is only part of it, there are more tempoyak dish like sambal tumis ikan bilis tempoyak (anchovies sambal with tempoyak), ikan bakar tempoyak petai and etc. Pls join us again mark!

i love you man think you

Visit Palembang Mark, you will find another delicacy of tempoyak. The name of the dish is brengkes tempoyak. You will love it

Thank you for coming tu my hometown and taste almost my everyday meal..patin tempoyak

Padu beb!!! Cgrt pian!!!

Hah I know you'll be hooked to patin tempoyak. It's impossible to eat only one plate of rice whenever I eat this dish.

Tempoyak just like durian is an acquired taste, u either love or hate it.

Malaysia has an expansive food culture... very intriguing! MUST travel locale!!

Mark Wiens ...Hello watching from Philippines..God Bless..u always make hungry

Love from Pakistan mark plz come back in my country again❤❤❤

fuhh baru jumpe video ni . hahaha terbaik piyan padu beb


Is patin fish a pangasius fish? (Catfish family)

Aku xmakan tempoyak..tapi tgk dia makan bapak sedap weh

I hate sufian. He is stupid

Mark, come to Kuantan and I will cook for u. Auntethic Indian food.

I see patin, i like

yedok..ahu mnde rase

Wow...pian bergabung dgn mark wiens...terbaik lahhh

I love the way joel reacts..hilarious

Indonesia food

Padu Beb

Mark always got the perfect word to discribe the taste..

Bring this dish to master chef Jury= hmmm..the fish is not crispy

Well, fresh durian to me smelled and tasted like rotten onions. Perhaps with it being fermented it would improve the smell and taste? If you haven't tried something that looks like a durian but is from a different plant species entirely, give jackfruit a try. Warning about the jackfruit, you'll need to oil up a knife when you pull the pods out and cut the flesh of the fruit, it's really sticky and sweet, a perfectly ripe jackfruit is way more sweet than the best mango.

Boiled young jackfruits can b cooked in coconut milk & chilli cream with Durian....yummy , cendol

I honestly love Joel in all Mark’s video. His expression is like a “side dish” to mark’s expression trademark.

Cayalah Mark! ! !

aku suka marketing dia " Tak baik makan sorang tau, sila bungkus bawa pulang"

@Whizart TV ya i knew it but he was born in he is thai people kann.

Yes. Same species

Non veg. Food is only for animal. Anyone who eats it is also animal...

@Ahmad G. Notonagoro hahaha..tapi kita masih kongsi makanan nenek moyang kita melayu dong..salam kenal dari melayu pahang/bukit maninjau sumatera leluhurku

@Boban Joehart i know... But fyi, i dont really likes the disgusting smell of tempoyak though...LOL...

@Zalifah Juliana pergi mampos dengam indon2 bodoh goblok mcm kamu..kasian..tempoyak indon xpopular..booooooo...asik masuk bakul angkat sendiri loe..boooo..

@Ahmad G. Notonagoro ya..coz we are the same bloodline..malay sumatera.malay kalimantan..malay pahang..johor.perak..all over this we share our same dish with difrent name only the tempoyak are the same..lols..#lovetempoyak

My mouth watering .... This dish is seriously delicious n hard to forget once you eat it.

i like u reaction so much about the food..u eat petai also hahahahh good job bro!!!u channel is awsome!!!!

Feel hungry ... OMG.. Actually I'm from Malaysia And i really rarely to come this ikan patin restaurant

Licking finger is mean the food is really good

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