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good morning everyone so it's day two on the  beautiful island of boipeba here in bahia so   if you watched yesterday's video we came from  that direction over there which is where we   got the boat to arrive on the island, and today  we're going to explore the side of the island   which is this way so over this hill here theres  supposed to be the nicest beaches here on the   island, so we're gonna check those out. looks like  we got lucky with the weather today. yeah finally   yeah the previous days was just rainy. yeah yesterday   it was rainy and then it opened up a bit   but it was too late to do anything so we just  stayed home and we walked a little bit but   we couldn't do much because we didn't know if it  was gonna rain but today we have this good weather   yeah it looks beautiful today so hopefully it  stays like this all day. so right next to the beach   there's this trail here and this is the trail  that will take us all the way to the other beaches so when we arrived it looked  like our bungalows were the   final ones on the beach but there's  actually loads of other buildings   all the way down here. what is that? i don't  know. eat it. no it's not safe. the poison yeah so these are the beaches that  we want to go to tassimirin, cueira and morere   so they're all in this direction and this is  where the proper jungle trail starts, so just   like two minutes from where we're staying it's  all wild. the cool thing about this island is the   majority of the trails are like this aren't they?  yeah it's like a big jungle everywhere and they're   like different species of plants and trees like  it's very different from other places that we've   seen especially in rio. yeah i think this  is wilder than rio even? yeah it looks like it.  

yeah there seems to be more of a variety, look at this  like proper jungle around here. so when you're   walking around the island there isn't really  that many proper roads, so a lot of the   places are just like this to get between the  different areas, just these cool trails everywhere   so this is apparently the fanciest resort   here on the island. pousada mangabeiras, so  it's up there can actually see some of the   the buildings on the hillside, and check it out  they even have an elevator in the middle of the   jungle to take the guests up pretty sure  that's the only one with an elevator here how much was it to stay here? i think you checked  didn't you? yeah i think it was two thousand   reaiis. two thousand reaiis. maybe too expensive  for us yeah. yeah so you see this big thing   everywhere around here on loads of the trees  so i think it's termites, we think that's   what it is anyway i'm not not sure. in portuguese  you call it cupim, like a big termite nest huge   they're everywhere right? yeah we see some big  ones like there's one over there oh look at   that one. oh wow yeah, look  at that it's a huge one they're taking over   so like we mentioned it has been raining  a lot so this area here is all like swampy no way to avoid it and this is the first beach so  i think this one is tassimirim isn't isn't it?   yeah the name, tassimirim yes it only took about 15 to 20 minutes  overall from where we're staying   and it's way more beautiful on this side so this area here has some natural pools when  the tide goes down it's supposed to go down   today around like 1 - 2 p.m so i think when  it's really low you can even just walk to it  

so i don't know if we'll be doing that today,  i think some of the beaches that we are going to   in a in a while also have the natural  pool so yeah maybe we will be able to   see them. we're not planning on doing the  boat trips though but you can do that so even though the beach is pretty  remote you still get some little   shacks here, restaurants and bars. i think  they only open later on when we came here the   the other day they were open. look at this one so  it's called cabana flor do caribe, flower of the caribbean check out this donkey here "bom dia" yeah so you'll see donkeys and horses  all over this island, a lot of people ride them   around here since theres no cars and then  they use them for transport like that one so we decided to stop at one of the little  beach shacks that are open to get some cold   coconuts. yeah i'm thirsty. yeah i'm thirsty too.  ah this guy's got a surfboard i guess there's   surfing around here. so for two coconuts  and a water it cost us 19 reais overall wow yeah this coconut is extra sweet, have you tasted  it yet? yeah it's almost like they put sugar on it   but i know they wouldn't but it's very very  sweet. yeah i honestly think that's the sweetest  

coconut i've ever tasted, like carol said it's like  they've added sugar bizarre. so we kind of screwed   up, we forgot to bring our wallet with all our  money and our cards in and the guy already   brought us the drinks but luckily here in brazil  they have something called pix which is an online   transfer, so since i have a bank account here  with bradesco a brazilian bank i can pay them   over the app. but we did need internet so we got  lucky that this little shack here has internet   didn't expect it to have wi-fi but yeah they have  good wi-fi here so i was able to pay that way so this right here is the second beach called  praia da cueira, the same beach where we just   drank the coconuts. so the first one was just  back there a small one, but this one cueira is  

huge it goes all the way down there. and  then i think the the final one morere is over   there isn't it? yeah it's around the corner. and  how long did the guy say it was overall from   where were staying? i think around seven kilometers,  seven kilometers. yeah something like that. yeah so   quite a bit of walking. so just like everywhere in  the northeast of brazil you have the never ending  

coconut trees all the way down, even  going inland it seems to never end when i   filmed with the drone. so i know that  a lot of international travelers usually   go to rio de janeiro probably the most  famous spot for international tourism   in brazil ,so if you go there there is an island  that's pretty similar to here called ilha grande which translates to big island and that's  actually mine and carol's favorite place in rio so   if you want this kind of experience definitely  worth going to there, it's only a few hours from   the center of rio and it's just amazing, super  relaxed, also doesn't have cars and stuff so it's   a very similar vibe. a bit more touristy than  here but you can still find loads of empty spots   so to get to this final spot we have to cross  this river, i think you can only cross really at   a low tide without getting soaked anyway  so i'm not sure where the best spot is just like a lot of the rivers in northeast  it's the brownie orange color. i guess   there's some sort of substance in the water that  makes it that color around this region. i don't   know where the path is though to the other  side? yeah i don't even know if we can cross   without getting wet because i can't see the floor  or anything. yeah look how nice this looks though   so you got the huge beach back there, some black  looking sand and then this calm little river here so we just saw some locals cross this part here  and they didn't even look knee height so   we're gonna cross this part where they  crossed, seems safe. wow look at that color

carol's got her waterproof camera   not waterproof at all. no that's why i'm  holding like this. just don't fall. yeah. yeah so we've also got to pass this  part here but super shallow as well man this island is absolutely  beautiful though, look at this i think this is probably one of the most  peaceful places we've ever been? yeah yeah   for brazil that's a bit rare to find especially  in the beach destinations of bahia and the northeast   so yeah i think we found a hidden  gem, all right flip flops back on That's what i call a nice pathway. yeah. i think these  horses are wild aren't they? yeah they look   they look like wild horses. yeah  they're not tied up or anything hello don't think we had seen cows yet on  this island? no. just horses and donkeys yeah baby cow and then big family back there   and i think the beach that we're  trying to get to is just right here now all right this is it morere so this is probably the nicest beach of them all  out of all the ones that we've visited so far   on this island, got the nice powdery white sand  and this has the nicest ocean color, got loads of   different shades of blue there. a lot clearer than  the other places. carol i had no idea that bahia   had water like this?! yeah it's a surprise even  for me it's like a water of uh different shades   of green and blue. yeah so it's almost similar to  porto de galinhas and maragogi. yeah but here is empty which is  

great. yeah those places were jam-packed. yeah this  place almost looks like caribbean style really so right here on the coast these are already  some of the reefs the boat tours will take you   all the way out there though, you could probably  even walk i don't know it looks pretty shallow sleepy beach dog of the day,  chubby beach dog, been eating well you want some belly rub. look at that big belly big belly so look at this part here, the reef  is joined right next to the beach like this area has nowhere that you can  swim really, literally touching the sand   so i could see that on the drone from above  how close it was. all this region here   ah those guys got a little pool over there though so we're walking to the far opposite side of  the same beach morere and this side is less   deserted so there's some spots to stay here. kind  of looks like more of a hippie vibe, the people  

that we saw look like hippies and the places that  you can stay look a bit like hippie-ish. carol i   think if we were to come back we would have stayed  around here. yeah we we asked the recommendations   from our friends and they said that area is more  lively so that's why we decided to stay in the   center of velha boipeba but i think we prefer  this area here because it's way more beautiful, the beach and also the vibe of the places that  we we keep saying. it just seems   to be better. yeah especially the beaches these are the best beaches that we've seen on the island   by far, looks amazing. and even back here there's  still loads of nice accommodations as well so  

it's not all hippie places. got this area here  that kind of seems like fancy bungalows, moda & africa so we've come to this really cool spot here  to get a bite to eat, it's called ventos super cool and here's the menu. so i  think i want to get a juice that's 10 reaiis  i think for the juice. what are you going to eat? oh  maybe fish i don't know, they also have a vegetarian dish   but i don't know, maybe i'll stick with  the fish. is that for one person 76, 76 okay  

and i think i'm going to get a falafel  which is 60 reaiis, don't usually eat that   we're heading back to the center of boipeba now but we don't have to walk back, there are   forms of transport so you can get like a quad taxi  that's an option but there's also a tractor   that takes people there. a tractor that pulls  a cart so gonna try and get that. yeah i   think we need to run. need to run? theres one over there.  is he waiting for us? i don't know. yeah, haha run! carol the first time in a  tractor cart, tractor bus i dont know i have no idea how much this is yeah that's some of the coolest  public transport i've ever seen that was an adventure yeah the dog was enjoying it  people surfing on the outside   so i think out of all the spots in bahia  this was by far the best yeah and yeah we   we didn't stay in the best area but still  i think we loved boipeba a lot yeah. yeah we   wish we had stayed in murere but even around  here everything's awesome. it's all super local

i think that's why we like it so much, it's like  really local, it doesn't feel that touristy at   all. yeah the nature is just so beautiful  everything is like a jungle it's beautiful   and the the beaches are awesome so everything is  perfect. yeah and just super peaceful, everything so this is the end of our trip here in boipeba tomorrow we're going to be leaving unfortunately   and it's the end of our trip in bahia, we  really don't feel ready to go yet we're loving   exploring these remote beach destinations in  bahia and this place just has a unique vibe it's   different to rio. i think overall in brazil this is  the place where we've enjoyed the vibe the most   the people and it's just an amazing  place to visit. and i might as well mention that   there's a cool restaurant here that we went to  for our wedding anniversary called ceu do boipeba so it's a restaurant that's high up and we  didn't get any sunset shots because it was   cloudy but you still get some amazing views  so definitely worth checking out if you're   coming here it's really close to where we're  staying like a 15 minute walk since we're in   brazil we always get asked about how safe places  are, so places like this are just insanely safe   probably safer than where a lot of you guys  are living if you're living in cities. so   brazil always has this thing with the safety, a lot of people abroad have this image that   it's just super dangerous everywhere but that's  just not true at all. it's like any  

country, so in the main capitals the big cities you  obviously have more problems, more violence, more   chance of being pickpocketed, stuff like  that. but if you go to quiet places like   this there's no risk at all, even on the beach here you can leave your   belongings on the beach unattended, nothing's  going to happen. so it's a similar thing to any   other country really, if you go to little quiet  villages in any other country the chance of   having issues are way less. so it's not all of  brazil at all. and even in the big cities i still   think it's a bit over exaggerated, some people make  rio out to be like the gaza strip or something   super dangerous like that and it's not that  at all, if you if you pay attention the   chance of anything happening to you are still very slim.  i mean i've been coming to brazil ever since i was  

a kid, almost every year and i lived in rio for  six years and nothing ever happened to me here   now like four months filming with cameras and  nothing ever happens, so yeah it is exaggerated that's for sure. but there are many  places like this, amazing places like this where   you can basically be completely risk-free. so  if that's something you're worried about just   avoid big cities and come and relax in  beautiful places like this. so hopefully you   enjoyed this video there's a lot more to come here  from brazil if you did just drop a like to support   us subscribe like see more videos like this follow  us on instagram and we'll see you in the next

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