Best Pizza in Naples, Italy

Best Pizza in Naples, Italy

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All right guys we have just arrived here in Naples and we are in town on mission. Yes our mission, is very simple to. Eat as much pizza as, possible, yeah. And my teenage self, is very happy at the moment pizza, is my favorite food growing up and we are visiting Naples, the birthplace. Of pizza, so, we've got two days here our goal is to try and hit up five different pizzerias. We've, searched the best of the best and we're gonna visit them all and then we're gonna rank them and let you know what our favorite one is exactly, come join us on the Pizza fest let's eat pizza. Alright. Guys so we are now approaching our, first pizzeria of the day it's just down the street we're gonna be eating at LAN, teeka pizzeria, that Michaela this is one of the most famous pizzerias, in the whole city because. They, filmed a scene of Eat Pray Love here with the Julia Roberts when, she comes to Naples to devour pizza, yeah, this one is meant to be a really, good we've come here early they opened at 11:00 in the morning there was already a bit of a small crowd gathered. Outside. But. Yeah we should be able to make it in with the first group and then time to eat pizza. We've, made it we were the part of the first wave to get it rid of the. Outside. We. Got a table to write line so. We can watch some preparing we're gonna be ordering surprises, we decide we're planning to go for the Margherita, and the Mara. There's. Only two kinds of pizzas here yeah I'm the cheese one of those whose turn, the moment. The. Best pizza I've ever had with no cheese. Like. I can smell the garlic across the table. Wow. Wow. Is, one. Way to describe that piece of experience, so, it. Was delicious, it was amazing, it was huge, it was crowded it was crowded. It was one come, here expect, to have to share a table with complete, strangers, and yeah, it's super tight space yeah we had we. Had two sets of strangers join us yeah yeah throughout the meal it was awesome we were raped by the oven oven I got to get some good shots and. Yeah the two different pizzas we have were just incredible. Your phone well, your phone I've never had a juicier pizza than that before yeah that would be the juiciest, for sure and speaking. Of price it was actually quite reasonable it was four euros, per pizza yeah, and then we also pay two euros, for like a large bottle, of sparkling, water yeah no no copito either no caberta charge it was 10 euros total and of course you do leave a tip at the end yeah I mean the waiters are so friendly and so funny, it's kind of like part of the charm of the place so. First pizzeria really. Gets so far on to the next watch smashing, success. Okay, guys so it is time for our second. Pizza of the day we have come to Port Alba, which has the distinction of being one of the oldest pizzerias, in all of Naples apparently this one dates back to, 1738. Yeah that's a long time to be making pizzas I imagine. They've mastered a, thing or two so, we've ordered two I went for the Margherita we're gonna be ordering a Margherita at every single restaurant because that's kind of gonna be the standard.

Yes Plus we can do an extra one Sam went for the Sicilian, in this case which looks really, good. So yeah time to dig into our pizzas, pizza number two let's do this 205. First. Bite here we go let's cut. Into this it's always quite. A vote, ask. Get. A little bit of everything in there and. In, we go let's, see what portal was all about. Hit. The spot I've, got a really nice tomato, base oh my good yeah. Quite. A bit oh my, gosh I'm eating my words with my pizza. It's, so good you just can't stop. Are. You getting it all over your face things. Are gonna go things. Are gonna get messy here they are they are so the time to go in for the Sicilian, and we're introducing a new pizza, to you we've shown you margaritas. We've, shown you the marinara, marinara. And now we're showing you another specialty, pizza this is the Sicilian, and it comes loaded, with salty. Goodness we forgot all of us we've got keepers we've got anchovies, and, we don't have any we don't have any cheese. So it should be really I'm seeing some garlic so I know, you. Load. Up some toppings here oh. That's. So good yeah oh yeah, with. All of his potent, whenever you pull whenever, you put all those on the pizza we, really taste them oh this. Is dumb if, you've been craving something. Especially, salty and yeah. This is the one for you delivers there's one delivers, and then some so the classic margarita was five-year-old's, - Sicilian, with six-year-olds, another nice cheap meal here in Naples but, very delicious very filling, and we'll be back tomorrow with three. More. Oh. My gosh. Okay. Guys third, pizzeria, here in Naples and right now we're at DiMatteo. Actually we're around the corner you know there's. A huge crowd it's, it's not I shouldn't, say quiet, here, but it's quieter. Yes. So a DiMatteo, they they're. Really popular for their street food like Street pizza you can get to go so, we ordered two, different kinds we got a fried pizza which Sam will be sampling on camera yes and I got al forno, which is in the oven and it's basically over here, but it comes folded, I think they call it for that phobia yeah, because it's been folded in four they give it to you in a piece of paper but let me open it up for you I know, it's looking a bit messy guys but, it's not about the mess it's about the ingredients and before, I forget I just want to talk about the prices, like it is slightly, cheap to get these a year of 50 150 each we, take where this it's an ultimate, street food snack here and they gasp. Street. Food pizza, and maples are gonna love it it's good. All, right so it's a number two and DiMatteo, was the fried variety, yeah, Pizza, frita and taking. A little bite around the perimeter oh I think there might be some sauce in this part I'm gonna go I'm, gonna go right for the jugular right for the molecular all right let's right into the juice oh.

Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Whoa. It's. Like some delicious soft, C's in there what goodness oh man. It. Taste. Taste. Good it's, just yeah it's it's nothing like a like a traditional, pizza or anything but my goodness is so good in there different look at that look at all the cheese in there yeah it seems oh my gosh that's, so good yeah, I still don't know if there's tomato sauce or anything else I'm just getting cheese keep eating oh well we'll keep you updated. She's. So far guys, delicious. Hanneke. We. Are still at it this is our fourth, pizzeria, here in Naples this, one is called. Pizzaiolo. Thank you busy then dance we're getting a couple cool, types. Of pizzas - yeah so the Margherita of course because that's our standard kind, of like across the board and we also got a fried one this one is gonna have more than the cheese because. As DiMatteo, and we were having street food we've been individually it was only cheese um, so this one we've ordered salami Pomodoro. And, two kinds of cheese. Okay. Margherita. Pizza and Fries surprise, actually this zero. Surprise, for you. Yeah, I don't know if we've mentioned this before but the colors represent the Italian flag we've got the basil for the green thumb works the, buffalo matzah for the mozzarella, for white and that's of course it's tomato sauce with the red. Let's. Try that looks so good man I'm gonna get lots of the basil going. For basil big, chunky cheese dude, guys huge. Chunk of cheese that looks so cheesy, yeah, this you tell us is gonna be a juicy soupy one oh, yeah. Going in for the handbrake. I. Probably. Shouldn't be using my head. That's. Right up there with all the good ones we've had here I got a really, really good closet, found, can put this on the other ones these, guys have put a bit more cheese on. Okay. Time to introduce you to the. Fried Pisa which is amazing I've already cut it in half so you can see the ingredients look. At, that. We've got salami yes we have the formal order the tomato and, we got two different kinds of cheese you can see the ricotta yeah this one's loaded yeah and this one I think was called Corolla this one is jacked oh man, oh man, dejected. Honestly. I think this one's a bit bigger than the Margherita. I'm. Sure it was a lot more calories, to be you know deep fried as it is. And. We still have to get up one morning sir yesterday with, you guys we are this. Is all for science this is all for you. Anyways. Price of the pizzas the other six euros each and there's also a cover charge the comparative which is 150, euro per person so. Yeah this was a little more expensive than some of the other places. Mr.. Socko. Stupid, smile. Young.

Boy. Oh boy. Today. Has been quite, the adventure yeah. So we are at pizza, place 505, we have accomplished, the mission this, is our third piece. Of joint pizzeria, of the day yeah, yeah. And, we're getting to work pizzas, so that'll bring us up to six pizzas for the day we're at a place called la, Cantina, the meal a yeah, and that's right by the train station we, hit two other places in mind that we were gonna go visit but yeah what was the holiday you remember oh my gosh today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. And, it would appear every single person made to let. Me describe it to you like that Naples on a normal day is a very busy, and chaotic City, holiday. It's. Like 10, or 100 axing. Yeah. We've. Captured it on video and we'll overlay some clips right now that's to show you exactly, what we're talking about anyways. We found a place, we're. Gonna reported two more pizzas we're going back to our default we're going back to the Margherita and the marinara and digging into the marinara here. Good I like the big chunks of, garlic like up a little bit of a side note. Our. Last beats enables, but the other guys has the biggest crowd we've, seen it's like nice, and bubbly, one two yeah. It looks good bubbly. Goodness. Great. A that looks super juicy, super, nice. To be in the Napoli, way. Monopoly. Way to, Ibiza. The. Pizzas gonna be good no train, stations, yes you know that's like super touristy, a first thing you do you get off the train there's a whole bunch of restaurants so. We were kind of worried what the quality would be like. I. Think, in Naples they just know how to make okay yeah I do, it'd. Be hard to survive as a business if he didn't make a decent people there's. Just so much competition this. Is it guys the last Margherita. And the, piece you. Haven't memorized yet, tomato. Sauce mozzarella. And. Basil yeah. Oh yeah. You. Got the flag of Italy right here. In. Your home, that's. I think they've given a really thick amount of Jesus. You. See it's not as quite as juicy and and soupy as some of the other places but it's, still quite good yeah. It's. Probably a good thing I didn't live here I probably, weigh like 500, pounds I don't, think I can control myself with the pizza all, right fifth pizzeria. Let's talk about the price that, one was three, euros for the marinara, seven. Euros for. The margarita with, a special, buffalo. Mozzarella, so. Yeah we are feeling pretty stuffed I feel like we're not gonna be eating pizza for a long time, listen, to this ten pizzas in, two days. Less. Than 48 hours more, like 30-something. Hours ten, pizzas yeah between two people right. Now we're gonna hop on the train go back to our Airbnb once. We've had a chance to digest the, food and gather our thoughts we're, gonna let you know what we thought of all the five pizzerias. And choose the, best. Well. Well well that, was a lot of pizza, in a very short amount of time we, are now, back, at our Airbnb here.

In Pompeii, they're, still digesting. A. Long time, but, anyways we wrote down a few notes about our. Thoughts on the five pizzerias, we visit a couple, of days so basically this is one positive, comment, for every place that we went to yeah there's a variable, reveal what we thought was the best favorite okay, so I figured, we could start with the most recent, one and work our way back the last pizzeria, we visited number five was Lacan, Deena and Amy Leigh and what. Did he like for this one they, had really, fluffy across, yeah. It. Was like it was thick, but, fluffy, like the crust was really wide, doesn't. Even biggest air pockets, I really like the crust that was good yeah in an air pocket kind of way it was, no bacon heavy okay moving on okay going back number. Four it was done, fit as he didn't do and, what we really noticed was for the margarita they, had to be a generous, amount of cheese yeah and it tasted really good yeah so that's something we really liked about there. Mm-hmm, and then, before that it, was DiMatteo. Street. Pizza and what, what speaks to me is the value, like for a year 250 yes, whoa like. Getting both of them I could see myself alternating. In if I lived there probably eating there every day for two years I yeah. So that one was a really good Valley but, I will say, they fold the pizza in for like, the tomato sauce and cheese ratio. Isn't quite right I feel like the juiciness, just, sinks, to the bottom to, that little triangle so. Then the, bread is like a little bit drier but that's just me being a picky. Yeah. Okay. Going back to, the previous day the last one of the day was, auntie Capezio. Yeah poor Taliban, that's what we had at night yeah, so you thought had the best tomato sauce yeah I also really liked having some like seafood ingredients. In mine as well oh yeah you got the solution right yeah the police locked ISM atmosphere, I don't know if it's like because we went off our it wasn't quite it was before 7:00, but it just didn't have we, didn't see many other popular it wasn't like, something. Special inside but the deficit was good was. Good and that brings. Us to number one the first pizzeria we, visited, and that's dummy. Ka the one where Julia, Roberts, had her Eat, Pray Love, Pizza, movement, and. There was a lot to like about that monster yeah like, that one had the atmosphere, the waiters, were super, friendly and like yeah we. Sat rate by the pizza, oven so, we had to see the whole process yeah, and just that was probably just the best overall pizza Lee yeah you can't top that yeah, this at, least in my opinion everything was good like, that pizza, was coming, off the plate and, it was so juicy yeah it's so so juicy, Charlie the juice probably, probably also the busiest place though - yeah. So, if you go there you might want to do what we did and arrive, when it first opens, yeah we did open, it because people were already gathering, at ten to eleven yeah we were one of the first wave of customers, to come in right at eleven yeah so, yeah that was an insane. Pizza. Taste test and Naples like I really feel like we got to try the best pizzas, in, the whole city and that makes me really happy because I love pizza, ya know it's kind of it's like raising my standards, I know I know Rob, I know what a proper Naples, pizza tastes, like yeah, I would, come back to the city to do to explore more but, of course also to eat a whole lot more pizza so those are our thoughts on the five pizzerias.

But Now we want to hear from you guys if you've actually traveled, to Naples yeah and you've had some amazing, pizza lettuce, waves where yeah. Like include, the the name of the place and what you are damned what you ordered yet the style of Pizza to get and, also if you think there's a better people somewhere, else outside of Naples. There. You go but, yeah hope you guys enjoyed, following along on this Pizza adventure in Naples it was a lot of fun sure was fun yeah it was tasty. I could do it again but not tomorrow tomorrow. I think we need a yes to know so we're gonna sign out and see you in the next video see you guys. You.

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Thank you so much for replying.Are you ll going to be traveling to Cinque Terrre ,the amalfi coast and Malta .I am planning to go there in June .Could you make a travel video for Malta ?Your fan from India ..

Thank you very much! That really means a lot to hear that and we wish you the best of luck pursuing your dreams.

Most foreigners don't realize that pizza was not meant to be good, but to help you survive, it's part of "cucina dei poveri". The pizza you guys eat is for sure much better now than it used to be back in the days. The ingredients added were not so well studied like it is done today, instead they were ingredients that people had available in the house. Hope it makes sense, have a wonderful stay!

Felt the same way!

It is a perspective I hadn't considered either!

Thank you for sharing that! I'd imagine most dishes have humble origins and have been refined and perfected over time.

Andrei Piatra thanks for the history, makes perfect sense. Interesting how it's evolved.

Andrei Piatra this makes so much sense, thanks for mentioning this. I'm watching these videos and realizing how minimalist the pizza is there. Very little protein which is not super appealing. Don't get me wrong I love bread, tomatoes, and cheese, but I also like protein in every meal which is lacking in traditional Italian pizzas.

I was hoping to see pizza with some meat on it it (other than that fried dough thing) but alas did not. However seeing the Jodhpur shirt gracing the streets of Napoli was most gratifying.

Ah, thank you! Hahaha...Jodhpur 4 life :)

Da Michelles is best pizza I’ve ever had. Neopolitan style doesn’t taste the same in America.

Totally agree with you! They've got it down pat.

Just wondering - did you have pizza in JODPHUR?!!!....:-).......seriously though - what is "cover charge"? - sounds like price-spin to me...:-)

We found the more we got away from touristy areas the less likely restaurants had it.

The pizza in Jodhpur is legendary as is everything else ;) Ah, coperto is like an Italian 4 letter word that more or less equals bum tax ;)

it's instead of tipping, that's just the way they do it all over Italy

A wonderful video. Thank you for all the work you put into it.

Thank you very much! It sure was a fun video to make on a personal level :)


Food looks delish!!!

Thanks! It was awesome :)

You guys are killing me, I’m starving! I’m going to Europe for the first time in September and can’t wait! Have you two ever visited Berlin? If so, do you have a video?

Thank you! Oh, that is exciting. We visited Berlin back in 2014 and made a video about the experience called '25 things to do in Berlin'. It was one of our first guides. It would be a bit dated but probably still useful. It is a great city to visit though.

Grazie! Hope you grab something good to eat.

Hello! Thank you for video!

Try to visit philippines we have the best pizza.Pizza Ruperto in victorias city negros occidental.Phil

Naples and pizza..this is before me :) yes just enough to look at pizzas there to want to go to Naples and to try some pizzas there mmmmm ! Pizzas look great ! And cool video from Naples guys !

Las pizzas se ven muy bién, lo que me llama la atensión es que no tienen mucha mozzarella al menos para lo que se acostumbra acá en Argentina. Otro punto es que todas las pizzas son a la piedra (la maza va directo al pizo del horno es decir a la "piedra" del horno) y no vi variedad al molde (es la base de metal o molde de pizza) pero bién utilizan las tecnicas y variedades clásicas. Y no hay fainá! Que es originaria de Italia. Saludos chicos!!! Big hug guys!!!

Si, le ponen menos mozzarella que en Argentina, pero la masa es super fina en Italia asi que talvez por eso le ponen menos ingredientes encima. Igual salio riquisima! ;)

Thank you! That is a great mission to have :)

no napolitanos, in italian is "napoletano" and in english is "neapolitan"

I am a Neapolitan who has traveled a lot, the pizza more similar to the neapolitan is that of Brazil and Argentina,the american pizza made in Boston,chicago,and New York I do not like too harsh, full of ingredients and too thick. The pizza you must enjoy one ingredient at a time, it is useless to put many, the pizza with peppers you put peppers and mozzarella, stop, why is the taste of the pepper that I want to enjoy, do you mean? The Neapolitan emigrants who have brought the pizza in the world have adapted to the food of the host countries. The pizza of the Sicily region does not exist and there is not even the Italian pizza. the pizza neapolitan is, but each change as he wants, the pizza that we call siciliana has anchovies, olives and capers of Lampedusa (Sicily), for this is so called. ps, excuse me if I am allowed, and I may say that for my taste and how you could feel the deep-fried pizza is more tasty than baked. I finish by letting you compliments for your movie and apologize for as I write English

Youre most welcome but seriously thank both of you for all the hard worK

I really liked the Pizzeria Cantina dei Mile, I eas there in November 2017, I also visited Pizzeria del Michele but it was packed all the time

Your welcome.I hope one day u can visit philippines.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Thank you very much! The city is quite fascinating and the great pizza is a big bonus.

You have to hut the crust first!

Naples if the birthplace of pizza. And believe it or not, Buffalo wings was also invented by an Italian. And " French toast" was Not invented by the French, it's another Italian invention called Roman Bread. Around before France was even a country. Don't believe me, do some research. Have a good day, week year etc.

Sono napoletano, and I can say you chose *very good* places ;) By the way, it's very easy to say you're foreigners since you're eating pizza with a fork :D

Watching this in my hotel room in Naples rn. “We’re doing this all for science” - thanks guys, appreciate it!!


Actually, pizza fritta is the most traditional pizza in Naples.

Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos You're welcome

Oh, thanks for letting us know.

I miss the cheeky - rebellious - funny side of Samuel, saying surprising inspirational things.

Thanks! Hope to bring out more of him soon ;)

Sehr schönes Video

Thank you! We had some amazing pizza. We'll need to ditch the forks next time :)

Thanks! Going to grab some pizza now?

That is cool to hear!

Traveling with Marco sure it is ;)

The Puma zip up is fresh.

I'm Italian and when I go to Naples I love eating pizza Margherita at Da Michele's! Mouth watering video guys good job

That is very cool to hear! It is so good there :) Thank you!

LOL pizza overdose ! I love it. Thanks for sharing your pizza discovery tour ! love you guys.

Was Pizza not invented in Naples?

?? Huh.

Doesn't apply for croatia ;)

how about wine tasting also with your pizza

remember to watch the movie with Russell Crow " A good Year" with wine and pizza night at your home

Wishing you a speedy recovery to full health. Visiting Naples is a great idea for good food and wine.

watch the movie with Russell Crow "A good Year"

had complete rotator cuff repair and bicep tendon tear 4 months ago surgery. so I don't sleep all night, ice my shoulder and watch you tube pizza, food channel BBq, WITH SOME HOT COCO. I would love to take a trip to Naples with my bikecycle , wine and pizza and food taste

That's a really good idea!

Thank you! We went all out in this one...haha

Naples is a magic and uniquely beautiful place and i think Da Michele is the best pizza in the world. I cant find anything better and they just opened in Barcelona too!!!

thanks for your time to answer back, it's neat when someone on youtube takes time to answer

Thanks! We really appreciate the comments are try our best to answer as many as possible :)

Who uses knife and fork to eat pizza??

Like for representing Slovan even in Italy :D :D

thank you

Da Michelle is great but you missed the best; 50 Kalo, Concettina ai 3 Santi, Starita, D’Atillio, Umberto, Casa de Rinaldi in Vomero, and of course SORBILLO! How is it possible that you didn’t eat at Sorbillo!?

Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos Have left now, but yes! Tried da Michele, Trianon da Ciro, Di Matteo and Brandi. Personally I thought that Brandi made the best margherita - the tomato was amazing.

The only problem is having the camera up close to your ugly face.


Bravi ragazzi, avete mostrato un bellissimo volto di Napoli e della pizza. Bravi

you dont eat pizza whith a knife and fork im from naples my self i know how to eat bloody pizza

How about the big ones? How do you eat them?


I love it..

Hi guys, turned 62 today and bought a 70x90 pizzone pizza oven from party pizza for my birthday. you guys have a nice weekend

pizzeria da michele was famous long before ms. roberts was even born. we ate there in 2000 & it looks like it hasn't changed a bit. why would it. The pies are good if you like this style. I think they tend to be a little too charred on the bottom and raw in the center. The experience was very good though. The staff tended to be slightly rude, but to locals & tourists alike.

I'm glad to hear that it hasn't changed! It truly is an institution.

Hi where do u rent a scooter/motor/bike or a car thanks?

Sorry, we don't have experience doing that in Naples. Can anyone else help out with this question?

Wow! Congratulations and I hope you had a great birthday! Celebrating with pizza is the best :)

La mejor pizza está en Buenos Aires!!! ;)

The BEST and most ICONIC pizza IN THE WORLD........ FOR UNDER $6.50 (U.S.)..... and this is for the WHOLE PIZZA.... NOT JUST ONE SLICE............ that's not a deal. THAT IS A STEAL! You try to order a Margherita pizza, here in the U.S., it'll be approaching $17-22. Something doesn't seem right here...... "how" and "how in the world" are they able to charge such a low price for their pizzas, while here in the U.S., it costs so much more?! Is our math messed up or something?

Thanks! Yeah, I know what you mean. I have a feeling maybe there is pressure to keep the prices low so it is affordable for locals and not just geared towards tourists and I also think just the sheer high volume of pizzas they serve in a day means they don't need to profit as much per unit as other businesses. That is just my take but I honestly don't know.

Está dicho con humor! Las dos pizzas son excelentes! Saludos y me encantan los videos! ;)

La pizza de Nápoles y Buenos Aires son tan diferentes entre sí que es como comparar manzanas con naranjas. Estoy de acuerdo con usted en que la pizza de Buenos Aires es una de las mejores del mundo.

We went last year, our favorite was Da Michele but we liked Gino Sorbillo Artista Pizza Napoletana too, restaurant by the sea was amazing!

That is cool to hear! Ah, we sure miss it.

troppo bella sta ragazza

ma prego XD it's true


Thanks! That is so cool to hear they opened up in Barcelona :)

You, eat any other pies?...just pizza?...ok

If we had more time we would have tried some seafood but we decided to go all in on pizza for those 2 days.

quella è mozzarella non è formaggio

Torturing myself tonight, craving for pizza , STARVING , knowing I'll be hungry to sleep yet here I am

Oh my! That takes some serious discipline.

hey u can take ur filipino pizza and shoved up ur fuckin’ ass....

im the best Men in town a Pizzalover.


Pizza never originated in Italy or nappies, it actually started out as a flat bread eaten by ancient Greeks, Americans don't seem to know history, just look up nonsense on google

wow this is the ultimate pizza video!!!!!  we are based in Mississauga not far from you guys hoping we can collaborate on a video with you soon?  shout out to B-town!!!!!!

Thank you very much! Oh, that is cool to hear. We're hardly at home these days but it sounds like a cool idea.

I wish I had a gf that cool.

I'm italian and i live in a small Town next to Napoli, you have to try pizzeria Gino Sorbillo that is one of the best in Napoli, and as a dish you have to try "fritti napoletani" for example: crocchè and frittatine di pasta, are really special.

Best Margherita pizzas in Naples: 1- double mozzarella at L'antica pizzeria da Michele 2- margherita extra at Sorbillo 3- margherita at Starita a Materdei 4- margherita at 50 Kalò The double mozzarella at L'antica pizzeria da Michele is unique and the best! Much better than the normal margherita!

mission Pizza is Possible............................

great couple like u two ;-)


Idk sorry i cringe seeing ppl eat pizza with fork and knife


Hi guys, great videos! Obviously there are hundreds of pizzerie in Naples! And those where you have eaten are among the most famous, but in the magiority of pizzeria in Naples you can eat a very good pizza. Next time, if come back in Naples I suggest you to go in Gragnano (quite near to Pompeii) to try "panuozzo"!!! it is a special bread stuffed with different local specialities, also baked in the same oven for the pizza. Please, search panuozzo on goggle, the original panuozzo is made only in Gragnano. It's worth it! Bye, from Naples!

oh man cheese is the best

So so good!

Thank You for your beautiful video in my city! I would say that the pizzas standards are quite high, and if a pizzeria doesn't keep them, it will close down in few months!. That's why when a want a pizza (quite often, i would say), i pick the first ones that i meet. But i can understand that a tourist wants to go to Michele, or to Sorbillo. Before the "julia roberts" movie, michele was already considered one of the best pizzeria in the city, and you got to wait a while, but now, it's almost impossible to get in. Stateve buono Guagliù!

Thank you very much! That is wonderful such a high standard exists. Either places keep up or they close.

Italian pizza is really, really awful.

What is better in your opinion?

Eat with your hands girl...

Ah, next time.

Thank you very much for the suggestions! :)

Thank you very much for sharing that list!

Thank you! We had so much fun making this.

our bd

Lol, how do u eat pizza, baby? Use your hands!

dear americans... half of your pizzas were UNDERbaked and your uuuhhhhhmmmsss and aaaahmmmsss are worth nothing because you know nothing about food. you're just getting excited about eating pizza in eataly. lol

dammn i wanna eat Pizza with you togheter make a challange , who can eat more..............hiii Mission Possible? our impossible?

yankee are not welcome in italy

la pizzeria del presidente ti sei mangiata il calzone o panzerotto, non era la pizza fritta :D

LOL that Slovan Bratislava hat

Are pizzas supposed to be so soggy, she called it soupy

This particular style kind of is.

Ah, our bad!

You might beat us!

Thank you for much! That sounds just awesome. I hope we can try it the next time we visit :)


youre juicey xo

In many parts of Italy are springing up many gourmet Pizzeria. They do not make the tradizional napolitan style, but they taste so good. These kinds of Pizza are usually quite expensive, compare to the traditional pizza, around 16 euro, however they really deserve to be tried, at least once. These PIzza are more fanciful and are base on the extreme quality of ingredients. I link here a radmon one just to make you understand what I mean

Sure i wanna try, where Next destination ? Final Destination 6.hihihi

I had the Marinara 3 yrs ago at Da Michele, same price.

That is awesome to hear! Glad they've kept the price in check.

do you like new york style and chicago deep dish?

president trump

and the big mac

bravi bravi bravi siete andati dai migliori per far conoscere la cultura della pizza napoletana........

Pictures in thumbnail, only the girl. First scene, the boyfriend with the girl. It's the hitchhiker scam.

Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos Well, that's why thumbnails are so huge and the channel names are so small. Nice try, though.

You probably should have checked our channel name before clicking on the video.

i could live for an entire month there, eating various types of pizza

Il cornicione si mangia!

Excellent video ; you two work well together !!!! Pizza looks out of this world.

She eats pizza in the most killing the pleasure way. Use hands :D

la cantina dei mille is good ,

pizzeria gino sorillo the next time ur in town , its the best in the city if u ask the locals get a take away aswel or ul be waiting a day

The crust looks soggy?? I thought it would be creaky nice and crispy with how thin it is.. Is our supposta be like that?

Stop using a knife and fork. God's a pizza for shits sake.


Thanks for the recommendation!

Yes, this style is supposed to be like that.

I've had Pizza throughout Italy and Europe, and it was horrible. It tasted like it was frozen pizza. They basil leaf is a surprising joke!!

All napoli pizza is the best...!!!

Thank you! The pizza was incredible.

That was the American style of eating and European style of eating. I like eating with forks and knives but use my hands because others are using their hands

Using a fork and a knife for pizza!! That looks disgusting!!!

Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos Rome, Naples, Sicily, Paris, Amsterdam, Lucerne, Pest, and London. Not on the same trip, but over four separate vacations. Just my opinion, but none tasted close to your New York style Pizza. They don't put spice on. Just drop a few basil leaves. The sauce was bland, and most crusts are like a cracker.

Where is the pizza you've had before?

Yeah, they're amazing!

visita anche la reggia di Caserta, non te ne pentirai!!! ciao

5 pizze in un giorno? Nemmeno un napoletano hahaha

what about pizza on your nipples

La pizza si mangia con le mani!!!

porco dio pizzeria

I'm in love with Audrey...and the pizza was good too...

Não sabe nem comer uma pizza, mulher estranha

Why you didn't eat It whit hands?????

not really. Your are right

That's how we eat pizza over here. With silver. Hands when you eat the crust. So they eating it correctly I guess

And the Earth is flat

hey guys I found you on my Roku channel Mediterranean channel/ world travel/ Italy Travel, what a blast

Hi guys ... Next time you will be there try Sorbillo or Pellone pizzerie those are very good too!!!

Loved your video. Next time you should try: Trianon on Via Colletta 46 in Napoli (near the Tribunali); and Capatosta Pizzeria on Via Guglielmo Marconi, 80, 81020 Recale, in Caserta. Caserta is not too far from Napoli. And don't forget pizza fritta. I like Antica Friggitoria Masardona. It is 200 meters from central station on via Giulio Cesare Capaccio 127. Also, as you walk on and near Via di San Gregorio Armeno, you will find windows to walk up to out of which you can get "parigina" or what the neapolitans consider "Parisian" style pizza. It is double crusted but the top layer is not made of pizza dough but rather "pasta sfoglia" or "phyllo dough". 

1739 ? But pizza was invented in the 19th century!

I really hate that hat.

the next time you must go to Starita , Pellone and Di Napoli

Because what you eat back home is simply not pizza!

correct brothers, we neapolitans not are italians, we hate italians

Krisia Vaca Pizza is not Italian . It is Neapolitan

You eat the greatest Pizza in the world with fork and knife!!!! FAILED!!!!!!!!!!

Next time visit 50 Kalo di Ciro Salvo.

Margetertha littrl boring. I love my salami or peperoni pizza !!!!

Where is the best pizza you've ever had?

Haha!! In Australia, pizzas are full of meats! The last pizzas look yummy to me!! Oh, my goodness!! The streets of Naples are so crowded it might take longer to get to a place!

Ham, onion, capsicum, olives, pepperoni, cheese, & tomatoe sauce!!

Cool to hear! What is a typical Aussie pizza? Yeah, it can sure get crowded on a holiday in Naples!

Thanks for the tip!

The Napoli way (uses knife and fork).

Hello from Brasil! Tnx 4 this very interesting video! :D

Hate the way she eats the first bite lol

best way to die...death by pizza! Im so jealous.

Go out with a bang and some pizza in hand ;)

Any pizza in Hoboken , NJ,....Best in the World.

What makes it the best?

Thanks for letting us know!

Thank you! We enjoyed making it.

Porco dio

I am very surprised to see that the #1 pizzeria in Naples is using Sunflower oil instead of the traditional extra virgin olive oil. If you freeze at 1:44 you can see it on the ingredients list. Freeze again at 1:53 and you will see the oil he is using is very light, too light to be extra virgin olive oil. Can anyone locally confirm why this is? I've never seen this before and can only assume perhaps it's cheaper?

Here's "an answer."

That is a question I was hoping Samuel and Audrey will one day answer....


Thank you very much for the recommendations! That is just awesome :)

Thank you for the suggestions!

We should have.

Amazing how we (here in the US) can just "screw up" the actual pizza ha? Ours here might be bigger and colorful, but taste wise its outclassed by Italy's ha?

I definitely agree with you when you think of the average pizza you'd get. The pizza in Italy is incredible and the original but I have to say I've had some of my best slices ever in Chicago and NYC too. Completely different style but definitely delicious.

I live in Naples è a chiu bell città ro mun(it's the best city in the world

It truly is a great city!

I'm Italian and pizza eat with your hands

Thank you for letting us know!

You're welcome. I'm Italian American and my family is from Naples. I'm kind of a pizza enthusiast. When I saw him pour all that oil on and how light it was I almost jumped off my chair because I knew it couldn't be EVOO and they usually put just a touch on. I'm sure it was still amazing though. I'll have to try when I'm back!

You have a good eye!

Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos Not strange, disgusting, yes. You did the same thing with the momos!

I can understand finding it strange but seriously disgusting?

Pick up your pizza...


WOW !! Pizzas look amaizing, mouth watering !! Beautiful Neples too, I am very keen to visit this gorgeous city.

Thank you very much! Hope you can try them soon.

Miss Italian pizza, juicy, thin, foldable... not like our here in North America that looks like flying saucer.., bljak!

I know what you mean! So so good.

I don't understand why we can not have same pizza here?? why here in North America same recipe can not be applied? something to think about..., with all the Italians who live here it should not be the problem

Hello cd, I am napoletano and live in Naples. The extra virgin olive oil is a little bitter and heavy, not good for the pizza, even mixing it with simple the olive oil, but with the sunflower oil is good the same and is lighter. The Neapolitan women instead use the extra virgin olive oil mixed with other oils when they make the pizza at home

best in the world? hahahaha There are at least a million pizzerias which make it better than New York

Interesting. Thank you!

Stop cutting Neapolitan pizza with the knife in that horrible way! You MUST take each slice as a "pizza wallet", in order to keep its juicy toppings.

Thanks! Next time we'll try the pizza wallet technique.

Like per chi è napoletano

The cheese you found in Pizza Fritta is one of the most light cheese in the world, called "ricotta cheese", it is always included in diets here in Italy. But if you use it in a fried food so it is no more light so much :D

Grande amore mio!!!pizza

Hy, im from Indonesia. I love naples, i very love pizza in naples.

Thank you for the recommendation!

Guarda che mangiare la pizza con le posate è come una bestemmia

Im italian and the naples pizzas is the best!!!! Comunque italia top

I agree with you.

I play your videos on Roku you tube, you guys make me feel so young

Thank you very much1

Hey Dude's it's Don. from Idaho. my rotator cuff is coming along ok after another surgery on April 23, 2018. Love watching your videos.Bought a wood burn oven from Naples to cook pizzas but it's still in the crate. I bought a pizza (marked down) from walmart today and baked on my treager BBQ with a little to much wine!!!. At least I am drinking locate wine to night and watching one of my favorite youtube vidoes. Thank God for spell check after 5 + glasses of wine. hey Sam love to meet your dad, and have some wine. You guys take care and I enjoy your travels , food and wine tasting . I was stationed in the Canal Zone in the late 70's for 4 years

did a lot of jungle training... it was fun. Panama has changed a lot. All the US bases are closed their.

Thank you! It sounds like you have some delicious pizza and wine. We really appreciate that. How was it being stationed there for 4 years?

When we were in Napoli, last fall, our favorite margherita pizzas were: 1st Starita a Materdei, 2nd Sorbillo and 3rd Di Mateo. We didnt try Da Michele (maybe it was an excuse to get back in Napoli...)

Oh, that is awesome to hear! Yes, if you do revisit be sure to try Da Michele. I think one can never run out of great pizza to sample in Napoli :)

you dont even know how to eat a fucking pizza . you eat it with your hamds and you're calling it the dirty way lmao

I never heard someone say pizza is juicy I usually say juicy for steak lmao


Пиццу едят руками!!!! pizza is eaten by hand!!!! Come on !!!

Pizza is the first world common language. You cant go any place on this planet, pizza is always there.

why the fuck do people think, that ONLY in napels you get the best pizza in the world? that faked "woah... yummy... wow..." I cannot bear. lets do this test with 10 different pizzabakers from different countries, then this tested pizza in the video will become suddenly just average (because they dont know where the pizza is from).

there are yearly pizza world championchip for pizza. i have already eaten pizza from 2 different winners (one of them is not far away from my home). I have to say, that I have already eaten better pizzas somewhere else - nothing really breathtaking at these pizzas.

Deve mangiare con le mani belli!

Wow, speak good italian

Grazie per essere venuti ;)

Yeah, I can't really think of a place we've visited that doesn't have pizza.

Do they really use knives & forks to eat pizza there, or is it just you two? I've been either eating or making pizza [or both] for about 50 years and don't think I've ever used utensils.

you are Rich..!!!!!..what do you do

Really? In 35 years of pizza I've never used knife or fork. Never. La pizza va mangiata con le mani.

Looks good. I around the Chicago burbs I thought we had great pizza! Looms like I will be taking a trip to Italy!

Marco Piscopo then all the info from what i saw in tv and other medias are wrong?

Vcvcvcvcvccvcvv Vcv I'm from naples, no one I know uses fork and knife to eat pizza. NO ONE.

Italians use knife and forks when eating pizza

The way you handled your Pizzas it's equal eating a Navy Bean Soup with a STRAW :) BTW good work street vid!

best food on planet :D

No it weird taste of mozzarella in Italy I like mozzarella cheese in USA better than Italy

Ah, interesting to hear. I prefer Italian and European cheese.

yeah it is amazing

Thank yoU! Hands only next time.

Thank you! Hope you can check it out. BTW, Chicago definitely has some of the best pizza in the world.

Pizza in Naples is such a heavenly experience! Looks like you both had plenty :) I wanted to try L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele but ended up going to Pizzeria 'Ntretella and it is such a hidden gem! I had the Melanzane Pizza without cheese (I was vegan at the time) and it was absolutely incredible. The staff as very nice there as well and it's a bit off the beaten path so not as crowded as some of the other more well known spots. Highly recommend for next time!

Hi i'm italian Ciao sono italiano

15% of the Brazilian population are of Italian descent. We eat lots of pizza thou. :)

jon_honor , LOL in brazil you don't know what is a neapolitan margherita and its consistence

in Brazil we eat with fork and knife.

Hey! Cool to hear.

Thank yoU! Totally agree. Really appreciate your recommendation.

I get vicarious satisfaction from your video footage. thanks. :)

Mozart singed by a non-italian is terrible

Guys your italian is not that bad!

What is the best version you've ever heard.

Its a Calzone, pick that thing up and eat it with your hands!

cut in wedges and fold it then eat it with your hands!

I noticed you guys are eating pizza with forks. Is that because the crust is thinner than the pizza you would get at places like Dominos and Papa Johns?

Ah, we should have folded it. It is thinner and more soupy so easier to spill.

Good idea!

Thanks for the tips!

at 6:40 so many people

?hello Samuel and Audrey ,which is the best pizza in your opinion :Argentinian pizza or Italian pizza

Oh, they're both so good yet so different. It depends what mood I'm in to be honest.

Che simpatica la ragazza con il suo" american language"

Thank you guys for visiting my home city

Thank you! We had a great trip.

it wasn't clear to me at the end which was your favorite, that said, do more of these videos where you compare and decide which was your favorite

Thank you! We'll try to make more like this in the future.

I'm Italian but I've never tried Neapolitan pizza, it seems good though. I can assure, however, that in many parts of Italy there are excellent pizza makers who make a delicious pizza. For an Italian pizza is a national institution

Thank you! Totally agree with you. We've had great pizza all over Italy.

Which was the best pizza?

Overall, we decided on L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele.

Why do the Girl Talk SOOoo Much. .Like she's 5yrs Old..... .


you eat Pizza with your hands ...

Our bad.

like the worst way to eat pizza

non ditemi che sono l'unica Napoletana qui?

I’m dying and it’s your fault! Viva l’Italia and Pizza Napoletana

Thank you for visiting my city and bringing the culture of real pizza in Naples to your country. You have not visited the 2 most important pizzerias in the city ... When you come back to Naples let me know ... You will be my guests. :)

Thank you very much! I hope we can return again soon.

sono di napoli

pizza is actually the only food you never get tired of

Yes, that is true!

There is one only way ti est a pizza....with your hands! it is a scandal to see fork and knife :)

Thanks, we'll remember that for next time.

I forgive you

Marco Piscopo I saw plenty of people eating pizza with knife and fork.

Going to Naples in 1 month, thanks for the pizza advice! Ya'll are troopers for eating all that!

THank you! Hope you have a great time.

Wir waren dort im Mai!

Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo - Antonio - pretty much a Margherita with anchovies

which one did you think was the best ?

Overall L'antica Pizzeria da Michele

Why she is eating with fork.. nooob


Naples one day! This vid is making us hungry!

Thanks! Hope you can visit soon.

Great vlog of Naples pizza! I stayed in Sorrento when I was in the Amalfi region and took a boat twice to Naples just for the pizza at Da Michele. Now Da Michele has a restaurant in Tokyo as well but it’s not as good as the Naples location.

Thanks! That is cool to hear. Wow, in Tokyo. Is it close in taste?

Pizzeria Brandi?

Se ti vedesse mia nonna che è napoletana mangiare la pizza con la forchette gli verrebbe un infarto

In Naples there are many types of pizza

La pozzache che faceva paps gennaro mimi .mio marito mio fratello .tonino era .molto .buona io .cucinavo .mia mamma .e .mia .cognata franchetelll .di salita .stella

La nostra pizza e la miigliore al mondosono stata a newyork avevamo 1 pizzeria nella seconda strada a second avenue molto bella ma facevamo la pizzaa ruota perche incominciando dallacqua no viene bene tofnando in ital Lia la pizza si mangia bene ovunque attenzione puo darsi pure che in america si mangi 1 bella pizza i tempi sono cambiati oggi a napoli fanno tuti 1 buona pizza ma qwella ctanta poesia lomangiata alla trattoria medina nuova 0

Cool to hear! What are some we didn't try?

We can make pizza with more ingredients on it, someone order those actually. But you know, the most of us appreciate more the tase of single ingredients, I mean the quality, that's why the majority prefers to order simple style pizzas as Margherita or Marinara. My favourite pizza is with tomato, mozzarella, basil, italian fresh sausage and eggplants.

True, I like holding the pizza, but if you travel around like them, it's better not to get greasy hands from holding the pizza :)

Wearing your new jacket from Sorrento? Nice. Best pizza in Sorrento is Pizzeria de Franco. Yum!

thanks guys, for the service you have done on my city

Im in next week i go to NAPOLIIIIII

Thank you! We had so much fun in Naples.

Awesome! Enjoy all of the great pizza.

Thank you for sharing that!

Hey i really want to ask a q about naples im about to go italy naples to study medicine and im curious about conditions in there i mean social-night life for students ahaha :D do you have any idea?

To be honest we just did a couple of day trips so we have no idea. Hope someone else can chime in and help.

The secret of the pizza is the mozzarella, which is a light cheese. I know that in all the world make a pizza with normal cheese and i think you have seen the difference, good video

Thanks! The mozzarella is incredible for these pizzas.

Uhm... niente Sorbillo? Sento parlare sempre di quella... comunque video favoloso. Davvero.

naples looks nice, im hoping to visit rome and naples next october, was going to go to venice as well but it looks a bit too expensive so ill probarbly just stick to naples and rome.

Thank you! Naples is definitely the most affordable. I would highly consider a place called Matera as well.

Pizzeria LA NOTIZIA ;)

is margherita pure vegetarian kind thing ?

Italy Best Country Ever !

Forza italiaaa!!!

We loved visiting.

Yes, it is! No meat at all.

Audrey reminds me of Stoya

Usually in Italy you don't have to pay the tip. Italian never do that.

Thanks for letting us know.


Interesting to hear.

I feel that I can live there forever and just live on Pizza..your segment on the pizza slices made us soo hungry.!! Can't get this type of pizza in Canada..some close probably in Woodbridge?

Ma mangia con le mani.... la pizza la rovini con le forchette

Starita(Materdei) is the best pizzeria in Naples

Naples? Is Napoli! N A P O L I !!!! idiots, USA is USA we dont say OSU or SASU or SUSA or ESI , FUCK!!! respect!!!! Fucking dumbass

Love this vid! I’m currently in Naples and I’ve been to two of these pizzarias so far- Da Michele and Port’Alba. I’ve just been to Pizzaria Starita which is also amazing! Keep up the great work guys!

Thank you! Hope you have a great time and thanks for suggesting Starita.

10 pizze in 2 giorni? ma siete pazzi, è un'esagerazione. Cari amici americani, una cosa che non avete imparato è la "dieta mediterranea", cioè il modo di mangiare basato sulla varietà di cibo, con molta verdura e frutta e poco cibo di origine animale, mangiato seduti, con calma, casomai con un bel panorama e brezza marina. E molta allegria ...

The ingredients (tomato, mozzarella), the ability of the "pizzaiolo" and the water from Napoli make the difference! :-) A big difference...great video! Bravi from a neapolitan living in Milano

Thank you very much! We sure miss this wonderful pizza.

Thanks for sharing that!

Thank you! We miss India.

pizza marinara

Argentine pizza is a pale imitation of the Neapolitan one

there is no American mozzarella is a fake that spoils the uniqueness of the original, learn to eat above all you Americans

American pizza is for the obese

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