BEST Street Food in Malaysia - ULTIMATE STREET FOOD TOUR in Penang | George Town

BEST Street Food in Malaysia - ULTIMATE STREET FOOD TOUR in Penang | George Town

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Shoo. Lulu. I'm. On an island called Penang, and this is George Town the, second biggest city in Malaysia and. It's. Beautiful. In. Today's. Episode you, are joining, me for a full day of eating, Georgetown. Is a food, paradise, the, street food might even be the best in Asia, they. Say it is influenced. By several. Asian, countries, for. Example India. And China when. I'm walking on the streets here I can't even count. The. Amount of, restaurants. Your. Centers. Street, food wagons. Also. Georgetown. Is listed, as a UNESCO. World. Heritage Site, and. I. Truly understand, why because. These. Colonial. Neighborhoods. Oh, very. Beautiful, very, beautiful and. This. Is also where the street. Food magic is happening. That said. Let's. Enjoy, some of, Asia's. Best. Street, food. She. Consisted by. Oh. This, is Indian, food it's only chicken. Spicy. I've. Had it before I just. Worked out so you know I need some proteins, because. Yeah. Very, spicy. The. Flavoring, is. On. Point, and the chicken is so juicy. Last. Bite. Some, quick protein, down, the hatch, perfect, after the workout. So yeah let's go to the next place and have some laksa, LOX, ice like the most, famous dish here, it's a suit see you there. I'm. So sweaty right now. It's. Hot here but I like it can i order, yeah laksa a big one please he's not any good. Yes. Here, it is, asam. Laksa. And. Here are the ingredients. So, this dish here is the most famous, dish I've been told that, the. Laksa here in Penang is different. From the laksa, in, other. Parts, of the country. Now. I can't. Use sticks sorry, I'm too bad. Wow. That's. Very spicy and the different taste, flavorful bomb, it just explodes, in your mouth. Oh spicy. So. Yeah it's very spicy and other people here at my, table is laughing, at me. So. Good I. Can't. Even describe the flavoring, going on here it's. Like sour. Sweet. Spicy. 10g. I don't. Know. Some. Noodles. Parrot. I need. To learn how to use these sticks, because. Sorry. I'm. Quite used to eating spicy, food I usually use a lot of hot sauce like this this. Right, here this, laksa, another. Level. My. Nose. Yeah. That wasn't my experience for, sure. So. Good if you ever go to Malaysia and your. CH town you, should really try laksa, as I told you before I can't even describe the, taste. And flavoring, so now it needs no sweet so let's try a schandle. Yes. I'm standing in line here for the desert. Schendel. And it's it's very popular as, you can see. The. Line is like this entire, day this desert is very, nice to, have, in the heat here right because it's eyes it's. Sugary. Let's, enjoy it. One. Cup please. All. Together for Ringgit thank. You and I'm, so sorry bro because, it's in a be sticky hands. Are no problem, sixteen here thank you thank you this is your story. Before you eat. Schendel. Sando, Sando, I, need. To be honest with you guys I had this yesterday so I know how. It tastes. The ingredients, are. Ah. So. Good it's sweet, and cold perfect. In the heat. Right now let, me show you how it looks like ooh. That. Churchville, oh, I. Need. To be more careful with the camera, when I put it up because if it breaks. Man. Oh. My. God. There's. Actually, red, beans in this one red. Beans you, say. Yes. But. They. Are sweet. Can. You see the red, beans and the. Green. Wormy. Things yeah. Now. I'm gonna digest, this for, a little bit and, maybe. Walk around here in the old town. And, think. About, what. I'm gonna eat next.

But. This. Schendel I, might. Have a few. More today see, you in the next one. So. Can I have one, I stink, up please, yes. Okay. I didn't, digest the food for, how long so this is just five minutes later and I'm gonna. Try. Sweet. Drink, it's called, I stink. Up I think it announced it sorry. If I butchered the, names. The. Ingredients. It. Looks delicious, so. Yeah. Let's. Find out. I'm, drenched, in sweat, I. Don't. Know but people here doesn't, seem to sweat and they wear lots. Of clothes no and. I'm just. Drenched. What. Is it. And. What's, inside. We got a good Tujunga Hamas, Lanka is - like a jelly you're good good for your body make it food and, a coconut conceits, this one's a says they, call it Selassie, all. Right good. For your body that's, right. Oh. Whoa. Amazing. Sir thing is it's sweet perfect. In the heat right now yeah, wow. Thank. You. So. Here is their, history I guess I. Still. Window. Service. I'm gonna read this off to the greens, here. Perfect. Thirst quencher. Down. That the, amazing food, and drinks. Continues. Here Wow. I'm feeling like drinking, five. More, directly. Yeah so now I'm gonna digest this for a little bit and. I'll. Be back shortly. Thank. You sir. Thank. You. Now. Assemble. Assemble. I. Think. You pronounce, it like that but sorry, if I'm butchering the, dishes, here, this one looks amazing. And everyone, around there is looking at me so. And. I think everything, is like fried. I. Usually, don't eat fried food but. We. Are in your town, and this is a famous, dish so yeah I need to try. Yeah. I put the ingredients. On. The. Screen. Wow. I'm. The only one sitting in the Sun here yeah. Everyone's, looking. I can. Feel them with my cell phone so you can see how it looks like here. Yes. They everyone is hit the shadows, I'm in the Sun but I was good lighting you know and my camera is including their low light so. Yes. This, sauce. Here, is sweet, chili I think. You. Wanna see some close-ups, of. Course. This. Dish right here is the most calorie, than this. For definitely. Due. To the taste and the. Sweetness. Of this dish I think you can call this dish a cheat, meal. Calorie. Bomb for sure. Down. The hatch, possum, ball it felt almost like a desert, actually, but now I'm craving some Chandal, again so I'm, thinking, about going back to that place where I tried. I stink. Up was that the name I don't, know I don't remember yeah I'm going back to that place and I'm gonna try their, channel, and see if it's better than the chendo I tried before, see you my next one.

How. Do you miss, chandelier, oh yeah sure yeah to go please. Yeah. Okay. Schendel. Again. Let's, compare, this one to the. First one I had and the, Seif this. One is better, or worse. This. Shandola, right here might be a better than the first one I had I think they put something more in it. Some. Jello things. That, looks. Like corn. Wow. Yeah. I do okay. Amazing. I wonder, how many times I've said. Amazing today. But. The food and the drinks, here or wops. I think. We put some rice in it. As well and maybe, the, gel of things are sweet. Porn. See, if I can show you the rice here. Can. You see it yeah it's rice. In. Comparison, to the first channel of today, this has some corns, and rise. In it the more things in it the better, I love. Carbs. I'm. Looking into the weather app here right now and. It. Says that it's, 33, degrees, Celsius and, that. It feels like 41. Haha so. Good and I hope I don't burn myself. Empty. Yeah so the duration, of this episode, will be on to sunset, it's two, and a half hours, until the Sun sets and yeah so we have some more food to enjoy and, maybe. Some more jungle. So. I'm. Out here scouting restaurants. For a dish, called. I'm. Not even gonna try to pronounce. That, name. It's, Sunday today and. All. The. Recommended. Restaurants. That, serve this kind of dish seems, to be closed I really. Want to try it because, asam. Laksa which I tried before and they also said that that dish was the most famous one, I think I'm wrong because this, dish I'm trying to find right now is. Even more famous but, I don't know where to go and have it. Yeah. And the sunset, is soon so I really need to find a place where I can enjoy. This the. Wish, me good luck. Boom. Here. It is, I found, it yeah, I needed, to go to a food court actually, but I, think, this will be very delicious, anyway let's dig in and the. Ingredients. Are. Wow. And. I, told them to make it extra, spicy. Just. Look at that streamed. Hmm. Let's. Slam-dunk. This dish. Right here. All. Kind. Of goods here. And, the flavoring, food sensation. As we've Luxa it just explodes. In your mouth. Hmm. This. Dish is also very calorie. Dense. Down. The hatch. Best. One thus far for, sure, awesome laksa, was a lot more spicy. I would. Say there, are some stalls, maybe. Hundred, meters away from here which serve. Some, other famous, dishes and I. Will walk there and maybe buy one, and, then I. Go back here to smash it see, you in the next one. I'm. Back, with a new dish, so. This dish is called one, con me I think that's the right pronunciation. As, with all other means, I think it looks, delicious, and the, ingredients, are I. Got. Some sticks. So. I'm. Gonna try. This. Dish doesn't, feel that, special in comparison, to the other ones but. As. All. Wishes, in this episode. They're, so delicious and tasty, in comparison, to Swedish, food the flavors, of these, dishes. On. Another. Level for, sure. These, noodles are very fatty. And. The battery on my camera. Will. Die maybe, in a minute or so. These, noodles though. Rare. Oh. My. Battery, will die anytime, now. I'm, standing here at another location as, you can see, my. Battery, died on my camera, and I've used both batteries. Now so. I'm recording with my GoPro at this moment the. Dish was amazing and, yeah. The sunset, is now but I'm gonna enjoy myself one, more Schendel. And then, I'm gonna eat back home again but, it, will be dark when I get to the gendell, stall so, yeah, I'm thinking about ending, the episode here right now I hope. You enjoyed, this episode as. Much as I did. If. You go to your town or Pennine, you, must try, the food, the street food don't go to any fancy, restaurants. The. Street food in conclusion, the, total cost of today. And, according. To my personal, preferences. I will. Rank the food in the following order. So, that's it my friends, make sure to give this episode, a, like I would, appreciate if, you leave a comment and if you are new to this channel please, subscribe. Ooh.

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I love my Indonesian brothers and sisters, you guys are my peeps but damn, it's amazing how some Indonesian can so brazenly claim the rights to some food that origins were deemed unclear because it is so widespread across Asia (Southeast Asia specifically for most of the foods in this video) for a long time whereas other countries would just share the credit. Just relax dude, saying it all the time won't make it a fact

I don't doubt that... The Penang cuisine is influenced by several Asian countries, however, they clearly have their own take on some dishes. Thank you for writing a comment


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@Matvraket not the vedio..i just comment this all food actually orignal from malaysia not from indonesia....haha welcome to malaysia bro enjoy your food..

@jack mafia what do you mean bro? Not the video I hope... :( :p

@Ammy Law I'm back in Sweden now but Malaysia is my favourite destination for sure. I've been there 3 times and counting... ;)

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This fella busy claiming food until he has gone dumb. That Indian fried chicken definitely not from Indonesia. They uses their Indian spice and recipe. Char Koay Teow and wantan mee. Does he really want to argue who created noodles and stir frying on wok? The chinese has been eating stir fried noodles and wantan mee Long before Indonesian know what is stir fry food. The only thing I can agree are from Indonesia is cendol.

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