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Hopalong. Guys. Good. Morning guys it's, our date for a year in, Japan, and. Then. Diesel bottom, is your, focus for today. First. Up lemon is he, just a ninja museum so. Mahabhava. Dreams. Right from. Here and, I'm Melissa. But. I get here. Surveys people to come in Kotetsu. They'll, pass, poverty. Oh. Booya. Is. She. If your speed, hearing you're loaded. The new more basic other, white snow, for. Example. A bohemian. Good. For five days. That was four thousand in Canadian, culture. Sir bus and. Regular, trains that. Was, enveloped. In fog have been expressed, as additional, question. In general a mystery, novel, for some away no. Biggest. Elizabeth, II, so. I think in every time. I. Think. Melons. In 1d. Purse. 1,500, year when. Sweden as to these paths and. 2005, and I did. Some. Commoditization, matter, what service. Animal. Issue, in. Tetsu, they'll pass, in a pipe these, irregular. Past. Returns. 600. Year. Reporting. Relationship. Would be so much about busy day. -. 5d. Plus. We. Just Adams, having, at that example. In. 5d, plus. Samayou. Me. A cot, so bus and Toba see. Another. Box of us in. A certain distance, -, certain. Establishments. Thank the. Camera. And. The. Bottom has happened. Beaker. This I can cancel the deal as. Plus. The, pay big bass. It's, not other than your mom about this, say. You saw what happened. Mentally. Nigga. Look. Twins coming he would open. A nomination, eager style in Germany Co. Station. Led them the. Hat or the ninja. Ninja. Shops. In. Djibouti. Ticket, prices for the five basic activity. Depending, on into some time yo now. You. Got you ninja, me see you. In. Some Museum number your adult. Ticket. Or admission, fee is seven. Hundred fifty sixty, eight it's. A fun price I'm gonna be get three calls. All-in-one. Discount, bigger. So. Common. Issue in, value, ninja Museum, when. Officers, and. Danjiri. Kaikan, so. Ticket. Knowing is. Its. Ticket. For adults it's. 1756. The end, enter. Cell eyes focus on 4:30, p.m. l'm so, you take note you guys before, you promoted ito. Right. In their house we need to have trouble. And. I. Can use it, later. And. Depends, on situation it. Won't pick up this. Is. Blue, for customer, and this. Is. How. The roids world secret meeting. There. Are two kids, so I use to leave. Thank. You I can, open, and. I can go outside quick. Your. Eyes like but, actually. You have to push dancing. That's. Almost Japanese, people use breakfast. Gavi. Job-ready. Movie ninja. Shadow. Domain. Name Jack. Sabrina. Demo Hanina. Times. Uninjured. Right. Super, finally, Naruto. Episode. Ninja, differed. And. Poppin denominator, on the banner circle. The, Lowenstein's of anonymous, appeared upon. The dog and. Adam. Eaton Avenue in. Texas in packs. But would never know what to use. So. Consciously. Consider. Minutest, a ninja train. People. In. One class in a word. Increase. In, each of our words. We. Take them in an Iranian. Fetus. Eager. Ma station. An. Akita common intervene for patella and, Nibbana. No Sato. Remember. And abandon a sample. So. That you do not miss a Nevada, honest hot dog the entrance, fee is 2000 we have in here we 500. Yen discount, but, week intensive a pass payoff, so. 1800s. If, my own photography. Nominees. Each tournament, Oh. A big Ohio on a big wave on prices. Or we, may have on charges possible, but weep, in Italian my attraction. Citizen, of my partner. Oh. Daniel's. About on adharmic. Flowers. So. Kabupaten itto guys it's, an additional, 1000, yen but. If you have intense. Real paths in. Your Helmick biood. Time. Mr. Deveaux. Home. With an omnivore, you. Take. Heed. An. Autonomous sampling. Hotel, sorry. Anu, optimism. In today. India. Bangalore. Monogamy. Payson. And autonomy, is oh. Good. Morning, guys and, it appears. Bujji. Yamada-san. Is. A friend, I mean first stuff. So. Having defied the, Sun Japan. Papa. - impossible, cyber, before. Came bumaba. Big. Money. So, useless. See. See, some English. Together. And. Eternal mr. easy trying guys and. And. Then the. Eyeliner. Lugar a lioness on well. Atomizer. Barranco, and my, hip any issues River. And. You know he tell you know mama silver. Dots white. Dots and. Points. That yeah you. Fell. On number. One temple, Japan. Absolutely. Nothing. Mr.. Shrine is located in, EF prefecture is dedicated. To, God Amaterasu. Don't. Forget. Simon. Camacho, income. A. Summer. League in divers, at. Manila. Commonalities, freshly. Caught seafood. Hoisters. Critics. I don't. India sure gone one another. Was. Anonymous, out. Since. The Internet, in Khmer and we want to feel like the locals. Genican. In turn are made at the vitaminas, appetizers. And. Additionally. Having certain alarm on dive Ramon, a lady diver. Phenomenon, Daniel and me today with 85. Years old, complete. Get up. Change. Outfit, back, to, winter. Clothes. So. It is view. Think, you. Think. You think tipping here. My.

Family's. Al-safa, and, a. Good. Girl. Coming in Korea, before, coming to Malaysia no salami, the long stops, them in Genova he. Said it's a thesis right ECCE. You. Cinema, semi, my leave diverse, to me tobu. Te. We're. Staying at the no G me up over there and. Open. Atlanta. Me dijo Baba's. Becoming, a hotel and extend. Terminal unite. Spa hey, guys. You.

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Love it! Pinoys! :)

Thanks for the new vid lalo sa mga tips!

You’re welcome, Mich!

new lang po ako sa channel nyo

Ive always wnat to go to japan

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