Best Udon Noodles in Japan | Epic Noodle Tour

Best Udon Noodles in Japan | Epic Noodle Tour

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How, everybody welcome to tabbies I'm sassy and I'm sneaky, welcome back to another food and travel video today, we are taking you to on the epic, dude on tour in, Kahala oh my god I am so excited. So. We just arrived at Takamatsu, Airport it is like an insanely. Early. Hour, of, the day Takamatsu, is only about one hour and 20 minutes from, Tokyo. Haneda Airport so, it wasn't too bad and you, know we really really wanted to try that we don't here because this, place is famous, for, that we don't need a famous. Very famous I hear, that they have even more you don't shops than, convenience, stores in this city that is, unheard. Of I can't even imagine and that we don't start, from talking of Airport Airport. Yeah we're eating we don't at the airport enough not, being I can show you oh I'm, confused. Okay, so subtle, she tells me that you can have free, food, on soup, in the airport, that sounds so, bizarre and, here, we found it to the left is the cold one and to, the right is the hot soup we're gonna start off a cold soup because it's. Pretty hot today you have like this faucet, here and you, when you twist it open some, don't, soup, comes. Out. Wow. That. Is legit. We don't soup, I gotta say. It's. Really you. Don't don't, act asleep I feel, a, little bit strange. So. I need a coffee because, I will drive all day long today that's, right thank you so much, for driving Satoshi, and before, we begin I do have to mention that this is a collaboration. Video with meet Mike Ogawa, if you want to see, us check out all the popular, sites as well as try, out the iconic, foods of Kagawa make, sure to check them out by, clicking right up there we also have a link in the description I feel better now oh good good good let's, go driving. So. Faster place is you. Don't this, place is a little bit too far from the city center, this place is mostly rice, fields, a residential, area it's very very rural but, everyone. Is telling us we have to come here trout, that we do noodles here who don't noodles are very very, famous, here in Kigali in fact it's probably the food. That people. Here mostly eat this, place is very famous for Kamata. Ma a dhama to eat sanic, you don there a variety of the eating way tomato. Is a wonderful, this put. It into, hot noodle, and pour. Some dashi this, shop invented, this Kamiyama, we don't a style in which you place your order is very similar to mother commit we don't in a lot of places we've been called the state of the started self-styled, whether, you. Are favorite with on pick, some toppings. The dishes. And then pour your favorite. - does she I decide, to get the most basic one a common Tama we don't this is basically we don't leave us with the raw egg and green onions what about you mine isn't also comma tomato but with grated. Yam mean, yes toreador toreador emo from my side dish I decided, to get the go, ball which is burdock, tempura, and their, specialty, the potato, tempura. This is tempered, Akiyama imitation, crab deep fry the tofu pouches so this is hot noodles easier I'm not Anna it was so the, noodle, is hot. So, X 9. 3 egg has nicely cooked, look, at this you can see that some, of the egg has already been cooked is that yellow, bits as was a white yeah. So this is a good thing because I I'm not like a huge, huge fan of them raw. Raw egg although, I don't mind it but I'm not like a huge fan. Mmm. Mmm. Good. And, you can definitely tell that these noodles are not mass-produced, I'm. Gonna try this potato because. This is what. They're famous for. Oh my, goodness, Oh. Oh this, is so good, I could. Eat like ten of these I actually want to take these home like, takeout dinner huh the outside has a little crisp its, flavored, with a loti seaweed, here, we got the ten put up burdock this is called Kobo here in Japan oh. That's. Nice it's, very soft. Sometimes. Gobo temperature, can be kind of stringy and, fibery. But this is very nice and soft and tender, and this, noodles, really, Simmons, maybe, two because of egg egg, cooking. Enzyme. Yarmulke, cake the greater the young made this very, smooth. Its. Absorbs, a passive play about this we - - you pray about very well the. Tempura or the imitation, crab you. Don't. Right. Now we are walking through, the model gummy shorting. Guy which is a shopping, street what actually the biggest shopping. Street here. In the city, Oh beauty. It is super, beautiful, there's leave it on Lawrence. You. Can come here there's something for you to do shopping, we're, walking to the car right now we're gonna drive over to the next destination.

Yes Yes, don't, shop next don't shut up let's do it. Here. We are santoku. They cheated on Santa, we. Have a very, interesting. Look. This. One on top it is mochi, but, not only regular, mochi it, contains, an, M, means, a red, bean paste them ooh. This. Beautiful. You don't know those. Very. Comfortable. Very, comfortable flavor. The, chewiness is perfect. For me, it has a nice. Good, chewiness. It's. A characteristic, of 70. Unum here in Colorado favorite job and this, does, she is also, good, that. The she comes from fish. Sharra, adidas mochi. It's. Beautiful. Oh. Here. Is uncle. Inside. Can you see uncle. Its. Tubular, interact. Mouse. Interesting. The, soup is savory, but, inside. Uncle is sweet. The. Contrast, of sweetness. And savory, it's fun. Fun, for me this, is what I got as this is one of their trademark. Dishes and I've never seen you do noodles served, with, raw. Tuna, fish. And on, top the raw tuna you see this white stuff here this, is total mo which is a mountain. Yam the mountain yam is grated, and yes. It is supposed to be slimy the mountain yam itself is very slimy there's. A lot of our scallions, as well as a slivered, naughty and, right, on the side you get some wasabi here as well so I think with this one you have to pour some soy sauce over it so, I'm just gonna drizzle, on the. Soy sauce just one part just in case there's, a little bit of wasabi mix. It into the mountain, yam, get. A little bit of the tuna and we'll. Eat it all together with the noodles as well we'll check it out guys check, out the noodles. Wow. You. Know even, just picking it up you can you can feel, the the weight of the noodles aching kind, of like you. Can already see how bouncy it's, going to be right, there like give us. That's. Good. The, fish is super. Fresh and the, total amount in yam is supposed. To give you stamina so it's supposed to give you energy especially. A hot day like this so. All the ingredients here. Combine. To, make the perfect dish for hot summer time. Here, in Japan I don't know if you can tell but the. Texture. Is, very. Different, from like typical. Food only gap in. Tokyo, and I'm super, curious to try something she's won because his wife has, a sweet, uzuki, field mochi. Inside, that we don't I've never heard of that before but. Apparently that's, like a special. Team here in the kagawa prefecture look. At that these are sweetened, Azuki beans. Can. You believe you these are sweetened guys all. Right here we go. What. A revelation, I. Like. This a lot, it's. So unexpected. Initially. The, idea sounded. Too, bizarre for me I thought, this is weird, but. It actually works no mic I owe on. That soup I don't, know maybe it's the type of soup they use I don't know what it matches. This. Piece. Of mochi. With sueing, Azuki, bean paste chicken. Is a fish cake it, must, be very crispy. Did, you hear the sound. House. Akuto. This is, this. Tempura, batter, look. There, is a nori seaweed, inside. It, is nice ocean, flavor. This place was. Another, revelation. Work. We, have to get into the car and head to the next place I don't know how long I last how much we don't I can eat but I've. Been training for this man let's. Go, okay. Here we are yet. Again at another we, don't shop I can't believe this, is happening but, this is we. Don't Dennis he said is true so. This, place is located inside. A, shopping, mall once again the body camera much is shown is nice. Yeah. Oh by, the way all the names of the shop all the information, is in the description below. In case you guys are interested so, the. First thing we order at this Bhutan shop we did want to try their, local. Chicken and this. Is called, what is it called again when it's quito deponents, okey dokey so that's like bone-in. Chicken, local. Chicken like, commodity. Super. Flavorful, chicken I gotta say outside. We, picked, up super. Poppy I got, the Dutchie, blue, packet and this, is uh I, got, it really simple there, is so many windows today right so I just want something simple, who doesn't basically the udon noodles we got onions grated daikon radish, a little bit of ginger and to not cheat or yeah. Calamansi. Looking thing and I. Squeezed it over my noodles and. Voila here. We go mine is a special, special you're doing it because, it's. Like a choppa, salute. Encoded. Or even, deep old. Do you believe yeah you guys know why, as they actually brought all these trees here on an island, in this area so though I sold Ashima items I would love to go there one day I really, would they, are producing a label and, the, cows are eating the.

Only Bit, this, is duck meat I see, I see that's, why it's called olive, oil, it. Is like only that'll, be interesting and on, top it's. A. Good. Boy. It's soft boiled, egg and. What. Come is seaweed. Green. Onion all. Right so let's give it a try, so let's eat it together come on you. Can, eat but I'm gonna eat my food Oh noodles. That's. Super refreshing you. Know on this particular, place, I. Have. To say that these, noodles are not as, chewy as, some. Of the other places we had but. It's still very good though yeah. This. Beef, this meat, is. Really, good and. Playable. For people. It's simple, be able to shop shabu, too simple, but it's. Flavorful. All right let's change is. Really, refreshing, refreshing. I. Love once in perfect, on, a hot day like today because, it is super hot who cook it look at it we don't its, unless, that's, super, okay, maybe pick up and. Yours. It's a soup. -. Soup okay. Hold on I'm gonna have a piece of the olive, beef to see what it tastes like. Mmm. Oh my gosh so tender. Right. What the hell. This, is all soft but, this this, soon. As you live up it will slowly fleshy, and get right very suggestive, very refreshing it eats much it with this soup. Kakuzu. Hmm. You know what I really, like the, soup Stephen you do the broth they use for. That you don't noodles here in Nagoya it's very different from that soy sauce base that you're used to it Tokyo, you, know it's, a lot more subtle yep, it's, not like a weak taste or anything it's very very, full of flavors, I love noodles, of any kind, to be pleased with you I think you know my favorite has, to be like, either you don't or, ramen. It's, really difficult for me to choose how about you guys, what's, your favorite noodles soba, ramen. Food, on pasta. Let. Us know the comments down below. Good. Morning, everybody I had, a really, good three hours of sleep, we. Learn. Well. In, color, up to eat to, eat udon for breakfast, it's, quite, popular and and the one shop we are going to now is, open, 5 a.m., 5, a.m. well it's. Open, the same time we got up today. Alright, guys so day two begins, we, are at this place car IG show this place is located right across from. Takamatsu. Station. And they're, open from 5:00 a.m. it's incredible, because, like. Something she said people. Start, today is by eating laDawn. Of course some people eat toast but a, lot of you who don't for, breakfast as well so we. Both got the same thing today we got the. Boot. Cut kit done which, is one. Of the simplest forms of padam and this one comes with the. Slices. Of nori. Seaweed. Some. Cane caster which is a deep fried tempura batter some green onions, and as you can see there's some soup already poured onto it this is a cold, bowl. Of noodles and that, is fine because it, is very, hot. Again. Today and I. Also got a couple, of side dishes and all of these go for 100. Yen, this. Is a, mixture. Of shiitake. And maitake. Mushrooms. Tempura. And then, we got a obliga, which is, defined. Tofu. Pouches, and this is a simmered, in a sweet soy sauce okay, here, we go, which. I'm going to mix my now so. I get all the ingredients together. All. Right here, we go. That's, really good, why, is it so good here I don't understand why it we're doing is so good here, and so different from though again Tokyo the. Broth is so much more flavor than, what, you get in Tokyo, that's for sure I don't know what it is it's not, just soy sauce it's not just, simple.

- Yeah I read the noise I I taste some shiitake. I taste, fish. Maybe I don't know it's just a mixture of something very complex, they say let's. Take a bite of the tempura. The. Mushroom tempura. Hmm. Oh. Good. Deep-fried, food first. Thing in the morning actually. Really, good I'm, so crispy, you. Can tell that it's just, deep-fried. Right now I can't, believe I got so much food this morning, by. The way this is a small bowl, because. You got a lot to eat today you, can get a big bowl if you want, look. At how big this one is. Hmm. Oh my. God oh it. Has literally soaked, up all the sauce oh, my, god this is delicious. The chemos, brick, okay we don't yes. She kept, on that. I see that the soup is beautiful. A. Little, bit of sweet and, the. Tempura batter blended. Into the soup. It. Enhances, the money so, much in, this, seaweed. Never. Combined. Into, this stupid, and chewy. Chewy. Noodle. - you delude, oh oh wow. Beautiful. Combination. And this place is located next. Of a highway vast tunnel. Sorta. If you leave Takamatsu, early in the morning or arrived, early in the morning by bus it's, very good price so the, next place we're gonna go is kind of far cut, and so I'm gonna go by car yes and, yeah. We'll, see you guys at the next place. All. Right guys we're at the final, place on an ethic Moodle neuro tour the, shop name is akimichi, this, shop located in mahogany, city. Oh it's, studied name it is starting to rain well we should go inside, this, place has something um unique they. Have a curry, udon yes, but it's not your regular Japanese, style curry we don't lie it's Dave. Well. All I heard is it is very unique so let's, go inside and try, them out. Bezel. All. Right so our Google noodles has arrived. And I. Ordered the red curry, we don't at the normal, level spiciness. Which is a medium spicy so, mine is a black curry so, one down, one level down from the spiciest. One yes because the lady said, that she, really warns. Against, trying to spice this one because it's insanely. Spicy, that, you're probably done and we also got some, Oden, but I gotta again which is our tofu and this. Is with missile and here. This. Is actually a normal thing you'll find a lot of them but then right next to the hutong I took this, egg, good, missile. It good I'm, very curious what is it miso egg yeah well it looks like a deep fried egg a deep, fried boiled egg that's what it looks like to me alright, so first let's take a sip of the soup shall we, I got the same this, red one it's. Still spicy, I mean this is pretty. Spicy for me mine. Is I. Don't. Know why I can't taste the sweetness really, maybe. Because you know me the dashi and there's, us a chocolate, chocolate. Out yeah they, have coffee and chocolate inside, of yours. Sweet. Spicy. But same, time sweet. They're. A good noodle super-smooth, I swear. The. Noodles here the udon noodles in San Aki it's. Just so. Smooth it's so smooth and every. Shop has different. Different. New daughter yes there, are different noodles thickness, and.

Chewiness. And mine also has chicken, you got some carrots, on, there's a whole lot of vegetables, in here it's, almost like a soup. Mine is cattle. To beef and. Green. Onions, I love green, onions, I'm. Gonna have a piece of chicken you could eat on your own, oh that's. Nice, I'm gonna have a bite of the again. I got the grilled tofu with miso sauce and it. Looks lovely. Damn. We don't, mmm. You, know I don't, know why we don't have this combination in, Tokyo you know this, is quite normal and it actually goes well oh yeah, missile, egg I'm very curious what a miso egg is. Beautiful. A good. Egg, Yocum its money. Yes. Missa, missa. Missa missa missa yeah outside, butter because miso. Miso flavor yeah. All. Good things must come to it and here, we are at the end of this epic, you don't tasting video I gotta. Tell you it was a revelation, for me Satoshi I think, so too I really. Really enjoyed that we don't here it's completely different from what you get back in Tokyo every, noodle, was different. Yes yes, every, shop has different. Noodles. Type if, I'm to soup tastes. Like odd, yeah, and you know believe, me when I say you. Can come, here just to eat udon I really. Mean it I mean I would come back just, eat it we don't noodles that's how much I'm kind of obsessed with. Oodles here, in Kagawa. Did. You have a favorite oh. All. My. Favorite, I do have, one that stood out for me okay. It's the one that we don't with, the uncle, mochi, inside, that. One oh my, god I won't eat that again that, was a revelation, I never, knew that you, know something, like a sweet, uncle pace mochi, will go so well with a savory we, don't broth I want, to eat that again, I want. To eat that morning. Do don't do it oh oh, yeah. That one that. Was another good way and yeah really good temporary yeah yeah yeah well. Thank, you so much guys for watching we really hope you guys enjoyed this video we, want to remind you to go over to meet my Kagawa to check out our collaboration. Video you, don't want to miss that one because we really, worked hard on that one you're. Gonna see us go all over Kagawa, check out the popular spots as well as try out some iconic. Foods of Kagawa so go, over there right now, if you are new to this channel we would love it if you subscribe, thank. You for watching see you mix the food adventure.


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I loooove udon and somen noodles, both are my top favorite choices.

When I lived in Tokushima I would go to Takamatsu for 2 things..Ritsurin Gardens and UDON!! this video makes me want to move back down there!!

Thank you for the terrific video! I could tell that the anko mochi udon bowl turned your head! We could see it on your face! So much deliciousness! Thank you, lads.

You gentlemen are so happy in this video today.I like that I learned some interesting things about udon .Enjoy all your channels and the content. 2 thumbs up for you guys.

I love Udon noodles they are my favorite!

kitsune udon is my most favourite

Guys, you really have to put a warning before the video 'Watch it only before bedtime' The udon dishes looked so yummy, now I have to visit the kitchen...and it is 11pm here :D

I LOVE udon! Can you guys do a udon video in Tokyo?

Wow. So many different kinds of Udon soups! I wish I could have done now! Oishiisou!

Love it! So is the miso flavour of miso egg from the outside batter only?

Love your Videos guys.♥️

It looks like the stickiness of the mountain yam helps to pick up the slivered Nori

WOOO what a great tour! Love it :) Thanks for filling up your bellies for our amusement

Thank you for the wonderful video, guys! I'm definitely adding Kagawa to my must-visit list. Also, udon noodles are by far my favourite type of noodles! This video made me really hungry, haha

guys, you need to travel more! Shikoku is a big place, I hope there is more coming up

Watching you both makes me want to visit wherever you go. I am going to do the Yokokawa adventure during my visit to Japan!

I'll let you know when I have soba next time at the restaurant I visit I have only had ramen so far but I'm going to have soba next time then I will know my fave noodles lol.

You guys are the BEST Love you guys!

I love all of your videos!! ❤ your channel is so entertaining

Udon is the best noodle, but the dashi is what makes the dish…

Unfortunately I do not remember how the place was called, but near mount Haruna, the south part I believe, I had the best udon with tempura I ever had. It was this big hall with benches and long wooden tables. It's location was a bit remote, but the place was packed. And all they served was the udon with tempura and it was super good. I miss it almost every day.

Shinichi, I just have to say you have a sexy voice! Please don't take that wrong

The only udon store that I know, which i frequently go to is Marugame. Maybe thats the reason why the line there is always long. 丸亀は安くて おいしい 店 です

Satoshi cracks me up in this one. He seems so much more comfortable in his English. As a result is humor comes through.

Great feature on udon!!! I always watch your videos when I'm having my lunch

The diversity of food in Japan is mind-boggling!!!

i am surprised you didnt check out Miyagawa Semensho 宮川製麺所 while you were there..

Wow you guys speek perfect English

I never tried udon ir Noodles sadly, but I love pasta! Great vídeo, you guys look so happy and the food looks delicious!

OMGEEE! I’m seriously drooling over here!! I absolutely love udon, so much more than ramen, then to top it off with tororo! YUM! I loved the dashi cart at the airport too.......What a great way to represent what Kagawa is all about—amazing udon! Very cool! Thank you for sharing all of the yummy bowls of deliciousness, boys!! Sister, Erin Uber would so love the mochi-an udon! ❤️

You two are incresing your weight.

Udon, udon, udon!

fried ramen with caramelized onions egg and mushrooms.

Wow, my mouth is watering. I love noodles and ramen

My favorite noodles are soba noodles for sure. Preferably sarashina soba.


I love your shirts!

I'm not a fan of udon noodles but love watching your videos and seeing Japan makes me so happy.

The egg yoke on the beef - sexy food. That mushroom tempura looked delicious.

I love your channel, thank you both for the time and energy you put in these videos uwu

Udon, always udon. I know Kagawa is famous for udon, but if you ever head into Ehime into Matsuyama, there's a shop called Tsuruchan that does some really cool western flavoured udon. I just love Shikoku in general!!

I'm surprised that you didn't mention Matsuka Seimen! They're part of an udon factory that makes noodles fresh every day.

My favorite Udon shop in Kagawa Prefecture is Yoshiya(Shinden-cho, Takamatsu City)and Maharo(Sangawa-cho,Sanuki city)

Odon is my comfort food

Satoshi's unbridled enthusiasm is one of the best parts of my day!

Satoshi-san, where do you get your shirts? I love them!

I never thought of udon as a breakfast food, but now I can't think of anything more delicious to start the day with!

Overall I like ramen the most but when it comes to just appreciating the taste & texture of fresh noodles I choose soba

Always my fave!...

Definitely an udon man! Close second would be those thin egg noodles you'd find in wonton noodle soup!

Wow ! special edit !

Just wondering if the restaurants have english menu?

This may sound weird but I love they way Satoshi eats his noodles. He doesn't bite them halfway thru, but goes all in to get the entire noodle length into his mouth. Again, weird, I know, but eh, we all have something which transfixes us.

My favorite Noodles are pasta any shape and ramen.

Great Udon adventure, Mahalo

What a great video! So fun and informative. I always love it when the two of you do videos together. Everything looks so scrumptious. Thank you for sharing this with us.

everyone is in kagawa now ;D

collaboration...oh no not hier? pub

Best noodle for me are either udonyaki or baked macaroni cheese. (The recipe I use for making the macaroni cheese sauce has red pepper and hot mustard powder in it, so it has a lot of ... pop.. to it.)

I can live my udon dream through you guys.

Thank you again Gentlemen. Wore my TabiEats Sakutto t-shirt to work and my Japanese co-workers smiled.

Love your shirts guys!

The new editing is excellent

My boyfriend is from Kagawa. Nice to see you guys enjoy foods from there. One time I have been to Shodoshima island. It is a nice place and they have Olive oil ice cream as well.

All noodles are my favorite! There is no choosing just one type lol.

I prefer thin noodles, but yes. Apparently 'The Food Ranger' is doing a Worldwide noodle tour spanning several months.

OMG those potato croquette!

Satoshi! Your English has come on so amazingly over the last couple of years! I mean, love ya too Shinichi but, Satoshi!! Really enjoyed today's video!

Great video but now you will have to taste hundreds if not thousands more Udon’s to make sure it really is the best.

why didn't you ask me to come along on the udon tour. you know i want to go on that udon tour

I am #teamudon all day long ... bukkake ... hehehe ...

I'm a fan of bowtie pasta

That looks amazing


He is absolutely awesome

Really enjoyable, I really like the descriptions of the food; without smell-o-vision or slurp-o-vision, your descriptions are really helpful :) Perhaps a "recreate these Kagawa Udon dishes at home" cookery video could be in the pipeline please? Thank you gentleman, another wonderful video :)

Udons are my favourite food yummy yummy.

Favorite noodle dish for me is ramen hands down

はじめまして! このチャンネルは英語のリスニングなどに使っています!とても、分かりやすく、聞き取りやすくてとても勉強になります!動画も知識になりますし、毎回楽しみにしています!これからも頑張ってください!

lmao, Satoshi's sakutto face at 10:25 XD I love it!

How in the world have you guys known what a calamansi is???? :o BTW favourite noodles are Batchoy and Udon.

Great tag team approach!

Love, love, love good udon.

The Udon are spongy ! I love their texture.

You should do an American food in Japan review

I love udon because I love chewy foods, and I love ramen for the flavors! I love all noodles though and will gladly eat any kind

I love noodles I have love noodles and all types of pasta since I was a baby I love noodles I love chicken noodle soup and I love noodle soups

You guys are so gosh darn wholesome, I love your videos c:

I'm learning so much about what can be in a bowl of udon! The tempura looks great too! All the foods look soooo delicious and scrumptious! I would love to go on a noodle tour too someday! I enjoy watching you two describe the foods and how much you guys enjoy it, it's infectious!

This made me so incredibly hungry

Sois geniales está pronto

They’ve renamed Kagawa-ken as Udon-ken!

Thank you Satoshi and Shinichi, I've been following you since 2 or 3 years ago and I love you guys and your videos so much!! Before going to Japan for the 1st time 2 years ago, you made me want to try all the food and now it's the same, but also to miss Japan a lot (in a good way) and to remember all the good memories I have ^A^ All the udon dishes in this video look SUPER delicious, I hope I can try them the next time I'm in Japan! Again thank you and please keep showing us more delicious food and your smiles!

Hola chicos cómo están qué bonito lugar y la comida Rica Rica Rica

Hello Shinichi and Satoshi ❤ that udon looked amazing !you both looked sooo happy in this video

Man that torture not being able to taste the dish too especially with the view and comment your give!! #drool #envious

cute couple, you two!

bihon....Filipino kind of noodle

I love all noodles!

I L-O-V-E udon! Those looked so good, especially the ones with the naga imo. That was a such an enjoyable video! Thank you. Watched it twice already.

Thank you for posting this fantastic show. We learn so much from you both. My Son and I love your shows.

All these yummy foods have been making me hungry! I'm pregnant right now, so I'm craving it badly! I miss Japanese food so bad :(

Long time ago I saw how Satoshi eats Udon, this gentle slurp and then lead the Udon with help of the chopsticks to the mouth. I copy that, since then it's not a horrible mess with soup drops all around me anymore, thank you Satoshi ^^//

The adorable little dumpling that is Satoshi must be protected at all costs!!!

Nice place

Goodness all of that udon looked so yummy!

You guys are so lucky to be able to go to all of these places. The food looks amazing!

my favorite noodles are the ones that i buy from my convenience store for 30c XD


Aw man I love Satoshi before he eats/drinks something he likes. Love watching you two both. It's like being among friends. I enjoy seeing people happy.

I have tried Udon noodles twice before and both times they were thick and round. I found a package of Wel Pac Udon noodles in my local grocery store but they are flat like fettuccine :( Do you have experience with flat udon noodles in Japan?

I have never really had a good udon noodle soup. I tried making some once but it didn't taste too good. I messed up the seasonings somehow. I have been wanting to taste some good udon soups. I really love ramen, soba noodles and any kind of pasta or and pho is delicious too.

I love seeing lgbt YouTubers thank la for all the information!

I had to subscribe! Your video was just amazing!! Thank you for taking me along on this adventure

OMG! I'm so jealous! I moved to Costa Rica and they have nothing in the way of amazing noodles! NOTHING! I So miss having great Japanese noodles! Weather it's ramen or udon!

I visited Kagawa for a while during my working holiday, but only had a couple places while there. My favorite it's cold noods and cold soup but in winter I want cold noods in hot broth.

I love you two! You guys are so cute it's rediciolous. My husband started to watch and he's like ohhhh this is fantastic.

Love your videos! Maybe a good suggestion would be finding the best vegetarian dishes in Japan

Am I the only pervert laughing at "bukkake udon" because bukkake is a porn thing / fetish thing / sex act? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Omg everything looks so yummy! An interesting FYI, my family name is Kagawa ❤️

That all looked so good guys!!!

My favorite noodles are a tie between ramen noodles and Vietnamese rice vermicelli.

My favorite noodle is somen! I can't watch your channel when I'm hungry - now I have to go out and get some udon!:-)

seen this udon noodle broth stand on battle trip the korean show

Udon and Yakisoba are my favorite noodles! I’m learning to make my own udon from scratch because it’s hard to get where I live, but we do have a really nice hibachi shop nearby that has amazing Yakisoba. I’ve always wanted to try oden. They have oden kits at the Asian market. Next time I’m in the area, I might swing by and get one. I knew you were going to say the red bean mochi udon was your favorite. I could see on your face how much you loved it!

I love udon noodles!

Udon you just have to have the chew

i was wondering what camera you use?

Could you please sell sell plush versions of yourselves and Justin? Pretty please with any noodle got on top.

I like all those noodles. Last year we we're hunting for the best ramen. We are a little burned out on it now. Udon is our new go to. Soba is great at home for a quick satisfying meal. Pasta is comfort food all around. Thank

Udon for sure

Hi guy Suzannah from the UK . I LOVE YOUR SHOW SO MUCH ,, MYSELF I WOULD GO WITH A PUFF OF SMOKE TO LIVE THERE AS HOW CLEAN AND THE AIR MUST BE VERY CLEAN . SUFFER FROM CHRONIC PAIN SYNDROME AND COPD WHICH MEANS I AM GOING TO DIE FROM COPD THERE IS 4 STAGES OF THIS TERRIBLE SLOW DISEASE AND THERE IS NO CURE this disease is as common as CANCER Depending which sort Cancer you have , but still COPD is not known it is a Lung Disease which I have 6 Small Cancerous in my left lung .the reason I am telling you this the first place went to is the rice farm , and that is the sort I would live . WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ITALY SPAGHETTI AND THE NODDLES AND CHINESE NODDLES,


Bukkake? WTF.

Bukkake?? lol

I love this

Aggghhh I want some sooo baaaad

Love you guys and your videos!! Wishing you both many blessings! ♥️

"Soba? Ramen? Udon? Pasta?" Yes. All of them. Every day. Thank you very much.

Some days u want ramen and some days u want udon, balance

My favourite noodles are udon, filled pasta, and ramen (particularly tonkotsu) - miss your ramen hunt videos!

I want bukkake all on my face. Yum

Lovely foodie couple.

HHHHHHHHOOOOLD UP. It's called bukkake udon...?

good morning to you guys and to all watching this vlog ...just a piece of advice before watching this vlog make sure that your stomach is full lol..have a great day

I absolutely adore your channel you guys have such enthusiastic energy it makes watching your videos really fun, looking forward to more in the future (and also I'm going to go back and watch everythingg)

Mung bean noodles

You both are so sweet...& very good at explaining the food...

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