BEST WAY to explore WADI RUM DESERT أفضل طريقة لإستكشاف صحراء وادي رم

BEST WAY to explore WADI RUM DESERT  أفضل طريقة لإستكشاف صحراء وادي رم

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[Music] Good afternoon, guys from our next video here in Jordan, and in today's video we're going to be taking a jeep cruise out into these insane Martian landscapes. We’ve got the whole squad here. By the whole squad, that means four of us, we got Harry, we've got Sophia, and we've got one more time. Attala I’m gonna get it, take number three Attala, the man, he's the driver. Apparently, he's a crazy driver in the best possible way. So, we're gonna go- we're gonna be seeing some beautiful landscapes today, and ripping through, yeah. I hope that.

Alright InshaAllah [God willing], it's gonna be a good time. Yalabina khaye [Let’s go brother]. Yeah perfect, perfect. Let's do it. So, guys that's where we're staying at the Hassan Zawaideh Camp. And we're starting our engines. I’m not sure when he's just gonna gun it but I bet it's gonna happen out of nowhere. Oh yeah, here we go.

Alright, here we go, full speed ahead, brother. Alright, we're starting off with an easy side. We're just on the normal road at any point, I’m seeing tire tracks out here, so it might just cut out of nowhere. We’ll see how crazy of a driver he actually is. Let the games begin. You guys ready or what? Ready. Oh yeah. Last one on win. Yeah exactly. Yeah the first five minutes or so coming

out here, it's on some pretty tough dirt. It just rained last night but I think we're about to switch over to some sand. Much smoother. I was just thinking, I was like I was

saying that like it's gonna be the competition first one to throw up and so-- Oh and back to the hard stuff, back to the throw up competition. Keefak [How are you?] Oh, we got horse riders out here too. Let’s see. Gallop, gallop, got a little bit of everyone out here. Alright, I think we're getting more into the Martian landscapes now because the color of the soil, the color the sand or rocks whatever the compounded earth is over here, is turning much brighter in red. Hey, Keefak [How are you?] bro.

We got the horses racing the trucks. I feel like the action's gonna start picking up guys. These formations over here are insane. They almost remind me like of what's inside of a cave where you have like what are those things called again like inside of a cave where they like drip down? I feel like you would know. It starts with an “s”. It sounds similar to your last name. Yeah, yeah, like hard to say, hard to remember. Oh, stalagmites. stalagmites, there we go. Yeah, not super close to your last name but it's similar you know.

Yeah, same thing. Yeah. Yeah, looks like we're arriving to a little stop off over here, photogenic spot. Oh, we got a gift shop here too. Yeah so, it's a tourist hot spot right here. Look at that rock formation though, it looks like a mushroom. Can I climb to the top? Yeah. Yes but I think it's difficult. You need to be

an expert level climber. Yep, that's-- that's definitely not me. Harry? I’ll give it a go. I might not end up alive but I’ll give it a go. Give her a shot. Should we hop out, see how this Martian sand feels. Alright, let's try this out, see what it's like. Oh yeah. Oh look at how orange that is,

it reminds me of that, what's that Jordanian food that looks like orange? Hummus, looks just like it. Let’s go ahead, and climb up here, and get a quick shot of what this thing's like. So if you're an expert climber, you can probably get up to the top but you'd have to be quite good. It's probably I’d say three meters, two and a half meters tall to get to the top. Why don't you just pull up on it? I don't think so here, let me see. I don't think, I’ll be able to haven't been working out.

Nope. I was gonna try but I was know what I-- I stopped working out like three months ago when I started traveling again guys, that's one of the challenges is I can't keep a routine. So these things definitely got much smaller since back in the day but I can cruise around here, see what we can see on the other side of the mushroom. There we go. This might be the trick. The question is, is it possible or is it not?

Nope. Definitely gonna die doing that, so good for a quick little stop here. Where to next khaye [Brother]? Oh perfect, we can beat the crowds too, you can gun it? Yeah. Alright,

Yalabina [Let’s go] Alright, here we go. Our man's is really going into second gear now. We're getting some solid speed full-- We got Sophia catching some scenes with the phone, look at those angles, and Harry catching those scenes and leaving everyone in the dust back there. Oh we're pulling up to a little cave house. Back to the Bedouin life. Let's go. Alright, we'll enter into the Bedouin life.

Be careful here. Monsters? Oh it's just warmed up. Oh I guess, we're in the Bedouin crib now. These guys must have been shorter back in the day, a little shorter to be able to fit in these tight spaces. Are you guys claustrophobic? No. No, I’m good. No, alright. Coyote. Wild coyote footprint. This is definitely not a trainer mark. No, it's a wild Harry. Harry potter, the Martians of Mars.

It’s crazy actually how warm it is in here, like outside it's a little chilly, we came in here and it just like warmed up like it's probably 30 Celsius in here. Would you say? Yes. Yeah, yeah. Did someone used to live here? Somewhere like between 25 to 40. 25 to 40 years old? Wow or that's how long ago? That's-- that

was the last time someone lived here? Yes Yeah, wow. Definitely easy to hit your head on the way in, and on the way out. Harry's the natural cave guy. That’s brits, spend time in caves. The cave life. Oh, we got homemade makeup here. Should we try some out then? Oh and we're dropping the glasses, we're losing them. Oh, it's like-- you do me up? Alright, put a little blush on me. Oh.

Oh, oh, oh, hold on. It's strong. Whoa. We gotta blend it, we have to blend. Oh, there we go. Actually you know that probably would have worked well over this one. There we go. Look at you. What does it look like the clown? It’s very nice. Oh he got you. Oh, you got you all over now. You know, you've been in the desert you know

for three days and nights. Yeah, true Bedouin now. Yeah true Bedouin. [Music] So, guys the place we just stopped at was a really unique spot that you can see best from the drone shots because it's where two different colors of sand meet which caused this insane contrast right next to these unbelievable landscapes, that you'll hear me say unbelievable, beautiful Martian everything like a million times today because it is just blowing my mind, and that's the best way to describe this place. Oh, we even got Sophia stepping up for the cinematics. Let’s go. Let's go, full speed ahead. Harry's drone can't keep up with us right now. I think we're about to start hitting some big sand dunes over here baby. Shu [What?] Oh, we're going down.

Oh baby. Full speed ahead. Oh here we go, that was quite the little slope there. Again, again khaye [Brother]. This is a smart move, definitely wear your white shoes on the desert, they turn red. So, you got multi-colored shoes after. I think things are really gonna start picking up. What do you guys think? InshaAllah [God willing]. InshaAllah. Looks like we got a couple more Bedouin camps over there,

small ones though maybe one or two tents or maybe that's someone's home, hard to tell from here. The tourists, zoom past them. Yeah, bloody tourists, zoom past them, full speed ahead. Yallah, yallah. Alright, we've got some changing landscapes here, stones are getting a bit bigger. Hopefully our guy stays on the trail, otherwise we're gonna be flipping this thing. Here we go, some interesting formations here.

Alright, guys so we're gonna be coming up on one of the most iconic parts of this cruise or this safari. What would you even call this? Back seat cruise through Wadi Rum. Full sander. Basically, it's like this huge arch, and you can get like picturesque photos especially at sunset. You see where the sun's positioned here, and the arch has that perfect angle to have the sun coming through. So, I’m excited to show you guys once we get over there. This is gonna be amazing. Alright, we just

arrived to the spot here. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you]. We got some nice camels here. Oh, your camel's taking a little piss. Whoa, nature's calling, yeah. Yeah. I think Sophia's gonna do a vlog take over. Alright, here we go. Let's see if she's a trained professional. Okay. So we're out here, we're at this cute little arch over here with the boys. With the boys. And really beautiful landscaping. I think

the sand here is more white than red. Oh, true, true. Yeah but it's really, really beautiful and hopefully we'll get some good shots at sunset, yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, that's pretty good. That's pretty good. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah so, it's a funny story how Sophia, and I met. So basically, I went to Egypt earlier this year, made a bunch of TikTok videos that got quite a bit of traction, and one of my quite a few viewers on the Egypt TikToks was Sophia, and she was going to Egypt and she was like, alright, I’m gonna send him a message, get some rex. And yeah, he really helped me out, and I got to use the same person that he used in Siwa. Me and my friends had a great time, so it was awesome. And I was following along their stories, I was like, oh I wish I was back in Siwa. But yeah, fast forward a few months later, we happen to be in Jordan at the same time, linked up, and we're exploring this insane part of the world. Next step is to climb up to the top of this thing, see

what this arch looks like from above. So here's the part where you can climb up it looks like. Let's see if we can get up. Oh yeah, you coming? Alright. Hello.

[Music] Not a bad climb up. Not bad, not bad. You can see the arch here with the views in the distance. What a place. Alright, guys here we go. We're going up.

How do you get back down? I’ll figure that one out later. Oh now, we have made it up. Wow.

This is up top from the arch. You can't see the arch now but I can tell you can see some incredible views of this part of the world. Wow, I’m just so blown away. Let’s go a little further up guys. Getting my workout in today, that's for sure. I guess, you could probably

keep going all the way up. They say, the scary part is getting down. You gotta figure out how to get down from that area. Oh, we got Harry climbing, the lot is going into the mountains. Alright, here we go. The real question is how do we get down from here? But I’d say, just like this bending with my knees, and using my weight to fall back rather than forward, so in case I slip, I just fall right on my butt. So I don't recommend trying this at home unless you're an experienced climber. I don't even know if I consider myself an experienced climber but enough to get to the top, yeah. So are we calling you the Instagram girl?

Yeah, that's my nickname. As you can see, it's a very picturesque spot to get a photo. If you guys wanna see what these photos look like, make sure you guys hop on over to Instagram, and look up at World Nomac, and you can see what these photos look like. Thanks to the legend Harry who literally climbed a mountain to help us get some of these photos. Literally he's on a

mountain right now. Literally, yeah. This literally looks like a movie scene, this time it's tourists. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] We are Bedouins. Welcome to the village. We’re Bedouins with an English dialect. Yeah. Real American Bedouin over here. Yeah, just got down from the

circle, there he is. Harry potter. Harry potter is a muggle. So, we're gonna climb up. This is one of the photo spots right here, in order to get the arch with the kind of the sun in it, so we're doing a little more climbing. The nice part is like climbing these, there's a bunch of like little like stubs in the rock. So, it makes it very

grippy on your feet. That said, if you're climbing these types of mountains, make sure you have good shoes for it. I honestly don't have good shoes for it but I didn't know we were gonna be climbing mountains today, because sometimes in Jordan every day is an adventure guys. Oh we got Sophia right there on the side of the mountain, and we got a Harry climbing up. That was the bridge that I was just walking across, pretty beautiful to see that natural bridge like that. As you guys can see, this is an amazing photo spot. If you look closely on my phone, we've got the sun right up on the right side, we've got camels over there in the distance, and then we get Harry on the left side. And we'll say running up and down all of these

massive cliffs, they're giving us quite a workout. I liked going all the way up to the top though that was definitely the most picturesque spot. Although if you climb up to that side, that's where you'll get the beautiful picturesque landscape in between the opening of the natural bridge. Breathtaking, as you can tell I’m out of breath. We’ve gotta do more of these hikes more frequently. Oh, looks like it's getting busy here too,

got the whole squad of jeeps pulling up. We have made it back. A nice view. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] Oh, that was an incredible stop right here. I’m— I’m just blown away, and wanna know what blows me away even more? He just told me, there's another arch like this we're cruising over there to see it, and maybe it's a bigger one. I have no idea but what I’ve noticed is most of the tourists aren't stopping here. Most of them are going further down, so I don't know if it's because it's a better spot to grab photos or if it's safer because obviously only if you're an experienced climber does it make sense to go all the way up. That girl's

struggling a little bit in a dress right now to get that Instagram perfect photo. But hey you know for the likes right. For us, Instagram girls. I know exactly. She knows, she knows. Alright, we're coming up on the littler arch. I was thinking, it might have been a bigger one but probably more tourists go to this one because it seems like if you wanna go up to the top, for example to get a photo, it seems like it's probably an easier hike for your average tourist to climb up, but still beautiful nonetheless.

Let’s see if we can get up to the top here easily, get a solid workout running up to the top. Oh yeah, that sand is honestly, it's harder to climb up the sandhills than it was to climb up some of the rock hills. Looks like, we gotta do a little bit more mountain climbing on this one. So it seems a bit harder to get up. Oh yeah, you got these little wedges to grab onto.

And we're up guys. Much easier to walk once you're up on top, caught my breath for a quick second cause sometimes it's a bit hard. I’m not gonna lie, to be climbing up this thing with one hand holding the GoPro, so gotta make sure I share all that with you guys. Don’t worry, it's not too dangerous but maybe on the edge. So if you're doing it, be careful with it. Seems like there must have been some concessions at some point right there, more of an abandoned building now, and same on this side.

Looks like there used to be some— some spots. Harry found a good spot to get the right angles, just look at how insane these mountain formations are. Easily one of my favorite places to be just in nature is just out in the desert because it's so peaceful. It probably looks maybe from the camera that it might be kinda warm out here but it's really not. It's like kinda chilly, I’d say around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. So I don't

know what is it like 22 Celsius, I wannna say. Real question, if I can get down from here easier than I got up? Because there is a lot of sand on here but-- Looks like we left one behind. Alright, and we're done with the natural bridges. Now we're cruising over to our next spot which will probably be

our last spot because as you can see over here, we've got the sun sneaking away but it sure is beautiful. This is insane. We're cruising here through Mars. I feel like we're in some sort of movie site right now. Whoa, whoa.

Alright, our guy got some serious adrenaline. We’re just getting tossed and turned. Earlier, we're ready for this, and now it's time we got the chill sunset and he's ripping it. I flew out of my seat.

Alright, we have arrived to the place where we're gonna watch the sun travel to the other side of the earth. Right there, that is a Middle Eastern sunset, stunning. Let's set you guys up for the time lapse here. [Music] Yo a nice little fire starting Bedouin style, yeah? You have fine Kleenex. Oh Kleenex, no. I could go for a little marshmallow right now. Honestly I go for anything. I’ll eat a scorpion right now. I’m so hungry. We forgot to eat today. Well, we've just been so jam-packed with things to do, we just haven't had a chance.

Yeah but that smells good. Honestly I could almost eat like one of those charcoals right now. Sounds kinda good you know because it just smells like a barbecue. Oh, one of these moments though, looking

out into the sun. World is insane though, you know there's so many landscapes that are just absolutely out of this world, and this is one of them. Whenever I go to places like this, it just inspires me to wanna go to so many more because it's just like you go through this place, and you're like how many millions of years ago did this place just like have a bunch of water, and like slowly eroded over millions of years, and now it just looks like this other worldly type thing. I don't even know how to explain it but that's the amazing part about the world. It keeps you wondering always, the more you travel. So this right here is what we call a Bedouin fire out in the desert. Yes. And this is the behind the scenes, we got

Harry catching scenes by the fire, you know. Alright, then we're seeing our last views of the evening here. What’d you think? So amazing, like lost of words. Honestly speechless. This place just lights up in different colors in the last moments of just a little bit of light reflecting here. I’ll tell you though, it gets cold. We're getting pelted by wind, and we got the jacket but that's where we're gonna end this video today guys, really hope you've enjoyed it. I’ll put a link down to this tour in the description below so if you guys are coming to Jordan, you can come see my man here, and have an awesome time. And so, make sure you guys tune in for

tomorrow's video. I’m gonna be showing you this incredible camp we're staying at. That will make you feel like you're on another planet, and it is amazing. I’m super, super excited to give you guys the tour, and show you the types of food we have in the evening, and wake up to this beautiful, beautiful otherworldly part of Jordan. So if you guys wanna see more videos both here in Jordan, all around the world hit that subscribe button below, and if you've enjoyed it, smash that like button. And we'll see you guys next time. [Music]

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