BEST weekend getaway in IRAQ? (Dukan Kurdistan)

BEST weekend getaway in IRAQ? (Dukan Kurdistan)

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[Music] Good afternoon, guys from another video here in the region of Kurdistan. I’m here with my buddy, Yad. Hey guys. We got our man here who's driving us out here specifically- Hey how are we doing? How are we doing? Choni Bashi [How are you?] And he's driving us out to a place called Dukan. We lost the Aussie here he's he's heading over to Erbil so we'll probably meet up with him again, maybe in a few days but Yad and I will be setting on a duo mission out to Dukan. We're gonna be staying at a super cool place which I can't wait to show you guys as well as checking out some of the areas, some of the beautiful scenery out there. It's a whole different experience than both in Slemani where you've seen and both in the mountains outside of Erbil. So, it'll be a whole different experience so, we're paying about 40 US dollars for a taxi from Slemani over to Dukan. So, not too bad in terms of price because we paid about 100 US dollars to

go from Erbil to Slemani. So, you know it's a little bit more expensive but not much, not much. Update on that part, Slemani is actually a province but I’m talking about when I reference Slemani, I’m talking about the city area where we're at or where we're leaving from right now. Kurdistan Zor hosh [Very nice] We are arriving here to Dukan. And the views are beautiful guys take a look, we're coming in on the lake, we're cruising in we've got mountains in the background here, we've got winding roads right along the sides. This is gonna be a nice time. How we doing up here guys? Yeah, we're ready. Yeah, pretty good. Yeah.

So, as we say here Choni Bashi [How are you?] what's the last one? [Foreign language] So, we're learning quite a bit that's hello in three different dialects as we enter in to our next place here in Kurdistan. Ba broin brahm [Let’s go, bros], Yallah. Choni Bashi [How are you?] What is he trying to say? It's free. Yeah. Yeah, I’m trying to pay him and he's saying it's free. They tell you everything's free, it's part of the culture here. It’s really sweet. Yeah, I thought it was free. So, guys that's- that's an important thing to remember though because I actually posted a video on TikTok, and there was mixed opinions basically it sounds like some cities- Choni Bashi [How are you?] It sounds like in in some of the cities people will basically say it's free but then like that's just more part of their culture but you're still expected to pay. But if it's like small nuts or things they're

giving you on the street if they say it's free then it actually is. But then I also heard some other people say like because I was offered a sweatshirt for free in another video, and they were like yeah dude if you hadn't paid they would have came running after you. So then, there are people like no he was probably doing it out of the kindness of his heart. So, there's a bit of a mixed opinion but obviously pay if you're coming here. Guys pump the- pump the money back into the tourism, pump the money back in the economy here that's why we're here to show you guys this beautiful place. We've got our man getting all of our stuff out. Zor supas [Thank you so much]

Zor supas Thank you so much] my friend. Alright, we got all the stuff here, you can tell that's all Yad's stuff; a massive suitcase, a carry-on, and then he has two more bags over there. For me, I got the little bag and just the backpack over there, and we got our man here. Choni Bashi [How are you?]. We got one here, thank you very much. We got ATVs, so you guys best believe

that in one of these videos, we're going to be hopping on one of those things and cruising around the mountains. Zor supas [Thank you so much], I mean. Hey we're working on the Kurdish you know. we're practicing here. Here we are, Ashur Resort. Ba broin brahm [Let’s go bro]

Perfect, let's do it. Alright, and we're entering in. Yeah, we got Mr. Yad right here. And we got our man, Payman. Payman, the man. Choni Bashi [How are you?] Payman. Perfect Payman, Payman, I love the name. It's a great name. Another man over here brought us in the bags. Zor supas [Thank you so much].

Oh, there we go. We got the room cards right here. First floor? Yeah. Oh perfect. That’s easy. Alright, awesome let's do it. For Mr. Yad, alright. That sounds great. We lost Mr. Yad, we got Mr. Yad catching some cinematics in here this beautiful opening of the hotel room. Look at this opening in here, wow. I must say this hotel does a great job with the entrance. You feel very comfortable, very at home,

an amazing design to this place, great interior décor. So, it looks like, we've got quite a few things we're gonna be checking out here. We’ve got pool blue wave bar, moonlight bar, a bunch of bars here restaurant water sports. Oh yeah, we're gonna be

doing all of this hotel chalet conference room, gallery shop and the gym. Definitely gonna need to work on those things. So maybe, we'll make a trip over there in the next day or two. Oh yeah, we've got Mr. Yad boarding right next door. Oh yes, this looks like a boat. Yeah, it does kind of look like a boat

pretty modern layout too it's very nice. We’re making progress. Oh, I’m one- one eleven, oh lake view. Alright, and here we go. Oh, gotta put the card in here. Well, those are Mr. Yad,

Alright, and here we are. Let’s do a room tour guys. Wow, nice modern bathroom here, my favorite type of shower which is when they rain down. So, that's super nice, closet space alright. Wonderful,

safe and everything. We got on this side some desk space which is good to work down here. Oh, a fridge, and some fresh cold water, that is gonna be good. Oh, it's beautiful, this looks so comfortable, and let's see what the views out here look like.

Let some sunlight into the room, oh and a balcony. Oh wow. Stunning view of the pool. Let’s see if I could unlock this thing, and Hello, hello, beautiful, this is stunning. Oh my God. Oh my God, this is amazing. It looks like

there's some areas down there to sit hang out or you can hang out a little closer to the pool. Maybe a kids area down there, and it must be a little walkway path down to the lake somewhere down there. So, a lot to explore here guys. I’m gonna go ahead, and freshen up and once I’m all freshened up, unpacked and ready to go we will switch the camera back on and show you guys more of this place. And boom guys we have gotten a little rest and recovery in, and it's perfect time because it is golden hour.

Look at how beautiful this scenery is right here. I could stare at these views all day. And we arrived at the perfect time just before golden hour, and it's like the best possible temperature. It's like

75 degrees so shorts and a t-shirt right now, with a light breeze is just incredible. And it's- with these views taking a break from the city for a few days, you're just in an ultimate form of peacefulness which is great. And right over here actually, we're gonna spy on the neighbor. Neighbor, you in here? Oh who's there? Oh my God. Hey, we got Mr. Yad. Oh my God, I’m naked. Yeah so, we can say a quick what up right there. And yeah, now we're gonna go walk

around, and explore this place. So, come on with us, and let's see what else we can get ourselves into here. Alright, so we are heading downstairs now as you can see it's a really nice entrance to the outdoor area. We got a bar area here, restrooms, and we've got the sunset right here. Oh yes. I just can't get over how perfect the temperature is, it's a bit more of a dry heat here. And so, I think that's what I’m digging. And now we are

I think this is the way down here guys. Right down by the pool, Got a little music going on down here too. Alright, now this looks very, very nice. Yeah, the gardens. Hello gardens. Alright, this looks like the proper way. Alright, here we go, got the walkway down to the water right here.

Hello, Choni Bashi [How are you?] We gotta do something here. How are we doing? Hello. Choni bashi [How are you?] Can we go down, and see the sunset? He’s saying if we go past the stairs when we get down, we need to get a life jacket. Alright, no problem. So, if not, we need to stay on the stairs. Alright, we'll bring one with. Yeah, better safe than sorry. They're looking out for our safety so I appreciate that. Zor supas bro [Thank you so much]

Thank you, thank you. I don't have to wear it till I get to the stairs right? Okay sweet, sweet Life jacket check, and now we're cruising on this little walkway right here that leads us down to the docks. We’re just kind of getting a feel for this place, seeing what all is part of this huge campus, this huge hotel and this walkway, I will say at sunset is just magical, such a beautiful layout. Alright, here we go, walk down to the dock, see what's going on down here.

Choni Bashi [How are you?] Hello my friend how are you? Good, good. Thank you. Where are you from? India. Nice. Yeah, yeah. I’m gonna go all over the country. Yeah, yeah so, I’ve been to Bangalore. I’ve been to Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and Goa, yeah. Yeah Goa. Yeah Goa; big parties there. Yeah, yeah. Can we- yeah can you take us on one of

these boats? Yeah, yeah sure yeah take photos. Yeah, yeah. Alright, you want to come, can we drive it? No, no, not right now. Okay. I’m- I’m a licensed boat driver. No, it's not-- Tomorrow? Yeah, tomorrow. Alright, tomorrow, we'll do it then. Alright, guys so tomorrow you heard it, we'll be- we'll

be going cruising tomorrow Everybody here nice people, very nice people. The staff here has been so welcoming. Honestly, I will tell you like people interaction for me is like the most meaningful thing in the world actually I’m sure all of you guys would agree with that too. But I feel like- like beautiful views are one thing but like beautiful views and really nice people are a huge, huge selling point for me, having an amazing experience. But anyways, guys back to the back to the docks, we're gonna walk out here see what type of toys they have. So, in tomorrow's vlog,

we can give you guys the full tour. Alright, very stable water looks- water looks quite clean. I wonder if this is man-made. It honestly looks like it could be man-made, all these little dolphin boats, that looks fun. Kayaks, jet skis, a little bit of everything, we could have some serious fun here. We’re only staying for two nights

like three days. stay for like three weeks here. Oh, and now this this must be the parasailing boat actually. I thought it was like a big yacht but it's in a similar shape to it. Ashur Resort, yep.

That is sweet. Oh, we have some guys over there swimming. I wonder how warm the water is. Should we feel it guys? Oh, it shocked me, kind of warm though. Yad ventures?

Alright so, we we've located Mr. Ventures; Mr. Yad ventures right over here, and he's claiming that he has found puppies over here. So, I guess, we're gonna find out. Oh, I can hear puppies barking,

don't get bit, Yad. Alright, oh, oh bit of a mountain climb right now, guys. Found puppies? Good boy. Come here little ones. We just want to pet you. We are nice people.

Come on guys. We’ll take you home. I’ll take all you guys to the states if you want. Come here. Come here, boys. Are you guys hungry? Good boy, good boy. Puppies come back. Wonder where they're going.

They must have a home. Let's follow them, watch moms gonna come out or something. Yeah, there's probably a mom somewhere here bro. That’s where they are going. Oh yeah, that's good. So, many of them. Yeah there's literally one two three, four,

five, six, seven, maybe eight. Hello, boys, don't be scared. I’m just afraid the mom's gonna come flying out of nowhere.

Oh, we found their hole. So, this is where they retreat through. Good boy. No come back to us. Please. Come here little one. We’re so close to them. He's protecting them.

Oh, that's very nice of you. It's amazing, look at that. He's letting everyone to go, poor little guy. He’s watching over. Yeah. Yeah, we can hear them. Go back to mom, this

poor little one's just watching over. Was gonna take one for the team. I will let you guys be but if you want snacks, bacon, something like that come on back. Oh, see they came back I said bacon and three of them came back. Bacon, yum. Have you ever pet one before? Have you ever pet one? Yeah, we have. Well, that was a fun little evening, seeing puppies, catching a quick sunset but Yad hasn't actually eaten in 24 hours because he got a bit of a stomach bug yesterday. So, he's dying of hunger.

I ate this morning I guess, you had a little meal this morning, a little breakfast and that's when I ate too but that was probably 12 hours ago. So, it's time to see what our new place has. Choni Bashi [How are you?] Hello. And yes, we're gonna go up climb these stairs, get a little workout in on our way up, build up the appetite even more, and we'll see at the top. Oh wow. So, after a little hour break down there, place is starting to light up got some Christmas lights, some holiday lights right here. Oh, we can sit wherever then yeah well. Let's have a look in this. Yeah

let's check it out we got some nice seating over here. Cheese rolls. Oh yeah. That's good. Champagne. Should we get a bottle of champagne? We could which is rage.

You want a lentil soup or anything? Yeah yeah. Lentil soup. And a chocolate milkshake, Two chocolate milkshakes. Plain chocolate milkshakes. Heineken? You want two

of them, the big one? It's an amazing trick. Oh, that looks great. Zor supas [Thank you so much]. That's the lentil soup. How do I say your name? Asad ul jamal. Nice to meet you.

Bangladesh, I wanna visit Bangladesh. So, what exactly is lentil soup, is it like? Lentils I don't even know what lentil is. Oh, wow this is how you know, that he's so American right because I guess lentil is more of a Middle Eastern type of thing Middle Eastern. So, basically what lentils is- Is they're small like it's not like rice but they're small round things, and literally the size like this.

Oh, wow yeah and then you can either boil them, and then you can have and then you mash them, and then it turns into this. Yeah, that's an incredible taste yeah. Oh, yeah here comes the big daddy. Chocolate milkshake, that's gonna be good. Wow, thank you Asad ul jamal. Did I say right? Well guys, lentil soup's already gone. Delicious.

Put the crackers in? Yeah. Well, these are a nice little mix to eat. Let’s see what the milkshake tastes like. Oh, it's literally milk, I thought it was like an ice cream shake, chocolate and strawberry milk which is nice. That’s the difference between menus and various countries.

Chocolate shake usually in the US means an ice cream shake. Arabic, you speak Arabic? Yeah Okay, cheese rolls and chicken kebab. Zor Supas [Thank you so much] Wow. The Kurdish cheese stick,

the- the sauce in there. It’s a bit tangy a bit zingy it's nice though. You can tell they're deep fried, have a nice crunch. Yeah, it's a good mozzarella stick basically and I love my cheese that's for sure. Thank you. Time to dig into this kebab, we got tomatoes, we got onions, we got chicken, we got a pepper, that is gonna be delicious. Alright, we're gonna make a little- a little burrito here. The usual got an onion in there, got a piece of chicken, piece of kebab chicken, and the pita bread or the naan.

A kebab a day keeps the doctor away. Oh, guys, we just finished up a great meal. I am bloated, the cheese rolls, lentil soup, chicken kebab, a beer, and a milkshake. Fall asleep right now. That was delicious but I’ll see you guys in the am when we show you more of the hotel. Alright, good morning, guys it's time to head down to breakfast. Just got a quick little

shower in and meeting Yad down making it just in time for breakfast because it goes till about 10 a.m. Oh, look who we got here we got Mr. Yad ventures with a new shirt on there. Yeah, morning guys. Yeah yallah. Breakfast bro? Came down here for breakfast. For dinner last night, had some drinks until late in the evening, and now it's time to get some chow. Well thank you very much. Salaam. We’ve got breakfast started here. That

was quick, sat down like 30 seconds ago, and we got them freshly made looks like we've got eggs, some sausages, potatoes, and some delicious mushrooms that Yad loves with some lentil soup. That is gonna be great. Oh, and a cheese plate. Zor supas [Thank you so much]. Salaam. Thank you, thank you. Yeah, this is gonna be delicious. Let's dig in. Nothing like starting the day off with an omelet. Alright, there we go. We got a little egg sandwich made there, toss a little

meat cheese, and egg in between this bun. Let’s try it out. [Music] Good afternoon, guys fast forward from this morning when we had a delicious breakfast here at the Ashur Resort. My buddy Yad and I, Yad ventures we're- we're cruising down to start our next adventure which is we're gonna be hopping on some jet skis which I am so excited for. And Yad is carrying the drone which you've already seen some drone clips in this video we were able to get our hands on one. So, we could show you guys this amazing landscape out here. And no better time than to hop on a jet

ski right when the sun's going down right, when it's golden hour and I’m super excited. It's gonna be quite a workout though cause holding on for dear life on a jet ski while we're ripping around this lake. Yeah, don't need to go to the gym today, that's for sure. So, let's head on down there. Alright, probably needs to grab ourselves a life jacket. Choni Bashi [How are you?] How are you? How are you? Fine. What's your name? Deepak, sir.

Hey Deepak, the man. Nice to meet you. We’re gonna be going on the jet skis. I think they told you? Yes. We probably need to be hooked up with some life jackets. Yes please. Yeah, yeah.

Thank you, brother. This is how you put on a life jacket real fast. Whoa how'd that thing get on? Yallah, let’s go. Alright, there's those jet skis right down there. We got our man waiting for us. Hello

Oh, we gotta go. Oh, it looks like the water level changed from yesterday. There’s only one way to get on. Yesterday you could walk where that little orange rope is. Now you have to go on the peninsula I was telling you guys I was about to cross it yesterday but it was all muddy.

And speaking of it guys so it's quite an interesting landscape right here because the water level changes so frequently with rain throughout the year or not frequently but often. And so, when you look around here like normally the water not normally but sometimes the water can go all the way up to where that building is way up there. And so, it's at a much lower point right now, probably like 20 meters lower. Oh, thank you for bringing that. Alright, we got Yad hopping on right now. Getting them going.

Ba broin [Let's go] Alright, there goes Yad. We’re getting the drone up here, and off he goes. Alright, guys we're hopping on board, the jet ski right now.

Here we go, here we go. This is gonna be fun. I got a need for speed that's for sure. As they say, Ba broin brahm [Let’s go bro]. Oh, oh, yeah baby.

Here we go, full speed ahead. Whoa The hair is going straight up. Ah, right into the sunset baby.

There’s nothing like going ripping across the water right now. It is pretty smooth here, there's not many waves. So, the good thing is- is you can go like really fast if there's not waves. It’s like no wave anywhere here. So, it's beautiful sights but unfortunately, guys we only got like five minutes because the sun is going down real soon. So, let's make those five minutes count. Ba broin [Let's go] [Music] We've got Yad coming up this way Yallah bina, Yad. Ba broin, Yad. Ba broin, ba broin. [Let's go]

We’re going one-handed guys, don't try this at home, trained professionals only but I’m not a trained professional. Yallah Let’s go zooming by bro, and there he goes, and there he goes. Yad ventures is going full speed ahead. Oh yeah, guys this is giving me some serious balance skills right now because I’m holding one hand on the jet ski. Race bro. Three, two, one. Oh, we're taking the lead, we're taking the

lead, and we're going probably a hundred kilometers an hour. Ba broin, ba broin. And I smoked them guys I smoked them, left them in the dust or in this case left them in the water. Alright, we just had I’ll have to show you guys in the phone video while I was filming Yad on his phone, we had two massive military choppers come flying right at us. It was crazy, we've got military choppers flying directly over

us. This is so sketch. Holy crap, that's a massive military chopper. Hello. I was like oh I hope they're not coming for us because the drone. Here comes the Yad Ventures. It’s raining out, full speed ahead, Oh, let's dodge that weight.

Here we go guys. Oh yeah, we're coming in hot, and it looks like we have the rescue squad just coming out. Come and look for us. My hair's probably going straight up at this point. Wow. That was intense. We'll have to see if we have to park them now. Hello. We got some friends over here on the boat got the dolphin boat out.

Choni Bashi [How are you?] Salam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] Alright, guys I think that's gonna be where we end our journey on these jet skis. Holy crap, was that a lot of fun. Exhilarating my bro, great time. Whoa, we just got off the jet skis. Oh my God, I forgot how much fun it is to just go rip in on those things. At first, I was a little hesitant when I was doing some of the circles but then I realized like when you're standing on it you just lift your butt off. So, basically you're like balancing just on your

like legs, and then you can really hit those waves, and like just absolutely crush it. So, I was doing circles around Yad, beat him in the race. So he couldn't keep up but- he soaked me as well look how wet I am. Yeah, yeah he's like donuts around me I'm soaked- Yeah, I know. You always forget that in the back of the jet ski, there’s like a sprayer obviously that's how it like propels the water through it or however the whole thing works but yeah like it'll spray up a bunch of water. So, I was trying to get a cool video on his phone while we were circling and I realized I was spraying him down but he got me back though don't worry there. So, I think that is where we're gonna

end today's video guys. That was insane, I’m gonna say like 3000 more times insane, insane, insane. And so as always guys, thanks for watching if you've enjoyed this video, make sure to hit that like button. If you want to see more videos both here in Kurdistan and all around the world, make sure that subscribe button right down there, right below this video. And, we will see you guys in the next one.


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