Bhangarh Fort | MOST HAUNTED Place in India

Bhangarh Fort | MOST HAUNTED Place in India

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We. Just found a bone. That, is probably the most terrifying, thing, Huygens. Have, attacked. I should throw this. Hi. Guys thank you for tuning into Amy's, Crypt have a very special, episode for you today I am currently, in, India, to check out the, most requested location I have ever had, bang at fort this place is supposed to be insanely, cursed, and the, most haunted, place in all of India so let's go explore. All. Right so, we're. Currently walking, through, the, Township, that surrounds. Bang at foot and. Most. Of the ghost stories circle. Around the fort but there, are a lot of structures that surround it it was a very thriving. Town, at one point but as a ghost town now completely, abandoned, and there's. A lot of these houses all wind up here and part. Of the legends, state. That no. One in this area can. Build, a home, or structure, without a roof surviving. And that's interesting, because there's. Literally, nothing here, with, a roof, they're all just completely. Crumbled. There but we're going to explore the fort, there's. A temple, nearby the, township, there's. A lot to see and we're hoping to explore all of the structures, and there's a lot of interesting stories and legends that go with this place. I'm. Just heading into one of the houses we want to explore. A little inside, the structure. I'm. Gonna show how stable and safe they are but this one has a little staircase that leads up so we're gonna try. And head up out. There's. Another bigger building, here that we kind of, want. To see if we can get down and explore a little bit but, it's really cool up here because we're elevated, and can see all. Of the Township that's in ruins around us and it really just illustrates, that legends, that no. One can build a structure with a roof it, all becomes. Destroyed, here because of the curse or. So they say. Just. Trying to eat lunch. Got, beat, up by monkeys. So. I managed. To find our way around to. These. Bigger structures, and we're going to see if we can get in I. Was. Going to say that these ones have a roof but I, guess. No, story. Just that classes, a roof. Whoops. Maybe. I'm. Not really sure if this is site. But. I need to go up and check this out. This. One seems to have a right behind, you. This. One the. Room night it appears to have a roof so, I. Don't. Begin to bunk not, legend. Or. If this is even crosses, a roof if it's just like it is another story, to, terrace something. Yeah and. Maybe, it's about to forget. Does. Not, what that stable. Yeah. Let's get out. Well. This one's cool. It's. That almost in. A courtyard. Style. This. Is quite, a stair. Gotta. Go up this staircase. There's. A whole bunch of rooms up here. More. What. I'm going to describe, this a roof. Yeah. It's, all just it's in quite the knick. Structurally. I'd, say I feel. Unsafe, up here but I. Mean. Some parts, of it, I. Think. We're gonna venture towards. The fort now which is the most famous part. Of bad book, so. We're going to check that out we don't want to get caught out, before. The Sun sets. Sounds. Like a bore humping. How. Do you know what a bore humping, sounds like. Notice. The camera is picking it up.

It. Really didn't sound like a pigeon they went. Inside. Is. That it there. We, think that noise was a pigeon and we can see it up there where I was just standing. But. When I first made that noise it sounded, a lot different to a pigeon cooing. So. I was trying to, convey, to you guys that, the. Fort closes, every. Night. At sunset and people, are forbidden, from entering this, area after dark. And, they. Say that this is because the fort is so haunted and so cursed, that. There's, a lot of paranormal activity, that, occurs in here people, fear that if you enter the fort after night you, never return again so. We're gonna job is to try and get back, in after. Dark but, I don't. Actually know if we're gonna be able to achieve that, we're, gonna try our hardest but. I mean, we'll, explore what we can during the day and it is still very cool to be here. So, we're just walking up through the remainder, of the, township, towards, the fort and, what is really cool is it's built on the side of a mountain so, you can kind of just see it ahead just elevated. What. Is very cool is this temple, on top of a mountain behind me I can't. Find any information, about her or if it's linked to bang it and it's ghost stories but on Google Maps it is listed as the, haunted temple so, I really, loved and I just wanted to stop and show it to you guys. We're. Just about to go for an entrance, that surrounds, the guard in the head and then through to the fort. We've. Just made it into the garden and it's, actually quite beautiful and, what's. Really cool is its adorned, by several. Temples, which, we will check out some. Of them are really impressive too but I'm, really excited because, just, behind me is banging for most haunted, place in India. We. Just have this staircase so that doesn't. Look like it's heaps easy to get up, I'm. Gonna get, and try. The. Big staircase that we just ascended, up to get to the top of this platform as, you. Get to the top of it that's just this huge drop to nothing. Huge, drop to your, doom. From. Up here you can also see how big the fort and its surroundings, are. So. We have a lot of tourists, around and there's. Not heaps but the ones that are around are super, loud they're just yelling. At each other I don't know what they're doing there's, also I. Don't know what's going on down there but there's a. Little. Fire a whole bunch of people run it and they're singing, and like making. Beats I guess, that's. What you want to call it I. Don't, know if it's a ceremony, or like a religious, being or. Really. What's going on down there so you might actually hear that.

Yeah. If you know what's going on let me know in the comments. It. A, little bit creepy in here this, is actually part of the. Fort just off to the side and it. Looks quite dark and this you, know what it is so we're gonna go check it out smells like bat droppings yeah. I go, up here at a bat. Comes. At me son. Freaked, out. There's. Some kind of next up here, that's. The smell I think I. Know. Those bird nest. Yes. Finally, time to go in the fort. It's. Not quieter in here, so. Just entered the board and we went in a site entry, where. There doesn't seem to be anyone which is really cool they're kind of we'll just going straight through the middle so, I don't think anyone really knows about this little. Entry which is good, for us, but. This just looks really, spooky, down here this. Looks like a scene out of some. Kind of horror maybe this definitely, sets the tone that this is a haunted location. For, someone's having a cigarette. So, it just found a little shrine with incense. Incense. Burning and, some. Offerings, which is kind of cool. Some. Oil down here too. It. Looks like a. Lot. Of people. Come. Here to do this kind of thing there's a few cigarettes stuck, in it and this. Means like, super. Super black from. Soot. This. Ones. These. Dangerous, monkeys know, how. Long his tail is they, look a bit um, Gumby. Like they wouldn't be danger. But. Now that. Was. Just not I, mean. I mean why, don't you go into his little pen. There's. Also another. Offering. Shrine here as well this, one has way more cigarettes. Gross. Venez. We're standing, inside bang at four I want to tell you one of its spooky, stories, that, makes this place, supposedly. Cursed the. Reason why bang at four was built was a king built it in the later half of the sixteenth century for. His son the king made, a deal, with, a local guru, who lived and worships nearby that, this fort would never overshadow. His shrine where he prayed however, when, the King died and, he passed the fort on to his son his, son continued. Construction kept. Building onto the fort, eventually it overshadowed, the, Guru's temple, and ever since then this, area has set to being cursed that. Gurus, tomb is still in existence and. We are going to check that out today. Either. Side of the. Creepy, hallway I'm, to, very, dark doors, we, don't know what they lead into but. There's one right here so we're going to go in the. Other one had monkeys in it. Yeah. They want to get. Beaten. By an animal. Oh. Whoa. Can. You see how totally yeah that's very hot. Well. It stinks, it's definitely bad droppings, in here oh. Is. It batts I don't know it stinks, suppose that oh. Yeah. Tell. A whole. Whoa. Okay. Just. A caesura, I see. No stairs. Oh. Pipes. Down that that is. That's. A super. Unsafe, right here talk. But. If someone didn't see that they just. Went. Down, it's. Actually a tunnel, as well. Dude. It is so dark, to. Be so good at my. 20th. And the floors aren't full on a whole. Okay. So. You can see the haunted temple really well from here. There's. A lot of cool detail, left around the fort as well when you look. Really close you can see a, lot. Of the carvings, and also it's around here. So. I guess we're at the top. Music, still going is, it like, a potty.

All. Right so we're pretty high up now a little. Bit scary, being. Up here, especially. Because I feel like just below, behind. Me here the roof is crumbling which is kind of what we're standing on. We're, currently in the gardens of Bayard fort and this seems like a nice place to tell you about the other legend, as to, how it. Got cursed here legend, states that there was a princess, who's to live in the fort she, was very beautiful and, she caught the eye of a, local, sorcerer, or wizard of sorts. And he, instantly fell in love with her so, he tried to devise a plan, that, would con her into also. Falling in love with him, so he created, a love potion in the form of a cosmetic, and sent, it to her the, princess, was a little bit suss, about this and actually, clued on so, she threw, away the cosmetic, by tipping on to a rock or stone it, has said that that cursed the rock which then sought, out this, sorcerer, and crushed, him to death before. He drew his final, breath though it said that he cursed bang ad for it and its surrounding, area. I. Just. Wanted to point out one of the temples, in the area, and they. Don't really have any connections, with the ghost stories, well haunting, a fang had fought but they. Just look really cool and really, unique this one behind me here is Ganesh. Temple we. Have a little one over here with a lot more detail on it and there's. One here that's completely, overgrown by, this awesome, looking tree. I just. Want to show you this because, this. Is a tree, that's grown and wrapped its roots literally, around a run so, this bit here. You. Can see the foundation of the building and all the bricks just within. It it. Looks cool. That's. The movie worthy. This. Helm screws, there it just looks like the floors meaning, a little. Bit rocks. We. Just eat a piece of cake and now we've got an audience. Hello. You're not gonna attack us are they. How. Many is there five six I don't. Know there's more on out the door. Sounds. Good a big stick. It's great oh. It's. More I. Don't. Trust him. What. Is making the noise he's. Scared of us not. Scared of them I like them. Which. One's your favorite monkey I, like. The little baby ones I don't know my. Favorite, I don't, know. Anything. Else line yeah, I set this one. I'm. Gonna name that one Mandy. Why. Good. Night seems, like a man team I. Think. I wanted to say bored or something. You. Knows how to do handstand. What's, this one doing I. Don't. Want to know what that one's tough. It. Could just be a natural. Thing from. A a lot, of animals around here but, we just found a bone. Down. Here. So. It's. In. The garden, in front of the floor. Don't. Know why that's here it's pretty big probably a cow it's quite large yeah. We, just found this path and we're following it because it. Looks like it's leading out to an awesome, temple. I'm. Not sure what that one is but. It just it, looks amazing so we gotta go see it. All. Right so we're, we're. Just out the back side, of the, Mangler Devi temple that, it's what it's called and. You. Just see the detail, that goes into these, places, of worship, is amazing. All, right so we've just left the wall of, Bangor. And, we're, headed, out to the tomb, of Bella Notte and that. Is the Guru who, I spoke. About a bit earlier and, it. Was actually a real person because.

They're, Actually buried there it's their tomb and they. Were the person said to have cursed Bangor because, the, fort was built that, overshadowed. His, place of Prayer so we're gonna go suss that out and - love that. On my channel I always took a lot about Wells and find them everywhere, that we visit and this, one is very, huge. Uns, quite. Impressive. I think. Bats living here -. And. This, is a. -. So. I've. Buried. Under here or like in, that, whole jar. I'd put your finger in there no. Joy, can finger. Now. This one is actually outside, of the Wolves of bangin so, you, will definitely be coming here tonight to investigate, we hopefully. Going to be able to get back into the town or possibly fort, though we've got. It's. Hard to say at this point. That. It's quiet here they're really sort. Of waking, up now, the people are gone. Superdog. Tigers. And leopards, have, attacked, in. Cute people yeah. I actually, feel a bit sick I need to get out of here. Thank. You guys so much for watching I hope that you enjoyed this video if you did please remember to Like comment share and subscribe remember I have my part two video coming, very soon which, will have a lot of paranormal, investigations. Here at Bangor fort in it if you have any more reading on haunted, places that I visited including, this one here to amy's crypt calm I remember, guys until next. Time stay, spooky.

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I absolutely love your videos!! I’ve recently found you and can’t stop watching! I think I’ve annoyed my boyfriend with all the ghost stories you’ve filmed lol thank you so much! Xx

Haha thanks Mari!! Don't worry, i annoy Jarrad with all these stories too and make him come along to all these places to film haha !!! Enjoy

Hi Amy this was another awesome video very creepy place got to be careful of the monkeys

Thank you so much Marie, stay spooky indeed!!!!

16:02 something in the background.

Oh yeah! It could actually be a bat to be honest, so many of them around there

That was truly an amazing fort the architecture and artwork that you can find in India is incredible you are so fortunate and blessed to be able to travel to such beautiful places throughout the world be safe and I will talk with you later

Thank you so much Alan. You be safe, too

Can u do more days for videos I just love them

No worries, Vanessa!

+AmysCrypt ok can't wait. Thank you for writing me back too

Thanks Vanessa. At the moment we are at capacity with 2 (we barely get them out, I am literally up til 2-3am the night before pumping out the editing). But don't worry, part 2 will be out very soon this Wed

Maybe you should do a video with that Omar guy. He has activity every time he films.

Thanks Marc, appreciate it. I try to delve more into cool places with interesting history and ghost stories over fake paranormal! Glad you enjoy it

Beautiful but scary place… :( :( :(

Thank you so much graça

Great video as always Amy

It's awesome !!! Detailed and best content ☺️

Thanks so much, Shubham! Really appreciate that!

learning Aussy on Amy'a Crypt. 'those monkeys look kind of Gummby' :D

Haha, love educating you all with my Aussie slang!

i think those people were putting another shrimp on the BarBee

9:41 seconds that is a spooky haunted tree for sure. and at night the Fort is Haunted by the GHOST of the man in the Yellow Hat, as he roams the fort looking for a curious monkey to take back to hell

this is not a spooky question, but I am wondering how hot it was in India when you and Jarrod were there?

It was much cooler in Delhi, but as we moved further South it warmed up. Delhi was low 20C and by the time we got to Mumbai, it was early 30C. We were the pretty much all last month.

lol nice intro, I am the almost headless Sheila... nope, wait there's your head, kind of WTF? spooky

Haha, glad you appreciated that! Cheers!

As always.. fantastic work! Guys, seriously if you're not subscribed yet, you need to get subscribed to Amy's Crypt!

Awww, thank you so much, Don! That means the world to me!

Why is it that the temples surrounding the fort are is seriously good nick? The video is as awesome as ever.

Thanks so much! Many of the temples are, some were a little crumbled and overgrown though. Maybe they were different ages? Not really sure sorry.

Interesing video as ussual Amy. I was really interested how preserved that place actualy is. Anyway cannot wait till part two ;)

Thank you, Tektzby! It is in very good condition and looked after quite well. The gardens are very beautiful too! Part 2 should be out later today! Very excited to share it.

Another great video. I didn’t expect to see monkeys lol!

They were everywhere, Sherry. Loved those little guys, haha. Thank you for watching.

Hi there Amy , thanks for this video I really really enjoy the beautiful views thanks for taking the time to do this princessss !!!! Till next time stay spooooookyyyyyy !!! God bless you and husband !!!!

Thank you so much General Lee!!!

Pliz part 2..faster..Can't wait.

AmysCrypt Thanks..I'll wait.

Hey Cindy!!! part 2 coming out tomorrow, not too long now

Hey Amy, I dreamt about this one last night - that's never happened before. Creepy!

Well one thing that stood out was while I was being chased through the fort, I was simultaneously doing laundry at my house. I'm not surprised though because I find dirty laundry pretty scary.

Hey Kris!!! Wow that is creepy . Anything notable happen in the dream?

+AmysCrypt okay then that's not a problem... We can wait...

It is uploading as we speak, but my internet is slow so will have to leave it overnight

Upload the second part plz...

+AmysCrypt absolutely not...

Shoot in darjiling and ramoji film city i will get some info by you and ensure myself

Hi Ammy.. no night vedios???

Please put subtitles couldn't understand what you are saying because of soo much of sound

There's another cursed and haunted place in India that is the Kuldhara village. You should visit it

I think its a yagya ceremony like offering something to god

Thanks for the info, Hayley. You could be right. It looked really interesting to me!

Heyy!!! The last time I opened youtube was to suggest u this place in one of my comments. Today, 24 jan 2019, 9.38am Indian time, I opened youtube a few minutes ago and there you are :D that's how exceptionally dedicated and eager you are! Good work! :)

Thanks Jayapal!!! Hope you enjoyed the vid

Hi Amyscrypt Loving the videos of you in the fort, there are some beautiful views there. I also noticed something in this video that I’m not sure if anyone else noticed. I have paused it at 30:19 on the video, if you skip back a tiny bit just before you start talking, something moved in the top left hand corner. It might have been a bat or a monkey. But have a look. Also please be very safe when going up any stairs, and be cautious of those cheeky monkeys.

Thanks so much for watching, Zombie! I'll have to skip back and look at that part. Sounds creepy. Stay spooky!

Thank you again for another awesome vid!! Now off to watch part 2!

Does Jarrod take still shots too?

+AmysCrypt great I'm going to it now.

Not really, but I do - I post them all on my Instagram and also on my website at - Thanks Ilura

How long you staying in india

+AmysCrypt cool,careful over there

We were there a few weeks, but we have now left currently in Thailand

Amazing place!

Thank you so much Tina

Cant wait for part 2! if you ever make it to the states you may want to make your way to West Virginia to a little town called elkins. It is a small town i did work in about 7 years ago...wonderful history...They have the bowden cave system 6 and a half miles of under ground caves you explore at your on risk...dont know if there is any haunted history to the caves but they made my skin crawl while i was down there

Thanks Beer Lover - PArt 2 is out now (you've probably already seen it as I am writing this). Thanks for the suggestion. I have visited WV before and I visited the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. Unfortunately, I didn't get to visit these caves, but they sound cool, cheers

Hello Amy - fantastically made - as usual;) best regards of Petra

Thank you so much Petra


Fantastic vid Amy will watch part 2 soon xx

Thanks BArry! I hope you enjoy

Oh no sweet cheeks that entry way looks like something out of Indiana Jones. Yes I love the carvings. Those chipmunks were cute! They're begging for food but as I'm sure you know they can get aggressive when someone has food. I think they also like to steal things. Or is that other monkeys that I saw. They're cute though. Yes it's quite beautiful. The carvings on the temple that is I like your shirt.

Me and My movie references lol With the Monkeys hanging around , it reminds me of the monkey city in The Jungle Book. lol . It definitely has a spooky vibe to it for sure. My mane concern though would not be spirits ,but wild animals, especially at night which for a lot of them is their feeding time. Stay Safe

OMG it does look like that

Hey Amy had a question though. Like people aren't allowed to go to Bhangarh fort after sunset. Did u take any permisions? And did it haunt u later. Because there have been incidents that people who have visited that place after sunset have been haunted and killed. Stay safe dear. Finally ur in India. Where r u now btw? Still in India or left ?

Hi Barbie. The tomb was located out of Bangharh so is accessible at night. Some of the shots inside the fort we took during the day with tourists still there, and the one near the end of the video we took at sun down (we were the last to leave). We are not in India anymore, now in Thailand, but more India videos are coming up on my channel soon. Cheers

Your welcome

Thanks Javier

+AmysCrypt I'm glad to know that Amy..I'm always praying for your safety coz you don't know your up against on every locations. Thumbs up for the part 2! i'm glad Jarrad always have your back : )

Amy cart finally in my country India.....I know this place bhangarh fort located in Rajasthan India.....thankx for coming in India Amys crypt

+AmysCrypt you most welcome ✌✌✌

Thanks for watching Shuyansh!!!

Hi Praseetha, thanks for the feedback. Could you please provide a particular part in the video where you couldn't hear what I was saying? I would love to know so I can improve my videos. Also, english subtitles are available for all my videos if required (option is available at the bottom of the Youtube screen), thanks again for watching and for your feedback


Thanks for the suggestion!!! I am going to have to visit this when I return to India some day

Hi Amy how you doing it’s really awesome video but the place it’s creepy

Hello Amy following u know on twitter love your vids.

Love your videos

Thanks so much, Aman! Glad to hear this!

Amy please go to ANNELISE MICHEL house

What an awesome place!

+AmysCrypt ur videos are inspiring! Keep up the awesome work!

It really is a cool one! Thank you for watching!

Thank you for visiting India

No worries! It was an amazing place to explore.

Amy's crypt finally in my country India.....I know this place bhangarh fort located in Rajasthan India.....thankx for coming in India Amys crypt

+AmysCrypt you welcome i guess in vilage area or pokhara but m worry about your life night in walking that area is very scary also tbh i dont know the place but if u go to Nepal u will find it ask the locals nepalese r really helpful kind n freindly u wont regret

16.00 that's some black magic stuff their, you don't wanna be their at night

Amy, I am still impressed by you and love your professional videos. I envy you touring around the world and I really could imagine assisting you.... But it is just a dream ;-) Stay just as you are.. You're great!!!!

Aw thank you so much Ralf

Amy you did a great job ! You're welcome here in India ! Love.

Thanks Divya

great video i like the way you told the hisory of the place enjoyed thankyou amy

Thanks so much, Kevin! It makes me so happy that you appreciate hearing about the history of places like this!

I'm very well. Thanks for asking, Kaya! Glad you enjoyed the video!

+AmysCrypt Your very welcome Amy.

That's so cool to hear! Thank you, Robert!

Subtitles are can find in YouTube settings captions

Wow, what an awesome location. Incredible history and excellent investigation my brave friend

That place is Dope! Take me with u:>

Thanks, After Dawn! Such a cool location!


Care to elaborate? I'm simply retelling folklore and legends about this location...

Welcm to india

Holy moly you are In bhangargh now.

Thanks Kelli, cheers for tuning in

AmysCrypt You're welcome !! ;)

Oh thanks for the info. Loved ur video though

Love from india

Thanks so much, Dream!


Thanks for watching and commenting. I am skeptical of the paranormal, though am looking for answers. I always like to visit places such as Bhangarh Fort that have many ghost stories circulated about them and a rich history. Cheers.

Jamali kamali in delhi place of djinns

Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't make it there but am releasing a new vid shortly containing another place haunted by Djinns in Delhi.

Thank you, Tarun!

Yep! Spent a bit of time traveling through India! Thanks for watching.

Hey woowww....a pretty woman even ghosts will fall in love with

old times people dont use to give importance to land they just leave home and land if they found better now days people fight over land...prices are high of lands

Hey Amy...this question is prolly gonna give me alotta backlash but I gotta ask. How did you manage your bathroom issues on this trip? When my husband takes me to India that's the hardest part for me. I cant stand their public bathrooms. (I'm from Canada). Any suggestions? I really wanna visit this place

+AmysCrypt yeah tell me about it I actually preferred those cuz I didnt need to touch anything...just some places were like yikes...but then again I have issues with public toilets here too husband gets so mad and says I cant take u anywhere ...we stay in Delhi when we go

Haha, that is actually a great question! It is pretty daunting and something I was worried about myself. Depending on where you stay, most places actually have normal toilets (not squat pans) and toilet paper. It is mostly just the places off the beaten track that do not. If you are worried, maybe just carry toilet paper with you. It is also not that bad using a squat toilet too, lol.

So true. Cheers for watching, Dilraj!

When she said 'This is a haunted location' right behind her on the wall was an old 'Flower Of Life' that had seen better days, but is still beautiful and full of meaning. I can surely get behind that if I'm going to believe in anything, and certainly not a horrid couple of boards with a person nailed to them. What do you choose to represent you, a flower of eternal life, or the cause of somebody's agonizing death?

Thanks for pointing that out, Rick.

The monkeys well not bother you if you don’t stare at them and don’t feed them you can walk right by them they are use to people just don’t confront them or corner them . You should be fine

AmysCrypt Nice glad you had fun

Thanks, Jezzy Jake! We didn't have a problem with them at all. They were actually pretty cool for us to see!

Funny how lately ppl put spoilers of the scariest parts at the beginning! Not cool.. But appreciate what you doing. Will enjoy!

Thanks for watching, Leafyr Oakfyst! I like to place some of the most interesting parts of my video at the start. I believe this gives a taste as to what is to come and entices excitement and suspense in my audience. I personally would prefer to know what I am getting myself into at the beginning of a video. I hope you appreciate why creators chose to do this. Cheers for your feedback!

OK , I am so late in watching this video .but I must say , Amy u did a fabulous job filming this spooky place in India ...keep up the good work Amy ! ..hope u enjoyed ur exploration here ..

No worries at all, Yuka! Glad you enjoyed the video! I had a great time in India and have plenty more spooky locations to share with you all in the coming months! Thanks for watching!

love ғroм ιndιa aмy . тaĸe care pleaѕe

Welcome to India Dear

You are soooo beautiful !!

Thank you so much, Game Zone! Will do!

Thank you, Poonam!

Hey you made it !! I've followed your videos since Romania and asked for your visit here . Enjoy your stay, there's more than just forts in rajasthan

Thank you for watching me for so long, Shubham! Yes, I finally made it! Was so cool to see. I was able to explore a few really cool forts around India!

so did you like visiting bhangarh?

I loved my visit to Bhangarh Fort! It was a cool place to explore! Thanks for watching!

welcome to India Amy

Thanks so much, Samridhi!

paranoid lady for sure you just fake your videos stop fakeking videos terhe is no ghosts but if you want go really scary place go Finland and go hautend House

Did you watch the video? Because in this video all I do is walk around the fort, give my audience a tour and share some of the local legends associated with Bhangarh. There is nothing in this video that I claim to be paranormal at all. what exactly are you claiming to be fake?

I want to join ghost hunting but I can't take the creepiness

Haha! Sometimes it is a little creepy! But I love it so much!

I think you should become a paranormal investigator. You can really do a great job there.

Thanks, Pradyum! I already consider myself one!

Yes, I am also from India and most of ghost story is here ,this fort is very dangerous at night time ,thank u buddy

Thanks for watching, Senthil! Very cool to hear from people that live in India!

The way you show and explain everything is really commendable!... I am gonna share your videos as much as i can so that more and more people subscribe your channel. Keep it up!

Your most welcome!

Thank you so much Anamika!!! This means a lot to me, you're awesome

GREAT VIDEO AGAIN! I can't wait to visit this place.

+anamika mukherjee ohhh that's great too

@SHUYANSHGUPTA even i am from India and most importantly a fan of zayn malik!

that place is huge..imagine how many people lived there and around it in it's hay-day..when it ws in the height of being used in ancient times? amazing

Thanks, Varun! Let me know how your visit goes and if anything aspooky happens! Enjoy!

Thanks so much for watching, Cynthia! It is always really cool to imagine that kind of thing when exploring these places!

You are a strong woman

Thank you, Vesakholu!

As per the belief princess ratnavati will be reborn to end the curse

Not in India's honted place in asia

This one is in India, though it could also be classed as the most haunted place in Asia too, I guess. Cheers for watching, Govind.

Hii amy i watch ur all videos and i fan of your you are really brave girl nd i am also going to bhangarh and i not believe in ghost only believe god and u always happy and ur smile is so cute god bless u❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Your Most wlcm amy❤❤❤❤❤

Thank you so much Tanuj

Amy be care full you mite find a baboon spiders and other creapy things out there love you Tony Amy it mite have some thing stuck in his but and the mom's trying to finger it out ha ha ha

Thanks, Tony! We're always careful about spiders and other creepy crawlies! Haha, that is so charming.

Jarrad put your finger in there. No.

“A boar humping?”- Jarrad

AmysCrypt LOL Well the mind can be a scary place. I know mine is utterly terrifying and definitely when thinking about what goes *BUMP* in the night.

Haha, I don't know what goes on in Jarrad's head sometimes.

Are you saying "Bangin," Fort ? ;)

Haha, nope. It does sound a little similar though!

Hi Amy, the grunting at 6:30 can be the sound of dog abes (baboons) that maybe lives there.

Could be ,thanks Kat

ha!finally ...loved the video can you please make a video on the history of demonte colony,chennai,tamilnadu.......would love to see you discover that place ...again it was a aswm vid

Thanks for the suggestion

Bhannagarah bhanagrah Not sure why I like that name

You pulled off a wonderful episode.Keep them coming! The thing going on is called a "havan" - it's a religious ceremony .

Thank you so much, Souryatanu! Appreciate this and the info!

Hi Amy good one again love.keep going im very happy u cover lot in my country. if im back from uk this time im going with u guys.anyway next time god bless u love u guys always take care xx..Anterjit singh from UK

Thank you! Yes, I still have more places from India to come too! Some very interesting locations over there for sure!

That haunted temple on top of the mountain would have been killer to go in !!! It looks like the temple or whatever on that movie "the other side of the door" best movie !!! Sooo creepy and stay safe!

Its a great movie. . super creepy !!! Check it out sure u will luv it !

I know, it looked so amazing perched upon the hill! I haven't seen this movie, I'll have to look it up! Cheers for that!


What's so funny? Cheers for watching.

Glad to see your video..amazing, god bless you.

Thanks so much, Amit! Appreciate you watching!

Amy. I can literally feel powerful darkness of Bhangarh Fort just watching this. The Ruins are desolate. They feel like a massive tomb! That place is SERIOUSLY haunted! On a lighter note Amy, you somehow got dust right on the butt of your black jeans!

AmysCrypt Yes, that makes total sense. That place is massive!

I did do a bunch of climbing and crawling around in there, that's probably why...

Subscribed, awesome video

Thanks so much and welcome to the crypt, Shane!

Been there myself about 10 years back. Didn't experience anything paranormal but I felt very sick as soon as we got in there. Nonetheless its a super spooky place though at night

Thanks for watching and sharing this, Atul! Yeah, as soon as I went deep into the back rooms I was overcome with sickness, likely not paranormal, but it is still an amazing place to see! Cheers for this!

I can only see a living ghost called Amy



I luv uur eyes..,


AmysCrypt yeah probably it's the weird smell inside any old building which makes you feel sick. If I may ask, do you really believe in something as such as paranormal? I mean if you ever seen or felt something? My girlfriend wouldn't stop telling me about her paranormal experiences as she's a firm believer of all this. I've always been interested in visiting places with a legend, especially in the dark not that I don't feel scared but never had any experiences at all. May be it's something only few can connect to

Ruined but beautiful fort

One little fan from India. Want to be like you .I wish you cross 1million subscribers early.

Thank you so much Amrit. I

Its all story . Lived in rajasthan for 11 years. Just to attract people. Made up stories.

+AmysCrypt actually I would say khuldhara rajasthan. It's a abandoned ghost village. Heard stories about it. Heard from my uncle. Dont know if it's TRUE. People said they have heard voice saying come with me. Villagers vanished overnight. Dont know what happened to them.

Are there any places that are actually haunted in Rajasthan?

Love how you guys still go back in places, even when they say they close it due to it being so haunted!!! You two are SOOO brave!!!

11.23 That face! haha brilliant

It's a jagrata going down their

Lol!!! You can really tell how much I love tourists yelling shit in the background of my videos?

@AmysCrypt Ha! It's a class A scowl :D

@AmysCrypt actually I would say khuldhara rajasthan. It's a abandoned ghost village. Heard stories about it. Heard from my uncle. Dont know if it's TRUE. People said they have heard voice saying come with me. Villagers vanished overnight. Dont know what happened to them.


@AmysCrypt yeah tell me about it I actually preferred those cuz I didnt need to touch anything...just some places were like yikes...but then again I have issues with public toilets here too husband gets so mad and says I cant take u anywhere ...we stay in Delhi when we go

@AmysCrypt Your very welcome Amy.

@AmysCrypt ur videos are inspiring! Keep up the awesome work!

@anamika mukherjee ohhh that's great too

@AmysCrypt you most welcome ✌✌✌


@AmysCrypt great I'm going to it now.

@AmysCrypt cool,careful over there

@AmysCrypt I can't WAIT !!!!

I just visited the place today and after returning home saw both of your videos. These are awesome. Thanks for videos ! Subscribed you. Good luck for future.

Thank you so much

How you got the permission to stay there at night?

That’s not the story I have heard...

Feel free to share your version.

A midnight concert over here would be so cool!

Hell yea

Loved your video!! But girl.. You definitely need bigger and brighter lights, FOR SURE!

Thanks for the feedback. Since filming this one I have finally upgraded them!

Bhangar is Indian most Wontad place.....

I liked this a lot!

The sound you hear at 6.41 is a male pigeon trying to chat up a female pigeon. Your worst nightmare I know but we get loads of pigeon in our garden and they do what we call the Lardy Love Pidge including that sound that makes them sound like numpties.

Go to galiyakot which is in Rajasthan , its a dargah (shrine) where crazy exorcism are done ( not by people but spirit of shrine itself )

Interesting video

Not buried may be he was cremated.

Cigartte Offerings to ghosts.

We call it 'kirtan'. Sort of Hindu paraising to deity by singing.

Epic episode Amy you guys do an amazing job

Thank you so much!

U have picturised it very well all the1place u have covered otherwise in other channels the same content

Did u find something

Creepy fort without any beauty..

Yep, found an amazing fort with interesting history and folklore.

And the Evil spirit is watching you.

Haha, oh no! Thank you so much for watching and welcome to the crypt!

Go up those staircase girl, and strike a pose. Lol.

I don't know why there are certain people who dislike the video guys if you don't keep or have faith then don't watch it. This video is one of the best video. As Paranormal Investigator we know how much hard work we take while doing investigation doing Paranormal Investigation is not a piece of cake. This video is mind blowing you got EVP!

@AmysCrypt Always Welcome Appreciate your hard work :)

Amy your are very brave to venture into unknown territory. This video is beautifully done and very detailed - Love watching your videos - Please let us know what happened at 10:39, 14:22 and 16:50 the video turned sketchy, bizzare...Gosh, creeped me out...You have earned a Subscriber! Love from Canada.

Thanks so much, Sunita! These are glitching effects that I add into my vids to make them spookier! It is one way I get to be creative while editing.

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