Bibbulmun track part 14 Woolbales to Walpole – To the Sea! – thru hike end-to-end

Bibbulmun track part 14 Woolbales to Walpole – To the Sea! – thru hike end-to-end

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Kaya koorda (Hello friends) Day 44 on the Bibbulmun Track. We are leaving  Woolbales. We just said goodbye to the   kids from Christchurch Grammar with whom  we've shared camp for the last three nights.   Good kids but it will be more peaceful  without them now till we hit the next   lot of Christchurch kids in a few days. We  are heading today to the beach. Bit of a  

chilly morning but the sun has just broken through  making everything very pretty and warming us up.   Watch me complain about heat later this week,  I reckon. Anyway, only about 10 k's before we   hit Mandalay Beach. Meanwhile we're on  the plains and dearly hoping this morning not to get any puddles It's fantastic to see the  diversity that's thrown up by the substandard nature of West Australian soils! Difficulty of existence is what creates such   strange adaptations in our plants here that, and isolation very worthy of protection Morning! I don't know if you could  hear in that little bit of clip   just before there but we can hear the ocean! sort of just over those hills and sand  dunes- in the distance - bit hard to see but   yeah, we're about 10km walk from the ocean.  Probably a little bit less if you... if you went straight through there! Very soon  we will have walked from Perth to the ocean! a major milestone coming up today shoes a bit wet this morning but I've  got a dry pair of socks so life's good oh yeah Kath doesn't really know at the moment  she's been waking up at 4 46 in the morning   when the sun rises I haven't told her yet Perth to the Southern Ocean to the sea! a watermelon rock that's brilliant all those lines you see on it would be years and years of water running down  it - thousands - hundreds of thousands of years possibly (music plays) I'm climbing on granite. Actually  it's good to try to avoid   as much as possible stepping on  the vegetation. It's a bit difficult there

We'll see, usually,  a combination of stone cairns like this one here and poles even. You  can see where Howie is over there   and sometimes there will be waugyl markers  actually attached to the stone itself sound of the ocean growing stronger all  the time these pretty cotton puffs! right now we're on a boardwalk over a broad  creek system trying not to touch... this one   we think it's this one. We're not sure. Because  the notes mention something called a blister   bush which they, unhappily, do not provide a photo  of! They just tell you not to touch it with a very   vague description of shiny narrow green leaves  which seems to be, well, a feature of most bushes!   so there you go desperately trying not to touch  anything while also doing the limbo under a fallen   fallen tree back there. Not to mention, yeah  don't touch the snakes! I haven't seen any yet. Oh!   and we said the word so that's probably put  us in danger territory now! all right so,   what's the day offering up now?  A bit of swampy open plains, gray sky over that way, and blue sky out  that way. Here we go, on on! So long forests

hello sand! it's the first climb, going up Oh there's his bum! Ha ha! yeah, we've just, we've just come down into a  bit of a sandy flat here. Sort of really feels   like we're getting close to the coast here. Oh,  well we are! yeah! but yeah we left the last   little bit of jarrah forest there and have come  down. We're definitely in between sand dunes and   and things now and there's a whole range  of new plants we're seeing and noticing a whole different landscape you can hear the native bees (sound of bees buzzing) our first official glimpse of the ocean we've made it! Well, almost made it. Once we walk over there, we've made it!   Here we go...

Woooohooo!! On on!! (Joyful celebration sounds) There she is! yeah it looks like there might be some rain  coming in. Had a little short walk along the beach now we're gonna head up through  those dunes and along the coast up over there somewhere I'm hoping you can see not bad at all all right we've just done some beach  walking and some dune walking and there's   a bit of a sweat situation happening, but  thankfully on this side there's a breeze and   a bit more solid ground. I reckon there's a good  amount of sand dune in my shoes though. I'll look   forward to getting that out later, oh. Meanwhile, a  bit of a bush bash through here down through there

Hoping that it's a bit  early for ticks down here! (music plays) and now to catch up with them So that's, that's Broke Inlet there   and we've walked from the far side of that, around  through here in about three - three or four days absolutely stunning, amazing  little section of the country here (music plays) what a spectacular day! Just the  change in all the scenery   and finally hitting Mandalay Beach,  finally hitting the coast. It's just definitely, easily in my top  three, easily and now coming down into the first hut here... what's this one called? Long Point. Coming down into Long Point. Great day - absolutely brilliant (music plays) Good morning. Day 45 and we're heading from  Long Point camp. We're going to double hut today,   we're going through Mount Clare hut  and we're going to push on to Walpole   we planned that a while ago. They're both fairly  short days, uh sorry, fairly short sections   it might be a bit tough, but we'll see how  we go. Mainly because we haven't got enough food  

well, we planned it that way but, so we need to  get into Walpole today anyway. Leaving at about six   probably get there, we're planning about   two, maybe three o'clock, so there's plenty  of time. Plenty of time. So, hey - town day today! So I've got the speed on because I'm  trying to catch up Bob and Kath. I sent them off because up on the ridge back  there, I had the drone up. Nice early   morning shot, and I was going to get them going  along the ridgeway and I was flying into the sun   and then couldn't see them! I mean, I overshot them  but I've ended up with a couple of these these   really good shots. As I was bringing it back, I  lost it in the sun for a while. Couldn't find it... But then I heard it... so I managed to steer it towards me via sound

absolutely great day yesterday one of the top three easily  that one, somewhere in the   in the karri forest south of Donnelly  between Donnelly River and Pemberton -  really hard sections but just  so, so rewarding. Absolutely stunning anyway, yeah, should be a tough day but I think we're definitely up for it   I'll let you know later (music plays) Day 45 continues... Back in forest, baby! we're now in the Nyuts Wilderness. I'm not  sure how to pronounce it... n-u-y-t-s and we're particularly pleased with ourselves  I think for getting up so early and   leaving camp by six today. It made  that walk through those gorgeous dunes  

really pleasurable. I think when it starts to heat  up, it's probably less so. Now, as the day warms up not   significantly so, but warms up nonetheless,  we get to enjoy the shade of the forest   please enjoy this tassle flower Ha ha, Howie loves the swing bridge! Do you want   to wait at the other end for me? yeah,  it's only going to get wobblier! This is my life now! On on! right, so we've made it through to the...  well, this is the walk up to Mt Clare and   we definitely nailed it with the timing of the day  today - just that sand dune or the dune section that we were in was gorgeous - so quiet and just  stunning and we've got here and climbing up and we should run into a few red tingle trees  which... there's a few varieties of the tingles  

but they date back to Gondwana  times, apparently, so they are old... Well   they haven't lived that long but their lineage  goes back and I don't know if that's one there it's definitely a big tree but we will find out and let you know not sure what we're calling  this but it's some sort of 'bomb'   it's peanut butter with the leftover of our little  trail mix which is chocolate chips and granola and   coconut and whatever on the good old Vitawheats yummy so good Mount Clare Hut thanks for letting us have lunch at you  but we are going to push on to Walpole   a couple of great examples of red tingles there and yeah get into town - looks like we're  going to get there even before the IGA closes   which is, seems to be a bit of a thing let's have a little chat about  sticks - one of the most dangerous things   on the Bibbulmun Track. Firstly, they  lie there pretending to be snakes   but they're not and then secondly they can  lie vertically on the track and especially   when it's wet you can just slide along it. The  third danger with sticks is that they can hook   themselves into your gaiters or into even  your shoelace... has just happened to me just   before. Look, look at this one lying here being -Oy! -  Danger! Dangerous sticks and they hook themselves  

in the gaiter and then try to trip you up or you  stand on one end thus flipping the other end just   slightly high enough to trip you over. Sticks -  the most dangerous creature on the Bibbulmun! it's rest stop time. Hiking feet - hiking glamour  101! Oh hey, Bob's down. I'm down - down for the count Will not get up again! 6km till town - we can  do it! Town day! Town day! Walpole Inlet in the distance Nice little walk into Walpole. Ever changing landscape We've just come through Walpole Golf course this great little boardwalk through here some paperback trees and looks like we've got a  wee bridge coming up here and a Bob Might be talking to someone He is too! I reckon this'll be the Walpole river that runs down to... well we've made it to  Walpole by two o'clock so we've got an hour to go around the different places and the  first sign we see as we walk out of the bush it's the bottle shop and there it is anyway cafe first and then probably  the pub after a shower oh hey Walpole Hiker trash entering town! Washing's on, fed and coffee-d at the cafe and Would you believe it - that is our bed tonight! all right quick shower and off to the pub  for dinner that's what you do in Walpole Gonna check the sunset it didn't come up as I expected but you can see the burn offs they are doing just north of the city   north of the city! north of Walpole had a great rest day here in Walpole. Rob and  Margaret, Kath's mum and dad, brought us over  

an awesome picnic. We went down the inlet  had that. Bit of wine, cheese... oh we hadn't had   cheese, proper cheese, in a while. Finished off  our washing. They bought our resupply packages   and just generally a great little  rest day. Ready to head off tomorrow

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