Bibbulmun Track: Part 2 Monadnocks to White Horse Hills - Ticks and resupply - end to end thruhike

Bibbulmun Track: Part 2 Monadnocks to White Horse Hills - Ticks and resupply  - end to end thruhike

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(Music plays) Good morning, morning of day six. Big day today, a couple of things... we get our first resupply (Woohoo!!) and get to meet up with Eash -Yay!- (Ayesha) and Katelyn - Yay! We've done really well with the food so far; in fact, we've got a little bit left over so all good. And we will hit our first hundred kilometres - one tenth of the way. So we just have to do all this nine more times! You go through some sections where there's a lot of sort of brown leaves. It looks quite autumnal or like autumn if that wasn't the right word (It's autumnal!) there you go! Kaya campers So we're just coming into a section where you can see the burnt part on one side and the unburnt on the other.

We're descending into a gully and I think the smoke has descended in here as well (Kath singing) wow! Down here we can see fantastic... ...rejuvenation and regrowth. Even in here little bits of green speckled through that. (music plays) Nearing the summit of Mount Cuthbert brings undiluted joy (music continues) (birdsong) On this granite boulder the most fantastic sundew holding on and then flowering at the top. Let me show you what it's holding onto... A big dinosaur egg! (birdsong) Just came around the corner and I've seen the shadow of Mount Vincent looming in the distance That's our next climb.

Yeah, it looks like the dragons have been through here and burnt everything out! Hoo! (sounds of exertion!) (music plays) And you will be called 'mulberry special' We saw this on day one at Mundering Weir and we haven't seen it since so it is quite special! So coming up on our first resupply meeting point - the car park at Sullivan Rock and let's see, well that's the highway we've got to cross coming up here I think we're just a little bit early actually so I don't think our crew is here yet but we've traveled past, up and down past the sign many times and looked at it and we're finally here Hey! (Happy, excited greetings) Mum's in bright pink! Ooh, food! (Fashion!). Mmm, strawberry! That's not your food. I've got your food in the back! Ohhh! Teriyaki prawn! Teriyaki chicken! Oh man! Seaweed salad! This is something with sweet chilli. Sweet chilli chicken! Mayo. Aaah! Apple! Peaches in mango nectar! oh Chocolate that you guys got yourself. Ohmygod, it's a snake! Oh snakes! Slabs! Oh Whittakers - it's the best chocolate! Peanuts - that's the best one of the Whittakers too and it's dark Last thing. Pork banh mi. Oooooh! (Laughing) Wow! now we've got to eat all of that, I suppose! Awesome, thank you! Oh also...

...COFFEE! Ohmygod! Wooo! Cold! (Kath sings) Here's our support crew and saviours Up here on Sullivan Rock. They brought us the good food and the watering can shower and we're smelling so good. My pack is smelling so good for the flies because it has delicious rolls inside it. This could plague me for the whole day! hello everybody! What's really fabulous here is that this this kind of terrain is the hiker's friend, where the track is covered in a lovely carpet of sheoak needles and you can see the needles everywhere We love them! Instead of stomping we're padding. Padding along - boop boop!

We've only got a couple of kilometres left to go before camp today. What a cruise-y day it's been! Even with two mountains. Well, Australian mountains or West Australian mountains! Morning on day seven. A little bit more overcast this morning as we head off to hit our third mountain in two days. Let me swap hands This hand's a bit steadier. Another great little night last night. We had one extra person

Julie, and she's heading north. She's going from North Bannister up to Kalamunda We'll get up top of Mount Cooke pretty early. We've got that first thing. In fact, we're starting to rise up already The whole day yesterday was just brilliant - on the old railway trails, our resupply, once again. Really great dinner last night! All really good

Anyway, see you at the top of the mountain! (music plays) So we've got to the top of Mount Cooke, the highest point on the whole Bibbulmun Track (Birdsong) The granite beneath our feet is 3 billion years old. It's been witness to the very dawning of life, the creation and extinction of the dinosaurs, the movement of the continents. We are just a blip in time - so we'd better appreciate it! I was just about to put the drone up but there's a couple, we heard there was a couple of wedgetail eagles up here and we've just seen them flying around and I'm not going to put the drone up. I don't want to bother them and also I don't want them to attack my drone and take it and fly off somewhere with it! I think we've found the famous Mount Cooke cave It's elusive There's a book to sign down here. Just having a quick check for any snakes, any wiggly boys It's looking pretty good Oh look at that. Not just any book, that's a leather-bound book

(Reading) Found the elusive, not so elusive, Mt Cooke cave I think this one's full yeah and this one's cork bound, wow! Whoever supplies... Hey, big ups and thanks to whoever supplies the books down here. They're pretty special The Oakleys who supplied this book in September 2018. So we've just come down off the southern side of Mount Cooke and the views and the weather are just absolutely brilliant It was windy, you could see pockets of rain coming through in the distance We both like the colder weather, we think, instead of being stinking hot.

Could have sat up there for hours. Could have sat up there all day, actually (Music plays) Good morning. Morning of day eight. Leaving Nerang camp, heading down to Gringer and it's our longest hike in the bush today. We're breaking our record - it's eight days. Previously ,seven days has been our longest hike in the bush. We've done longer trails Easy 16 kilometre day if i go the right way! Easy 16 kilometre day today. Nice and mild, a little bit of overcast cloud and it's going to be fairly flat. I'm just heading out now and

um another couple... yeah nah... that'll do... okay, see ya! Kaya koorda! (hello friends) Day eight. Another beautiful day on Noongar Boodja. We're walking today to Gringa or Grinja (Gringer). I don't know how the pronunciation goes on that one. Really liked the camp at Nerang last night. Had some lovely bird life around there and a nice table We are continuing our journey along... oh, have a look at these little groovers! Oh, look at this. I mean...

Idon't know if that's a son or daughter of the original, or just something that's seeded there but the Australian bush is so resilient! Anyway, so we've been the last two nights in the monnonogs... monno... monner... monad, Oh! the mononocks.. ohmygod!

around the monadnocks - granite outcrop! and this area was beset by a huge and really devastating fire back in 2003. I read a very interesting article at the last camp that talked about the impact of the fire and how there'd been no burning nearby for a very long time. They have evidence that the fire up on Mount Cooke reached up to a thousand centigrade. We've also seen the incredible regeneration that's happened since that fire. (the dreaded honky nut) Sometimes we see like this, multiple regenerations of the same tree, they are. There you go, the Australian bush is a real Doctor Who, it's a Time Lord! (music plays) We just had a nice little lunch down by a little crossing over the Serpentine River which is dry at this point up this end. We were sat there at lunch for half an hour or more

start hiking again, about 50 meters up the track, have to pull out the fly nets, they're that bad! (sounds of happy hikers chatting in camp) Morning! Oh no, dirty lens! Dirty lens! Clean lens! Morning! Morning of day nine. Forgot to do an entry last night As we got into camp, it's all quite busy, with Bob, Simone and Jenny... Tony who is walking from Albany up to Kalamunda so he's only got a week or so to go. A Montessori school group from Kingsley turned up and they're doing a bit of track maintenance around this area, So thanks to them! A few of them were complaining a bit about the distances they had to walk! A little bit cooler overnight It was forecast to go down to about two degrees. We both got up in the middle of the night and just the clear, clear skies and the stars you could see were just absolutely amazing. It's well worth it. Mushroom yellow curry for dinner - absolutely delicious!

About another 16 kilometres today. We've got two decent hills to climb, though pushing the 500 meter mark again At Boorang? Boon? Boonrang? Boonerang? Boonering! I should really look these things up before I start vlogging! We should be able to see where we've come from those three mountains we walked through. Good day ahead! Oh, yesterday from Nerang to - I don't know. Where did we end up? Yeah, yesterday from Nerang to Gringer (or gringa or ginger!) I've heard a few people say there's sort of just flat and boring sort of trail but, I don't know, it was a great piece of bush to walk through. Loved it! No major events, like mountain tops or big rivers to cross or anything, but just plenty of time just to cruise and let your mind wander Anyway, onward with today. Should be good! There we go, that's where we're going. Be there soon

right there (music plays) So that's generally where we've come from. Mount Cuthbert and Mount Cooke, all in there somewhere. So we've walked from beyond that horizon. So amazing! Definitely coming back here. I'd love to sit up there for about two hours or more Just spend a whole afternoon up there or something and then hike back to the road... but we've got to keep pushing on to camp Going down. We'll have to go up again! That's alright. My pack is feeling very molded. First few days it gave me a couple of problems. I had some bruising and sort of

hickeys on my hip... clavicle eggs! Howie had them too. You get these raised bits on your clavicle. They've gone - settled down. Body's used to it - knows what's happening Walking along, come across a lily (actually an orchid). That's what happens. Walk along, come across a little

carnivorous plant. Every step has something. Spider's web. Can you see? Don't want to disturb it! Up ahead, there's Howie. Bob somewhere in front of us. Not just one! A whole grove of orchids. Really this is special country Noongar Boodja. I'm very lucky, very grateful What's happening, Howie? Boot cleaning to help with dieback to help prevent dieback! Not help dieback, help prevent dieback! Ah back onto one of these four-wheel drive tracks. I quite like these because we we can walk side by side on these we don't have to do the single file thing gets to feel like a bit of a march sometimes A little bit of a breeze, mild got something, hold on Oh, look at these ones. Peas, but haven't seen that colour before. Yeah, that's new, that blue.

I shall call you butterfly pea. But butterfly pea's a weed! Maybe not! Okay! Thought we had to deal with flies and mozzies now we've found out about ticks! and look at the size of that it's a kangaroo tick Bob's pretty good at finding them (Do you want me to have a go at it? Yeah, please!) Simone's got a freezing ...(Ugh, look at the size of it - Yuk!) should freeze it off, hopefully. Does that sting too much? oh nah it's fine. Pardon? Get closer. No it says one centimetre because otherwise you actually you'll burn the skin

we may need some tweezers. We've got tweezers. Doing just one more because he's a big son of a gun I'll update you later Anyway Bob has rid himself of his tick. Yeah, really had to get in there with the tweezers to get it out. It's the biggest one we've seen so far um a kangaroo tick. The biggest one we've seen on the body. We've seen those

things coming at us when we sat for lunch yesterday. It was like a scene from Doctor Who All these crabby spider things coming at us. We were just flicking them away - we didn't know what they were but it was a bit weird the way they zoned in on us. Now we know. We were calling them spider crabs before. now we know the spider crab ticks. Bob and Jenny

and Simone are having lunch there. we're going to push forward a little bit further, just to get... Oh kangaroo! Wallaby, actually. You probably didn't see that. A bit slow They're very fast. Just chonked straight through it's got a very cute little panda-like face They're the northern? southern? South western? wallaby I dunno! shall call them panda wallaby! Oh the Monadnocks! Honestly a gift that just keeps giving, this place.

Who would have thought all these times that we've driven up and down Albany highway that there was this absolute treasure (music plays) The White Horse Hills campsite it's going to be home tonight well a tent site nearby anyway. Hey hey! (music plays) (happy campfire camper chatting and night time insect noises)

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