Bibbulmun track pt 10 Beavis to Pemberton – fun with bridges – thru hike end to end

Bibbulmun track pt 10 Beavis to Pemberton – fun with bridges – thru hike end to end

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Good morning. Day 33. Heading  from Beavis to Beedelup Hut 21km and just a nice chilled morning  by the looks of it. We are going uphill again, surprise, surprise!   We need to climb out of  the Donnelly Valley today, apparently Oh f@#*! Um... okay! I'm just gonna use Kath as a tester  to see how steep that is. That's going up [On up!] On on! And then it just keeps going  You still can't really see it on film. Anyway...

Up we go! On the climb out of Donnelly River  I'm not sure what the weather's going to   do today. I think it's sort of clearing up so  it should be okay. Thanks to Michael who   does the track maintenance  in this section. He leaves a   thermometer in the hut. So, got down to five  overnight. Bob might be getting a new pack today. Woop woop! (I hope so) We always like new gear Bob thinks he's getting a new pack.

I'm gonna put the camera away and get my poles out because this hill just keeps going.  So yeah! It's just gorgeous, though, with the... there's the wet and the birdsong Kaya koorda - Hello friends. It's day 33 and finds us still in the cathedral... majestic trees... we're in a place that's...  After a very wet night last night -  thunderous rain on the tin roof of the hut - we are all kitted up ready for another wet day, should it happen.  But, well, right now ahead of us the sky...  

is blue. Oh this one is not a karri.  This is, I think, a jarrah tree Oh no, no, she's a karri. My apologies, Mr Karri. I don't know actually. Could be wrong. Cut that bit! I don't want incorrect tree information, okay Howie?   What can I tell you. Karri forest is dense in  the understory. Karri trees are the third largest  

tree or third tallest tree in the world,  the tallest being the Californian redwood, the second being the Australian mountain ash, and  the third the Karri. Reflecting on yesterday's walk Really thinking about how far we've come.  The strength and stamina that we've developed   to be able to just power up those  hills and down again, and to persist   through such a difficult day. Compared to  our efforts in week one, yeah, we've come a long way (music plays) Just realised, after about 540 kilometres  or something...

(I'll speak up a bit because it's quite loud here) ... and all these bridges  we've crossed, we haven't played Pooh sticks! Now if you don't know what Pooh  sticks is, go and read Winnie the Pooh.   I won't tell you which bit it's in Just read the whole thing. I have chosen  my stick. Trying not to pick up a snake! But choosing a good stick. There we go, so what've we  got? Short and stumpy! Short and stumpy... Ha ha! That's her!    So the idea was, we drop them down and then we  run over the other side and see what comes out.   Now this is gonna be a very quick game. Okay  we've chosen the spot. This is gonna be... Ready?  

It's gonna be very quick game. Ready - three - two - one - go! Who comes out first?   And - ooooh, looks like Pockets wins that  one. They were kind of together though Awwwww! Note from the transcriber -What a cheeky sod! Oh no! Giant marri! We can't go over it - we can't go under it - we'll have to go around it! I'm going on a Bib walk - it's going to be a  long one - it's a beautiful day - I'm not scared! Wow! Copyright: "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" Well, you can see they're well loved! Speaking of lovers... (music plays) Aah. Big, hard day today. We're all getting a little  bit, a little bit sore from this section, but   the weather seemed to hold off. My  knees playing up a little bit again,   and I've got a slight problem with my big  toe. Kath's got some uh troubles with her  

heels and achilles tendons and actually  Bob's got a bit of a stomach thing as well   But we've ended up here and spend the  evening. See how we all go in the morning Morning. Day 34. Town day! Town day! It's town day! (singing) Pemberton... Woop woop Hope you've got a laundromat, Pemberton. We're all feeling a lot better this morning after hobbling into camp last night. And Bob's  stomach thing seems to have gone away.  

Brian and Judy brought in a new pack for him. He's  taken to that. In fact, he's taken off. He's gone!   They bought me a glass of wine! 25km today.  Fairly good roads. Not much elevation gain. Farmland. Bonus! I think it's  probably more like plantations, but sorry! I was gonna say hello to  all the moo cows and stuff, but  anyway. And then there's a dam we get to  walk around. a borim, arboretum, a barbaritum, a brereretum chihuahua, chihuahuahua, cheeewawa, cheewa-wah Thanks Ross Noble. Copyright  Ross Noble. I think I've found my voiceover voice! This stuff that looks like blood here is the kino  from the marri tree, and it's sticky! Have a look here on my finger, it's all under my fingernail now, very  sticky. It's the marri tree's reaction usually to  

some sort of injury or insect attack. Not sap  exactly - something else, but it can get really   hard, I think, over time. Goes from sticky to hard as it  dries out. Noongar people, as they used many things on Noongar boodja, Noongar land, of course, used the marri kino extensively.  It was used as an antibacterial and antiseptic  

so I believe. It was - maybe still is by some people -  crushed up and put into a drink for stomach upsets.  Should have given Bob some! Maybe also used  to seal wounds and keep infection at bay Brian and Judy again! Don't get caught on that bit. Ooh, it's electric... Nah! That'd be cruel! Thanks Brian! Down that way!  You are a champ! See you later bye Oh nearly caught him in the act! Hahaha That's a big boy! We are in the company of giants. Ibelieve  it's karri on our right and on our left this   this specimen here it's the New South Wales stringy bark.  Also quite a straight and true tree   We're heading towards the Big Brook Arbor, Abor, Ahblahblah, Arboretum Ahboritum? Feeling small And at some point we should see some sequoia. Isn't  that a beautiful name? Sequoia. California redwoods

Right now, this is impressive.  That is a stump! Look at it. Oh! There's a heart Here's the sequoia. Hey Melanie! Besitos! Here they are, dog-eared, a little  worse-for-wear. They've been wet. Woop They've been wet, bashed, carried around, but  these are the guide book notes and I use them   extensively. Some people, you know, some people  can just walk along and they're not fussed about... Some people can just walk along merrily, not  really fussed about how far they're going   or how far they need to go, but I really like  pegging, I guess, significant points ahead and   having little goals to work towards. So  we've just reached, let's see, kilometre

14, which means 1.6 kilometres  to our lunch break today (music plays) Don't you just love the karri sheoaks? It's a lovely mature stand  of them here.They're so moss covered like wise old friends. You can tell a long distance through-  hiker when they walk on the side of the   path on the soft leaves instead of the  asphalt that somebody has laid for us! It hurts! (music plays) Ah, last little section coming into Pemberton. It's a really nice little walk through here. We're sort  

of joining up with the Munda Biddi and there's  quite a few mountain bike tracks through   here as well. Looks really good. We are  gonna try and head off and do our laundry first and then we're booked into the Karri Forest Motel Get all our laundry done first  and then we've got a whole day off tomorrow   All we have to do is a little bit of shopping. Well, Pemberton Laundromat. Yo, Pemberton Laundromat, yo yo! We're here for the party! Woo! And there's our pack explosion, and all of our  clothes except puffers and rain pants are in there.

One of, no yeah, one of three out of eight machines  that work and there's only two of the dryers working   Hopefully (Machine noise) OOOhhhh! Anyway, catch you later! (music plays)

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