Bibbulmun track pt 8 Balingup to Donnelly River Village – the mental game - thru hike end to end

Bibbulmun track pt 8 Balingup to Donnelly River Village – the mental game - thru hike end to end

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Morning of day 27, leaving Balingup after a good little rest day.  Great little trail today. We've  actually done this one and   we've come from Donnelly River north to Balingup before and so we're doing it in reverse now It's a great day - leave Balingup, we walk  through a tree park where somebody's organised and   planted many different trees from around the world. Get to walk through some farmland today, which I   love. Pine plantations, which I love. It's not very,  I don't know, probably not very Bibbulmun but I  just, yeah, I love walking through pine trees so  that's my thing. Too bad! Yeah, it's gonna be a   beautiful little day. It's gonna be a great section  coming up, as well, actually. So all's good!

(music plays) All right now, lost sight of Howie. He's already  down there. I'm not sure how best to show you   this gradient but it's steep! What we're going  down is steep! It's about to be. Two years ago   this was day three - the last day of my first  ever through-hike and on this hill - a hill   that I wasn't expecting - the hill that was very  steep - going upwards in the opposite direction   I found myself powering up it and I found  myself enjoying powering up the hill   which was not at all something I ever expected. Let me just show you another beauty! All right, I'll start going  down. i might employ my sticks!   Sticks are another story for later.

Right, so this hill, as I powered up it Can i give you a sense? I... Really, it's really  impossible for you to see how steep this is!   Right, as I powered up this hill and surprised myself with enjoyment of powering up the hill, I remember laughing with Howie as I said, "Who even am I?!", and so, this, my friends, is Who-Even-Am-I Hill! That's what I'm calling it! Oh, look at these! Brilliant - brilliant! All right, one last thing  before I get careful on this hill. I'll show   you this. These are these great new cutaways  that the wonderful volunteer workers on the   Bibbulmun Track are doing on these steep  tracks to ensure decent runoff They've got a special tool for it It's hard work maintaining these trails! Good on you, volunteers and the BTF - the Track Foundation Much appreciate your work! Who even am I? Right. so I asked the question, which  means maybe you're looking for an   answer. And it's a big question, so let's  not try to answer all of it! But one thing,  

the new thing I discovered that day,  was that I was someone who could   persevere, that I could push past pain and  discomfort to get to the top of something.   And it came to me quite late  in life that belief, I think... physically, anyway So, who even am I? I'm a through-hiker! hoping, not long from now, to be  able to say I'm an end to ender. It's poignant today, I think, to hit this  hill. I've been feeling some pain   in my feet, my ankles, my arches. They're very tender  and every now and then there are shots of pain  

that happen when I'm walking. I'm hoping  it's not going to cause a bigger problem but   I'm listening to my body, taking the breaks  that I need, rubbing my feet, stretching... Stretching! But... there's a difference between pain and discomfort, so listen to the pain but don't let discomfort stop you! You know, we're not meant to  be comfortable all the time, or we'll get nowhere This section of the Bibbulmun Track is twinned  with the Bruce Trail which is in Canada   about there somewhere. 890 km Bruce Trail

Might just have to go and do that! Joined on the Greenbushes Trail Loop. We also get to follow the  Kaarak sign - that's the red tailed black cockatoo They're often around us. We  really like their company   Noisy, messy buggers - but wonderful, wonderful birds! Less impressive, once again some d*#!head trail biker has been through here churning up the  track. There's a bit of that on the Bibbulmun   either side of Grimwade as well. I can't imagine what it might be like if a bike comes around a corner and  confronts a hiker unexpectedly   Someone's gonna get hurt! But the damage that  it does to the trails is pretty bad too Whinge over! (music plays) Just dropped down into this valley  and everything has changed!  (music plays) Where we're going is up there! That's where our  hut is tonight.

That's where we just came from! That's great! Not only do we  get to walk in the fields, (Clatter and clang of gate opening) but now we get to walk through the pines Tell you what, what this place needs is dung beetles! Need some dung beetles Into the pines. Oh yeah, what a day, what a  day. Through a tree park, through bush   great little bit of bush, past a dam, down country  roads - great farmer lets us walk through his   paddocks and fields and then finish the day with a nice  little cruise through pinefield - uh pine fields! Ha ha ha! Through the pines Now the only problem with today is all  these little friends we've managed to pick up   I don't know if you could see that or not but... We might be carrying them into camp, which is a  bit of a bummer, but they seem to disappear once   we're there. They're just flies who like travelling  as well! They're like, "Yeah, let's let's go somewhere else!"  

Can't be bothered flying! (music plays) Morning on day 28. Of course, a great night last  night at Blackwood. There's the views and the   sunset there last night was just  spectacular. Just finishing off the   last little bit of Cardiac Hill this morning,  as we go down, the easy bit at the bottom here  A good little warm up for the rest of the  day! It was a bit of 18km or something today   Once again, nice mild weather. A few things  we'll be going past... Well, we've already done the   Cardiac Hill, then we'll be walking past a  little farm. Hopefully, the little - little? - the big   clydesdale horses are still there and we'll say hello to  them, cross a nice bridge, up a hill past a dam and   then into some big, big southern forests. Apparently  the beginning of it so... Wow look at that chonker! If that was edible then  it would be a whole meal in itself! Gregory Hut. It's special for Kath. That was her first

overnight hut. Great little spot; nice  little creek out the front of it   so that's going to be good. A little bit  of behind the scenes footage happening here Ahoy hoy! Oi! Donk! Aw! Hehe! I found a pair of socks at  Blackwood Hut, which feels like   an odd kind of karma given that i  gave my others away. I 'm enjoying this and the birds And 'On-on!' Quick little snack break by  the river and before we climb up there! (music plays) king of kingias This is the bullich gum - it's lovely Shiny grey silvery skin. It's got  enormous leaves. Bark peels back. It's very exciting for us to walk into some different terrain.

I love the way the fronds of the kingia spray out like a fountain That's so tall! These are the tallest ones we've seen. I feel really very small in this landscape but in a good way. I feel embraced by this forest.  It's not frightening, it's welcoming Hear the birds? (Bird song) Get a real good look at this If a tree falls in the forest... how do the hikers climb over it? I'm going to try the roll method previously untested Hi (Kath sings) If a tree falls in the forest, does  anybody hear? Does anybody hear? On-on! (Kath sings) Ease on down, ease on down the road.  Ease on down, ease on down the road   Don't you carry nothing that  might be a load, oh, ease on down, ease on down the road Just your tent, and your sleeping bag and your food, and your...

If you're not sure where to put your bottle, Bob has the answer... Put it in your shoe! He's a Hash House Harrier. They drink from their shoes - the weirdos! Only new shoes! Only new shoes, he hastens to note! He's either going to freeze or run  away. He's doing a bit of both at the moment As long as he doesn't run towards us See him? Where is he? There! You can fly! Go on! He's like, "I'm a fly" Fly, be free! (music plays) Kaya koorda! Hello friends! Welcome to day 29. Last night,  the people we shared the hut with, people   walking the other way, told us such tales  of the delicious food at Donnelly River   that we we got up remarkably early really and  we've headed off with gusto! The only problem is,   there is just so much to film here, I fear it's  slowing me down! It's going to be a fantastic   day of walking. These things are new! These things  are new! These things are new! That's what we like,  

change of scenery! There's nothing wrong with the  scenery, but you know, change feels like progress   The Bibbulmun guide[book] says there are  Balgas up here, up to 800 years old! Let's get Howie in for proportions They just keep going up and up... beautiful trees! And, honestly, out here I don't find myself thinking  all that much! The days pass. You think about the pain in your feet. You think about the next Waugal  and making sure you're on the right path.

You think about where to put your tent -in  or out of the hut Whether you'll have one cup of coffee, or two Pretty simple You think, "What was that?" That, that sound up there. I don't know if you can see them (cockatoos cry out) black cockatoos You ponder things, about what you're seeing   How old is that? Why does that  grow there? How is that possible? But, as for anything outside the walk,  It's hard to give it much attention Another great day. Oh, these - walking on  these rail formations. They used to be the   old railway tracks, for when they were doing  the timber and the logging through here   We've walked on a lot of these, and they're just  definitely the preferred mode of transport around here! And these ones especially. Great with all  this leaf litter- it's really nice underfoot Back to having hummus. This beetroot  hummus that Kath made up - dehydrated   Love the colour of it. Look at it! mmmm, and then coffee soon Bloody luxury picnic spot  here, with a deluxe dunny, shade There it is Willow Springs (music plays) Inception! The old fella standing in front of this tree...  

I thought you were taking a photo No, no! It's  all great! Anyway, the most remarkable thing about this tree... [is me!] is the man standing  under it! Now, it looks pretty gone   but, hey, hey my friends, up there...  up there it keeps on keeping on We've been worried about Bob. He's  usually not so far in front of us,  

thought he might have got lost but a clear sign here On... On... ON-ON! Ah, so we've made it into Donnelly River...  Village. 23km day. Not too bad - a bit tired... and we've finally found an emu! (On on) Hey emu. What's up? There he is Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Donnelly River General Store. Time for a burger

Had lunch and a shower and now we're  off to put some laundry on with   some very friendly locals here.  This young fella and both these guys seem very friendly. Wanna say hello?   I think they expect to be... well,  they do get fed here quite a lot, so

a slightly bigger one just hopefully you don't eat  the camera. You cannae eat the camera! very soft and furry, though. A whole mob of of them down here pretty chilled Want a bit of a scratch? A little bit of a scratch? No  and these are some of the young ones and that's a... Yeah are you a  mum? Maybe a mum That looks awkward So we're staying at the old Donnelly River  Primary School and they've got bunk beds   and stuff in here. You can stay at the old bush shelters like we normally do, but this is the old school school building and it's got  bunk beds, showers and a kitchen and one of these one of the old school chainsaws they used to use did a little bit of logging around here

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