Bicycle & Sketch Tour - Namibia, Africa

Bicycle & Sketch Tour - Namibia, Africa

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I've. Always been curious about life and happy, when I'm sketching it. Relaxes, me I. Started. By choosing the route to travel the world, talk, with other travelers, I. Decided. To, call it the world sketching tour I. Got. Some sketchbooks, that, backpack and, in March 2012. I left. Home. After. Four years I, met Aneesa. When. I met Louise I was, inspired with his journey I've, always. Dreamed about travelling, around the world so. When he proposed, me to go with him yes. Was an easy answer I quit. My job from. That moment we committed. That was more important, to live with less but. We could travel together. Between. 2017. And 2019. We have been traveling on bicycles, together. Went. From north of Columbia to south of Argentina. In. The end of that journey we wanted to continue to Africa people, helped us on, our dream. On. September, 8th we left South, America. In. Here. We are finally. In the media completely. Jet-lagged, but excited, with what is coming first. Mission, get a taxi to town for four hundred million dollars get, some rest at our host place. Second. Check if everything, is okay and montar bicycles, third. Organize. Our gear and pack, them into the pan years. Ford. Extend. Our visas, until 3rd of December, cost. 518. A billion dollars each. Fifth. Trace, the route our, plan is to start from Namibia and travel, the west coast until Portugal, by bicycle, the, first journey will, connect Windhoek to, seseri am three hundred and thirteen kilometers of desert the, extreme dry heat wild, animals and lack of water will, be the biggest challenges, for this journey sixth. Get, supplies for, the next days on the road cereals, coffee sugar, almonds. Smarties, peanuts, cashews dry mangoes bananas apples. Vegetables, sausage, Parmesan, pasta stock, canned food cheese red energy, bars gem and water and this. Is how Africa, adventure started. We. Were pretty excited to, be on the road again feeling. Free and enjoying, every kilometer, on the pavement, Road. But. A few kilometers later after, we left behind Wayne Duke and his his bicycle chain was giving some problems. When. She tried to fix it her finger got in between the chain and the gear plates she, called me on the radio I, need immediately. Help I. Was. One kilometer, ahead and I went as fast as I could. When. I see her she got a deep cut on her fingertip, and nail. We. Clean our finger with antiseptic, on the cut we put some betadine, and covered, with a piece of sterile, sheet and rapid, with pharmacy, tape to protect from the dust. But. We still had to fix her bicycle, we. Rode down to the police patrol point and I tried to fix it then the. Second option we, would have to go back to Windhoek search, for a bike shop that could help us and, treat the knee this finger. She, can continue, on. The lowest year, if. Not we need to go back to window and do, the fixing, I figured. That her derailleur, was, bent and the chain was loose so. With those adjustments, we could continue. The, Namibian heat started. To get intense. On. The middle of the climb a pickup, car passed and gave us a lift. That. Leak was, to. Take, us from that. Ely. Moment. Because it's 40, degrees it's. Very very hot indeed you. Need a lot of water we bring. Among. Over six liters each which. For. Almost, one day Tina, but, four, to three days. Well. The good news is, there are people passing. Not. Frequently, but, once. In a while there's somebody passing, and when, they pass there, are some chances they would give us a lift. People. HEVC Diaz. The. Back but I can bring. In. A media any help to take us from 45, degrees Celsius and these desert, roads are greatly, well. Even. If the help is just for a short period was. Good to take a rest and feel the breeze while traveling, those kilometers, after the, car ride we were a bit rested, so we continue cycling. Stay. Here. I. Think, we already drink, two liters of, water so. You challenge. Us to sossusvlei. To. Sketch it but. We're. Not giving up we'll, go to Sicily, no. Matter what on, our way and, see. If we can sketch it. We. Just got a place to camp that's, where are you gonna stay. That's. Where we parked our stuff. Can. You show me what happened today. Yeah. I got, cut when. I tried to fix my chin. My. Finger stuck, in the gear on. The. Biggest plate and. I. Couldn't, control my bike. So. As. You can see. Howardino. He.

Thought That he brought from Brazil in, a bit of juice. Also. A bit of cheese here on the side and it's. Feeling like heaven. The. Next day we could see the farm where we end up staying, we. Felt the months we stopped cycling, in our muscles, in, how we were out of the travel routines. We. Had, so. So night, tonight, the camping, was safe. But, there was two bulls they came and did some noise we are all packed and ready to start this travel, to, Sicily. Another. Chapter second, day. In. These empty words tourists. Pass us on cars we. Would get covered, with dust while, they never slow down some. Car stops and call, us met and crazy about. What we are doing. Aren't. You afraid of traveling like that they. Were asked. After. Seeing so many cars passing us on this desert and hard roads with. How, nice it is to, be inside, a comfortable, car being. Clean and just, looking at the window watching the landscape. But. One truck passed and a guy inside, shouted, at us you. Guys are doing it the right way he said you're, living at the dream. This. Words remind. Us of our, choice to travel, on bicycles, trying. To live out of our normal, travel routines, live, from little, everyday answers, for our basic, needs. When. We were running low the, car would pass and will give us water, tell. Us how brave you were and kept. Encouraging us. To continue. There's. No signs, of, life. Traveling. Here it's. Quite, silent. Because, there's no cars, around you and. There's almost, you. Know any must do as. Much as I thought it would see a lot of, wildlife. Flies. Made his company. On. The shadow was 32, in, the Sun is. 38. I would say. Close. Your eyes. Get, some, rest. You say. Matches. You've had. Day. It's. Gonna be, okay, but. Some could go Howard, we're. Gonna be. Late. Oh. We're. Gonna be. We. Had to wake up really early today, around 6:00 in the morning so, we could get some fresh on. The road but. He gets tired after three. Days of traveling. The. Last 30. Kilometers, the. Road has been really, sandy you, don't get rid of this. Last. Night we decided to stay in a room since. We were really tired and exhausted we. Needed to rest it didn't. Have to set up the camp our plan, today is to, travel. As much as we can in this weather. It feels good. At, the moment the cycle, but. In a couple of hours maybe two hours it's gonna be terribly, hot. Above. 35, degrees and as much as we go closer to sossusvlei, you. To get. Hotter. And hotter, these. Cars that you're gonna see now there are the tourist cars they cannot bring this anywhere. They. Do quite a bit of smoke when they pass, dust. Sometimes. We asked water. To. People that pass sometimes. They give the. Wind has been really helping. Us yesterday. We almost got all day, tailwind. Today. There's just a very light breeze. Which. Is good when there's winds it. Means the Flies they go away and we also get a bit of. Freshness. In. The, heat. Of the day. But. We have around.

148. Kilometres, to. Reach justice, leg. And. When. We don't know where to sleep we, need to search. But. Some places are just not right this. Farm was, just an abandoned, house with, some nice cactus. And a lot of ground around it the. Reason we wanted to stay here, was, just to be next to the tap water and, to be sheltered, from the wind. After. Two hours a big gap came with workers, that called the owner on the phone, the, owner just wanted money, he, didn't even listen to us we. Didn't felt that place deserve, to be paid but, rather a warm welcoming, like the lady did initially. So. We left. We. Read on I Overlander that, an official, campsite was a few kilometers ahead. We. Went and we paid a hundred Namibian. Dollars each for, a shower pool. And best, of all how are you. Hey. Laughing. The. Best of all is that we met two Namibian, travelers, friends, that shared as a cold, beer and some, Oryx meat and in, the end of the day we saw a beautiful sunset. Yesterday. We took a day. Rest to, recover from the travel the heat. Syria. It's particularly. Difficult. Because, the. Water we find doesn't. Taste good we need to wake up really early, so. We can to. The most of the travel, wind, is, not too hot, because. Temperatures. Here can reach 35. To 40 degrees. Which. Is. Extremely. Hot and dry. Saying. Goodbye from our camping, all we're, paying, around. We're. Paying around 200. Million dollars, to. Stay here, overnight, it's. Gonna take 36, kilometers for. Us to reach. Solitaire. Let's. See how. It's gonna be today. Never. Felt, Amaro. Closing. In this fast oh. I. Guess. Time which, then. Leaves. The, falling, down but. Of these, taper. Back. One, wait. Oh. To, grow. Yeah. The. Time I can. It is just love, together, bye. It is just enough, to, get. The. Wind the. 160. Kilometers onsen and corrugated, road let, us decide to leave our bicycles, in solitaire, and ask, for a hike to sossusvlei. Being. On a bicycle means, freedom, and enjoying, the travel the way we want if. We decided, to stop we, stop if. We decided to continue we. Just go this. Journey on a car gave us a different feeling about, leaving, our bicycles, behind in. One hand we were doing it fast and comfortable in. Another hand who. Were dependent, on other people choices, of helping us her not. And. We, were finally incessantly. Sand. Dunes wild, animals, trees and branches. That's. What made this place incredibly, scenic the. Strong, wind sent, flying and the, quiet dry weather were, the biggest challenges to, sketch here. Yet. After, all the effort to come here, I couldn't. Resist to do some sketches. Reaching. Sossusvlei in, being on the top of these stones filling, the sand and the calmness, of this place was, a moment, of satisfaction in, the end of our achievement. First. Goal in a meteor by bicycle, was, now complete, and from, now on we, will start to go north along, the west coast of africa. 19. In africa we. Are going for a new adventure. After, we complete our, first. Stage, of our adventure in the media we're. Going to Bobby's Bay and try, this, time to sketch the coast it's. Going to be a journey of. 250. Kilometers, again. On a desert roads. Of Namibia. Bring. A lot of water, we are now adjusting, to, the. Way, how. To traveling here on a bicycle so we have to wake up at 5:00 5:30, and. Start. Cycling at 6:30, so. The. Air is fresh the Sun is just coming, and. Everything, is a bit. Easier, for us without the heat the. Next three to, four days we're gonna be on the road in. This desert. Searching. For places to stay, watching. The wild earnest. Sleeping. I don't know we're. Drinking. I don't know what, and. That's. The journey always, they. They're. Running low. See. These desert, roads, we. Normally take one hour to do around 10 kilometers, see. These landscapes. After. 2 hours staring, at them they, became our home as, it barely changed. We. Hear this sounds, the, wheels on the gravel roads the, chain rolling, and the, clicks of the gears, that's. Our road soundtrack, you. Can, imagine that it doesn't take much time until we start to get in the cycle routine this. Is when the journey gets harder it's. The mind game. This. Road was teaching, us how to survive, in some extreme situations. Like the heat that, was burning again our backs. Once. We need help we, would ask. At. 6:00 in the morning. Thank. You so much thank. You so much. I'm. Good we. Don't need to take everything from you. Thank. God. What. It's. Not so bad to be on the main road with other cars. We. Were told to to. Do this that's what they're for from. People, that. Was passing on the cars and here. We go sometimes, you have really lucky to, find a nice person, that wants to share whatever you.

Makes. A huge difference to, have fresh water or, just warm water your, body just cools down from, inside which. Is really, really nice when you're like 35, degrees, in. This desert road, without. Anything. There's no shops there is no trees there's nothing, at the moment which. Makes it really. Difficult. It's. All downhill, now. Hold. On, he'll. Put. In the media we never know. We. Did 56. Kilometers, and we are now, having. Our lunch time at. 2:40. Afternoon. It's. Really hot. What up flies around us, it's. Very dry, in the, wind. Our. Plan, was to. Drive. When. He was. Cool. But. Now it's, not cool anymore it's very hot, so. If we hit the road searching, for a better place I'm going to be terribly, hot I. Think. It's not even good for animals. Look. There. Is this poem. I'm. Not sure if cheetah or. Newport. They. Said that if, there is not long it's. Their part. And. Over there there's. A green grass. Is. Nice to Kim. Research. Research, research then. We found a very nice spot with water so we could refresh ourselves. But. The, owner came and they, just send us away said. It was a private place you cannot stay here, in, a very snow, of an arrogant way you. Just need to accept and leave, we. Came to the first position it's. An empty, River. Dry river, and. Hopefully nobody's. Gonna make. Us leave from here, or any animal is, gonna show. Up in the night. It's. The first light of today, 6:00. In the morning, during. The night weird, sound from an animal around, midnight. That. Was the only moment. That, we. Were a bit more, scared. Let's, say there. Was someone, and. Brought. Dust. To. Our tent, and so everything. Was a bit sandy inside, I'm. Gonna start packing stuff, try. To eat something and hit the road before. It's too hot. 7:00. In the morning everything, seems to be ready for the journey of today we still have a hundred and eighty kilometers. It's. 5:30, in the morning we're, having the breakfast, now still. Very dark outside. Our. Breakfast. Is granola. With. Apple and chia seeds milk powder then we. Have coffee. Already. Done waiting, for us you. Know it was calm no. Wind no animals. This time nobody telling, us to leave. These. Days we've been, sweating. In getting dust from. The road all day and, there's very, limited water so we cannot wash ourselves so, we get really sticky, course, sleeping is uncomfortable. That's. Life that's Namibia, I, don't. Know if you know me you it's for cyclists. And. We're heading this. Way we are a hundred, and thirty kilometers. Away. Which. Means at least two more days. There. Was nothing, we are in the middle of a national, park so you should have a permit, to be here but we didn't got one we forgot to buy lucky. For us nobody. Nobody. Faster in the night that. You could see at least or, here, and. The. Journey starts, with this mist and fog fresh, cold this morning which, is something we appreciate, it's a little bit too cold. Today's. The coolest, day we're. Having, there. Is really fresh, and pull us down, it. Doesn't take. So much energy, from. Our. Food. Because. We run out the food. The, thing is our pack is loaded. So if. It's, the foot so he did there you go. This. Is what they gave us nice. Thank. You. Fresh. Water. Before. When. We tried to hitchhike, from. Solitaire, to so. This way. We. Only had our backpack. But. It. Was so hard to get a hitchhiker, but. Then one, year on the bike, with. His heart, would. Help. They. Will stop and ask. You. Live in a water. Balloon. Is, amazing, I don't.

Feel Alone in this world, with. This way of traveling. Right. After. An amazing night at this campsite the. Day started, with a fresh breeze. During. All night until, this moment who, were totally alone in. The middle of desert. Sixteen. Kilometers to, arrive and, we can start to see, some. Changes is. Those green trees over there from. The distance, we can start to see. Sand. Dunes. As. You can see there is no, shoulder. For cyclists, so we need to be inside, of the road we're, getting in the city right now. It. Has been a. Really. Amazing journey, on the bicycle, since we last we look and. I hope you enjoyed watching us. Traveling. And sharing our experience, with all of you that is watching our Channel, remember. To keep following us if you want to see new episodes, of our travel in Africa, and sketches. Of course. Comment. Below whatever. You'd like to be, answering the next video, that we're gonna publish about. Our. Traveler, our traveling's. It's. Really windy right now.

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