Big Box Nursery Tour! || Lowe's, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart!

Big Box Nursery Tour! || Lowe's, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart!

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Hi. Friends, welcome back to another video, today. We're gonna do I actually asked, on Instagram like if you guys wanted to see this and you said yes so we're gonna go, to some of the big box stores in our town and in a nearby town while. We're running errands so our, first stop is Lowe's and, and. Hello. So back out. Our first stop is Lowe's and we're gonna see what kind of house plant selection they have Lowe's is usually the best, out, of the ones I go to. But. I don't know it really depends we're also gonna go to Walmart and I don't know if there's a Home Depot the place we're going but they have a Lowe's and a Walmart I think they're two so, we'll, see what they have, so, let's, go. Okay. There were employees so, I had to wait but we, looked around a little they have lots, of crotons I, want. One really bad. Some. Like bonsais, and, things, these. Are really big nest ferns, but. They have some sad, leaves on them they. Have really big bromeliads. It's. Kind of hard to see. My. Friend Corrine, who, I talked about in the last video really, likes bromeliads, and there's. These I. Don't, know what they are. But. They're cute I like the leaves they. Have some of these fluffy. Ruffle, ferns how cute are those. And. I. Think these are zzs. Yes. There's. Easy plants. Somewhere. Kurt, needs. Some. Sago palms down there. Okay. I had this stop filming for a second because there's an employee but they have the, red Fatone yeah for. Six dollars. Some. Decorative, bamboo they have more over here and. I. Think these are some kind of Lily but I'm not sure. And. They have some like decorative grass and, these curly, crotons, they're really cute and. I think looks like a tiny peace lily or something. More. Nest ferns, down there oh. I. Don't is this a pepper oh man oh, my. Gosh um. Yeah. I don't know it. Looks like some kind of peperomia but I'm not sure oh it's, just kind of sadly, sitting in here, hello.

So, They have, no. Focus and. Horthy, is in cute pots, doing. More air plants dirty they have the purple kind. Have. More, how, or Thea is those are the kind that you can kind of see through the leaves. I had. One of these actually. I think - but, it. Died they had a golden pothos back there I wanted really bad, more. How worthiest and, air, plants. More. Hull worth you as an air plant oh, they. Have a big snake plant right there. It's. Back here. Some, kind of decorative grass I think jade. Plant, more. Big bromeliads. They. Have string of bananas, all, you want one so bad they're $11, it's, kind of expensive. African. Violets, this. Is suppose. Dieffenbachia. Hmm, don't know more. Sago palms. More. Bromeliads. Some. Cacti. An. Orange. Star, what, kind of. Ornithol. Gallon do bian. Some. More. Ferns and. Lilies. And things let's. See let's, look at the bigger stuff over here oh is. This what, is this a bromelia - i think yeah. They've, really put flowers I really. Want the string of bananas. More. Decorative, bamboo. This looks like a hibiscus maybe. Some. Cute pots and. Stuff. There's. People everywhere I don't. Want to get people in the video. This. Is the, same one that was on the floor over there dieffenbachia. The. Snake plant. Ponytail. Palms. They. Have lots of these different Bahia's, what is this oh they have fiddle leaves so. That's cool, Billy, figs. Little, succulent planters. Those, are really cute. Lots. And lots of succulents. Lots. Of selection so. That's cool. They, have so many crotons, and I want one really bad but, I can't afford one, lots, of Lake palms and things too. This. Is a bromeliad its hue much. Wow. It's. Really big. Okay. Hello. What are these are these Hindi ropes. Hold. On hold. On a second. Is, this a Hindi rope. Yeah. It's, a Hoya and. They. Just have them in like floral, foam. So. I guess Lowe's carries Hindi rope now. Huh. I didn't even see those, that's. Really cool though what, are these. It's, like really cool red guys, cosmic. Cactus, they're, a type of aloe, oh it, looks like they're just spray-painted, that's sad. Have. These cool, noodley. Looking cacti, and things. Some. Jade. Plants. Some. Sad, dead looking, succulents. Of sorts. Yeah, these cool, aloe. With, these like or maybe these are mother of thousands I'm not sure, Oh. Some. Cacti. They. Have lots of jade plants, I've. Noticed. Look. At these tiny ones. They're. So cute. These. Little guys to. Focus. Please. Please. They're so cute, yes. I've. Never seen these before these. Are apparently, called a gold, star Croton, at least according to Lowe's they're, really cool but. They have, just. Like lots of crotons, and leafy, plants and veins I really. Love these red petunias. They're. Really cool. So. It was really hard to film in there because one I kept getting skittish and two, like their employees, everywhere, and usually when I go to Lowe's there's like no employees, to be found, so. I, only, filmed, a little bit, but. They had a lot of curtains a lot of jade plants a lot of sad looking ferns and, they had a lot of succulents, and that's about all you missed, but. We're gonna go to Walmart, and hope. There's not nearly as many employees, around, in the garden centers so here we go so. A. Lot of stores to have these, tiny pots of crotons, that are by exotic. Angel, plants. I've, also seen a lot of nest ferns this year. Oh. My. Gosh they, have these variegated, philodendron. They're. So pretty. Some. Ferns. Something. Stuff like not exotic decorative, grass was. This. Dumb. Canyon. Succulent. It's. A echeveria. I think. Is. That Tracy. No. More. Of these philodendron. They've Arrowhead, labs the pink illusion oh, my. Gosh. Some. More dray Cena's. Sad. Little dragon's, tongue up here. Some. Succulent. Winters lots. Of seconds everywhere um. They have some of Homs up here. Maybe. Not palms, quarter. Lions, and. A little pot of cactus, palms. Sago, palms. Lots. Of succulents, they, have other guys over there than theirs. Hi. See. It's, we're. Trying to build our vegetable, garden so. Okay. We're out another load yeah, these, I don't know what they are. They. Have little, roses. Like. Mother's Day gifts, they have these. Drip. Berra the, flowers, are pretty. Focus. Yeah, oh, my. Gosh look at this huge basket of bamboo, they. Have like ivy, and stuff and hanging baskets. This, guy I've been seeing everywhere. It's. A little heavy and. Can. You hold this. It. Doesn't. Have a name but. It's really cool I like oh. It's. A. Try. To scan Tia and Sabrina. It's. Really cool can you put that back thank you. Some. Ferns and, things oh my gosh it's very brave. Hello. Lots. Of succulents. That. Are. Low down there. Some, of these are blooming and, they. Have, lots. Of equipments. Some. Tracing us but go yes. I won't. Look at these polka dot plants.

They're. Really cute, I'm. Not sure if this is. Some. Sit. To, a colonial, Oh Dre. Cena. I have, lots, of curtain varieties, but, I've seen curtains, everywhere. They. Seem to be really popular now oh they have the. Pink. Arrow, headed here to. Nerf. Plants. Some. More big, dre Cena's. What. The gun yes. Spoken. Is everywhere. I really, like. The. Burner plants, I really. Lose. There oh it's not and I just let me take that little oh. Maybe. It was a drink own yeah. It. Was the same except, today. These. I don't know what these are. These. Are of. Their the purple waffles but they don't have the, purple color. Right. Means not that much colouring, I don't. Know if these are. How. Work he is a little decorative, pots. Some. Bromeliads. They. Have the string of bananas here - I want one really badly and. Then. Big. Bromeliads. Single. Home. They. Call these coral, cactus, I'm not sure that that's what they're really called. Caladium. Yes. We're called. Cyclamen. They're really cool. And. They, have an airman, in a little, birdhouse but it's like stuck, in there oh I, didn't even see these they have. Venus. Flytraps, looks like a lot of them are really dead, actually. Sorry venus. Flytraps i don't think i'm not sure what these are. They look very that means, some more lucky bamboo oh, yeah. And they had this huge. Variegated. Peacock. Plant that I thought was really pretty. Oh. That's. Cool I, like. Self watering pots, I think these are golden pothos. Some. Ponds, and things they have huge months terraces, and, massive. Crotons, to. They. Call these waffle. Plants. Barely. Oh come. On focus there, we go they're really cool. They. Have like a mixed, thing I'm nervous man it's down there. Yeah. I think a little mixed thing there's, only $6. More. Nerve plants. Huge. Bromeliads. Up here. I have, these curly crotons, they're really cool. There's. Palms everywhere. These. I think these are Hoyas I. Want. One. More. Pull so a. Lot. Of the same some, lilies. Agron. ENOS. They're really cool. Skits. And things you know the, usual. My. Palms is. Sad um with all these dead leaves oh. I. Found the clearance. This. Poor Fatone you know. Yeah. Lots of said, yeah the croden looks okay there's a few dead leaves I but. Yeah. The clearance sections always will said. Can. Buy an airplane without any plan. That's. About all I see here. Okay, we're at Home Depot, they have a lot of the same stuff it looks like. Familia, it's again. 898. Some. Of these leafy, guys, I've. Seen elsewhere. Oh. Those. Are neat they have little strings, of pearls on that one but they had these baskets. Kind. Of succulents, in them so, that's really cool, that's. The first time I've seen those succulents. But also but. Also not behind spider plant that's kind of neat but, they don't have the same water requirements, so more. Crotons, I want one so badly but I don't know where I'd put it they. Have this. Lemon-lime. Looking, whatever. It is. They. Have these lilies, for 1498. Some. Palm looking guys, more. Succulent I see a snake plant in this one and. Then that one oh they all have snake plants in them. Dumb, canes I've seen these everywhere. Flamingo. Flower. Oh is. That a can, you pull that down is that a philodendron. Okay, could, you find goji berries. Goji. Berries I don't know. I've. Heard of them oh they, have. Succulents. And. Cacti, the. One on the very end that's hanging, look, at these they're, little air plant planters, but their hair, is. This a this. A philodendron. I. Think. I. Think. It's a philodendron. Doesn't. Say. They. Have braided. Snake, plants. Those are cool and they, have really cool cuts to. Lots. Of aloe, there's always a low this time of year, there's. A big one up there that was blooming but. It looks like it might have spider mites. Excuse. Me oh. Look. At these little polka dot planters. Honey, I love, those. They. Have the prayer plants I want. They. Have the green tie and I really want one and they have a golden pothos. It. Looks like a lot of philodendron and, then I think there's some Jade plants way down there, and. Then they have the majesty, poem, kind. Of pomace I was a yucca. If. Yuccas. I like, these aloe pots they're really cute, they're eight dollars. Really. Cool they, have some a lot of the places have had really cool succulents, I love. These cacti, with the little flowers on top they're really cute.

But. I also I really, like these air plant planters. Byxis. Silly. Yeah. And. I also I really, like that cylindrical. Snake plant that's, braided, that's really neat oh. I. Kind of really want that prayer plant but I don't know if I want to spend $15, today. I also. I, really, like the dumb canes I think they're cool I. Like. The variegation on the leaves those, are neat too but that one has a lot of, dead. Leaves I don't know what kind of fern that is but it's cute. So. I don't know what that is but it's cool. So, a small selection but they have some cool stuff and. Some. Flower. Starters, and things too baby. Fig trees if, it'll focus, yeah. Little baby figs. So. Yeah that's. Home Depot. Okay. We're at Walmart, and they have these huge, birds-of-paradise. I think that's what these are and. Also this guy, it's. Really cool. It's. Uh, I'm. Not sure what it is oh this. Is a massive pothos. So. Oh the. Parts of paradise are on clearance Oh Oh. Dumb. Canes golden. Pothos. Crotons. Dumb. Cane again. Well, we both of, these. Are Drake Cena's. Ferns. Oh a little sneak plant Oh many, snake plants actually. All. Together lots. Of dumb canes I'm seeing these everywhere more. Snake plants. Burn. And. The prices here have, been pretty good there's some bamboo. More. Popos food both us are on sale. It's, probably a reason for that but. You. Know, they're. Not in too bad shape I might pick one up cuz they're only three dollars. Another, bird of paradise, more. Pothos oh. No, a, casualty. I stepped. On it. Massive. Sago palm for 1250, I, guess it looks like it's maybe rotting. More. Of these pothos on sale I. Want. To know why they're on clearance because if a tiny, prayer plant. Some succulents echeverria's. And stuff Oh actually. Like all of these are on clearance is there a reason what's happening what's, going on here, something's, in the air. New. Outfit Onias. Lots. Of ivy ferns. Some. Begonias. Another. Group. Of crotons, more. Photos. That. Might be a bromeliad but, I'm not sure. That's, a fun looking fuzzy, hangar basket. This, is a curly. Spider plant. Fun, oh. They're. So small. These. Ones have nice babies really, tiny. Focus. It's fine just to. Have a nice painless cute. And. They have this little planter, but. I might, get, a pothos here I don't know. Yeah. They have a lot of selection like everything's, on clearance they're, spying to make sure oh no all. Right so that's about all they have but they. Have a lot for really cheap so I might get something. So. We just got done at our last location and, it was really weird like. Everything. In, the garden center was on clearance this is a Walmart, in a, nearby, town, everything. Was on clearance and was like pretty sad, looking, and I didn't really understand, I thought I was gonna get a pothos for like an absolute, steal, but. They, were marked down for a reason they all had like fungus gnats or rot or like, any manner of things and, so that lady keeps staring at me. So. I didn't get anything I, didn't, get anything anywhere. But. I, don't. Know there was a lot of cool selection, I might come back to this Walmart in a few weeks once. All this clearance stuff has been cleared out cuz they. Had a huge, garden center and a lot of selection but, um, yeah. It was kind of bizarre I said what happened here in Nemo said I think someone got fired. Um. Cuz like half of the entire garden center was on clearance but anyway. So that, was my tour of our local big-box stores. I'll do this again some other time sorry, if some of the filming was weird I was like scared. That I was gonna get kicked out so I was like ooh hide, the camera we'll bring it back out all that stuff so I'll. Try to get better at filming, but. I thanks, for watching and I hope you enjoyed it hope you're having a good day and I'll, see you in my next video bye.

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Yeesss!!! Loved this! Thank you for sharing! Made me want sooo many more

It's always SO hard not to buy anything when I go to any nurseries, but five in one day was extra difficult!!

Diffenbachia is a dumb cane (: Super easy to care for, but very poisonous to animals!!

I learned this shortly thereafter

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