Bike Touring, Fahrradreise Schottland 2020 mit E-bike und Hund (#3): England, Leeds, Yorkshire Dales

Bike Touring, Fahrradreise Schottland 2020 mit E-bike und Hund (#3): England, Leeds, Yorkshire Dales

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Good morning. It's still quite early, it's kind of seven, half past six. I wanted to show you my sleeping place. I just drove behind the field. The sun is already out. Hello Zuri. Good morning.

I was just about to leave, and now I see that I have a flat tyre. Oh... Luckily I had packed the right air pump for this trip, because bike and trailer have different valves. I just pumped it up for now, because I didn't see any air coming out.

We're going to see if we can find a lake or something and we can see where the hole is. Let's see if we can cycle a few metres with it. or if it will let the air out again immediately. Interesting, let's see if the tyre still holds with Zuri in it. Because that is another 20 kilos of extra weight. I have to check all the time. I am curious if that happened when we went through the blackberries.

Or all the barriers where I had to push the trailer through. Maybe that slashed the tyre too, because it was always very, very tight Yes or glass. We cycled over some of it. It's amazing, I haven't had a single flat tyre in my trailer through all Eastern Europe.

And now the second day in England... If you don't follow the cycle paths but Komoot, then you have a road like this. This doens't look much better to me. It is a real dilemma. After 10 kilometres finally a cycle path again. That was a lot of traffic and a lot of hills.

The tyre is still in great shape. Let's see how it continues. If there are always these broad wide paths next to the cyclepath, I really wonder what these barriers are good for. I think it's so wide that I can actually get through. There is a jogger in front of us. He's been ahead of us the whole way probably for three kilometres.

We just can't catch up with him. We are slower than a jogger. Zuri on the left. It works really well already. She knows exactly what I mean. But she always tends to the right when she has free choice.

She always starts on the left and then she creeps to the right. Again a barrier and another nice one... By the way, that was the nice jogger, who now helped me through it.

We are now following quite a bit of cycle route 76. So far, all the entrance barriers have been OK. So I got through relatively well and it wasn't those really stupid ones like yesterday. Also quite an interesting climb up the cycle path. But at least you can ride it. That's already a clear advantage.

Now I wanted to avoid the barrier and onto the cycle route, but it doesn't work. Because I don't fit through here either. So back and through the other barrier. Earlier another woman had to help me through another one.

Because a door opened and I didn't fit through it either. How much rubbish is lying around here. England is really bad with rubbish. It's quite a tight squeeze. Do you see the wire on the floor? You can't move it and Zuri's tyre would go right through it.

That means: Move the trailer again, Zuri. You come out too Because that is easier. Let's hope that we pass by now. Zuri, you shouldn't be on there either. Of course the next obstacle was not far and I was stuck again.

And I was astonished when suddenly a ninety year old got out of the rollator. and lifted and moved the trailer for me. He said that the cycle path was paid for by all the anglers. That it has now been completed. That it is not actually a cycle path, but made for anglers.

But it is definitely indicated as a cycle route In my navigation, also as official route 67 Here's to a new one. These are indeed the best of all. Whereby you really have to cheat your way through but at least you can do it in one piece. Well, almost. Then you get stuck.

Oh, here comes another one. Unfortunately we got stuck again on the other side of the road. Thank goodness the British helpfulness is unrestrained I can't park my bike here due to a big bump to do it myself The guy comes now and helps me. Guy 1: Are you stuck? Yes, all the time over here. Guy 2: It's a nightmare, isn't it? Can you just lift it? Yeah Thank you! Wow, a door. Where are you heading to today then? Leeds ok, not that far really No Maybe an hour Maybe a bit longer with that But not that long But with the barriers in between...

But there is less barriers now. With that 2 hours. Are you camping then, when you go places? I usually just sleep outside Oh really? Just anywere? That's the dream! We'll join you. Enjoy They had to let Zuri out for me now, because otherwise I wouldn't be able to get down the hill.

because it was super steep and super narrow. And then a second cyclist had to move the trailer so that I could get around the bends. It's very, very adventurous here. But you are also compensated with very beautiful nature. Look, a huge potato field. This is parked in a really stupid way.

Excuse me, could you help me with the trailer? Because the car is blocking the thing. How do you want us to do it? Just lift it, so that it doesn't fall over Great, thank you! Wow, another channel Cool, with all those boats. Even small front gardens are no exception to English lawn care.

I'm in a pub now, where I can get my battery charged again and here it's quite interesting. Because they have an app and you order through the app. And then you even say your number and then it goes straight to the table. without having to wait for someone somewhere. it seems that all the pups in England are in here.

I wonder if I might need the app again. After a well-deserved sleep, a surprise awaited Zuri, which was to revive her spirits. The next restaurant... Hmm, steak and chicken.

England is one of the dog-friendly countries, I have ever experienced. I think, except in Montenegro, in no other country she has received so much food free of charge from restaurants. Almost in every place we went. This is a Komoot idea this time. As you can see the tunnel is flooded. I hope it's not that deep. And now we're back on Route 76.

We cycled for miles along the beautiful canal, but the next surprise was soon to follow. Unfortunately the canal bridges were all so designed that we simply couldn't cross them with a bike and a trailer. So we just continue cycling.

Kilometre after kilometre along the beautiful canal. That wasn't too bad either, because Komoot told us that we had to take this way anyway. Until we finally came to the end. Great! Now we have to go back. They can't do that.

That was Komoot. Super. Now I have to go back. and all the way back again. A child said I have to go all the way back until I get to the other side I don't know if that's true.

And another child stole my water bottle while I was slowly cycling through them. Well, what can you do. Thank God we didn't have to go back that far. Maybe 4-5 km and now we are back on the cycle route 76.

which hopefully now leads directly to Leeds. Because in Leeds I'll meet Katie and this is a friend of a friend of mine. I can stay with her for the weekend. The difficult thing is that the handlebars don't even fit straight through there.

That means you have to muddle through. Now we are at a motorway service station. These are huge penalties here. It is taking 10 min already to get through all these junctions. But I am glad that they have cycle paths.

This is the motorway back there. In England they all have 3 or 4 lanes. Interesting, there is only one bicycle lane. We are on a two-lane Road in the other direction, so I'm going to cycle on the pavement now.

There is nothing on the other side. Where are the bicycle lanes here? This is really very, very exhausting to cycle here. This is really chaotic. Sometimes there is a cycle lane, then there isn't. Then the cycle lane is a bus lane.

Then it is on the other side. Then there is a building site. Confused by the chaos of the big city, I did it like Zuri and drifted off briefly unnoticed to the right side. This is the 4th broken car window I've seen in this area. Now how do I get on this bicycle path? Up there Katie is going to pick me up now. She has a van.

Because I have only 2 km remaining battery on the lowest level and it's only uphill to her. and there are still 3 km to go to her. That means I won't make it either Here's a pretty good place to pick me up and she has a van, where my bike will stay overnight and so we can load it now as well.

That was really exhausting today. Yes, we'll have a day's rest before we go on tomorrow. that feels really good after yesterday to have a bit of a breather. I can already feel it in the legs. They are already a bit weak and Zuri is really tired today.

We haven't ridden a bike for a long time. Since last year. And really good was also that Emma, the friend of mine, who I also know here in England and whose friend I am with at the moment, that she spontaneously came over. And then today the 3 of us are spending the day together and are going to the park now. And we will move Zuri at least a bit but she is actually not really up for it today either. And yesterday was just great, because I could take a shower, she made food for me straight away. I got couscous.

and I did some washing. Zuri. Hello Hello you are tired hmm, Zuri But frisbee is like ice cream. It's always a pleasure. You may hardly believe it, but it was finally time. The first tyre change of my life.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a hole and so I just put a new tube inside. Better safe than sorry. Zuri meanwhile had an exciting encounter with the neighbour. As you can see, she couldn't get herself quite familiar with the neighbour. Yes, when I told Emma how shit all the cycle paths are here, she offered to drive me to the Lake District.

That's about 2 hours from here. But it would have been two or three days by bike and the Lake District is supposed to be just super beautiful and it's supposed to be a thunderstorm tomorrow and Thursday as well. And from that point of view, it's really cool that she is driving me a little bit further up, because I want to be the most of the time in Scotland anyways and here the cycle paths... That was really hard work So now I'm really glad to get a a little shortcut through England. Let's see how Scotland will be then. First Emma showed me the Yorkshire Dales, which are in the north of England.

It is a really beautiful region with lots of wild romantic little hills, heathland and winding small roads and their surprisingly joyful visitors. Infected by the good mood we now began to explore the Yorkshire Dales on our own. For my bicycle-trailer team paths like these are old acquaintances, but not for the English Brompton pedant. This is not the best cycling conditions for a Brompton I know Hello Puppy That's better Heading through Boogie Marsh.

The easiest way to get Zuri to get clean, is to lure her into the water with a little stick And get it At the same time Zuri, had the chance to present her athletic skills to the local hero. That was wet. It was a neck and neck race without a clear winner.

And now we driving to a little car park right next to a river, to spend the night. We had no idea what would be waiting for us there. No, no, no. Close the door. Close the door, Iris. NOW Look! That will be your side of the bed.

Ok, that will be my side of the bed I wanted to... That was really clever This was followed by the most violent thunderstorm I have ever experienced in my life. There was lightning every two seconds and that for hours. The rain was also getting heavier.

This was followed by 50 millimetres of rain per hour for six hours. And we heard the river getting bigger and closer. Once again you can expect a lot of exciting things. Among other things: The consequences of a sleepless thunderstorm night.

Also magnificent shots from the Lake District. A pass, which with 25% brought my brakes to their knees and we finally reach Scotland. See you in the next video.

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