Bike Touring, Fahrradreise Schottland 2020 mit E-bike und Hund (#6): Girvan, Glasgow, Loch Lomond

Bike Touring, Fahrradreise Schottland 2020 mit E-bike und Hund (#6): Girvan, Glasgow, Loch Lomond

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It just rained a little bit, so we waited for it to pass, and now we start into the new day. I am so glad that I could load everything. A dream come true. Although we are now in the middle of the road, I need to stop because it's really starting to rain now.

That means I have to get out my mackintosh. Nonsense. My rain trousers As fast as the rain came it disappeared again. Now I am sweating a bit in my rain trousers I really prefer to ride in shorts I find long trousers difficult. and now to have the rain trousers on top of them doesn't help And with all this going up the mountain.

Today it could rain over and over again. That's why I'll leave them on for now. There is the rain again Rain, rain, rain. But it's still beautiful. How are things going, Zuri? You could almost put on a put on a mackintosh yourself. With the GoPro it is always a bit difficult because the camera often crashes.

Then you have to take the battery out and put it back in and that's a bit difficult here, because as soon as you stop, you're surrounded by midges. This could get really adventurous, because it will be much worse in the Highlands. Boah, the rain is getting worse It's starting to get a bit nippy as well. We have almost reached the highest point, so I'll show you this now This looks really nice It is still raining, of course that's why you can't see so much Since it's going down soon I have now prepared Zuri's trailer. Unfortunately it is already a bit wet, because I did it much too late. But here, this is the Croozer Kids rain cover.

I just put it over here because it's the only way Zuri can ride and not get wet. and still have her convertible function because otherwise it is too tight for her. and another new purchase for this trip are the SealSkinz gloves. because, I have everywhere...

I have been looking for so long for gloves that are really waterproof. and most of the time they have only winter gloves. And yes, definitely... last year my hands froze off when it rained. They got so wet but these are actually really waterproof. This was a tip from an Englishwoman.

I mean, the English know about rain. And that's why I got them straight away. That is so beautiful we are also almost at the top I don't think we could have done that with one battery.

Zuri, you did it. 17 km uphill. Now it's time to get in the trailer Come In Hello, Zuri. Hello. Let's see how this works with the descent. Whether this is good and stable. We still have eight kilometres to go We have to go up another hill.

And then we are near Girvan and there lives or works the brother of a friends neighbours. He said that I could come to him, to have a little break and drink some coffee. I haven't had breakfast yet and so it's really good to have the possibility to warm up a bit and to let everything dry a bit. We have now cycled 2.5 hours through the rain. It's just that everything is wet as well. It's quite a lot of mountain without having breakfast.

But we've almost got it. It has also stopped raining. Thank God. Let's see for how long We are there. Now we have to find the brother. Good Bye Girvan is a small road so I can let her run, right? I Go to the right? No, to the left Thank you, bye It was really nice to meet the brother Scott is his name. We had a really good chat. He gave me two coffees, I was able to charge my battery completely and also get dry a bit I also had breakfast there and then he saw how wet my gloves are and then he gave me a pair of work gloves for the time, until my other ones get dry. That's really good too.

Now we're going to have a look at Girvan. there's supposed to be a nice harbour. The rain should be over for now, but he said tomorrow there will be heavy rain again So it could get quite wet again. There is the port of Girvan and that's a really funny island.

Looks a bit like a turtle with a bad weather front on top. Yes, the island is supposed to be a weather splitter. And whenever the clouds are at the head then they say it's supposed to keep raining. And when they are on the ground, then it's supposed to be nice weather. That means we have to expect a bit more rain. We are heading north now.

Unfortunately we now have to follow the main road The A77. But there is no smaller road to the north. Let's hope it's not that busy Zuri is super tiered She must have run at least 40 km today. She is sleeping in the trailer right now.

Zuri, you are tired. Let's have a quick look at the Town Centre. Doesn't seem to be anything special. Yes, the road is really busy.

Useless knowledge: the golf course and the Hotel here belongs to Donald Trump. Who would have thought? Pretty swanky. There it is written down! Always a pleasure to see how the pavements and cycle paths are blocked. You know, when you come through Girvan here There is free Camping and Toilets at the harbour.

I saw you and I thought, I stop and speak to you It was really cool to talk to her. She is 80 and used to do a lot of cycling trips to France. and she still drives around with her camper. Right now she is at a camping site. She wild camps quite often too. Super cool. And then she sleeps in her car with age 80! Crazy.

Actually I wanted to see Culzean Castle, but unfortunately it was not allowed because of Covid it is only accessible to National Trust members. Do you want to enter the park? Yes, I wanted to look at the castle and then come back Are you a member? No I'm just about to close the park You're only allowed in when you are a member at the moment There is no way to have a glance look at the castle? No, unfortunately not It's really dark here. We have almost reached the cycle path again, 1 kilometre to go Hopefully, we will be able to cycle on no-car-roads again. Look, there's even a bit of sun.

I think we passed the wind farm up there Doesn't look that far But it was quite exhausting. Up and down, up and down Looks like a happy herd of cows. Here the calf can drink from its mother. All are chilling Over there a calf with its mother too. It's nice to see that.

We have to go up a steep hill, We have now cycled 72 km and it's getting super exhausting Every mountain is really a torture. There is another big one that we have to cross and after that it's just flat for the next 50 km and there is a restaurant in 5 km. Today is Monday. Today is the 50 percent. We'll see if the restaurant takes part in it. and then we will have dinner and charge the battery and then look for a place to sleep.

I'm really exhausted today That was quite a lot of mountain for one day. Cows on the road Let's see how they behave. Everybody is a bit nervous. Sorry, sorry. I was a bit scared with the herd of cows. Super beautiful with the wild flowers.

This view. The "Eat out to help out" seems to work really well. The restaurant is completely booked. Monday. Let's go into town to an Italian restaurant. Let's see if they still have a place for us. We eat the pizza on the floor now.

On the pavement. It's pretty crazy, because this "Eat out help out". doesn't apply to TakeAway.

That means, because I am now sitting on the streets (in front of the restaurant), I have to pay the full price. Meanwhile, all those inside that have a table only pay 50 percent. It went a bit silly. But now after the second restaurant it makes sense that I eat something now and then look for a place to sleep. I have seen that there is a forest 6 km further along It is not directly our direction. But we are definitely going there.

Let's see if we can put up the tent there I'm really tired now too. Wow, that's a pretty big roundabout. God and my sat nav doesn't work. That means I have to navigate by map so I don't know whether this is the best cycling route. to the forest out there.

We arrived at the bridge that I had picked out. And there should be a way to the left, I hope that we find a good spot. This is the 1st gate, which is actually too small Where the trailer does not fit through. Now I have to see how I'm going to do it? It's completely wedged. Without blocking the bike I'll see if I can open the gate Ouch, nettle. I can't get in here. I can't get out of here.

I have to take the trailer off. I'll see if there's another road back there, where I can get in Yes, the trailer was completely wedged in the entrance gate. It didn't go forward and it didn't go back. But suddenly, out of nowhere, a car stopped and the mother wanted to show her children where they would go hiking tomorrow.

and with her help I managed to pull the trailer out. Good morning from the bivouac bag It was actually raining, as soon as I got into the bivouac bag, then it got too wet for Zuri. and I took her into bivouac bag and Zuri slept with me in the bivouac sack. That was quite practical, because I still have my sleeping bag in here and Zuri only slept in the bivouac sack, and I left it a little bit open. That she could still breathe well, and then it fitted well, And we are lying here in front of a cow grid once again.

Everything is still a bit wet and I could not really lie on my mattress, because Zuri pulled it to the side But it's okay. I don't know if you can see this, but back there. by the fence are two deer. Totally cool I saw that I got an invitation from a man who lives outside Glasgow. But it is 100 km away.

I'll see if we can do it. But that would be really nice, because it is supposed to rain again in the afternoon and I would also really like to have a shower again. Cows are always so interested.

How they all keep coming to you. Hello. Exciting, isn't it? A bicycle with a dog. Bye this is where I got stuck yesterday. There!

It's really a hassle until We'll find the cycle path again I must have cycled 7km across the city. It's pretty busy at 8/9 am. It's amazing how many golf courses there are here on the coast.

We must have passed 5 golf courses yesterday and today. I have now picked a café or a restaurant, which is part of the "Eat out help out". I hope we can find a coffee there. and I can also charge my battery. One of them is empty.

I am now in the restaurant and ordered food for breakfast. There's also 50 per cent here. Unfortunately Zuri has to wait outside because dogs are not allowed. Yes, the restaurant here wasn't the best. So first of all Zuri wasn't allowed in which was really a bugger.

That means she was waiting here in the trailer. Then I ordered a vegetarian breakfast. But I got breakfast with meat. Then I said I would like to have a vegetarian one. Then they said "Oh, sorry".

then they brought a vegetarian, but they told me that the vegetarian sausages were out. and aksed if they could give me something else instead. and then they gave me a tomato... then after about an hour or so.

I was actually still finishing my drink. They told me that unfortunately the table is reserved and I have to get up now and leave the restaurant Which is of course understandable, but the experience was not so good an in all. I can't believe it but it warmed up really well.

So I can ride my bike in a T-shirt and I rolled up my trousers. I must say that it is really nice to follow cycle path no. 7, because there are really, really a lot of, well, car-free roads. It's nice to cycle through all the flowers here. Zuri always squeaks when she wants to go out. That's why it's time now.

Run? Run? Yes! The rain starts. I need to put on a rain jacket and hope that it will not be so bad That I also need rain trousers. You can certainly rely on the Scottish rain We have prepared for the the rain now, Zuri has her raincoat on I closed the Croozer. and put on my rain trousers. Now the rain has become really heavy. I don't know if you can see that from the camera.

It seems that the Rain will be with us today until the end It is so strong, I am already completely soaked. I saw that in Finland. That's pretty cool. They are baskets like that, they are everywhere there.

I mean these yellow ones and you have to throw a Frisbee. from a certain distance. A bit like miniature golf.

Only with a frisbee. Finns play this everywhere quite cool that the Scots do it too. That looks nice. We are in Glasgow now. We are about 3 km from the city centre. It's really nice that the road now leads right into the city.

Yes, do you see that? Blue sky! Nobody would have expected that. This is a really beautiful cycle path, especially that they are also a bit shielded from the traffic We have another 1.5 hours left, so around 25 km Because it's outside Glasgow. There, I think his name is Tam, invited us to sleep at his place.

Look at the blue sky back here. Wow, sun Look at the bicycle lane there's space. Here's another one! Boah, it's quite exhausting. 1,5 hours on the road, across the city, only big streets We still have 9 kilometres to go.

and I have cycle back all that tomorrow. Oh, even something nice at the end. It's not so easy to cycle here, With all the puddles. It's quite muddy. It's amazing that this is an official long-distance cycle path My 2nd battery shows 0 km and I have now 100 metres to go. This means that I have run both batteries completely empty.

Exactly 106km to the metre today. Zuri is getting spoiled with chicken and sausages for breakfast Chicken breakfast Bye. Yes, I could wash at his place.

He offered me the washing machine right away, I had a bath, He bought me a vegetarian dinner, which he made for me in the evening Then this morning I got fruit and muesli. He gave me extra, which is really crazy... Three days ago I realised that a caries filling has fallen out and I have a hole in my tooth. I had been afraid all the time that the tooth might start hurting soon. or gets infected, because there is no protection on it now and then he came to me today without me saying anything.

and said "here, if you have any problems with your teeth. Here is a disinfectant mouthwash. I'll give it to you, even if Zuri has something, just use it". That was so crazy, just out of nowhere, I got exactly what I might need. This is perfect.

So I am always amazed how this works, We had some really good conversations. He also told me a lot about whiskey, and about Scotland. He does quite a lot cycling too, but he also rides a lot of motorbikes. and he was not pushy at all. That was so pleasant. Compared to maybe the Croatian men and also the Bosnian man, who was a bit pushy, That was just so nice.

He also gave me a packet of honey wafers He explained to me that the Dutch always put that on top of the coffee. I didn't know that at all, because we have them here too. But I never knew how to eat them. And he has been following me since last year, since the trip. And he means he was happy that I am now coming to Scotland, so that he could help me as well.

I thought that was so nice, so cool. I am surprised how many Scots seem to be following me, because actually Scotland is not that big. There are not so many people here. But I have received so many messages.

Almost every day I hear from people who say "If you are here, come to me" or "If you are here, come here" So really, really cool I'll show in a moment We are now back at the canal We have about an hour into Glasgow, and then we'll head north on the other side. Take a look at this huge mud hole. I am quite glad that I have waterproof shoes. and you are well, Zuri? These are really big roads here.

Huge roundabouts. 3-lane. Let's hope a bikepaths comes soon. And it's raining again on a day when the sun should be shining and it is supposed to not be raining. Scotland is not be spared. It's so warm again that I could take off my jacket It is always exhausting to cycle in the city.

No bicycle lanes anywhere Police on horses. That is interesting Now it's pavement time. Everything is jammed. We are now in front of the Dales Cycle.

They looked at the brakes and they said, the rear is gone which means they have to be changed in any case. The Front is still ok. I still has three millimetres. Unfortunately, they don't have an appointment any more. The next appointment is in October.

So now he is trying to squeeze me in But there are 15 other bikes in the workshop and therefore I have to wait for 1-1,5 hours and then he tries to squeeze it in, which is super nice of him. They actually have a huge shop too, but it's not open because of Covid. Which is a bit sad, of course, because otherwise I could have just hang out there for a bit.

Now I'm sitting here at the back entrance and I'm waiting. Yeah, I've been waiting for about 15 minutes and everything is already fixed. So really good. They have now changed the front and the back break pads.

Just to be sure. The front was almost gone, and on the back nothing was left. Now the Highlands can come. Zuri has just told me that she wants to get out and here it's perfect too. This is the cycle path 7 again,

which we have been following all the time anyway. There are now 17 miles to Loch Lomond I was there 3 years ago that's when this picture was taken. Left, Zuri That's fine. She really learned "left" very quickly. Yeah, how did they imagine how I should get through here? Hm, I can only go in and then I can't even turn around.

This will be interesting. I wonder if there is a way around? Is this path going to the cyclepath again? That means, I can just uses this one? Yes Getting through turned out to be a little difficult. Cool, cow dung! I bet you do! Enjoy your trip. Enjoy your dinner and thank you very much That was really cool, someone just stopped. he said he had passed me before. and he gave me his fruit.

There it is, Loch Lomond. Wow, the way drags on forever now You can't see anything of the lake, but in 4km the old military road is supposed to come, where you you should be able see the lake. I hope that it is is still light The sun has almost disappeared. And then we will find somewhere to sleep. Wow, someone went all in. Cool. We are in the restaurant right now.

I had 4 km battery range left. and I thought it would be actually better to have dinner and charge my battery, because I don't know when the next village will come. Today is Wednesday, which means today is still 50 per cent.

And then this made sense. Now I am charging the battery, Then I can fill up some water. And yeah I arrived 3 minutes before the kitchen closed. Everything worked out perfectly. Hm, food. We have to feed you too Zuri.

It is really beautiful nature. Unfortunately it is already dark and I don't know whether you can see it. but there is no place to sleep.

Actually I wanted to look at all this tomorrow. In daylight Now I hope that I don't have to cycle much further, because it actually looks really nice. NEXT EPISODE In the next episode exciting things await you.

We cylce along the Westhighland Highway. The Scottish rain continues to accompany us. But the views are nevertheless gigantic. However, it becomes increasingly lonely.

All the cafés and all the bars and everything is closed. Until the next video.

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