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BIKES 2022 | Showroom - CUBE Bikes Official

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Hello and welcome to CUBE Bikes here in Waldershof. My colleagues Flo, Peter and I invite you to take a look at the new products of the model year 2022. We look at all the different model groups We wish you a lot of fun on our virtual tour.

The absolute novelty for the coming model year in the full-suspension range is our AMS. More precisely, the AMS are. Because we have split the series again into two subcategories. AMS should definitely remain the platform that has the horizontal shock connection and that also has room for two water bottles.

We wanted to make the frame significantly lighter without sacrificing stiffness. We now have a new material at our disposal, C:68X. This material is already used in many other series such as road bikes and hardtails. And we said that the cross-sections of the tubes should be significantly slimmer in order to have a nice differentiation from the models that simply have more suspension travel from the Stereo platform. But we have also seen that the range around 100-120 mm travel is even more differentiated. We have a fully sporty, race-oriented bike with 100 mm front and rear travel. The whole thing

is also combined with a double lockout for fork and shock from the handlebar. In addition, there is a category that caters more to the downcountry or light trail bike style. That's why we have the model group here, the subcategory AMS ZERO99. As the name already suggests, we are at 100 mm front and rear and have also made a differentiation here to the models that have more suspension travel. We have made the rear triangle as compact as possible. Here we have a chainstay length of 437 mm,

which is approved for tyres up to 2.25 inches wide. We have also adopted something from the predecessor, namely to integrate the rocker am in a visually attractive way, to make it as clean as possible. We have now gone one step further to make the whole thing a bit more maintenance-friendly in racing, when I have to change or retighten things. Actually, these covers are very easy to remove

and super light. This makes it very easy to get to the rocker arm and the shock mount. The issue of two drinking bottles has always been a very big benefit of the AMS series. We saw that we had to change the dimensions of the down tube. Above all, we had to make it as straight as possible to save weight. We are talking about a frame weight saving of more than 300-350 grams compared to the previous model.

But we still wanted to offer two bottle cages. That's why we have now placed both mounting points on the downtube. The lower one is even variable. So you can also integrate a mini-tool or a pump holder here. You can vary the position. If you are in a race where you always have aid stations, you only need one bottle. Or still have the option of attaching a 0.5l drinks bottle to the top position. If we look at the ZERO99 models, all of them are of course equipped with 1x12 gears.

Once the Race model. We equip the bike with Shimano XT, also completely including the brake system. The FOX suspension is obligatory. The whole thing with Double Remote. Here you have a handlebar control for the forks

and shocks and can also lock them in a sprint. Our teamline-coloured SL model comes with SRAM XO1 Eagle up to 52-10 rear gearing, meaning 520% gear range. The whole thing also comes with the brand new, very light Sitlacs Ultimate shock. This is wonderfully paired with the Sit Ultimate fork at the front. The whole thing also with a handlebar remote with the Twist-Lock, which works not via a thumb operation but via a twist operation. Also, super easy and quick to use in racing. On top our SLT model. Here we work as usual with

the SRAM XX1 AXS Eagel technology, completely wireless, radio-controlled shifting. All this combined with the finest suspension. With Kashima, the striking gold colour on FOX Factory level. Before we get specific about the models. Let's take a look at the differences in construction between the AMS ZERO99 and ONE11.

We start at the rear and see a different chainstay unit. It is slightly longer with 7 mm more chainstay length, 444 mm in total. First of all, we can accommodate a tyre up to to 2.4" and generate more travel at the rear suspension. The whole thing happens through

a different shock stroke. While at ZERO99 we work with 40 mm of shock stroke on the purely race-oriented fullys, here we have 2.5 mm more in this metric damper dimension, which gives us almost 110 mm of travel at the rear on the ONE11 models. Let's look at the front, where we also have a different suspension travel and work with other forks. With FOX or RockShox in the 120 mm class.

Here we also thought about how we could adjust the steering angle and still offer flexibility. We implemented our solution, which is already known from the Stereo series, namely an Angle-Set which works with Inserts made of a special plastic and offers a fine adjustment of 0.6° without special tools. On ZERO99 models, the standard setting is 68° with a 100 mm fork, so it can be flattened by another 0.6°.

On the downcountry-oriented models from the ONE11 series, the headset comes with a flatter setting as standard. Here, in combination with these forks, which offer 120 mm of travel, we have a steering angle of only 66.3°. Which is very progressive, downhill and fun-oriented. If we take another look at the models in particular

we start with the ONE11 Pro. The whole thing comes with a set-up, the new Reagan Gold from RockShox with 120 mm fork. Paired with Delacs, deliberately no remote on these models. The adjustment or fine-tuning of the suspension elements works via levers directly on the component.

Here on the GX Eagle shifting group from SRAM, mechanically shifted, also as known with the full 520% transmission range and the whole thing also combined with a Magura brake system. The new TM - Trailmotion design - with the striking grey - olive colour. The top model in this sub-category with the well-known FOX 34 Stepcast fork, particularly light, very stiff and trail-compatible with a travel of 120 mm. Here we are also in the Factory Kashima price range. Matched by the DPS shock and, as the icing on the cake, the Transfer post with up to 150 mm drop. The whole thing is paired with a Shimano XT set-up. The brake system

was tailored for the purpose with 4 pistons at the front and 2 pistons at the rear. To save weight, the Praxis carbon crank - very light and robust - weighs only 440-450 grams and makes this package round. Maxxis tyres on 30 mm Newmen rims, with the familiar technology. These are very light, robust and track stable with the SL.A30 wheelset. TM model - ONE11 for the trail-loving faction and ZERO99 for the racing-oriented clientele.

There is always a Stereo in the CUBE range for a variety of applications. The Stereo covers travel starting from 120 mm to 170 mm. We have used different wheel sizes, different materials and also made additions to the 2022 model year, starting with the Stereo 120 models. There are also small sizes in the size split here so the XS size at 27.5-inch wheels. The other bikes are available with 29er. Aluminium or optionally HPC in combination: Carbon main frame with carbon rocker arms and aluminium chainstays. The same material mix of HPC with Stereo 140. Stereo 140 is

then deliberately our 27.5-inch wheel chassis, i.e. as a manoeuvrable all-rounder suitable as an all-mountain. The specifications here have been refined a bit. What we see here for example is a colour version of the new top model SLT, where we focused a little bit more on the weight. Here for example with the super-lightweight, but biting Magura MT8 braking system. Moving on from 27.5, then to 29er in full carbon, either in C:62 or C:68 is the Stereo 150.

The model either offers specs that are rather Enduro-focused or, as we see here, in the very weight-oriented SLT version as a super lightweight, long-travel all mountain. So very versatile, diverse specifications, the most diverse focuses that we have here. Now about the new TM in C:62, which is a rather hardcore bike versus a lightweight, very all mountain suitable bike.

It’s rounded off at the top at 170 mm. And we gave the whole thing a facelift, which is why we also gave it a new name. For the 2022 model year, it will be the ONE77. The travel remains the same at 170 mm. But like I said, we have

adjusted and improved a few details. The kinematics were designed to be a tick more progressive. We now have also unified the shock stroke for the shock coil and air versions.

There are a few more possibilities to experiment here and we have made the steering angle a bit slacker which of course benefits the downhill performance. But we are keeping our integrated Angleset, which you can still custom tune. And of course, we added a fourth size XXL to the platform where you have even greater reach beyond 500 mm so that you can choose a very progressive super Enduro according to the reach and not so much by the frame height. So really diverse, different applications various travel options from 120 to 140 - 150 to the brand new 170. Our Stereo 120 is the most versatile model in the whole product range. For the coming model year we included even more additional options in our portfolio.

There will be an additional frame size also in the size split with 27.5" wheels. There will be more colour options. We are starting here in aluminium with the Pro model. Like all bikes in this series it has a 1x12 drivetrain, in this case Sram NX Eagle. The Rockshox Judy on the front. The Manitou Radium Expert shock is responsible for

the rear suspension here. The whole thing of course with adjustable rebound and compression and with a locking option. A Magura braking system is used here for the brakes. In the Race model, which is also available in a truly elegant black anodized second colour option we not only have Rockshox on the front with the Reccon fork but also on the rear with the Deluxe Select + shock.

On this bike the drivetrain from Shimano with the virtually legendary Shimano XT rear derailleur, also 1x12. The braking system here is also from Shimano. Taking a look at the HPC range we have 29-inch wheels, and we have a carbon main frame and carbon rocker. There's an additional model in the product range,

actually two models, because we also have another colour option: HPC EX. Within the range it is probably the most progressive and boldest model which was designed specifically for trail bike use. This comes thanks to two FOX components that are also completely new for 2022. Namely the new 34 fork on the front now with the completely new chassis and the setup with the Fitgrip 2 cartridge. Cartridge damping technology which was previously only available in the 36 and 38 series. With 4-way adjustable low and high speed rebound, as well as compression.

And there is also a completely new shock on the rear which is tailor-made for this trail bike category: The new Float X, so still a lightweight shock but one that offers the advantages of a compensation reservoir system. And to complete the trifecta here there is also the Transfer dropper seat post from Fox. All three come from the Factory series, always very striking, always clearly identifiable by the gold colour Kashima coating.

Among the EX models, the TM is an entry point into the HPC frame world. It has numerous test victories, many buy tips, which is why it hasn't changed much in regards to the specifications. It is available in a new look, which is also the same for all TM models in different series. Namely this striking olive grey, stands apart from various suspension travel ranges and also hybrid and conventional bikes. TM at CUBE can always be easily identified by this new colour scheme. The components here are almost the same as from the previous year, super successful package, the brakes here are Shimano XT, 4 pistons on the front 2 pistons on the rear.

The drivetrain on this bike is also Sram Eagle also in the version where we already go to 52 teeth on the cassette for a full 520% ratio bandwidth between the 12 gears that are available. There is also a a new tyre combination here We have a lot of Maxxis in this series depending on the purpose, finely tuned in this selection of various models. We have the Ardent here and with the SLT model where there is a little bit more light weight and speed in focus we use the combination of the Rekon race on the rear and the Rekon on the front. So a little less profile on the back more speed and of course with lightweight wheels on the model. We have carbon wheels with a new rim type here from Newmen namely the SLX A.30 rim, i.e. a very lightweight cross-country

trail rim but with now 30 mm inner width, and the tyres also have a nice thick volume lots of traction, very safe, very comfortable. There is a Fox Kashima 34 fork in the package too with the Fit4 cartridge, i.e. here 3-way adjustment on the front the same also on the DPS shock and here also the dropper post. So here too of course all from the Factory series again, i.e. truly high-end level from Fox in the striking gold colour. Again, with reduced weight, a small detail which keeps the rotating masses nice and light. We use Aerothan tubes

from Schwalbe here, i.e. a brand-new tube material very light, not very susceptible to flats and it conveys a riding feeling that you really only get otherwise with a tubeless setup but much easier to handle. Stereo 120 really has a giant range from tour, to trail, the most varied of usage categories, materials and different tyre sizes - there's something for everyone.

A look at the Stereo 140 HPC platform shows that there is now much more variety. We have a bigger selection of sizes, we’ve got the XS frame size as an option too. And we have also have more colour options for two models, because we've done what we did in the past with the hybrid full-suspension models, namely we integrated the Sting models into this series. There’s something for everyone. Starting with the Race and its proven technology. All of these bikes are equipped with 1x12. This one is Shimano XT

paired with a Fox chassis, in this case with the Rhythm 34 fork. All models have 140 mm at the rear and 150 mm up front. Here’s the whole thing again in the second colour option. On the SL model, we actually didn't need to change much because it was already rated a “good buy” in 2021 and a test winner with top marks.

That’s why we only made some minor cosmetic changes here. The SL comes with Shimano transmission and a Praxis Carbon crank, which is a very light and robust crank. We’re talking a weight of 540-550 grams for the crank. That's paired with the RockShox Pike Ultimate fork, again with 150 mm at the front and a Race Face cockpit. Another little detail across all the models from this travel class and higher, is the new Acid Disrupt grips made from a really comfortable soft compound. They are easy to adjust with the clamp and index here, for even more comfort at these essential contact points.

While in model year 2021 we still included a TM, or Trail Motion, model, we’ve switched some things around to move the focus to weight reduction. This is where the SLT model here comes in. It's available in two colour versions. At the centre of this model is the completely new Float X shock from Fox. A shock that is specially designed for the trail bike sector. It's a piggyback shock with huge potential but it's easier to dial in the adjustment than on, say, a Float X2, which is more often used in the super-tough enduro sector. The other point that saves a little more weight is the Magura MT8 brakes. But of course for maximum braking performance

with a 200 mm or 203 mm rotor up front, depending on the manufacturer, and 180 in the rear. So, as we said, there are now five sizes. We still work with the HPC logic, which means a carbon main frame, carbon rocker and aluminium rear triangle. So it's a really well-rounded range of 27.5in bikes with 140 mm travel. The Stereo 150 is our 29-inch full carbon full-suspension platform. 150, as the name suggests, refers to the rear travel, paired with a 160 mm fork across the range. All Stereo 150 models come in four frame sizes: S, M, L, XL.

As we said, 29-inch wheels front and rear. Our Race model comes with full SRAM GX Eagle transmission, so that’s 1x12 shifting technology with 520% gear range on the cassette. It's combined with Magura brakes designed to cope with tougher terrain, so with four pistons front and rear. There's a full RockShox chassis, with the Lyrik fork up front and the Super Deluxe shock out back delivering 150 mm of travel. Our SL model then comes with a Fox Factory chassis, instantly recognisable by this striking golden Kashima Coat.

The proven 36 fork with Fit Grip2 cartridge has four-way adjustability offering low-speed and high-speed rebound and compression. At the rear we have the brand-new Float X shock, also from Fox. This is their piggyback shock but with slightly pared down adjustment options compared to the Float X2. And the seatpost is of course a Transfer Factory Kashima. Another detail for model year 2022 is that we’re actually going up to 175 mm of drop here depending on the frame size to offer even more adjustment range. You may be wondering about the TM model, because the price point is a bit different. We wanted to keep the equipment

at the same level, but offer the whole thing at a more attractive price. That’s why we’ve gone with our C:62 layup here. Full throttle with the equipment again: It comes with SRAM's GX Eagle including a carbon crank, 36 Factory Fit Grip2 fork, and a super enduro-oriented Factory Float X2 shock, also with completely independently adjustable low-speed and high-speed rebound and compression. At the top is the SLT model. Our focus here was a little more on weight reduction. Perhaps more of an all-rounder, while

our TM is the full throttle enduro machine here. The e*thirteen carbon crank, one of the lightest carbon cranks approved for enduro, is paired with a full Shimano XTR groupset, also with 1x12 technology of course and four-piston brakes front and back. All with the goal of saving weight. And the top model SLT has the brand-new Float X shock from Fox and a Race Face Carbon cockpit. We not only gave a facelift to the Stereo platform with 170 mm travel for the coming season, but also gave it a new name. The bikes are now called Stereo ONE77.

But the travel still remains 170mm. What did we change about the bikes technically speaking? We slightly changed the kinematics and the geometry. In regards to kinematics, we increased the progression both for the coil shock, which can be optionally installed here, as well as for the air shock. So you have even more counter-pressure, even more bottom-out protection and always feel somewhat higher in the travel, still having the feeling that there is more residual travel in reserve. When it comes to geometry, we made the steering angle a little bit slacker again and thus more oriented towards downhill riding. What remains the same is an established feature from the past model year, the angleset, which we developed together with Acros, and where you can still fine tune the steering angle by 0.6 degrees. We have a model with a Fox setup

a model with a RockShox setup, available with a sram drivetrain and one with a Shimano drivetrain. What is really elegant here is the classic colour scheme, namely black anodised, super super clean, with minimal graphics on the frame here with the Pro model. As I said, SRAM GX Eagle, so again full gear range from 10 to 52 teeth on this 12-gear cassette. Float X2 here from Fox. Completely adjustable

compression and rebound. Of course, also with the climb switch, which can be used to reduce the suspension when riding uphill and pedal even more efficiently. Furthermore you can set your own personal setup for riding downhill here. The perfect partner at the front is the 38-series fork, also from the Fox Performance series.

Here with the Grip damper, also variably adjustable in compression. The bike comes with a Race Face cockpit. A nice new detail for the 22 model year are the Acid Disrupt grips. A very downhill-oriented, very soft, grippy new grip. With clamps which can also be adjusted perfectly to the angle to match your personal preference for how you want to ride your cockpit. The Race model is paired with the Turbine crankset from Race Face.

We also have the established Shimano XT drivetrain also 1x12, of course. Furthermore a MRP chainguide is always included in the package. And we have the top suspension from RockShox namely we have the SID Ultimate on the front with 180 millimeter travel and the Super Deluxe Ultimate which provides control and the best traction on the rear. There are also wide handlebars to match the Race Face cockpit. Combined with the SDG Bel-Air V3 saddle. Also a very suitable saddle

for these types of bikes. The bike is downhill-oriented also when it comes to the tyres. As you can see, we combine the very well known Maxxis Minion DHR at the rear, with the slightly more aggressive Assegai on the front, even with MaxxGrip.

With a very soft rubber compound which squeezes even more performance out of this chassis. If you’re wondering why the TW015 looks so familiar, don’t worry, this really is our 2022 model. We decided last season – in conjunction with our suppliers and in particular regarding the suspension and team sponsors – that these bikes would remain virtually unchanged for 2022. There are a couple of small modifications. In future, the SLT model

will have Race Face Atlas cranks. And theres another a positive effect from this platform: We've had a lot of victories with the TWO15, including one at elite level. Our HPC rode to its first UCI World Cup podium with our team rider Max. And of course Danny is also on board this bike. A small addition to the portfolio: we will offer a frameset just like he rides it, namely, a 29in front wheel and 27.5in rear wheel. Our HPA aluminium models have also been very successful, scoring highly in many of the magazine tests. Our Race model here

was tipped by Freeride Magazine and highly praised for its downhill performance. If you watched the video of the Reaction hardtails and know the portfolio from recent years, you are probably thinking that there’s a model missing. We have good news for you, because we have pulled this top model up into the Elite series. The same price point, but now as the Elite. How did we do it?

We see it here: The Elite has been given new layup versions in C:62. Elite was developed as C:68X. Now it's available in C:62 at a lower price point. The frame of course has all the benefits of the Elite range. In particular, the flat-profile top tube and the extreme comfort generated in the seat post.

Still, the whole thing is super stiff around the bottom bracket and steerer tube so it is a very agile bike. This layup offers us of course options in terms of components for saving weight. We can put the money that we save from the frame into the components. On this Pro model, for example, we have an eThirteen XCX crank, one of the lightest carbon cross country cranks on the market. From the Race model onwards, we see here it comes with a top layup using the highest quality material, C:68X.

This is combined with a mechanical SRAM XX1 drivetrain, 1x12 Eagle technology, and an SID SL Ultimate fork. If we look at the other two C:68X models: The SL has a new wheel set: the XA 30 Advanced rim from Newmen. The Advanced always stands for carbon, a very light rim that accelerates very fast but has an inner width of 30 mm.

That means the tyres have more volume. And another detail you can always tell by the plastic valve shafts: We're using Aerothan tubes from Schwalbe, made from a new material. It is a very light tube that feels very, very similar to a fully tubeless system. Just like the previous model, this one has an eThirteen XCX crank, an extremely light crank combined with the Shimano XTR transmission.

The top model SLT again has the SRAM setup but we move away from mechanical with the XX1 Eagle AXS. It's technology that functions completely without cables. All gear changes are transmitted entirely wirelessly. We also gave our aluminium Reaction models a frame We also gave our aluminium Reaction models a frame update for 2022 with a number of new details. Like Smooth Welding around the seat tube cluster, which looks really nice. Like Smooth Welding around the seat tube cluster, which looks really nice.

And it comes with a kickstand mount based on the flat mount concept. And it comes with a kickstand mount based on the flat mount concept. It’s always a bit of an art to make these things look good It’s always a bit of an art to make these things look good on a stripped-back frame but still offer all of the mounting points on a stripped-back frame but still offer all of the mounting points you need to easily retrofit a kickstand and mudguards. you need to easily retrofit a kickstand and mudguards.

On the model One we see a 2x12 Shimano setup. On the model One we see a 2x12 Shimano setup. The Pro model, also available in two colours, has a The Pro model, also available in two colours, has a Shimano 1x12 transmission, in combination with a Shimano 1x12 transmission, in combination with a RockShox Judy air fork. Another nice detail on the Reaction RockShox Judy air fork. Another nice detail on the Reaction

and other models is our new grip series, for example the and other models is our new grip series, for example the Acid React Pro, our dual- component grip with bar clamp. Acid Reaction Pro, our dual- component grip with bar clamp. The two components are always nicely colour-coordinated and The two components are always nicely colour-coordinated and the clamp of course prevents the grip from twisting. the clamp of course prevents the grip from twisting. The Reaction TM is and remains our trail hardtail. The Reaction TM is and remains our trail hardtail.

We've made some upgrades here, in particular We've made some upgrades here, in particular the fork: it now has a RockShox 35. the fork: it now has a RockShox 35. The 35 in this case stands for the stanchion diameter.

The 35 in this case stands for the stanchion diameter. All of it has been done for the purpose of creating All of it has been done for the purpose of creating a fun, aggressive and uncomplicated hardtail with a fork a fun, aggressive and uncomplicated hardtail with a fork that provides added performance and stiffness. that provides added performance and stiffness. The bike also has a dropper post and is The bike also has a dropper post and is equipped with wider rims and wider, grippier tyres equipped with wider rims and wider, grippier tyres than on a normal hardtail for even more fun on the trails. than on a normal hardtail for even more fun on the trails. For us, the Reaction C:62 is the gateway to our carbon hardtail world.

For us, the Reaction C:62 is the gateway to our carbon hardtail world. 62 stands for the fibre content in our layup. 62 stands for the fibre content in our layup. The frame really does have everything that a real high-end carbon frame has. The frame really does have everything that a real high-end carbon frame has.

We’re talking about integrated cable routing and a tapered head tube. We’re talking about integrated cable routing and a tapered head tube. We have a press-fit headset, a Boost rear axle. We have a press-fit headset, a Boost rear axle. The frame weight in this layup comes in at around 1100 g. The frame weight in this layup comes in at around 1100 g.

So it’s really light and naturally has all the advantages So it’s really light and naturally has all the advantages that this type of frame offers, including in terms of riding performance. that this type of frame offers, including in terms of riding performance. The Pro model here is available in two colours. The Pro model here is available in two colours.

We've made some upgrades to the specifications. We've made some upgrades to the specifications. For the 2022 model year it comes with an Answer Atac wheelset. For the 2022 model year it comes with an Answer Atac wheelset.

The Race model, available in two colours, has also been updated. The Race model, available in two colours, has also been updated. The same applies to the coming The same applies to the coming model year with new Newmen Evolution XA25 wheels. 25 here stands for the inner width of this wheelset that keeps the rotating mass low and the bike quick and agile. The whole with Shimano XT 1x12 drive.

The whole with Shimano XT 1x12 drive. It has a Fox fork with remote lockout on the handlebars. It has a Fox fork with remote lockout on the handlebars. Our Access frames in aluminium are entering a completely new generation for the next model year. The frames have become lighter.

They have become slimmer. They have undergone some really clever improvements in the details. We also see here that the tubes are simply thinner. We have hydroforming, and mechanical forming. We have a connection at the rear for a kickstand mount according to the Flatmount standard, as we already use in other model groups, such as Gravel. We also continue to make the size split, that we offer sizes in 27.5 and 29 inch wheel sizes.

What is important here is that we see the 29 inch versions on the display. With 27.5 inch we have the well-known arch in the top tube to generate a better standover height.

With the 29", we were able to do this in one line. There are also Allroad options for many models. Here we can already see a nice little detail, an upgrade for 2022, our new Acid mudguard with integrated rear light. So we start here with a mechanical disc brake system and here in the EAZ, EXC models and upwards we also see that we already have a tapered head tube here, so even better stiffness - 1.5 inches at the bottom and 1 1/8 inches at the top.

A maximum of two ratios are also still being used. So here the trend is also continuing that you can realise all desired gear ratios with two or only one chainring and a correspondingly large bandwidth at the rear on the cassette. Here, the EAZ model is already in the Shimano Acera setup. The Pro model already has a RockShox suspension fork and Alivio groupset. Of course, the whole thing is also available as an Allroad.

Here we see the blue version. And then one step higher we have Race, which also comes with a Shimano 2x11 Deore transmission. And one step higher we have Access SL, which is equipped with SRAM and the NX Eagle, so we're talking about a 1x12 gear ratio and the whole thing with RockShox Judy suspension at the front. Of course, a handlebar remote is always included with all the forks. When we come to the carbon models - C:62.

62 stands again for the fibre content in this carbon mix. We are talking about a frame weight of just over 1 kilo. And we have also upgraded the models in detail, especially with regard to the wheels. The Pro model now comes

with an Answer Atac wheelset. And brand new in the SL model, which also comes with a Fox suspension fork and carbon crank. The new generation from Newmen with this X.A.25 Evolution wheel assembly. So 25 also stands for the inside width of the rims.

The trend is towards slightly wider rims to give the tyres the right volume, traction and comfort. So here in aluminium and carbon, innovations everywhere, improvements everywhere for model year 22. When it comes to the ultimate performance and maximum speed on the road, there’s no getting past the Litening C:68X. The frame has now been used on the Tour de France stage win during the Giro d’Italia - a real competitive machine. We can see the two versions here, which come with SRAM equipment.

So we have our truly highest quality frame material, highest quality production technology in carbon for our C:68X. The whole thing is always complete with integrated handlebar stem unit and also with the aerodynamic carbon seat post, which generates a very good long-distance comfort through the layup. The SRAM here has AXS technology, so we're talking about completely wireless remote-controlled shifting technology, 2x12. Here is the setup once with a complete SRAM Force AXS group and with the SL we see the complete Red AXS group again one step higher. There are also two innovations when it comes to the wheels. In the Pro model, we see Newmen wheels, carbon of course.

All with the Streem addition. Streem here means we even use CX-Ray bladed spokes. We also see asymmetrical lacing on the front wheel here. There is also a new wheelset from Mavic on the SL model, the Cosmic 45 Carbon. 45 here stands for the profile height. There are 50 mm here with these Streem versions.

We also have other combinations in the Race and SLT models. Here we even combine 50 mm on the front and we go to a 65 mm rim on the rear. Yes, the Race and SLT models are ones that come with Shimano equipment. The latest technology is also used here. But we have to make you wait

a little longer on that. Stay tuned to There will be more news about these two models in early September. In the 2022 model year our Agree platform comes in a completely new generation. Everything is new – the frame, the fork.

We have new solutions on the seatpost, the headset, cable integration, handlebars, stem, some with a one-piece option. So completely reworked from the front to the rear. We are sticking with the tried-and-true C:62 frame, a material with 62% fibre content. The geometry is also heavily based on the predecessor. Our goal is always to deliver a balanced, long distance-ready and comfortable ride feel. We also paid attention to the bike's aerodynamic properties, where a lot of input was incorporated from series such as the Litening or even Aerium from the triathlon and time trial segments. The frame weighs about 1050 to 1100 g.

And of course it's paired with a full carbon fork. We have 12 mm axles in the front and rear. Also really new is the seatpost, which has an aerodynamic profile here for the first time on the Agree and a fully integrated seatpost clamp. The carbon layup and overall design

are designed to convey excellent long-distance comfort. Integration is obviously key to good aerodynamics and most of that takes place in the front here. That means reducing the frontal area and all elements that disrupt the air flow where it hits the bike. Here we see the version with the aluminium stem developed specially by CUBE. So we still have a

standard handlebar with a round clamp. The cables go under the handlebar along this specially developed stem and then into the headset, into the fork and into the frame. So the cables almost completely disappear here. We even take it a notch further with the SL and SLT models. We have a completely new one-piece handlebar-stem unit made of carbon, similar to the one we use in the Litening series. Here we have truly fully integrated cables.

Except for the Agree model here, all models have electronic shifting, which reduces the amount of external cabling anyway. This frame system saves 10 watts compared to the predecessor, which truly makes an immense difference that you can really notice when riding. Spec-wise, we start off with Ultegra 2x11. So on this bike we've kept the mechanical shifting. Then over to the completely new Rival AXS.

This is SRAM's completely wireless shifting technology. Then we go over to the SL model with Force AXS up to the SLT, which also uses carbon wheels to improve the aerodynamics and reduces the weight even further. Some of you may be asking where the Race and SLT models are. Here we say anticipation is half the fun. We have more videos coming soon, so stay tuned at

The next news release on this will come in early September. With the Axial models we went the same way as with the Attain or Nuroad, for example. We have expanded range of models to include one option with quick release dropouts both front and rear. Starting with Shimano Claris components: 2x8-speed gears in combination here with Tektro mechanical disc brakes. Continuing with the Axial Pro with a Shimano Sora groupset. This is a 2x9 setup with TRP Spyre brakes.

These are two-piston mechanical disc brakes. And there is something here for everyone. At the top, this one has a complete Shimano 105 groupset so we are of course talking about a 2x11 setup and hydraulic disc brakes. That’s it for the aluminium models. There are of course two more quality levels available in carbon. The Axial GTC also starts with Shimano

2x11 transmission with 105 components. SL goes one level up with Shimano Ultegra. This is also a GTC frame with a weight of around 1200 g.

At the top is something new in terms of the frame system, but also a lot of new features in terms of equipment. Let’s have a look at the gear first: With the new C:62 Axial we have the SRAM Rival groupset, that is AXS technology, meaning completely free of cables. Wireless electronic remote shifting in 2x12. In particular the frame, or actually the entire frame system, is brand new. The focus is on aerodynamics,

which is primarily achieved through integration. Here we see a clear difference from the predecessor model. When we look at this proprietary stem here, which we use on this model, it has integrated cables that run completely through the headset, into the frame and into the fork. You actually see no cables at all anymore. First it’s an aesthetic point, but it also has an aerodynamic element and saves a good few watts. Another nice detail

here is something that's included in delivery and which again we know makes it even more aerodynamic because we measured it: the removable storage box. You can use it for energy bars, for example, or to carry a spare inner tube, a small windbreaker, all of which you can store without overfilling your jersey pockets. So, we have plenty of innovations and new models, including for our Road Lady versions. Our SL Road series combines the clean look of a flat bar bike with some influences that are now coming from the gravel series and really fit and blend perfectly here. In all versions of the SL Road we have always used a carbon fork. We pair the whole thing of course

with the aluminium frame here in the base model. But we have a completely hydraulic braking system here from Tectro and a Shimano Claris 2x8 drive group. SL Road Pro, yes you can see it has a little influence from gravel too, because the GRX rear derailleur group is used in this model too, also from Shimano and of course hydraulic disc brakes.

And the Schwalbe G-One Allround tyres in 40 mm width are also used here. The perfect symbiosis of speed and comfort. The Pro model is not only available in another frame version but also as an FE model. So we also see the mudguards perfectly integrated here with the matching Acid racks. All of the screw points are completely hidden in the normal bikes but you can use them to ideally equip the bike here for commuting or for longer trips where you can use panniers.

The topic of FE - fully equipped - not only exists here with the Pro which is GRX 2x11, but also with the next model, the Race, which is a GRX Shimano 2x11. So there is the option for a FE with these Acid components, which fit perfectly with the frame. Yes, when it comes to the lightweight, very sporty models, there is the SL which is the last bike that is built in HPA (high performance aluminium). Components from the road bikes are used here namely the Ultegra rear derailleur group with the flat bar shifters and also matching hydraulic disc brake system and beyond the SL is then the SLT. What is completely new within this series is that we are using a C:62 full carbon frame, for the first time, with a frame weight of 1050 or 1100 grams, depending on the frame size.

Super, super lightweight, super highly technical made in the twin mould process. C:62 also stands for this increased fibre content of 62% and of course with a carbon fork. All carbon forks are also designed for the upgrade to a low rider, by the way. Therefore, you can bring 10 kg of luggage balanced in the front if you want to go in the direction of bike packing. The SLT is probably the more Spartan bike geared towards speed.

It also has a GRX 2x11 equipment. So SL Road is a very clean flat bar bike, now also for 2022 in a C:62 carbon version. Gravel bikes are still hugely popular. Because of that, we have extended our Nuroad series even further. Along the same lines as the changes we made to the Attain and the Axial. This aluminium frame now has an option with a quick release, both up front and at the rear so that the series has a more economical entry-level model.

Another detail that distinguishes the Nuroad from the other models in the series is the standard round seat clamp. The Pro models and above have this really nice integrated saddle clamp that blends into the seatpost. We also added some more colour options. Here on the second level we have the Pro model. As usual, this more subtle colour version is seen as a sportier model so it comes without mudguards.

There is also a more commuting-oriented FE - fully equipped - version as well. And it comes in a stripped-down gravel version with the second colour option. Here we have the EX model. It keeps the Shimano GRX 1x11 drivetrain. It’s a bit more progressive, including the tyres. The Nuroad and the Nuroad Pro both have 40 mm tyres.

The Nuroad EX features the WTB Riddler 45 mm. You know the Riddler from our 2021 carbon models. At the top in terms of our aluminium bikes is the Race FE, along with the stripped-down Race version. Once again we have two colour

options with the more conservative, stylish and a bit darker version as an FE model. These have the GRX 2by drivetrain. Then we have the Nuroad carbon models. These still have the C:62 layup. 62 stands for the fibre content in this composite material. Frame weight is approx. 1100 g, a very potent and lightweight frame – of course all with the tapered full carbon fork. And modern 12 mm thru-axles. We start here with the Pro model.

As you can see, it has a Shimano GRX 1x11 drivetrain. Race is the number two model here. This one has a Newmen wheelset and a GRX 2x11 drivetrain. As the GRX name suggests, it is a gravel-specific groupset in terms of the gear ratios. The SL model has been adjusted a bit in terms of components, because here we simply have more options It still has completely electronic, wireless shifting from SRAM. But, we combine the brand-new SRAM Rival shifter setup, from road and gravel, with the new GX Eagle AXS technology to create a hybrid solution. We have components for

a drop bar gravel/road setup and a gearing range that comes from mountain biking. The 10 to 50-tooth sprockets offer a full 500% gear range, so you can really take on the steepest climbs. We also added a fourth model to the range. We will be shooting a new video on the SLT soon, so you have something to look forward to! We have actually split the Cross Race platform into three parts for model year 2022. Let's start with the Cross Race models in aluminium that we introduced last year. This model here is equipped with Shimano Tiagra 2x10 and of course with mechanical disc brakes and a carbon fork. The Pro version comes

with Shimano 2x11, combining 105 components with Ultegra RX. So you have a groupset and derailleur with a big shifting capacity. Then we move on to the familiar C:62 frame, which means a carbon model. We’re talking about a weight of around 1050-1100 grams, depending on the frame size. It goes without saying that this one also has a full carbon fork. We start here with Ultegra 2x11 and of course it has hydraulic disc brakes. Moving up a level,

this one comes in the Teamline colour scheme with 1x11 shifting and and the tried-and-tested Easton EC 90 carbon crank, one of the lightest cranks you'll find. It also has our own CUBE chain guide - minimalist, very light, but for this 1by transmission offers even more safety. It's a real innovation born of the dedication that we put into our teams, that’s the Tormans team at the international level and the Schamel team at national level, as well as our commitment to youth development.

Cyclocross is a big focus for us and that's where our new top model, the Cross Race C:68X, comes into play. As the name C:68X says, it is really the highest quality production technology, the highest material quality, that we use for our carbon. The weight of these frames here is even lower, but we still kept a high degree of stiffness. A medium-sized frame weighs in at well below 900 grams for the frame. So it's really another quantum leap. And naturally integration plays a huge role here too.

We have a round seatpost, in comparison, for example, to the Agree road bike. But this comes with a fully integrated clamp, so comfort is a big factor for us. That’s why we used a round seatpost that offers more flex. At the front end it shares the same carbon handlebar/stem unit seen on the Agree, for example. So here we have the handlebar and stem constructed entirely from one piece with fully integrated cable routing. Electronic shifting is almost standard now,

whether it's a wired system or with the SRAM setup. Then it’s completely wireless with AXS technology. Another nice detail on the bike you see here is a new wheelset generation. Wherever you see Newmen Advanced wheels with the Stream label it means they come with CX-Ray bladed spokes for the first time in model year 2022. It's another little upgrade

that improves the optics, aerodynamics and weight. It just takes it to the next level. There’s always the option too to go tubeless with Newmen's own tubeless valve. Tubeless is becoming more and more popular in cyclocross. The trend seems to be moving away from tubular tyres towards tubeless systems, which use sealants to provide even more protection against pinch flats and other punctures. So there’s a full range, from aluminium to C:62, to the top model Cross Race C:68X with something for everyone in 2022.

The Nature platform has loads of interesting details for your bicycle frame. The welding here in the handlebar area and on the seatpost is very smooth. The seams are much nicer and there is a second weld that is finished with a thinner material and laid over the first layer.

It looks elegant while also providing more stability. Here we see a tapered steerer tube with fully integrated bearing seats. This is where the industrial bearings move within the headset. There are technical features in the rear triangle as well... chainstays are hydroformed and provide clearance for up to 55 mm tyres. Standard issue tyres are the Schwalbe Landcruiser 50, but there is still a bit of space if you want to go for wider, even more comfortable tyres.

Of course the bike features the classic ACID accessory attachments. The kickstand and luggage rack mounts are integrated into the frame. The Nature Basic model here has a 3x8 setup, in other words a 24-gear system. If we look at the Nature Pro you’ll see a 3x10 setup along with a few small upgrades compared with last year. XTC rear derailleur and a two-piece Shimano crankset, Hollowtech 2 technology with a high 24 mm shaft that also saves weight. The EXC model also has a suspension fork.

Why? On the one hand: It is an air shock and here we see on the stanchions that they are made of aluminium and not steel. The NCX here from Suntour saves even more weight. At the top of the range is the Nature SL. This has a complete Shimano XT group, meaning shifters and brakes are all XT at the top of this range. From navigating the urban jungle to weekend tours in the countryside, our Travel bikes are at home wherever you feel like taking them. They are bikes that just eat up the miles.

They are sporty, light and still comfortable, and we deliberately chose a rigid fork. You have everything you need on board: lights, mudguards, a luggage rack and a kickstand. The Travel basic model got a few upgrades this time around, similar to the Hyde.

It has a two-piece Alivio crankset with Hollowtech 2 technology. It features Alivio shifters and for the 2022 model year it has a Shimano MT200 hydraulic brake system. The Pro is a belt drive model with hub gears. The frame has a split dropout to allow the belt to be installed.

This one is with Nexus 8-speed hub gears. We specced both models here with Schwalbe Almotion tyres, which have a lot of volume and a lot of comfort. From the EXC model we go to the Schwalbe Marathon Mondial, which is a bit narrower, a bit sportier and a bit faster.

The EXC also comes with Alfine 8-speed hub gears combined with the Gates CDX belt. Above that is the SL model. That one is also Alfine but with the flagship 11-speed system. In no other model series within the Trekking range have we introduced so much innovation as in the new Kathmandu. The frame has really been completely reworked from front to back. There is almost no comparison to its predecessor.

We see that we no longer have a quick-release dropout on the frame, but have gone to an X12 system with a 142x12mm thru axle. Another detail on the rear triangle is that we now use a flat-mount disc brake mount. This is the same as used in gravel and road bikes. What you can also see on the frame

is that smooth welding has been added to some of the joints. This means that a second weld is put over it, so that it looks more aesthetic, it is smoother, but also offers more stiffness, more stability. Another very important point is the new IC 3.0 integrated carrier. First of all, also from an optical, aesthetic point of view. The whole part is really part of the frame.

It is also painted in the same colour as the wheel. Perfectly accommodates the mudguards. And the welded, direct connection simply offers more stability than a screwed-on solution. A nice detail is the additional reflector

integrated into the rear of the IC 3.0 for added safety. A small detail concerning the mudguards, here of course from our in-house brand Acid. They are made of 100% recycled plastic. If we look at the equipment, we start with the Pro model, here in two colour versions. Already with a Suntour air suspension fork and Shimano 3x10. Here already with a Hollowtech II crank.

A two-piece crank with a hollow shaft, more stiffness, less weight and XT rear derailleur. If we look at the EX model, there is also an XT rear derailleur, but already paired with a Shimano XT crank. Of course, also with an air suspension fork from Suntour. And on top: the Kathmandu SL we have a complete Shimano XT groupset including the brake system and shifters etc. And paired with a RockShox Paragon fork, which is of course also an air suspension fork, but which also saves weight on this top model SL thanks to the aluminium standpipes. CUBE Touring bikes are really very versatile all-rounders and there's a huge selection of models to choose from. We have many different colourways and as always the Touring of course comes in three frame versions.

We have the Easy Entry, we have Trapeze frames and we have the standard Men's version with a higher top tube. Let’s start here with the Touring with Shimano 3x8-speed shifting. This model here has rim brakes. The Pro also comes with 3x8-speed Shimano gears, but then the whole thing is then combined with a Shimano MT 200 hydraulic disc brake system.

The add-on parts are nice details that actually continue as a central theme through all of the models here. For example, this Acid mudguard and rack combination integrates really nicely into the frame. We call this the Semi-Integrated Carrier.

The mounting points are cleanly hidden away. It's fully supported by the U-stays so there's no need for a fixed connection here that would spoil the lines. But you can still use the full loading capacity of the rack. With the EXC model, which you can see here as a step-through in colour version 1 and in the Men's version in colour version 2, we then take the equipment spec a step further. It also comes with Shimano's MT 200 disc brakes, i.e. a completely hydraulic system. But here with 3x10-speed Shimano Deore transmission.

The CUBE Ella: our interpretation of elegance and modernity combined with a step-through frame. Let’s split this up. First we have the Ella Ride with 3x8 derailleur gears and then the Ella Cruise, both here in the second colour option. Cruise means that it has Shimano 8-speed Nexus hub gears.

The bikes are both very stylish. We really paid attention to every last detail with these models. The grips, the saddle and the cable housing are all colour coordinated, for example. The cappuccino-coloured tyres from Schwalbe are called Little Big Ben.

They offer a good mixture of volume and width so the bike still rolls fast. The colour-coded chain guard is another nice detail. And one very important feature that not only looks good but also contributes to a better ride feel is the integrated carrier. The entire luggage rack is part of the frame and stabilises the overall bike. So whether you have a basket or bags on the rack, the bike still rides as steadily as you want from a step-through frame. Here we have the Hyde and the Editor. These are our stylish yet sporty bikes

mainly designed for use in urban settings. No bells and whistles, just a clean-looking ride. The Hyde begins as a 3x8-speed derailleur gear version. We made a few upgrades over last year’s model here. It now has an Alivio two-piece crankset at the front and Alivio shifters, with Shimano Acera hubs. Moving on to the belt drive bikes, these all come with Gates CDX belts. We begin with the Pro model, which has Nexus 8-speed hub gears and Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes.

One step up from that is the Race model with Alfine 8-speed hub gears. You also see here the big-volume tyres on the two basic models. The Editor and Hyde Race have Schwalbe G-One gravel tyres.

One more special feature of the Editor top model: a lightweight, two-piece aluminium crankset from Gates. Even the smallest riders typically start on a Cubie 120 with 12-inch wheels. The whole range comes in a variety of colour options. They also come with a few equipment options as well. We have the Walk version, which is a pure balance bike. But we also have a 1-speed version.

Most importantly with these bikes, they need to be light. We have an aluminium frame. We’ve developed an aluminium fork for them. And an aluminium stem. All designed to cut down the weight. You can see on this model here: we have front and rear brakes. Coaster brakes at the rear.

We added our Chainglider on these bikes in order to provide extra protection. Of course the colours are coordinated as well. We have Team versions. We also added very elegant cappuccino- -coloured tyres and grips.

It’s all based on the same foundation so even our smallest riders will look stylish when they’re out and about. We also made additions to the Cubie 160 for model year 2022. All models have the same aluminum frame.

We also use in all models the Hebie Chainlooper, which provides for extra security here. There are still three color options for the model with a rim brake on the front wheel and with coaster. The real innovations here are the two Cubie 160 models, which are really like a small mountain bike and are trimmed even more sporty. We see the models come with a freewheel hub and with two V-Brakes rim brakes front and rear. They are also very light,

very smooth-running models and also from the lever ergonomics adjustable that it is a perfect fit for the grasp of small pilots to grasp it perfectly. What we already do, we use smaller handlebars and smaller handle diameters, which also benefits the ergonomics. And on this bike also two features that bring the weight down additionally. It is the aluminum fork in addition to the aluminum frame and we see it here already quite striking Billy Bonkers tires from the Schwalbe performance series. Here you have an Addix compound - a rubber compound that is also used in super high-quality adult mountain bikes. So here for the juniors a full selection with rim brake, with coaster brake, various options, various color variants, just for the juniors, for model year 22.

The range of bikes for the new generation is really huge, we see here only a selection of the 24 inch bikes. There are to many models in each case even color options. Starting with the Acid 240 we start already with a Shimano shifting 1x7. The whole also already with tires with good grip, with suspension fork and as option always Allroad. Allroad means, I actually have a roadworthy bike, also already have fenders, but the quite deliberately made of plastic and also quite deliberately here nor the renunciation of the luggage carrier.

Acid Disc comes then already really in the style of an adult mountain bike. First of all, of course, visually with these complete black disc rims, the grippy tires the spring fork, but also technically, because we have here also a 1x9 engine. We use here microShift Advent, 1x9, but with a good range of spread. We're going up to 42 teeth here, just to have also a nice uphill gear. One time here in color option 1 and, of course, in this whole quite striking color in Action Rookies, ActionTeam decor completely new for model year 22.

Different from 240 Allroad, we have on the 240 Street then fixed fenders and as add-on also the luggage rack for even more suitability for everyday use. Just like the Allroad also here at the Street, of course, the stands are already included. And the whole setup, then also at the Ella, available as a low-entry version. If we look at the Kids Bikes, weight is always a very important story. We have the 240 SL models here.

The subject here very easily with rim brake light industrial bearing hubs. We have light tires here, Billy Bonkers from Schwalbe, and we also have fewer spokes on the wheels. So center of gravity really, like we say, the rotating mass, which has to be accelerated and must be kept as low as possible and thus to create a light and agile bike.

The whole setup here comes in aluminum, so Aluminum frames, aluminum fork and here Color of course Timeline. Just like the Adult Hardtails. On top then to the Reaction SL still an addon.

We remain with rim brake also a strong weight topic, use here but use a carbon fork. Already whole there is also still in 20 inches. We are here the 24 inch version, also the whole as already mentioned with microShift Advent shifting group. So here we talk everywhere already of once drives, but with a very nice gear ratio range at the cassette. We have also expanded the range of full-suspension bikes for 2022. Stereo Rookie will be even more diverse, with different wheel sizes, different suspension travels, different materials or material combinations.

We already know our Stereo 240, which is 24 inches. The whole thing with 120 millimetres of suspension travel and a real HPA High Performance Aluminium frame. So nothing has been spared here. Also with 12 millimetre thru axle with tapered head tube. The suspension elements

are also specially adapted to the lighter weight. We have the Manitou J-Unit fork, which is also better in terms of sensitivity, and the Radium Expert shock - a very light tune also in terms of damping, so that the suspension travel can also be used with a lower weight. The whole thing is paired with our own CUBE Action Rookie crank. This is a very light aluminium crank with a very specific Q-factor and crank arm length, designed for smaller legs.

Here we combine the whole thing with a SRAM 1x12 gear system and even a cassette with up to 42 teeth. The whole thing then also comes in the new model, which otherwise has the same features s far as the suspension is concerned as our well-known one, here in the Action Rookie colour. The whole thing is then combined with a Microshift Advent gear system, which means 1x9 ratios on the bikes too. Also already known is the cockpit, which is simply reduced in handlebar and grip diameter, making it more ergonomic for small hands.

Then it goes from 24 inches to 27.5 and Stereo 120 Rookie. 120 stands for the suspension travel. The whole thing is controlled by an air suspension system from SR Suntour. So everything can be locked here too. I can also adjust the front suspension fork here.

Of course, I can also adjust the rebound in the rebound damping so that I really have full control. A real trail-ready setup. What's new for model year 2022 is more for the bigger ones: Our 140 HPC. Really frame technology

that flows one-to-one from the adult portfolio here. HPC means we have a carbon main frame, carbon bell cranks, combined with an aluminium rear triangle. In terms of gearing, we've also taken it up a notch. We really work with Shimano Deore 1x12, so we have a very, very wide gear range. And as far as suspension is concerned, we combine the tried and tested Fox DPS shock with the Marzocchi Bomber Z2 fork. So we have 150 millimetres at the front, 140 at the rear, and of course the whole thing comes in a complete package with a retractable seatpost.

So really full use on the trails with Stereo 140 HPC Rookie. The Stereo 140 Hybrid is the true allrounder in the Hybrid full-suspension range. Incredibly versatile from moderate touring to light Enduro rides, these bikes can really do it all. As you know, this model comes with the well-known HPC frame technology, meaning we work with a carbon main triangle combined with an aluminium rear triangle. Let’s take a look at the models in more detail. We’ll start with the Pro.

The Pro comes with a 4-piston Magura brake system in the front and rear so you can decelerate your bike with full traction. We feature the Shimano Deore drive train here with 11 gears. As usual, we also have a number of colour options. The package comes with a Rockshox Recon fork in the E-MTB set-up.

The Race model goes one step higher where we feature a 1x12 drive train. Here we have the Shimano XT group, a beacon of quality and durability. Also, an upgrade for the 2022 model year, it has a 4-piston Shimano brake system in the front and rear. In the SL model we have 29-inch wheels and a completely new frame with many small fine features that just make the whole package nicer, cleaner. We see here, the cables are superbly integrated in the front so there are no more side openings for cables. Everything here was

specially developed for the headset/stem combination on this e-bike, where all cables disappear cleanly, are protected from damage and create an overall sleeker optic. Another important point is that we use the Sram UDH standard for this frame. UDH stands for Universal Derailleur Hanger, a standardized derailleur hanger. In future, this will make it much easier to replace the derailleur hanger at a local bike shop if yours breaks because, as I said, it is used across different brands in more and more new models. It is not only a great development in terms of spare parts availability, but it also has two safety features: a small integrated guide fin that prevents the chain from jamming between the frame and the cassette if something gets in there. The system also has a stopper, which means it can rotate forward a bit if something gets jammed in the derailleur and protects some of these very expensive components from damage another update on this UDH dropout and derailleur hanger. While we’re looking

at the derailleur hanger and rear dropouts, another small upgrade for these types of bikes, which are used in such a wide variety. We have added an integrated kickstand mount, quite cleanly as it is totally invisible from most normal angles. We use a flat mount kickstand, right here in the dropout with two threaded holes where you can install the ACID Kickstand from below. If no kickstand is mounted, the whole thing looks super clean and it does not stand out at all. Also, still part of the additional integration

is the speed sensor, which now disappears here in the dropout. The magnet, which was previously attached to a spoke and rotated with the wheel, is now nicely

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