Binary Google Decode - New US Embassy UK - High Watch Dates

Binary Google Decode - New US Embassy UK - High Watch Dates

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Very quickly today's, Google Doodle it was born July the first which is today. 11:56. Just spots up onto Monday. The 2nd of July the, sequence. Of binary code when. You put into a binary to test converter it, creates, the word Google so obviously, that's. Not too surprising but. The last digit over here, hasn't, been fully drawn which. Gave me an idea to remove the last digit of all. The binary sequences, and put that into a binary calculator, and, when I did I got, the sequence hash. 77036. - I then. Broke that down into. Sequences. Of two, so, because six numbers are just split evenly so two two and two past. Seven, obviously. That appears to stay together as we've, just entered into, July awful, okay Leslie bursts July and then, you've got seven three add those two to go up you've got ten and six, and two add those two together you've got eight now, you can see that. Positive. A couple of translations, from that which could be July. The 10th, something. Like 8 o'clock if, that's what the 8 represents, it, could be July 18th, if you had the 10 and 8 together, or. It could be again July 18 but instead of the. 18th be in 2018. And I. Think, that's the most likely. Hidden. Translation. From. The binary code when, she take away the, last digit of each, of the binary sequences. Obviously. We just entered, July it's July first so. You. Can call it coincidental, that Google, would make a Google Doodle our binary, code that could create, their. Name, as. Well. As translate, to July. 2018. Which. We have just entered now. There's obviously a couple of Firewatch days in July 2018. The, 4th of July Independence. Day. The connection, to the fireworks in the iPad video, as. Well. As the reference, to Pearl Harbor before. Me once for me twice the. Japanese managed to, attack. The US Navy at Pearl Harbor the, first time that, could be translated as me once and if. It managed to go ahead a second time maybe, from a different actor this time it. Would be a fool me twice or there's, a possible, connection to July 4th, July. 7th at, the anniversary. Of the London bombings it. Would be 13. Years. Since. The. July. 7th. 2005. London bombings obviously. 13 is very significant. As well so that's another date that I'll put down as a marker to watch July. 10th, um is, a date that I've taken from a more obscure, reference. Which, is to do with the. Football. And the Chinese maybe. I'll explain that a little bit more in another video but for now it's, also a, date that could, be interpreted from the latest Google doodle then. You've got July eleventh and twelfth which, is the NATO summit July. 13th, Friday the 13th Donald Trump coming to the UK the, possibility, of something, happening in, the, UK around that time is also. There. We've just had a. Symbolic. Pyramid. Made out of barrels. Installed, in Hyde, Park which, is a reference. To death and possibly has connections, to America. As well as it was. Opened. By a BX New York Mayor and, Donald. Trump could also be going to the American Embassy in the UK where. There are rumors there is a bunker there and if, anything did happen in the UK it's. Possible it, could be in the right place to you know be protected. Then. You got July, 14th. I think Donald Trump's still gonna be in the UK around that time and July. 15th, a date I'm watching clearly. From there I petticoat video they all see seen and then, July 16th, we have al, sorry July 15th is also the last day of the ballcock and then. We have July 16th, which is the. Day that Donald, Trump and Putin are supposed, to meet obviously. That may. Not happen if things, happen before that so, that's, just my breakdown of the dates for, July, a possible. Watch dates for July a. Possible. Interpretation, from the Google Doodle is not just the name Google can be taken out of the binary code but because. The last character, isn't drawn or the last digit isn't drawn on, the, last sequence of binary code you. Can assume that that, could be a possible, clue to take. Off the last digit of the rest of these sequences. Which. Leaves you with hash 77036, - which. Could be interpreted as 7, 10 18. Which. Again. Could. Be, July. The 10th. Sorry. No 17 18 17 8 which, could be July the 10th the. 8th could represent a time or a number of something it. Could be July 18th, which. Is not. A date that I have really talked about but. More likely it's. A translation of month and year which is July 2018. Which. When. Google put this out it, had, just become so.

You. Guys have a good morning good afternoon good evening and. God. Bless. Oh. Danger. Danger. Is here. Very, dangerous. So. Hello. There. Cutting, cutting the grass which. Is beautiful, for time lapses. So. I'm. At the old American. Embassy, gonna, go have a closer look in two minutes feels a bit post-apocalyptic. To be honest because. You. May or may not be aware that it's. Not just the American. Embassy in Israel. That has changed location, but. Also the one in London so. Today I'm going to go and check. Out the the new, one. Which. To. Be honest is, slightly. Spooky and. Very. Symbolic, in. A certain way if, you know how to read the signs that is. This. Weird. Eagle. Thing the. Hell is that. Weird, Eagle thing it's gonna be staying. You. See they're already starting to gut the building you. Peek through the window. It's. Gonna have to be. I guess. Debugged. Like. Debug it well with just a hotel than multiple people might stay there because. I carry on bugging, it I don't know but. Yeah. Embassies. And spying. Sort. Of go hand in hand, just. Simply because if. There are spies resident. In the, United Kingdom, their. Safe haven, essentially, is. Their, embassy so wherever there's an embassy for. Any particular country they're also spies. Occasionally. Chilling. Out being, briefed and debriefed, and. You. May be aware that London. Has, lots and lots of tunnels. And. It's. Sort. Of goes it's. Pretty obvious really that a lot, of embassies will have secure. Basements. And maybe escape. Tunnels, and that sort of thing a. Lot. Of the tunnels are, known. About and some of the military tunnels. Some. Of the military tunnels, have been around for a very very long time and everybody knows about them I, speculate. That, there's a tunnel here. Which. Runs. From the American Embassy down into Mayfair, which. Has never been like officially, talked. About or or anything but if, you AskMe. You've. Got the American Embassy here. Because. It was essentially like a spy headquarters, I, have. Always presumed, that there is a tunnel, that. Runs down the length of South, Audley, Street here, and. South Audley Street is. A very very spooky, place. And at. The very end of it is. The old headquarters. Of. Mi5. So. Make, sense to me that. Certain. Spy buildings, are. Linked together under the ground, I'm. Going to take a little wander, down South Audley Street went. Out a couple of things. 33. South. Audley, Street. Is a bit of a strange building I. Don't. If you've ever read. The. Book spy. Culture. Which. Was published in the 1980s. Tried. To be banned by, by. The United, Kingdom. Because. It's sort of leaks a lot of weird.

Shenanigans, That were going on during the Cold War. Primarily. To. Do with how they. Suspected. That's. The. Director. General of, mi5. At, the Times Roger, Hollis. Was. Possibly a, Russian. Mole mole, and. In. 33. South. Audley Street that's where they did the interrogation. Where, the mi5 actually, were. Where mi5, actually, interrogated. Their own Director, General accusing, him of being an enemy of the state. Number. 33. Had. Been. A place already. Wearing. Wears. Interrogations. Were taking place it was a it was a building that was a, completely. Bugged. Like every single room every, flowerpot, was. Bugged, presumably. The, number 33 the. Symbolic. To. May be intimidates. The inhabitants, or to let them know the. Authority that was, really interrogating. Them I don't. Know you can speculate. Number. 62, South. Audley Street, used. To be the spice, shop the communications. Equipment shop. For. Spying so if you want to buy bugs you, bought them from here. It's. Changed town some kind of boutique, but next. Door that. Best. Look slightly terrifying. Anyway. Also. In spite catcher who. Is where its first properly documented, that. Mi5, and the. CIA British, intelligence and. American. Intelligence who. Operating, as one. Hence. Possibly, the tunnel beneath here, connects. Into the old, mi5. Building at the bottom. There's. No danger here at least not, anymore. Lekin. Liefeld house, only. Leaking. Field I'm not sure how to pronounce it oh yeah. This, quite. Large office, building nowadays. Up. Until the late 1970s. Was. The mi5 headquarters. And. It's. Quite an interesting place. Really. In the, you. Know the old mi5, headquarters, was in Mayfair and actually. The more you look into the history of Mayfair you more more you realize it was essentially, like the. Underbelly. Of the. Spy industry, for a very very very long time, it's. Where basically all the spies you starting out. For. A while also they took over the. Building that used to occupy this site this is a newer structure, and I think but. They. Used to have that building and that building and, my.

Premise Is that underneath. Here is. Where. The corridors star, which. Lead all the way up to. The. Old American Embassy, up there. The. Interesting, thing about the. Old spy, headquarters it's, where they first created the, spy. Club. They. Were apparently a bit worried about being. Overheard, if they use the no defiers around. Mayfair, I thought, maybe that the. Landlady might, be a Russian spy and be listening to their conversation, or maybe journalists, or other. Spies might be in it so, they created their own private, bar hopping the very top floor the 6th floor of. That building called, the pig. And eyes bar, and pig. And eyes meaning. Policemen. And, spies. So. I the pig and eyes club, and. That. Really brings me on to the next part of this video. Pigs. So, to get to the new American Embassy I'm gonna. Walk. Down the Riverside it's. Got the letter P. Written on everything for. The. Power I guess. So, very weird. This, of course is a pseudo. Public. Space I think. Technically. At. I'm not really supposed to be filming here because. In. Areas, that are pseudo public you only have the illusion of freedom. Not. Actual, freedom. So. It. Seems like freedom, and as you step outside the boundaries of what a private, company deems. Appropriate. Appropriate. Behavior. And, then. The. Freedoms can be taken away at. A whim just. Say. Weird. So here we are so, they never get to run down oh my. God. So, I think. I'm gonna be just like eating, out of here simply because, but. A feeling if I stick around for too long, the. Police will start treating. Me like a terrorist. Which, is obviously pretty, awkward so all still go in and out there's. Two things, well. The reason I made this video in the first place there's two things that are. Interesting. Let's say, about. This building the. First being. The, what. It says on the plaque. It's something. Actually that the information that's written on the plaque. Outside. The building is. Stuff that you cannot. Find anywhere, else and I have looked you know it's not on their website it's not only blogs, or any news. Articles, or anything it's simply just a few words written. On the plaque, which. Sort. Of tell you. Something. About. The building. And yeah. I. Guess. Stay to the public. Road. Where. My rights are firmly, intact, although who. Knows is. The American flag. Let's. Give it a go I've already seen a policeman looking at me this. Is gonna be really. Really awkward. There's, of course the monetary bit of weird art. We. Have not that weird as it sounds just just, a foot isn't it it's a foot with like a ring. Embedded, on the bomb. That's. Really, bizarre it's, called, modern. Marriage. Just. Trying to figure that out later. For the cube. Where, is it. American. Ideals. Democracy. Peace, this. Is a funny one prosperity. And, the sustainable, future, US, dollar hello, that's. Sustainable where, is it, it's. A colonnade, is. An open inviting, shelter. Inspired. By. The architecture of, ancient. Democracies. Which. Is a weird one is their ancient. Democracies, if you look at well. If you go ahead and you google. Ancient. Democracies, you are literally, only going to come up with one building, which, represents, ancient, democracies, and that, is of course the. The. Parthenon, of ancient, Greece and. If you look at the path known of ancient Greece as. A symbol of democracy it's, really quite hilarious really, because obviously it. Was a building. Designed. For the elite. A building. Actually represented. The. Separation, between the. Elite, minority. Who. Are in control of, the. Masses who really really didn't get any chance, at all to really say anything so cool you couldn't really really call it democracy, so there we go. I imagine. If I take, my camera through there it's gonna get a bit awkward isn't it yeah. I think it will be I'm walking around filming yeah. Well here, is finders and it's just in there I just. Want to get around the other side but I'll go the long way around don't worry. They've. All got the special. Special. Like. Camera. On their hat is really weird I guess that's bog-standard. Communications. Equipment nowadays. Does. Of course have a moat.

The Cube, with, a moat obviously, just to reinforce the. Minority. In size as. Opposed to the majority outside. I'm. Walking the long way around so it doesn't get awkward. Difficult, to see actually because I literally. Know I'm not gonna go in there there there is an army, of, armed. Police officers in there, all. Looking like militant. As hell so I'm, not, going in there but. Um. Yeah there's a particularly. Interesting, thing, about this. Building and, you, will not find it written anywhere. Around. It but. That's the. Address. And. The address of this building is. Number. 33. Nine. Elms. Lane. Number. 33, I can prove it to you just, by using the time tunnel. Of. Street. View. And, also, their. Website, which. Confirms that it is number 33 and you. May remember. That. Donald Trump called. This a lousy site, he. Said he he couldn't really understand, why they sold off the old one and. Moved. Here when it didn't really seem to make much financial, sense, but. It's not a lousy site is it if you understand, the. Significance of the number 33, in, fact they probably jumped at the chance to, get number 33, here and plus. If you just look a short distance down the road, you. Will see that building there, at. This mo6. And. When. I was over just over there on the other side of the river earlier on I. Saw. Some evidence of, tunnel. Digger, digging, there's some big boring, machines, over there so. They. Have been digging tunnels around here. So. I think possibly that is the reason that. They have moved here, because. You. Know being next to an old you, know Cold. War era and, Second World War era, military. Bunker, it's, not quite as good as making a brand-new military bunker where. You can share. Space. And, strategy. With. You. Know better spies, underneath. The ground so. I think Donald Trump when. He says it's a lousy site and he doesn't really understand why they moved here I think. Essentially, he's hoodwinking, you he's. Fooling, him into thinking that there's, nothing weird and symbolic. And. Strategic. About. The move of the. US. Embassy. But. I think there is and. About a year ago I, said. That when. Sadiq, Khan all, those people saying that Donald Trump won't come to Britain. On. His state visit they said he will not come he's not allowed to come I said, he will come because. He has to open up the new American Embassy and, of course he is coming on a state visit but it won't be a real state visit I, believe. That. He's coming here, to. See what. Is under the ground. You. Hello, it's. A very stripey day today. I'm. Gonna. Be going to Hyde Park in a minute to. Show you the. Frankly. Insane. New. Monument. They. Put in there I, started. Off in Trafalgar. Square. Mostly, because I want to give you well, I wanted to tell you something that maybe you didn't know about. Trafalgar, Square which is quite. Quite. Relevant to this video and mildly. Interesting. I'm going to read from a blogpost. Now, the blog is called Ian's visits, and. It's, called unbuilt, London, a giant. Pyramid on. Trafalgar, Square. 200. Years ago a plan. Was announced to plunk a giant pyramid in the center of London for, no purpose other than to caucus, snoot at the French. The. Idea for the pyramids came from Sir Frederick, William, trench, an MP. And soldier, who wanted to commemorate the defeat of the French at the Battle of Trafalgar which, had taken place just ten years earlier, at. The time Admiral, Nelson, wasn't, yet the folk hero that he is today so. Any proposal, to commemorate the battle was less about the man than the war. At. The time proposals.

For A Nelson's, column would, have been seen as a very odd thing indeed. So. In 1815, trench became was to become a rather Tron shunt campaign. That. Basically seemed to annoy everyone. For a drawing giant, pyramid, to, celebrate, the, great battle against the French, however. The monument wasn't, to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar but the entire war and specifically. The, Battle of the Nile which. The MP saw as the real turning point in Napoleon's, imperial, ambitions. That. Was the reason for the pyramid. According. To a letter from. The architects, to Lord Anglesey, the. Pyramid would have been taller than some pompous eagle and had a base of around, 360. Feet along, each side, each. Of the 22 steps would have marked one, year of the wars. Just. These lions, very. Sphinx-like. So. The thing that ended up building, in the end was still vaguely. Based, upon. Ancient. Architecture. And, of course. Anyone. Any artist, you. Might be commissioned, to create a relevant. Monument. In central. London might. Look at, the. History. And obsessions. Of. Britain. And based. It on that which. Brings us to the, again. Frankly, insane, thing, they. Have built in, Hyde Park. Yeah. There. Is an, insanely, massive, crazy. Turbid. Thing in. The middle of the lake and. There, is only one proper, way to have a really. Good look at it and. You. Guessed it already. God. I'd. Say. It's. Bloody hard work and, I. Can't. Seem to get you an error there's some kind of vortex. Pushing. Me away, but. I carry, almost a fucking day the. Boat keeps turning round by itself wants to go back but. No I, got. My legs. Like. Water vortexes, around this thing I'm saying I think I'm actually trapped. Other. Way. Next, time bring a pedaling buddy. So. You. May. See that this thing is. Not a pyramid. Or. Rather it's a pyramid with the capstone, missing it's, actually a recreation. Of what. Was the, precursor. To the. Building of the pyramids in, Egypt it. Was like ancient ancient. Ancient architecture. And. The. Piece of art is called. Mastaba. Which. Sounds naughty doesn't it be' mastaba. Was. Essentially an ancient, Egyptian. Tomb. So. This is a very. Very. Potent, symbol, of. Death. Death. - what though, what, is this death, symbol and who is it who. Is it directed. Towards, and. I think I'll talk about that when I'm back, on dry land. You'll. Know like they're having a great time. With. Us she said they're just trapped, in it's full text and when they're going like hell, we're. Trapped, come. And help us. Receivers. He does have like a magnetic effect all those boats they were trapped so, sad. Say. Well yeah, let me read you something about, the. Artist in there, the. Person who unveiled this, Monument. The. Guardian has gone with. Alien. Mothership. Christos, masturba, floats. On London's serpentine, a 600. Ton 20, metre high work made. From, 7,000. Oil barrels, is. Unveiled, on the lake in Hyde Park. What. Intrigues me about this is that the, artist said that it. Doesn't really mean anything in particular and, that it's. Open to interpretation so. I guess. That's what I'm gonna do is going to interpret it, there. Were like three, things, associated. With this oil. Death. And. America. Because. This was unveiled by, the mayor, of New York or, the ex mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg, so. There's definitely an American. Tinge. To it and, if. You ask me, there's. A subtle reference here, to the, American flag because. For, most people seeing, this they wouldn't think oh look, it's a massive symbol of death it's just it's. An ancient archetypal. Symbol which brings, subconsciously. Into the mind the, idea of death and. Also, subconsciously. If, you ask me the idea of America, because it's got the red, and white stripes. And. If you put. Put. It like that you, can kind of see how, it's. Got, the. Blue the white of the clouds and. Then the red and the white stripes, of the American flag, it's like subtly. It. Brings about the. Idea of America if. You ask me. Because, if they just well, so the the artist Christo and the. Ex, mayor. Of New York Michael Bloomberg, put. Up a big sign saying we, kind of think America, is wrecking the planet with oil and we're just like America's, civilization. To die to, you, know save the planet they. Would be, the. Uproar, people are complain there's, a big sign that says death to America. But. This is a way where people can absorb, the. Idea of. America. Wrecking the planet and, dependent. On oil and when oil dies America, dies and lalala. They. Can absorb that idea without actually, having to think it with, their conscious brain. It's. Just, astounding really look such. A massive, bit of art, such. A potent, of, massive. Political. Meaning. Could. Be so subtle that, nobody. Really, notices.

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I think the bottom of it represents the obvious oil but also petrodollar monopoly with the gold capstone missing but representing the true wealth, after all alot of gold is hiding somewhere. But you can guarentee it's been hidden underground.

#77362 = 7, 8, 9, 10 you're doing the code math wrong. You need to add 7 to 3, then add 3 to 6, then add 6 to 2 That gives you a #7, 8, 9, 10!!

Old us embassy probably had tunnel to mi5. New embassy address 33... And surprise surprice- mi is just around the corner. Of course underground digging machinery was in location ... Tube station?


A well done video thank you. The Video speculates about the new American US Embassy in London may be linked by underground tunnels to British Intelligence, just as many said the old US Embassy may have been linked by tunnels to the MI5 building. To me this plausible, fascinating and disturbing. The trend since 911, is for government become more authoritarian and society to be less free. The freedoms that we still have are to protect us from the government misusing it's power,

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Bit of a problem with YT:julian t. He referenced the i Pet Goat play on words of George W Bush's "fool me once". President FDR, Washington and the American newspapers were not fooled nor surprised by Japan's attack on Pearl Habor. FDR incited the rage of Japan's leaders by imposing severe economic sanctions that threatened to starve the nation. The act by FDR was a plot to garner American support to enter the WWII European theatres of battle. The British were about to be annihilated and needed U.S. military support ASAP. The mainland American newspapers headlined news of Japan's imminent attack days before the Pearl Habor horror.

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I live in America; (The People's Republic of California.) Those "American ideals" written in stone in front of the U.S. embassy in London are a joke now, since they are ignored by our politicians/leaders/rulers/psychos. To wit: "Democracy," a la, "the rich mob rules;" "Peace," a la, "kill people who get in the way of our peaceful elitist plan(s) for a green globe, without you;" "Prosperity," a la, "We globalist elite get richer than we already are; you get nothing but an ulcer from worrying and diseases from our infrastructure and food;" "Sustainable future," a la, "We will tax you, unto death, for living and breathing carbon, and your money will sustain Us unto a future that you will not be a part of." (Thanks, globalist elite.)

10:43 Stalin, Rosevelt, Churchill = what do they all have in common... FAKE JEW S AND FREEMASONS the LOT! yep burning in hell soon It was aculling and money and land grab that's ALL the world wars and feeding negative energy to the fallen angels not sure why this kid doesn't realise this anyhoo he looks like a fake jew and prob hates me for saying it but still true I don't trust people who arn't awake enough to know how DEEP the game goes and how EVIL it really is! anyhoo I think even the fallen in their "round table" fight amongst each other.. as much as they ALL want to take souls from god (even though god is in control and its more controlled opposition in my eyes as is the truth but I feel Jesus hates me saying) anyhoo they want their own number to themselves as much as further still aristos fight amongst themselves.. they fight for their "CHOSEN" fallen.. and try to out "evil" their opponents whilst uniformly destroying humans who are NOT Satanists ( they call us many things in fiction they call us muggles) the IRONY being that THEY are the ones with nothing in them but borrowed power from little g's at the cost of their worthless souls (worthless= because they destroy better souls then they in ways their idiot brains could not comprehend) anyhoo basically we were the magical ones by simply BEING.. and they, the wicked in all the wrong ways, who waned to FEEL magical because they had no (creation, truth, imagination, courage in them) we who are Christians still pray to most high for these things who had what was our stolen by these Satanists AMEN

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We are awake do not believe that the people will roll over.

Dry Blood of Jesus still Alive, So is He.Ask Him to forgive your sins while U still have breath. Not to is Blasphemy.Don't gamble with your eternal SOUL.

Modern Marriage art.... M and M can be 33. I've heard that Albert pike had a ring that was powerful like the lord of the rings ring so maybe the ring in the foot could be their satanic foot and ring the sheep see before they get stomped? I don't know.

God bless you and your family Julian.

Thank you once again Julian for the information and for the tour. Did anyone notice the plan of the new building and it's shape, reminded me of a six.

looked to me like a black cube like the fake jew wear on their heads.. INSIDE a scull though.. it looks like a skull to me.. like IN the mind rather then ON the mind mind control... robotization of humans.. AI Jesus knows AMEN

The lake sculpted could indicate the American Petroleum Dollar system. It resembles the uncapped pyramid on the back of the dollar bill.

Lol..check out the trails behind you

“They’re all trapped... so sad” ROFL, you’re hilarious. I enjoy your work, thanks for keeping us apprised of the esoteric goings on in your area!

Crushing Gods marriage under foot. No need to try too hard to understand that foul so called "art"

At 14:00, that is the building on the Pink Floyd album Animals.

Jesus returns the year of the PIG.. its predictively programmed in pink Floyd song pigs Pink Floyg- Pig Man lyrics also I put my research on the top comment of jkbugouts july 4th video (video ON june 30th about july 4th I should say) there's a whole lot of truth (the comments are part of it , it wouldn't let me post it all at once

23:37 Sun Stimulator ?

77462/ 77642. A dream I had 6 years ago.

USA will never fall.

Jesus knows.. Jesus will come back in the year of the pig.. next year please look at the info I have on it on the july 4th video that was put out on june 30th on jk bugouts page

Kilroy Jones

Fema just ordered 1200 gallons of cyanide , what for .

Y'all don't get so caught up fighting alligators that you forget to drain the swamp, y'hear?

Jesus will do that in the Year of the pig.. literally put soo much research in the comments section of jkbugouts july 4th video.. the first top comment and all the replies check out if you want to that is but its important anyhoo Jesus knows

362 is code for plane crash.

It's all about the LAY-LINES... (Earths free energy lines/points) THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE. That's the reason for the Fluoride in our water, Vaccines with mercury and chem trails.. TO BLOCK OUR PINEAL GLAND FROM WORKING.

soon we will have new bodies anyhoo.. I mean the bible ACTUALLY says that.. but yes try your VERY best to keep your temple "body" clean amen

A Fly On The Wall At Winging Life life is key

And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb

355443 In sequence adding ones not zeros 888 24 Two 4's 44 or 411 is death and destruction. Try this date also. 81818 Same forward as backward.

yes 81/ 81/ 8 9/09/ 2018 feast of trumpets sept 9 to 11 when the dead rise in my opinion and calculations but Jesus comes back in the year of the PIG Jesus Bless

CHIEF STILL HERE how you got those calculations?

"Washington in the lap of Rome" and the "J" agenda.....'the secret army of the papacy'

Wow...I just watched this young mans video yesterday and you included it in this one...We are all on the same wave length! This stuff is so obvious now it sad.

me too. just watched this guy and found his presentation very good now i see him here.

got my attention Google Nuclear attack on New York City on $100 Bill

Wow. Everyday in July with a number in it... well done

9-11 were the second Pearl Harbor (Fool Me Twice). Even more than that, I believe in 1999 a think tank came out with a document named A New American Century, among other things calling for the need of a "New Pearl Harbor", and then it happened just two years later

The address of "33" could be masonically connected along with the "Illuminata" shop! The "pyramid thing" in the pond is made from old steel oil drums!

Perhaps of interest to you !  July 10 ,......1212 The most severe of several early fires of London burns most of the city to the ground,...July 18 ,...1536 Pope's authority declared void in England

It's a known fact that every America Embassy there's a corrupt CIA agency office

Though some think the Queen controls America we know the Heavenly Father is in control. Book of Daniel 7:4 says the Wings of the Eagle were plucked off the Lion. The Eagle is America the Lion is Britain. It was lifted up from the earth & made to stand upon feet "as a man" & a mans heart was given to it. The fictional character of Uncle Sam. Our Independence Day is July the 7/th month the 4/th day. ((( Daniel 7:4))) I understand that recently Brexit was agreed to after much delay. If we go to Revelation 12: 14 we see the Wings of the Eagle again. The symbol of The Woman with a Crown of Twelve Stars is Israel. America "Wings of the Eagle" protects The Woman with a Crown of Twelve Stars Israel. The U.S. Embassy was moved to Jerusalem. Yes the Rothschilds created two world wars to create a state of Israel to seat the Anti Christ in Jerusalem as king of the world. However; in the West Bank are 500,000 modern day Judeans ( see the Olivet Discourse Matthew 24 Jesus addresses these future Judean Jews in the West Bank. They are True Torah Jews who do not accept a state of Israel. It is contrary to the Torah. These Jews will never worship the Image of the Beast and for that reason they will be in grave danger. These Anti Zionist Jews will be witnessed to by the Two Witnesses before the Second Coming. The event we are now waiting for is the Israeli Palestinian Two State Peace Treaty. It will start The Tribulation. Pres Trump's son in law Kushner has made many trips to Jerusalem to negotiate the treaty. There is no pre tribulation rapture. Our deliverance will come at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Armageddon is a simultaneous event everyone gets taken care of at the same. When the armies of the earth gather to war against Israel Jesus Christ will return to rescue the Jews of the West Bank. He will #1. BURN UP THE TARES ! THEY GO FIRST NOT THE SAINTS . Red Letter Words Matthew 13:24-30. The TARES are gathered up FIRST to be burnt while at the same time the Wheat are safe. 1 Corinthians 15: 51-53 We are ALL changed at the Last Trump aka Second Coming, 7/th Trump, Armageddon. Jesus said He would shorten the Anti Christs time. We should trust what He said. Jesuits & Freemasons have infiltrated our churches & sown the lie of the pre trib rapture. Sober up and pray. Read the 1611 KJV under the discernment of The Holy Spirit. Jesus said He told us everything there are no secrets. Watch for the Israeli Palestinian Two State Peace Treaty. Its been 70 years in negotiations. It is Daniels Confirmation of the Covenant. God Bless the Godly British people. Peace & Blessings !

Edith Dawson...every word, i am with you!!

More proof that the brainwashed never wonder

Trump sends Military to US South American Border. Operation #HumanitarianWall

From 24:16 those chemical trails tho!

Thank you for introducing me to two new channels.

Rewriting the constitution to fit A.I. as new humans, who need to be protected under the A.I. revised constitution...Humans will have less rights than robots, and gender X's. Humans will be down graded to "animals" and "uncilvilized"...."unprogressive"...

Kingdomof Hope nuh unh...Jesus wouldn't let that happen. PRAISE HIM!!!

Robota: From the Czech, meaning "forced labor."

Wow so much predictive programming on so many levels!Great share as per norm.

It would make since if anything Major happens, Trump will not be in America. He hates America, this is the last place he wants to hide out. He will diffidently go underground in EU. Americans are so indoctrinated to trust and obey. I wonder if they will ever have the Grand awaking and realize what Their Government has done to destroy Humanity. We should pray for all these imbeciles being manipulated and led to their slaughter. Seek Jesus, or Don't, everyone has free will.

John Smith we know



Walking wolf, well said.

Danny Creech I noticed walking wolf talked about following Jesus and not Trump and many people believe that scripture shows America will be destroyed. Also our government has been run by satanists and Trump is just part of the plan, thats what walking wolf was trying to say I think not hating America. God bless you! As long as we all keep our eyes on Jesus Christ we will be okay!

Walking wolf always nice to see a comment from someone who loves Jesus and knows Trump is a fake. May God bless you. A great book called "Rise of the little horn" by Jonathan Dane is about Trump being The antichrist, you can get it on amazon. I am reading it and its full of good information on the subject.

interesting that trump is coming to the uk this month...........GOD BLESS

Good Grief, Great Big Smile !!!

the synagogue of satan own the world, satan is the god of this world...

Walking Wolf slow down my friend. I think we all need prayer for the sin of presumptuousness of which I repent of everyday till i'm not. may we all grow in the grace peace love and knowledge of Christ our Lord and Savior.

Really I'm well aware of maritime and admiralty law that we live.( under your Satanic Queen ) and the DISTRICT of Columbia organic. And the 1871 Act. Your baby eating queen runs corporate America along with Israel and the Vatican. I can assure you this American is very much wake .

Walking Wolfe.....Death to America? Well aren't you a sweetheart. Just so you know not all of us don't fit your stereotype, and my family and friends don't wish any harm to you and yours, or your home country. I hope you can find Jesus and I hope you will accept his gift, and find the truth my brother,... I forgive you,..

Look at the American flag. There's a little satanic star for every state and the Rothschilds synagogue of satan own the US.

Walking wolf thank you for that! I’m American and I have never followed any politician! And remember our founding fathers were mostly from England! There are some of us here who are awake btw!

Look at the #chemtrailling Embassy is a giant cube. ISIS

Interesting! If you notice the last number not completed is angled like the beginning of making a zero and not straight up to make a 1. What would the code be if the last digit was a zero?

Thanks for mirroring YT: swilliamism

Indeed, I just discovered his channel because of this! Our own (UK) chatzefratz! ;)

Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence. John 18:36 God bless you☺ Peace

Some things I thought about the new capless purple pyramid in London.. The death of the Petro Dollar.. and the death of the American people or way of life. The missing top of the pyramid signifies that the Elite ruling class of America Escape the destruction.. Mystery Babylon finally revealed and then sacrificed. Also, the fact its on the snake river tells me the snake is eating it.. "the snake being the beast system" ..which means it's deemed a necessary sacrifice. Just my opinion.. Google said: "Satan is symbolized by a serpent and also spoken of as a roaring lion who roams ... One of the ways God speaks to us is through the symbolism of color. ... Purple. Kingship, Majesty, Royalty, Mediator, Creativity, Wealth. Reigning with Christ. The color purple in scripture is the symbol for royalty. ... Thus, purple refers to justice." London being the Royal Financial Capitol of the West.. I'd say the colour of this monument is appropriate.. Sacrificing the whore for the New World Order.. "The whore being America" A Just Sacrifice??? ...... We'll see...

Jesus knows AMEN

Look at the chemtrails

I keep saying that, so much for executive orders. God Bless (+)


Excellent decode JulianT but I for one am sick and tired of THEIR shenanigan's maybe that clues us into They are going Quantum which mean 0 1 and at same same time new computing ps there's a Text to Binary Converter and vice versa just G search

*I wonder if a code is written into every google doodle?*

Right on. I’ve always wondered that.

The ring in the bottom of the foot could symbolize traditional marriage being stomped or destroyed by the feet of liberalism or social engineering . Just a guess .

That's a pretty good interpretation.

That's what Harry Potter is about, he is raised by that school, parents dead. The story is set in London, there are references to intelligence, the places in London, the secrecy. It's not liberalism, it's intelligence behind, twisting everything.

Both julian t. and Sir Williamism are excellent channels!

Love Julian T

thank you I wanted to know what these numbers meant

sassyheart...i have learned that the reason the number 33 is a number these people use it seems is because when satan and the other angels rebelled the number was a third therfore 33 represents the amount of fallen angels that rebelled against the one true God

33 is a Freemason number with meaning

there's a text to binary converter and vice versa decoder .. G search

If you were to die today are you 100% sure you can go to heaven?. So, you must realize that you sinned, against a holy God therefore you are a sinner(Romans 3:23 - For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God), if 1 crime makes you a criminal, then 1 sin=you are a sinner. And God has to punish sin with hell forever( Revelation 20:5 - And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet [are], and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever). But, you can be saved/go to heaven because of Jesus Christ and only what He did( who is God by the way John 1:1 and 14 - In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God/And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.) by putting all your FAITH/TRUST from the HEART in the death on the cross for the forgiving of sins, burial and ressurection on the third day of Jesus Christ, the BLOOD of Jesus for the forgiving/cleasing of sins(1 Corinthians 15:1-4 - Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures), (Romans 5:9 - Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him. ). Ephesians 2:8-9 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God/ Not of works, lest any man should boast. You don't have to do anything to get to heaven, no work, just trust, RELY on what Jesus Christ did, in His blood for your salvation. Now if you put your trust in what Jesus did, you are going to heaven no matter what, you have eternal security(Ephesians 4:30 - And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption). Now of course grace is not a excuse to sin. Do not sin but not to get saved or stay saved but only to please God.( Romans 6:1-2 What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?), after death going to heaven or not you will face judgement. If saved, you will go to The Judgement Seat of Christ where your works you do after being saved are judged for rewards there.Also out of a good conscience we must not bother God by sinning because he died for us to be saved.

Anyone that thinks UK and USA have a special relationship is a sap.

Scott's Ronnie they are related by BLOOD.. its not an election but a SELECTION.. they are related tot he fake jews in the senate / parliaments and indeed the evil royals.. and the black papal nobility behind them its a fucking pyramid.. literally its ALL controlled opposition Jesus Knows AMEN

I would also like add how mad all these things were making me!!! Just a few months back the the Lord shared Psalm 37 with me. I'd like to share this with others who are feeling the same way. It really does help and I read it often, it's title "Trust in the Lord", amazingly how accurately it fits to what is going on in today's world!!! Truly How Awesome Is God Our Father and Lord Jesus Christ!!!!!!! ☝

All the nations have have some type of relationship going on, Via the iis in space along with all those santanlites, um I mean satallites, all working together!!! Their all working together. Did you also notice all the chemtrailing going on?!? To God Be The Glory, Praise To Lord Jesus Christ Forever & Ever!!!!!!! He knows the end from the beginning & He Wins!!! Many

Scott's Ronnie Anyone who thinks Satan is not deceiving the whole world hasn't read their Bible.

UK ,Vatican,and USA have a special relationship.

One owns the other. That's remarkable, special.

Sadly we are all the same blood line. However due to propaganda and false doctrines of life people no longer know the truth and hate has been created through lies. If everyone knew the REAL truth and that is only found when someone humbles themself to accept everything they know to be a lie and seek the truth of why things exist and verify in the word of God.

Scott's Ronnie queen Elizabeth is actually German. They changed their name to Windsor

Here is a whole arena full of proof.

Trump in not allowed hehehe. To much trash talk and Alex Jim Jones

Luke 21;36

This is a bunch of EU people hating on President Trump. The President could careless about the tunnels under England. Trust me, President Trump knows all about the tunneling system in America. The Globalists' goal is to link the tunnels world wide. I imagine they aren't far from completion. Google is a tool for the NWO to know where we are at all times. Forget about Big Brother watching you, there are more sinister people who know all about us as well. Turn to Jesus Christ to escape the Tribulation period, coming on the evil New World Order. Amen.

I don't disagree. We just have to keep fighting their evil all the way til Jesus comes to Rapture the Church. I digress. God Bless you & yours, and thanks for the videos as always. See you at the gathering. Amen.

Info Warrior, he's just an actor like the rest of the so called world leaders my friend. They are just the mouthpiece for those behind the scene. He's been acting for over 4 decades. All roads lead to Rome. If anything happens to him, it will be staged and he will disappear on the Lolita Express like the rest of the elite inbred sickos in charge. They will have their day in court with the Most High. Yes, Jesus is the only way out of this matrix Satan and his fallen built around us. God Bless.

America has a lot of beautiful and innocent people but on the other hand I think the community is as polluted as f.e. in Germany. Let's pray for the people blindly following the Satan hype.

So this is what our useless gov does with our hard earned cash

probably facial recognition camera on the officer

in every single frame of the sky in your video, I see chemtrails

flatearthrandy Luke 21:36 King James Version (KJV) 36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

I love this guy, he does awesome videos

The sad thing is Swilliamism is not a Christian (yet), so his eyes are open to the workings of the enemy but with no hope or answer (yet). Hopefully he will turn to Christ very soon.

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