Bitcoin dominance! Futures markets for Lightning BTC & Super BTC, South Korea, real life BTC

Bitcoin dominance! Futures markets for Lightning BTC & Super BTC, South Korea, real life BTC

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Hello. Everyone. This. Is adam, meister the. Bitcoinmeister. The. Disrupt. Meister. Welcome. To. This afternoon, in bitcoin today. Is. December. The. 7th. 2017. Buy. And hold strong. Hand, long term thinking. Hey. Look I'm wearing a shirt. That cryptography. D got me world crypto, Network it says on it yeah. Man, you can catch my podcast, on there. And I'll, be on there soon enough visually. That's. Linked to below always, check out the archives, link, to below my old videos yesterday's, videos buy. Your trays or at work at, a crypto. Hwy comm and of course you get your discounts, on the shirts at cryptography. D using. The, Meister. Discount. Code. Alright. Let, us jump right, into this, o tomorrow this weekend bitcoins at 10:30, a.m. Eastern, Time. That's, why I'm starting so early so. Early right, now. Yes. And the guests are very special. Rodolfo. Novak, Ansel. Lidner and ran. From. CNBC, Africa. That's 10:30, a.m. on Friday, Eastern. Time that is going to be a blast. Hey. I'm in the middle of an 83, hour fast, well actually an end so, this is what I look like after fasting. Over. 82 hours. For. Some reason my the chat is not flowing by at all I don't see anything going, on the chat but I got a lot of live viewers I don't know what I just. Type in I, just. Typed and ran the letters I don't I hope this is being broadcast at, least my lord or maybe there's maybe the only other people chatting in there okay good good there just not a lot of chatters, that's awesome pound that like button if you're silently. Watching. This video. Alright, and also my, fans thank, you people you know there's a guy in New Zealand the, great guy said I could come stay with him down there I want, to know. If you live in a city with a huge fish, market, tell. Me about it I love, fish markets, I'd love to eat fish. So, tell me email me Adam at trenzalore help calm, and yeah I still haven't emailed anyone, back I'm Way behind. Ya. Dude man this fasting thing gets you healthy alright. So Andreas, Antonopoulos he. Just like raised, what. A half. A million dollars in bitcoin. King. Of the trolls was. Saying that andreas. Was kind of lame because. Andreas, doesn't, have a lot of Bitcoin, and. So. People and andreas. Wrote something about it I'd link to an article about this you know I don't really care about the whole drama thing I think what it shows is, that, there's a lot of love for Andreas Antonopoulos out, there in the Bitcoin community, it shows, how large, the, Bitcoin community is, and it, shows, that people. Are not big fans of. King. Of the trolls in the Bitcoin community that they spoke with their Bitcoin, to, support, on Andreas, Antonopoulos now. Andrea, Andreas. And. So yet the Bitcoin community is huge huge, and wealthy. The. Big cash community I don't know I don't, know what they think of this either their, guy are king, of the trolls is you. Know kind of it. Wasn't appropriate I guess to say this stuff he could say what he wants to say though and I, will, say one thing I will. I will say this. Andreas. Antonopoulos is a genius a technical, genius but. He shows, you that not everyone. Is great with the money, not, everyone's. Mind is. Unique. And I think that's also thing you can take from this you can be a genius, in technical. Stuff but maybe not a genius, in financial. Planning and he. And so he didn't do the best job so, we all can excel, in something I excel, in financial, planning I. It. Looks like I have more Bitcoin than Andreas Antonopoulos it, which is like incredible, because, I've been following. Addresses. Obviously been in it since before, me and so. I'll. Say this about king of the trolls he is good with money I mean he was a millionaire before. He. Got into Bitcoin and had he stuck around with Bitcoin. Think think people would think of him in a different way but he's no technical, genius, so when he's saying things about Segway, and that be cash is better than Bitcoin no. You listen to andreas about that kind of stuff I mean. If, you. Want to know how to become, a millionaire before. You. Got in the Bitcoin then I guess ask king of the trolls about that and ask ask king of the trolls about identifying, early trends, I guess he identified, Bitcoin he deserves credit for getting in the Bitcoin when he got into Bitcoin, I know I don't call king of the trolls lucky, I. Think, he oh he's a he's a persuasive dude, I will, say that but Andreas is a genius, but it shows you that not everyone's gonna be a genius, its, money.

All. Right yes delayed, gratification someone. Just said in the chat yeah I checked into the chat for a second that, was Jacko, said that Jack Jack Oh Jenna, dude. You got a crazy name man town that like button for that dude and, yeah. If you want to ever question anyone in there you can do the super chat and I, will. See. It coin best face, says they are very busy, yeah. Man so they're slow put. It out tweet that said they slow down hey I linked to all the pertinent links below not, that one though but other, ones that I'll be talking about soon, but. Yeah of course corned beefs is busy big for the Bitcoin hit uh you've. Got close to 16,000. Again I don't even know I mean I don't even pay attention to the price that much I know I'm doing pretty well we're all doing pretty well, all. The. Holders out there hey. Man I told you buy and hold it. This is pretty nice isn't it okay we're gonna get more into this so, I linked to the Korean newspaper, article, that mentioned. Me and mentioned crypto. Dividends, I am, going to now read, an excerpt, from it hi, well, this is what the per I am the reporter we met on Monday, today. Released, an article titled Bitcoin hits eighteen, point five six million, Korean. Hwan the, start of dividend, rally and, mentions. You below, is a link and also, a translation. A part of where, you are mentioned, okay so I link to the Korean article you could translate it but here's the, part that mentions me even, with Bitcoin, even, when - first. Came out the. First hard, Fork people, generally proceeds. Hard Forks as negative, to Bitcoin price this. Is because people were concerned that this could negatively impact Bitcoin, system by splitting strong, Bitcoin, but. Be cash was launched, however, this had no impact, on the original Bitcoin instead Bitcoin holders were given a free giveaway called, B cash a cryptocurrency. Launched. Through a hard, fork ultimately, became a dividend, adam. Meister who, run the bitcoin youtube show called it. Called this a crypto dividend he shouts his buy-and-hold, strategy and. Argues. Bitcoins. Value is, limitless, during. A meeting with adam, meister on his recent visit to korea, he. Stated that even if the price of bitcoin does not appreciate, holders. Of bitcoin or giving dividends, via hard forks and explained. His strategy, of, selling. His crypto dividends and buying up more bitcoins using.

Proceeds, From the sale and subsequently, increasing. His total number, of bitcoins always. Increase your number of bitcoins people, value or well the bitcoins okay back to the article this is similar to Korean stock market where. Investors, purchase, equities, at, end. Of year to secure, and collect, dividends. In addition. Bitcoin does not have a dividend. Fork like a dividend, lock like. Equities, this, is because the value of cryptocurrencies, and crypto, dividends is ultimately determined by the markets, well, thank, you for that nice mentioning, and thank you thank you for spreading the word of crypto. Dividends, among, the. Very excited. Population. Of, South. Korea. Does, everyone see my shirt did I did I properly, show you the show can you can everyone see that look. At that that's a nice shirt all, right I guess everyone's gonna like mention I got a haircut or something Oh Adam, you look so good with your haircut they, probably say people always say that yeah. I I guess I mean I'm, uh I'm pretty good looking a pretty good lookin dude pretty, dude lookin guy. All. Right so uh. But. Man it's not about it's not about looks it's about who you are inside seriously. Be a good person Val, your wealth in Bitcoin buy and hold. Yeah. Don't, don't be superficial, people all. Right so, where. Are we I talk about the cream okay delayed gratification me. I always mentioned that the lay gratification. Uh. What, else do we have here. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Subscribe to me on Twitter that is, important Twitter's from going wild tech ball Tec follow, me on twitter twitter, te CH b alt. Okay. What, else do we have i, talked, about the korean, alright. Bitcoin, dominance, people, it, is like back to 63%, that, is like. Really. Getting. Up there again I mean, I remember it. Was 89%, back in the day and. Everyone and then it went down everyone said bitcoin was gonna die and of course it doesn't die it just comes back. But, yes so all coins, clearly, people who are holding all coins are coming back in the Bitcoin. Even. Know and also in December we're gonna have some crypt of dividends some big ones come out super. BTC, and that'll slow down the dot dominance. But, it won't slow down Bitcoin, dough because, the people over in China and, now South. Korea they, know they need to buy Bitcoin to get these crypto, dividends these Asian crypto dividends like lightning, BTC. And super BTC, which we're about to talk about I'm about to talk about in a second there was a record 17. Billion dollars in training volume of Bitcoin today find the believable. Dudes alright, now I'm gonna read an email a real-life, email, here, I've. Been thinking, a lot about investing. In Bitcoin, lately and then. Prepared, to hold it for long term ok that's awesome dude, I'm thinking. About clearing, out my IRAs. About. A hundred, thousand, dollars to, put in the Bitcoin oh. My. God this. Is the point we've gotten to people I mean. This is pretty is this crazy I mean, of course I had an IRA I had an IRA that was like it was small but, I clear that out a long time ago so. It's paid off nicely with, the clear out your $100,000. IRA. And. But, yeah I mean I'm talking like what. Was my IRA like seven thousand dollars there's Ivy I don't big going with it I think I, took Harrison, side but any, $100,000. But. Yeah this is people are excited Bitcoin. Is almost $16,000. In the fifteen thousands and people, want to clear out their $100,000. On IRA and you know what IRA, start their measly. Peasley. Little things that go up like point, one. Percent a, year it's, it's the oh it's what they want you to get locked into it and they scare, you into it oh you're, gonna get tight you're ready to penalize if, you if you cash. It out before you're 65, or 67 or somebody to or whatever the darn ages, this, is playing into that traditional, we're, not into this traditional, thing anymore so, I'm not gonna tell this dude to cash out as high because I'm not giving financial advice but. Whatever I I see, I think more and more people are gonna consider, doing. Something, like this you you know a hundred thousand, dollars is not a small amount of money, if. You didn't buy a Bitcoin back in you know 2013, 2014 2016. If you bought back then then a hundred thousand dollars isn't as much as it used to be anymore I'll tell you that by, god it's, kind of crazy I mean, I'll be honest with everyone I will be honest with everyone I don't see a hundred thousand dollars the same way anyway it's weird it's, really weird because, my house, um my. House in Baltimore. It's, valued, you know around 100, hundred. Thousand dollars and I just want to get rid of that thing right now I don't care how much I sell them I don't want I don't want to hold that it. Doesn't matter to me anymore but before big coin you know that was a big, asset a hundred thousand dollars okay.

I've Said too much alright so let's uh let's continue here with the UH but. Your mind does change, I will say I mean it is amazing to see some of your Bitcoin addresses that, have over a hundred thousand, dollars in them I mean so it's so surreal. It's. Surreal. Man, and you, didn't even have a lot of Bitcoin in it you. Didn't think you did but then it it's. So. I do I guess I still think of it as a substantial, amount of money I just don't think are the same way but it's. It's just a whole new outlook on, mine when. This has happened with its with the surge this is just it's, just amazing, I mean I'm giving you my true feeling, here like as I. Think about it it's okay so let's stop the impromptu stuff, here I'm sure, some of you enjoy that, be. Cash plus, which. Is a fork, of. Bitcoin. A friendly, for crypto given a Bitcoin, the, test net was supposed to launch on the fifth did, it launch people. They. Did update their site which. I linked to below the B cash plus, site. Which. Again it's a fork of Bitcoin so, it looks more professional. January. 2nd they're supposed to go live and let's take a wait-and-see approach, do. Not buy anything that has that name in it yet because it'll probably be a scam they, don't have a futures market okay, Alistair Melanie has a link if Bitcoin, returned, to 85 percent dominance. The price would be $20,000. $20,000. Whoa. It's, pretty cool anybody, having an issue like getting steam and steam back, dollars, to Polonius. I, knew someone who's having an issue with that because. You know we want to sell our steam. Dollars for five bucks thanks. To the people pumping, it in Korea and then the people who might be buying. Into it you know I mentioned, how there was a steam in article, yesterday. About. Um, god. I hope this is I hope everyone can hear me my lord. Because. There is some weird things, on my computer right now but. I talked about a steam it article. It. Was getting dark in here well I. Talked. About a steam it article. Yesterday. About, it talking about and they mention how the the. The the the. Pumps started out in Korea for steam back dollars, but, the guy was like you should either steam back dollars, to buy steam no, don't. Do that people just, sell. It and get Bitcoin for it dude. You I mean I look back at some of the steam that, I and steam back dollars that I turn to Bitcoin back. In, July of 2016, I look, at those addresses oh my. God if you look at the dollar value, it's shocking, it's shocking. But, again we value our wealth and bitcoin but still like I. I've. Gotten, I don't. Want to say how much I've got any a Bitcoin from Steam it but I've gotten a. Good. Amount I mean. Someone's. Boris, just gave me 20 Australian, dollars what is up Boris. Bar. Is, the spider. By. The who written by John Entwistle him, write too many of them pound that like button if you like my classic, rock. References. Yeah. I know about classic, rock Led, Zeppelin. The Who Pink. Floyd. All. Very, good, but. I didn't do drugs I enjoy them, naturally. Yeah. My hair is short so, yeah I want to look good for the bottom it's fell inside on a Saturday. Man I got to look my best I gotta. Look my best at the bottom it's fun you know you gotta look good when you're in sure. We. Don't have to all. Right so yeah so, right-wing BTC. I'm. Super. BTC. Which. Are coming out which are based in China. They. Are listed, they have futures, markets, or IOU. Markets, as they put it listed. At, shoes,, i. Link. To it below Shu. Zi bi. Comm. It's, some Chinese exchange oh sure. It could all be bogus, but. People. Are paying like, 7%, for. The, super BTC, a futures. IOU. Whatever they want to call it and 3%, for the Lightning BTC. IOU and I, think they're kind of related because, they're putting each other and each other's tweets, I don't know something's, up over there but. Hey good. Luck to them and again. Super BTC, is run by this really rough rich Chinese, dude that's into Bitcoin, so. Let's, let's get it on let the Tresor list, it not, list it split, it for us I wish, them all good luck please, if it's 7%, that would be awesome because we're gonna get a lot of it free because we love, evidence, and guess what for all you crypto dividends haters, that were saying oh it's killing Bitcoin, you were saying that at eight thousand, you were saying that at nine thousand, here saying that ten thousand, now, we're at like fifty thousand it didn't seem to kill Bitcoin very, much didn't.

Hurt The price very much. There, are a lot of people thanking. Me that they bought Bitcoin. You. Know around the time all these people were talking about Forks, uh I don't. Know about you four caters that I do know you about about you four caters your negative nancies, I don't know what your thing is be positive. And. Again I'd like to I linked to lightning BTC, Twitter you can follow what's going on there. They, warned, it that people are already creating scams that uh. That. Involve lightning BTC, do not buy anything with lightning BTC, until you know it's safe okay, it's not live yet. Alright. Ironic. Tweet of the day from be, cash people, free. Money for everyone this is going to end well by, bch, yeah. That's pretty funny because. First. Of all I bet BCH was exactly. What all these Forks are Fremont. All it is is an altcoin and it's. Done the best out of all the the forks, so far but. This this person was saying, you know making fun of free. Money for everyone this is going to end well woods so, far it's doing real well for Bitcoin just like what I just said dude I'm so, i link to that tweet here's another tweet I can, hear a collect, collective, hopes of be, cash holders, crushed, a little, harder with every, BTC. Fork announcement, yeah, yeah. I mean well they're really getting crushed now oh, and. I forgot, to mention something about a king of the trolls they are really getting crushed now with the you know where. They're at 8% of a Bitcoin now but they'll be back though they will be back they will be talking their game soon. Enough because, um, king, of the trolls is going to be on fast money next Monday, I I've heard I think it's next Monday and people. Were like why they're letting king of the trolls on I don't know why they're letting king of the trolls on fast money okay. But, he's. Probably gonna pump and. It's gonna be mainstream, and it'll. Probably Punk come, who knows but. Whatever, I mean it's just, just, point that out he's. Got connections as I said he's gonna he's gonna work hard he's, gonna work hard to get get his get his B cash out there to to. Pump it out there all right I, one. Thing I keep on forgetting to, say that. People. Straight. Up in the Bitcoin. Forums. In. In. Social, media groups in South Korea they, shout out pump, pump. With, an exclamation mark I was told by people so, I mean they they don't they don't shy away they, want it to pump they. Don't care what all this stuff stands for if be cash pumps, they'll be happy no buy it pump pump their script I mean it's funny it's funny I um. Adam, you should be on cbnbc, someone, said I don't. Know I was on CNBC Africa. Thanks to ran he'll be on the show tomorrow um. I you know I'll be on any any TV, show, well. Not any I won't be on Max Keiser because, I do not believe in what he's he, has said bad things I strongly, disagree with strongly. Disagree with I will not go on the max any not like he's asked me to be on the show or anything like that but, I will not go on that no no no he believes in some things I do not know, I'm strongly against, and so, I mean I I stand, for stuff I cannot I can't compromise my core principles, anyway. And we're not gonna get into all that why the, why we haven't. Asked me anything about, that one day I'll ask me anything oh they're so brutal you. Guys some people like that stuff though. TV. Show or whatever okay. What, else we have point, Telegraph, okay we talked about that yesterday the Senate moves to criminalize, and. There's another article out there hacker noon, tone. Days recommending this one I haven't read it yet I'd, link to it below about. This again, we, are all gonna fight this Senate bill if it really gets close, don't. Worry about it. Okay. That's. It I think that's all I had to say I'm gonna, go eat pretty soon I ran. Earlier I think around like three miles whatever, whatever. This, is what discipline.

Is About people, if. I if I can't eat for eighty three hours or whatever that's discipline. It's easy, to hold your freakin Bitcoin till 2020, or 2024. Even, though you see you got a lot of money or whatever in dollar terms who cares man I'm living life I'm loving life I'm traveling, around I don't have to get into my Bitcoin. Stash because, I planned it out well and you, know I live, minimalist. Lifestyle, people i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister it is run by eyes remember subscribe this channel like this video share this with you do you check out the note session below we'll be back at 10:30 a.m. on, Friday for this week in Bitcoin, pound, that like button check me out on Twitter, tech. Go up bye.

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I understand u completely. I've been in a mental euphoric haze while walking on cloud nine. My mind is conceiving new opportunities as the price rises

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