Bitcoin interconnects South Korea, Venezuela, the 80%, and more! BTC needs the best!

Bitcoin interconnects South Korea, Venezuela, the 80%, and more! BTC needs the best!

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Hello. Everyone. This. Is adam, meister the bitcoinmeister, the. Disrupt, meister. Welcome. To. Tonight. In, bitcoin. Today. Is. December. The 5th 2017. At. Least it still is in the east coast of the United States I am in South Korea I'm getting out of here very soon Goldin hold buy and hold strong, hand people hey, Bitcoin, is getting closer to 12,000, apparently, I don't even know I can hardly check the price I was on a train yesterday coming, back from Seoul to Busan, I'm in Busan now I got to get a cab real soon to get to the airport don't know how to get a cab yet no one speaks English that's very important, remember people. Don't speak English very well in South Korea that is something you need to know when talking about the cryptocurrency. Space, the connection, between the United States and South Korea, if you speak Korean you could do really well in cryptocurrency, if you are, in the United States and can come over to South Korea that's what we learned from yesterday's, video check, out yesterday's video where I reported. From Seoul about, what's really going on in cryptocurrency. In this. World. In South Korea in South Korea okay, so I, am just gonna wrap up since I'm in a rush to get out of here I'm gonna read, what I have written down what I've had written down for, the last few days hopefully. This will be a fast show if you like that shows pan that like button check out the notes section below you can get t-shirts your, treads or you, can uh the. Affiliate links crypto hwy low calm I got a contact Joseph su and I still got a email for Tex I had to email all of you I am way behind I'm, not gonna email be able to email anybody until I get back to Baltimore, that will be Wednesday night and probably that means you won't hear from you until Thursday or Friday lots, of you sorry it's just too much stuff going on here but lettuce and thank, you for the person who signed up through coinbase, I. Have. A coin based affiliate link below if you're in the United States you can buy from coinbase that's. Like the easiest place to buy from I know their coin based issues but if you wanna if you're new you want to get by Bitcoin that's where you do it from I have an affiliate link below thank, you for the person who I recently signed up for that alright, uh and, I. Anyway. The, bottom line is that yes they don't know English, here in South Korea. But. So. That limits, the connection. They, don't hear about everything, that we hear about they can't read our Twitter, feed and all that but. But. They, are interconnected, to, us because they are buying, Bitcoin, they are buying lots. Of altcoins so it affects, us it is going to affect this issue you huge, numbers, of people that, is the culture here, in South Korea. I hope I've been seeing South Korea not South Africa that's that's, for 2018 South Africa, visit town, that like button if you want me to come to Johannesburg March, 8th 9th and 10th yes I won't be there if all goes well but, here but going back to South Korea and I, love it here in South Korea I really, had a blast here guys I. Don't like to rank what I had more fun here than I did in Japan but I was only in Japan for two, or three days last in 2016. So maybe. I'll visit Tokyo soon, again and you guys can show me what you're all about but right now yo Seoul. And Busan it's been it's been great but, anyway yeah they are interconnected. Whether, we like it or not we're, gonna have to deal with all the rumors that go, around here in South South, Korea. That help boost. Upside that do the iota, effect, I mean the insanity, I mean everyone, was asking me about altcoins. There. There's an altcoin curiosity. Because people. Feel like they did miss out on Bitcoin but still people were going in and out of Bitcoin queue I think, there are a lot of people that use the South Korean exchanges, maybe from China who, care more about Bitcoin, because the Bitcoin price is boosted, up here also there, is a lot whatever, is going there is a lot of activity, in South Korea there's a lot of activity, it has been impressive to see it firsthand I have. A link to everything below yet I know the New York Times just did an article on South Korea I skimmed, over it and they, came to a lot of the same conclusions than I did they have very similar quotes, from. People who are like I missed out on Bitcoin I want to get in on this I'm. Dedicating. This amount of money I used to be in the stocks now I'm in the cryptocurrency I mean, anyway. Let's. Move on here. Yeah. So they do not again, the, good one good thing is they don't know about the english-speaking world drama at all which is kind of cool it keeps, it it keeps a lot of emotion, out of it but then they start believing. Everybody. Who claims themselves to be a guru after, making three good predictions, I mean that's not good so, anybody.

Pound That like button subscribe this channel check out the links section below follow me on Twitter I act Tech ball te CH BLT. I've been given updates all the time retweeting, stuff from South Korea. All sorts, of stuff Bitcoin. Was on the cover of Barron's, magazine I, meant to mention, that, quite. A few days ago but there I mentioned, it finally all right. You. Need to have discipline, people remember, that's just that's it if, there's been one theme to all of my videos discipline. Just discipline, judo just, think long term the year 2020, 2020, having, hearings. In South Korea huh uh they. Have a different form of discipline, I guess it's like, we. Are. We're. Trying to make his money as much possible as much money possible, in such, a short period of time I mean. Maybe that's that discipline, at all but, um I. Don't. Know they don't have long term they're not in the long term discipline, I guess they're in the short term discipline, if such a thing exists, okay let's leave that let's. Leave that subject behind, us now my, college, roommate one of my college roommates great, friend I might haven't heard from him for so long, Shane. Contacted. Me just the other day yeah he's texting, me right before the show he's, telling me about a theory of this, is a guy, so. I guess he seed um through. Various means that I knew the Bitcoin, and so, he's got all sorts of questions for me Shane if you're watching this we're, gonna talk soon enough but I just wanted to point out to everyone out there that yeah everyone. Is getting in the crypto more, and more people are getting into crypto currency I said, this at the beginning of my trip to South Korea and it's just a shame has reminded, me just getting an email out of the blue from, him telling me that he's bought some Bitcoin here he bought some aetherium we're thinking about buying some worth here and this is a really smart guy - really smart guy um. So. He's very interested, in all this and.

It's. A good sign it's good he said it he asked something like I feel like he says something like I feel like I'm late but he's not late this is only the beginning, so you don't get tempted like all the South Koreans, to get into all of these altcoins. But you think you missed out on Bitcoin because you haven't missed out on Bitcoin because it is just the beginning uh, so, yeah I warned, the point and my friend Shane what he used to say it's so funny he, doesn't even know this sir he he. Used to say in college and we weren't talking about financial. Investments, when he used to say this he, used to say because I was always in a rush to do something. To. Get somewhere, to, do something, with girls I go to a party, or whatever I was into in college and. He. Would always say patience. Is a virtue Adam. Patience. Is a virtue and, now I'm gonna tell him on the phone about how patience, is a virtue with, this Bitcoin thing don't think you missed out don't, worry, and. This is I mean again everybody patience, is a virtue a shame back in college was one of the first but I mean my parents obviously used to tell me that when I was a kid too but he put, it into real-life terms, with, all the stuff we were dealing with in college his patience as a brick hey good good memories, and it's anyway. Who, knows who else is gonna be contacting. Me some. Dude that. Used to party, with me he's, like man I remember being at your house when you Druid Hill Park I haven't talked to you for a while that's where I found my cat man call, me I see, this message in my email from this dude I hadn't heard from for years I wonder. What it's about I wonder. What it said that it's probably about the Bitcoin stuff because people are here and then Adam Meister knows, about this Bitcoin thing from, what Ephram better whatever social media platforms. That we share anyway because there is a social media platform that I'm on I have, a personal, page on there with all of my friends.

I Have met in real life and I don't even publicize, it on this because I don't like when people from, Bitcoin world really contact, me through there I keep. That a separate, world but I do occasion. On. There so some, of these people are now they're. Very curious now so I mean this thing is obviously, growing if it's on the cover of New York Times Barron's and all that stuff all right, so, people, have asked me also about, the bill. We're gonna talk about that bill in a second holding, Bitcoin illegal, okay Venezuela, but the other day before, I left Gabriel. Maximo. Sounded. The guys things starts Jaime all these guys from Venezuela, are, contacting. Me all at once telling, me about this what's, going on down there, how they're making their own cryptocurrency, and, I didn't have time to comment on it now, I do, so there's Barry and again, that, their leader down there is doing, this because, he's. Trying to find a creative way of bailing out his, broke economy, and he, hopes, that people, are gonna buy his, centralized. Cryptocurrency, yeah. People, like why is he just I use Bitcoin, yeah that's a good the, answer is because he wants control he, wants centralized control he's trying he doesn't care about crypto, he just knows it's a trend, he thinks it's a get-rich-quick. Scheme. To, bail him out and you know what he might have a point he might be able to get bailed out a little bit because there's all sorts of 80 percenters, out there they're like oh I want the first official. Crypto currency of a country, I mean if he makes it easy for anyone in the world to buy that whatever. It's gonna be called in Venezuela, then, yeah he is gonna get bailed, out by, the 80%, of the world, okay. So the. Title. Of this video was the interconnectivity. Of you. Know Venezuela, South Korea the 80 percent my friends, it is, all interconnected here, okay dig, that, that is the beauty of cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin. Even. If someone's doing something that's kind of shady or whatever the whole world can get in on it and boost, that scam, up if they want to okay. Whether you're gonna be an eighty percent or anywhere and then, that'll boost the price and that more and more people going to find one positive thing about this Venezuela, thing, is that more, people are going to find out about cryptocurrency, if it caused it okay so look at it that way I don't, want that dude to stay in power at all okay. But. I do want the people of Venezuela to be in better shape I do, want, more people to find out about cryptocurrency, okay. So, we've got this interconnectivity. One, bad thing happens in one place but it's gonna affect people, in another place, because, this is the freedom no one is stopping anyone, here it can't be stopped cryptocurrency, in Bitcoin that is the beauty that I. Mean. But still no one's gonna bail out every, of the 80%, when they buy this worthless, Bulevar. Coin and it, goes to zero within, one day or whatever's gonna happen to it you know if some South Koreans are like on their little talk forms they're like oh the, Venezuela, coin is the hottest thing maybe they're they're gonna be the ones that boost it up but, they're gonna lose out in the long run - no one is. Anyway. You gotta be patient you gotta have long-term thinking you gotta sit back and think but, most 80 percenters, most people in the world are gonna jump on all these bandwagon sand help boost them up and so. I hope you get this energy I mean being here on the ground in South Korea you do you really get a grasp of how everything is interconnected even. Though they don't understand. Our language they are pumping, some things up that are affecting. The altcoins, over, on our side and the, price of Bitcoin. Alright. So. So. I again, and, I'm gonna read what uh actually. Maximus said about that.

The Venezuela. Just to just to put, that out there okay, uh, yeah. The New York time Correa observations. III will try to link to that article again I am in a rush I might not be able to put the link section below until I'm like out of the country and I've. Got 40, minutes to get out of here uh let's. See. Better. Fun a cab oh yeah. Yeah máximo, know who said this but. They don't want to lose control of the money they don't want to help the people the, only, thing they want is to create another, way. For them, to make money by, selling us, a garbage, token, if you, hear someone saying, that, the petrol, is a good, thing the, person, doesn't know, blank. About crypto. Okay that's what Maximo had to say and yeah yeah. B he, has some points there it, is it's a centralized, cryptocurrency they're trying to do down there but you gotta look worldwide. Here it's it's spreading the world word about cryptocurrency, another. Government. Might, make a cryptocurrency, maybe another government, they adopt, an altcoin or a Bitcoin. Or anything because of this this is the first step so yeah he might be doing it for a bad reason down there in Venezuela, but it could have very positive effects, on the rest of us in the future and it's gonna have very negative effects, on people too because of the internet interconnectivity. Of everything that the, of this world of this amazing, world okay. Hmm. Here's a tweet from, Chris, saw burnt whatever. His name is and I'll try to link to it below half. Of the current crypto, market, participants. Have known nothing other, than a bull market half. I, would, say like 80%, probably. Dude, alright somebody just did something in the super chat so I gotta go over there. $5, from bench in Macau hey man yeah Venezuela crypto I heard about it on the web. He heard about it on the web bot there's something I had to mention for a while I don't. Would have mentioned yeah I because, maybe South Korean people maybe there'll be a South Korean version, of web bot that's what they needed oh my god imagine, if there was a South South, Korean version of web bot I mean, there's. Something if yours if I. Don't even put that in anybody's head. I'm, not gonna talk about that the web bot obviously. Don't. Don't, follow magical. Gurus, people, that's been another theme, of my South Korean visit to, get, guru. Worship, but not good not good not, good at all all, right so yeah I know hey, only half of the key yeah I think eighty percent of people out there are used to the cryptocurrency market, only being a bull market maybe 90 percent there's so many new people all, the people in South Korea that's all they don't that may be think of that perspective on all of this the, people South Korea all they know is a cryptocurrency bull, market, adam.

Meister As you know I've been in this thesis 2013. Which I used to think wasn't a long time it is an eternity. Now and it turned I was, through invention. Was there also during. 2014, and 15 during, the bear market I mean it's like we're like World War two veterans, here with our stories. There's. No it hardly I mean we're like spanish-american, war. Palle, that like button if you like being a hundred 25 year old man no, all right, so. Okay, yeah but but but yeah trust, me guys bear markets, that's, just a time when, you just buy and, you tell people I have long term thinking I think this 200, 300, 400 dollar Bitcoin I think it's gonna pay off for me one day BAM, now it's the present in the future and yo, hey. Bear, markets, or opportunities, just look at it that way always shall, always child, trying to change a negative into a positive, okay always try to look at the bright side and that's what I was doing in 2014, and 2015, and now BAM I'm all over the place alright, this. Is the part of the show where like I I'm, not looking at the chat or in the comment section people are, like yo. Cokes, a heck of a drug or something like that again. To all the people, out there I don't, do any drugs this. Is all-natural energy I eat healthy in fact I'm in the middle of a whatever. It is it's like 36 the hour of my fast or something because I'm about to travel I I, don't eat it all when I'm like traveling on a plane again it's just it's a good time to do your fast I'm in the middle of a 72-hour fast all this energy I'm about I'm gonna do a little workout before I leave do some push-ups or whatever but, yeah if you're a healthy, person if you have a positive attitude that's. How, you get energy people not from drugs, and trying to blur reality. It's. From enjoying, reality, that's what this energy is from people that is what this is from and someone just gave me 20 bucks Gregor. Said, thanks. For shedding, a light on the venezuela, and he, says f Maduro. Yes, yes. I don't like Maduro, at all but I do like shedding the light on what's going on down there definitely, the people must be freed from socialism. They must be freed from communism, and all of these horrible things that have oppressed, economies. And people, and the people, this will bitcoin will free people from all over the world that's why on this weekend Bitcoin the other day I had that guest from Italy, who spoke in for in North Korea. To the people about cryptocurrency taught, them about blockchain, and then, would not watch have that big coin I'm saying blockchain, I sound like corporate, Meister now corporate. Meister calm down that like button if you like me pull out names out of my butt all the time no so going back to that North Korea thing yeah I believe he's, he laid the groundwork. Up there maybe if only one of those North Koreans, it. Could become a rebel and just start it I mean they've opened the Pandora's, box up there in North Korea that is what I believe by, trying to teach them Bitcoin, they're, opening a gourd, Pandora's, box I I hope, I hope, this again again so because some people are like oh you're that, guy taught him to be spies or something no no he didn't no he didn't he didn't who, knows what the North Koreans want to teach why they want to know about Bitcoin probably from hack for hacking who knows what their government was thinking but they opened a Pandora's box if 25, of their brightest, and smartest people, out there now know Bitcoin, hopefully.

Soon Hopefully. That's just the beginning only only, the beginning up there all right that's. A little bit of a ad-lib, there by me, okay. Read it says read, this quote Adam okay so I'll read this quote this, is from a guy this. Is named Ryan - 3 8 - I hope, the link to this soon hey, buy-and-hold, think, 2020, and delay gratification I'm, happy, I found your YouTube channel I'm in college and you, should see the buzz o campus, people, are talking about Bitcoin, more, and more I got 20 plus friends to buy and I explained, to them about Bitcoin, having, in 2020, dude Ryan, if that's, your name you are awesome, i retweeted, you you're great and that, is good to know it's growing on the college campuses, obviously, I don't hang out on college campuses, like I used to do with my boy Shane when we were in college I'm tying all these stories together today, of, course I was hey Washington, University in st. Louis that's where Shane and I went to school and no I'm not saying the year I graduated hahaha, all right so uh. Well, see we had here uh yeah. Oh other thing I first amor things about South, Korea that I didn't talk about there's like a whole group of women out there housewives. Between, step 50, and 70 years old that, have a tradition, of investing, in the stock market, very interesting, and now, their interest there they are investing, in Bitcoin and with, their husbands funds they, take their husbands money they, actually the, way it works here in South Korea and I was being told this. By real men in their 20s and 30s or, they were around that age 30s. Saying. How their wives give, them allowance, but, the allowances, are made up of their own personal, income their women take their money and then give them allowances, so I I know I know it's a it's horrible it's hard I can't believe it but that's that's another show that's another issue right there but anyway as these women get older and they have their men's money then, they spend their men's money investing. In the stock market, and I think some of them have done pretty well so their men keep you know their lookout sure that she's investing my money well so, now some of these 50 to 70 year old women's are women. Or a lot of them are transitioning. Into cryptocurrency, so, that's the important thing to get from this that there's this culture of older, women using their their money men's, money whatever you want to say into. The stock market now, they're they, want to know about iota I over the affected, and, all, coins a Bitcoin and everything. So that that that's really an interesting thing I did not mention yesterday. And. I said I think it's really interesting that women. Give their husbands allowances, but. It's the men's money the. Men go out learn the money than the women give them their money back okay, that's for another's but any but, whatever it affects, us in the United States because these women are spending their, money on. Cryptocurrency, which affects ideas amazing it's all connected all right ah all. Right all right. Good. So. 71%, okay, yeah ran, ran, ran back, in South Africa, now I'm talking South Africa, he hosts the CNBC, show that I was on hopefully, I'll see him in March he, has a tweet, out a question, in each in a poll and it already was answered, 71. Percent that people agree with me by the way so we're here, the Bitcoin dilemma, I made. A trade, into, an altcoin. Using. A five, Bitcoin, at UH. Whatever. Cost him $40,000. Twenty. Thousand dollars and he, sold it uh. Yeah. So, he spent, five Bitcoin, and he only sold it for 3.1. Bitcoin, but he got thirty, three thousand, six hundred back so, he spent twenty thousand originally he, got, thirty three thousand six hundred so. He made a dollar profit there that's a big profit in dollars but. He had five Bitcoin he ended up with three point one pick, coin did, I make a profit, or a loss he's. Asking, he, made a profit in dollars so, his. Question was did I make a profit or loss because, in Bitcoin.

He Went from five Bitcoin the 3.1 Bitcoin so if he had just kept his money instead of playing games with all coins if, he, would have kept his money because he is the crypto trainer, so he had to play his games and all coins he had to trade I guess you don't have to do anything but, so here so. He lost in Bitcoin so the poll at the question was did he lose did he did. He make a profit or a loss and, 71, percent of the people know, that you value your, wealth in Bitcoin. All. Right value, you wrote the Bitcoin and agree with me that he made a loss on that he who cares that he made up he made a profit in dollars he should have kept it all in Bitcoin he would have been fine all right he, wouldn't have lost he, lost 1.9, Bitcoin my lord all. Right so. Yeah. Guys just, buy a whole Bitcoin Pam at like 1:30. Okay. 25. Minutes. What. Else do we have coin, tell it okay people, wanted me to talk about the Senate. Moves to criminalize. Non-disclosure. Of cryptocurrency. Ownership. And that's for people in United States if, the Senate if our government, makes it illegal. To. Not tell the government how much, Bitcoin you have I mean. That's ludicrous that, is horrible, they don't make me say how much alcohol, I own and I, don't know anything, but. They don't make me sad you know how, many sofas, I own how many TVs, I own, this. Is, ridiculous. So if it even gets to the point where they really start moving along with this yeah, we're, all gonna ban together out here in cryptocurrency, world, and we're gonna be against, this if you think people were no 2x, and know this and know that and you know all these little means that we've had this will be real this is something I'd be willing tomorrow because I try not to worry, about what the government does and all that stuff usually you can't ignore it and I, can't, ignore it because if they actually did this I would just leave the country and never come back again I can do that but but, they're not that isn't gonna happen we are gonna fight that and is something, that is worth fighting for because that is that that, isn't good when you're that that is a complete over, that is I, mean. A dictatorship. What's. The word I'm looking for I mean they're getting you there it's not a date you. Know what I'm saying they're getting into our personal business there that's just controlling. Every aspect of our life when, we have to list every single thing we own to the government and then no I don't, first, of all coin bases are if you bought from coinbase they they're already gonna know but, but I understand, it's not right, it's, not right to make up to pick on an asset, like that and say oh you have to tell us how much of that asset, you own it's, obviously, about control. It's obviously they don't want people to. Avoid, the system, they opt out of the system and that is wrong that is not freedom, that is tyranny. That, is what I'm looking, for god I can't think of words. God. So. Yeah if this, bill this, non-disclosure, thing, happens, or even. Gets close to happening you better believe right here on this channel I'll be talking about it a lot and I'll be going out of my way to do everything, to shame those people, over there and come but they don't know what they're talking about say they're probably just trying to jump on a trend they're a little worried that people are talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency now they finally would understand what they're even talking about yet but, if they if they I mean first, of all the Bitcoin holders of this country, have a lot of freaking. Bitcoin, and my the, equivalent, we could fund all sorts, of campaigns. Against, them they would shut their traps real quick real. Quick if we start, funding. People to run against them so they can't run. Their little stands anymore, because let me tell you something the people in the government the ones who'd be interested, in this type of tyranny, they're the worst criminals, of them all they've got all sorts of scams going on in the inner cities, wherever, cutting. Backroom, deals it's, a disgrace, is it but that's how politics, works and that's why I want nothing to do with politics, and I don't play their little worship, games but if they're gonna come into our world where, the big boys play with, the Bitcoin, they better be ready because this. Will be their worst nightmare, let me tell you that they think they're, gonna have the tyranny, on the people, it will totally. Backfire. I guarantee it because there are people out there there are Bitcoin, millionaires out, there or Bitcoin, billionaires, even even king of the trolls out there who is not exactly, my Ally, on something's, I'm sure. He, would contribute some, Bitcoin.

The Fucker be cash or whatever to fight this type of tyranny. In his, native country. But, anyway that so don't worry about it people don't worry about it right now let's see how it progresses but, don't, worry about because you know that. The bid I want you to know that people like me are willing. To go. Against such such, tyranny, in the. United States government if they dare go. To, do, such a silly, silly. Law, a silly. Endeavor. Okay it's it's tough I mean do they want to drive out all the wealth of this country do they want all the rich people of the United States just to leave and opt out because we can and we will okay, especially. The guys that don't have you, know there's, a lot of self-made, dudes out there that aren't married don't have kids yet they don't have wives yet and they don't have anything holding them back if they want to bring their mothers to another country with them then they can if, you want to do that or if you do have a woman, you can bring your woman with you to another country there's a lot of freedom out there that money gives you that Bitcoin gives you so I mean, if there's anyone in the government that's watching this video and there isn't come, there there's, a little there's, some news for you of what might happen but, again the people in the government don't watch videos like this they don't even understand, Bitcoin - probably just jumping on some trend and this, will all disappear with, this silly law, that I've already talked, way too much about and that. Is it all right one, what else do we have here. Oh, yeah. This uh Novogratz. Guy he's a big finance, guy Vinny lingham. Retweeted. This you, know so there's like the regular Vinny lingham, that we all love that, we all loved who made great predictions. And everything who was not emotional. Who was you know very to the numbers and then there's the San Francisco, Vinny lingham, so this is from the San Francisco, version of Vinny lingham, tweeted, this out and this is no ain't no bidding this is not a diss to you but I mean you, get into this virtual signaling, stuff sometimes, into this who. Cares how many women, we had in this field you, know you, hire the best people, for your business, that's how you became, a wealthy man I think, I mean, you know deep down you hired the best you, don't care what they look like man, you grew up in South Africa, you say it yourself you, didn't like when people discriminated.

Against You because you were an Indian you can't you, can't get you cannot discriminate you cannot differentiate, between people on sexes, anyway, so here's the thing this, is what he Vinnie retweeted, these are not Vinnie's we're I'm just saying people. Get. Annoyed admit he went when he retweets, stuff like this and rightfully, so it feels, to me that 80%. Of the crypto community. Is male for. The revolution. To thrive we, need more. Women, on the team I know, it's, a complex, issue but. Change starts, with awareness and. Then, this guy makes up a path pound, more. Women, in crypto, or you. Know whatever that's it hashtag, more women in crypto I say found that like one and so I say, not, for that though I call. Out okay so me Anna Meister, so, Vinnie didn't write that but really retweeted, that but, so let's let's forget about many for a second the San Francisco version of Vinnie because, he's made he tries to fit it I. Don't. Know if any personally, I've. Spoken. Him obviously but um, I'm. Not about fitting in to the culture, around me to the to the Baltimore culture, around me that I grew up in or or whatever that I might be a I don't even live in Baltimore anymore, really okay or, in Maryland, I'm away so much but he's in Silicon, Valley in San Francisco, so he's got to talk about things like this San Francisco beanie comes, out in the tweets but this dude this Nova, got sky saying. That we need women and he doesn't need to explain exactly why, we need women in Bitcoin, to thrive we, just need know we go we need the best people. If you're a woman and you're smart, come, on over baby come, on over that's great I love it I want, but for, me to, for them to tell me I got a reach out, I gotta go out of my way to, get a woman, in here or together whoever, in here does somebody from a different country someone from Antarctica, I mean it's ridiculous. Diversity. Doesn't solve anything. But. Your mind solves, the problems, it's your mind that gets you Rick it, gives you wealthy, it's your accomplishments. It's your hard work it's. Not subsisting. Look of certain way or you have a certain. Organ, below. The belt no. It, doesn't matter we don't need to reach out that's not what this Bitcoin world is about this that what cryptocurrencies, about, and guess what Nova gas you're. Not going to be able to change it because. The cream rises to the crop here there's cream rises to the top okay, the, 20%, rise, to the top here you could try to 80%. It as much as you want him you can try to make it politically, correct as much, as you want him it doesn't work, here, there's no one, to dictate, the debts that we have to accept that stuff but, we don't accept that stuff and people like me who got nothing, to lose who have no boss because. Of Bitcoin can call you out every. Single, time Nova. Gas or whatever your name is and I called it out on that thread too I called him out I said it's virtue signaling, it is its first I don't know they want more friends who, cares about how many friends you have on the Internet Nova gas or, how many women you, can save your butt or your buddies, are hanging out with you and stuff is that how you value yourself although, I freed, all these women free. Know what. You're trying to do they, if they're smart they can join it and they can make Bitcoin better, we, attract, the best minds, to this space and it's just gonna make a stronger stronger, stronger hey and if you want to you can scream, about brilliant. Diversity, bringing women in whatever, I'm not going to worry about it you worry about it waste your time trying, to bring in more women well I, spend. My time trying, to bring you more Bitcoin. - adam meister and to educate, people on how they can get more bitcoin, instead, of worrying, about politically. Correct BS, that's been distracting. People for years and years and years and years all these people been dedicating, their lives worrying. About oh we should get hillary president, always you get trump president oh we need more women in this all we need more Hispanics and there's only you, guys that have been worked now you're seeing you wasted your lives away worrying about this politically, correct stuff when you should have been educating, yourself about technology.

And What's, hot and what's next. And if 2013. You would have realized hey, I shouldn't, be worrying about this political stuff I gotta be worrying about learn about this Bitcoin thing you'd be in great shape to, now and you'd be talking about Bitcoin. And being able to speak, your mind on the internet just like I am with not a worry in the world alright. That. Was a rant and a half uh. And. This this has been a fun video here, I mean I really just got going there what. Else do we have here. So. Vinnie get back to not be in San Francisco, Vinnie and you'll, be awesome, again totally. Tow I mean you are off you are a smart, dude Vinny you are smart, but, when you become San Francisco, Vinnie oh God. All, right what. Else do we have here uh. That's. It I'm Anna meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember subscribe this channel like this video share this video do, check out the new section below found that like button I won't be able to talk to you in the chat I got to get out of here I got a I got to go back to United States.

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