Black Sea holidays #2. An American marries a Cossack, tries ancient Russian yoga and more!

Black Sea holidays #2. An American marries a Cossack, tries ancient Russian yoga and more!

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Y'all, just want to have fun. So. I don't know how well you guys know Russian. Rock music by this is one. Pretty, good driving music. I'm kind of Audrina, trouble, yes yes I'm feeling good to go. We. Are now. Our. Dear friend and cameraman. Pavel has decided that he wants to fly his GoPro. At the top of that. Mountain. Things, flatter. The mountain such, as a hill but. As. You guys might know we're sitting, in a very small. Convertible. Mini so. Getting, there will be a bit of a. Challenge. I want to say when I use or challenge so. Let's. See how we go okay, Lena our. Life is in your able hands. Mommy yeah we're. Doing it we're doing it look, mom. As, you guys can see we, have almost made, it up it's right there on the follow on hand we made it so Napa in this trusty, little it, is a girl car and, Siana. City I've never driven anything this, small it's, a very it's, a super convenient city car so the. Other day when the. Other guys had to turn around and that's in, that car, it, took them a good probably. Like two three minutes whereas. For us it was like forward/reverse. Go, of, course there, were certain, issues like going, going, up steep. Hills this. Car I mean it made it but I could feel that it was having a hard time and. If. You, are to overtake, a car in the oncoming lane. It. Takes, a little while for it to accelerate, so, there, were a couple of times there I was like oh we're gonna make it or not but. In general it's a really cool car and once. We hit. The road with a bit more breeds we're gonna keep. The roof down, and just, you know girls. Just want to have fun. So far it's looking promising this is our room and, this, is the sea so. I think we might get, a pretty good view let's. Have a look. Mornin. Yeah. Look. At that check, that out over there you, can, definitely. See the sea do. A bit of people-watching as well people, are going back and forth I'm not really sure about this weird building. It's, a little bit of an eyesore but uh I mean. Didn't, usually just walk that out you got so much see there. The. Aerial well well, I feel a bit like, Empress. Catherine the Great you know judging by the interior lots of gold. And shiny, stuff. See. What's in here Oh. Gross. We got a nice let the robe here as well. Looking. Forward to showering after this long journey and getting into that nice fluffy robe and here. Is the. Master. Bedroom. Also. Quite fancy almost. Like our hotel, yesterday I read your saw it's got like oh it's, got a common theme with the whole like 19th, century fanciness, and. The balcony, I'm. Sorry you guys can like smell it right now but, I, can smell this wonderful. Salty. Sea breeze oh and. It's kind of like it's almost 7 now so, it's really cooling down it's. A really pleasant breeze out of ha 1 but really like end, of day sea breeze, it's really cool there's. A lighthouse again, you. Can see some sort of Cape there. In the background and. Ya. Know it's pretty cool I look, forward to waking up and seeing the Sun. We. Are now in a bar. Six. Hours. It's. Nice. To feel. An earthquake here, Nagappa so let's. Play furnace, bye guys. Where. The. Beer. Daddy's. Baby I. Think. Said that way. Down. Anyway. Russia. Didn't. You. Never. Happen tonight guys it's. All about the oceans and I think, me and I'm today here, are, the. Full-on consensus. That. Despite. The laws we. Want so, much in terms emotions emotions. Are running high the whole game my heart was like, like.

On Hyperspeed, and these. Emotions, East you just can't recreate it ain't, even know we lost, it. Was such, a, great, way to lose so. Thank. You and see you in 2022, Russia. At number one 2020 - take. My word for it. What. What what I said what, I said. Okay. So after a night. Of cheering, and with us drinking. Beer. It. Started that. Do. A bit of a Oh have, you have procedures, and since we're. Especially. The head it's like healthy we, are here we're joined by the chief doctor, lovely. Advice, yes yes, the chief, doctor of the. Facility. This is uh ed, what and he is the trainer, of. The. Health system, called Villa Yara which. Judging. By what they just told me it sounds a little bit like some kind of ancient Slavic, yoga so. We're gonna see. What that's all about, and, give it a try. But. I thought I was gonna need to drain but it's somebody training, instead of me so, jump. The bullet on that one, you. See they miss you this is what's, cookin this. Wasn't as good. In. Your head. Well. I thought that I, jumped a bullet but now my time has come. My. Sister. Sophistries. Sensitivity. If I cannot again. The. Calls for Prince, Pierre stored in a storage. Engine. For sensitive. Nickel. Values my assistant, I mean. Well. We learned a lot today about. This. Ancient Slavic yoga did. A few things in practice as well. It's. Definitely, got. Some interesting, points and, then this very, quick session I think we learned a little bit about our bodies namely, how to cut. The stand how to have our knees, Bend and. I'ma. Day you're gonna take classes, on, yes. So. A big family. Might. Do, we feel brand, new after, this procedure uh. Feel. A little, weirded out I was, just lying. On the floor, two. Times. There's, a lot of permission. To take in but uh yeah. Maybe there's something to this ancient. Slavic, yoga. Type thing called Bella yada maybe I'm not as big as Isaac but I know, I'm, actually more powerful than I look so. We'll try this unfortunately. We can't really spend too much more time here, because we have a gym, packed, itinerary. Today we're, gonna go grab Lena grab. Our stuff check, out of hotel. Bus, for hit, the road and go to that mine that. Mine is the last little, kind of town. Before, the bridge our goal today is to cross the Crimean bridge and. Anti-mining, they, have a very strong Cossack Cossacks, culture, and we've. Been promised to be shown a couple of ancient. Cossack. Traditions, before, crossing the bridge so that should be interesting, GoPro. It, is tiny mites video. Very very talented, singer. In this car. I can. See this. Hi. The voice of an angel. -. I, need, some, mine kind. Of like a cultural, Cossack. Center and we're. Gonna, check. Out some traditional. Cossack. S, rituals, and. Try. Some traditional, Cossack. Food alrighty. Let's looking, promising. This. Is Jade. Right there. This. Seems like lots of people inside. Looking. Pretty cool. Auctioned. Off as the bride. I'm. Gonna get married again today for the second time I don't know if my husband's gonna say about it but as, the.

Locals Say that. Mine is the Vegas, of combined not, even rhymes so. What happens in some - Daisy. They're. Not kidding I'm, gonna have the whole shebang and. Throw the skirt, get. Something colorful, from here and. I'm gonna get married. Not. Sure about putting, out more layers in this heat but it. Is what it is you gotta, hustle. I do. Chapter, thank you and you had not achieved up. Oh. Yeah. All right well we, were married for about four, minutes now it's time to get divorced I don't know how they do it here in close neckline but we're, gonna go figure that out right now. I. Am. A married. And freshly, divorced woman so, both and, one we. Just had a wedding. Ritual, where I was given. Away to. Real, Cossack, man no I'm kidding, he was also just the first here who is it, was quite weird out seen, you or go. Ariba. Fierman. Riba. His Masoud that will be cheese to propose reward, Oh milk. A rich nya who's Tara in Alaska, as the vibe as, watch. Animals, kappa choke, saya. History, bio queen, leash. - sketchup box no esposa boxes, my boiling milk we owe this. Honor this one a cup cheese a question, I showed at the Mall of Asia with. What abolition. So. Nauseous recognition. Is a couple but, our Napa. Rajkumar, tinea. Directory. Densified, focus, to assert their own retreat damage control, report on grass or in the airport. Of. Course pizza. We. Are perversion. So. I've, been offered a piece of Sala that's like Pig lard a local, specialty but. I'm. An aspiring vegan. So. That is just that's not gonna fly. What. A day it's been we. Cup. Did. Some Russian yoga. Drove. Got, married got divorced, all. Of that is enough to lurk up a real appetite and. We. Were. Kindly. Invited to, a real Cossack, feast. So. Let's let's, have a look we're having today. Salah, which I'm not a big fan of obviously, because I don't eat meat in, here this is real, Cossack. Borscht. Which. Unfortunately, I can't try there because it's made with meat and. Fresh. Veggies. This. Lovely lady is having a karateka which, is a traditional. Summer. Soup it's got a bunch of chopped up vegetables and. Some sausages, and, you. Poor sweet Donna so sour cream all over it it's, very refreshing on a very, hot day like this. Okay. Now my, turn has, come. These, are budding, EQ they're. Kind of like Buddha mania if you know what pretty mini are they're just bigger and they have different stuffings, these. Ones are filled. With potatoes so. Something I can finally eat and once. I'm through with, the, potato ones these. Are the cherry ones for dessert. Hmm. Hot, Mary. Ellen mm-hmm these are good it's a very good. Wanted, to do a little bit of a su near not shopping but at least trying on for. Example. This is traditional, the traditional head.

Wear For ladies, hello flower band. What. Do you think nice. Yeah. If. I'm bad how that well just, for you guys just for you guys. How. You like it yeah. Alright. Time to take it off. How. About this one huh which, one's the best one so far. There's. One black. I'm. Not putting it back on. Here's. Like a Mary toko sec again. Established. Here here you know you. Wanna dance. The. Hospitality or show was great to start off with a few hiccups I don't, think they believed that we were real journalists and. I were doing a real show there was a bit of, suspicion. On their end but uh as. They got to know us as we spent pretty much the whole day together I think. We've become, friends and we are very, much welcome back here again and I think we will come back here because yeah like I said the hospitality we were shown was just. Incredible, it's really nice to. Find, a home away from home, definitely. Recommend this place if, you're ever in the area but. Yeah definitely save like, a day, for it we thought you know an hour here would be enough but oh boy. Where are we wrong that's why boys and girls you do your research before, going. To a new place, all. Right goodbye, my. Goodbye.

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