Black Sea holidays #3. What can an American do in Crimea?

Black Sea holidays #3. What can an American do in Crimea?

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Rotating burrowed, birds fly. Dragon, style. I. Love. The dog away, turkey. And. Straight, to the floor. Well. Everybody, we're in Crimea. Hotel. About, two hours this, is not very big like. Very far to go but. Because, of its traffic, we're. Here for a while so we're just gonna kick, back. Girls. Just want to. Show. Traffic, is getting. Better but. We're a little, bit as I said earlier, we're not, so much like running out of fuel but since, we saw a gas station now and. Now we're looking to see what they're serving and the, says, the Stroh oh it's. Actually a pretty decent look at that it. Seems to be a very wide selection of food remains. And. Look. At it it's all really modern just. Like anywhere else in. The world you got your candies. There is nice tasty, treats. Of life or decent fuel. Here however, is. Notice. If we call Slayer than. Mainland. Russia that's. Gonna be how much more expensive it is he's. Keeping. An eye out for for. The fuel and the fuel prices. Terrible. Things in catastrophic terrorist. More, expensive in Moscow, for coming to, Crimea. We. Were warned that Visa. And MasterCard don't work you, only have cats. Rubles for yet, a beautiful. Card which is like the Russian goon of a MasterCard, or Visa for. These nice people there. They. Just treated us to a latte turns out they got one. Too many so now we got a love thing between. The four of us to keep us awake for the next Hana. Congress, about. 12. The. Next about 2 hours. We. Made it it was a, challenge. Silly. There's. We, didn't think that would take us five hours to, get from gum, line to, sue dock because it's totally about like what. But, there was that horrible. Traffic jam and then this the last 20 kilometers in this windy. Dark. Mountain, road after. Like a whole day, of working and, driving and filming, in the heat. Was. Good, a good night's sleep after, a long and eventful day and before another long and wonderful day so be nice and fresh and clean right. Now I'm sitting in a pool in. A really cool a seed breakfast, area so, this is the breakfast area of hotel for. Free. Swanky, I'm, not really sure about the kind. Of house dance, tunes at 9:00 a.m. but, okay. You know lease. It's not like, rusting. Death. Metal we, are now waiting for one of the guys from the. Two. Crimeans, to. Come. And whisk. Us away. On. A fun-filled, day of. Paragliding. Up, in the mountains but. While we're waiting I thought you know why sit in the room let's, go explore, the. Lovely. Seaside. Town, oaks of that well let's, see if it's totally not so. The nuts some, of them are there nuts and some of them are imported. Nuts but some of, these are, made. Here in Kenya. All. Local produce and, I'm. A big fan of tea so maybe I'll come back here afterwards, and get myself a little souvenir, local. Herbal, tea from. The Crimean mountains. That's. Definitely a cool souvenir to bring back if you're tricky. Here for holiday yes we get the natural juice too becomes dense by itself somehow and then, that, just turns. Into some. Call it the the, Soviet Snickers, bar this guy had I, think he's a. Mad. A little vegetable. That. We play, over. Haha. Have. A talent, for selling. Things okay, maybe I'll buy in. Judo. Ah, yeah. It is thank you thank you guys I think I should add, okay, I'm getting it I'm getting, a little treat here. Domestica. Cycle. Okay. I, think, this is a big.

But Not a dried fig, like. A normal fig will, say to you that. Mm-hmm. What's, not marginal. This is much. Much. Enough learn that word mmm. By Shabab it's good luck. Funny. Stuff funny stuff, going on and so duck almost, made it to the sea almost but. We were summoned by our. Dear. And darling producer, I have to go meet Daniel, from two crimeans, apparently. He's gonna be there pretty soon and we can start. Our day. Of paragliding. I. Promised. My. New friends at the market that we'll be back but. I guess we'll have to be back a little later or tomorrow now. I gotta go meet Venu. Finally. After, weeks. Of. Online. Correspondence. Finally. Daniel, one, of the two Crimean. His. Wife. Girlfriend. Couldn't join us and fortunately but, hopefully a, later, time during our trip through it, to meet her as well so many. Lana's girlfriend had an Instagram account to doctor. Crimean, and. Honestly. If it wasn't for them I don't think we have. Such a cool program in store because they were such such a great help and helping us organize everything, and their, Instagram, account is such an inspiration for anybody, planning their trips to Crimea but, you. Don't even know the best part yet. Can't. Wait to get in the water, apparently. The cold current, is still here so the water is about 18 degrees but. Honestly I don't, care at this point the colors are better, and, ready to be from beaches. All. Right we're on our way to. The. Really, cool, mountainous. Hello. You. And teach you today. Juicy. Freedom. Despite. The name which. Like I said its terms it is secret. Quiet, quiet, bank it's. A little. Crowded. Before. And then you said before of the days of crazy, instagramming. And pretty, social media use this was a beach, that only locals knew about but, ever, since people started checking in here and sharing pictures. Of done Instagram. And gone yeah it became a lot more populated, and crowded in the summers I will. Try to I get a spots in the phone anyway. Okay. Well towel check. Bathing. Suit check. I need, take. A dip. So. We made it to see, her walk down it's, a pretty big beach but. It's. Already quite crowded, even. Though it's a Monday then, again people are taking holidays so how does it really matter what Dave's week it is momma. Told, me I was, I know said that. Just. Two weeks ago it, was a lot less people but. Again I guess July, and August are really, the peak tourist. Seasons, where you can really I mean, if you can find a free, spot. It's. A little a little. Cozy. Of. Course the order in which we did things was not entirely correct. While. It was cloudy. We. Were swimming, now. The Blazing, Sun has come out we finished swimming and we're walking, out. Say. Son. A, little bit of a way to go to the top. I'm. Being then Yulin little. Sweetheart, of the our priority. Now. I'm just looking at the. It's. A little trailer I wish for my foods are up. To the job so. I just stay here and guard the brief view, from here is really. Not too bad anyway, Sunday. Summoning, us but then I'm. Gonna tell them that I, don't. Really feel like. Unfortunately. I would love to go back in this water now, somewhere. In the mountain and Detroit Mountain Daniel. Knows oh but, you know what I know as well and. Afterwards, we're going to stop in. A little mountainside, cafe where all the paragliders, have, lunch before or after their sessions, apparently. It's a very, cute. And kinda, homemade style food and then, you'll wants us to try it and to be honest with you I'm, kind of starting to want to try it as well because, getting. Hungry, I was walking and swimming and, then the paragliding, itself hopefully. Have. Arrived at. Well. In simple language there, the jacuzzi Hills hydrogen.

Kids Used. To be a close to town for military personnel but once the Soviet Union fell apart in. 1991. It became public. Town so anybody can go, there and. Check. It out the, real name in tartar. Is. Good. Joke bias our. Good. Luck. We got to the top it wasn't. Too hard. Look. It was a little hard how about I'm just not a very good mountain climber for, anybody who's got a little bit experience and trekking this would be a piece of piece. Of cake easy peasy. So. It's. Really nice, definitely. Worth the little. Effort that I've put in. Dragon. Style, I just tried to. Adjust. About a 390, which, can be loosely translated, as the, Starfall. Of memories. Supposedly. This is the best kind. Of observation. Platform. The best view you'll get on all of Eastern. Crimea they say this whole area is just a mecca for anybody, who's enthusiastic about. Paragliding. In, aviation all of the, Soviet Union's most prominent. NEF, Soviet Union's pilots really they, all got their start. Here and, around. This area on, Mount. Clemens you and. This is where it kind of comes to its logical end and. It's here. An early-bird kind. Of get your, self. Out of bed and see. The sunrise here or in the evenings alternatively, pack, a picnic basket and enjoy. The, sunset we unfortunately will. Have to leave a little bit before that but nonetheless. We're gonna go down and see what then you'll want to show us. Finally. The best view in all of Eastern Crimea. We arrived, to. Mount, Clemente, WA this used to be a flight. School back in the Soviet, day I. Feel, like there hasn't, been enough. There. I'm gonna have thrills in our trip so far so. What. Better way to fix that then go, and. Do a bit of paragliding, like those guys over there. Go. Up. Up. And away. Flying. Oh. My. Goodness so cool it's. So so. Cool. This. Is one of those days where you really, really think, oh my god I love my job we're, just got it's just time week number. But, that it's him. No, vacation. Kakari. Cacao, reception, area now. So. We are now imitating a, bird birds, fly this is how birds fly they catch. A gust of. Standing. Wind and that's how they float, around to conserve energy so. This. Is I guess what Nelly Furtado was, thinking. About her song, I'm. Like a bird is. Million animals appraiser, shows school. Gara. Sama-sama, Vulcans, swamis a natural, SCOTUS positive, predict. The Easter, Vigil. Creeps, people Wooster of coast of we show panels, is Moscow, but na na pyar young. Frozen, asleep right, say, you go vast ocean HS crime esposa neva Kanishka, me Parata me say, silver. Sierra's, up at night a scrimmage, but. Would incur all away. That. Was so that. Was so cool. Really. Really cool, some. Of the best views I've seen, in my life and. Really. Great experience, it's not scary at all there's nothing scary about it at all especially sure with the experience I like these guys. And. These roads are exactly why we didn't. Bring our little, MINI Convertible today because I don't think little. That. Little sweetheart. Could handle these, roads these mountainous, Crimean, roads it's. Time now. It's, almost. 6 p.m. and. We're gonna have something between lunch and dinner let's. Call it linner and so, far this jam-packed, trip. Is all about the winners no time for lunch lunch. Is for weaklings. It's. All about the winner and. Today's. Today's. Winner, is gonna, happen in a cafe. Of Boulder paragliders, is where they all come to chill out. Well. Everybody, got. Their food except, for me maybe. They don't like I don't know but so. Far I reasons, to be enjoying their to it yes good yes and. They got from lawn here this is a traditional, was that noodle, dish will, they like a soup, and some vegetables, and meat that would, sit the salad to me that salad, to me and, this will flash or what did you it is this is. About it isn't some kind of salad but don't, forget that in Russia we call everything a salad even if though it's got like a bunch of mayo and not really any vegetables still called a salad in Russia. So. This is a cute little cafe. You. Got beautiful, windows use. The windows. It's. Quite simple by homing but, there's that that's. That's. Definitely our charming, element, of, all of this all.

Right. So, this is, you. Were here in the morning with me and, now we're taking, you walk down the main kind. Of pedestrian. Street, down to the beach and put us in the evening, so. We want. To make to the beach it's a bit late now I don't think we'll get to see any reminders, of the sunset or much. Of the water but. There. Might be some cool lights and other. Things worth seeing by, the water I was. Just severely ignored by a little girl she didn't even acknowledge my existence so. I'm going to drink the pain away. With. Peabo. Just. Like in America we. Cannot just drink beer on, the street for any alcohol really so, because, they've. Run out of draft. Beer I have, to get a bottle for the bottle you. Get a little bag. We've. Been walking all, day buying. Mountains. Paragliding. Our. Feets deserve, a little break. Because. We couldn't find a bit massage. Annika, the, ghost emissions of one year say it again yes, I am - cam what.

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Kruto ! Awesome video. Crimea looks fantastic, i've seen more videos from there on YouTube. Spasibo ! Interesting & awesome.

Futile propaganda. Lifeless barren land, cold sea water, unsatisfactory beaches, broken roads, poor services, sky-high prices, neither Visa nor MC accepted, general poverty is what Crimea is all about. Nothing is good until compared. Why wouldn't Crimea be compared with at least Turkish resorts with all-inclusive hotels? No doubts this comparison will not be in favor of Crimea.

I've been to Crimea this summer and I saw only 4 Western tourists : two Brits and two Americans. They were having a great time. Pity that people are afraid of going to Crimea for some reason:)

Crimea has as much resemblance to the Canary Islands as the Sahara Desert to Amazonian jungles. LMAO

+Toran Krivein Crimea is like Canary Islands near the shores and like Kazakhstan steppes in the middle! Spicy mix! Cool time except horrible traffic ,because lots of cars - but not enough good roads.

Crimea is like the Canary Islands, Hawaii, and Acapulco altogether except there are the horrible roads, the deplorable beaches, the services leaving a lot to be desired, and the near-freezing temperature of the sea water (18 C). LMAO Great time!

Авторы, а Вы были на Кавказе? )

Найдите меня в ВК)

+Vladimir Achakov

Ждем в гости! Ростов-Пятигорск ) С радостью проведем экскурсию ;-)


Поедем весной;)

I will never visit unless the area is returned to Ukraine.

Epsilon: Do you think Ukraine gonna last forever? You should worry about Russian longevity. Russian Empire collapsed in 1917, Sovok disintegrated in 1991. What country is next? For whom the bells toll? LOL Ukraine will last at least for as long as Russia. Europe will provide money for Ukraine no matter what. Ukraine is considered a buffer between the Western civilization and the Eastern barbarism.

accckiy No, you will not see me there you little bitch.

CRASH THEPARTY: After Putin, Crimea will still be Russia. Hey! Who said, "There is Putin so there is Russia; no Putin means no Russia"? Do you know the name of the author of this quote? LMAO

Epsilon: Very nice of you admitting that Ukraine basically attempts a genocide on the people No country will supply the occupants with any resources! Now Russian occupants are on their own. By the way, Crimea has a lot of useful sanctions! Eat 'em! LMAO

Epsilon  I love that sort of idiots like Toran Krivein, they will keep jumping on raker and think that is normal

+ Toran Krivein " The retribution for all the crimes committed under the Putin's regime will catch up in one way or another." GET OVER IT. You have lost. And you will lose more!

+Toran Krivein After Putin, Crimea will still be Russia. Why do Westerners think it's all about Putin?

_+Toran Krivein Never say "Never". Crimea has no water. No water means no agriculture, no industry, no tourism, no future. And there is no way to get that water from anywhere except the Ukrainian mainland._ Very nice of you admitting that Ukraine basically attempts a genocide on the people they are claiming to be their own citizens but in reality absolutely hating them.

_+Toran Krivein Neither Putin nor anyone else is going to last forever._ Do you think Ukraine gonna last forever? It will be a miracle if Ukraine exists in 10 years.

Jose Fonseca: So, never really. Never say "Never". Crimea has no water. No water means no agriculture, no industry, no tourism, no future. And there is no way to get that water from anywhere except the Ukrainian mainland.

walid merdji: Putin is not going to give them a damn inch! Neither Putin nor anyone else is going to last forever. The retribution for all the crimes committed under the Putin's regime will catch up in one way or another.

lol Putin is not going to give them a damn inch!

+john197039 Thank you. I hope we will never see such ass as you there!

So, never really.

thanks for the adventure!

ye it's nice to see a American in this rigion. ...

She is not American per se. She lives in Russia and works for this propagandistic channel.

Nothing is good until compared. Why wouldn't Crimea be compared with at least Turkish resorts with all-inclusive hotels? No doubts this comparison will not be in favor of Crimea.

Futile propaganda. Lifeless barren land, cold sea water, unsatisfactory beaches, broken roads, poor services, sky-high prices, neither Visa nor MC accepted, general poverty all around is what Crimea all about.

_+Second to None Ukraine will last at least for as long as Russia._ Nice fantasy. Ukraine is one of the youngest states on the planet with no previous history of statehood and with predominantly Russian speaking population. The harder Ukrainian nationalists gonna push the sooner Ukraine collapses. There are several countries that wouldn't mind a piece of Ukraine. Ukraine is doomed, every next year gets harder for them, energy collapse is inevitable. _Europe will provide money for Ukraine no matter what._ EU doesn't want to pay even to tiny Tribaltics, who says they gonna provide freaking Ukraine with billions? Ukraine which is not EU member, which is bigger than Poland and is like 4 Greeces or 10 Tribaltics with off the charts corruption. In the perfect world Ukraine requires tens (!) of billions annually! IMF gives them loans only to pay for previous loans, no more (this money probably don't even reach Ukraine at all otherwise they would simply diappear). No free cookies for Ukraine, sorry. _Ukraine is considered a buffer between the Western civilization and the Eastern barbarism._ History showed Western barbarians attacking Russia century in and century out. Seems like you want Ukraine to be Dikoye Pole 2.0.

Epsilon: Do you think Ukraine gonna last forever? It will be a miracle if Ukraine exists in 10 years. This crap for brainless idiots is pushed by every mass media propagandistic outlet for at least 4 years. Yet, Ukraine slowly chugs to Europe and civilization showing f... to the Russian fascists.

no one invited you anglosaxon warmongers, last time we already removed you from Crimea.

Amazing guys I truly like everything you do. Simple delightful

You are wrong, she doesn't work for BBC or CNN. and now go back to your work you nato bot.


That Russian Lady Sounds TOO American LOL ))) Она конкретно лоханулась на 5:30 Сраная АмЭрЫканка!

0 20 WOW

john 197039 Nobody wants you there anyway. So keep whining cunt!

Toran Kriven Fuck off Asshole!

People will not pay a hell of a money for nothing like Crimea.

Pathetic mediocrity without any creativity.

Great video I loved seeing Crimea !!! I hope to visit one day for sure

Not in favor for whom? If you travel just once in whole your life then you should consider Monte-Carlo, but if have been to Turkey 10 times why don't go see Crimea instead of Turkey? People travel places like Nepal or North Korea must be mad to you, right?

Toran Krivein > _to the Russian fascists_ After bloody coup in 2014, Ukrainian Junta officially declared real fascists and nazis of ww2 times as heroes of country. People which gave oath to Hitler, committed genocide of Poles (e.g. Massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia) nowadays are official heroes of country. Fascism born in Europe, exist in Europe (Baltic states with race segregation laws) and supported now in Ukraine by Europe. While Russians are famous as people which defeated European fascism, nazism, racism and colonialism.

бедные рыбки аквариумные))

They dont want you there. Or wait and in Ukraine also.

It's not all about Putin; it's about respecting the rule of law. As long as the United Nations regards Crimea as part of Ukraine, civilized nations will continue to do so.

Why travel at all if all you need is an all-inclusive hotel? People come to Crimea to see Crimea ) Hello from Crimea!

+Julia P. Dear Julia, There are some points that deserve, IMHO, a clarification: 1. _Russians_ defeated European fascism in WWII or the Soviet army? there were no Ukrainians in the Red Army? no Kirgiz, Kazakh? All done by Russians (russkie; rossiyanie) alone? And all this was achieved by the Soviet Union alone without any help from the allieds? you really think so?? 2. Colonialism: Russian Empire had no colonies in the form of subjugated and conquered countries in Central Asia? really not? 3. "defeated Racism": todays's day Russia is free of racism? (as you claim that you defeated it..). so there is no racism against people from Caucasus when they search for job or housing in Moscow, no advertising that excludes these guys for applying at open vacancies or rent for appartments? no racism against people of colour in Russia?? I am surprised.... 4. which race segregation laws do you refer to? I do not comment the other "facts" you mention.. Regards

Why do you demand Crimeans respect the rule of law when you've supported Ukrainians to violate the rule of law with their coup? Do you know why? Because it is profitable for you. Because NATO and US wanted their own Navy base in Crimea and remove the Russian Navy. I live in Crimea and I don't understand why do you want to decide instead of us. No way )))

It's safe to travel crimea ?

john197039 you Su*k

+indycoon , Nobody around the world gives a damn sh1t about Rushka's fascist propaganda. The point is that Crimea is the occupied territory and that's why Crimea and Rushka are under sanctions. You are not in Crimea but merely in Prigogine's barn for cattle and slaves. What about fresh water in Crimea? Do you drink water or stones from the skies? LMAO

+Second to None Here in Crimea nobody cares about your opinion based on lies ))) If you prefer lies because they are profitable for you, expect surprises in your life ) Truth always wins.

indycoon, No one cares about your cheap dirty propaganda! According to the UNO's resolution Crimea is an occupied territory. Period! The rest of your BS does not matter.

+Second to None Crimea is not an occupated territory, so people come ))) Guess your mass media just don't inform you properly. Crimea has decided to separate because anti-Russians come to power through a violent coup with a help of their western sponsors. We didn't want a war with Ukraine, that's why we have separated. If Putin wanted, he could help Yanukovich as well as he helped Assad in Syria and it would be absolutely legal. Note that allmost all ukrainian soldiers who were in Crimea (almost 20000) serve now in Crimea. We just didn't want any war. People in Crimea live as usual and foreigners come with a Russian visa with no problems. Donbass is another region who was against of illegal coup, that's why they are shelled by the ukrainian army. At least Crimea is not shelled as they are afraid of Russia. So Crimea is peaceful.

+indycoon , People do not come to the occupied territory!

+Second to None You look stupid, really )

Why didn't you introduce us to the dogoilevich?

Great video. How much was the cost for paragliding?

Russia is safer then you used to think. Crimea is safe as well as other regions.


+Second to None monkey low life we don't care for your cheap dirty isis propaganda, we crimeans tell you: GO NAHUY monkey low life :) thank you Putin for saving us from a Ukrainian version of ISIS-2 )))

are you kidding? im not goin to a stinky Turky, you can shove it up your lowlife monkey ass, and I'm fime here in Yalta )))

John Betterman monkey stay home please and go nahuy :)

thank you Putin for saving us from that isis-like starving shit hole Ukraine :)

Not a great loss I think...

Bold video, thanks!

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