Blake's Bike Packing Adventure Round The Isle Of Wight | GMBN Epic Rides

Blake's Bike Packing Adventure Round The Isle Of Wight | GMBN Epic Rides

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Welcome. Back to you beautiful people today I'm on the Isle of Wight where I live, the, weather is amazing it's. Friday, and I can't wait to get out on my bike but look, at, what I've got to. Ride. Yep. I am, going backpacking around the Isle of Wight I've, ridden here so, much have been all over the place but I've never circu. Navigated, the whole way around the alibi in one go it's not very big but I, thought I'd take my time a bike, pack right, enough chitchat, I'm jumping, my steed and I'm gonna head up the hill I'm gonna go east. All. Right a little bit of history for you. Queen, Elizabeth, and Prince Albert, built, their their. Summer house on. The. Olive-y and. This is Albert's, cottage, it's a guessing. Where Prince Albert, used. To hang out have, some lunch is pretty cool place to have lunch actually. That's. A big gate. There. East cause is pretty cool to be honest Seb clover, born, in. 1987. In, 2003. He. Solo. Sail across the Atlantic, why. The hell, would, you do that that is freakin. Crazy the. Guy who invented the Hopcroft lived, in these cars as well Sir Christopher cockerel. I think it was there you go a little bit of history about. East. Cows on the Isle of Wight now let's move on. Oh. Yes. I. Waited so long for that one. First. Stop for food. Is. The garlic, this place is sick I can't. Recommend it enough I. Love. It and. Also need garlic for. Dinner sir yeah. Garlic. Beer. I reckon. Someone was bored I just. Wanted to build a funny, funny. Something happy. It's. Gonna be some sort of plaque on this thing we, asked the olive why I had a big, big. Role in protecting. UK. Mainland especially, Portsmouth, and Southampton, because, Portsmouth, is. A naval base oh. Yeah. Look at that Jia. Jia. So. Yeah Walled. War. I. Thought. Was a dead sheep. Interesting. Fact though the Isle of Wight is the, biggest, island. In England. For. The second-most populated, island in. England the, most populated. Island. In England, is port. C port, see I didn't. Know because, I did some research, it's. Portsmouth, that's. Portsmouth, Portsmouth. Is a city that, is the most populated, island, in, England. I didn't. Know that and we're the second most populated island but the biggest oh. Right. So. I'm gonna go down to ride. Peddle. Across all. The way all. The way to the. Far east side of the island where. Like. I said I'm gonna set up my camp because. I want to see an epic. Sunset. I mean. Sunrise. And sunsets over there which, I'm going to be tomorrow so I'm gonna see that tomorrow on my last night, kind. Of worked up pretty well hi right. Alright. There's cool building, Ryan Fermi, right, has called a Polly house it. Was built in the 1870s. And, the, Hut. Family, owned. This I don't. Have enough house right. Here on. The beach run is. Beautiful. Alright. Come. Through ride done. I'm in sea view I've got. 15. Minutes until. I get there but it's all on the tar road so it's, gonna be pretty easy, and. Then I'm there. That's. My view I'm. Gonna set up camp here. Mike, wake. Up I have a fire there a, fire. There. And. Drink. That garlic beer. Right. Run. Time-lapse of me setting up a tent. Right. Done set, up the tent climb the tree to get a cool shot of that, I'm. So proud of it I'm pretty happy sunsets. On, its, way down the Sun is setting, I can't, wait to the sunrise in the morning, I'm. Gonna start. A fire I'm gonna start cooking and a crack a beer maybe. That. Horrible. Garlic beer just to see what it's like because I was curious, so. Yeah I'm flying down this tree though and then I'm gonna start a fire. That's. How he's, tough. It's. Working look at that. That. Thing's vicious. Campfire. Good food good, view tomorrow is gonna be a good view in the morning that's for sure I'm looking forward to tomorrow though we're gonna go. All along the East Coast and then, go west straight, away but it's flat the other side I'm just gonna sit, here enjoy and, drink this garlic beer, see. What it's like well I tell you what there's. Gonna be no vampires, around me tonight because of this.

Wow. What. An. Amazing. Morning. Didn't. Expect that to, be honest like I didn't. Expect that it, is. Six o'clock in the, a.m., there's someone skiing already. Like. Waterskiing, Wow. Look, at that man. Now. That's what you call have. You, what. Look, at that in I slept pretty, good. Don't. Got. My coffee I'm, ready. I'm. Ready to tackle this day. As. Long as I want to sit and just watch this day go by on this beautiful spot I'm, gonna pack up I'm. Gonna get ready I'm gonna head back on the road because today we're it's, a big long day it's the biggest day of all three days. Welcome. Back to my history lesson, and today I'm. Crossing from st. Helens into. Bembridge and this river right here. Well. That. Basically. Bembridge. To ya Volyn was, an, island back, in oh i don't know some. Years. And years and years ago basically, the island was split up into three, Bembridge. Bembridge. Island. Was. An island itself. And. Over the years it's just filled, up with mud you. Get a good perspective of, it when i climb up to. Colvard downs in, a, minute right let's go and find a windmill it's, the only windmill on the Isle of Wight the only one that's left over. Oh. Wow. Look at that. I've. Always seen it from the rover never been yeah it. Looks. Flippin. Out. Huh. Nice. Pretty. All, right let's. Move on we're. Gonna go that way way, up there. That. Is covered. Down the clips are insane. This. Is the top of covert, down, I'm heading. All. The way down there but. I'm gonna get a better view than this this, is freakin cool. Covert. Downs, another. Spot, for, world war two basically. These two things, right here one two, had. Nine point two inch, mass. Of guns firing. Out, there, there's, a perfect, spot because these cliffs around you are. 341. Feet which, is a hundred and four meters. Perfect. Spot to. Annihilate. Your enemies cuz look at all them ships ready, you, could just be. Blowing. Up ships right I'm, gonna head back the way I came I'm gonna, drop down into, sand, down which is over there right, along that - Shanklin, and then over that hill, over there and. All the way around so I, got some riding to do but riding along the seafront down there's really. Cool just super easy like. It. This. Is a beautiful, little bit of cycle. Track that. Links sand down Oh Eddie, Shanklin, and then I go over into, Ventnor we're gonna stop in Shanklin for a for a cream tea I think, cuz it's England and, that's the British thing. Right. Perfect. Cream tea enough energy, for me to climb, to. The highest point, on the, Isle of Wight. Right, I'm officially, heading west ah. I'm. Going towards the sunset but. This campsite, that I'm gonna find is. On a friend's, farm. So. I probably, won't see the sunset, but, I'm gonna try and get time-lapse, over well, look at that I've. Just come from, miles. Down there, who. Has a tough little climb it's. All downhill, now going. West to. Chariton. Farm got, a bit of tarmac, I'm, gonna go cross, along. The golf course, and then, drop into night in and. Got off into black gang then. I'm gonna stop at a pub for lunch. And. Then I got the Military Road which. Is a long. Flat. Ass. Tar. Road but. I know the back roads so we. Find. Are. You so are. The, military, road great. Road, boring. For cycling, busy. In the summer it's. Just not comfortable. Tractors. Over to us just, death, so. I try and avoid it like the plague and. I'm cycling so. I know some back roads this, is way better no. Cars no. Speeding. Tourists. No. Tractors, to run me over. Just. A nice country. Lane ah. Funny. My friend lives down this road somewhere Harry. Steel his name is we're.

Not Going there though go. To the farm. Campsite. Let's. Find a good spot to pitch up tent I. Think. I found one under. This tree. Hi. I just gotta move a few logs and I'm gonna set up camp, right. Here nice. I set. Up camp there, it is you. Know what it looks like didn't want to show you how to do it again I am, shattered. So I'm gonna take a little little. Nap and by time I wake up it would be a little bit little, bit darker, I could, start the fire up cook, my dinner and. Then just relax, let's, just say that little nap lasted, all night I woke up the next morning fresh, as a daisy, made myself a cup of coffee packed up camp hit, the road to, finish off this epic, adventure around. The Isle of Wight. Ha, what a try. Oh I. Am. Nearly at the end of the art of white I haven't. Got long to go oh. But. Little. History lesson for, you again. Welcome to my class, today. Is all about tennis, and down tennyson, down is this huge, grassy. Whaleback hill that's, starts. And freshwater bay which is there just, down there, it starts out, 482, feet, which. Is a hundred and forty seven meters, Breyer. For Tennyson's. Basically. Monument and Tennyson, Lord Tennyson, was a poet and he lived in this area for roughly. About forty years he. Always used to come up and down this place he, said the. Sea air was, like six, pence a, pint. I'm, guessing now super, expensive but. This place is, so. Beautiful and. Unfortunately. You. Can't actually ride on that cuz it's National Trust and it's, for walking, only you're not even going with your horses there it's, all hiked up and took some stuff some, footage, of Tennyson. Monument. Now I cycle. All the way around to Allen Bay up. The hill which is a horrible, crime didn't. Want to see me suffering and this. Is. The needles. Right, the, needles, yes there's those things right behind me there three. Of them sticking. About 30, meters, out of the water there. Is three trust me the other ones around the corner can't really see it from here, maybe, if I go to a different spot we're gonna see all three but you, got that lighthouse a lighthouse is super, all that thing was built in 1859.

Super. Old basically, to protect ships from smashing, into those big. White husky, teeth thing on, the edge of the other way but as soon as you say the I love wine those. Things definitely. Spring, to mind is an iconic, piece of. Landscape. But, see, all this behind me they are rocket, test sites, basically. It's two of them they used to test Rockets yeah fire. Them up and displaced to. See if they can I, I don't know I think there was a race between. The between, NASA and all, they actually did testing yeah I'm not too sure my, history is a, bit. Vague on this area I only. Come here to see them I the. Needles. Wow. I'm. Gonna end it right here cuz, it can't get any better than this. Man. I'm super hit hooked on bike packing this is so, much fun and it goes to show that you don't actually have to go far afield to seek adventure. With. Bike packing you could do it on your local doorstep, like I have on the Isle of Wight I did a massive tour all the way around and I, was super it was super fun so hopefully this has inspired you to get into bike, packing and giving you a little bit more of an insight get, your juices flowing, cuz it's super fun I love it I don't want to end actually. It's not ending here I'm gonna go all the way back home. Which, that. Pie is pretty boring I'm. Gonna end it right here at, the needles but if you want to see another rad video and Neil does an epic, ride does a hundred-mile in the day click. Just over here hit, that globe to subscribe because, you're missing out and if. You. Love. This content smash. The like button and I'll, see you at the next one because, I need a and I need a shower. See. Ya. You.

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Did you have an epic ride this summer? Let us know in the comments below

My first ride actually! It was in Pila, in the alps in Italy. It was downhill but I never done something like that and crashed. Both my arms and my left leg were bleeding but those views were awesome. After that ride I decided I wanted a mountain bike and now I'm a proud owner of a cube LTD pro!

I rode from Aldershot to Winchester in the heat of the summer with me buddy Dave. There was a rotting badger corpse at the side of a track. It did not smell good.

Great video! I did round the Island this year, a corker. Tennyson way was good too and a few trips to Freshwater Bay.

Biked through Polish coast on my NS Eccentric. Great video, it inspired me to do some more!

Brecon Beacons

I'm just getting back of the bike after nearly a decade of being trapped behind a desk. At the end of July I decided to ride to the city center for lunch from my apartment on the outskirts of the suburbs (about where it transitions to farmland) to prove to myself I still had endurance. It ended up clocking in at 26.7 miles.

+kyle wickman Sweet man. I have the Tour Divide on my "list of things to do" as well. Got some friends riding it right now as I write this.

Not this year but next June I'll be doing the tour divide. A 2745 miles 90% off road self supporting race.

Great video, man. Bikepacking. Gotta love it! Here's one of my adventures:

About to pick up a new-to-me Chromag and will have to sneak in an epic before it gets cold. Thinking Angel's Staircase (Washington). Love the slack-packer rig! ;)

went to whales with a freind for a ride. was grate.

Me and my buddies also do bikepacking trips at least once a year. This summer we went for 7 days trip trough beautifull Bieszczady Mountains in Poland. It was amazing, just like Blake's trip! :D Also I wonder if this kind of video was record only by Blake? What gear do you use on trips like this, beside GoPro (quality of voice was really good!). Music is great, too! Is this Epidemic Sound library? Maybe new video tutorial that will answear my questions? :D

Gisburn Forest

Global Mountain Bike Network Blake's biking school

50 miles to the North Cotswolds and 50 miles back in one day. Training for next years bike-packing adventures into Wales and then up to Scotland.

JK Rollin cheers bro

Not this year yet ... kinda hurt myself in the begining of summer .. lost precious riding time on my "experience" .. still hoping for at least one long ride this year .. Cheers !!

Yeap! I do bikepacking at least once a year... This summer I went from my home town Sofia, Bulgaria to Thessaloniki, Greece by train and then went to Sithonia, Chalkidiki in two days. It was amazing to ride the hills and see the sea from their top and then to ride along the seaside. Last year we made a 7 days trip along Rhodope mountains. It was super-duper cool!

I went on a trip to whistler and did my first backflip

u can say tht night no vampires where seen near the campsite

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I went to whistler and it was sick - met Blake

I just did some downhill at the local downhill park nothing like this insanity

Global Mountain Bike Network yes went to Dalby and gisban Forest

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When you do these videos please mention distances, distance per day, total climb, totals distance etc. Makes us know whether it is achievable for us. Also ever considered uploading the gpx for rides that you do? Would love to see the actual route you took!

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Yeah he's not at home much!

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I've been subscribed to these guys here for a while! they've inspired me to get better at MTB and I started my own channel now due to these channels! I want take everything I've learned from these channels and incorporate it into my own! keep it up guys I love your channels! thanks for inspiring me! I just need some support to get my journey started

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2:20 in and I'm gonna put it out there, Blake's the most polite roadie in the world! Thanks for the tour, man. I'd love to ride there

Yo Blake I used to live on the Isle of Wight. Used to ride from Newport to Sandown all the time when I was a kid. But honestly buddy you got to realise that you’re a Grockle. You don’t find many mountains but the downs are beautiful and the adders are not as poisonous as you will be used to.

Great vlog Gmbn ream, that sunrise on the beach was amazing! Would be great to see some of the coastal paths with a biking trek around the coast of Cornwall, maybe next spring/summer?

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Great Video Neil, I live on the great IOW, I spent this summer exploring all the trails on my CX and MTB, lived here for years and never realised how many off road trails there are.

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Great video. Funny to watch. I like when Blake and? . I do not remember the other guys name. make videos about MTB. They are so unpretentious. I would like to know what Blake had pack for this tour. How much clothes and what else need for that tour. Have many days (Long weekend?) What kind of telt is it? Can it be use without taking the front wheel off? last question did Blake film it all by himself?

Where do you find music to add to your videos ?

Amazing, more videos like this please! Blake is great, shots are beautiful and the edit is awesome.

And just like that, Blake raises the bar for viewer edits...

One of the best GMBN videos in a long time, probably my favorite since Neil did Andes Pacifico. Who recorded the shot of Blake lighting the fire on the first night, though?! I thought it was a solo adventure kind of thing. (nothing wrong with someone else going along with him, of course. I'm just curious why they didn't show up any at other time)

+Blake Samson oh that's super cool! Seems like an awesome time. Congratulations on the result. You're really good at video making.

Nero Inclan it was my brother. He brought down the beers and hung out around the fire with me.

So good to see the place where I spent my childhood (Seaview). I live in Perth, Western Australia now but go back each year and keep a couple of bikes on the Island - a 27.5+ hardtail and a Surly Long Haul Trucker. For the roadies, there's a well signposted route which you can do in either direction (the signs are blue on white or white on blue depending on the direction). On the MTB, there are heaps of bridle paths and back roads to create excellent routes. TAV Cycles in Ryde organise mid-week night rides throughout the year and also coordinate trips away. I was there in June/July this year and took the Plus bike bikepacking on a side trip to Normandy for five days. You can get brochures with a ton of local mountain bike routes which explore local regions, are graded and pretty well signposted. One thing worth knowing about Island trails - chalk - there's loads of it. It's slippery when dry and lethal when wet!

GMBN, it's great you're expanding into bike camping and excursions. But as a precaution please consider you have a large audience and if you endorse bike camping please do it responsibly. The ever so common attitude of Mtber's going anywhere and doing anything their little hearts desire...because they can or want to practice what comes down to some little trick won't translate well in the world of camping. Respect for the environment should be of first concern. and camping etiquette as well - fires scar the earth, and lit under trees they damage and kill trees root systems and foliage, and then there's large fires, pick up your trash, camp in designated areas. All and more should be included here in addition to camping commonsense. ...setting up your tent under a tree may seem safe and secure but if branches happen to fall (and they do) you don't want to be under them. (They aren't called "widow makers" for nothin.) Where you set up camp, at the bottom of a hill (water flooding into your tent at night is no fun) or near ridges (gravity fall).

Lightweight bikepacking and you still take the coffee pot... Nice, got the essentials covered...

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Full island tour in August. Bikes are free on wightlink. Don't ride at night because cars disregard speed limits and do 80mph.

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Beautiful. This makes me want to visit the Izzle of Widget again on my bike for longer. I've sailed there a load of times as I live in Southampton, and I've been for Bestival a good few times, but the only time I've ridden around it we did it in a day so didn't explore as much as this. Our legs were shagged by the time we got home. One of my other mates then told me Eat Static were playing that night in Southampton, so I ended up going dancing all night. Hard as it was it was better to keep dancing than sit down else my legs totally seized up and I could barely stand up! :)

Thanks mate for showing us your patch of ground, always good to get a locals view of their area.

So much easier to remember Sir Christopher Cockerell than Queen Victoria.

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So how was the beer. After trashing it you should at least tell us how it was. And for bike rides, we just finished Dolomiti di Brenta Bike - expert route in the Brenta Dolomites of Italy. Nice. Ride up 1000 metres, beer and gnocchi, ride down 1000 metres.... Repeat

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my kind of cycling. not skilful enough for all the tricks but I can go the distance. Long distances and photography. mostly dirt tracks around central Scotland. Cycled from Callander to Killin, a total of 50 miles and 3000ft climb. Cycled the full length of the Union Canal (Falkirk to Edinburgh) and back again for a total of 68 miles. 6 years ago I broke my back and was housebound for a few years. been left disabled with Cauda Equina Syndrome but it doesn't stop me. Can only walk around a mile.

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Great video! I like how you timed cuts of riding with the drum beats

Amazing Video !

Enjoyed this vid immensely Blake! Bikepacking is perhaps my favourite thing to do on a bike. I just went on a few days of bikepacking myself last week along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail in Queensland, Australia. If any viewers out there are thinking of trying out bikepacking and live in the area I strongly recommend it. The wildflowers and callistemon are in full bloom at the moment, the temperature is warm but not hot and there are so many kms of beautiful rural Australia to see. The pedalling is quite easy too, since it is an old rail line; no brutal hills at all! Also if anyone is keen you can check out some photos from a 3 month bikepacking trip I took from London to Frankfurt via Morocco. I didn't post the entire trip as I got tired of editing photos on the road, but there are still some good shots up until I reached Algeciras in Spain. Lots of love to the GMBN team, more bikepacking videos too pleeeeeeease :D

Whenever I see a vid like this it makes me want to go on a bike packing adventure, love it. Bike packing in the UK just always looks great, wish I could be there!

loved it !

Nice vid Blake. Living the other side of the Solent in the New Forest it was real sweet seeing an adventure to be had so close to home.

Nice one Blake,... :-) is there anyone coming with you to help fly the drone video (at ) and other camera placement (or do you go back and forth just to capture that moment, :-) )? If you don't mind, could you share me on what did you bring in the bikepack & backpack? :-)

What was the mileage covered in that ride ??

Yeah no matter how ultralight I try to pack a good moka pot is essential to starts the day right. Always take mine when touring, never regret taking it.

Great video Blake! I might just try this around Ireland! Inspired.....

wow great vid. i stayed at the garlic farm on holiday once and recognise that weird house from the same trip!

Awesome terrain

I was expecting Jamie FYD or Mr Fox in his RS to go shooting past in one of your country road shots.

Where is the sunset scene

Beautiful really fantastic and amazing! Love it!!!

Blake’s the best!

awesome video, but please Blake .. don't act like you pedalled home ahaha

You rode past where i totally fecked my wrist when i slipped on a rock :(

Simply brilliant video! I've done a couple bikepacking trips this fall and enjoy so much. Kudos!

20:00 cheeky bit of Brighstone Forest there Blake? I miss those trails!

how many times do you need to hit your head to sound like this guy??!

Amazing job Blake! I didn't know you were such a talented videographer. Well done.

I rode up gulver down at six in the morning and then shreded diwn all the cliffs

Give me a Bike Please.. im Your Fans

Fantastic video mate

You the man. Congrats on the new baby!

You went through many closed gates. Are you riding through private properties? If they are, is it OK to do so?

Such an awesome video

Awesome edit! I can tell a lot of work went into it and the music synchronization is prime!

What the... isn't GB an island itself?

Anyone have a gpx file for this ride or one very similar?

Great to see the IOW on GMBN!!! Ps... The Needles rocket placement is there to test the engines for the UKs first satellite launch. They were launched in Canberra in Australia!

i need to do this.

Great ride! Can you post a gear list that was used here?

What a sweet video Blake! Thanks for sharing it

@Ciclo Coyote The UK has tones of bridleways that cross land with gates - the bridleway gives you a right of way and the landowner just expects you to follow the 'countryside code' and close gates when you pass through. Navigating them with a fully ladden mtb on a bikepacking trip can be tricky though! :)

Great content! What music libraries do you guys use? Loved the music.

Awesome vid of UK region I had never seen! Question though, can't recall seeing you in glasses riding much or ever? Why? As soon as I started mtb riding in the 90s even (when safety was just starting to concern peeps - push to cycling helmets as standard for everyone even) i was immediately introduced to clear lens at the very least for eye protection by my mates. One set of eyes for life - take care of them. Thanks again for making this, fellow self propelled explorer in Canada

Blake - that was a fantastic video, the IOW is beautiful . And who's little white dog is that in the background on your first night's camp?

wait¿ ,smart

what a boring job you have..

It's tough

Yes i had an epic meeting with a tree that i crashed right into was lovely and i was actually pretty lucky i didn't brake anything

Shight link and Red Fraud

AMAZING! You made me smile today.

What bivi/tent is that?

Such a nice adventure!

Who was filming when Blake showed us how to start a fire?!?!? Great vid!

literally road past my house at 5:35

Whats the song after bambridge mill?

Friends and I are thinking about doing the Trans Western North Carolina BikePacking trail that follows parts of the Appalachian Trail as well as down some of the best single track in the Pisgah National Forrest and other great areas all the way from the Top of WNC to Mountain Rest, South Carolina. All in it will be 315miles and about 5-6days to do it. As first timers ill say completing the whole thing in one go wont happen but breaking it into smaller half trips would be a great taste of the adventure called BikePacking

Nice work on the filming and editing, Blake!

Killer video, recently did a bike pack in central FL and it was a blast. The isle of wight is now on the bucket list.

I slept on that beach this summer, stunning!!

Awesome vid Blake

Can you sort-of go into/thru any land you want/need, or did you have to get permission from everyone on the way? cool journey!

Great trip! If you find time, check out “San Juan Hut system” for bike packing. I biked the Durango to Moab trip a few years ago, and it was amazing.

That looked amazing! And kudos for the camera work as well

Very cool!

nice Blake:)

Fuckin brilliant! Thanks, GMBN and Blake!

Perfect man! such an amazing video!

I meant, the trip was perfect. hahhaha

Never knew you were a neighbor ! I enjoy your vids, do you ever ride QECP?

Could have sworn I saw you doing this ride. I was going along the hill at military road, and I look up and see someone really moving, wearing a gmbn jersey

GMBN videos awesome have the most amazing editing....great views paired with amazing places and awesome music. Wish I could tour this. Thanks for the vid.

It’s nice to see Blake in a different realm. How did that Topeak Bikamper tent treat you? I’ve heard that they tend to sag. For that money, I’d probably go with an MSR.

what a dude

What bike are you riding?

I love this video

So is it ok to cycle on the footpaths there .. ??

I would sail across the atlantic blindfold before doing some of the jumps that you do!

Really enjoyed that, one of the best videos you guys have done.

bike pack around the Isle of Wight is a must on my radar absolutely beautiful isle .awesome vid really enjoyed thanks.

the thing someone built when they were bored was probably a way maker, sailors use it to find their way into ports, that one i think is cowes

Great video! Blake is super!

My favourite GMBN video by far!!

Watching this in January, just loving the sunshine!

Wow, absolutely beautiful scenery...interesting facts too. I'm hoping to grace IOW this summer ...keep up the good work my friend, great vid

Looks like you should have used a gravel bike since the terrain was not that tough! very inspiring video!

what type and size of the tyre you used for this ride?

Mate I live in New Milton just across the water! I'm just getting into bikes, hope to bump into you!

What bike do you have?

That was great Blake I've ridden a bit on the Isle of Wight but not like that, it's on my bucket list to do. Have you tried the South Downs Way absolutely stunning. I attempted the full 100 miles last September to raise money for charity manages 76 miles as had to stop due to mechanical failure, looking at attempting it again this year.

I have to stop watching Blake's adventures before I throw in my road bike....

Hutt family lived in that funny tower? How the hell did Jabba get up there?

Wow Blake is inspirig me so much that i want to get a camera and record my bikepacking adventures!

Getting a mid-fat bike similar to that soon and hitting the trails/back roads of the USA, I think mid-fat is best for bike packing due to being a bit more nibble than full fat but more versatile than a regular touring bike as you can actual do mountain biking if you wish on the side or during your travels, it's a great mix.

looks like you have some pretty serious tide swings there (would be a cool timelapse), very cool man, really enjoyed this video!

he really not riding. he is not sweaty. lol

3:25 what a shot!!! Great shots, awesome ride. I love backpacking. Great work Blake. Hope to see some more of bikepacking!

England itself is the biggest island in England no

Defenitly the best way of life! Thank you Blake for this video. These landscapes remind me Britanny (West of France) beautifull place to ride. Maybe you know !!

HaHa no way i live in bembridge!

This is why I bought a Hardtail MTB. To explore and have fun. Awesome video.

Blake, my wife and I absolutely loved it! Thanks.

Really loving your videos Blake! Top music too!!

Blake is the best bloke I have seen on any mtb Chanel .. he lives the game and it shows .. Top class

Awesome job on the video!!

smashing that like btn for sure mate !

looks epic Blake! but were you trespassing most of the time? those gates you opened hehe

Blake!!!! What is the music list you use for this clip, it's class!!!!

These vlogs with Blake are truly awesome! Great host and sense of adventure! Well done man!

Another good one Blake!

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