BLOWN AWAY in CHIANG RAI Province Best Reason To Visit Thailand 2021

BLOWN AWAY in CHIANG RAI Province  Best Reason To Visit Thailand 2021

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hello welcome back to the beautiful misty  mountains of northern thailand specifically   in the province of chiang rai we're in  chiang rai the northernmost province   and today we're going for a drive and we're  just going to be getting our first impressions   of this province we've come to the very  tippity tip of the north of the province   and look at this place we have just witnessed  some incredible scenes i'll show you around   get ready for a real slice of northern thailand  and a real adventure today welcome to shanghai all right me and dreamy are about to  leave the hotel and i just want to show   you something really cool before we head on  the road we've got about an hour's drive to   go to the um first location for today  in chiang rai but i forgot my helmet   i left my helmet at the motorbike shop  so just opposite my little hotel here   there's like a whole array of honda garage shops  there's a cub house there's a honda big wing   they have a mechanical shop and there's  even a third shop in the distance here let me just show you some of the bikes that  we're in here so in here this is the cub house   this is where they sell these really nice  2021 honda super cubs they also have the   honda monkeys which are really cool  bikes and inside is a coffee shop   and they have some really nice  models man and it's incredible   and different colors different colorways they  also have the honda ct5 the ct125 the the trail   which is a dream bike of mine here's my helmet  thank you carbon cat thanks thanks a lot cheers   these guys have uh replaced dreams oil for me  they also gave the chain a little bit of a lube up   yeah down here as well they have one of my  favorite bikes the honda what's it called adv 150   and so yeah just opposite my little uh hotel  there's like a honda dreamer dealer wet dream area   like you come on there's no better bike  than this one is there let's be honest what do you guys think of the new ones um i  am tempted once we finish this the provinces   to put dreamy in a comfortable retirement home  somewhere where she can uh see out her days   and not have to carry me and all  my crap around the entire country but yeah we've got about an hour's drive  north so let's head up and enjoy the ride there is a very grotesque looking city on the  other side of this river i'm just going to park   up here and buy the drone and also check on my  phone because that is either myanmar or laos so   let me just get the google maps out here let's see  what's going on to the right here is a town in the   country of laos okay the miyakong this big wide  river this is a major river here obviously goes   all the way through laos and thailand border down  to cambodia and out through the delta in vietnam   and this is an immense and immense river but  yeah that city across there that is laos home to   one of the most draconian crazy lockdowns i'm  following a few youtube channels that are living   in laos and they have been stuck there for over  a year bless them and they are struggling they   really want to get out of there and um life is  very different on the other side of this river   let me just say that and i must say i'm glad  to just be on the on this side of the water   because over there some crazy lockdowns you know  thailand we have incredible infrastructure the   roads are amazing the railways are amazing  the hospitals the healthcare is amazing   and over there well it's like going back in time wow this is beautiful here we are at the golden triangle almost at the  very very top of thailand not quite just another   20 kilometers north or so and i have to say it's  a little bit uh underwhelming because myanmar   the incredible beautiful country full of rich  culture and delicious food and i've had a great   time whenever i've traveled there is represented  just poorly by this little bit of a green outcrop   that's um that's myanmar technically so there's  a little bit of a river break up thing going on   and so those trees and bushes and dirty muddy  area that's myanmar and then across the way   keep going you can see laos and they have a lot  of chinese writing there seems to be some sort of   hotel complex and absolutely no cars  nobody there not even a motorbike i can   i can see nobody working the boats  and yet here in thailand you know   there's shops and there's people here and  um souvenirs and people buying coffees and   it's all kicking off over here and that giant  city we saw earlier in lao ghost town across   the river here ghost town and meanwhile meemaw  you might be lucky to see a buffalo or something so anyway you know steeped in history you know  this is the the area where most of the drugs   and the heroin used to get smuggled in i mean  how easy would it have been you know you could   literally throw a stone from lao into minmah and  jump over to laos so really difficult to police   and famous for being the entry point an exit  point for a lot of heroin the golden triangle   where three countries meet at a muddy junction  of the mekong and uh it's interesting though so this is amazing i've never  seen anything like this before   these gold pillars with all sorts of imagery on  there buddhism and military might and we have a an   old king here i'm not sure which king this is i'm  sorry there's nothing here in english at all not a   single sign but one of the old g's you know these  border towns are a good way to flex your military   might in your military past and from what i can  see thailand on this border anyway seems to be   showing off with their gold and  their might and their elephants interesting we're going to get back on the road  we're going to head towards the um really super uh   famous cave in chiang rai it's about a 45 minute  drive through the mountains and it's the scene of   one of the most incredible stories in thailand's  recent history involving a group of boys   i think you know what we're gonna talk about but  let's get there first and we'll learn hopefully   a lot more because it's basically just opened you  can now visit the cave and learn a lot more about   the scene of one of the most incredible rescue  stories in humankind i reckon i can't think of   a more amazing story but yeah let's get on  the road and head towards the beautiful cave i just seen something crazy this is a five-star hotel they probably  won't let me in but are you ready look at this little fella all covered in mud wow this is at the anatara five-star resort  please don't come over here i don't have any food wow he's like you can't afford to be here get out um   yeah i just as i was driving past i just  saw the elephant walk past the entrance   um yeah you can stay in this hotel and then the  elephants come to your room and they feed outside   it's not very natural um and i didn't  really feel like paying 700 to you know   encourage elephants to be at work in a hotel  um but seeing one just walk by like that   that was quite an interesting experience i am  petrified of elephants i must admit but anyway just wanted to show you thailand is obsessed absolutely obsessed with um  instagram cafes you know places what they build   so that people can come and take lovely little   photographs and be like oh  so cute hi sally cow yeah yes just just i wanna ice cream and  i wanna walk around yes ice cream two thousand that's expensive  do you mean 200 sangroi   20. okay see that was good  bartering i got it down from 2 000.   how did they get the water like that color wow cute little hearts with a little netting  and then look at the color of this water i'm   not color correcting this in any crazy way  this is this is how it looks oh there's fish   in there as well so it's obviously natural  otherwise the fish would be dead if it was   all chlorine right nice spot for an  ice cream hashtag ice cream for life   let's do another one from this angle and they've  got fake cactus here and stuff i don't understand let's go wide no that's not let's come back  a little bit boom oh my gosh guys i'm just so good at taking instagrams can you see all the fish i think they must put dye in the water i've  never seen water this color in my entire life have you have you ever seen water like this and there's a pink windmill for some reason i'm  not quite sure what the theme of this place is   oh my god this chocolate ice  cream is incredible it's got like coffee beans now is this the source of the collar look at this   they seem to be treating the water here  and then it gets pumped into the pond we must be getting close because we're up  towards this amazing mountain range look at   this let's get past this truck noisy trucks  yeah um this very imposing rock formation i think the cave is somewhere amongst  there isn't that something else looks like i have to park up is that  ready cam ticket how much is it sit back okay so it looks like we're gonna  have to get on a little bus   and do a tall kind of thing  which will be nice wait for me how long how how long for the next one yeah about  three minutes yeah three minutes three minutes remember like i mean signature oh that was lucky i just missed a  bus full of people and i thought i'm   gonna have to wait for another one to get  full but we're just leaving straight away private bus for the phalang i don't know where everybody is because uh ah this is the cave i  recognize this from the telly   oh there's loads of people  here let me put my mask on okay so at the entrance of the of the cave i  actually feel amazing because i recognize do   you remember these images of the people coming to  rescue them but not only the thing that i remember   the most is this railing i remember this railing  because the boys they eerily you know parked up   their bicycles and they left their bicycles here  and they just went into the cave and obviously   didn't come out for a long long time and what's  amazing is obviously they have some photographs   of the people here trying to rescue their kids and  then over here just at the entrance they have all   of the artifacts from the rescue you have you  know divers equipment rescues equipment netting   lighting equipment and shovels and things to help  dig them out and walkie-talkies and radio material   and pumps to get all the water out scuba diving  equipment obviously and here's the boys stuff   look if they've even got their muddy shoes and  the bikes that they left at the entrance before   they got lost and trapped in there and they've  got the football kits on and their football bags   even their football boots this is so cool because  you know we're this is the location of the most   recent incredible story and all of the artifacts  are still are here and this will go down in   history for hundreds of years this will be a major  tourism attraction in in 10 years and 20 years   and for hundreds of years i hope and they've just  opened this a couple of days ago and they've got   lights and there seems to be more information  so let's go down let's hope it doesn't flood wow   i know you're not going to be able to see me  very well but uh this is really tastefully   done the lighting and the staircases and  the railings if you've been following this   journey for a while you'll know we've been in  some crazy caves with no lights giant insects   and bats flying everywhere but this seems to be  really well done like i said and um now the one   thing that i'm a little bit upset about is we  have these signs that tell you information about   how far in we are and what this area was used for  and obviously how it was formed it's all in thai there's a really cool image here that seems to  show you how the water leaks down and creates   the pores during the rainstorms i mean to be fair  look behind me here just look at that it's amazing   isn't it the way the light comes through but yeah  so far i don't think i'm getting much information i mean how far down did they go okay it's really really dark in here but  um the the unfortunate thing is i think for   health and safety reasons they've learned  their lesson and when it is raining or has   just been raining or is potentially going to  rain they close off the deeper sections there   is like a little rope uh so we can't go super  far deep down to where the flooded caverns were   um because like i said it could rain and flood  again and they would then the last thing they need   is to save a youtuber okay because nobody's gonna  come for me they'll be like let him die he's an   idiot i'm just kidding obviously we don't want  loads of thai people and tourists getting trapped   in here again however it's really really cool here  i really recommend you come even if you can't go   all the way down and learn more the scene of all  of the mayhem and the the memories that i have   especially when you know i was teaching at the  time in chiang mai province one province south   from here and i remember every morning we couldn't  start the day without talking about it and   trying to console our students who are dead  worried for the kids and trying to say you know   it's day nine now it's day ten and back in the  mind you're thinking there's no chance they've   survived like how have they got food how they  got water surely they're just going to find them and couldn't believe it when they got rescued and they were like oh yeah you're right yeah  yeah yeah we're fine um i'm quite hungry and uh and then obviously within a  couple of days they were all out the cave   and they do have some relics and some you know  flowers and statues in memory of the people who   died trying to rescue them bless them um and  like i said the whole thing's done really well prepare to sweat and mind your fitting because  it's wet and slippy but otherwise fantastic oh so that was awesome however as you can  hear there's a mad storm just coming and   it's coming this way which is kind  of the direction i want to go into   but i've looked on google maps and these beautiful  mountains if we loop around these mountains you can hear it right if we loop around these  mountains there's quite a few places to get food and coffee i don't really want to drive  into that and i'm hoping that if we go up   and around these mountains maybe the storm will  get caught up up into the mountains and won't   be able to get up and over because i don't  really fancy driving in a lightning storm   and i'm hungry we haven't eaten since  breakfast come on let's get back on the road i swear to god google you are gonna get  knocked out she always ruins the moment   i'll be saying something epic and  then she'd be like turn left shush okay ready look at this view in 400 meters shush lady look at  that incredible absolutely beautiful fuel yes i really don't want to get stuck  in these mountains with no fuel   and we're running low 70  or 80 baht will fill me up and you just make sure that that's in there  and then you just press the green button oh it plays music this is the best gas station ever 75 baht oh we got some more time let's get down get down and dirty that was the best night out i've had in a long time i mean it's narrow and i'm worried that cars  are going to come driving around the corner but   it is something else this road is unbelievable  oh my god i'm just i've just seen a village that   looks like it's on the on the edge of a cliff in  the distance i mean what this part of the world is just absolutely unbelievable and now we're in the pine trees and the sun's  going down and there's oh the afternoon rays   are just oh i mean thailand thailand how it this  isn't fair you can't have tropical beaches corals   amazing wildlife whales whale sharks sharks  incredible ocean limestone formations and and have all the mountains and the city of  bangkok and all the history and temples and   ancient wisdom and buddhism and teachings and oh  it's rolling green hills and bears and 7-elevens how can you have all of this it's not fair oh mama oh this is steve oh jesus are we in heaven is this heaven oranges and mint this will be the last view before  i give up officially because i'm so hungry oh my god okay so um this is the name of this village  everything's written in thai here's the map   and i'm just trying to figure out where i am  but uh i'm not quite sure what to make of it   but it just it it all looks equally  incredible there's a little v-shape   a little valley and i think the storm is  spilling into the valley have a look at this it looks like any water  sauce and then look at that and just like that we have now been surrounded  by the storm it's just spilled into the valley   look you can i mean look let me just in real  time without slope you know without speeding   it up look if i zoom in just look at the speed  of these clouds you know they're moving and now   they're coming into these roofs where we are you  see that see how fast it's moving here it comes welcome to china wow and the view is gone   now the view's gone finally find a little  place to get some food i'm freezing this place says it's a wine bar talk about a wine bar with a view oh chop the cap tastes good just gonna have the one  because we've got to drive back down after this   but um yes it's half past five the sun's going  behind we're gonna lose light i'll definitely   be getting back to chiang rai in the dark but i  hope you've enjoyed this video i've ordered some   pad kapalmu and i'm gonna have a cheeky  little beer enjoy some food and just soak up   this incredible view it was quite the fun drive  highlights include this exact moment right now   and um dancing at the gas  station that was so much fun   anyway we're going to delve more into this  province in the next video i'm going to aim for um   the other mountains where they grow better or more  coffee trying to find a really scenic coffee area   we're also gonna look at some of the classic  places here like the white temple and other areas   it's a big province with lots to discover so if  you're new subscribe go check out the other videos   from all the other provinces so far and if you  don't mind i'm gonna have dinner have a quiet beer   and soak in this incredible view before  i have to go back in the dark ciao you

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