BMW 330i Touring ideal para la Aventura y los Deportes

BMW 330i Touring  ideal para la Aventura y los Deportes

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How about friends of cars rolling today we have a very interesting vehicle that comes out of the rise and conventional cars we are talking about a station wagon in this case we are talking about a bmw 330i Touring vehicle that although there are few in the market They are quite interesting, especially considering now the cycling fashion since it is an exceptional vehicle for cycling since not only can we place cycles on the roof but we can also have it in the back in a very comfortable way. Today this vehicle that also comes with a package m which makes it much more interesting we are going to start this time with its handling we are going to see it, join me to drive it and we are going to live an experience in a 330 touring station wagon we are going to see it well is a conventional station wagon with a quite vm w line we can see that it has all the design of a 3 series is really a sedan but in a way As you can see, looking for a little that presence of a more truck but that nevertheless maintains all the behavior and aesthetic design of a sedan and above all very useful because its center of gravity is lower making its dynamic behavior much more comfortable that does not fit the slightest doubt we see in its front part we see the design of the headlights we can see that everything is completely the led as is also described here we will appreciate that we have air inlets here on this side we can see how quickly the fanny packs are not They may be missing that in this case they do not have an air inlet here but in the lower part as well as on the sides the distinctive pm w the logo the emblem as they want to call it we see the character lines that in this case are 2 in the field You can not miss your wheels in this case m let's see what a fairly low profile of the rim is, in this case we have a two-color 19 ring let's see what is m the distinctive m we can also see that we have directional signals as is traditional in bmw w in the rear view mirrors character line here also that can be seen has proximity opening one approaches and opens the vehicle towards the back we will appreciate the design of the l-shaped stop headlights all completely the led double exhaust outlet clean windshield on the rear glass we can see that we have the shark letter as to what the antenna is we can open it with the kick or just this way we go Let's see that we have a large space in terms of the trunk module, we can even lower the second row from here electronically, we are going to do it to the second proportion 60 40 here, another bicycle fits perfectly as in the road so we can easily carry 3 bicycles in the bottom part we do not have a spare tire the tires are runflat we have and emergency and we go Let's see that we have places to store tools I like these finishes here especially if we are going to slide objects and not mistreat the rubbers therefore we also have 12 volt socket that even hooks here to store other types of objects we also have the curtain to cover a little the visual of the friends of others to go down we have two options simply go down and down and close in this case we only go down electronically logically they can detail that the back door is a little bigger not only that but it will also give us greater space and comfort in the second row as you can see if we have a fairly high transmission tunnel and that is because this vehicle is rear-wheel drive the finishes because we have leather and alcantara isofix anchors three seat belts three headrests we have the characteristic armrest with places to place drinks and if I go inside a little we will see because I am a A person of one meter 86 is in my driving position I have no space left but for the same situation that I am a fairly tall person a person of about 70 driving about 75 and a person who will undoubtedly go much more behind comfortable and that allows to be more comfortable in the cabin although so I must say that I can make a comfortable trip all this given that there is a concavity here that allows my legs to place well the materials because they are soft we have led lighting on this side here places to place drinks here in this space we see that it even maintains the blue stitching design we can see here also in this area even here quite well a fairly large panoramic roof that almost completes the second row led lighting we can see in this case the bicycle that It is located above it is very well armed, notice that it does not stick at all it is well cleared from the ceiling the ceiling rack so it will allow at no time do we hit the glass handles here the hooks to hold objects we are going to see the front part for nothing and we are going to go into the front for a moment we have the finishes m we are going to appreciate the steering wheel also m but in this case it is not flattened flattened here all the controls we can see the cluster of instruments that is completely digital in this case here we have the cruise control and here the infotainment management in the same way here we can change the options in the cluster simply by pressing the button that gives us force information g delivery of torque power we have an electric seat with two electric safe memories electric glasses as well as we can see that the rear view mirrors are also completely electric the already traditional design of what is the management of the lights we go a little into the console central let's see these finishes that I really like se It looks very good and they stand out from not being a black piano but we have this quite interesting engraving we can open it let's see that we have a place to place our cell phone with induction charging a usb socket in this case type c two places to place drinks one 12 volt socket if we go a little more to the center we are going to see that we have the already traditional lever of bmw w to make the changes activate and deactivate the stability control we also see the parking sensors activate and deactivate the start & stop every time let's stop the vehicle the vehicle is going to turn off the ignition button we are going to turn on the driving modes in this case sport comfort and eco that also have subdivisions and we see it here quickly we are going to see them change the configuration we see that the eco is set blue color red for sport and orange for comfort we also have parking brake or electric handbrake Unique in the hall car that allows you to remove your foot from the brake and keep the car braked, the entire infotainment system is handled here, we have the knob and direct command options, everything is changed here, as you can see at all times, we handle the changes from this knob we have extenders here to place our knees we see the same finishes in leather and in alcantara on this side we will also appreciate the same finishes of this engraving quite well the soft materials the air conditioning outlets if we see this side of the door we can see that the seats are cubes with the m distinctive good places to put drinks if we quickly see the glove compartment as it is somewhat deep but it is not that the manual fits much, it takes up enough space lined with plush to avoid objects that are usually found inside towards the top we will see that we have lighting in this case everything is in LED power ce rrrrr the curtain and even be able to open the glass we are going to open it in this case we can slide it this way they cannot see we have pallets and fdt we can see here on this side we still have a lever rear view mirror there is no chromatic photo I really don't know why what a premium vehicle does not have banality mirrors with lighting I like that the roof is black the ways it makes it dirty less especially if we have children in general terms it must be said that it has the very traditional vw finish there were even we see the air conditioning Two-zone automatic even includes heating the seats for both the pilot and the co-pilot the screens and food sources that must be said that it is quite large as this detail here of the sound outputs everything is soft we can see that it is quite soft is a vehicle that is quite suitable for what cyclists are even for a family that perhaps wishes to have a v Dynamically more sporty ehicle with a bcv but with the capacities I could even say that they were superior, although I went up in terms of interior space, maybe if we are not going to have it in terms of 4x4 vehicles but if you are from what you are in the city, it is an excellent option two bicycles in the upper part means that this roof rack is completely bm w everything is original bm with keys we can lock it and they will not be able to release the upper part that is quite good if we see a detail here also that I was missing the air conditioning also in the back, which means that it has three zones, two in the front and one in the back that can also be regulated even automatically what the temperature is, we do not have pockets here in the back, I forgot to tell you if you can see the lighting here in this area of what is we hold the door we are going to leave because there you have the bm w 330 and touring in this case a station wagon that will undoubtedly w again again to keep it a little renewed and above all to give options to those people who may begin to reach a little of what the sv are good talking about their driving let's start by saying that it is a 2.0-liter turbo twin power turbo four-cylinder engine that generates 258 horses and 400 newtons meters of torque, all this has been bought from an eight-speed automatic or tectonic gearbox that allows it to be operated with sequential change on the steering wheel or on the gear lever so it has a dynamic behavior thanks to its center of gravity lower than that of an sv or a sedan a much more comfortable behavior more pleasant more sporty it feels more like a sedan and not like a truck that makes it very interesting because its behavior and attitude sport varies significantly obviously we have six airbags we have cruise control we are also going to say that we have abs dvd electronic stability control that these premium vehicles usually have but unfortunately we do not have a frontal collision alert or autonomous emergency braking that must be taken into account if we must say that we have different driving modes like any bmw allowing not to use sport comfort and echo making in this way more pleasant to handle and thus achieving a better performance depending on the conditions that we need to adapt at that time, it must also be said that the suspension is a bit stiff, perhaps the irregularities of the road are felt a little, but It must also be said that this favors the sportiness and grip of the vehicle. Obviously, this station wagon is characterized by being a family vehicle and its spaciousness in the trunk is denoted in the spaces, which allows even to house a bicycle with great ease and have also two more on the roof making it very interesting for those p People who have bicycles and want to go out for a weekend to more rugged places and then go deep with their bicycle will undoubtedly be able to do it in a very optimal way and it should also be noted that these vehicles are being seen a lot in Europe on the tour de france the tour of spain the tour of italy making them much more popular among the teams and also seeking to attract new buyers I want to show you that really if there is room for another cycle another bike there is still space in the front which could say that I can roll it even more and as you can see we have the capacity of two in the upper part and one in the trunk or trunk perfectly and it is inside and still we would have very good space to place bags and even suitcases as you can see inside so undoubtedly there is very good space we close again bm w try with this vehicle the 330 and touring look for a niche a market niche that does not want ride on a bcv but who wants to achieve all the benefits of a citizen with a lower center of gravity greater comfort and above all a good performance making it very capable in terms of interior capacities and above all great comfort when driving it remember that if you liked it what you saw please share it give it a like and subscribe in this way you make the channel grow and we can make many more videos for you thank you very much [Music]

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