Boardwalk Villas 2 Bedroom (Studio + 1 Bedroom) Boardwalk View 2018 4k (Vlog 3)

Boardwalk Villas 2 Bedroom (Studio + 1 Bedroom) Boardwalk View 2018 4k (Vlog 3)

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You. From. Late to four o'clock meeting. I. Believe. We did. Nine. Dollars with mere flame you get all three beers individually, therefore 25 so it's pretty gonna be a deal if your. Alright, what's next one, sparkling, Christmas, coffee. Almost. Between like. Water. And some strange way in terms of the texture. It's. Like the end of a coffee pot type. Of a coffee flavor just. Just, that last cup when you gettin all the bits. Out of it. All. Right and then what's the third one that, we've got a try here, joy, from the world set, by central 28. This. Is great is nice. I'll. Very. Mild. What, do you like out of the three of them. That's, my favorite one oh very. Very smooth, I would. Go with the pumpkin spice. Thanks. To you the, color and the fury. And, the moats are never far away. Please. End, or. Should, I say the beginnings, of your future. Look again, got. One of each, what's, your favorite it. Was actually like bebo, VIP, ho to. Self African. Obscure. Soda, like. Kiwi ish. And. Then now we've got our Fast Pass. In, my gosh. It's. Tonight he'll conditions. While. There are more than 50,000. The, future of Agriculture. I. Was. Able to get up. Within. Such a nice job with it is the Auto Show. This, is part three of our epic, December. Disney, trip extravaganza. We've gone from Kidani, to, bay link and now we are here at Disney's board, a walk of villas and we. Are standing right now, in, a. Two-bedroom. Boardwalk, View villa we, are in the studio which. Is a lock off all of them see two bedrooms here at Boardwalk fellows our lock off so you'll be able to see in this tour both. The studio, and the one bedroom which can be booked separately, or, together, come. Check it out welcome. To the bathroom we've. Only get one, sink. Here but a lot of counter, space which, I really, love and these. Rooms have recently been renovated if, you haven't stayed in one of these rooms before that you. May not know but this, is a vast improvement we've. Got this fantastic kind, of bubble texture, which is just fun and playful, in the mirror and then we put a makeup here we, were just at Bay Lake in a one-bedroom, themed, Park View Villa if you missed that video, check. It out and, we. Didn't have a makeup mirror there so the fact that we get one in a studio here I think it's pretty fantastic and. We've got some drawers or. You know companies, for putting your stuff which is which is great as well I always travel loves that and, one thing I love about the older resorts, like boardwalk the beach club and wilderness. Lodge for example a boulder Ridge as you'd say is. That they have closets. A lot of the newer gbc's originally. The studios don't have, a lot of closet space or don't have closets at all so, this is really nice we've got a wall safe here, but, you can't really fit like an iPad in and. Then we've got some hanging space and we've got some room to have rolling your luggage right. On in get out of the way it's you know about tripping on it well you're here so. You've got kind of this a vanity. Area to get ready in the morning and you've also got the toilet and the shower are together the. Tile work is all-new the, backsplash, in the showers new brand new shower head you've. Got a little shelf and the wall for a couple of their toiletries, but. Free a pretty standard Disney, afro nothing that. Exciting they did a really nice job with, the remodel in these, rooms right across from the vanity. Sink area in the bathroom is this lovely little kitchenette, and it's a really good size compared. To some. Of the other rizal you put space, under here for some trash and recycle. You've, got plenty of room for storage here, and then at the top in the studios they only give you in terms of real dishes, just some glasses and coffee cups everything else is paper, which makes a lot of sense because there aren't any dishwashers. In these rooms if you work I'm, going to be doing the cooking while you're here and you'll appreciate the fact that you've got a fridge you've. Got a microwave that, you can kind of stuff look we've, got a toaster, so. You. Know nekima making orbit meals in your studio kitchen but certainly, you know if you want to have breakfast in the room or you want to heat up some leftovers, it works alright so you come through the, kitchen and bathroom area this is that closet that we talked about the other side and then you've got your, bed, here the studio has a queen sized bed and then, we have an armoire for storage, right across the way so this is that queen-size, bed there isn't any room, for a roller bags underneath, the beds they, made that change they've, been adding that to feature I should say when, they've been renovating studios, and this was recently renovated but, for whatever reason they didn't make that change here so that closet becomes, even more important, because the only place for you to hide your bags but.

This Is a queen-size. Bed. Nothing. Really to write home about I wish there was a night stay on the other side there is you've. Only got one on this side but it is what, it is and then, you come further into the room and you've got this a pull-out couch. This. Pulls out into a full-size, or a double, bed sleeps, two people this room actually sleeps five two in the queen-size bed two on this couch bed then you have a drop down Murphy bed oh nothing. Too exciting here in the living room we've got a coffee table which is on. Wheels. There. It is it's on wheels so you kind of move it out of the way when you're needing. To pull out the bed and then just look closer when you are. Not. Using it during the, day, so. In addition to the closet which is just some hanging space and some great space for your, luggage to roll into as anak mentioned this, is really your main. Storage, for the room when they added these Murphy. Beds obviously, they took out the, drawers media. Centers that used to be in. These rooms so now what you really got for storage, is you've got four drawer. That, slide out they're not terribly, deep. But. It's, probably comparable to what you had before in the media center so not, much of a difference bigger, and. Then, we've got this big, TV. And it does swivel. Which is quite, nice and you've. Got some USB plugs here as well, standard, you, know outlet, plug then you've also got two, USB plugs embedded, as well all, right so the piece de resistance in. This, room is a boardwalk view room we are in room. 40. 15. 40. 15 that one bedroom is 40 17 were in 40 15. They are connected, you'll see that in a moment but. We've got our own private balcony the way this section, of there is laid out there, are a lot of these law cops with kind of there, are any law cops with one big extended balcony, excuse me but, even though one bedroom doesn't have a long continuous balcony. It's just a short balcony so this is great the views luckily, we. Are right above Big, River grill here. So. This is that your blog beautiful that's what everybody, wants who stays at the boardwalk villas, and these rooms can be hard to get even if you own.

So We were very lucky. The boardwalk is beautiful. Just. Beginning, to be dust. So. Her. Light up. Alright. Let's go check this is new studio so let's go check out the one-bedroom so, you can see what that's all about we've checked out the studio together and now we're going to check out the, one-bedroom. As I mentioned before these can be booked together as a two-bedroom lock off or, they can be booked independently. The door is at. The end of the studio and it, opens up into the living room space of the, one, two bedrooms that's where we're gonna start our tour coming, straight into the room through the studio, we're in the living room and we've. Got a media. Center here with, three, drawers, not. A lot but these are definitely larger. Jurors than what you have in these Studios you can, hide. Or, a store quite a bit in there we have a nice chair. Here, we've, got two chairs in this kind. Of bar area, where you can have breakfast. Great place to kind of put, your drink down we. Can't neglect, with the large TV, this, one happens to be a little bit cockeyed. Probably. Something a little too much weight on it but it does rotate around which, is nice, and then, of course we are in a Norwalk view, there as well in the one-bedroom, so we've got this fantastic view. This, is aerobic. Forty, at seventeen. Forty, fifteen is the studio 40 17 is the one-bedroom. This. Used, to open, as a door for whatever reason, they did decide. To enclose. This. So now this is just a static window, you can't actually access without, me from here you have to go around into, the bedroom, area which. Is okay a little disappointing, but okay. And then, we've got the. Couch, which pulled out which you Inc double, or a full, sized sleeper so this one better will sleep up to four guests. To. In the master. Bedroom and then shoot here in the living room right, off the living room we have this, kitchen. Area, it's. Certainly, not as large the kitchen as say, a late hour but this. Is an older resort so I guess that's understandable you do have standard, depth counters, here a dishwasher. A double, sink if, summer in for trash and recycle, underneath the sink and then, along, the edge here you have kind of a much narrower not. Even a half, width. Of a counter and you've got your utensils, hiding in here all of the one bedrooms have the kind of the same amenities. So to speak so they've got something like pots and pans and spatulas and that kind of so if you are trying. To make some food here in your one-bedroom, or to better Villa you can certainly do. That I love it for breakfast, and like making a snack that's, what works for me and my family and the, one bedrooms, do have last, where and plates, as well versus. The studios just, have. Paper. And then coffee cups and regular glasses. And. We have and the toaster, we have a standard. Stove, electric. Cooktop, microwave. And, kind of a mid-sized, car. I would say Department, sized, fridge. Here as well and, we've, got this, dining.

Area, I love chandeliers, they added these with the reefer they're, really kind of a nice look. We've. Only got two chairs here but you could certainly pull over the chairs from the kind, of I guess breakfast, bar if, you had more people and pull this away from the wall. But. Let's, check out the hallway and then head into the master so this is the door this is. 40:17. So the one bedroom villa so you've got your own private door here we do have a closet which, is actually really nice it's a full sized closet, they've hit me a high chair and be. Back human things in here so you, probably roll. Your, stuff all your luggage right on in there and, we do have the old-style. Thermostats. Here those. Are still in full effect that you can change that out and it's a reefer you've, got a three hooks, four coats and things and you've also got a couple of books here on, the wall now. Let's move on to the bedroom which is really I guess the star of the show on the way into the, master. There's a small, kind of closet, with. The stackable, washer/dryer and, then. You have right, behind me you have the toilet a single sink and a shower which, you'll see in a second and then, through this door you have the. Actual, bedroom space and then you have kind of a half bathroom. With. The again. Another sink and the tub so if you have people sleeping out here in the living room you, can just shut this door in the door between, the tub room and the actual toilet room and that, way they're not disturbing, you at all you don't even have to deal with them and they do still have access to the toilet and the shower this. Is the only. Real bathroom so, to speak in this unit we have a toilet, a single sink they did provide this ledge here which is original, to the resort which is a great place for kind, of storing your, toiletries. And your hair spreading your sunscreen all those things. Me since, there isn't any a showing, underneath the sink and we, have the, shower, here they changed out the shower surround in, these units which was, really good ascended because they were very tired, but. None, of the nice subway. Tile motif, it matches the bathroom. In the studio, same. Showerhead. As well now. Let's check out the, second. Half of the bathroom which just has a sink. And the. Isn't, this door here is where we just were with the toilet, and the, B single sink and the shower stall that's, for people who are sleeping in living room and you can also access them, through this door here in the master, behind. Me one of the nice things about these, older resorts, like boardwalk I mean I'm the nicest possible way but. The, earlier. Building we see units is that you have this. Nice. Walk-in, closet which again great. For storage is where all your stuff on impact plays in here as well neumann ironing board and a. Plenty of space before, hanging, which is fantastic if, you've only got one sink. Here, in this kind of master, bath area but you've got another sink in, with the toilet in the shower so I don't think it's a big deal people may be getting ready simultaneously.

You, Again, got storage here, which. Is great things to know places to hide things that you may not want to have out on the counter the whole time and then, this. Part, of the bathroom is really all about this jacuzzi, tub. It's. Old school but I loved how big it is and you've got plenty of space to kind of put all your stuff damaged. But there's this lovely doors. Separating. The bedroom, space from, to close. These babies or open them whichever, you prefer. We've. Got a giant king-size, bed here I say, John I think it's pretty big I'm, only five two so for me a king-size bed is pretty big I've. Put two nightstands, here they don't match which only is a little bit interesting but yeah we've got a couple of drawers in the nightstands, we've. Got some storage here, as, well for it kind of shoes, and things that you want to have out of the, way you've got three, drawers for. You, know clothes and things here in this room which isn't bad it's another large TV which I believe also. Swivels. And, we've. Got a chair, this. Room, has. The only access to the balcony, here. At war Mach it's a bit of a, porky. Resort I've stayed in other rooms here and because. Of the a facade with the aesthetic they're all a little, bit different in terms of how the balconies, are laid out and things like that and in. This room, there's. Only one access, point currently. To the balcony which. Is here through the master which is kind of hidden behind the chair so we're, going to move that out of the way but you're going to see, that next let's go check out the view. But. It is what it is. Fantastic. -. I remember, what, you guys. We. Did. Earlier. So I was able to get us an extra bass bass at Toy. Story me. Walked to MGM. Disney. Transportation. So. Easy alright, so we're gonna go. Don't. Disney's. Hollywood Studios invites. You to join us for our holly jolly Holiday, Spectacular. Gentlemen. Boys and girls direct. From Santa's, Village the, North Pole Christmas, Eve command, center coordinator monkey. Studios. Tonight.

We've Got a special holiday transmission. From the big guy himself. You. Know on top Paralympic. Team. Day. 9 of our, Walt. Disney World vacation we're, still here at Disney's, of Boardwalk villas, and, to, enjoy our last day here we're gonna head over to Epcot we. Haven't had the opportunity to do any of the. Christmas. Around the world holiday, around the world, yet. So, we're gonna take off stroll over there because it's so close why not and. Yeah. Yeah we're getting home fast now at home in Massachusetts but, here, we're just getting some like. It's. Actually kind of a nice change. First. Week of December, it's been, like. Low. Mid. Eighties and I mean, like 50%, humidity so, it hasn't been I mean the Florida that's not bad. So. One of the things we did last night eat while we're walking over to Africa one. Of things we did last night was to. Go to the new animal Hills Creamery. It, was pretty good. They. Only really typically have these ice cream at the Disney. Ice. Cream places these, days so, to have something that's like unique. And, mean on-premises was kind of interesting, the ordering process was a little bit chaotic. Yeah. The ordering process is a little bit needs a little bit of help we, are in the, Mexico. Pavilion right now we had a fast pass for frozen but, you're gonna do and then head to the showpiece do the food booths but it got buckles, right it's down it's been going down a, couple of times since we while we've been here but, I wanted to show you guys. This. Is lovely, they're, calling everlasting. Love, the bridal couple it feels very Coco wished I, don't. Know. What kind of red wine it is. Cabernet. Sauvignon. I'm, super heavy not really light that's nicely spice. Smart. Leaders. We. Just stopped at Summerfest that cook service in Germany we still have our beverages, from the holiday car but. Someone. In Erfurt has never tried the noodle crouton, which. Is a snack, aside here, at Summerfest, it's like. She's. Alright, Chad who's your maiden voyage under new overtime. Very. Cheesy we should grab tonight. Thoughts, very. Good very rich. For. Under. It's. Now. Just. Goes to show you in Florida. They. Have like a shrimp, we moved on if. You like udon she's. Okay, tomorrow. About but they do have sushi entrees. I like. Myself, so, maybe. For feeling up to it in the weather clears. Given. The option between walking. I will. Almost always. If. The boat stops it beat you up first, birth most important so. I mean. I guess if you really just like your feet just can't handle it you just done then. The boat was definitely a good option to have so what the International, gateway that thought over to. Destiny. So. We get back to the room and even. Though we're on the schedule for trash and towel service and it's just about four o'clock they, had not yet serviced, our room so I had a call down the front desk and so, apparently they're coming here now to do, the trashcan towel for us. They're. Very nice, no, idea why they hadn't come but we're, gonna get out of the room and kind. Of explore the resort a little bit more and, just. Give them some time to service. The room. For. Housekeeping. To finish refreshing, our room we thought we would take, a little stroll around at, the cash section, of the boardwalk, in and, behind. Me you. Can see over there are, the, garden. Suites that I, have a video up you haven't already seen it I've video of 1210 which is right, over there on my, channel so if you haven't already watched that check, it out but. Yeah. It's a nice client, area of the resort there's, even a little quiet, pool over here. Quiet. Pool is. Just really peaceful like you would never know that you're right next to Epcot. DBC. Quiet, cool. Day. Ten of our, epic Disney, vacation, we've brought you along with us to a 1-bedroom, Savannah. View villa, at Kidani and we've also visited. A 1-bedroom, theme park of you at Disney's that they Lake Tower if you missed either of those check. Those out, but. We're, here still import look magical express our flights at tens imagine boats president's taking us to. The airport at, 6 a.m. it's, about 5:30 now so we're gonna roll. Our stuff on down there I hope. That you've enjoyed these. Room tours they've given you a little idea of what to, expect, if, you thought these videos were helpful please hit that like button that, way they appear higher in the search feed for other people who might be looking for similar content, and, if you want hit subscribe to. Follow along on my, next adventure thanks. For watching and I'll see you real soon.

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