Bob Dozier's Man Cave - Some of Bob's Favorite Things

Bob Dozier's Man Cave - Some of Bob's Favorite Things

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This is the Dozier cave. Everybody needs one. yeah! you know? some place to relax and be yourself? Yep you know and i come put on my hundred  year old bowler, come sit down here. that's a   hundred year old Stetson. wow! Everybody needs a bowler.  I got a set of 1917 armor saddle bags up there I got a set of 1917 armor(?) saddle bags up there wow and i'll collect M&M guys I like M&Ms and i've read all of just some of those books and  a little bit in every one of them i got all the knife books that's a lot of books I've some of every one of them. This is what I was telling Goldie, the last

piece of what Sandy Brady done for me. oh yeah! it's  beautiful isn't it? Look at the detail! You have to look at this old eskimo with a  magnifying glass to appreciate him. The stipple oh This is when you start appreciating her  work. Look at it. She's gotten really good   Well she's been good for a long time now. and  what's her name? Sandra Brady. Sandra Brady

wow that's really cool that is very cool I like to come in here and sit down. I'll show you a fine knife. This guy is as good as anybody! I think good as Ruple. Everybody says  Ruple's the best. uh he normally puts worked backs on them, i don't i don't like   that file work. I like the plain. and it's, you  see the craftsmanship you know it fits  

It's perfect. yeah! Well with all them damn file grooves  now you don't see nothing. right! uh Jim Dunlap He's good as anybody. I've got three of his knives. now i have chris reeves knives. I probably  got a dozen of those. the uh ones anodized   now this is one of the Jim's knives. it's  just a plain little carbon fiber handle   but it's it's elegant, it's just so perfect. yeah! I don't do this, so you know i  make i make heavy duty working knives, you know? They don't have the  detail that he puts in these.

I sold him my Deckel pantograph. i had  a big big german-made Deckle, and uh he uses it with his folder work. me and my cats come in here and sit down. This one here is a Juki, when i want to sew a webbing  

i'll sew it on this machine. you can't sew  webbing on the needle awl machines,   The harness machines you got a hook needle. oh yeah.  They hook the cloth, you know? It doesn't work. and i got about a hundred  cookbooks, i collect cookbooks and anything else that catches my eye. old tools, old drafting tools you got an old old marlin spike knife, very cool Schrade maybe? i just have a little bit of everything. yeah!   I was telling Goldie I had to put  castors on this machine so i could   move it around in here or I couldn't walk  for it. uh here's something of interest   there's some sand from the Sinai  Desert. Moses probably walked on this.

That's a real deal. Wow! You got some pinks in there that's cool! you know oh everybody ought to have a little bottle  of sand out of the Sinai Desert. Clinton Washington now this one is Springdale It was what we stamped  the Morseth sheath with.

This was harry's. I had a lot of Harry's stuff. uh  most of his stuff, all the little things like this   Lloyd Hale threw away. oh yeah! When he came in the shop, he just through all that [ sh*t ] away, you know? and uh   I'd have died to have it. This was for the fixtures  i've got the the fixture that i drilled and tapped   all the one-hand holes and put the handle  on the one-handers. oh yeah? I kept it all uh  

this was one of Harry's little, that was Harry  Morseth's little punch for setting rivets i ain't got a lot of his stuff left, this was a uh   the deer head stamp for stamping the  the uh tabs that held the handles. and this one was a stamp of mine for stamping leather   uh R.L. Dozier, Springdale Arkansas. I use uh delrin  stamps now. They're less expensive. That was a Russell stamp and this was an old Morseth stamp.  that's one that Harry and Steve used.  

for stamping the blades. all them old  Morseth blades, was stamped with this. that's about all i got. i got a little few odds and ends that belonged to him. And other than that I just got well whatever you know whatever i saw that i liked i got old tools. i got old, i collect old Brown and Sharpe tools I used to have a collection of straight razors  and i got rid of all of them. I got one or two left An old tool like this one. this is an old  planer tool for setting planer blades gotta loosen it to be able to move it i have no need for it, i just have them.

it's an old Brown and Sharpe set of mics  with a standard. These are really old.  These are probably from the 30s and 40s old set of veneer, Vernier calipers. Boy  there's some big ones, they're old. and that's an old, old set of crafting mics  down there, that you won't ever see again. this is a set of uh that's a layout tool for using on a granite block it's a Vernier I just liked old tools. Yeah, that's pretty cool! This is a box, Deryl Wright all right made for me   and took it somewhere and had my  picture laser cut on it. He put my logo i got a little bulldog in it one of his eyes fell out. I'll put it back in someday

Nobody really knows what it is. uh it was a container and i've been told everything under the sun. you know, about, i think it was a snuff box hmm   and of course, a woolly mammoth leg bone neat here's something you won't see tomorrow,  nor anywhere, look at these roller skates   with two wheels now these these  belong to Marsy. They were her daddy's   They were made to put on your shoes. Now we had  them when we were kids, but they had four wheels on them   This is the only set I ever saw like this   yeah I've never seen anything like that! And this is the way you put them on your shoe & tighten them huh i got some old ice skates in  the shop in town like that there's an old Morseth Knife. with leather and that's what they use that deer head stamp  for, to stamp that tab right there.

Other than that i just. That's a uh an old miner's lamp. An acetylene lamp, carbide lamp. they clipped on right here and uh   that's where you adjusted it and the  gas come out and this was the striker. like striking a cigarette lighter. yeah! It had a  flint in it and uh he put the flint in back here  

the carbide creates, carbide and water creates  acetylene gas and that's what it burnt with   and uh they still use them in mines to  detect the oxygen content in the air   when that lamp wouldn't burn they'd get your  ass out because you're getting low on oxygen   yeah! you know? yeah! Garfish gig  You may want to see one of these   not up here anyway. that was a garfish gig. When i was a boy, I'd go out and would get garfish in the spring and uh it looks big somebody made it. it had about about a seven foot uh handle on it about that big around, out of cyprus.  and it was tied to where when it got when you  

get the guard it would pull off the handle  and then the handle would float up because   it tied on the other end and if you had to let  it go, if it was too big to hold, you could chase   them in a boat by watching the handle. Until  he got tired you get him up close to the boat   and either shoot him or hit him in the head  with a hammer. And that's what that is. and that of course is you know what that  is. That's Lucy! That's a Walris penis bone.   Really? yeah! That's a big one big one, so i got  some smaller one but it's been stabilized it's   been pumped full of plastic. yeah. uh i  bought this somewhere a long time ago   it might have been one hell  of a big walrus! yeah you know part of a an ancient eskimo sled  it was a runner and a whale grip that might be 2000 years old. wow!  

I collect, I got a big collection of compasses  in town. I got ship compasses. I got navy compasses, I got PT boat compasses. And this is a girl scout compass from about the 50s. An old Taylor you could tighten this up here and stop the needle  from shaking it wouldn't wear a hole through it i had one a black one, the boy scout, and uh  i got older i give it to a kid next door and he used it until the needle wore through, the  pen wore through the needle, and he threw it away.    I'd have gave anything and have it back. oh yeah! It  wouldn't have been any value to him anymore  

uh this is one of my prizes, it's an old  Winchester compass. It's a desk compass. You unscrew it and then very  carefully, screw it back on the bottom   and set it on your desk, you  always know where you're going. Winchester.

I got pretty good, I got a  pretty good collection of uh   coins, they're in town. I got Seal team  coins, I got all kind of military coins   I collected patches for a long time, and i've about  lost interest in them this was Bob Loveless's cup   he gave it to me, he had  about six or seven of these   and i never thought of it, or I'd have got ahead and write  his name on it with his marker. yeah. and I didn't.   I drink coffee out of this.  It'll keep coffee hot half a day

Nice. It's an insulated cup yeah you never think of it till it's  too late. No, I didn't think about it   I should have had AG sign a lot more stuff. I got a small collection of uh slide rules  and don't have any idea how to read one   i got i got a manual book on them but i don't  need to learn how. yeah that's what they make all   the electronic tools for. mm-hmm. I got Harry's old dies up there, for punching the fiber sheaths   Before you roll the. Just put your holes  in them. The saw's in town where you saw the slot in them

This right here, is not   the box that it come in, that's someone built this, but  I've got two of these. This is a navy ship compass! and don't uh, originally see it originally it it  turned on pins, and uh somebody put it   in a box. but I mean you can't you can't make  that needle bounce. Wow! That is REALLY cool!   I got a pretty good collection of this  stuff. I got a navy PT boat compass This is interesting. It's got all the degrees  on. It just something I saw and I liked it.   yeah! you know? Just like my pair of girls up there.  I got two of them I will never need another one. I got eight or ten Chris Reeves knives. I don't,  I hadn't bought one last probably three or four  

years. I think he's a, I think he's a fabulous  designer. I mean you can't you can't beat the knife. Now they CNCed. that's all, yeah  yeah. It's perfect. Every one is exactly perfect. beautiful knife It's unfortunate, that he's  not in the business anymore. I'll take them down once in a while and look at them This was a a prototype that KA-BAR I made when I  was making my lock back. uh-huh you know I acquired   i don't don't even have a name on it they quit  making it quit selling good knife big knife yeah i got four or five sets of cue balls. I got  bowling pins. uh most of that stuff's in town That's about it. You've about seen me.  Yeah it's about everything. 

Well thanks for uh thanks for showing me around!

2021-01-30 22:42

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