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welcome to uebella we have just entered  the tree line the perfect entry to a beach so we are at the famous widows  which is famous for their seafood good morning from boy peppa aka paradise  this is our first full day and boy peppa   so we purposely didn't plan too much we're  just gonna walk around and explore and see   what we come across in this cute little  town island first thing on the agenda already breakfast beautiful weather maybe  a little too hot if we're not at the beach if we go this way we go to the  beach and all the beach restaurants   and if we go this way we go to the village  so we're gonna go this way into the village we think we're on our way to the village  but surprisingly this doesn't really seem   like a route we would take to a village but hey  island life operates a little different i guess we have a marsh here we  don't know where we're going we don't know if we're going the  right way but it's a beautiful walk   we're just completely surrounded by these  palm trees chirping birds butterflies so here they don't have any cars operating so they  have to transport things by donkey so the donkey   was carrying all the supplies right there pretty  cool this place definitely has a charming little   beach feel all these little buildings and cottages  are all different colors pretty fun to look at okay it looks like everything was closed  in the village we spent about half an hour   walking through the village trying to avoid  the beach because of the prices and all of that   and look where we ended up the beach when we  say everything was closed we actually mean   everything we weren't being picky all the  storefronts were locked no one inside so   i guess i don't know why probably because of coven  we're not sure if it's because of covid or the   time of day but it's not that early or anything  but it's probably like 11 o'clock there are a   bunch of posadas which serve breakfast to anyone  who comes by at least that's what it looked like   a bunch of little restaurants cafes all these  things everywhere that would normally be open   yeah that catered to tourists but they are all  closed so we have our options we have about three   places that are open that we can see here so we're  getting some obosi queso and some juice and coffee and thanks to you guys we learned that in brazil  you use napkins to hold the food with this waxy   paper so now our hands won't get greasy one  great thing about brazil is their juices   their fruits and they're for their juices  they use fresh squeezed oranges in their   orange juice and it is so much better  than the juices we usually have back home   how was it that is so good yeah back home if  you want to get fresh squeeze you're paying   like seven dollars for this cup and you get  bits of pulp in there so you know it's real that's the coolest thing i've ever seen   okay now we are ready to explore a little bit  more of the village and then we're gonna go on   a short hike to kiera and this is supposed to  be a beautiful beach with maybe some snorkeling   and great seafood we're thinking we should  probably invest in a snorkeling kit because   brazil has a lot of great snowfall places with  coral reefs we just came by the three wise men i guess it's a christmas decoration they're huge nice baby jesus so we're in what might be the center of the  village not many people around right now and we   are on our way to a church we can see it up here  a big blue church i i believe it's called museo de   oso these days maybe turned into museum but it's  a famous church pretty cool so this little island   of boy peppa was discovered in 1537 making it one  of the oldest portuguese settlements in bahia so   here we are in front of the church one cool thing  about it is you get a pretty good view at the top so in a lot of cities and villages around the  world you'll see the church is a centerpiece   when the city was being built sometimes it was  built around a church but in this case you kind   of have to go away from the village to get up here  toward the church so that makes this a little bit   different maybe that was a purpose maybe it's like  a little pilgrimage to get up a hill to get to it one of the coolest things about peppa  is there are no cars on this island   the only thing that you might find are  tractors we haven't seen them around yet   but we heard their attractors here on the island awesome looking little village we don't  really see many tourists around this   area it's just us walking through with some locals  you see all the bunch of different colors of the   buildings each place is unique it's not very  cookie cutter here everything is different   this island is littered with palm trees  with coconuts on them with mango trees   fruits everywhere hopefully there's  some acai here if we can find it   fun fact coconuts are one of the most dangerous  foods in the world i forgot the number but every   year coconuts fall off of trees and actually  kill people by hitting them on the head   it's actually kind of a bigger number than you  would think once you start traveling in places   like this like southeast asia south america  and you see how many coconut trees there are   you'll see that they just fall off the coconut  trees all the time and if you're below there   it could be the end a lot of people have been  telling us about moro sao paulo is another   island but it's definitely more touristy so i  would say in a way this is a hidden gem it's   harder to get to so i think that might deter  a lot of people who are limited on time or   don't want to go the extra mile to make the  effort to get here but we're glad we're dead lindsay's walking very flat-footed so  that no sand gets on top of the sandal   and i'm standing in the shade wow we're  getting our first glances at this beach   you can see how blue the water  is and that's what we like   we have just entered the tree line a bunch  of palm trees the perfect entry to a beach all right let's go touch this  water and see the temperature oh yeah that is bath water oh it's almost warm oh that is perfect all right let's go swim it's like bath water so we found this awesome palm  tree here it's the only one on this beach that's   kind of laying down over the water almost so i  think we're gonna climb up it this lady was just   trying to climb up it a few minutes ago and she  fell onto this barbed wire fence which is kind of   a quarter of the way up take a look at this  hopefully we don't fall on it so barb wire you   have to climb from over here so easy enough  to climb over but let's hope i don't fall right over the barbed wire right now that's  the dangerous part we're in the clear and this is how alex gets down  this is how i won lindsay over look at that little parrot butt it almost looks like there are a  bunch of abandoned huts and things   along this beach seems like some people  could still live here i don't know   yeah this one may so we got this drink from a  market before we got to the beach it's this one   if you're brazilian you might know  it i've never seen it before usadia i don't know what that means but it says it's  morengo so that's strawberry from sabor morengo   vodka so strawberry vodka 13 alcohol 13.5 have  you read that before it was only six rails so a   little bit over one dollar this is very cheap  for alcohol all right let's try this cheers brazil once again you are strong very sweet very potent tastes like it's  about half vodka half strawberry juice   if you want to get a buzz going  this is a good way to do it though i can't believe this beach the palm trees  are just lining the whole thing it's the   palm tree farm back there i think maybe we're  gonna show you and the way we do best let's go it's at the end of the season little restaurants along here you can't have a restaurant much closer  than this to the ocean here it is guido's restaurant so we are at the famous widows which is famous  for their seafood people really know it as being   a great place for seafood their lobster  in particular i ordered a coconut water   to start and he brought me two for one because  they're so cute and little they don't skimp they   could have just brought one of these and just  said it's small but they decided to bring two   for the price of one so for food no de siri is  uh with crab okay because the regional dish here   it's usually cooked with like coconut milk  seafood it's a stew very common it's stewed   with the dende oil which is palm oil so yeah it's  famous around the area so we're gonna have some of   that some french fries and some coconut waters and  enjoy the view look how close we are to the water so we've been hearing about a little tip  from you guys after we drink the coconut   you can get it chopped open  and you can eat the coconut   from it and we haven't been able to do it yet  but we're gonna do it now so once we're done with   these we're gonna ask them to crack it open for us  and then i guess you kind of eat it with a spoon look at that bubbling there simmering he said it's made of flour and cream but  you eat it with the mulch and the rice   and he said this is very spicy so  this is the crab mulcaker this was 16   anytime you get seafood it's going to be a little  bit more expensive but it's worth it it's fresh one of the best things i've  ever eaten we tried okay   the other day but this is way better it's amazing because it's a ton of food so it seems like a lot  of these regional dishes from bahia the mokika the   baywater a lot of times they give them to you in  a large portion for at least two people i think   that's what they did here again that actually  has a really good flavor i'm not a huge seafood   fan but if i were to eat a seafood dish it would  probably be this one from this place it's awesome   yeah it's so good volcano kind of reminds me  of like a coconut yellow curry or something it   is different it has a different flavor but  if i had to pick something that's the most   similar to it would be that finally we did it  we asked them if they could cut open our coconut   so that we could have the food in there and not  just the water so they just have the coconut kinda there it is so you have uh about a couple  centimeters worth of coconut on there   we've been missing out on this  after all these coconuts we've eaten   or drank we've never had the  actual flesh inside the coconut   that's free food right there healthy food someone  brought us some spoons let's see how it is you must have to scrape it out it's kind of hard i really like that it's crunchy not a ton  of flavor but it's good we'll do this again   it's a lot of work to get the coconut out  of there though it's harder than you think so so that was a cool ride it did cost us about  four dollars which is kind of a lot because it   only took five minutes we figured it was  worth it to try it once and it saved us   some time walking back to the village time to  catch sunset and we will see you guys tomorrow   for our next adventure in boy peppa see you then you

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