Brain talks about Buckethead (Sept 2018)

Brain talks about Buckethead (Sept 2018)

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So. How, did you come to me pocket this obviously, he was in the shakiest video with maximum, Bob so how did he come to meet him. Well. I meant back it through. They. This. Guy named Jill Gore who I was in a band with during, the. After. The Limbo's broke up I ended, up getting in this band there was this world beat scene, happening. In. San. Francisco, which. Was like made. Up of like I think a corps of I, think three or four bands, the looters big, city, the. Freaky executives. And. I. Think. There was one more I can't remember but. I, joined. This band called big city and the guitar, player was. This. Guy named Joe Gore and, Joe Joe. Became, the editor of Guitar Player magazine, yeah and we. Were living in the city. Still. In the Limbo's kind of but it was kind of flailing and breaking, up and Joe was like. Hey. This. Guy sent a tape you, know, and his. Name is Buckethead and this. Guy named maximum, Bob sent it say. And it's a pretty funny video and, it's just but this guy's shredding, brain you got to check this guy out and I was like and he's like here, let's plop it in his VHS, you. Know he puts it in and it's just in its maximum Bob you. Know yelling to. Paul. Shaffer, going pole you, gonna have to get this guy to playing your band. He's. Like you. Know you gotta check him out and there was his dude playing. The, guitar like I had never seen anybody play it yeah pretty much like you. Know the shredding, quickness, in, the, athleticism, of, like. An in. Vain. And. Stuff of like computer. Music. Like Star, Wars yeah. You. Know weird. He's, not a game, machines, the, yeah. Like game machines, meets. Metal. Meets, you, know Disneyland, and I. Was just like whoa I've never heard that sound before, you know like that that's it's like you know when you know, exactly. Where you're sitting, every time when you hear amazing, yeah the. Music or an album the first time I remember when I first heard Eddie Van Halen we're exactly, where I was. Heard. Fishbone, some. Of my favorite bands the Chili Peppers you, know when I was growing up and um. Yeah. I remember I was sitting, there in the house and he played, that tape you know in on 23rd, and mission in San Francisco, and I, was like oh my god he's like yeah well you know he really doesn't get out that much and stuff but he's coming to San Francisco, to meet me you. Gotta meet him I'll bring them by the house and. So. Johor by, the house I think less was even there. You. Know we kind, of had the Rock and Roll house right there above Scott's comics, on 23rd, and Mission. You. Know it was literally, like, four. Houses down from you know Mission Street and stuff in between mission and Valencia, so. We had the party house so it's like everybody was hanging out and, les. Was there and jobar, brings this guy bucket head and. You. Know we're, just like oh and, he's playing the bass and last was like wow you're pretty good on that day that's, like, standoffish, at first or whatever cuz bucket. Was doing all slapping, so. He was, in full gear at that when you bet him yeah. He was always and he's pretty much always in full gear you, know doing, his thing like, even back then. Yeah. I mean that's his vibe I mean yeah he, lives and dies by it you know that's his thing he's like that's his gig and and it, was interesting. Because he. Um. Out. Of everyone I think for some reason you, know him and I just hit it off the best you know he was just talking, about basketball, and talking. About all this crazy stuff and and, I, was talking and, you know and, martial. Arts and Bruce Lee. And, Jordan. You know all the things that you, know as a bucket head fan Texas. Chainsaw. Yet. All that stuff and I think that you. Know he's talking about all the horror stuff and I was really never into horror so I think, he he, and I just hit it off because I. The. Stuff I was into he didn't really know if I was born to like fashion stuff, and all that kind of stuff and he was into the old horror stuff so I think we had a good juxtaposition. And yeah. For some reason we just kind of hit it off and so, did he actually come on told with the Limbo's he. Will we played a lot together and, maybe, he sat in but, he never went on tour because the limbo is really never went on tour. When. We were I, never, really did that many big tours. You know what we did when we did do it it was like in. Europe, and we were with Primus and then. We did some stage stuff but. It was mainly with Primus but bucket never came with us he he. We did it like a couple, gigs where we. Would. Like go up the west coast and, he kind, of came but he came with us on a couple of those but not on tours, but. Yeah. We did some Seattle. Portland. Shows, and he came. With us and, you. Know did his whole shtick and blew everybody, out you, know and he was he was kind of new. On the scene so he was taking everyone out, you know Mike Patton mr., bungle they were, this. Guy huh you know this is crazy. Easy. You know and then they got the, dahle creeps to open for them and you.

Know And all that stuff but he never came on a full tour but put do like two, or three shows maybe he just come and hang out and sit in so. What about maximum. Bald when was the first time you met him. That. Was, through bucket, after that when the dahle treats, came on and, what. Was your first impressions, heard. Well. You know he was just exactly. What you get exactly what you see yeah it. Was pretty much that, you, know you get this kind of huge. Dude with his shirt off. You know a nap in his hand could. Probably beat, up anybody, in the whole place well yeah, you. Know his. Fists and and. That's. All he needs, hmm and he's, for long yeah but. Like cool dude or you never really interacted, that, much with it. Well. I mean yeah with. Him and like. I think was pinched face and. Forgot. Who the bass player was but, I was. Mainly pocket you know I mean I, mean yeah I mean you know if I saw him. On the street I could say hey you know or whatever but. It. Was bucket and I really. Were more of the clothes. You know that's why we continued, on I think in any, you. Know still, played. Last year together you know because we. We kept in touch and I think that. We. Just have a rapport, you know with each other and I just, feel like, maximum. Bob is like I don't, know him that well but I just feel like you know he's more of like a singer. Buckets. More of like a, musician. In the sense of, yeah. We can just you. Know talk. About more. Of the music stuff I don't know we just yeah and pinch face also you know a great, guy but I never really got close to both those guys so. How, did that then lead into practice, well. That, was what I think yeah I was. Started. To lead up to also, and earlier, when I was saying that after, the limbo, after you know I hunt. We hung out at the limbo house and, Bucky. Came by. He. Came, into town I, think it was only the second, time or something and. I. Think. That would happen, we'll wait no let me get the timeline right because I don't think because I think what happened, is after we met. Bucket, we had got I. Got. The tape. That. Maximum. Bob taped to Bill and. Bill. Saw, it and I said not, only is, this guy you know a crazy. Guitar player thing he also loves, Bootsy, and Bill, was like wow okay cool, yeah I'm bill would never said Wow but you, know it's just like he was like cool you, know like you raised an eyebrow yeah.

I Raised that I raised, the eyebrow. And. Out. Of nowhere we're, just sitting, you know bucket. Came to visit again and we're sitting I remember this because we're sitting at my mom's in, Cupertino, I was visiting and. I. Said. You got to come and meet my mom and hang out for a couple days or whatever I think he slept over for a couple days and you. Know this is one before, there were cell phones and. The. Phone rings and my mom's like it's. For you get, on the phone and it's it's you know I think it was like one. Of bills assistants, maybe, John Brown or something I don't know if John was then or there then but they. Were just like hey you know I got bill on the phone for you and I'm like oh okay you know bills Aaron is like hey how's it going on Mike oh cool it was so, you. Know. Hey. I want to do this project and I'm like well it's funny buckets, here you, want to talk to a bucket and, he's like yes you know I'm buckets all. Talk. He. Talks to Bill and, you know, he gets off the phone gives it back to me you know and he's. All like his eyes are all lit up and I'm like what what what you know get, back on the phone bill he's like hey so, you know I just talked to bucket it seems like we're a go for this I'm gonna do this band called praxis, it's, gonna be you bucket. Half man flip from the jungle brothers Bootsy. Collins and. Bernie. Were out I'm like what. What. Sign. Me up I'm fuckin we'll, start walking right now yeah, you know and before. I knew it there, was plane flights and, you. Know we flew out to New York and you. Know we, setup, up and buckets. Doing his whole shtick and his whole outfit and you. Know I'm practicing, drums and we're at we're at Green Point studios at, this point Bill's old studio, it. Was like a converted. Church or something he had that. He. Built he made in a warehouse type, space and it was like sure, shares in there maybe it wasn't a church it was just that the he kid, bought like all those like, long. Rows of church see, well. In this area it was this a crazy, place, like a funeral home, yeah. It was awesome and. We're. Just. There jamming, or whatever and all and Bootsie walks in and buckets soloing, and boots he's just like got, the biggest smile, on his face going what well. You know like what is this character this, is it you know that kind of a thing and we. Just started, jamming, and then before you knew it we made you know the Bernie walks in he's crazy it just got crazier. And crazier than, ass man came, with torture. His body from, the jungle brothers and it was just a goner scene and we made. Transmutation. Like you guys never filmed any of those sessions or, anything I. Don't. Think there isn't. The. Videos you know that would have been cool I don't think anybody film you like told see nuts yeah, hey. Yeah. Socks, out there is yeah we're doing cool photo shoots and just yeah, it was pretty amazing, how. Did Bootsie and bucket get along straightaway, like they were cool of. Course yeah I mean they either they're still probably I think you know best, of friends yeah, you, know what you. Know I've hung out with Bootsie you know a bunch, and done a couple, of his videos of course with all bucket, and but, I think those two really hit it off the same the, same kind of way is like I hit it off a bucket, yeah I'm good. Bernie, was the same yeah. I mean you know it's so sad that Bernie's gone now I mean I saw like. A month before he. Passed cuz I knew he wasn't doing, well so, I went, to one of his shows actually, in Marin and I. Came LA to. To. Go see it and. I. Mean. Bernie is you know he's the Jimi Hendrix of the keyboards, I mean you know you know nobody's. Nobody. Definitely.

Nobody. Can touch Bernie and his feel and, his ears. And, it's just ridiculous, you know you could throw a rock, against. The wall and he'll he'll he'll. Humma hum, a melody off, it and then start playing a song. What, the rock the configuration. The rock made as, it was bouncing. Is. So crazy going back and watching those practices, shows like the chemistry, is just like. So good it's, so good to watch and listen to, yeah. Yeah I mean most of those were just improv, and that's. The best thing like somebody, will play something then, you go off into this other direction, just like that's. Music that's music to me yeah, I was it was the ultimate. With. Bernie and and that whole thing I mean you couldn't you, know like. It. Wasn't what you know III, Bernie. Can go out and just play by himself and I'd be like that was a great show I wouldn't, have to play a note nobody would you know bucket and I was watching, him at all just, go on my shit. We. Never really got to do it with Bootsy which sucked you know he. Never really came out for the Praxis, stuff but yeah why how, come was that was just because bill was on on, Basel. I just. Think that yeah and with Bootsy, you know he came out for that special, we did that that one with, bill has one friends, oh. Yeah. So that was awesome and that was one of my highlights, in, my musical. Career playing, on that with him and Pecos E and that, was the the PBS. One, yeah. It's on, lying sometimes, sometimes I can find that online. I think. It's on there somewhere it's definitely. On that I was. I watched these things all the time like just I love this so. How was it the first album how did that come about I, was you, know the process, the. You, know yeah I mean it was just it was that it was just like. Hey. You got a you got a beat yeah. Okay go, play all. Right. Yeah. Just like that man it was just like some. Bernie, had a couple ideas. Bootsy. Had one I had. Two or three beats that I wanted to always play with them. Bucket, had a couple. Riffs and we. Just recorded all of it crazy. It's, so good to listen to would. You say that that's your favorite of the Praxis albums that's. My favorite, and that's probably one, of my. Thing, that I've ever been. Involved with and ever you, know if I can have that on my like tombstone yeah. And be like what do I want people to remember me, by, it would be that because everything else was you. Know in. Primus, it was kind of like well that's that's less his thing and it's Primus is thing you know I'm. I'm, he. Wants to make me a part, of the band but it's still mainly you, know less, his show no he's, and. Then. With. Practice, though it was like amen. Everybody. Was just doing their thing and everybody had a voice even. Though everybody you know Bernie and Bootsy, I mean like legends. Already yeah, and. To. Play with them you know, I mean for a musician, I mean, that's the funk train ends with those two guys really yeah like when. It comes to a supergroup, I always think practice, right the way like that people always throw around super, groups all the time now the practice, is the real supergroup like a musician. Yeah. I mean it's I was so just happy to I was honored, to be there doing it I kept saying, that you know to them and they're like and don't worry about come on just play it man it's all good you know. Really. Here I mean. You know if you think about it the, history I mean. The parliament-funkadelic stuff. Alone, and Bootsy would change Brown. It. It. Makes me want to listen to that album now straight away yeah. I still can listen to it and the crazy thing is it still sounds, like it's now. Yeah. Yeah, it stands up it doesn't sound dated, in any way you know no. It sounds like wow this could have happened yesterday. What. About Metatron, cuz that's another one of my favorites, that you guys done. Yeah. I met at Metatron, now, that was. Because. I don't think Bernie and Bootsy, were on that one no. They weren't on that one and that one was. Was based around Bill, calling, you, know bucket, and I now at this point we're hanging out like, you, know we. Were really close friends and you know, he'd come, here, from LA, because I was based. In the Bay and I had a studio on Berkeley and. You know he'd come and we go to the cemetery every, day for like five.

Hours. Yeah, we that, was his thing and he do nunchucks, on the all the great and. We. Were having a ball together you know just doing stuff we would just go down to the wharf and just. Trip. Out on people we'd loved watching people, we just love to go to malls not because of we, like to buy clothes there or stuff it was more tripping. Out on people and going like Oh magic skies. Vibe and we'd, watch movies, all day we just sit in the studio and watch movies for like you. Know twelve, hours and, then go get pizza you. Know and come back you know basically just binging, yeah that's the life sounds, like a great life yes yeah, and, Bill. Had called and said hey. If I send you guys some twenty four tracks well you guys record, stuff, and. We. Were like oh okay, yeah sure you know it's like let's um let's. It's. You, know do you some stuff, so you. Know I went to my friend cookies. At in, the Bay Area with, bucket, and you. Know bucket brought all his crazy stuff, and you. Know like it brought is like all those weird gear, and. Yeah. Just, toys. And. Just. All this crazy shit and he just you, know set. It up I brought, in a crazy drum, I'm sad with my weird. Like, you, know miked, up broken. Speakers, you, know through you, know all this weird shit playing you know like through a broken PA and weirdo, stuff and we, just jammed, and then. You, know then. We sent it to buck I mean Bill. And then, he added his parts, and then, I think he actually came, out, at. One point we went to a studio in San Francisco, and we did like one or two days and so that, album was pieced together like, kind of like that like hey, guys I'm just gonna send you some tape this. Was before like digital. Recording, and it you know you know or whatever in, so. With was it as much fun to do it that way or you preferred. The way the transmutation. Was done we're all together I, think. That. It. For. What it is I, think. It. Was it was perfect for both, of them like. It was cool doing it that way because bucket, and I can just do whatever we wanted, and we didn't know that bill was gonna do and then we bills brought it back we're like oh shit that's, cool.

Like It was kind of fun not. Knowing what, our tracks, were gonna turn into so. I had, I you. Know I mean the, ultimate is be sitting there with with, everybody in Bootsy, Burnie bill and being. The student but, you. Know I wouldn't, take back what Metatron, became I thought it became a pretty cool album yeah I had a good I just. Wish there was footage of all you guys together that would have been so good like in the studio I don't know why yeah nobody got that it's. Like when you watch them roll in stones one where they're working on the songs at the time, yep. It's. Cool it would have been cool thinking about it now yeah I'd love to because. You know it was so long ago and it was such a I, think the. Reason why I think it worked, especially, for me and I think I've talked a bucket about this is um I, didn't. Think we knew really what we were getting ourselves into. You. Know it was just like oh we're here with Bernie we're all I'm Bootsy like if I think about it now. But. Then, I think we were just like okay, let's, go you know we I don't know we it, was it was like we were just on a train and that train Owen. So, what was some of the memorable shows I know you said the PBS, one was there any others you done so I know you played like Europe, and Poland, Switzerland. Yeah. The the, one we did with the invisible scratch, pickles, with I think it was Mix Master Mike and disc was a pretty cool one I think that was in Poland and then, I think we did one with all of them in New York, that. Was pretty fun when those guys came along and that, was kind of. You. Know me hooking. That up so. How, did that then I think lead into giant robot. No. Giant, bot was something that we had going for. Years. Because. Of, you. Know bucket being in the giant robot I think he has like five, or six of them huge. Robot. You know, like. Six foot tall giant robot. Dolls and you know I don't think they're called dolls but whatever they're called at 60th, uh but, um and so. Bucket, always had that around you, know like or whatever and and and, he. Kind. Of um. We. Kind, of made the giant robot album with this with my. Friend. Pete Scutaro who was the keyboardist, of, the. Limbo's. So. He we had already always, been talking about making that album and Pete was, a really, you. Know he's more of like a. Anyone. I'll call it he's more of like a commercial, producer. You. Know a little slicker and a, little more. Cleaner. Cleaner. And and and, will you know will tell you like. What to do and we'll piece it together and, you, helped, be hands-on and so. Bucket. You, know kind of like. Was like let's do a giant robot album let's get Pete because I have all these samples and, peek, put them in he is you know PETA just bought the sinc LaVere which was like you. Know a two hundred thousand, dollar computer, work. You. Know Michael Jackson had and. Two. Other people you, know I think Michael and had all but. Um you, know so it was like Pete, bought one and, you. Know it's pretty crazy he, so and. Was, like let's make a let's, make a giant robot, that's that giant robot album, that the, one that we did which is a great, album yeah, I do love, that out because. Of that whole. Technology. Was just getting into that whole sampling. Thing and Pete just bought the sink Revere and had all the technology, to do all that stuff so it's kind of cool to do, that and have problems, some something to do with Sony, I read because because, you mix it in like the samples, you couldn't view little something yeah. I think at that point Sony. Wanted a sign bucket, but. Bucket, was kind of like I, don't. Know I don't want to go to a major label and, told what to do. On, a play stuff you, know I want to just do, my own thing and, yeah and so I think that I.

Don't. Remember any of the sampling, issues but I remember, that bucket was full to. Sign with Sony because I think I went down with him to the Sony office, and. You. Know he was they were trying to get with. Him and they were trying to get him to like do. Frank, a new-school, Frankenstein. Or something, but. He was gonna play with the guitar all right he you know bucket likes to do his own thing because you, know I think he's such a true artist, probably you, know the. In. The in the sense, of the word you know he is just he. Does his, that's. His thing and, you. Know I think. That that, just scared him to death I think he was just like wait. What I gotta, do Wow you know he just runs you, know thank, ya. So. That's. Why I think he just does his stuff with like Dan you know all those albums he does with Dan's are amazing, because he. Just you. Know it's whether it. Or not it's him it just makes them because he loves it you know he just loves it so, that's. Why it makes me because he just loves playing yeah, a random. Question who's, mrs., Beasley, I don't. Know I actually, don't know because. I always wondered every time I read it who's mrs. Beasley, I would google in dislike some doll from the 1940s. Or something, maybe that's what it is yeah he never told me so. While you were on tour with Primus you bought bucket, on as a guest spot how did that come about yeah. That was through less that, was through like me you. Know. Tell. Him hanging. Around. Bucket. Less. Seems. Always did bucket so. I was like hey let's, bring him on tour the best, did, he enjoy it like being in front of the big crowd so he loved it yeah like. In his element, yeah. I mean he excels I mean his presence. And who he is, works, I think the best on a big stage you know yeah, it's, like. This. Sound is. So big I mean, that's where he excelled. That's when Ozzy. Man and, the. Plenty with him yeah. What, happened with that cuz, I, just, think it didn't work out I think Ozzy in the end want you know did. To take up mask, and. All this stuff and he's just like you, know yeah but, I mean it was just kind of like you. Know this is who I am don't you get it you know kind of thing which is kind of surprising because, you think always you would have been like really into that kind of thing yeah. That's what threw me because. I was like wait. Black I would, expect him to want this you know but, I just like. No. You should just be yourself and, buck it was like Know Who I am so, it, didn't really work out but I think he jammed with him and it. Was close to where I think he was gonna be doing, it and I think he said that you know, Sharon. With you. Know just kind. Of a lot to deal with also you know cuz he, runs the whole show and I, didn't, imagine yeah, that's. Not a hard, one to figure out yeah. So. How did you guys pull, pieces just. Like the side project. Yeah. Oh my. God pieces, it's, all man. Shit. I haven't thought of that one in like. It's so random the album, so runs random. Noises yeah. Yeah I. Love. That. It. Was the same way as Metatron. Kind of came about like we, were just hanging out and, John. Zorn had called I think bucket, and, said hey. Can you deliver. Me an album and I. Think bucket was like okay and then. We, were just hanging out and back it was like well. And, um, well. We were like okay let's call and Buckett kept singing this you, know about. Pieces, like, you know or. Whatever I think it was a movie he. Called pieces or something kinda, sure and so we went into the studio which I had this kind of ghetto studio, and Berkeley. You know who the, same thing as I said about like medic could watch movies for 12 hours then we would record, for real hours and we'd watch some. More movies eat some pizza and then record, we wake up the next day and lots, of movies and then record. And then in the end we just got. Pieces yeah so. Why I need, five minutes alone where did the name come from I think we were just wearing each other out and we. Were both like we, just need five minutes alone you. Know it's like we were with each other for so long we were just like we couldn't take it mm-hmm, but what about Danielle, what was, the idea. Behind Danielle. Cuz this is based on a porn star right yeah I think that I kept, talking about some, like. Porn, chick. Or whatever and I think your name was den you, know cheeks or something so.

Was. This like you, know you know it was one of those things where it was just like whatever was happening at. That moment we. Just would write it down or it became that. There. Was no thought, behind, any of it it was all just happening. In real time and, it just became, that the whole album, so. That's why it was kind of funny because we turned it in and it was in. Mono, and I. Think John Zorn was like hey. Do you guys know that this is in mono and we're like yeah I was like yeah yeah it's a mono you know like that kind of like you meant to we. Don't even know we can, anything, you know it was like that kind of a thing I was like but I love, that album there's, a vibe you, know in. It cuz I know for years like people on like YouTube, and forums, that would always ask like who's Danielle, why is he doing about a porn stuff. That. All that all that stuff was, coming, from me mm-hmm, that it was like I know cuz, buckets you know, clean. He's, clean and vism you know yeah it wasn't that's, it just likes horror that, stuff, so how. Did you come to work on the next few albums with him you just sort of like. Transitioned. Into doing like coma, and monsters, and robots like. You were already working on stuff yeah well I, had. This my, friend extract. Who. He's, a good friend of mine I still talk to him. Once a week we had done else do together so extract. Is a kind of a do that's been hanging around the. Scene and, he. Had a bunch of beep that. I him. And I had made because he helped, me with. The God was, engineer, on it he, doesn't know engineering, there's a little bit everything played his main thing is based though and. So. He was like hey I got some beats you, know he. Kind of became friends with bucket and he just asked bucket hey you know rain beads you. Know when, you just play some guitar on and then that, became coma, monsters. And robots. Sort. Of was the same thing that was just like last less was just kind of like hey, let me make. An album yeah, so he, you. Know made monsters and robots for Pocket and then I think Serge did one right the, chicken one or whatever until, the truth in yeah and, we met we had met Sir John the Ozzfest I was, here when you met him Serge, army, he's the great he's the nice, like. What you hear on the albums and what you see you wouldn't believe it was the same person but he. Was. One, of the most intelligent guys I've ever met and, he. Just we just you know we us, to me became friends, and I think that you. Know that's why I played on surges, his, solo album. Buck food you. Know and yeah and bucket, Stovall. We're. Still friends you know I mean I still consider on the friend and. He. You know so that's how those albums came about you know and then we met Dan because. He was working in the guns he was did a second, engineer and the guns stuff so you never met dimes before then no, he. Was just the engineer and we became friends through that and then him and Buckett pake you know all the albums yeah crazy. So, how, come L still, never really took off because, I know you did like to rehearsal, album then another. One no hesitation. But then it was yeah. Anything. Else. Yeah. If, the same thing dude as the Limbo's you know you get a bunch of characters. Together that just don't have, the same vision and. You. Know unless, everybody's making a lot of money and you have one head honcho like a lesser. Lars and, Hetfield. Or. An, axle, yeah, you know just kind of nobody, keeps it together and it's like okay, you. I'm doing this yeah. You know buckets off doing his own tours doing his thing hey I'm gonna go join ba ba ba you know and disco fu you know nobody gets you know what I mean it's just like I couldn't handle it so. This. New else do is just mainly extract, and I putting it together and, just getting. Players. That, we know like, I said like Merv is playing on it and lures. On it drummer. Friends of mine from LA's you know that are doing this guy named a village who is. Kind of a new up-and-coming shredder type guy and you, know he's like you know but he's it but his played and we, did you know in Mars, Volta a. Bunch. Of different stuff, so you know he's playing a few traps I'm playing drums it's, just new, people and new things so. You're actually working on my album now with that yes. Yeah, we, got about a month, hopefully. We're waiting for flair to, scratch on it because he's the famous DJ, flair this, is uh. Yeah. We want him on it and so we're going next week to get him on it, and then. Yeah. Eddie's already scratched all his stuff I don't know, if buckets gonna be huh yes, buckets, been on tour on his own now and do his own thing so, I don't.

Think We're gonna catch him I wish we could but you know he's so busy yeah, some. More albums, of bucket you've done Kevin's noodle, house yeah. That, was another one that we did the, same way as pieces, and all that yeah it sounds like you, know we kind yep. We just we, just totally, you know. We're. Having fun Kevin's, noodle house was a sign that we saw as we were driving back, from the studio and. You. Know we're just like all right it's called Kevin's phone real house I was like sounds great so. Random, those albums and, I had done it comes to that yeah another. One brain is hammer noodle, that, was another one because. The. Rami was off the. Sawed off the side, of the food, truck, so. It, we just caught hawk, and, the guy had put like a H. Or, something, there and so we were just like instead, our, ramen. Sit home and yeah. So bucket was like oh this. Is called Harmon noodle he, made that album in real time, when. We went I went back the studio that night so. Crazy so, crazy I think that's what makes it work like this there's, no like plan let's, do, it now. We made all that and even the one with Melissa you know the three of us was all done with like watching, movies we. Would just go get like the craziest, movies, and we. Would just watch him and then play that whole thing in real time I think we made like a 12. Album set or something why was the never the third one so I remember they kind, of announced the third one below you ever put two out oh yeah, kind regards I, think yeah yeah. I don't, think it ever made it I think at that point we were just all. Going our separate ways but it was on or, doing his own thing, you. Know Melissa. And I were doing. Composing. For, movies working with that um you. Know Joseph Kahn a video. Director, and. You. Know so, we. Never got a chance to do yeah I wish we could you, know I mean those are the parts that are the most fun for me is touring and. Making. The albums, so. I think you've done the final practice album, around that time profanation, yeah. I think that was done I, was. Done mainly by Bill and I, have flown out and, just. Bucket. And I went out up there and I think we did two or three tracks. On. It with a bunch of other people but Bill already had that kind of set up but, it was like I think I think. Didn't. Like Iggy Pop go on it Mike Patton. He. Pop maximum. Ball there's a lot of players yeah that was more just like hey come out for two days do this and you. Know it wasn't like the other practice, where it doesn't, really feel like a practice, album, kind of it feels like a separate, project more like a yeah. It was more like a Bill Laswell and, Fran his. Project, I feel but it was awesome update. How. About a science faction, you did the buti'm bucket how was that. Remember. That I think, that just kind of came out by, somebody. Else, taking. Our stuff and doing it or something I forget what how that even came about I don't even know who, was who it was that did that water who. Was I think he was Bootsy was it booth yeah oh, yeah. Cuz all I remember, is I gave some tracks, to somebody, and then they pieced it together I didn't know if who it was that wasn't like a bucket and I thought mmm, so. Then late last year you go back with bucket and went on tall with Dan so how did that come about that. Was just again I was hanging out it all it's all comes, from just hanging, out like it, was just weird in San Francisco hanging out and back it was like oh hey you want a tour I was like yeah dude for a little bit you know and so, we, went out for like month. And a half, you stayed close like since he left guns you've always liked being close always called each other III, think we go in and out I think he gets busy, doing his thing he, tours, you.

Know I was, busy doing the composing thing. But. I think you, know I mean he'll always be my friend I mean you know no matter what, I think. That when I was, in guns. He. Didn't want any a part of it so I think he kind of took off went, that way you, know we. Don't really talk about it because we just kind of you know do our own thing or whatever so you, know when we were on tour we don't really talk about. It we just in, in. That world in bucket, world you know bucket, land yeah yeah, so, what was it like to be back on stage because it was like so long it's been eight. Nine years or something since you guys are on stage together. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I was pretty trippy it was tough at first because we were just not. Used to it you know like we hadn't played in a while but it comes back pretty quick because you know we're just such a you. Know he's. Been someone that I've just like a unit, yeah and a, lot of my friends that came to the shows you. Know would would, just say like oh my god you know I was like that was one of the coolest shows I've seen you know or whatever that hadn't seen it or whatever new, new fans new new people that I've met throughout the eight years that we haven't played yeah. And been, in the compote world, they, had come and been like oh my god I didn't know you can do that and that's what you did with bucket you know because they were just used to me doing, composing. Stare you, know, which. Is not playing just like, directly. Kind of mouse around yeah. Yeah directing. What. About the piece sticks do, you have any interaction, with him he's. The greatest most, hard-working, dude. He, takes James Brown's. Plays for the most hard working man in show business that's. All I have to say he's the greatest he, seems like he hasn't stopped like he's doing the website he's doing like the album's the artwork he's on the tolls but, he. Does not say a word he's never complained, once and he kicks ass at whatever he does I was really he's, a, remarkable, human good, guy greatest. Incredible. Dance another cool guy, Oh Dan's the greatest yeah I mean he's dead and kind of like the master, of everything. You, know and it's, not like you know he. Can engineer, he, can play bass guitar drums. I, don't, think there's anything he can't do in music he sings you, know, there's any kind of weird technical, question that I have I call him up and he'll. Figure it out you know he knows everything because, he's kind of like like an unsung hero munsoo, guys cuz nobody ever really mentions, and I know he'd like does so much yeah. He does it all him, and P sticks are like you know they're, very incredible. Yeah it was you, know but, then you can't go wrong, is. That any ever being talked to like get you on one of the pike albums, or do like another solo project, together no. I don't know you know we talk about it sometimes, and you know good, cool, made it'd be great to make another studio with, them I mean I'm, game if I think it would be awesome if we did a studio with, him and you, know bucket Dan and I I'm. Down what about Bill. You still in contact with Bill Laswell no. You know I haven't talked to Bill in a while he's um I, would. Love to do, something with him and I mean you know I mean I would, do. It in two seconds. I just think that everybody kind of took off and did their own thing and you know everybody.

Gets It gets lost and it gets hard now. Get, things together because you you, just got a tour with you know can't really make any money with albums, yep, true I. Would. Do it so I, know, the budget I did the become. Analyte podcast, when you guys were touring, so did you know about his health like, issues, and problems at the time or not um well. He mentioned it and I knew that he was having some trouble and and you. Know and and stuff, yeah I mean it yeah really sucked and you. Know I think that. There. Was a tough time for him so, how was he doing now like you spoke to him recently or, yeah. I think he's doing good I know he went back on tour and so. You. Know hema and. Fine, if he's if he's out there playing and, stuff or I already pushing through yeah. Like. He doesn't, stop like it's crazy yeah, it's, been tough hmm. Last. But not least bucket head. Pocket. I consider, him a friend a true, friend, and where, would you say as a musician where, was he like at. The peak as, what's. His name in who. Was a con or whatever in or, what was the guy's name in Enter, the Dragon, Con. Yeah yeah. Extraordinary. Your, style is extra yeah that's what I think is my bucket not. Like the other guy bolo, there's a bolo the big guy. Okay. I thinking about done man well cool man well I'm glad I, could do. This and yeah. Man you know I mean, an honor to talk to you you one of my favorite, musicians and, you know look after yourself and say hi to the family right. On man both same to you and keep, in touch let me know when it hits and stuff I will thank you brother, all. Righty.

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*Ex-GNR drummer and frequent Buckethead collaborator Bryan 'Brain' Mantia talks with NatterNet about all things Buckethead. Who's Danyel? What happened with Ozzy? Bucket's Health, Albums, Praxis, friends and more. The Guns N' Roses segment of the interview including thoughts on Buckethead's time with Guns and departure can be found below and on our channel along with the 2+ hour full interview with Brain, covering his entire career. Thanks for watching, remember to like & subscribe for more.* talks Guns N Roses (w/ Buckethead) Brain FULL INTERVIEW

john5 introduced me to BH- asked my fav guitar player- told him yngwie- he was shocked- asked him his and he said BH- said I knew of him but the mask/ bucket kind of shyed me away- He said please give him a deep listen He is the best- He made me promise I would and did- One of the best things in my life- I love him- what he does to my soul- it's incredible- We are incredibly fortunate to be in this space and time with him- He is an absolute treasure- ♡ u Brian:) thank you Net- your work is fanastic and appreciated--

Thankyou, friend..and a great story! Yeah people always seem to diss Yngwie but you can never really know someone until you meet them and talk to them, just like you meeting Yngwie. That's a lot of masks you're creating! 10 years time you'll have to buy another house just for storage! Have a good one!

I certainly will:) yngwie's last solo tour I had a chance to photograph the show/give him a portrait i painted- talk to him a bit- and the band- We talked about BH- He is a fan too- spoke highly of BH- my first yngwie show was rising force- changed the way I played and thought about music- people say he isn't nice but that's far from the truth- his son too- they are gracious and welcoming-- His presence is palpable-- Haven't had the chance to see or meet Brain--what talent- Colma- oh my:) this is really special Net- perhaps a Brainy Bucket tour will happen-- was blessed with seeing BH 4 times these last tours- st Charles he stood right in front of me- drove me to tears-- We talk about him nearly every day my friends family and I- I'm creating a mask for every pike:) what a journey! what a beautiful gifted soul♡ looking forward to your talented fun creations as well- have a great day!

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Still a contract not to talk GnR

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